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Multicultural Convocation on Resources Available on Campus

B y S h i z a M a n zo o r Harvey Knowledge Center
smanzoor1@radford.edu (HKC), formerly known as

he Center for Diversity and Inclusion held a the Learning Assistance and
Multicultural Convocation the first week of Resouce Center (LARC), offers
school as an opportunity for current and incoming free academic counseling and
students to learn about the resources available on seminars to students. Some
campus. services they offer include one-
The event featured a panel of speakers that would on-one assistance, tutoring
help better prepare freshmen and transfer students for for math, science, and English
their college careers. Faculty, staff, and even students courses, workshops on time-
shared ways they can make the most out of their time management, test-taking
here at Radford. approaches, and projects as
Dr. Dietra Trent, Interim Director of The emerging professionals.
International Education Center, went first. She talked HKC asks to consider
The student panel at the event. Shiza Manzoor | The Tartan
about both faculty-led programs to study abroad and working for them as they’re
student exchange programs that are available for culture always looking for great coaches. donors in 30 days.
enthusiasts. Whether you’re looking for advice, relevant There’s also the senior campaign program meant to
As of right now, there are 51 students in 31 different experience, a coach, a job, a suit or dress for an interview, benefit rising seniors, but that’s not all.
countries representing the university. An interesting fact the career services office is there as another resource for There are about 400 scholarships available as well
that came up during the presentation is that the tuition students looking to discover their calling. You can find that donors have created to award students. Applications
for exchange programs comes out of the fund you would them on the third floor of Russell Hall along with “a for the 2019-20 academic year open up Dec. 1 and close
already pay for the semester. coffee bar, a study place, and some M&M candy.” in February.
Up next were Alyssa Archer and Will Anderson from Say you have an assignment that needs funding. Here’s some advice from the student panel that came
McConnell library. They brought up an ample amount There’s something for that as well! The Hive is a after:
of resources that are available at the library on campus. crowdfunding platform made solely for the university’s 1. Be open to learning, to failure, to people, and be
Be it a research paper you need help with or just a safe students, faculty, and staff members. It’s like the website friendly. Get introduced to new things.
place to unwind, the place is a haven for all. The facility GoFundMe! These projects run for 30 to 90 days and 2. Go to the club fair. There are more than 250 clubs;
is open till midnight, besides Friday and Saturday. have to first be approved and reviewed by the University there’s a place for you. It’s a great way to make
The tools and support needed by each student to Advancement committee. friends, connections, and find opportunities.
reach their academic goals can be found in class, but There’s the Greek Life challenge that pits the 24 3. Be yourself. That’ll carry you a long way. Take school
there’s far more knowledge available outside those walls. fraternities and sororities at Radford University in order seriously.
A great example of this sits on the fourth floor of the to raise enough money to support the organization. 4. Surround yourself with good people.
library. Last year, they were able to raise $11,211 from 150 5. Don’t get discouraged. Keep your head up.

New Updates to the Campus Recycling Guidelines

B y I da D o m i n g o
idomingo1@radford.edu students stay better at taking care of our campus and to practice recycling and not only are they placed in
the environment. Some of the tips include no clothing your rooms, but there are seven new outdoor recycling

adford University has decided to update its or toys in mixed recycling and encourage students to use bins placed around campus. You can find these new bins

