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Getting Used to New Routines Calendar of RSCA Events

Redwood City Council Candidate Forum

As families continue getting used to their school day routines,

RSCA has rescheduled our event because the

summer days are quickly fading into the fall season. Which

League of Women Voters Candidate Event is

autumn activities do you look forward to most?

on Wednesday, September 26th at 7pm

is edition is full of safety reminders and event offerings!
(See left side of page for details.)
Here’s a recap at-a-glance!

RSCA has invited the 7 city council candidates

Monday, September 3rd is Labor Day! Hopefully you had an
to meet and greet Shores residents on
awesome long weekend including fun and/or relaxation.
Saturday, September 8th is the 10th anniversary celebration Thursday, October 4th at 6:30-8pm in the
of the Redwood Shores Library! (See pages 4, 18, and 20.) Multi-Use Room at Sandpiper Middle School

Halloween Parade in Marlin Park

Tuesday, September 11th is Patriot Day. (See page 22.)

Saturday, October 27th at 1:30pm

Wednesday, September 12th is an Estate Planning Seminar
(please note new time!)
provided by Falk, Cornell & Associates. (See page 19.)

Emergency Preparedness Drill

Wednesday, September 19th is a Social Security Seminar

Saturday, November 17th

provided by McCarthy Asset Management. (See page 23.)

Once again we’ll ask Shores residents to

ursday, September 20th is the annual Heart Walk event

“Show Your Cards” for this practice event

at Marine View Park in Redwood Shores, from 11am-1:30pm.
(Go to www2.heart.org for details.)
In 2018, Saturday, September 22nd is the first day of fall! Santa Visits the Shores Library
Tuesday, September 25 and ursday, September 27 are th
Sunday, December 9th at 1-3pm

You can always find more information about these

additional CERT Program Transition Meetings. (See page 6).

and other community events on our web site at

e fall months bring election campaign information and
you’ll discover many candidate ads, endorsements and events.
e League of Women Voters is hosting a candidate forum for
Redwood City council candidates on September 26th at 7pm.
Find details online at https://my.lwv.org/california/south-
RSCA is hosting a city council candidate meet and greet event
in the Shores on ursday, October 4th. (See page 4.)
Saturday, October 6th is the RWC Port Fest. (See page 11.)
Sunday, October 14th is the SchoolForce Save the Music
Festival at Twin Pines Park in Belmont. (See page 8.)
RSCA kicks off our membership campaign in mid-October
and we ask all residents, and especially readers of e PILOT,
to JOIN US to help make Redwood Shores a GREAT place
to live and work! (See page 4 for details.)
Page 2 September 2018 e PILOT
Redwood Shores Community Association (RSCA) has been upCOMIng CITy COunCIL CAndIdATe MeeT & gReeT*
THE advocate on issues that impact the quality of life in Meet the Candidates for Redwood City Council on
Redwood Shores since 1970. With nearly 50 years of ursday, October 4th, 6:30 - 8:00pm
service, RSCA continues our work to keep the Shores a at the Sandpiper Middle School
GREAT place to live and work! Please join us on ursday, October 4th at 6:30pm in the
RSCA sponsors many events year round. We keep the multi-use room at the Sandpiper Middle School to meet the
Shores informed, and you can keep up with all of our candidates for your City Council of Redwood City. Come
activities in our e PILOT monthly magazine, roadway out to talk about issues facing the City and of concern to
signboards, or on the web at RSCA.org. our Redwood Shores community.
RSCA IS A LOng TIMe SuppORTeR Of OuR LIbRARy ere are seven (7) candidates vying for the three (3) open city
council seats. In alphabetical order, they are:
Did you know that RSCA helped the Redwood Shores Library
• Jason Galisatus
become what it is today!? (See page 18 for history.) If you
value our library, we encourage you to participate in the survey • Giselle Hale
being conducted about library hours. (See page 17.) e • Diane Howard (Incumbent)
Redwood Shores Library is celebrating its 10th anniversary on • Rick Hunter
Saturday, September 8th. (See flyer on page 20.) • Diana Reddy
• Ernie Schmidt
ThAnk yOu TO Levee CLeAnup heLpeRS • Christina Umhofer
A recap about our annual cleanup event will be included is candidate event is intended to provide time for you to
next month, but please know that we really appreciate all meet and greet the candidates one-on-one. And don’t forget:
efforts to keep the Shores litter-free! RegISTeR, then vOTe
ThAnk yOu hOMeOWneRS fOR CLeAnIng up yOuR If you’re not already a registered voter, simply go to the
San Mateo County Assessor Clerk Recorder of Elections’
pROpeRTIeS, And A ReMIndeR
website at https://www.smcacre.org where you can register
If you recently received a letter from the Architectural Design AND get information about this November’s election,
Board you need to contact <ADB@rsca.org> with your plan candidates, ballot measures, and how to vote.
to comply with any CC&R violations, or any questions. Your
*For updates on this and other Shores events, join our email list.
quick response is appreciated by the ADB, and your neighbors.
Go to RSCA.org and click on the “Join our email list” button.)

