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Rules #1: For Spiritual Beings Having a Human Experience

Life is a Battlefield...

"OK recruit, in case you were wondering if

there are rules for being human... there are.
There are twelve of them in fact."

This is your drill instructor speaking: "You want

to get out of the battlefield alive, recruit? Then
- for your own safety - it is 'best not to leave
home without them'!"

"They will help you get through the jungle

bettter known as your life here on Earth."

Welcome to the Jungle...

"The truth is you have been drafted. So,

recruits, snap to attention and listen up.
Because here they are: learn them, love them,
live them... if you want to survive!"

"So pay attention, you lazy boneheads,

because I will not be repeating them!"

Here are the "Rules for Spiritual Beings Having a Human



Listen up, recruit: your body is your vehicle for exploring this Earth. You
are only issued one for each lifetime. You may love your body or hate it,
but it will be yours for the entire time you are here this time around. Your
body is operated by your mind and they have their own set of rules (see
Rules #2: How Body-Mind Works).


Listen up, recruit: your mind is your vehicle for understanding this Earth.
You are only issued one for each lifetime. Your mind will try to be your
master but it is supposed to be your servant. So, recruit, master your mind
by controlling your thoughts for it is these same thought that create your
life obstacle course.


Congratulations, you have now entered the jungle called Earth. Your
mission - whether you accept it or not - is to get through Basic Training
and advance as far in the ranks as you can. Each day you are in this boot
camp, recruit, you will learn lessons. You may like the lessons or hate
them. You may get along with the drill instructors or spend all your time on
report. You may think the lessons are stupid, useless, pointless, trivial…
but you signed on. So suck it up, recruit!


That's right, recruit. There is no way that you can avoid the obstacle
course. Your commanding officer, your Spirit, has laid booby traps hidden
all along the obstacle course. You might know them better as "emotions"
(energy in motion) and "illness" (body and mind diseases and disorders).


You will screw up your training, recruit. Nobody gets it right the first time,
or the second time, or the third. Just keep at it. You will learn as much from
your "snafus" as from your successes. And all obstacles will eventually be


Our drill instructors here on Earth will show you no mercy. You will repeat
your lessons again and again in various forms until you have learned
them. Our drill instructors are tough but they are fair (and they love giving
out push ups).


Face it, recruit. You will move onto tougher and tougher lesson and
instructors. Those are the "rules of engagement". And this is not a drill!


Our drill instructors have been through the program too. They have heard
every excuse, know every dodge, and have memorized every trick in the
book. Right now, they have put you where you need to be: even if it is
cleaning latrines!


What you love or hate about your officers, drill instructors, and fellow
recruits is really what you love or hate about yourself. Here's a tip, recruit:
try loving yourself more and you will avoid lots of booby traps!


We have issued you all the gear you will need for this boot camp.
Everyone gets the same gear so no grousing. What you do with it is totally
up to you.


Your officers and drill instructors are here to help you (really!). They may
be from the government but they are here to help you. No "trivial"
requests please.


Well recruit, you signed the paperwork before you came. No use
complaining now - you agreed to everything. So suck it up, really hard!

Credits: adapted from "Rules for Being Human" by Anonymous and channeled

Take a Few Minutes to Save Your Life

Here is what everyone needs to know

about their bodies, minds, and spirits.

Now I know that you have a million things to

do and a thousand things to think about. Just
starting to remember all those things as you
are reading this is making your mind spin and
your heart pound. No wonder - we are working
ourselves harder now than at almost any time
before in human history.

We may be working ourselves to the bone and busily rushing from place to
place but... we usually fail to really take care of ourselves in the process.
Instead we rely on labor saving devices to keep us from moving our
bodies, from challenging our minds, and from connecting with our spiritual
natures. Because we are not moving, breathing, or living as much as we
were meant to... our bodies and minds become full of illnesses and
problems that get worse until we are forced to pay attention.

So how can you and your body-mind-spirit live together in peace?

Before this question can be answered, take a step back. You must
understand what the primary job functions of your beingness (your body-
mind-spirit) really are.

Your body-mind-spirit's prime directive - it's first job - is to keep

itself safe. So if you - by what you eat, how you sleep, and what you do -
are compromising it by endangering it's health, your body-mind-spirit
strikes back with problems.
Your body-mind-spirit's second job is to keep your feet firmly planted on
the path of what it is you agreed to do when you came into this lifetime.
Particularly when you have attained great spiritual advancement, your
body-mind-spirit often behaves as if it has a will of it's own. Worse, as you
age your body-mind-spirit acquires greater freedom to get you to notice it.

Your body-mind-spirit's third - and least important job - is to do what

you want it and tell it to do. If you do not think this is true, then consider

For example: you tell your body all the time that you want to
lose weight and yet the rubber tire will not come off your
middle. Either the excess weight is keeping you safe and
protected (first job) or it is helping you to learn lessons that
you have agreed to learn (second job). Address the safety
issues and the lessons and the pounds will melt away.

So what do you need to do for your body-mind-spirit so that you

can get on with your life in the real world? The good news is that
honoring your body-mind does not take massive amounts of time or
Achieving and maintaining a state of "wellness" is all about fully
developing each dimension of body, mind, and spirit and finding an overall
balance between them.
To do this, all you have to do is keep making small adjustments to get and
keep yourself on the right track. You will be surprised at how quickly these
small adjustments add up to improved levels of energy and "wellness".
So here are the three simple rules:
1> For your body, move and breathe. Breathe deeply. Drink lots of water.
Take the stairs instead of the elevator. Walk short distances instead of
driving. Ask a friend to join you in a daily walk.
2> For your mind, learn and think. Watch a news magazine instead of
mindless sitcoms. Read a book. Join a discussion group about anything
that interests you. Take a fun class and learn something new. Think, think,
3> For your spirit, love and enjoy. Take 15 minutes a day to do
something fun, something you truly enjoy. Do some relaxing deep breaths
or some quiet meditation. Honor your feelings. Laugh. Smile. Find a reason
to be happy.
Honor the emotions, body, mind, and spirit that give you life because the
life you are saving just may be your own.
So what else can you give yourself today? 12 things... The act of
giving is transformational. It creates energy: it changes those who get and
those who give.
1> Give yourself credit. Nobody can know how hard you work. Take a
minute to tell yourself that you handled something well.
2> Give yourself freedom to change. Do something different. Break
out of your routine. Try something new.
3> Give yourself permission to say "No". If you continually ignore
your own needs to take care of other people, you risk becoming angry and
depressed. Remember that "no" can mean "not now" or "no and that's
4> Give yourself health and happiness. The more patience, passion,
and energy you have, the more it rubs off on others.
5> Give yourself a break. Do not be so hard on yourself. On tough days,
adjust your expectations. Ask for help (which gives others a chance to feel
6> Give yourself simplicity. Even the simplest act of giving to yourself
or others can make a difference. So start small but do it - now!
7> Give your full attention. Whatever you are doing, throw yourself into
it. You will enjoy it more.
8> Give yourself encouragement. Life can be hard at times. We do not
always get the support we need from others. Sometimes we need to give
it to ourselves.
9> Give yourself time. To be alone. To be quiet. To think or listen. To do
something you really want to do.
10> Give yourself sacred space. No one has the right to drain you of
energy, money, or happiness. Allow only those who can respect and honor
your sacred space into it.
11> Give forgiveness to yourself and others. By forgiving - whether it
is yourself or someone else - you are letting go of an uncomfortable
burden you have been carrying around.
12> Give for the sake of giving. When we give on purpose, with
purpose, all kinds of powerful, positive things can happen. Manifest a
miracle in your life.
Remember, when you give, the one who gets the most is you!
Credits: The Wellness Seminar, CIGNA Behavioral Health and channeled information

Rules #6: Hallmarks of the Spiritually Advanced Being

So How Do You Measure Up?

This was developed in the response to a

seemingly easy question posed by a client.
This person asked "What are the signs that a
person is spiritually advanced?"

I replied, "It's really obvious". To which the

person said, "OK, what are they?" I was at a
loss for a quick answer. It turned out that it
was not so very obvious after all.

After much research, deep reflection, and a

"little help from my friends", this is a list of the
"hallmarks" of the spiritually advanced ("when
you care enough to be the best").
12 Hallmarks of the Spiritually Advanced Being are...

#1: LOVE - The Spiritually Advanced are models of unconditional


In the words of the Bible ("New Testament 1Corinthians 13"), "love is

always patient and kind. Love knows neither envy nor jealousy. Love is not
proud or conceited. Love does not behave unbecomingly, nor seek to
glorify herself, nor blaze out in passionate anger, nor brood over wrongs.
Love finds no pleasure in injustice done to others, but joyfully sides with
the truth. She knows how to be silent. She is full of trust, full of hope, full
of patient endurance. Love never fails". To this, I would only add that that
spiritually advanced are also full of forgiveness, tolerance, and compassion
for all living things.

#2: JOY - The Spiritually Advanced find JOY in every moment

The English mystic, anchoress Julian of Norwich said (in "Showings") that
"to experience well being is to be touched and illumined by grace with true
certainty of endless joy". For "we are preserved in love by the goodness of
God just as truly in woe as in well being". Joyful people are dreaming their
life and living their dream. That is the well spring of their peace and
contentment. The joyful find delight in everything because they are
spontaneous and totally open to the beauty of each moment. Truly joyful
people invariably have a great sense of humor. It is this joyousness keeps
them endlessly healed and happy.

#3: TRUTH - The Spiritually Advanced are seekers after TRUTH

In the writings of ECK ("A Cosmic Sea of Words"), truth is "the essence,
Spirit, Soul, and life of everything that exists, itself unchangeable and
immortal, an unlimited ocean of love and wisdom". The only true
advancement is any area of life is built on a foundation of unshakable
honesty and personal integrity. The journey of life is all about developing
the capacity for discernment: learning what works and what does not by
direct personal experience. In this sense, there is no good or evil, no right
or wrong, no dark or light: all is education as we all make the long journey
back home to our Source: God, the endless Ocean of Love and Mercy.

#4: COURAGE - The Spiritually Advanced draw strength from


Aristotle said (in "On the Soul") that "courage is the first among human
qualities because it guarantees the others". Courage is the fuel that gives
us strength to make our journey throughout life and to get us over the
rough spots. If you ever feel that you are lacking in courage, know that
coming to Earth to have a spiritual experience was in and of itself an
enormous act of bravery. For life is truly an adventure: although when one
is cleaning the toilets or doing other mundane tasks, it seems much like a
job rather than the "Soul Play " it was meant to be.

#5: TRUST - The Spiritually Advanced TRUST unconditionally

Martin Luther said (in "On Creation") that everyday "I trust that God will
abundantly provide everything I need to nourish this body and life. He
protects me against all danger, shields and defends me from all evil. He
does all this because of His pure, fatherly, divine goodness and mercy".
Trust comes from the willingness to surrender attachment to persons,
things, or outcomes: "letting go, letting God". Faith is the ultimate
expression of the trust that, in the long run, "all things work together for
the good for those that love God".

#6: PURPOSE - The Spiritually Advanced are living their PURPOSE

in life

When Buddha (Siddhartha Gautama) "resolved to accomplish his purpose"

in life, he got the following advice from a master (in "Bodhisattva's
Renunciation"). "Persevere in thy quest and thou shalt find what thou
seekest. Pursue thy aim unswervingly and thou shalt gain the victory.
Struggle earnestly and thou shalt triumph". Obedience to their life's
purpose is what allows joyous transformation to uplift the lives of the
spiritually advanced. Purpose becomes the source and foundation of all
their inspiration ("the Holy Spirit working in a human Soul") and
enthusiasm ("the passion of the God Within") for their mission in life.