“Recycling only
campus recycling guidelines for the 2018-19 outside Preston Hall/Martin Hall, the Bonnie, Dalton,
academic year. Kyle Hall, Muse, Starbucks and around the campus
The sustainability Manager Josh Nease stated that fountain.
“The Sustainability Office is collaborating with Radford Recycling only part of the plastics we consume
University Recycling to spread the word through the
campus community about these changes with the intent
part of the plastics creates a challenge without an easy solution. Nease
states that “Either an economically viable way to recycle
of increasing our overall recycling rate.”
According to the university, the updates to the we consume creates a #3 - #7 needs to be created or we need to phase #3 - #7
out of our national and global supply chain. On campus,
recycling guidelines correspond with the Montgomery
County Regional Solid Waste Authority. Nease says challenge without an we can investigate ways to limit our on-campus plastics
on only #1 and #2. Continue to recycle plastics #1 and #2
“The new campus recycling guidelines are a response
to changes in the national and international recycling easy solution. in our recycling bins and take plastic bags to the “Bags
to Benches” bin in the CHBS lobby.”
market, not something we did at Radford University Reflecting on his own experience, Nease continues,
to enhance our recycling program. The new guidelines “Personally, I want to stop using plastics that I can’t
include only one major change and this change actually donation programs, no plastic bags in mixed recycling, recycle altogether. However, this is really difficult, for
reduces the types of material we can recycle.” electronics are recycled separately, and corrugated example yogurt generally comes in plastic #5, and I
The new changes made to the Radford University cardboard and pizza boxes must be recycling separately. eat yogurt daily. So, I either need to give up yogurt or
campus recycling guidelines for mixed recycling are: In addition to these tips, the recycling guideline start making my own. Before I jump into either of those
• Mixed/Single Stream/Commingled Recycling: encourages students to also pay attention to things solutions though, I’ll spend some time searching for a
plastic, glass, metal, and paper together that should not be recycled, Things such as food waste/ yogurt that isn’t packaged in plastic #5.”
• Accepting Plastics No. 1 and No. 2 (Plastics No. liquids, dryer line, or sanitary items.
3 - No. 7 are no longer accepted) Sustainability and recycling are very important
• Accepting all office paper, newspaper, to Radford; the university has its own sustainability
magazines, cereal/paper boxes policies. These policies can be found through the
• Accepting metal - tin/steel cans and aluminum university’s website under “sustainability”.
beverage cans These policies are 1) Creating awareness of
• Accepting glass food and beverage containers environmental impacts, concerns, and practices that
He adds, “The major change is that we can only preserve natural resources 2) Establishing sustainability
recycle plastics that are numbered #1 and #2, and no goals & implementing strategies to achieve the
longer accept plastics #3 - #7.  Montgomery Regional goals and 3) Meeting or exceeding all Federal & State
Solid Waste Authority, our regional recycler, no longer environmental rules & regulations
accepts plastics #3 - #7, so we have had to adjust our In order to stay committed to this policy and the
program to reflect this.” new guidelines, in every residence hall, all students Ida Domingo | The Tartan
The university has also added recycling tips to help should have small recycling bins placed in their rooms
www.rutartan.com Wenesday, September 12, 2018 | 5

Arts and Entertainment in Radford

Queen of Soul Has Passed Away

B y G a bby C o h e n friends and fellow musicians have been sending their influenced by her because of her voice, her emotion, her
gcohen2@radford.edu condolences to the beloved ‘Natural Woman’. sincerity is unforgettable.”
A week later, the funeral arrives at Franklin’s Wonder was longtime friends with Franklin since
hometown Detroit for her to lay at rest. As one first childhood. They even talked about a collaboration
arrives, the funeral would be shown with dozens of pink just months before her passing. Wonder was the last
Cadillacs in the streets leading to the church where the performance to honor Franklin and it was worth the
funeral was being held. wait, as the last performance, he gave it his all classic
During the funeral, there were multiple musical Stevie Wonder vibe. He pulled out his harmonica to play
icons such as Jennifer Hudson, Yolanda Adams, and an instrumental version of ‘The Lord’s Prayer’.
Ariana Grande. Formal Presidents, George W. Bush and Within the theme of famous faces, formal President
Bill Clinton were also there to show their respects for Bill Clinton was a close friend of Franklin. Clinton was
Franklin. side-by-side with African-Americans for many years and
Franklin was known as one of the most iconic singers supported Franklin in her career.
in soul, but she was also more than that. Franklin was Former President Barack Obama wrote a speech to
a civil rights activist and took place in the movement be spoken by Rev. Al Sharpton. Although he wasn’t at
with Martin Luther King Jr. After King’s death in 1968, Franklin’s funeral, which sparked anger, he promised
Franklin was there to honor him and sing at his funeral. that he will be attending Sen. John McCain’s funeral in
Five decades later, musicians pay tribute to Franklin. D.C., which he did.
Rev. Jesse Jackson was one of them. In the opening of People were also mad at other mishaps that happened
his speech he stated, “If you leave here today and don’t on and off screen during Franklin’s funeral, but we are

