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Founded in 1965 by the Oblates

Owne0d by the Archdiocese of Cotabato
Managed by the Diocesan Clergy of Cotabato (DCC)
Lebak, Sultan Kudarat

“Service for the Love of God through Mary”


Mr. & Ms. INTRAMURALS 2017

September 14, 2017 at 6:00 p.m.
NDSC Gymnasium


A. Guidelines & Qualifications

1. Each TEAM must have one male candidate for Mister Intramurals title and one female candidate for
Miss Intramurals title, both of which:
a. are bona fide students of the high school/college in any year level;
b. must be single without children; and,
c. with pleasing personality.

B. Mechanics

The "Mr. & Ms. Intramurals 2017" is a personality, wit, talent and beauty inside and out search of
the students of NDSC who will serve as ambassadors of the school in promoting youth advocacies in our
school and community. They will also attend programs and activities relevant to their titles.
This pageant shall adapt a runway show, where candidates will be required to prepare for and
participate in the following portions of the pageant:
 Production Wear & Presentation
 Creative Couture (Flaunt of Inventions)
 Casual Wear
 Sports Wear
 Talent Competition
 Long Gown/Formal Wear
 Question and Answer Portion

 Production Wear including the Presentation of Candidates

a. Candidates must wear the team T-shirts and denim jeans.
b. Candidates shall present themselves thru video presentation. In addition, the following must be
1. The school uniform shall be the official attire.
2. Team’s candidates must focus their conversation or statements in the Vision-Mission and
Core Values of NDSC:

Newtons - Vision/Mission
Einsteins - Benevolence of heart
Edisons - Excellence in all endeavors
Curies - Science in Mind
Franklins - Transcendence in Spirit

c. They are to be rated based on the following criteria:

Performance 25%
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Mastery 25%
Appropriateness & Bearing (body carriage & proportion) 25%
Stage Appearance & Presence 25%
Total 100%

 Creative Couture (Flaunt of Inventions)

a. Design must conform with the flaunt inventions to be created by the team.
b. The design must be made of indigenous and/or recyclable materials, preferably plastic bottles.
c. Sharps, broken glass, metals and other materials that could harm the candidate and other
candidates are strictly prohibited.
d. Design must be descent and not revealing.
e. Models are not allowed to strip/remove any clothing during the runway show. Exemption: when
the clothing to be stripped/removed is an out wear like jackets, etc.
f. Finished product/couture including the description shall be displayed in a designated area for
judging of BEST DESIGN on September 13, 2017 at 2:00 – 3:00 p.m. The winner of Best
Design shall receive Php1,000 and a certificate.
g. The creative couture can be taken from display three hours (3) before the start of the pageant.
h. Violation to this rule shall lead to automatic disqualification.
i. They are to be rated based on the following criteria:

Creativity (style & good taste, sophistication, conciseness) 25%

Appropriateness & Bearing (body carriage & proportion) 25%
Relevance to the Team 25%
Stage Appearance & Presence 25%
Total 100%

 Casual Wear Competition

a. The candidates will be required to wear unison casual attire of their team color.
b. The team should provide the costume of their candidates.
c. They are to be rated based on the following criteria:
Bearing of Attire (poise, projection) 30%
Appropriateness 35%
Stage Appearance & Presence 35%
Total 100%

 Talent Competition
a. Performance must be within one (1:00) minute only for every candidate. Timer starts with the
first sound, or action in the talent. A timer will signal the end of the time duration. If candidate
extends his/her performance after this signal, 3 points will be deducted from the average score.
b. Props, back-up performers, or supporting accompaniments may be used as long as they are
provided by the team and the set-up and set-down must be within one minute each. A point will
be deducted for every second extension of set-up or pack-up. Technical problems with the
production team not included. Do not use children below 12 years old as back-up performers.
c. The following are not allowed as props: fire, water, deadly weapons, and other dangerous and
explicitly offending objects.
d. Talent presentations must be within the bounds of moral decency and must not offend anyone’s
e. They are to be rated based on the following criteria:
Originality The performer(s) ability to create a piece of work that is 30%
distinctive or different from the other performers. It takes
creativity, ingenuity, confidence and personality to present
an original piece.
Overall Performance A judgment on the contestant's ability to present original 30%
material that draws a positive response from the audience
with personality, originality and poise.
Stage Appearance & A judgment on the performer(s) attitude, including their 20%
Presence originality personality, confidence, their eye contact with

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the audience and professionalism (their reaction to
mistakes, giggling during the performance, etc.) Also a
judgment on their overall appearance's display.
Audience Response This judgment is not based solely on the final applause 20%
after the performance, Rather, it is judged based on the
ability of the contestant to draw the audience into the
performance, eliciting a positive response.