#7: ABUNDANCE - The Spiritually Advanced manifest ABUNDANCE

In the words of the Koran ("Chapter of Abraham"), it was God who "created
the heavens and the earth; and sent down from the sky, water, and
brought forth therewith fruits, as a provision for you; and brought you of
everything ye asked Him". God created all this for you to use it because he
wants you to become all that you can be. The spiritually advanced
understand that abundance is the means for them to become fully realized
beings. Abundance gives them the freedom to become more of who they
are, the power to create their lives, and the glory to do God's work for as
long as they are here on this Earth.

#8: CLARITY - The Spiritually Advanced are CLEAR channels for


Confucius said (in "Analects") that "The wise are free from perplexities; the
virtuous from anxiety; and the bold from fear." That is because the
consciousness of the spiritually advanced is pure and clear. This clarity
manifests in their awareness as correct understanding of divine guidance,
as clear perception of intuition, as accurate communication, as pure
unconditional love, as moral expression of will, as ethical use of power,
and as responsible citizenship in the universe. Those who are clear have a
proper sense of humility: valuing their uniqueness while recognizing their
oneness as a coworker with God.

#9: SIMPLICITY - The Spiritually Advanced unfold in SIMPLICITY

Lao-Tse said (in the "Tao Te Ch'ing") that "Simplicity is without a name, is
free from all external aim: with no desire, at rest and still, all things go
right as of their own will". When anything happens with seemingly
"effortless effort", the spiritually advanced recognize that "it was meant to
be". They are able to see the single golden thread running through the
most complex issues. They pull on this golden thread and even the most
difficult problems are efficiently resolved. They manage to simplify their
life because they can see the beauty in life's lessons, they have the grace
needed to learn them easily, and the wisdom coming from simplicity.

#10: GENTLENESS- The Spiritually Advanced act with GENTLENESS

In the words of the Bhagavad-Gita (in "Manifesting of the One and

Manifold"), "I praise, and serve, and seek Thee, asking grace: as father to
a son, as friend to friend, as one who loves to his lover, turn Thy face in
gentleness on me!" Gentleness does not mean weakness: it does means
allowing other people to be who they are, what they are, and where they
are with complete reverence and respect. For on our journey home we
have been or will be all things. So the spiritually advanced cease to
cherish opinions or to take sides, and instead recognize that we are all
one, all Divine sparks of God on our journey home.

#11: GRATITUDE - The Spiritually Advanced are always GRATEFUL

Oriah Mountain Dreamer, Native American Elder, said "I want to know if
you can live with failure and still stand on the edge of a lake and shout to
the silver of a full moon 'YES, I am grateful for this gift!'". The attitude of
gratitude puts the spiritually advanced into a constant state of expectancy
and hope. It is this state of simple gratitude that unleashes the awesome,
unlimited forces of universal manifestation into their reality. This brings the
spiritually advanced into greater states of harmony as they realize that
problems come to them bearing gifts in their hands and that each failure
will bring them one step closer to success.

#12: BALANCE - The Spiritually Advanced maintain BALANCE in


In the words of the Bible ("Old Testament Ecclesiastes 3:1") "To every thing
there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven". The
spiritually advanced trust in the process and flow of life and have learned
how to operate successfully within its' cycles. They are centered and
whole. They are responsible enough work when it is time to work. They are
open enough to play when it is time to play. They honor themselves
enough to rest when it is time to rest. They temper discipline with
flexibility: always finding the time and the space for everything and
everyone that is important to them in life.

I invite anyone who reads this list to challenge it by improving upon it. The
universe is in a constant state of unfolding creation and we all have our
part to play. It just becomes easier to play our part when we know what
the best parts are and how to play them. I hope this will be of use to you
on your journey home.

Credits: channeled information

Rules of the House #34: Hallmarks of the Spiritually Lazy

A wise person once said "the world is

actually 80% full of people who are
basically decent and honest…
otherwise, it could not function

So the challenge of relationships

becomes NOT to discern the 20% who
are obvious problems (such as robbers,
rapists, rip off artists, etc) but TO
discern problem behavior patterns among the decent 80%. Most of these
patterns stem from the central problem of human existence:
spiritual laziness.

What? ME? LAZY? NAH!!!!!!!!!!

Human laziness has both spiritual and biological causes.

The spiritual cause is the distant memory of when we all were one in the
blissful, unmanifested mass consciousness of the universe. This was
before we all were dumped into the worlds of karma - which forced us to
take action - and reincarnation - which forces us to come back until
we can act with total responsibility from the place of
unconditional love.

The biological cause is the tendency to seize upon opportunities for rest
whenever they present themselves. For most of human history, this was
absolutely necessary for survival because the universe was a stressful,
hostile place.

So What Is In It For ME Anyway?

Now that the universe is a bit friendlier, the line between necessary rest
and "unnecessary" laziness has gotten finer. Nevertheless, it is useful to
understand how laziness manifests. Here's how it helps:
LAZINESS IN OTHERS: For if you recognize such patterns of spiritual
laziness in others, you can save time by speeding up the decision to
discontinue relationships that no longer serve you.

LAZINESS IN YOURSELF: And if you recognize such patterns of spiritual

laziness in yourself, you can decide to change them and move into much more
empowering ways of life.

ULTIMATE LAZINESS: Or if you are bored, stop reading now because your
life is what you have made it... and it will not change.

"So What is Spiritual Laziness All About Anyway?"


How a person spends their time always reveals the most about their
character. Those who are in lazy mode have infinite time to spend on
themselves and none to spend on others. Of course, they will tell you
"we'll get together but I don't when but we'll have a good time then…" Just
like they will set a time to do something for you and, at the last minute,
something always comes up.

Or they will be honest and actually tell you that "something better has
come along, it's really important, I just can't pass it up… I will make it up
to you" next week, next year, sometime, never. The gift of attention is the
most precious gift that anyone can give and that anyone can receive.
When someone is not consistently honoring the gift of your attention, it is
up to you to decide to stop giving it.

How a person spends their money is closely related to how a person

spends their time. Those who are in lazy mode invariably "want something
for nothing" and often end up wondering why it is that they have
manifested "lack" instead of "abundance" in their life. If I had a dime for
every time someone has told me, "well, I would love to get a healing from
you but I don't have the money", I would be a rich woman.

Like many other healers, I am willing to work with those who are serious
about their healing regardless of their ability to pay. Unlike others, I insist
that the person honor the energy I am giving them by giving me
something in return. Invariably, this involves the investment of time on
their part. The lazy ones - even those who are on disability and have
infinite time to surf the Web and write volumes about their problems - are
the first who cannot spare a moment to help me by signing my guestbook,
providing content for the site, or sharing their feedback. It's their loss.

The simple truth is that money is never a barrier to getting what one
wants. Often, the real problem is the willingness of those who are lazy to
"put their money where their mouth is". Like those who always complain
about their terrible problems.
They say "if only you could tell me in one sentence or less what my
problems are and what I need to do". And when I reply, "I will be happy to
do so for $5 or $10", the lazy complain it is too much. To those who spend
as much on skin care, I say "what is more important: a pretty face or a
soul at peace?" It's all a matter of one's priorities. Only they can decide
how badly they need the help.

Chief among a person's priorities is how they act about giving and taking.
People always know who are the "givers" and who are the "takers". The
lazy tend to be in the "taker" category and to go to the most extraordinary
lengths to keep from having to give. They are the first to have their hand
outstretched when anything is offered and are very energetic about why
they should receive it first.

Not that it is bad to take: indeed, the universe is a circle of energy. And
one cannot give unless one receives. To receive one must be willing to
take. However, when a person is always taking and always promising to
return the favor and it rarely if every happens, this is the sign of spiritual

This is why welfare is so insidious because it promotes and encourages

spiritual laziness. For it makes people believe that it is "their right" to take
and helps them to forget that it is an honor and a privilege they enjoy as a
member of civilized society. For those who are not in true need due to
illness or handicaps, there is no reason they should not work… except

Shakespeare said it best: "the smallest act of kindness is worthy of thanks"

(Taming of the Shrew). Not being able to say thank you is the calling card
of the spiritually lazy. Similarly, when the words "Thank you" are spoken
mechanically with no real sincerity, it is another sign of the laziness at
work. It is truly amazing how those two little words open up the doors to
the universe. All it costs is a bit of thought… but for the lazy, everything
that does not serve their purposes is "too much effort".

So we invite you to take the "Laziness Challenge" right now. If you have
read this far, prove to yourself that you are NOT among the legions of
the lazy by taking a few moments to sign our guestbook. The rest of the
information on spiritual laziness will be waiting for you upon your return.

I think you will agree that not many websites offer the wealth of
information that this one does. If it has helped you at all, we would like to
know it. Show that you care. Everyone likes to be thanked for their help.
And we are no different than anyone else in that respect… so we thank
YOU for your courtesy!
Even when the lazy "truly want something", it is often "way too hard" to
put serious thought into manifesting their desires. Of course, they have
infinite energy to talk in vague terms about "what they could do", "what
they should do", and "what they will do someday". Yet they seldom speak
of "what they can do today", "what they will do tomorrow" or "how in six
months from now their plan of action will pay off".

Everyone who truly listens can discerns the "holes" in this lazy thinking. Of
course, the worst thing one can do is to point out the flaws to the lazy. For
they will take that as an invitation for you to take the actions you
recommend. While the truth that the lazy do not want to hear is "ask not
what others can do for you… ask what you can do for yourself". "Wishing
and hoping" will only get anyone so far. So manifest your dreams or half
bake schemes: it's your choice!

Of course, not all laziness is created equally. There are those among the
lazy who put the most deep and careful thought into manifesting their
dreams. In fact, their thought is so deep and so careful that it just goes on
forever and never ends.

Although nothing can happen without thought, in the physical world,

nothing can manifest into reality without action. Often those who do the
best are those who just jump into the deep end of the ocean of action and
either sink or swim. Many times these people are just running with the
carefully laid plans conceived by the lazy.

I cannot count the number of times I have heard: "Well, I had that idea X
years ago. I knew it would work. If only person Y had not screwed me out
it… I was really ripped off… I should sue those no good !@#$" While the
simple truth is the lazy have no one but themselves to blame. The
universe waits for no one and will always find others not lazy who will do
it's work. So if you are not willing to do the work, then stop "ragging on"
those who do and, above all, get out of their way!

Common wisdom says the "road to hell is paved with good intentions" and
it's true. Promises made but never kept are the bricks of good intentions
that pave the road. It is a principle of energy that every word you speak is
a command to the universe. Those who have difficulty in manifesting their
desires are those who routinely send the energy of empty promises out
into the universe.

In other words, those who are unable to keep the sacred promises they
make to others drain the power of the universe to help them. This is
because lazy promisers fill the space around them with the "negative
energy" of karmic reactions instead of with the "positive energy" of
manifestation and creation. The lazy must learn to honor the sacredness of
their word from which all good things must flow.

The Latin word "excuse" when translated means "I am not at cause". Well
if the lazy in fact have had a plan and have failed to take action on it, who
is at cause but themselves? It never fails to amaze me that how much
energy the lazy will invest into making excuses for themselves. It is either
"this person screwed me" or "if only that person kept their promise" and so

If only the lazy put their creative genius in manifesting their desires than
in excusing the failure to do so, they might get what it is that they want
from life. Again, excuses, like empty promises fill the space around the
lazy with the energy of karmic reactions instead of with the energy of
manifestation and creation.

The lazy survive through their ability to push everyone else around them
to the limit. For what others are willing to do for the lazy becomes what
the lazy no longer have to do for themselves. Notice the lazy almost never
push those around them too far because that would be jeopardizing those
who are essential in supporting them in their lifestyle of laziness. So the
lazy push others to their limit but never beyond it.