ug. 16, 2018 midday, the news shows up with the register to vote, you dishonor Aretha.” all here to reflect on the life of the Queen of Soul, as
headline that the 76-year-old Queen of Soul, ‘CBS This Morning’ interviewed Stevie Wonder most people want to talk about.
Aretha Franklin, has passed away after a long about his reaction to her passing. Wonder said that “she Overall, Aretha Franklin will forever be a musical
going battle with pancreatic cancer. touched every genre. Every singer was influenced in icon that will always inspire millions of singers. She will
Many were devastated and heartbroken. Franklin’s some way by the way she sang, and they will forever be be remembered and may she rest in peace.
The Tea

September is National Suicide Prevention Awareness Month

B y S ava n n a h R o b e rs o n
sroberson8@radford.edu cause of death in America and that for every person who organizations, survivors, allies, and community
commits suicide, 25 more people will attempt to take members, according to suicidepreventionlifeline.org.

eptember is an important month, and though their lives, as afsp.org says.
it may not be widely known, it’s a month that While it may seem quite difficult to imagine those
encourages people to not only raise awareness but nearest to us ever contemplating suicide, this is the very
to save lives. mindset that can be so dangerous to those around us.
September is National Suicide Prevention Awareness One of the first steps to combatting the increased
Month, a time in which we are all encouraged to stand rates of suicide is raising our awareness of those around
up, raise awareness, and fight against the event that us. Essentially, we have to pay close attention to our
takes the lives of over 41,000 of our friends and families friends, families, co-workers, and even strangers around
each year, according to nami.org. us that may be either acting strangely or simply different

“One of the
than they normally do.
After we become consciously aware of paying more
attention to those around us, we need to educate
ourselves on warning signs.

first steps to According to cdc.gov, some warning signs of suicide

might include “feelings of hopelessness, threatening to

combatting the hurt oneself or talking about wanting to die, increased

alcohol and drug use, or withdrawal from friends and
Even though we should always focus on raising
suicide awareness and should be collectively working

increased rates of family.”

If you begin to notice any of these signs or suspect
towards lowering suicide rates year-round, September is
a month to learn more, engage further, and become an

suicide is raising
that someone you know may be experiencing these active and involved advocate of suicide prevention.
feelings or any others that might worry you, it’s To successfully destroy the stigma of suicide

our awareness of
important to talk with them, counsel them, or help them conversation and begin to truly lower the number of
find someone that can help them. suicides we are seeing each year, it will take all of us
It’s important to remember that often, the sooner, to consciously work towards the goal of making sure
those around us. the better. It’s much more likely that you’ll be able to anyone who might be contemplating suicide knows that
help someone and even possibly save their life if you do there is always help and there is always hope.
Even if you do not know someone personally who has something rather than nothing. Whether this comes through the form of a friend,
taken their own life, we all have heard stories relatively So, what exactly does National Suicide Prevention a parent, a sibling, a therapist, or even a complete
near us that involve suicide or attempted suicide. Awareness Month involve? Well, for starters, it involves stranger, National Suicide Prevention Awareness Month
While this reality may seem hard to grasp, even an increased sense of unity and a strengthening of is an opportunity for us all to learn more about what we
harder to grasp is the fact that suicide is the 10th leading relationships among mental health advocates, prevention can do to counter this tragic and terrifying epidemic.
The tea
6 | The Tartan The Tea
Editorials and Opinions Quote of the week
“There is no elevator to success. You
have to take the stairs”
- Jody Hedlund
ABOUT US Making the Move? What You Need to Know Before You Move Off Campus
The Tartan publishes 1,500
copies per week and is distrib-
uted at more than 26 locations
B y T r i s ta n B l a k e R i n e s amount of money you pay for rent. Let’s say year on a low-cost plan.
on the RU campus. The Tar- you have two roommates living with you and

