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Fecha de entrega: 4-junio-2018

1. A section of steel pipe (SY = 340 MPa) has an inner

diameter di = 60 mm and is subjected to a bending
moment M = 7 kN-m and torque T = 7.8 kN-m, as
shown in the figure. For a safety factor FS = 2,
determine the outer diameter do required if this
member is to be designed in accordance with
a. The maximum-distortion-energy criterion of
failure (von Mises)
b. The maximum-shear-stress criterion of failure

2. A ductile hot-rolled steel bar has a minimum yield strength in tension and compression of 350 MPa.
Using the Mohr´s circle, determine the factors of safety FS for the following plane stress states applying
the distortion-energy (von Mises) and maximum-shear-stress (Tresca) theories:
a. σxx = 100 MPa, σyy = 100 MPa
b. σxx = 100 MPa, σyy = 50 MPa
c. σxx = 100 MPa, σxy = −75MPa
d. σxx = −50 MPa, σyy = −75 MPa σxy = −50 MPa
e. σxx = 100 MPa, σyy = 20 MPa σxy = −20 MPa

3. At a certain point on the surface of a machine part, the normal stresses

on two mutually perpendicular faces (the x and y faces) are 7 MPa
(compressive) and 3 MPa (tensile), as shown in the figure. The
maximum in-plane shear stress at this point is σxy,max = 10 MPa. Use
Mohr’s circle to determine graphically:
a. The magnitude σxy of the shear stress that acts in the direction
shown on the x and y faces,
b. The in-plane principal stresses at this point. σxy

4. A partir del campo de desplazamientos de un

elemento en el plano xy, demostrar que:
a. La deformación normal en la dirección y
u y
viene dada por  yy 
b. Para un plano x’y’, definido por una
rotación θ en sentido anti-horario a partir
del eje x, alrededor del eje z, la deformación
cortante viene dada por:
 xx   yy
 x' y'   sin  2    xy cos  2 

Prof. Marco Guamán A. (marco.guaman@epn.edu.ec)

Oficina: Lab. Máquinas-Herramientas / 311-B
5. The strains on the surface of an experimental device made of pure
aluminum (E = 70 GPa, ν = 0.33) and tested in a space shuttle were
measured by means of strain gages. The gages were oriented as
shown in the figure, and the measured strains were εa = 1100∙10−6,
εb = 1496∙10−6, and εc = −39.44∙10−6. What is the normal stress in
the x direction, σxx?

6. An element of material subjected to plane strain (see figure) has

strains as follows: εxx = 220∙10−6, εyy = 480∙10−6, and γxy = 180∙10−6
(εxy = γxy/2). Using the Mohr’s circle, graphically determine:
a. The strains for an element oriented at an angle θ = 50° and
show these strains on a sketch of a properly oriented element.
b. The principal strains and maximum shear strains, and show
these strains on sketches of properly oriented elements.

7. A rectangular plate in biaxial stress (see figure) is

subjected to normal stresses σxx = 90 MPa (tension)
and σyy = −20 MPa (compression). The plate has
dimensions 400 x 800 x 20 (in mm) and is made of
steel with E = 200 GPa and ν = 0.30. Determine:
a. The principal strains ε1,2 and the maximum in-
plane shear strain εxy,max in the plate.
b. The change ∆t in the thickness of the plate.

Prof. Marco Guamán A. (marco.guaman@epn.edu.ec)

Oficina: Lab. Máquinas
Máquinas-Herramientas / 311-B