And this then becomes the means of turning the tide back against the lazy.
Do less and that will force the lazy either to do more or to suffer the
consequences of being lazy. If you resent the lazy "for making you do…
whatever", the person you should resent is really yourself. For no one
makes you do anything: take responsibility for whatever you do or do not
do. Let the lazy take care of themselves for a change.

If you hate your name, change it to something you can love and feel proud
of. If you do not like the identity you have established in the world, then
throw it out and start over. If you like who you were in past lives better
than you like yourself now, strive to reconnect with your own earlier

For these are all traps that the spiritually lazy fall into. For the lazy like "to
go by" a "grand name" that conveys their wisdom without their having to
put forth the effort necessary to acquire any. For the lazy love "to beat
themselves up" (as in "look at me, I'm so poor, I'm so wounded, I'm so…
fill in the blank) because it keeps them firmly attached to the problems
that justify their laziness. And the lazy love to tell you "who they were" so
you do not have to be impressed with "who they are now".

"Living the double standard" is the true litmus test of the lazy (if you do
not know what this means, prove to yourself you are not lazy by looking it
up). If even you suspect that someone else is lazy, ask yourself these
"Would they be willing to do (fill in the blank) for me especially if I have
already done the same for them?" "If they expect me to do (fill in the
blank) for them, would they do (fill in the blank) for me if positions were

If the answers to both questions are "No", then you have correctly
identified the lazy. For the lazy are never willing to "do unto others" the
same things that they demand that others "do for them". Once you have
identified the symptoms of laziness in yourself and/or others, it
becomes your choice to put up with it or change it… for good.
Unless, of course, you are too lazy!
Credits: adapted from channeled information.

Rules #12: Top Ten Things Your Higher Self Wants You to Know

Drumroll... Here It Is...

Over the years, there have been

several common messages that
Higher Selves have given to the
present version of themselves. This
list - like everything else on this
website - was channeled. Here is what
"they" have to say:


Your Higher Self has it's own goal for you. The purpose of all Higher Selves
is to bring their "lower selves" (those in physical bodies on Earth like you)
back to God.

The primary means that your Higher Self has for accomplishing this goal is
to keep you attached to the path of growth you have agreed to undertake
in this lifetime. All of the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual issues
you experience in this life are designed to help you meet your life's
contract and keep you on your path.

The truth is that you have agreed to all your life's lessons before you came
here. Know that you can transcend them - if you choose to. As always, the
choice is yours. Your Higher Self can help you to make the best choices -
now forward.


The ultimate goal of all the experiences that your Higher Self is giving you
is meant to bring you to a state of total joy. Joyful people are dreaming
their life and living their dream. That is the well spring of their peace and
Step back for a moment and recognize that a truly loving God would show
that love for you by wanting you to be joyful all the time. Before you arrive
at your final destination of joy, the journey can be (but does not have to
be) quite painful at times. Remember you can learn from pleasure as well
as pain and there is as much challenge in joy as in sorrow. As always, the
choice is yours.


Like all good healers, I am in the business of unemploying myself. That

means instead of you coming to someone like me to connect with your
Higher Self, my mission is to empower you to do that for yourself. Your
Higher Self is the greatest use to you when you can "hear their words" for
yourself all time on every topic. Once you are open to their wisdom, the
possibilities of what your Higher Self can do for you are even more
limitless than your imagination.


Your Higher Self is the ultimate coach. Your Higher Self is able to see all
who you have been, all who you are now, and all who you can be. Due to
this expanded perspective, your Higher Self knows you more intimately
than you know yourself.

With such expanded awareness, there are limitless possibilities of what

your Higher Self can do to assist you in resolving your issues. Almost
everything your Higher Self says is driven by their desire to show you how
to master creating your life. Among other things, you are here on Earth to
master your skills in creation.


The true goal of all healing is to empower others to fully enjoy their
birthright as Divine Beings. Over and over again, I hear Higher Selves tell
people they must be open to "all possibilities" that are available in the
universe for them. Yet people cut themselves off from the infinity of all
creation for three reasons.

First, because our common, "deepest fear is that we are

powerful beyond measure" (Nelson Mandela/Marianne
Williamson) - for if we claimed our power, we would fear how
our life would change.

Second, because we do not believe we deserve it for "we are

not worthy" (Wayne's World) - for if we were worthy, we would
deserve to share in the abundance of the universe.

Third, we resist claiming abundance because it is so deeply

ingrained in us that "the love of money is the root of all evil" -
for if we could have money, it would allows to be more of who
we are and claim our power (see Abundance Healing).


Consider these words of Cherie Huber's: "that which you are seeking is
causing you to seek". This is an ancient principle of Buddhism that is as
modern as it gets.
Huber explains in her book of the same name: "If we didn't already know
the experience of what we're looking for, we would never (think to) look"
for it. When "we begin to seek - where, what is that which we long for, our
essence, our true nature, that which we really are? - and slowly,
painstakingly, we begin to follow it home" to God. "Haltingly, fearfully,
sometimes excitedly, joyfully, we begin to follow it back to itself, back to
who we really are. What we are looking for is causing us to look" and that
cause is our Higher Self.
"That's why we need not go anywhere, do anything, learn more, figure
anything out, or worry about going wrong. We need only to stop, sit down,
be still, and pay attention" to our Higher Self. For it is your Higher Self that
will help you achieve your highest and greatest potential - right now (see
Chakra Cleansing).
When your body is filled with love, it will stay healthier, last longer, and be
better able to provide you with quality of life. When your mind is filled with
love, it able to attract better opportunities for relationships, work, and
education that bring you joy and contentment. When your spirit is filled
with love, you make all around you happy, including yourself. All this is
what God and the universe intend for you. All you need to do is "forgive -
love - live happy".
So often when people reach greater levels of spiritual advancement, they
get so beaten up. Often they do not know how wonderful they are. Or they
cannot see the things they are doing that, if done differently, could
transform their lives.
Your Higher Self has been with you since the beginning and through the
end of time. Your Higher Self knows you far better than you can know
yourself - simply because it is the totality of all your selves: past, present,
and future
Your Higher Self knows all, sees all, and has the greatest possible
compassion for your personal situation right now. It is always with you: a
few words from your Higher Self can get you seeing things in a new way...
that could improve your life.
Your Higher Self wants to make you feel good about contacting them. This
way you will grow more comfortable over time with their guidance as your
trust level grows. The best way for your Higher Self to build trust with you
is to establish a "track record" of success which flows from you following
their guidance.
It has been said that "God "writes straight with crooked lines". It is when
you follow those crooked lines over an extended period of time and see
that they were, in fact, for the best - that is when you truly learn to trust.
Never forget that trust must always be earned: your Higher Self really is
here to help you.
Your Higher Self sees your issues at deeper levels than you do. Many times
you are unable to see the forest for the trees. Your Higher Self is much like
a helicopter flying over the forest watching you make your way through
the maze of trees below. It can see a better way for you to walk. It can
even tell you why your forest was arranged the way it was: to better guide
you on your life's journey.
There is one thing you always need to remember. You are the one on the
ground: dodging the wild animals all around you, staying one step ahead
of forest fires. You are the one feeling hunger when there is no food, cold
when there is no shelter, and pain when you fall into a deep hole. Your
Higher Self does not and cannot feel these types of pain: they cannot even
remember it. And sometimes they have no choice but to let you fall into
the hole and get hurt. Them's the rules!
Credits: compiled over the course of years of Higher Self Channeling Sessions

Rules #8: Rules for Discerning "Spirit-based" vs "Ego-based"


To Those Seeking Divine Help

In most cases, those seeking "Divine

Guidance" usually go through the
process of learning to discern the
difference between "Spirit based" and
"Ego-based" guidance. In other words,
when you get guidance, is it coming
from "God" or the "devil"?

To understand what this means, you

must first understand the types of
guidance as well as how it may be
communicated to you.

Types of Guidance: There are 3 types of guidance. The first 2 present

you with truths - neither are false in that sense. The first 2 offer guidance
in your own best interests - neither truly wish to harm you (which is not
the case with the 3rd).

"Spirit-based" Guidance comes direct from God and/or His Servants of the
Universe and is grounded in love and abundance.

"Ego-based" guidance comes from the "small self" inside you - the "ego" part
of you - and is mired in fear and survival.

"Evil" guidance seeks to put you or others in the way of harm. This is not
"true" guidance but "evil" entities drawing you into a "dark path".
Means of Receiving Guidance: There are various ways to receive
guidance. Each way has it's own advantages or disadvantages: one is not
inherently better than the other. They are just different. These means
include being:
Clairvoyant ("clear seeing") - seeing images, still or moving, in your
mind's eye.
Clairaudient ("clear hearing") - hearing voices, yours/others, in your
mind's ear.
Clairsentient ("clear feeling") - feeling guided by emotional/physical
Claircognizant ("clear knowing") - knowing without knowing how you
know it.
Clairomni ("clear channel") - moving between all of the above channels.
Both "Spirit" and "Ego-based" guidance act from love in your best
interests. Both wish to protect and serve you. How they go about it is what
differentiates them.
"Ego-based" guidance shows it's love to you by keeping you on the path of
the "tried-and-true" where you are safe and protected. "Ego-based"
messages are full of reasons why you cannot, should not, and must not do
"Spirit-based" guidance encourages you to step off the path of the "tried-
and-true" so that you can walk down another road that in the end will be
far better for you than the "safe" way. "Spirit-based" contact is always
intensely loving - it always leaves you feeling very energized and uplifted.
"Ego-based" guidance will always trade joy for safety. "Ego" wants you to
have joy later (the "pie-in-the-sky-when-you-die" syndrome).
"Spirit-based" guidance always wants to lead you to where you can get
greater joy right now. It recognizes that there may have to be some
"temporary inconvenience" for "permanent gain". Yet Spirit works with you
to minimize the inconvenience, to maximize the gain, and get you joyful
right away.
Your ego can be extremely crafty and manipulative. If you stray from the
path of safety, your ego will put out half truths, bogus arguments, and
consistently paint pictures of the worst case scenarios to get you back to
Spirit knows that all fears are nothing more than False Evidence
Appearing Real. Spirit only needs to tell the truth because "it is the truth
that will set you free". It always acts from the highest levels of truth which
you inherently feel is "right".
When you get to the point in your existence where you are interested in
receiving guidance, it is because you have already learned "to tell right
from wrong".
Instinctively, you know when guidance is encouraging you to "think right
thoughts", to "speak right words", and to "do right deeds". "Spirit-based"
guidance will NEVER ask you to the do the "wrong thing". "Ego-based"
guidance may suggest that you not do the right thing. "Evil" guidance will
insist you do the "wrong thing".
"Spirit-based" guidance will always encourage you to make the
courageous and abundant choice. "Spirit-based" guidance is from beings
who know that the universe offers you all possibilities - if you are open to
receiving. Spirit is not limited, frightened, or mistrustful - these are the
qualities of ego. Spirit knows what you "can do, right now" while ego
believes in what you "can't do now or later".
One of the main objectives of "Spirit-based" guidance is to make you feel
good about the contact. This way you will grow more comfortable over
time with the guidance as your trust level grows. The best way for Spirit to
build trust with you is to establish a "track record" of success which flows
from good guidance.
Ego is not concerned with success - only with safety. It has been said that
"God "writes straight with crooked lines". It is when you follow those
crooked lines over an extended period of time and see that they were for
the best - that is when you truly learn to trust in the hand of Spirit guiding
"Spirit" always suggests actions that empower you and all others
concerned in any situation. "Spirit" works to enable you to win and others
to win at the same time.
"Ego" tends to advance your interests at the expense of others. "Ego" lets
you win and will allow others to lose. "Evil" almost always involves a "lose,
lose" strategy: harming others and thereby harming yourself with bad
"Spirit" is constantly in the process of bringing you the gifts of the
universe. The purpose is to show God's love to you in form and to instill
the attitude of gratitude within you. It is the state of thankfulness which
attracts all the good into your life.
"Ego" always focuses on what you do not have and moans about the "lack"
in your life. While "evil" tries to trick you into believing that the only way
abundance will flow to you is to snatch blessings given to others for
"Spirit-based" guidance is always communicated in a clear, easy-to-
understand manner while "ego" and "evil" seeks to "confuse you with the
facts" so that it can achieve it's own agenda. "Spirit-based" guidance is
always gentle: it acts as if it were your best friend. While "ego" and "evil"
based guidance tends to act toward you like lecturing parents or
demanding and jealous gods.
"Spirit-based" guidance is always supportive. It motivates you to achieve
your dreams and to connect with your greatest joy. It supports you by
encouraging you to honor your uniqueness, your special purpose, and the
needs of your body-mind. "Ego" and "evil" are strictly concerned with
serving their own agendas.
"Spirit's" main mission is to help you to fulfill your purpose in life. To do
this, it is always consistent: repeating the same clear, loving advice so that
your feet stay firmly planted on your path."Ego" and "evil" want you to
fulfill their purpose.
"Spirit" shows you how you are equal and one with others: not better
("ego") or worse ("evil"). Spirit develops you into a co-worker with God.
Credits: inspired by "Divine Guidance: How to Have a Dialog with God" by Doreen Virtue
and channeled information