Do You Know...
pLeASe, p LeASe , pLeASe JOIn O uR eMAIL LIST!
e larger our Membership, the more effective we can be.
... that EVERY residence in the Shores Our membership campaign will begin in October, and as
is covered by Covenants, Codes & more of our systems move online, email is the most efficient
Restrictions (CC&Rs)? way we have of staying in touch with ALL of our Shores
residents and businesses. More and more of RSCA’s efforts
Whether you live in one of our many are focused on getting important information to you more
Home Owners Associations (HOAs) quickly. Your Shores magazine, e PILOT, only comes
or in the original sections of the once each month, and many things do happen between
Shores, there are CC&Rs on ALL Shores homes! printing and delivery to your home or business.
You should have received a copy of the CC&Rs when As we prepare for our annual membership campaign and the
you purchased your home. But if you live west of Shell year ahead, we ask that you PLEASE go to RSCA.org and
and NOT in an HOA, that might have been some time click on the “Join our email list” buton. It only takes about
ago. If you need a new copy, email <ADB@rsca.org>. one minute to enter your name, street address, and email.
(You can review our Privacy Policy first, and know that we do
not share or overuse this important information.) Contact us
at <membership@rsca.org> if you have questions.
Page 4 September 2018 e PILOT
274 Redwood Shores Pkwy, PMB #603
Redwood Shores, CA 94065 - 1173
www.RSCA.org | info@rsca.org

2018 Board of Directors

Lynn Kathleen Adams Connie Munevar
Nina Boire Sue Nix
Kevin Brehmer Ben Ploshay
Jim Cvengros Clemencia Rodriguez
Carol Ford Harris Rogers
Shannon Guzzetta Steven Tsujisaka
Don Long Bob Slusser
Mike Mancusi Andrew Young

RSCA’s Board of Directors meet at the

Redwood Shores Library on the 2nd ursday of each
month at 7pm. Our next Board Meeting will be:
September 13th, 2018 • Getting Used to New Routines ..............................Page 1
• RSCA Events Calendar ..........................................Page 1
ARCHITECTURAL DESIGN BOARD (non-HOA areas): • Past Present & Future RSCA Issues .......................Page 4
• From the Mayor ....................................................Page 6
Nina Boire Jim Cvengros Sue Nix
• CERT Program Transition .....................................Page 6
For CC&R copies & information, email <ADB@rsca.org>
• Lime Bikes Laying Around.........................................Page 6
• Traffic Safety Tips ......................................................Page 8
DEADLINES for e PILOT • It’s Elementary School Update ...............................Page 8
• At Home in the Shores: Staircases........................Page 10
e deadline for space reservation is usually the end of the • Nothin’ To It .......................................................Page 12
first week of each month for the following month’s issue. • Redwood Shores Tennis Club ..............................Page 12
Please email <ThePILOT@rsca.org> for a precise schedule. • Library Costs & Hours ............................................Page 17
PUBLISHER: Redwood Shores Community Association • Author Event on September 23rd ..........................Page 17
• Redwood Shores Library History .........................Page 18
e PILOT is the official monthly publication of
• Redwood Shores Mourns the Loss of a Friend .......Page 18
the Redwood Shores Community Association.
• RWS Library’s 10th Anniversary .............................Page 20
CIRCULATION: 6,000 Shores Households & Businesses • Sounds of the Shores Recap .................................Page 21
Opinions published in e pILOT are solely those of the • Shores Business Classified Ads .............................Page 21
authors and not the expressions of RSCA unless so officially • Library Events for September...............................Page 22
and expressly designated. • Patriot Day / If Today Was e Day Before .........Page 22
• Lynn’s Kitchen: Pasta Night.....................................Page 24
• St. Mark’s Corner: Peace In; Peace Out ................Page 26
https://www.facebook.com/RSCAorg/ e PILOT September 2018 Page 5
I A n b A I n , CITy Of RedWOOd CITy emergency
Last month, I wrote about what it means to be “A Community
for All Ages.” is month, I’d like to write about the City Team (CeRT)
Council’s second strategic priority (in alphabetical order) program Transition
“Communication and Community Building.” When you
have good communication, you’re helping build community Along with the Fiscal Year 2018-19 Adopted Budget, the City
building and when you have strong communities, it improves Council approved the transition to a shared service approach
communication. e Redwood Shores Community Association with San Mateo County for the Community Emergency
provides an excellent example of both with e PILOT. Response Team (CERT) program to reduce costs to the city,
Over the last two years, the Council has prioritized an effort increase efficiency, and potentially share costs of the program
to reinvigorate the neighborhood associations. We believe this with other agencies in the County in the future. e County
community building on the neighborhood level will help currently provides CERT training using the same curriculum
maintain the “small town feel” as our City grows and as Redwood City; however, the County has expressed interest
changes. Furthermore, neighborhood associations provide a in collaborating with the City of Redwood City to create a
way to get information to the community and just as CERT Coordinator position. e new position would focus
importantly, to hear from the community. At these meetings, solely on the CERT program.
community members interact with City staff on issues In an effort to engage CERT volunteers and community
ranging from code enforcement to public safety. Perhaps members around this transition, the City of Redwood City
more importantly, people get to know each other. is hosting a series of meetings to receive input/feedback on
ere are several ways the City communicates with the public, the future of the CERT program. Additionally the City has
and one of the primary ways is through our newsletters. launched an online survey to gain input on the CERT
Members of the public can go to the City’s website and choose program and the proposed County CERT position
which newsletters they can get regular updates on topics that transition. ree meetings were conducted in August.
interest them. e Port sends a monthly newsletter called e next round of community meetings will take place on:
Currents, and the Police Department sends updates through a
Tuesday, September 25th from 6 - 7:30pm
system called Nixle. In addition to these newsletters and
at the veterans Memorial Senior Center
notifications, City staff publishes information to Redwood
1455 Madison Ave., Redwood City
City’s Facebook page, regularly blogs
Photo on Medium
courtesy and amplifies
of Armstrong Ceilings.
this information through Twitter and NextDoor. Keeping in ursday, September 27th from 6 - 7:30pm
mind that not everyone is online, the City continues to at the Redwood Shores Library
communicate via postal mail through the water bill and mailers 399 Marine parkway
on special topics both citywide and at the neighborhood level. e online survey is available on the Redwood City Fire
Despite these efforts however, we sometimes hear people say Department’s home page at www.redwoodcity.org/fire.
they didn’t know about an issue that impacted them. at is e City of Redwood City appreciates your input and
why in 2015, then-Mayor John Seybert established the information gained will help further develop the new County
Council’s first communications committee. He asked me to CERT program.
chair that committee and lead the effort to find new ways to
engage the public. My colleagues Alicia Aguirre, Janet Borgens
and Shelly Masur now serve on that committee, and they are
constantly exploring ways to improve communication between Lime Bikes Are Laying Around
the City and its residents. But we need your help. Have you seen a Lime Bike? At this time Redwood City
What more can we be doing to provide visibility into the does not have a formal relationship with Lime that would
issues facing Redwood City? Are there other ways we should allow them to operate here. If/when you see a Lime bike left
be communicating? e Council is very interested in in Redwood Shores you can report it directly to the
hearing your ideas. Please send your thoughts to company by phone or text at 888-546-3345, or by email at
<council@redwoodcity.org>. We’re listening. <support@limebike.com>.