tan is always looking into ex- o you’re thinking of making the move your total rent for the entire home is about Co-signer.
panding  their distribution. out of the dorm on-campus and you $1025, again according to averages found by
The publication is printed at want to start “adulting” on your own? bestplaces.net. Considering you will be dealing with
Shenandoah Publishing House Well, after living on my own for over a year Your share of the rent would come to a realty company like Price-Williams,
in Winchester, Va. off-campus I have compiled a short list of $341.66 per month. This would bring you to Bondurant, CMG, or Greenhill in the area,
things you should know before making that $4,100 annually. In comparson, you alone they will most likely ask you to have a co-
The Tartan is part of Highland- jump. have saved $3,400 by having roommates signer for your apartment.
er Student Media and is com- Now, this may not apply to everyone, nor rather than living alone. A co-signer is insurance for the realty
pletely student-run. As a news- every person’s individual situation, but it’s a Outside of just the monetary side of off- company that they are going to be paid for
paper, The Tartan reserves the good baseline of things to expect. This is for campus living, your roommates should be that month of rent. So you need to have
right to address, explore and students who are thinking of living on their people you trust. You need to have faith that someone in mind that is willing to accept the
delve into issues that affect the own for the first time and are questioning if your roommate is responsible and that they responsibility should you fail to make your
university student body and the they are ready for the responsibilities that will be able to pay their share of rent and bills monthly payment.
surrounding area. come with independent living. every month. Establishing your ground rules
and understanding what your roommates are Find your ideal spot.
Student Media
Can you afford it? comfortable with is very important in living
with others. Now you would be surprised how much
P.O. Box 6895
This should be your number one priority of a difference this makes in a number of
Radford VA, 24142
as far as understanding your own financial Bills and Groceries! different areas. This affects your rent and
situation heading off campus. Because could affect how much you spend on gas.
EDITORIAL POLICIES obviously, if you can’t pay rent you won’t Bills. Bills. Bills. Yep, moving off-campus When I went searching for a place off-
have a place to live in. Sit down and do some comes with those too. You have to also campus, apartments on lightside were
“Our Opinion” pieces are math and figure out if you are making enough anticipate getting your utilities like water, slightly higher priced than those on darkside
written collectively by members income to pay your rent on a monthly basis. gas, electric all setup and be mindful to pay because of proximity to Main St. and the rest
of The Tartan Editorial Considering that the average one- those as well. These are controlled by the of the businesses in the area.
Board. The Editorial Board is bedroom apartment in the Radford area city of Radford and for more information, Also, the closer you are to campus affects
comprised of the editing staff, costs about $625 according to bestplaces. you can look under the Radford.gov website your rent. Living right across the street
the Tea writers, and other
net, annually this comes out to $7,500 over for rates and find out how much your deposit from campus versus all the way in Highland
Radford University students.
the course of a 12-month lease. will be. Village could be a drastic difference.
These undergraduate and Don’t forget the security deposit either! Your bills will also include your internet This distance from campus means you
graduate students represent Your security deposit is the equivalent to and the major providers in the area are could be spending more time driving your
multiple class levels and your first month’s rent and it gives the Shentel and Verizon. There are other internet car, rather than taking a stroll to campus
different political, cultural, leasing company some collateral in case you providers as well though which is searchable due to the time spent in the current heat or
ethnic, and religious damage a part of the home you are leasing. on broadbandnow.com. blistering cold winds of the winter. Those
backgrounds. Members may So make sure you have some money saved Now it’s time for groceries to stock back-and-forth drives mean money slowly
or may not belong to a variety prior to actually signing your lease. your fridge. At an average cost of $222.15 escaping your pockets.
of student organizations. The
per month for those aged between 19-50 Consider all these points before you just
Editorial Board is open to all
Roommates! according to a USDA study titled Official sign away a lease. It may look easy, but it’s a
RU students who apply.
USDA Food Plans: Cost of Food at Home at process you’ll need to do more research on
TARTAN Having roommates is a good way to
begin living off campus, and reduce the total
Four Levels (I averaged male and female
together), this comes out to $2,665.80 per
before taking on a huge responsibility.