Rules #40: "Beginning All Over Again": Managing

Change and Transition

"It's not so much that we're afraid of change or so in love with the old ways
but it's that place in between that we fear. It's like being between trapezes.
There's nothing to hold on to."
- Marilyn Ferguson

If You Think that Change is Easy…

Change is like a shark in the ocean. Change never stops, never sleeps: it
must always keep moving. The good news is if you hate the way things
are, they will change. The bad news is if you love the way things are, they
are certain to change as well.

The only thing inevitable about life is change, not death. Change is here to
stay! If you think that change is always easy, take the Change Challenge.
Pick up a pen and write your name with the hand you usually write with
(easy, right?). Now try it with your other hand (not so easy, is it?).
Welcome to the "World of Change"...

Changes "Beyond Our Control" That Are "Imposed on Us" from


When it comes to change, there are three kinds of people: those who
make things happen, those who let things happen, and those who are
always wondering "what the hell happened?". No matter which you are,
change becomes a "real problem" when it has been "imposed" upon you
by forces "beyond your control".

That is when it becomes important to realize the difference between

change ("what has happened to us") and transition ("how we adjust to
what has happened to us"). Here change is an external event while
transition is our internal response to the external change event.
Unfortunately, in our "fast moving computer age" rapidly accelerating
"imposed" change has become a routine part of our daily lives.

Changes that are "imposed on us" from "above" include the following:
- Death of a spouse, close family member, friend, or anyone significant
in your life
- Divorce, separation, marital / sexual difficulties, or disruption in family
- Unexpected, serious injury or illness of yourself or someone close to
- Sudden dismissal from a job or other "forced change" in career or
- Natural and unnatural disasters (terrorism, hurricane, earthquake,
flood, etc)

Change is the Way of the Worlds of Karma and Reincarnation

Change is the natural state of the universe. Death is only another change:
moving us from a state of physical being into a state of non-physical
being. While we are yet in life, we are constantly in a state of change. We
grow, then we age. Our cells die off and replace themselves. We live, we
learn. We work ourselves from darkness to light, from negative to positive,
from karma to dharma. We do it all over again.

Given that change can always be expected, it is a sound strategy to learn

how to deal with transitions between "what we are used to" (our past state
- the old cycle) and "what we will become used to" (our future state - the
new cycle).

The "Three Paths" Resulting from "Imposed Change"

When we are in the process of transitioning due to imposed changes, there

are always three paths open to us. The one we end up walking is totally
up to us. For we are the creative force in our own universe, and we can
manifest whatever it is that we "invest" our energy in. The three paths are:

1> The Path of Disempowerment: Disempowerment is the "default path":

what will happen to us if we do nothing to meet the challenges of the "imposed
change". Part of why change is so fearful is people are terrified that they will
wind up on the path of disempowerment.

Unfortunately, what people put their attention on is what they

will manifest into their reality. That is why so many people who
are "too long unemployed" have such great difficulty in "getting
another job". Their eyes get fixed on disempowerment… which
is an illusion. In the case of job changes, if they were employed
once, they can be again. Often when they have to, they will do
just that!

2> The Path of Recovery: Recovery requires action on our part to "get back
what it was that we have lost". If that is our only goal, we will get it back in
some form. Maybe some things will be better and others worse, but this path
will essentially be the same as before.
Yet the problem with choosing this path is that change is not
denied, only delayed. The same problems causing the original
change to be "imposed from above" will only cause another
change to be imposed in the future.

3> The Path of Reinvention: Reinvention also requires action but demands
that we take a good hard look at our lives and "decide what we want to be
when we grow up". By imposing change on us, the universe is giving us the
chance to "become more ourselves".

It asks us to see new possibilities for our life having the

capacity to bring us to greater levels of joy, love, and
awareness. It prods us to "be all we can be" if only we reach out
to universal abundance and choose to do so.

Here are the steps we go through when "Transitioning" from an "Old" to a "New"
Cycle of Life: To better illustrate this, I will use the story of a client who was "let go" from a
job they held for many years. And it does have a happy ending: it turned out that this
"imposed change" was the "best decision they never made".
#1: END OF OLD CYCLE #1: SHOCK ("What is happening to me?")
When a change is imposed on us - even if it is ultimately for the better -
we are still left in a state of shock. In this case, the client did not see the
change coming. They were on the job for many years: great reviews,
happy customers, good relations with management and employees, and a
stable organization. When a management "shake up" resulted in the
cancellation of their next two projects, it was decided to let the client go.
The client was the "walking wounded" unable to comprehend what had
happened to them or why. For a few days, the client did not eat or sleep.
#2: END OF OLD CYCLE #2: DENIAL ("It is NOT happening to me!")
Since the change is imposed on us - seemingly not under our control - it is
a natural reaction for us not to believe it. Worse, we may resort to
"magical thinking" that somehow the change can be reversed. In this case,
the client could not believe that it was happening. It was made worse by
the fact that no one around them could believe it either. All sorts of rescue
scenarios were advanced and promoted... until the client was faced with
stark reality in the form of official termination papers.
#3: END OF OLD CYCLE #3: ANGER ("It is NOT my fault! Why me?")
Once the change is "made real" to us, we soon come to the realization that
there is no use in complaining, we must accept the reality of our situation
and move on. Either we will blame ourselves or others for what has
happened to us and we are likely to get angry. The best thing to do when
we feel anger rising within us… is to do what this client did and not to give
into it. Lashing out in anger may backfire and alienate the very people in a
position to help us solve our problem. In fact, the calm and professional
manner in which the client acted was an essential part of enlisting those in
the company to find them another suitable employment opportunity.
#4: END OF OLD CYCLE #4: FEAR ("It has happened to me, I'm
Worse than being overwhelmed by anger is to be consumed by fear. When
one does not have a clear vision of the future, it is only natural to feel fear.
Here is where the client's self knowledge and spiritual believes paid off. In
this case, the client allowed their emotions to flow through them into the
safe outlet of supportive friends and family. They acknowledged their fears
in order to move past them.
#5: CHANGING #1: DEPRESSION ("What the hell is going to happen
Fears that are not "processed" will inevitably turn inward, creating a
depressed and hopeless mental and emotional state. Unfortunately, fear
and depression often "rob" and individual of the desire and ability to take
the action needed to move them onto the paths of recovery or
empowerment. In this case, the client "skipped" this step because they
had worked to deal with their emotions. Notice that it is not always
necessary to go through each transition step in order. As long as we are
moving forward in transitioning, we can go as "fast" or "slow" in the
process as we need to.
#6: CHANGING #2: CONFUSION ("What should I do? What should I do!")
Notice that in the process of transition, confusion sets in when the
individual finally realizes that change has occurred and that they have no
choice but to deal with it. This is the point of creation: where our hopes
and intentions for the changed the future must be firmly and passionately
sent out to the universe. The thoughts we send out to the universe to find
suitable possible matches to our desires are what powers their
manifestation. Here our client envisioned the new job of their dreams.
#7: CHANGING #3: UNCERTAINTY ("Will anything really happen for
The tricky part of making a transition is to trust that the change was for
the best and that something much better can result from the transition.
Accepting the uncertainty means letting your vision of the future go out
into the universe, watching it disappear over the horizon, and believing
that it will come back to you in the form of new possibilities for your life. In
this case, the "uncertainty" of the job search was something this client had
real difficulty with doing (but they had no choice!!).
#8: CHANGING #4: RESIGNATION ("I have to start to change…")
The hardest part of transitions is resigning ourselves that we must let go
of the "old trapeze bar" and spend some time hurtling through free space
toward - hopefully - a "new trapeze bar" that is coming our way. Resigning
ourselves to the unknown is better viewed as opening ourselves to
something new and better that is for our highest good. Here resignation
was no easier for out client but they "toughed it out" be holding fast to
their vision of a new and empowering future for themselves.
#9: TO NEW CYCLE #1: ACCEPTANCE ("OK, I will do something now!")
The moment that action is taken toward creating a new future, true
acceptance of the new cycle has begun. As Goethe said: "The moment one
definitely commits oneself, all sorts of things occur to help one... A whole
stream of events issues from the decisions, raising in one's favor all
manner of unforeseen assistance which no one could have dreamed would
have come... Whatever you can do or dream you can, begin it. Boldness
has genius, power and magic in it. Begin it now." Here our client was
amazed by the unexpected numbers of people that came to their aid.
#10: TO NEW CYCLE #2: PLANNING ("I am making a plan to for
It's true: "fail to plan then plan to fail." Others may help us but it is up to
us to set and steer our own course through the maze of transitions. When
we plan, we are actually clarifying the vision we are sending out to the
universe. The clearer we are, the more obvious what we need to do will
become. Plans beget actions which beget opportunities which beget more
plans and actions. Here the client quickly found that "getting a job" and
"doing it right" was a full time job in and of itself.
#11: TO NEW CYCLE #3: ACTION ("I act on my plan and seek
All other things being equal, the clearer and more focused the vision of
what is desired, the sooner that possibilities matching the vision will
manifest into the person's outer reality. Most often one than one
opportunity will appear. Part of the process of refining the manifestation is
to explore the alternatives, comparing one to another to see which is best
or if another direction should be considered. Here our client resisted the
temptation to "grab the first one" to get "change over with".
#12: NEW CYCLE #4: DECISION ("I choose the best of the
Once alternatives have presented themselves, the process of selecting
among them is usually straightforward. Each one is examined in turn as to
their strong points and weak points. The natural result of this examination
is thinking through each one in a way that "makes it real". Envisioning
oneself taking advantage of each opportunity will lead the person to
selecting the alternative which most closely matches their "perfected"
vision of the future. In this case, it was quite easy for the client to select
the "right job" which turned out to be "the best decision they never made".
It is a loving and compassionate universe that we live in… for it gives us
infinite chances to learn the ways of love and compassion as we work
through our karma. Know that all will be well with a change and it will be!
Credits: adapted from William Bridges' book "Managing Transitions: Making the Most of
Change", Marilyn Ferguson's article on "Managing Change and Transition" and channeled

Rules #21: Wheels Within Wheels- Astrology, Karma & Arts of


Like an Ever Spinning Wheel...

