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Our St Anthony motto: 519-660-2777

September 2018
Be kind, be safe, take care of www.ldcsb.on.ca/schools/ANT
each other. Soyez gentil, poli et
Inspired by Christ. Learning together. Serving together.
bonne journée!
Bienvenue! Welcome to all of our families! We have been looking for-
Upcoming Dates: ward to meeting all of you.
St. Anthony French Immersion Staff:
Sept 5—First Day of Classes Heather Pais– Principal
Sept 17—Milk Program starts Elizabeth Smith—Vice Principal
Nancy Michienzi—Secretary
Sept 21—Non-Uniform Day Janice Moore—Secretary
(Wear your colour houses colour) Jessica Powell/ Hassel Alvarenga (ECE)—FDK1
Sept 27– Opening School Mass Jessica Stapylton /Paula Lund (ECE)—FDK2
Natalie Sherwood/Victoria Jones (ECE) -FDK3
at St Justin’s at 9:30am Patricia Wright—Gr 1
Sept 27—Meet the Teacher Open Lisa Montminy—Gr1
House 5:00-6:30 Nelica O’Dowd—Gr 1
Margo Marti—Gr 1
Sept 27—Parent Council Mtg Melissa Rebelo—Gr1
at 6:30 pm Kim Smith—Gr 2
Dina Silva— Gr 2
Sept 27—Pizza program starts
Nancy Rodgrigues—Gr2
Sept 28—PD Day Judyta Mirkowski—Gr 2
Natalie Butler—Gr 2/3
Chrystelle DeCamps—Gr3
Sandy MacDonald—Gr3
Cremilde Loureiro—Gr 3
Lisa Tiemessen—Gr 4
Warren Serrano—Gr 4
Kelsey Bates—Gr 5
Carol McMahon—Gr 5/6
The School Day Schedule: Our Charlene Thomson—Gr 6
school day begins promptly at 8:55. Trevor Richie—Gr 6/7
Students are supervised on the yard Sonia Caputo—7/8
beginning at 8:40 each day. Regular Jaclyn Proulx—Gr 7/8
attendance and being on time for
Cassandra—Gr 7/8
school are very important to ensure
Monica Bianchi/ Stephen Rubacha—SPST
your child’s success in learning a
Jodi Ladouceur—Music Teacher
second language.
Suzanne DaCosta—English
Tina Mailloux—English
Parent Council— First Parent Helen Millar—English
Julie Pompili—English
Council Meeting will be on Sep-
Rosina Fernandes - English
tember 27 at 6:30 pm. All parents Jennifer Pinter—EA
are welcome. If you are interest- Maria Smith—EA
ed in being a pare of council Travis Einwiller—EA
please let us know. Brian Preston—EA

St. Justin’s Church: 519-685-2795, www.stjustinsparish.ca Bus System: https://www.mybigyellowbus.ca/


Hot Lunch Program: We will continue to provide the hot lunch program which will be offered every Wednes-
day. We are encouraging parents to order and pay online as this is the most efficient method for our volun-
teers (www.stanthony.hotlunches.net). However, parents may also order online and pay by cheque. We are
not accepting cash payments. Thank you to our volunteers who make this possible for our students!
We will also be offering a pizza lunch on Thursdays. More information to come.

Milk Program: The milk program will begin Sept. September 17. Orders can be made on CASH ON LINE
ONLY by term. It will be available this term from September to November.

Communication: It is important that communication be kept open between home and school. We welcome
back to our school our secretaries, Mme Michienzi and Mme Moore. We now have School Messenger to re-
port your student’s absence or lateness. You may call the school if there is a change in your students
Schedule. Many of our teachers have their own classroom web page which you can access from our school
web site. It is also helpful if you can provide your child’s teacher with a current email address. If your child
has an allergy or other health issue that we should be aware of, please let your child’s teacher know.

Agendas: All students from grades 1 to 6 will be provided with an agenda/planner. This planner is used as a
daily communication tool and is an important link between home and school. The cost of these planners is
$7.00, can only be bought on CASH ON LINE. If you require assistance signing up contact the school.

Student Verification Forms will be coming home with all students in the coming days. We ask that families
return these forms to the office as soon as possible– with or without changes. It is important for the office to
have up-to-date information for all of our students. All families are reminded to sign students in and out
when arriving to or leaving from the school during school hours. The sign-in book is located in the main
office .Families are reminded that St. Anthony’s is a nut-free school.

Parent Volunteers: We welcome parents who volunteer their time to supervise on a class trip, as-
sist with hot lunches, and help out in other ways. All parents need to have a current police check
on file at the school in order to volunteer. Police checks and updates can be handed in to Mme Wil-
liams in the office.
Allergies: It is very important that the school is aware of any allergies or medical conditions. If
your child requires a puffer, Epi-pen, medication , or has a medical consideration we need to be
aware of, please contact the office. We will require a medical information form to be filled out and
signed by your physician, explaining steps to be taken.
Boomerang Lunches: Students are encouraged to bring their lunches and snacks in re-useable con-
tainers or to take their wrappers home. This will help us to keep our school green!
Safe Schools: All parents and visitors must report to the office, in accordance with the Board’s Safe
School Policy. Please do not go directly to your child’s classroom or portable.
Emergency Procedures: We will be having fire drills, lock drown drills and hold & secure drills
throughout the fall so that students know what to do in case of an emergency.

On-line newsletters!
In an effort to save paper and other photocopying costs, we will no longer send hard copies of newsletters
home. To receive notices, including links to our newsletter, we ask that you follow us on twitter or Insta-
gram. It will also be sent by School Messenger. So please make sure you are signed up.
Follow us on Twitter
Get up-to-date information on a regular basis by following us on twitter.
Follow us on Instagram:

Piano Lessons
St Anthony’s is offering Piano Lessons here at the
School. For more information, please contact
Iole Badder at: iole.badder@gmail.com

School Council
Please join us for our first school council meeting on Thursday, September 27
at 6:30 p.m after the “Meet the Teachers Night” All are welcome! If you are
interested in a position on our council, please email Mme Pais via our school
address: antofficeadmin@ldcsb.ca for a nomination form.
Elections will take place, if necessary, at our first meeting.

School Council: Council Twitter Account is: @stanthonycfis

Welcome Back Meet the Teacher Night!

Thursday, September 27
5:00-6:30 pm
Come and meet the staff , check out our school, and mingle with other families
September 2018
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Classes Opening
School As-
Began sembly

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Milk Non Uniform
Wear your
Program colour

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Welcome Back
Anthony Open House P.A.
Awards As-
Parent Council Day
6:30 pm
sembly 9:15 Pizza Day
a.m. Mass—St Justin
9:30 a.m.

Grade 6 class attended the AIR SHOW London

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