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Hannah Rose R.


“ChEcklist”, A Seminar on Project Management was held last Wednesday, April 4,

2018 at SOTECH Lecture Rooms organized by ChE 190 students in the academic year 2017-
2018. This seminar was conducted to let students, like me, learn the basics of Project
Management and how to work with other fields of discipline in our future workplace. A civil
engineer from BESA Engineering and Project Management Services was the one who gave
the lecture during the seminar. Her name is Engr. Ronna Joy Besa – Padilla. During the
introduction of the speaker, I was amazed with her working experiences mentioned by the
organizers. Engr. Padilla said that some of the knowledge and techniques she uses just came
from her experience in working inside and outside of our country.
The topic on this week’s seminar is what almost all people especially students can
really relate to. Since in any work we do, we need to manage it properly for it to be fulfilled
according to our goal. So when the details about the seminar were posted, I looked forward to
the things we’ll learn and for us to be engage in the discussion.
It was indeed a productive afternoon, spending our time listening and participating to
the lecture held. There were many things that I learned during the discussion. First, I learned
about the definition and purpose of project management. It stated that project management is
a very essential knowledge every engineer must understand and of course should apply it
during our college years and most especially when we work in our respective fields. Next
thing I learned in the seminar was about setting goals in managing a project. The goals are
important because these will help you identify whether your work is a success or a failure by
checking if these goals set for the project was met at the end. Time and budget are also
involved in any project. A work finished on time and within the budget is considered a
successful one. Another thing I learned was about the PDCA (Plan-Do-Check-Act)
Management method. As the guest speaker said, this method must be employed by the project
managers. This is one of the most effective methods to use in doing our projects. Last thing I
learned is that the target must be SMART (Specific, Measurable, Agreed upon all who are
responsible for reaching it, Realistic, Timed).
These were just some of the many things I learned from the seminar. I am very much
thankful to the ChE 190 students in organizing such event that students can learn from. At
least now we had some ideas on how to do some simple or even hard tasks properly by using
some concepts presented in the seminar.