Page 6 September 2018 e PILOT

e PILOT September 2018 Page 7
A ShLey O SbORn , ACTIng C ApTAIn MIChAeL MILLIken, ph.d.
RedWOOd CITy pOLICe depARTMenT bRSSd SupeRInTendenT
Can you really do two things at the same time, and do either Summer has come to a close, and fall means back to school for
well? If you think you can, consider this: the Belmont Redwood Shores School District!
You’re four times MORe STudenTS, MORe CAuTIOn
It’s hard to is fall, we will have more students in our schools than ever
more likely to have before. District-wide enrollment is approaching 4,400 students,
concentrate on up from 2,400 in 2005. ere are 500 students enrolled at
a road accident Redwood Shores elementary, 600 students are at Sandpiper,
two things and approximately 400 students living in the Shores will be
when you’re on attending Ralston Middle School. ese figures, in addition to
at the same time the new design Tech public high school on the Oracle campus
a mobile phone (with approximately 550 students), mean that we can expect a
I am sure with a little effort you deciphered this sentence, or record number of students on our streets, heading to and from
really sentences, but it makes the point: the answer to this school each day. We need your help to keep our students safe.
question is no, period. You simply cannot do two things at once Please drive with care, look for pedestrians and cyclists, slow
well, at least not as well as if you gave your full attention to each down in school zones, and stop for anyone in a crosswalk. ank
separately. With this in mind, and the arrival of a new school you for doing your part!
year, it is a good time for all of us to take a moment and think A LOngeR SChOOL dAy In kIndeRgARTen
about a few driving tips and habits we can all consider to make
is year, we’re extending the kindergarten day by one hour, and
our roads, communities, and families safer.
dismissal will be around 1:30pm for students in that grade. e
puT The phOne dOWn - It’s the law and just makes good sense. younger transitional kindergarten students will continue to
If you’re not convinced, consider this: nearly 10% of all fatal crashes dismiss around 12:30pm. By extending the kindergarten day,
are directly caused by distracted driving and after years of fairly students will have more time to socialize and play with their
steady declines in traffic fatality rates they are starting to creep up, peers, and teachers will have more time to offer exploratory,
a trend that coincides with the rise of texting and social media use. open-ended activities for the students. We believe that this will
It’s not too far of a stretch to think the two trends are linked. be a better, developmentally appropriate, and less pressured
SLOW dOWn - e few minutes you save could ruin the life of experience for our kindergarten students. We’ll be sure to give
someone forever. A 10-mile commute driven at 35 mph takes you an update on how it’s going later in the year!
approximately 17 minutes. e same commute done at 45 mph kudOS TO RedWOOd CITy gOveRnMenT
takes about 13 minutes. Is that 4 minutes really worth it? We are Earlier this year, Redwood City replaced the aging turf field at
all busy and life in the Bay Area is getting ever more hectic, but Sandpiper Park. is public park is adjacent to Sandpiper
aren’t there better ways to save such a small amount of time? Speed School, and students use it during the school day. e students
is the primary collision factor in just over 25% of fatal collisions. love the new field, and I invite you to enjoy the park in the
Slow down and save a life, especially in school zones. evening and on weekends. ank you Redwood City!
be kInd – show some patience and respect for everyone using SAve The MuSIC feSTIvAL
the roadways, including pedestrians and cyclists. Few calls for
Please save the date for the Save the Music Festival on Sunday,
service get my blood pumping as quickly as an auto-pedestrian
October 14th, from 11am to 5pm at Twin Pines Park in
collision because these often result in serious injury and far too
Belmont. is event is a fun community event for all ages with
often involve the most vulnerable in our community, children
outstanding music (on three stages), food, and drink. Please join
and the elderly. Help prevent these collisions by coming to a full
the party and support the music programs in our local schools!
stop at stops signs, allowing pedestrians to completely clear
For details, go to http://schoolforce.org/save-the-music/.
crosswalks before entering them, and remember to give cyclists
a three-foot buffer when passing them. Finally, always keep an
eye out for kids on bikes. ey are often so busy having a good
time that they don’t think about the dangers on the roadway.
Follow these simple tips and we will all have a safer and less
stressful experience on the roadways of Redwood Shores.

