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APPLICATION FOR CERTIFICATE OF LAND USE RECLASSIFICATION WITH DEPARTMENT OF AGRICULTURE [carte a rignion Coenee) (Nia) & Crate of Inspection and Vercation PCA Prepare the documentary Eee RTECLUM conducts fl requirements for land use eee lee! | 41 day—>} investigation on the property reclassification certificate. Committee on Land Use Matters applied for land use conversion. (RTECLUM) 1 28d + vrccl elena TECLUM evaluates and vansmts NTECLUM endorses ts firs of Reel an may 8 elie eee recommendation to the Office of the #14 days— adctional requirements toappicant, |} day—] Saeed recommendation to Nationa Secretary ond inetiation ni verttin en aeeatee Teenie! Evatuaton Commitee on Lond Use Matter (VFECLUM) 1 Aoay : Sc offceof the Secretary releases N DA Secretary reviews ives Ceifete though epstred mat oF Cette of Egbty for [-A4days—a| the apolcore ray personaly recive fecssifeatin of Agra land thecerifeste won samsson ch “ermal ten request, Tota ays: 6 oye