"That which we do not confront in ourselves, we

will meet as fate."
- Carl Jung

Evidence of the operation of karma can be

found in the ancient "arts of divination". The
arts include but are not limited to: astrology,
numerology, graphology, physiognomy,
palmistry, polarity, and rune systems.
These arts have been discredited because many of their practitioners have
claimed too much for their "predictive" abilities. Yet these arts continue to
persist in their popularity until the present day simply because they do
reveal clues about the "train tracks of karma" from the past which silently
run our present day existence.


Of all the arts of divination, astrology provides the clearest evidence of the
"train tracks of karma". For astrology can tell you the most of the things
you want to know about your life. In the words of Jan Spiller, your
astrological chart can reveal "the trap or temptation from a past life that
can lead to disaster if you are not forewarned." Or the "special talent
that is waiting for you, a unique gift that could easily be turned into
professional success." Or "self defeating tendencies in your personality
that can hold you back and sabotage relationships." And the "love
partner who can be your soul mate or the partner whose hold over you
can lead to heartbreak." For more see "Astrology for the Soul" by Jan

The train tracks of karma running through your life are the most clearly
revealed by your natal (birth) horoscope. The natal horoscope shows the
position of the Sun, the Moon, and planets "frozen" at the precise moment
of your birth. The sign of the zodiac (ie. Aquarius, etc), the astrological
year (ie. Rat, etc), and the positions of the planets at birth shows the
"hand" that has been "dealt" you in this present life.

These "karma cards" are what you agreed to experience before you were
born: your life contract (for more on the importance of your life contract,
click here). The natal chart will reflect your natural predispositions, the
lessons you have to learn, the issues you need to face, and the types of
problems you need to solve. Yet the natal horoscope does not show how
you will choose to "play" this hand. The use that you make of the "hand
you have been dealt" depends upon you.


Events charts are a look at the nature of the time (possibilities and
potentialities) at any moment in time. The goal of events charts is to
understand the way in which energy will manifest around events and
issues for a particular time. From the moment of your birth, the energy of
the planets effecting you keeps on transmuting and transforming. Each at
their own speed, the planets move on through the houses of the zodiac,
and then form aspects (called transits) to the places where they were at
the moment of your birth.

Transits become a way of understanding how your life is unfolding. Transits

can give you insights as to how the tides of karma continue to effect you
as well as offering you possibilities and options for spiritual growth as you
move through your life. Transits can mark times of crisis and triumph,
chances to advance karmically, and times of transition, danger, and hope.
By observing transits carefully and becoming open to their insights, you
can capitalize on these karmic opportunities as they arise. A good
beginner's book on astrology is "The Only Astrology Book You'll Ever Need"
by Joanna Martine Woolfolk.


Star charts (Indian (Vedic) and Chinese) combine the best elements of
natal and events charts to give an individual a comprehensive and holistic
reading of past events, present life situations, and future life potentialities.
Star charts are based on a "sidereal" system which uses the actual stellar
constellations as seen from Earth (versus the "Tropical" system of Western
Astrology based on a "fictional" zodiac). For a free Vedic reading see the
banner below or click here.


Each day of the year has a unique energy created from the combination of
the energy of the numbers which make it up (see Rules #10: Numbers as
Building Blocks of the Universe and get the secret code!). Numbers are
both the nails and the rails which hold together the train tracks of karma.
It is numbers which enable the universe to run as a well oiled machine of

Nowhere is this truer than in the case of the day of your birth. Whether
you were "early or late", you were born on time for your karma. This is
because your birthday has it's own unique personality and imprint which it
shares with all people who have that birthday. For "a model of the year as
a wheel spinning in a recurring circle of these energy patterns" see "The
Secret Language of Birthdays: Profiles for Each Day of the Year" by Gary
Goldschneider et al. See also "A Beginner's Guide to the Universe" by
Michael S. Schneider and "The Life You Were Born to Live: A Guide to
Finding Your Life Purpose" by Dan Millman.


The name a person receives - just like their birthday - is no accident.

Whether you got the name from birth, married into it, or chose it for
yourself, it effects you profoundly. Your name, like your birthday, has it's
own unique personality and imprint which it shares with all people who
have that name. Anyone can discover the energy behind their name by
first translating their name into numbers.

For it is the key numbers of your name which contain potent truths about
the positive and negative aspects of your true nature and your identity.
The energy of your name effects you very deeply because you are
constantly exposed to it. Even if you do not think of yourself by using your
own name, others are always saying it to you. The purpose of this is to
ensure that energy of your path will find constant expression in your life.
This is especially true of when it comes to the working out of karma for
there are some names which carry heavy charges of atonement.

The most heavily karmic names for women are Ruth, Victoria, and Huette
while the most heavily karmic names for men are Rudy, Victor, and Hugh.
For more see "The Hidden Truth of Your Name: A Complete Guide to First
Names and What They Say About the Real You" by The Nomenology
Project to see what your name says about you! It is bound to surprise and
amaze you!


Nowhere is the pull of your karma stronger than in intimate romantic

relationships. For the two people involved always come together for a
karmic reason. Partner karma usually brings each what they need to
experience so that both can follow their own true path. Partners have a
unique ability to help each other's growth as Soul in love, joy, and
awareness. This happens primarily because of the long term interaction -
usually over many past lifetimes - with these special, much loved others
who share our karmic destiny.

Everyone truly needs to experience at least one deep relationship that will
shake them to their core. For it is through our love for our partner that we
learn the wisdom of forgiveness, tolerance, and compassion as well as how
to become truly useful coworkers with God. See "The Secret Language of
Relationships: Profiles for Any Relationship with Anyone" by Gary
Goldschneider et al to learn more about the inner workings of the energy
dynamics between you, your intimate partners, and everyone else you
encounter in life.


Graphology is the "study of handwriting" as it is used to investigate a

person's personality and character. By careful observation of the many
details which make up an individual's handwriting style, it is possible to
accurately discern the person's current physical, mental, and emotional
state of being.

Graphology can provide insights into such things as one's outlook on the
world, (positive or negative), their energetic orientation (introvert or
extrovert), their primary state of consciousness (focus on the physical,
mental, emotional, or spiritual), their style of communication (simple or
complex) and so on.

Bodies cannot lie and handwriting often conveys more truth than one
intends. For these truths emerge from the cellular memory from past lives
which finds easy expression in your handwriting. See "Handwriting
Analysis: Putting It to Work for You" by Andrea McNichol and see what your
handwriting says about you!

Palmistry (also known as chiromancy) is the art of discerning the character

and destiny of a person by careful observation of both the shape of and
the lines on the hand. Palmistry is as popular as ever because "it is a guide
to help you understand your destiny. . .to know yourself and others" as to
your strengths and weaknesses.

For "once you understand your destiny, you can control it - or change it for
the better." Of course that is the point of all these arts of divination. I
would have thought palmistry was bunk except that… when I was sixteen,
I was told by a palm reader that the concentration of lines on my "past life
finger" meant I had a lot of past life clearing to do later in life. I laughed
then, I am not laughing now (see "My Story"). See "The Complete Book of
Palmistry" by Joyce Wilson for more.


Physiognomy is the Western name for the ancient Chinese art of studying
the head, face and hands to determine a person's character traits,
behavior patterns, and intellectual aptitudes. Unlike graphology and
palmistry, everyone practices physiognomy whether they know it or not.
Subconsciously, we always are evaluating others based on their physical
characteristics, vocal patterns, and body movements to uncover their
personality traits and to predict their future behavior.

Part of what we sense when we are analyzing the physiognomy or another

is their relation to us - good or bad - in past lives. For this is how the world
works - "we know without knowing" about others by their physiognomy.
See "Reading People: How to Understand People and Predict Their
Behavior, Anytime, Anyplace" by Jo-Ellan Dimitrius and Mark Mazzarella &
"The Chinese Art of Studying the Head, Face and Hands" by Lee Siow Mong
to learn more.


Polarity is a healing modality which works on the blocks which accumulate

in the toes of your feet. By the nature and the location of the block, the
practitioner can accurately read both the karmic patterns and the personal
characteristics of the individual. The feet are especially prone to such
blocks because they are the farthest away from the purest divine universal
energy flowing into the Crown Chakra (located at the top of the head).

The more advanced the soul, the more the toes will show up as blocked
during a Polarity Session (clearing them is more painful than giving birth!).
See "Polarity Therapy: The Complete Collected Works (including the
'Wireless Anatomy of Man')" by Randolph Stone and the "Guide to Polarity
Therapy: The Gentle Art of Hands-On Healing" by Maruti Seidman.


The goal of all "rune" systems is to momentarily disengage the individual
from the control of their mind so that their soul can get a message
through. Throwing a cluster of objects to produce a specific result is
normally beyond the mental capabilities of most people and so this lets
the soul take charge.

The most popular "rune" systems involving thrown objects are "Runes"
(discerning a message from thrown rocks) and "I Ching" (discerning a
message from thrown coins or sticks). The I Ching is especially useful in
divination for those who are at critical points in their life. This is because it
is designed to help us manage the switches on the train tracks of karma.
See "Runes" by David Barrett and "I Ching, Book of Changes: a Guide to
Life's Turning Points" by Brian Browne Walker.


More popular, but less pure rune systems, involve cards (like Tarot Cards,
Angel Cards, God Insight Cards, Medicine Wheel Cards, Goddess Cards,
etc) and boards (like Quija Boards, Message Boards, and Tarot Boards).
Like the thrown object systems, the card and board systems bypass the
mind by having the person pick cards or move around the board as
directed by spirit.

These card and board systems enables the individual to tap into their own
intuitive abilities by serving as a focal point for spiritual intervention. Using
the cards, people can get answers from spirit to virtually any physical,
mental, emotional, and spiritual question. See "The Enchanted Tarot" by
Amy Zerner & Monte Farber and "Quija: The Most Dangerous Game" by
Stoker Hunt.

To read more about it, see our Higher Self Book List.

Credits: adapted from information from the books listed above and channeled

Rules #13: Are You Really Someone

Else? Are You a "Walk-In"?

How to Know if You Are a Walk-In

"A strong body and a good mind are terrible

things to waste..." not to mention if that
body and mind are also abundant in health,
wealth, and a good position in life. This is
the driving force behind the exchange of
Souls that takes place when one has
"walked out" of a body-mind and another
has "walked in".
About "Walk-Ins": "Walking in" is a quick - but not always an easy - way
for "advanced beings" to come "down to Earth". The Soul exchange
between the "walk-in" and "walk-out" takes far less time than it does for
most "walk-ins" to adjust to their new situation.

The "Forgetting": Like all who come to Earth and incarnate into a
physical body, the "walk-in" will "forget" - temporarily or permanently -
about this exchange. Yet the effect on their lives will be totally
unmistakable. This is because while the "walk-in" assumes the personality
of the "walk-out" at the exchange, they immediately start to change so
that they can go back to their "real" personality.

Why "Walking-in" can be Difficult: Typically, a Soul exchange is made

by the "walk-in" taking on the lower three personality chakras of the "walk-
out" while retaining their own upper four spiritual chakras. The lower
chakras must remain connected to the earth at all times for the body to
survive. Yet the upper chakras are a person's "divine core essence" which
they carry betwen lives and bodies.

When "Walking-in" is a Serious Problem: If there is serious

"incompatibility" between the upper and lower chakras after the "walk-in",
this will manifest as numberless difficulties in an individual's life. So if you
have experienced 7 or more out of 10 of the symptoms below in a period
of 3 to 6 months, it is likely that you are a "walk-in". It is also likely that
you may need some help getting clarity about your situation so that you
can better adjust to your new life.