 Sports Wear Competition

a. The candidates will be required to wear the sports attire of their choice that highlights their
physical fitness.
b. A candidate may not be allowed to bring sports equipment during the presentation except for
accessories that form part of their attire.
c. They are to be rated based on the following criteria:
Beauty & Physique 25%
Bearing of Attire 25%
Appropriateness 25%
Stage Appearance & Presence 25%
Total 100%

 Long Gown/Formal Wear Competition –

a. The candidates must show proper poise and bearing while in their Long Gown/Formal Wear.
b. They are to be rated based on the following criteria:
Beauty & Elegance 25%
Bearing of Attire 25%
Appropriateness 25%
Stage Appearance & Presence 25%
Total 100%

 Question & Answer

a. Each candidate will be given one question to answer.
b. The question maybe asked and/or answered in either English or Pilipino.
c. The answer of the candidate will be rated according to the following:
Content/Substance 30%
Fluency of Language & Grammar 25%
Diction & Pronunciation 25%
Spontaneity of Delivery 20%
Total 100%
C. Awards

1. Points breakdown for each category will be as follows:

Production Wear/Presentation 10%
Creative Couture 15%
Casual Wear 10%
Sports Wear 10%
Long Gown/Formal Wear 10%
Talent 15%
Question & Answer 20%
Total 100%
2. The rank of each candidate in every category shall be multiplied with the assigned weight in
percentage in the breakdown table above.
3. The candidate earning the highest tallied and totaled weight shall be declared Mr. Intramurals 2017
and Ms. Intramurals 2017, respectively. The rests shall be runners-up.
4. The following Special and Major Awards will be given to candidates that garnered the highest score on
each category:
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Special Awards Major Awards
(sashes only) (sashes, bouquet/corsage)
o Best in Production – male o Mr. Intramurals 2017
o Best in production – female o Ms. Intramurals 2018
o Mr. Photogenic o 1st Runners Up (male)
o Ms. Photogenic o 1st Runners Up (female)
o Best in Creative Couture – male o 2nd Runner Up (male)
o Best in Creative Couture – female o 2nd Runner Up (female)
o Best in Casual Wear – male o 3rd Runner Up (male)
o Best in Casual Wear – female o 3rd Runner Up (female)
o Best in Sports Wear – male o 4th Runner Up (male)
o Best in Sports Wear – female o 4th Runner Up (female)
o Best in Talent – male
o Best in Talent – female Crowns
o Best in Gown o Mr. Intramurals
o Best in Formal Wear o Ms. Intramurals
a. Ranking system shall be used to determine minor awards. Rank 1 is considered as the
b. A sash shall be given to a candidate who shall win in each minor award.
5. The decision of the judges will be final and irrevocable.
6. For information and guidance.

D. Special Provisions
To maintain harmony and orderliness in this show, the following provisions must be observed:
1. Each team must observe decency in all costumes/attires. (please refer to Student’s Handbook)
2. The candidates must be able to attend all scheduled activities and rehearsals. Two (2) tardy or one
(1) absence shall disqualify a candidate.
3. The organizing committee has the right to call the attention of the candidates in cases of any untoward
behavior that would cause disturbance of the scheduled activity.
4. Hair color for the candidates shall not be allowed in all categories including the pictorials and video
5. Candidate’s number shall be provided by the SAC/CSG.
6. Pictorials and video presentation shall be done at 8:00 a.m., Sunday, September 3, 2017.
7. On pictorials, the female candidate must wear black casual wear while the male candidate must wear
black polo shirt.
8. The team must determine from the group as their make-up artist, assistant and teacher-in-charge.
These are the persons allowed to attend meetings, practices, refer any concerns and be at the
backstage during the pageant.
9. Each team shall be provided by a mirror, a table, and four (5) chairs only. Hanger stand/s must be
provided by each team including electric fan, if necessary.

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