Dylan Lepore
End of Summer Bucket List
By Hannah Curran

“There are also

hcurran1@radford.edu  While you’re up on the mountains you
Ida Domingo can also enjoy horseback riding from local

Managing Editor ith the warm weather coming to an stables.
News Section
idomingo1@radford.edu end in the next couple of weeks,
you should take advantage of what ways to volunteer For some more fun activities for people
who don’t enjoy hiking, there are options
Shiza Manzoor
at Radford, which
is left of it now. There are many things to do such as mini golf not too far from the city,
Copy Editor
smanzoor1@radford.edu around Radford University and in the city. at Cox’s Golf Driving Range. Each hole of

is a great way
The main attraction that Radford has mini golf offers a discount to many local
Marina Coake are the many activities that the New River businesses if you golf a hole in one. Besides
Page Designer
offers. You can partake in tubing, fishing, mini golf, they also offer driving ranges and

Jennifer Bennett
kayaking, and relaxing next to the river. to be outdoors batting cages.
Radford offers many other outdoor If you prefer to stay on campus, Radford
The Tea Editor
jbennett49@radford.edu activities to do as well. There are numerous
beautiful parks to walk around all just
while also helping has many nice spots and offers many extra
outdoor activities. Various people play
Davis Byrd
Sports Editor
a few miles from Radford University. If
you’re willing to drive a little bit, you can
the community sports with their friends on one of the
several quads as well as have’s picnics in the
become a better
participate in hikes up the mountains to sun. It’s a great place to get some fresh air
Hailey Scherer incredible views and some incredibly high while hanging out with friends.
Photography Manager
points over the valley.
hscherer1@radford.edu >> Bucket List, Continued on page 8
www.rutartan.com Wenesday, September 12, 2018 | 7

Fall Club Fair 2018!

Shiza Manzoor & Jordan Bennett | The Tartan

www.rutartan.com Wenesday, September 12, 2018 | 8

WRITE FOR US! 2018-2019 Basketball Tickets Are on Sale Now!

RU an established, or By Lucas Carr percent inside the
fledgling journalist? Or lcarr15@radford.edu
three-point line