Click here to read a very inspirational poem by and for Walk-Ins!

The Top Ten Signs that You May Be a Walk-In


Walking into a new body is as stressful for the "soul" walking in as it is for
the "body" that is receiving that soul. To make it easier all the way around,
many walk-ins occur while the body is "unconscious" for an extended
period of time due to a serious illness or injury. This becomes easier

• It is easier for the exchange to occur. The "walk-in" can take time to adjust to being in
a body and the "walk-out" can say "goodbye" to their old life.
• It is easier for the body-mind to harmonize and reintegrate the upper and lower
chakras because "full time" can be devoted to this process.
• It is easier for the family and friends of the person to accept the changes that follow
when the individual "wakes up as a new person".


When walk-ins occur in a perfectly healthy body, it is likely that periods of
mental disorientation will happen. This manifests as total or partial
memory loss and/or episodes of "lost time". This happens because the
body-mind is fully engaged in processing the "walk-in" integration and
literally has no resources to devote to "non-essential" functions like
recording new memories.
One of the first noticeable changes in a "walk-in" is a dramatic change in
their belief systems - especially as it pertains to religion. "Walk-out"
atheists become "walk-in" believers. Or "walk-outs" from traditional sects
turn suddenly to "new age" beliefs and practices. Or "walk-outs" who had
disempowering attitudes (like sexism or racism) become "walk-ins" who
"suddenly got religion".
More obvious to friends and family are dramatic shifts in the way the
"walk-in" now spends his or her time compared to the "way they used to
be". It is extremely likely that the "walk-in" will acquire new overwhelming
and absorbing interests that never would have appealed to the "walk-out".
This is because most "walk-ins" have returned to Earth for a reason.
Immediately after the exchange and for six months to a year afterward,
they will find themselves absolutely compelled to take actions that "point
them in the right direction" of accomplishing whatever their new mission
The acquisition of "new interests" by the "walk-in" is directly related to
their "discovering" whatever seems to be new "talents, skills, and abilities"
for them. The truth is that the "walk-in" is just in the process of
"awakening to those things which they already know, that they already
can do".
Since the "walk-ins" usually have a "higher" state of consciousness than
the "walk-out", they are better able to handle the "problems" they have
inherited from the "walk-out". The "walk-in" will suddenly have great
clarity about how to resolve intractable issues that have eluded the "walk-
out" for years.
Only the person who lives inside their own skin - 24 hours a day, 7 days a
week - can ever truly know who they really are. Other people experience
you like the proverbial "elephant in the dark" - they know only bits and
pieces of you.
Only you know if you are - on the inside - the same as you have always
been or if now you are "somehow different". If you are certain that
somehow you have experienced a deep and profound change and are "no
longer" yourself, then you are probably right. After all, who would know
better than you?
There is an old saying: "by their deeds shall ye know them". Sometimes
the "walk-in" has so strongly identified with the "walk-out" that they have
difficulty believing that they have really changed. This is almost always
the case of you "not being able to see the forest for the trees".
If everyone around you says that you have changed... If everyone around
you can date the change as in "you were this way before the date" and
"you were that way after the date"... If everyone around you is very
concerned that you have changed and MUST get help while you know that
nothing is wrong with you... then - maybe, just maybe - they are right.
Maybe others know you are a different person because you are. Maybe -
just maybe - it is because you are a "walk-in".
Marriages usually end because one person believes that the other person
is "not the person that they married". A spouse can often have the clearest
perspective about your condition because they are the one who spend the
most time with you. If a "walk-in" has happened, almost certainly a divorce
will follow. This is because - at the highest level - the people are no longer
in agreement to be together.
Ironically it is the spouse of the "walk-in" who usually is the one to call it
quits. "Walk-ins" most often will try to honor the commitments made by
the "walk-out". This is true of almost everything except for the "walk-out's"
job/career/work. Usually the "walk-in" will immediately end their current
job so that they can free themselves up to pursue their "new mission in
If it seems that "walking-in" is a great deal for the "walk-in" but not so
great for the "walk-out", be sure to read this fine print.
The individual who agrees to "walk-out" usually does so because they no
longer find life desirable. Perhaps the "walk-out" has lost a "loved one" and
cannot get over their grief. Or maybe the "walk-out" is tired of living, has
completed their contract, and no longer wishes to go on. Or possibly the
"walk-out" is in a difficult health, wealth, or relationship situation and is
not able to find their way out of it.
There is always "unfinished business" from the "walk-out" that the "walk-
in" must complete before the "walk-in" is free to "live their own life". This
usually manifests as a rapid series of challenging life problems to be
resolved by the "walk-in".
Credits: adapted from data provided by "Walk-Ins for Evolution" www.walk-ins.com and
channeled information

Rules #46: "Waking Up is Hard to Do": The Soul's Journey of


"As Spiritual As I Wannabe"

So often people cry out… "I want to move

farther down on the spiritual path" but when
they do, inevitably there will be "growing
pains" along the way. Especially now that
more intense energies are entering the Earth
and causing the world to change so rapidly.

In many respects, this New Age offers karmic

"bargains" and opportunities for growth that
simply did not exist before.
As in people more quickly working through their life contracts and blowing
through their past life karma. For those who are ready, this process of
expansion will put quite a strain on the body's ability to keep up with the

"I Just Want to Go Home"

Often this rapid change activates the "quiet part of you that wants to go
Home" to the inner worlds of God. With karma under control and good
progress on your contract, you feel "ready to begin a new lifetime while
still in this physical body."

"During this transition process, you have an inner remembrance of what it

is like to be on the other side." And because you do, "another tour of duty
here on Earth" might not seem so appealing… especially as you - and
everyone else - are faced with the challenges of awakening to these new
energies. It is meeting the challenges that are often "creating the
problem": the "growing pains" from waking up (which are listed and
explained below). Be assured that these too shall pass.

Remember that "Spirit needs you here to help others transition into the
new energy. They will need a human guide, just like you, who has taken
the journey from the old energy into the new. The path you are walking
right now provides the experiences to enable you to become a teacher".
So, hang in there, because although "waking up is hard to do", once you
have awakened, your "brand new life" will be bigger, better, richer, and
more satisfying than it has ever been before!

So here is why "waking up is so very hard to do"...


The process of waking up usually begins with the "shedding" past life
karma. "Karmic dreams" become the way to work off past life karma by
having you face any residual fears or other negative baggage. Quite
literally, you need to "drop" what is no longer serving you. This "shedding"
will manifest in your dream state as dreams of being chased, running
away, fighting battles, or defeating enemies. You are releasing the
energies of the past that have no place in your vibrant present. Once you
have worked through your "baggage", these dreams will simply stop.


An inevitable consequence of intense dreaming is disrupted sleep

patterns. The load of "karmic dreams" will become so intense that your
mind will jolt you awake during the night. Literally, you will need to "take a
break" from your karmic dreaming and… from the "other work" being
performed on you overnight. For those who are ready will attract the
assistance of inner beings who will work on "upgrading" their body to
support the greater changes in their consciousness that they are seeking.
Like "karmic dreams", this disruption will eventually stop.


An inevitable part of having disrupted sleep is experiencing disorientation

while awake. You will feel "spaced out" or "not quite myself" or "a bit out of
the body" or "feeling off" or "not centered and grounded". This may result
in some awkwardness and clumsiness as in "bumping into things",
"dropping things", or "missing the mark".

That is because you are living "between two worlds": the way you are used
to being and the way you are becoming. It will take some time for your
body to readjust to your new way of being. Just be patient with the
process… for this too shall pass. And when it does, you will be able to
operate from a greater level of awareness.


An inevitable part of disrupted mental processes is experiencing

disruptions in physical functioning. In many ways, the "physical hits" are
the most unpleasant part of the awakening process. They are
unavoidable… as you awaken to greater levels of consciousness, your
cellular memory (DNA, etc) must change to support your expanded
beingness. This disruption usually manifests as "body aches and pains,
especially in the neck, shoulder and back." It can also manifest as angina
(serious heart pain), migraines (blinding headaches), and infections (strep
throat, bronchitis, flu, ulcers, etc) that come like a sudden storm… and
pass away as quickly too.


An inevitable part of disrupted physical health is experiencing disruptions

in emotional functioning. The commonest result is "crying for no apparent
reason". Crying is a part of the transition process. In crying you are
releasing layers of anger, fear, hurt, sadness, guilt, and other negative
emotions that have become "stuck" in your body over many past lifetimes
of "doing hard time on planet Earth".

So if you are "crying for no apparent reason", know that it is probably a

blessing that you have been spared from being "burdened with the
tremendous load of past life memories" that would explain your tears. So
just let them flow. You might also experience directly the waves of anger,
fear, hurt, sadness, guilt, as they flow through you. Just let them go with
love… and know that this too shall pass.


An inevitable part of disrupted emotions is experiencing disruptions in

spiritual functioning. If you believe that greater spirituality should lead you
to more joy, love, and awareness, you are right. So if your spirituality is
bringing you nothing but "deep inner sadness for no apparent reason",
know that you are releasing spiritual sadness that you have known in
many past lifetimes.

"This is similar to the experience of moving from a house where you lived
in for many, many years into a new house. As much as you want to move
into the new house, there is a sadness of leaving behind the memories,
energy and experiences of the old house. This too shall pass" and shall
bring you to your greater joy.


All this disruption is bound to leave you feeling very empty "with little or
no desire to do anything". Congratulations… the change over to your new
enhanced way of being has begun. "Take this time to do 'no-thing'." Do not
resist this feeling: "it is similar to rebooting a computer. You need to shut
down for a brief period of time in order to load sophisticated new
software". Instead of moaning that you are temporarily "off line", instead
rejoice knowing that once you get fully back online, you will be able to
become all that you have ever wished that you could be!


There is a profound difference between being alone and being lonely.

Being alone means that you are not physically in the company of others.
Being lonely means that you do not feel connected to anyone or anything
and that can happen even when - and especially when - others are
present. As you are "making the change", you will feel "removed from
others" and will want to "flee from groups and crowds".

"As much as the feelings of loneliness cause you anxiety, it is difficult to

relate to others at this time." So it is best to be alone for awhile -
physically apart from others - so that you can "fill your space with your
own divinity". Think of this alone time as a sort of hibernation. You are
resting and rebuilding in a winter of aloneness so that you will be ready to
spring forth into your true place in the universe when the time comes for
you to fully embrace your greater destiny.


You will recognize that you are turning the corner when you find yourself
talking to your Higher Self much more often. "There is a new level of
communication taking place within your being… The conversations will
increase, and they will become more fluid, more coherent and more
insightful." In essence, you will begin the process of more rapidly evolving
into your Higher Self… your true self.


As you step into the greater totality of yourself on the inside, things on the
outside all around you will start to change as well ("as above, so below").
The most direct result will be a sudden change in job or career.

The best advice is this: "do not worry about finding the perfect job or
career right now. You are in transition and you may make several job
changes before you settle into one that fits your passion." Just go with the
flow, be open to learning the lessons as you do, and trust that you are
being given the best possible training to prepare you to embrace your best
and greatest destiny.


Another result of changing is withdrawing from relationships that no longer

serve you. "When you get off the karmic cycle, the bonds of the old
relationships are released. It will appear as though you are drifting away
from your family and friends." In the end, you may (or may not) develop a
new relationship with them if it is appropriate… and if it is in keeping with
the new person that you are becoming.