Page 8 September 2018 e PILOT

e PILOT September 2018 Page 9
Step Up Your Staircase
A staircase is often the first design feature visible upon entering
many homes. But despite their prominence, stairs are often left
off the renovation table—either due to oversight or because it’s
hard to imagine how to spruce up something so seemingly
functional. Yet homeowners may not realize there are a variety
of design options available to update stairs without changing
their existing architectural footprint. From the least expensive
options to more in-depth remodeling efforts, here are the top
five ways to step up your staircase.
1. design a gallery wall for artwork or photos.
e blank wall beside your stairs is an ideal spot to add pizzazz.
Choose frames of different sizes and create groupings that
roughly follow the diagonal line of the steps. Before you commit
to the final layout, use cardboard cutouts the same size as the art
pieces and reconfigure them until you come up with a suitable
arrangement. Many retailers now sell frame sets, making it easy
for you to create your own polished gallery.
2. Change the carpet.
Carpet on the stairs is often the first thing to wear out, which
can diminish a staircases’ entire look. To enliven it, consider Replacing a railing with different material can dramatically
removing the old carpet and replacing it with a new runner. e change the design of your staircase. Photo courtesy of Wayfair.
runner doesn’t have to be exactly the same as carpet elsewhere in
your home–in fact, a colorful Persian rug pattern, or a subdued 5. Create architectural interest.
sisal with a fabric border, can both add interest and refresh the Adding built-ins on or around the staircase helps to draw the eye.
look of your stairs. For example, if you have a wide landing, a low bookcase can
3. paint all or part of the stairs. create both additional storage and a cozy bench. A railing or a
low wall at the top of the stairs can also be replaced with
Treads, risers, railing (spindles and rail cap), and newel posts can
bookcases. Additionally, the often overlooked space under the
all be painted to achieve a different look for tired staircases. Black
staircase can be reconfigured into a reading nook, storage drawers
or dark brown treads and rail caps, with white spindles and risers,
or even a wine cellar, adding to the overall aesthetic and utility
is a classic combination. Another nice way to repeat finishes
of the staircase.
around your house is to consider black spindles, in wood or
metal, with a wood rail cap matching the flooring or color of If you’re considering replacing any of the structural parts of your
surrounding woodwork. Another fun, low cost DIY option is to staircase, or adding any built-ins, it’s best to consult a professional
decorate the risers by painting them in a graphic pattern or an since building codes require strict clearances. at caveat aside,
ombre color combo, wallpapering, stenciling or even tiling them. your staircase is a blank canvas. After all, stairs are more than just
a way of getting from one level to the next, with a little
4. Replace the railing with a different material or design.
imagination and creative design, they can be transformed into a
Although a more extensive remodeling effort, playing around beautiful new centerpiece for your home.
with materials can dramatically change the design of the staircase,
and by extension, your home. Railings of glass panels or
horizontal wire create a modern look, while wrought iron Liza Riguerra is a technology professional turned
spindles evoke a Mediterranean vibe. For a simple farmhouse award-winning interior designer who lives in
look, use square wood spindles for the railing. Whatever you Redwood Shores. Connect with her on Houzz,
choose, remember that to meet building code, handrails should LinkedIn or Twitter.
be 34 to 38 inches above the tread of each step.
Page 10 September 2018 e PILOT
e PILOT September 2018 Page 11
by Monique Seibel
Nothin’ To It? On July 14th, anyone playing in the RSTC tournament had
by Harvey Radin already set their DVRs to record the women’s final at
Wimbledon. On the home courts in Redwood Shores, it was
is should be easy, getting a new modem up and running.
men’s and women’s doubles, and despite the lopsided draw of
Residing in Redwood Shores, our great community in the heart
nine men and thirteen women everything went off without a
of high tech, hooking up a new modem...how could anything
hitch. Many thanks to Cynthia Hunton, our tournament
go wrong? We feel that by just being here, we’re somehow
director, Steve and Robin George, who provided courtside
absorbing high tech, like a plant absorbing water by osmosis.
refreshments, and Barb Urrutia who hosted the Cuban
So with some swagger, we just open right up that box with the food‒themed social. When everyone had had their fill of
new modem. Lickety-split! Now we’re cookin’. And what a empanadas, picadillo and fried plantains, social director Sundar
new modem it is! It’s much smaller, with just one light, not five Venkateswaren announced the tournament winners and awarded
-- or is that six lights? -- on the old one. Well, let’s get going! the prizes. Unbelievably, there was a four-way tie for first place
Should take, what do you think, 5 minutes, maybe 10 at most? in the women’s division. Two of the winners weren’t present, so
We’re looking at the paperwork, the schematics, isn’t that what the other two, Monica Irvin and Robin George, got the prizes.
they’re called in high tech talk? Uh huh. e coaxial cable Among the men, first prize went to one of our newer members,
goes here, the ethernet cord goes there. We’ve got it! It’s Jim Vessella. Second prize went to Dennis Murphy. Karen
osmosis. But what’s all this under the desk, behind the desk, Brodersen shopped for the
all over the place where we have the old modem and our creative prizes, all of which had
computer? All those cables and wires, where did they come a Cuban flair.
from? It looks like spaghetti back there. e August 12th tournament