maybe you just love to he 2018-19 Basketball season tickets and boasts over 500
write, and this might be are now on sale! Come out and support career rebounds and
your first time showcasing the Highlanders early November as 100 career blocks.
your hidden talent? they look to build on an impressive season He also put up good
from last year. numbers in the win
Want to bring your opin- During the 2017-18 Men’s Basketball over LIU Brooklyn,
ions and unique views to Season, the Radford Highlanders finished posting 13 points
the masses? Love the idea 23-13 and competed in their first NCAA and 12 rebounds.
of reporting on and off Tournament since 2009. They made it passed The Highlanders’
campus news, voicing your LIU’s Brooklyn Blackbirds with ease in one of add some new
opinion on topics ranging the first four entry games of the tournament recruits this year, as
from movies, laws, and on while subsequently losing to the powerhouse well, starting with
Photo courtesy of RU Athletics
the many fun, and some- that is Villanova. Mawdo Sallah, a 6’8,
Head coach Mike Jones and the 235-pound power forward. Sallah, a native of Championship.
time’s unusual, attractions
Highlanders proved that they were a force to the country Gambia, transferred to Radford Additionally, the Radford Women’s team
going on around campus?
be reckoned with heading into the 2018-19 after graduating from Kansas State where he opens up their season against South Carolina
Then give Radford Univer-
season. played for one year. He posted at least one State on Nov. 7 in the Dedmon Center. The
sity’s Student-run Newspa-
The Big South Conference Champions block in seven games. women ended the 2017-18 season with
per a shout and email the look to start the season on a high note as Mike Jones will be looking to Sallah to an exceptional 24-9 record and a second-
Editor-In-Chief! Washington and Lee make their way down fill the hole that Randy Phillips left in the round appearance in the Women’s National
dlepore1@radford.edu to the New River Valley on Nov. 2 for a frontcourt upon graduating. Newcomers Invitation Tournament.
preseason exhibition game. Josiah Jeffers, Devin Hutchinson, and Cle’von Look for Head coach Mike McGuire and
To open up the regular season, this new Greene are three new additions that can help junior guard Jen Falconer to make a splash
Letters to the squad will face Davis and Elkins College on aid the backcourt this upcoming season. this upcoming season.
Nov. 6. The Highlanders will have to enter Radford’s non-conference schedule is The Radford Men’s and Women’s
Editor this season without the help of Justin Cousin, shaping up to be a difficult one as they are basketball teams had outstanding 2017-
Christian Bradford, and Randy Phillips as participating in the 7th annual Gotham 18 seasons and look forward to your, the
We prefer letters that are fewer they all graduated this past spring. Classic with Notre Dame, Duquesne, UIC, fans, support in this upcoming basketball
than 200 words and take as However, the squad will be returning and William & Mary. Outside of this mini- season. Men’s season tickets start at $60 and
their starting point an article three starters in Big South Freshman of tournament, the Highlanders will face a women’s tickets season tickets start at $50.
or other item appearing in The the year, Carlik Jones, sophomore Donald handful of other Power Five teams including You can order your season tickets at
Tartan. They may not have Hicks, and Radford’s 31st 1,000-point-career Clemson and Texas. Radfordtickets.com or call 540-831-6236
been submitted to, posted member, Ed Polite Jr. The Highlanders team will have their today!
to or published by any other Polite Jr., who was named a First Team work cut out for them this season and
media. They must include the All-Big South honoree, shoots almost 50 look to come away with another Big South
writer’s full name — for more
information and to send a Bucket List
letter head over to From Page 6
www.rutartan.com. Different clubs at Radford offers several Radford, which is a great way to
great activities at all times of the week, for be outdoors while also helping the

example, the RU Outdoors club offers yoga,
hikes, caving, and rock climbing. The sports
community become a better place.
Students have opportunities for
clubs attempt to persuade its members cleanups at the river, Shenandoah,
What’s the difference to get outside in the nice weather and do and many of the other surrounding
between a piano and a something fun with a bunch of new friends. parks. These events are offered on a
fish? While R-SPaCE also suggests activities daily basis and can be participated in
You can tune a piano, but around campus during the day such as DIY whenever you have time.
you can’t tuna fish. project and watching films at the Bonnie. All in all, Radford University
... With school just starting back up, so are and the New River Valley offer many
Why aren’t koalas actual the Radford varsity sporting events. A great activities and community events that
way to attend those is to join a Radford you can get involved in. The weather
student group that goes to support our makes it more enjoyable being outside
They don’t meet the teams. and it’s a great way to take advantage
... They host outdoor events such as of the last couple weeks of summer.
tailgates, giveaways, and being the hype
crowd at Radford events. Currently coming
up in the season is men and women’s soccer,
men and women’s golf, men and women’s
tennis, and women’s volleyball. There are
opportunities to go to games almost every
day if that’s what you enjoy doing. Even if
you aren’t picked on the team, go out and
support the teams!
There are also ways to volunteer at Jordan Bennett | The Tartan