The best description of this awakening process was given by our client,
"Immogen". It speaks powerfully to what it is like in becoming a newly
awakened being:

"Suddenly... A few deaths… Traumatic… Remembering my blood lineage… Past lives…

Coming into my body… It's all in there now… Actually experiencing what it is to be alive
in one's body… Awakening... Expecting to find others like me waiting to celebrate my
spiritual graduation… Not being able to connect with them as yet…"

"Remembering my childhood… Where I have been during this life… The people who truly
are my friends… The many people who have hurt me… The lies… The secrets… Taking
stock of what I have accomplished thus far… Feeling like a failure for waking up so late in

"Feeling alone… As though I had purposely been isolated… Being freshly hatched out of
an egg… And not liking the world that I see… Feeling as though I am racing against an
invisible stop watch… Yearning to return to where I come from but not really feeling
welcome there… Learning to enjoy and trust the process… Feeling like the odds are
stacked against me…"

"Heavy Karma… Bad Karma… Perseverance… Keeping my objective of leaving where I am

clear… And working towards it every day… Feeling Conscious… Feeling betrayal… The
ache of having been surrounded with people who cannot understand… Knowing that I
must go on to confront the past so that I may move on to the future… Living in several
dimensions at the same time… Having to learn to shift between dimensions… Switch it on
switching it off…"

"Compartmentalizing the daily grind of life chores from new growth… Remembering,
remembering, remembering… Understanding… Reconnecting with people in this life who I
have known for eons in past lives… Hoping that they will recognize me and welcome
me… Opening doors… Closing others… Having to wait to see people that may be able to
confirm that they know who I am… just as I know who they are..."
"Hoping that I will not be too late... Learning to become who I already am… Trying to stop
worrying and just go on doing and accept what happens instead… Rearing that inner child
so that it may merge healthy with my adult self… Learning the difference between illusion
and reality... Planning while making it happen... Inching my way to a door that I need to
tear open and close behind me… What I have learned thus far cannot be undone…"

"Wanting to keep on learning... Wanting to keep on growing... Ready to keep on going..."

Ready to keep on growing: for this is the essence of the awakened Soul.

Credits: adapted from Geoffrey Hoppe's "Tobias of the Crimson Circle" and channeled

Rules #24: The Soul's Journey: "The Dark Night of Soul"

At some point in our journey, we encounter a

phenomenon known as "Dark Night of the
Soul". If you have experienced it, you have no
doubt about what it is. If you have not, it can
best be described this way.

When the sun is shining brightly and there is

every reason to feel happy to be alive, you
feel as if it is three o'clock in the morning and
the world is devoid of life. No lover to comfort
you, no friend to cheer you, no family to
support you, you feel abandoned.

And this feeling goes on, day after day, month after month, year after
year, and sometimes life after life. You come to wonder what is the point of
this dark despair and when will it ever end and why did it start to begin

These rules cannot end the seemingly bottomless pit of hopelessness but
they will shed some light on it. And yes, the Dark Night of Soul DOES come
to an end for everyone. That is the only way it can be in a loving and
compassionate universe.

Consider this: "The light shall shine in the darkness" (Isaias) to

illuminate the dark corners of the Soul so that they can be
purified and sanctified to do God's work in the universe.

Just knowing there is a purpose for this seemingly endless suffering makes
it much easier to endure. So welcome to the land of endless night...


............ & LETTING GO TO LET GOD IN
Source: Etheric (Intuitive) Body
Problem: Attachment - Solution: Detachment

"Establish in us O God that which Thou hast wrought, and perfect the work
which Thou hast begun in us to Thy glory." (Martin Luther) At the end of
our wanderings, we finally make perfect the perfection which God has
originally created inside us.

Until we connect with our perfection, we get drawn back into this world by
the attachments which imperfections create. Detachment, the desireless
state which Eastern religions believe is nirvana, is the key to leaving this
world behind us.

The "dark night" helps make this detachment possible by helping one to
"burn off" attachments to this world than no longer serve them. This is the
place of "letting go to let God" so that we can be a full Coworker in the
majesty of his Creation.


Source: Mental (Thought) Body
Problem: Vanity - Solution: Balanced Self Esteem

"Be the master of your will and the slave of your conscience" (Hasidic
Proverb) Vanity arises whenever the "will-ego" and the "conscience-Soul"
are severely out of balance - in both directions (narcissistic vanity &
masochistic vanity).

In narcissistic vanity ("how great I art"), the will and the conscience are
imbalanced in the direction of a person believing that they are the
universe instead of just having a place in it. The "dark night" is quite
effective in dispelling these false, narcissistic illusions but it may tend to
aggravate the other extreme for awhile.

In masochistic vanity ("what a miserable bag of dung I am"), the will and
the conscience are imbalanced in the direction of a person believing that
they have no place in the universe when in fact everyone does. Given
enough time, the spirit emerges reborn from the "dark night" into a
balanced state of self esteem.


Source: Causal (Karmic) Body
Problem: Intolerance - Solution: Tolerance

"The highest result of education is tolerance." (Helen Keller) For tolerance

is learned after we have gone through many lifetimes and have at one
time been all things. The smallest particle of intolerance is all it takes to
keep one from transcending the human consciousness.

Perhaps the most difficult thing that the "dark night" has to teach is
tolerance for the God that "puts us through it". In the supreme irony, it is
this "dark night" process that burns the residue of intolerance from us.
For if it did not then we would never be able to get off the ever spinning
wheel of death and rebirth.


Source: Astral (Emotional) Body
Problem: Unforgiveness - Solution: Forgiveness

"He that cannot forgive others, breaks the bridge over which he himself
must pass if he would ever reach heaven; for everyone has need to be
forgiven." (George Herbert) In a universe constantly evolving from
darkness to light, it is inevitable that the pattern of the light will change
from time to time revealing new truths.

What one did in a past life or earlier in the present life with full conviction
that they were doing right, can later be proved to be wrong. So
forgiveness of one's self and others has been, is, and always will be a part
of human existence.

Part of the "dark night" experience is forgiving yourself for "that which
you did and should not have been done" and "that which you did not do
and should have been done". One of the biggest surprises in the land of
endless night is discovering that it is much easier to forgive others than it
is to forgive yourself.


Source: Physical (Matter) Body
Problem: Hate - Solution: Love

"Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot
drive out hate; only love can do that." (Martin Luther King Jr) This is
because hate begets hate while love begets love. In the physical world, it
is remarkable how little it takes to hate someone else and how much it
takes to love them.

So many are drawn to the Earth plane simply because these opportunities
to experience the depths of love and hate are so rich. Dragging hate into
the "dark night" produces storms of such great magnitude they feel as if
they cannot be long endured. And yet they go on for as long as one clings
to the hate that powers them.

That is why for any question - even for the question of how to escape the
"dark night of Soul" - love is always the only answer.


Source: Crown Chakra
Problem: Pride - Solution: Balanced Humility

"Pride goes before destruction and a haughty spirit before a fall."

(Joseph Addison) Our lives are always lived along two tracks. The first is
our individual journey as Soul through the universe (karma) so we can
become fully Self Realized.

The second is our continuous connection to the God Source (known as our
Higher Self) and the collective consciousness so we can become fully God

Pride is an imbalance that results when the needs of the individual are
always put ahead of the needs of the collective universe. Humility is the
opposite when the needs of the collective universe are always put ahead
of the needs of the individual.

Pride leads to an individual being "burned up" while humility leads to an

individual being "burned out". The "dark night" often feels to the
individual that both things are happening to them as the same time. By
the counter tension of these opposite forces, the individual comes to a
place of humility where honoring oneself and the universe can be
peacefully balanced.


Source: Third Eye Chakra
Problem: Gluttony - Solution: Satisfaction

"We are what we pretend to be, so we must be careful about what we

pretend to be." (Kurt Vonnegut in "Mother Night") Gluttony is all about
pretense. Gluttons for food pretend it fills them with comfort and warmth.
Gluttons for drink pretend it dulls their pain and loneliness. Gluttons for
sex pretend it gives them love.

They gorge themselves on sensual pleasures so that they will not have to
face how unsatisfying their lives really are. The "dark night" intensifies
these feelings until the Soul realizes that what it is really missing is the
love of God.

For it is this divine love where true satisfaction really lays: Raoul
Wallenberg knew this as he spent his life in a Russian prison. Always
happy, always smiling, he knew the true satisfaction that being immersed
in the love of God brings.


Source: Throat Chakra
Problem: Envy - Solution: Gratitude

"Judge a man by his questions rather than his answers." (Francois Voltaire)
For questions are always more revealing than answers, just as speaking
always reveals more about character and intention than people realize. Of
all the words we speak, those which damage ourselves the most are those
we speak in envy.

For when we envy others, we tell ourselves that we are not good enough.
For when we want the gifts that others have, it means we cannot
appreciate the gifts we have been given. When we do not appreciate our
gifts, we cannot be grateful for them. When we are not grateful for them,
the gifts simply stop working for us.

The power of spoken gratitude cannot be undervalued or underestimated.

For, if during the blackest part of the "dark night", you can shout from
your heart that you are grateful for it's gifts - and mean it - you can start
to be free from it.


Source: Heart Chakra
Problem: Anger - Solution: Calmness

"If there is anything better than to be loved, it is loving" (Anonymous) As it

says in the Bible, "love is always patient". Patience is mentioned first
because it's opposite - impatience - is another word for anger.

For when anger strikes us, the first thing it shuts down is our ability to love
both ourselves and others. Anger is a wild animal that can push even the
most rational among us to unthinking acts of desperation.

Yet the animal can be tamed with the collar of calmness which acts like
water on fire: "calming one's perplexities, moderating one's anxieties,
steadying the scales of judgment, preserving one from exaggerated and
rash actions." Calmness is essential for survival in the "dark night". Lack
of inner peace feeds the power of darkness while calmness allows the
warm rays of love to lighten and shorten our time there.


Source: Solar Plexus Chakra
Problem: Greed/Charity - Solution: Self Reliance

"I think that somehow, we learn who we really are and then live with that
decision." (Eleanor Roosevelt) What we come to see through the "dark
night" is that the "good" and "bad" aspects of our character are only
value judgments that we place on ourselves. So it is with the concepts of
greed and charity.

Greed is a bad thing when a few take all that there is for themselves and
refuse to share their bounty with the less fortunate masses. Greed is a
good thing when it motivates people to provide goods and services that
are the best they can be. The same greed that says "I want it all for
myself" also recognizes that "I cannot get what I want for myself unless I
decide to serve others".

Charity is a good thing when it helps those who truly cannot help
themselves. Charity is a bad thing when it keeps those who can help
themselves in a state of laziness and dependence. The same charity that
says "let me help" also adds "let me help you help yourself". In this light, it
can be seen that the entire journey through the "dark night" is meant to
teach us self reliance and self dependence.


Source: Sacral Chakra
Problem: Sloth - Solution: Discipline

"A great sailor can sail even with a torn canvas." (Seneca) If the Earth can
with a warning label it would be this: "Do not enter here unless you are
prepared to triumph over adversity". Ironically, this is why most people
come to the Earth: so that they can see how they will measure up to it's
ultimate tests of discipline.

Yet discipline is a virtue that must be drilled into an individual because the
central defining characteristic of humans in their natural state is sloth or
laziness. If you doubt this, just look around to see how many labor saving
devices there are. Cars save us from driving, washers and dryers save us
from laundering, microwaves save us from real cooking, and so on. They
"save us" time so that we can have it to laze around the TV like couch

In the land of endless "dark night", sloth is fatal - there are too many
challenges. To survive them, grab hold of the buoy of discipline: it alone
will keep you afloat.