Okay, uh huh, we’ll just have to sort this out. NO WORRIES! and BBQ in the park saw four
Until 5 minutes stretches into an hour. My wife’s tangled in teams (captained by Dennis
the spaghetti trying to pinpoint which cords I’m yanking are Murphy, Robin George, Mike
the ones we need to do something with, as indicated in the Venturino and Monique
schematics. ere’s such a tangle of cords that as I’m yanking Seibel) competing in mixed
each one, the whole bunch is bouncing around. We sure don’t doubles. Most people got to
want to disconnect the wrong things, we’ll be totally offline! play four rounds, with a bye or
We’re starting to panic. two thrown in. It was great
So we give in and get on the horn with a tech support rep at tennis, and lots of fun. ree of
our internet service provider. And we start the conversation the teams finished within two points of one another, with the
with a few disclaimers. Would you believe we live in the heart winning team beating the best of those three by six points. e
of high tech, but we’re not REALLY tech savvy? We thought prizes (provided by Micki Carter and Mike Venturino) were
we’d get this, but uh... gourmet chocolates, plus tickets to Chocolate Fest at the
No worries, says the tech expert as she begins talking us through Congregational Church in mid-October.
everything, patiently helping us unwind a Gordian knot. Afterward tired players gathered in the park for Armadillo
at’s the “metaphor for an intractable problem,” according to Willy’s pulled pork and barbecued chicken, along with
Wikipedia. I learned that, where else, but ONLINE! delicious sides provided by members. ank you to Cynthia
Hunton, our tournament director, to Robin and Steve George
(After a career in corporate communication, for courtside refreshments, and to Ruth and Phil Waters, who
Harvey Radin wrote books and articles about host the barbecue every year.
public opinion and PR. His articles have been And at the end of September it’s another annual event—the
published in Business Insider, American Banker weekend away at beautiful Pajaro Dunes on the Monterey coast.
and Talking Biz News. You can reach out to him For additional information about the club, or to join, visit
by email at <hoastrategic@gmail.com>.) www.rstc.org. Let’s play tennis!
Page 12 September 2018 e PILOT
e PILOT September 2018 Page 13
Page 14 September
August 2018
2018 e PILOT
Page 16 September 2018 e PILOT
e Library is seeking community feedback on the service hours
of the Redwood Shores Branch Library. Please take the survey
linked at the end of this article to help inform our decision
making on this challenging issue.
e City of Redwood City has begun implementation of its
Financial Sustainability Plan, which seeks to increase revenues and
reduce expenditures in order to address an anticipated structural Hours reductions can take various forms: they can be focused on
imbalance of $12 million in the City budget by fiscal year 2022- weekends or weekdays, they can reduce mornings and/or
23. e first phase of the financial sustainability plan includes evenings, or they can take the form of shorter days vs. eliminating
reductions of $3.7 million in fiscal year 2018-19, and an additional entire days. Because we have received diverse feedback on the
$2.3 million in fiscal year 2019-20. ese reductions impact all proposed reductions, we have created a very brief survey to help
City departments, including public safety, parks, and libraries. inform any reductions in library hours in January and beyond.
If the half-cent sales tax measure on the November ballot passes, Please give us your input by completing the online survey at
many of the proposed cuts for fiscal year 2018-19 will be restored http://ask.redwoodcity.org/TakeSurvey.aspx?SurveyId=Shoreshours#
(including library service hours), as increased revenues will help no later than friday, September 21st, and feel free to let me
offset the need to reduce critical services. However, if the measure know if you have any additional comments via email at
fails, library service hours will be reduced effective January 2019, dwolfgram@redwoodcity.org. anks for your participation!
and additional cost reductions will occur in the future.
In the 2018-19 City budget, the Library budget is reduced by
$428K, with additional cuts of approximately $200K planned for Redwood City Library
2019-20. e Library cuts include $97K from the materials budget
for new books and online resources, $41K in supplies and services,
and $290K in personnel reductions, which translate directly to
Library service hours since the Library’s staffing levels for both front
line workers and management are already quite lean. Fortunately,
the Library has been able to manage these personnel reductions
Author Event on September 23rd
through attrition, so no library layoffs are planned for 2018-19. e Redwood City Library Foundation (RCLF) is proud to
Most of the Library’s budget is for Library staff, and reductions of announce a Fireside Chat with Jabali Smith on Sunday, September
this magnitude cannot be made without affecting employees. 23rd in the Redwood City Downtown Library. Mr. Smith is the
e Library had to make hard choices about Library service hours. author of “Slave: A Human Trafficking Survivor Finds Life,” an
In order to maintain minimum staffing levels with reduced staffing, autobiographical account of his life as a child slave and his life-long
the proposed cuts would result in a 23% reduction in overall weekly journey of recovery. When he was a 6-year old in Berkeley,
service hours at the Library’s four locations, from 208 hours per California, he and his sister were trafficked over the Mexican border
week to 161. is includes a 23% reduction in Redwood Shores and held captive by a messianic doomsday sex cult. “Slave” recounts
hours, from 52 hours per week to 40. e proposed reductions are his experience as a child slave, his eventual escape, and how he rose
shown in the chart. Hours indicated in blue are current hours that above this tragedy to become founder of e Well Child
