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Educational qualification
 Completed Gr. 10
Professional qualification
 Industrial fire brigade course (MNDF FRS)
Personal info
Basic first aid, CPR & AED (MALDIVES
Gender: Male
NIC: 09231233
DOB: 14 NOV 1991
Marital status: single Work experience
Nationality: Nepalese
 Working as a security officer in Universal cafe,
Reliable young team member with good Kathmandu, Nepal from 11th February 2013 to 15th April
leadership qualities and 2015.
Flexibility. Experience in working in
Multi-cultural teams. Proven track of  Working as a security officer in Dhigali Maldives from
expert knowledge and skills in May 2017 to present.
Security related tasks, trained on first
aid, CPR, AED. Trained in Basic Current responsibilities & Task
To follow and implement all operational security procedures within
Contact the hotel.
Management & security oversight of all contractors, suppliers or
vendors working on property.
maitatmg9191@gmail.com Provided a courteous & professional service to all customers, staff
vendors and suppliers
+960 7460296 To keep the security and hotel senior management informed on all
matters related to the security aspects of the hotel on a daily basis.
To monitor staffs and visitors in & out to the property and ensure its
Objective smooth running and security monitoring.
To monitor the buggy operations
Seeking an opportunity to share my Protect all guest and staff areas of the hotel from unauthorized
acquired skill and knowledge to achieve access or intruders.
the organizational goals professional Handling of daily security shift logs and writing daily reports.
Writing monthly security reports and clearance report.
manner contributing the best efforts and Professionally conduct full inquiries and follow-up activities for all
to develop skills, knowledge and myself. security related incidents as required by the security manager. As
required, to carry out formal searches on employees’ locker rooms
and place of work as directed by the security manager.
+960 7791193

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