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Midterms Major Integration 1

ABC 1103: Media Literacy

Truth and Accuracy Independence Fairness and Humanity

Accountability Media Hype Ambivalence Aporia

Mass Media To Inform as Media To Educate as Media To Entertain as

Function Function Media Function
To Sell as Media Infotainment Media Blames Objectivity
Subjectivity Fairness and Balance Agenda Setting Media Agenda

Public Agenda Policy Agenda Cultural Studies Hegemonic

Spiral of Silence Narrative Paradigm Criticalness FCB

Donald Shaw and Stuart Hall Walter Fisher Elizabeth Noelle-

Maxwell McCombs Neumann
Jose R. Lacson, Jr. Mindsets Observations on FCB Filipino Dichotomies

The interpretation of The adhering to The sayang The ready for

signs and symbols certain convictions or at libre syndrome
or assigning of positions in life mentality
meanings to things
The tampo, awa, The ownership-credit The wanting to The been-there-done-
limot, and kulang sa thinking
 belong and be that attitude
pansin feelings recognized

The wanting-to-see- The crab mentality
 The panglalamang
 The balato or sharing
and-be-seen ritual practice

The convenience The sense of humor The mababaw ang The concept
approach to living and rumor
 kaligayahan trait of accountability

Attraction and Conscious Intended Verbal

distraction through and unconscious
 and unintended
 and nonverbal

displays to call

Functional Submissive or Deprivation Nakaisa

and dysfunctional
 agreeable and and deservation and naisahan
stubborn or
unobliging support