would remain open, while hours shown in orange would be Foundation, serving children and their need for empowerment.
eliminated January 1, 2019 if the sales tax measure fails. e event includes an author’s reception from 3-4pm, the author
If the Library does need to reduce hours, we want to minimize the fireside chat from 4-5pm, followed by book signing until 5:30pm.
impact on the community. In designing the proposed hours, we Tickets are $20 (early bird), $25 (regular), or $45 (including the
looked at several factors: studying actual hourly usage data so we author's reception meet and greet). You may call the Library
could keep the library open during the busiest hours; evaluating Foundation office at (650) 780-7045 or purchase tickets online at:
the need to balance different uses by different portions of the https://www.eventbrite.com/e/a-human-trafficking-survivor-finds-
community (such as story times and family programs during new-life-in-honor-of-banned-books-week-tickets-48824798286.
morning hours, or community meetings during evening hours); Tickets will be sold at the door as available.
maintaining consistent, easily remembered schedules; focusing on e event is part of Banned Book Week: Celebrating the
“single shift” days to most efficiently deploy limited staff; and Freedom to Read. e Redwood City Downtown Library is
integrating staffing coverage from other libraries. located at 1044 Middlefield Road, Redwood City, CA.
e PILOT September 2018 Page 17
Redwood Shores Library History
Since 1970, Redwood Shores Community Association has been Redwood Shores
the advocate for everything related to our Shores neighborhoods.
It was RSCA board members who first approached the City about
Mourns the Loss
building a branch library in Redwood Shores, knowing the
tremendous benefits it would provide to our community.
of a Friend
e Shores Library official history began on April 26th, 2004 Carole Lynn Wong, 64, of
when the City Council of Redwood City unanimously accepted Redwood Shores, passed away
a $10.1 million grant from the State towards the development on Wednesday, August 1st after a
of a branch library in Redwood Shores. Located at the northwest long illness, peacefully and with
corner of Bridge and Marine Parkway, the addition of a library her sister Kathryn and husband
to the Redwood Shores community was quite significant! e Scott Stingel by her side.
City’s contribution was the land. However, more monies were Carole was born in Providence, RI to Arthur and Ida Wong,
needed as the State grant and the City were not able to fund the and attended St. Bernard’s High School in Groton, CT. She
collection for the library. graduated with a degree in Biochemistry from Wellesley College,
RSCA, together with the Redwood City Library Foundation and including a year at Harvard University. After graduation, she
the City Council, formed a partnership and committed to help worked for Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston, MA in
raise money for the library collection. e collection was more the immunology laboratory. In 1979, she started work with a
than just books – it included videos, CD’s, periodicals, small telecommunications company in marketing, while at the
newspapers and computers. same time earning an MBA at Simmons College.
e honorary co-chairs of the fundraising committee were Carole continued her communications consulting career at
Gordon and Betty Moore. e campaign co-chairs included Economics and Technology, Inc. in Boston, followed by various
Rosanne Foust and Paula Ucceli. Together with the campaign roles of increasing responsibility at e Forum Corporation,
cabinet of Cheryl Angeles, Dick Claire, Sandra Cooperman, Jeff joining their San Francisco office in the 1990’s. In 1997, she
Ira, Georgi LaBerge, Mario Rendon, Michael Whatmore and Jeff was hired by Accenture, Inc. as an Associate Partner, becoming
Gee, the challenge was on to raise funds for the collection. a full Partner in 2000 in the Communications and High Tech
RSCA went one step further – they helped everyone in the sector. She was also active in her local community of Redwood
community stay on track and informed, and provided matching City, including nine years as the president of the Redwood Shores
donations over $60,000 to this effort. Owners Association, a homeowners group of over 4,000 homes.
Together with the community, over $800,000 was raised to fill Carole was pre-deceased by her mother Ida Wong, and is
the new library – a truly great community effort and a new survived by her father Arthur, sister Kathryn and husband Scott
treasure for our community! Stingel, as well as Sophie, a rescued feline.
A small gathering was held on Friday, August 10th near the Seal
Sanctuary in Moss Beach, to mark a favorite overlook of
Carole’s, and a larger memorial was held in Redwood Shores on
Saturday, August 11th.
Carole was well-known for her ability to make everyone she met
feel like a friend, for her fearlessness, tenacity and thoroughness
in all her ventures, her sense of play, and her “steel trap” mind.
She was an avid tennis player/fan, an intrepid traveler, and loved
fishing mountain streams as well as ocean beaches. Her interest
in nature found its ultimate expression as a Rescue Team
volunteer at e Marine Mammal Center in Sausalito. Her
friends and family will sorely miss having Carole as their go-to
person for both wise counsel and fun.
Ground breaking: Vice Mayor Foust, Mayor Pierce, Council members Hartnett,
In lieu of flowers, please consider a charitable donation to the
Bain, Ira, Aguirre and Sarah Rosendahl representing State Senator Simitian.
Mission Hospice of San Mateo (missionhospice.org), the
e Redwood Shores branch Library will celebrate it’s Marine Mammal Center (marinemammalcenter.org), the
10th anniversary on Saturday, September 8th at 10am-1pm! Yosemite Conservancy (yosemiteconservancy.org), or the
please check out the flyer on page 20 for details, and join us! Ovarian Cancer Research Fund Alliance (ocrfa.org).

