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1. The format of the Sample CV has to be followed strictly.

2. The CV length must not exceed 2 pages.
3. The font style must be Garamond and the font size must be 12 strictly.
4. The CV will be in black and white.
5. Kindly, adhere to the headings given in the sample CV and don’t add additional headings.
6. Student information should include full name, University name and correct and updated contact
7. The Education Qualification will contain the Cumulative GPA, i.e., collective GPA of all semesters
and not Grade Point Average of the last semester or GPA of each semester carefully.
8. Additionally, Educational Qualification must include 12th and 10th standard result including
information about board, school and place of completion.
9. Internship Experience must be in descending order from the most recent internship to the first
10. Internships must include full name of organisation and date, month and year of internship as well
as the number of weeks interned.
11. Include three main points about your work during the internship.
12. Publications will include only those publications which have an ISSN & ISBN and no other form
of publication has to be mentioned.
13. Moot Achievements must also be arranged in descending order of achievement.
14. Don’t add Intra as moot achievements.
15. Please constrain all other information only in the Other Achievements section.
16. In Positions of Responsibility only include college work.
17. Align your interests according to the work you’ve done in your internships, publications or moot
or according to the field in which you are looking to work in. (Avoid mentioning legal drafting and
similar subject and make it very concise and precise).