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Date. 28.7.


1. Auditing On Site ( Jotun-Bago)

A. Site Office (Operation)
a. Wrong Form No; in Transmittal From.
b. Need construction approval signature in all drawing.
c. Need reason for construction in Transmittal Form.
d. To use DAR for drawing list format.
e. There is no Plant/Equipment Requisition and Plant and machine record.
B. Store
a. All Forms are ok.
b. But in store area, wrong storage method ( for chemical material ).
c. In work place, some materials are scattered; ( sand area have not barrier, roofing sheets
are not be in barrier(near wet area);
d. Don’t list working equipment; blowers, boom lift and they are scattered.
a. Don’t use QMS’ forms.(project start date is earlier than QMS’s effective date).
b. Use client form for all work permits.
c. All fire extinguishers are not numbered and not checked. And not clear expired date.
d. Site internal communication is poor ( because safety supervisor knew Auditing Process
e. Don’t use barrier in rebar fabrication area
2. Operation
a. To be clear the comments in inspection request form as instruction
b. To CAR for did not use
1. FO-OP-02 REV-00 - Concrete Receiving Inspection Record
2. FO-OP-03 REV-00 - Plant and machine record
3. FO-OP-09 REV-00 - Daily Allocation Sheet
4. FO-OP-15 REV-00 - Quality Checklist for Site Work (surveying and setting

in Hlaing Tet Hotel Project. Use FO-OP-01 REV-00 - Daily Report. But missing HSE process and
HSE officer signature. Auditee said there is no HSE officer in site although piling work was processing.


Approved supplier/Contractor list and supplier evaluation are in process. So there is no

approved signature.

There is no Testing Machine List, Calibration and Verification Plans.

Some check list are need witness.

To indicate the un-necessary item in check list clearly as N/A or others.

Date. 28.7.2016

For QA/QC (Steel)

- To write down the root cause details ( 5W-1E Method)

- To indicate the problem solving method clearly.
- To decide to choose critical or non-critical after closing NC
- To change QMR to PM/PE in NCR form