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e PILOT September 2018 Page 19
Page 20 September 2018 e PILOT
Redwood Shores Resident Professional Travel Agent
Over 35 years of Worldwide Expertise
Affiliated with Travel Advisors of Los Gatos
Call Linda at 650-591-9112 or 408-505-4506

Silvia’s Housecleaning Service

License #22085 - Bonded and Insured
References available on request
Serving the Shores for 21 years
(415) 860-6988


20% OFF for
(Van Available)
(650) 921-2038

Redwood Shores
Certified Public Accountant
Providing tax preparation and planning,
accounting and bookkeeping services
15+ years experience Shores Resident
Call Kerman at 650-291-4219
e 3rd and last Sounds of the Shores Concert of this summer
was Sunday, August 19th! Marlin Park was crowded and lively
for tunes provided by The RiP-TiDEs! is vintage, 60s-style,


rock'n'roll band comprised of six guys played a great mix of

Excellent service, good references.

dance, oldies and contemporary hits!

Call Ana or Edgar 650-924-0406

If you enjoy summer concerts and other events in the Shores,
please consider a volunteer role with RSCA to help coordinate.
Email president@rsca.org for details.

Redwood Shores Handyman

No job too small, can do almost anything.
Redwood Shores Resident
Call Scott 650-464-3276
or email shenderson4@aol.com
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patriot day is an annual observance on September 11th to
remember those who were injured or died during the terrorist
attacks in the United States on September 11, 2001.

If Today Was e Day Before...

By Shannon Guzzetta
September 11th, 2018 marks 17 years since one of the most horrific
terrorist attacks on our country. Do you remember the details?
Do you take time on this anniversary to reflect on the events of this
historic day? Do you honor those who were tragically affected?
As someone born and raised in California, I never expected to live
in New York City, let alone love it so much! Upon graduating from
college, my fiance and I made plans to move to New York. We
arrived in our downtown studio apartment in mid-August 2001
and were just becoming familiar with NYC as our new home when
we were evacuated. Circumstances and luck are tricky to
contemplate sometimes... ere isn’t time or space here to write
my full story, but this time of year always brings back the memories.
And while I can’t change anything in the past, my experiences led
to a deep commitment to disaster preparedness, considering worst
case scenarios, and planning for those contingencies. It takes a lot
of time and effort, and valuable space to store supplies to be
adequately prepared for a disaster. But it’s SO IMPORTANT.
So, whether you read this article when it hits your mailbox in early
September, or some time later, please take a moment to reflect on
what you would choose to do the day before a disaster. Rather than
a carpe diem (seize the day) attitude, please consider planning
ahead, taking action before the disaster happens.
Along these lines, I encourage my neighbors in the Shores to pay
attention to the public safety debate occurring within Redwood
City currently. See page 6 for upcoming meetings about the
Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) program
transition and contact me for important details and perspectives.
Shannon Guzzetta lived in New York City on 9/11/2001, and is an
active CERT member, RSCA Board Member, Editor of e PILOT.

Page 22 September 2018 e PILOT

SepT dAy
. 23 Rd
, 201
1:00p 8

e PILOT September 2018 Page 23

(How a Connecticut Yankee embraced California Cuisine)

September Pasta Night

Some of our Japanese maples are starting to color their leaves with
the brilliant reds and oranges of autumn. While the calendar
shows “September” and kids are all back in their classrooms, it’s
still difficult to image that summer is officially almost over. I’m
hopeful that we will still have our typical San Francisco Bay Area
Indian summer, when September and October offer some of our
best warm weather. And yet how we all long for some good
Here’s a fun, quick and easy pasta dish that can be made for a
rainfall, and lots of it to fill our reservoirs and water or gardens!
Saturday dinner with your children’s help. ey can chop
We’re still enjoying wonderful summer produce at the Farmer’s tomatoes, or mozzarella cheese, or drain and pit Kalamata olives
markets – the tastiest heirloom tomatoes, fresh corn, squash, and (it’s great fun to smash them with a wooden spoon). Your older
lettuces. It’s a great experience to introduce your children to the children can easily assemble a large green salad with more of
delights of spending their Saturday mornings walking with you summer’s late bounty – fresh tomatoes, Persian cucumbers, late
through the different booths at our local Farmer’s markets, and harvest radishes, avocado, red onion, celery, carrots, or whatever
encouraging them to help you select the different vegetables that they would like to include.
will grace your dinner table that same evening. ey love to join
you in the kitchen with both menu planning and food buCATInI WITh OLIve-CApeR SAuCe – Serves 4
preparation, so encourage their interest and make it a family 12 ounces Bucatini or Spaghetti
affair. It’s so important to establish their eating habits at an early
1 small clove Garlic
age, and encourage them to explore the challenges and rewards
2 Tablespoons capers, rinsed and drained
of cooking and baking.
Pinch of red Pepper Flakes
2 Tablespoons extra virgin Olive Oil
1 pound Tomatoes, diced
2/3 Cup pitted Kalamata or Nicoise Olives, roughly chopped
2 Tablespoons unsalted butter, cut into pieces (room temp)
3 Tablespoons fresh Basil, chopped
8 Ounces fresh Mozzarella Cheese, finely chopped
You want to time boiling the pasta along with the assembly of the
other ingredients so the food will be warmed from the pasta, so
this is where additional preparation hands in the kitchen can help!
Bring a large pot of salted water to boil. Add the pasta and coop
as label directs. Reserve ½ Cup of the pasta water, then drain
the pasta and set aside.
Arrange garlic, 1 Tablespoon of the capers, and the red pepper
flakes on a cutting board, mince and mash with the flat side of a
chef ’s knife to make a paste. Transfer the mixture into a large
bowl; add the olive oil, tomatoes, olives, the remaining 1
Tablespoon capers, and butter. Stir in the basil and cheese. Add
the pasta to the bowl with the tomato mixture and toss until the
butter is melted, adding the reserved pasta water to moisten, if
needed. Serve warm and season with a little additional freshly
ground pepper and salt if needed.
Serve with your farmer’s market green salad accompanied with a
refreshment of your choice, and enjoy!
(Lynn Kathleen Adams has been an RSCA Board member since 1994.)
Page 24 September 2018 e PILOT
Sanit Bordeianu
650.430.3500 mobile
CalBRE# 01923423

Your Redwood Shores Neighbor, Resource & Realtor

Debbie Wilhelm Team - Top 1% Nationwide - Ranked #8 Coldwell Banker Northern California

1812 El Verano Way, Belmont

3 Beds, 2 Baths, 1,220 SqFt - Listed at $1,598,000
Buyer Representation



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Is it possible to have such peace in one’s life? Yes, it is. Is it easy
to achieve? No, it isn’t.
St. Paul wrote in his letter to the Colossians (3:15), “Let the peace
Peace In; Peace Out of Christ rule in your hearts, since as members of one body you were
called to peace. And be thankful.” Sounds good in theory, right? But
By Richard Watkins really, how many of us are willing to let the peace of Christ rule our
Catholics are asked to pray for a lot of stuff. It’s sort of what we do. hearts? Most of us would rather actually take the advice of our
It has been built into the church’s DNA from the time Jesus taught cardiologists to cut down on salt and cholesterol intake and switch
the disciples the Lord’s Prayer to today. One specific prayer to an all kale and chicory diet rather than take a daily 25 mg pill of
Catholics undertake is the Intercession or Prayers of the Faithful Jesus to be heart healthy.
said during Mass. It is a time when the community comes together St. Peter wrote in his first letter (5:7), “Cast all your anxiety on him
to all pray for the same thing, thereby strengthening and putting a because he cares for you.” A fine sentiment but for me personally, if
little more “umph” behind the petition. e order begins with a I didn’t have anxiety to hold on to, I wouldn’t know what to do
prayer for the holy Church, for those who govern with authority with myself.
over us, for those weighed down by various needs, for all humanity,
And again St. Paul wrote, “And the peace of God, which transcends
and for the salvation of the whole world (no pressure, right?).
all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ
Specifics are added based on each community’s needs. For example,
Jesus.” (Philippians 4:7).
here in California, there might be a special intercession for those
affected by this season’s wildfires. In tornado or hurricane heavy roughout the Bible, we are told to place our burdens upon the
areas, petitions will be offered up based on those disasters. Lord and by doing so, to be at peace.
Nevertheless, we are called to pray. Called to pray for strength. For Psalm 55 says “Cast your care upon the LORD, who will give you
serenity. For the sick. For the dying. For one’s enemies (at least we’re support.” Isaiah 10: 27 says “…His burden shall be taken from
supposed to - Matthew 5:44-45). We pray for an end to war. For your shoulder, and his yoke shattered from your neck.” And Matthew
an end to crime and violence. For peace. For…wait. An end to 11:28 says “Come to me, all you who labor and are burdened, and
violence and peace? Aren’t they the same thing? Until recently I I will give you rest. Take my yoke upon you and learn from me, for
thought the two were the same. After all, if don’t have violence, you I am meek and humble of heart; and you will find rest for yourselves.
have peace. If you’re at peace, you’re not at war. During Mass a few For my yoke is easy, and my burden light.”
months ago, it hit me. I understood for the first time the meaning I don’t know about you but if someone took all my burdens from
behind the words I would hear in every Mass I attended: “Peace I me, I am sure the first thing I would feel is a great sense of peace.
leave with you; my peace I give to you” (John 14:27). And once you are at peace, then you can extend that peace to others
How could Jesus leave peace for his disciples? It isn’t a physical thing through words and actions. Words of encouragement, reassurance,
like a loaf of bread or a fish. His death and resurrection didn’t end comfort or hope. Actions of aid, assistance, support or ministry.
violence or hatred or crime or war. So, what is the peace He left? And once you’ve extended your peace to someone, then the circle
Well, it wasn’t an earthly or worldly peace like the Israelites of peace begins as that person gives to someone else and that person
expected. It was a spiritual peace. It was a deep and unfettered trust gives to another and that person another and that person...
and love in God the Father that enabled Him to be at inner peace. It’s sort of like that old axiom “you need to love yourself before
To know that God was in control of all things and have the you can love someone else”. But in this case, it’s the finding the
conviction of that protection afforded Him a lack of angst, trouble, peace of Lord in yourself that will bring peace to the world.
sorrow or anxiety. It can almost be equated to a complete and utter
feeling of bliss. I say almost because bliss, in its dictionary definition
means to be in a “…state of perfect happiness, typically so as to be
oblivious of everything else.” And of course, we all know that Jesus
is not oblivious to anything.
Can you imagine? Being in such a state of peace that the dog
barking at three o’clock in the morning doesn’t bother you. Or the
guy who’s on his cell phone that just cut in front of you on the
freeway causes you no frustration? Or standing behind the lady in
the coffee shop ordering an iced, Ristretto, 10-shot, venti, with
breve, 5-pump vanilla, 7-pump caramel, 4 Splenda, and poured,
not shaken does absolutely nothing to deter you from smiling at
her when she makes the barista do it again because she only got 4
pumps of vanilla.

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