Source: Root Chakra
Problem: Lust - Solution: Compassion

"Empathy and fellow feeling form the very basis of morality." (Sissela Bok
on "Compassion Fatigue") Empathy, the ability to sympathize with and feel
sorrow for the pain of another, is the biggest difference between "regular"
people and socio-paths (like serial killers, rapists, etc). For without
empathy, man would exist in a state of "his animal lusts" for power, sex,
and money.

History is full of examples of ruthless dictators exercising their power

solely for their own benefit and crushing others under in the process.
Police registers bulge with reports of bizarre sexual offenses. The press
just loves to leap onto stories about "misconduct with money" as in con
men bilking widows out of their life savings.

Karma balances the scales with the former victimizers becoming victims in
later lives. Not surprisingly, those who did the most hurting in one life and
come back to be the most hurt, are those who develop the deepest
compassion for others.

What we all must experience in the "dark night" is to see and to own how
our actions have effected others dow to the smallest detail. Only then can
we move forward in our Soul's unfoldment with love and compassion. For it
is only love - and love alone - that will guide us safely on our journey back
home to God.

Credits: adapted from "The Dark Night of Soul" by John of the Cross.

Tired of the Games? Want to Know the Truth?

Forget all you have been taught about "The Rules" (about
how women trap men) and "The Code" (about how men
trap women). If you want a spiritual, loving, intimate
relationship, then here are the rules you should follow.

These are the 12 "I's" that create truly lasting, harmonious, and successful


Both partners are individually strong and whole. The partners are together
primarily because they want to be together (sharing strength) rather than
needing to be together (overcoming weakness).


Both partners act honestly and honorably toward one another at all times.
Each partner always has the other's best interests at heart and
demonstrates their love by actions consistent with words.


Both partners give to each other what is easy and natural for them to give
because their relationship is very important to each one. Both partners
share the deepest love and respect for one another.


Both partners continually express their affection in one of the "Five

Languages of Love": Words of Love, Gifts of Devotion, Acts of Service,
Sharing of Quality Time, and Intimate Physical Touch.

Both partners feel that they need one another. Both partners feel that they
are extraordinarily lucky to be in the relationship. Both partners feel
privileged to be making their journey together through life.


Both partners agree on the space and time that is necessary for each to
pursue individual interests. As each partner honors their own uniqueness,
that in turn strengthens their relationship.


Both partners are constantly communicating and genuinely enjoy sharing

every aspect of life. The communication is open, honest, and free flowing.
There are no secrets (well, no important ones).


Both partners make a lasting and sincere commitment to one another.

Each invests their time, their love, and their heart in the other. This
investment is made willingly and returns great "dividends".


Both partners are joined at many levels. This integration includes constant
sharing of leisure time, sharing of living space, sharing of money, sharing
of tasks, and, of course, sharing of love.


Both partners have "instituted" a formal commitment to one another. This

formal institutionalization is usually marriage but can be a "common law"
arrangement or a contract governing living together.


Both partners must feel at home in each other's hearts. This means that
each partner must feel and must be completely safe and comfortable in
"letting their hair down" around the other.


Both partners must treat their relationship like a garden: it must be

nurtured and fed constantly. Problems must be rooted out immediately.
New items should be added periodically for spice and variety.
Credits: adapted from the Course in Joint Ventures and Strategic
Alliances: "8 I's that Create Successful WE'"s, from "The Five Love
Languages" by Gary Chapman, and channeled information

Rules #29: "Finding Selves Unimaginably Mine":

Rules of Soulmates

"...losing through you what seemed myself, i find selves unimaginably mine; beyond
sorrow's own joys and hopings very fears yours is the light by which my spirit's born:
yours is the darkness of my soul's return... you are my sun, my moon, and all my stars."
- e. e. cummings

Bone of My Bone, Flesh of My Flesh

"Losing through you what seemed myself, I find selves unimaginably

mine..." sums up how our Soulmates help us to learn and grow in love, joy,
and awareness.

This is why the drive for union with one's "Soulmate" is so compelling, and
so universal. To properly understand how our Soulmates effect us, we must
first understand the types of "soulmates" that we will encounter in our
journey as Soul.

Here are the Types of Soulmates:

1> Partners in Hate: Believe it or not, those that you hate with all the intensity of your being
are one group of your soulmates. Those we hate are our soulmates in the sense that they
continually cross our soul's path life after life. For it is the hatred for one another that sticks
you together like glue until you can understand and release the hate that binds you. Many
times we hate in others what we really hate in ourselves. Those we hate actually help us to
embrace those aspects of our character that we find it hard to love.

2> Partners in Love: Those we love in even the smallest degree are another group of our
soulmates. Again these become our soulmates because of the love binding us together. Our
partners in love - and hate - most often come to us as parents, siblings, spouses, and children.
They serve to remind us about those aspects of our character that we should love and cherish.
For it is all too easy to "eliminate the positive, and accentuate the negative" while we are here
on Earth. Those we love show us what we should love in ourselves.

3> The One and Only: When people commonly yearn for their Soulmate, what they are
really yearning for is "the one and only" person who can make them complete. This is their
"twin flame" or "Bashert" (the Hebrew word meaning one's predestined mate). When we are
with our "Bashert", we realize that we are "two halves of the same person". Our "Bashert"
gives us the opportunity to grow in love like no other person can. So when we speak of how
"our soulmates can help us", we are referring to how our "Bashert" can help us grow as

Here's Our Soulmate Helps Us Grow As Soul...


We learn to love in the same way we learn to do anything else. We start

with simple things and work our way to the more advanced. In other
words, we start by learning to love our "Bashert" which is the easiest
person in the universe to love. We advance by learning to love "our
partners in love". We graduate by learning to love "our partners in hate".
In the end, we learn to love everyone as well as we love our "Bashert"
because, in the larger scheme of things, we are all one.

It is easy to love our "Bashert" because, of all the Souls in the universe,
they are the true other half of ourselves. This is not to say that we will
never experience any difficulties with our "Bashert" (we will). The
difference is that our "Bashert" stands closest to the wellspring of all our
love... which is God/Goddess/AllThatIs. Since our "Bashert" occupies that
central space in our universe, they can "push us" like no other into taking
our ability to love to ever deeper levels.

When we are with our "Bashert", we find that we are overwhelmed by

love. Their love is like sunshine constantly beaming it's warming rays of
love on our Soul and nourishing us so that we can be the best we are
capable of being. Living in that love opens our hearts to everyone and
everything around us. We come to feel that "all's right in the world" and,
because we feel that way, all becomes right in our world. We are in love all
the time so that we can be love all the time. It is in this "being love all the
time" that we grow eventually to "become Divine Love." And it is this love
that lies at the beginning and end of our journey as Soul through the


When we are with our "Bashert", our life is better even if it does not
change at all in any outward respect. We find ourselves better able to bear
things we would find unbearable on our own. Jobs that we hate do not
seem so burdensome. People who bother us seem less annoying. Chronic
health problems seem easier to endure. Our "Bashert" makes us glad to
come home and sorry to have to leave.

Just knowing that there is someone out there who is on our side no matter
what we do, who will support us no matter what happens to us, and who
will always totally understand our point of view no matter how others
choose to misunderstand us eases our journey immensely. By helping us
to love, our "Bashert" leads us to our joy. Our unconscious knowledge that
endless joy is out there for us just waiting to be discovered is what
compels us to seek out reunion with our "Bashert".


Often what some view as difficulties with their "Bashert" is when they help
us to our own truth. For they know us so well that there is no room in this
relationship for anything but truth. The moment we deviate from our truth
our "Bashert" is there to catch us and gently tap us on the shoulder to
remind us that we have deviated.

They do this not because they are the "Karma Police" but because they
want what is best for us. And what is best for us is always based in the
truth. Since our "Bashert" stands so close to us and yet outside of us, they
can see it better than we do. And because we love them so very much, we
are ready to listen to the truth from them in a way we would not listen to


Looking from the outside, others often believe that our destiny was so
obvious as to be inevitable. Yet the truth is that destiny is seldom obvious
and never inevitable. It takes courage for anyone to go out and claim it.
Often, it is our "Bashert's" love, help, and support that gives us the power,
the courage, and the ability to go out and claim our destiny. Their belief in
us helps us to believe in ourselves especially when all others around us are
discouraging and/or sabotaging us. Their love gives us the courage to
"press on" when we find nothing else inside to keep us going.


Beyond courage, trust is essential for us to claim our destiny. For if we did
not trust that it was at all possible to turn our dreams into reality, we
would never pursue them in the first place. There is nothing so
inspirational as to look deeply into the eyes on one's "Bashert" and see
there how you can do anything that you have resolved to do. There is
nothing so vital as to know that even if you fall, you will land in the open
arms of your "Bashert" and all will be understood and accepted.

For it is this unconditional pool of trust that underlies all accomplishment

and enables us to dare, to try, and to succeed or fail after having given it
our all. It is this trust that our "Bashert" always has our best interests at
heart that helps us to expand this trust outwards to others, to the
universe, and to God.


When each of us comes to the Earth, we come with several purposes. We

all come with general purposes to unwind our karma, to come into closer
relation with God (which is true even if we choose the path of an atheist!),
and to grow in love, joy, and awareness. Yet we also come to fulfill a
special purpose in life, one that we are uniquely suited to fulfill, one that is
our destiny.

So if we are fortunate enough to find our destiny and courageous enough

to embrace it, there is still the matter of "staying the course". Living one's
destiny - day after day, year after year, life after life - is made possible -
and even joyful - if one is permitted to share it with one's "Bashert". "For
when two hearts as one unite, the road is made easier, the burden
made light" (Amish Proverb).


Only when our lives are full of love are they truly abundant. For "money
cannot buy happiness... it cannot even rent it", it can only fill one's life
with experiences and possessions that are incomplete without another to
share it with. The simple truth is that one can be happier living with their
"Bashert" in a hovel than with royalty they do not love in a Palace (like
Princess Diana).


As we pursue our destiny, seek our fortune, and walk our path, we gain the
experience we need to become fully realized CoWorkers with God. When
our "Bashert" loves, helps, and support us on our journey through life, they
are actually helping to prepare us for this greater destiny. As they help us
to see ourselves more clearly, they help us to see the world more clearly.
In turn this makes us clearer channels in spreading the Divine Love God
has for everyone to those around us.


Particularly as we succeed along our path, we encounter temptations to

"believe our own press" and to think that "we have become larger than
life." Our "Basherts", knowing us all too well, help to keep us grounded and
to "keep it real". In other words, to "KISS" us - to "keep it simple, stupid!"
There is nothing like a "swift kick in the butt" from our "Bashert" to put us
on the right track!


The Golden Rule would work so much better if it read this way: "Do unto
others as you would do unto the person you loved most in the world, your
'Bashert'!" The overflowing love that we have for our "Bashert" is often
what enables us to develop our own qualities of gentleness and
compassion. Loving them as we do, we cannot help but be gentle and
compassionate with our "Bashert". The more we learn to treat them with
loving kindness, the more we can treat others with gentleness.


Once you have been reunited with your "Bashert", you cannot help but be
daily grateful for the blessing of having them in your life. Being permitted
to spend your life with your "Bashert" is the greatest gift that can be given
to anyone in any given lifetime. If you are fortunate enough to be
presently reunited with your "Bashert", stop now and give thanks for the
miracle and the gifts they are giving you daily. If you are presently parted,
stop now and express gratitude for knowing that such a person exists for
you somewhere in the universe and for someday being reunited.


Being balanced means becoming truly ourselves - "finding the selves that
are unimaginably mine" by becoming first fully Self Realized and then fully
God Realized. For that is the greatest gift that our "Bashert" bring us:
allowing us to see and embrace the full totality of ourselves through their

For as our "Bashert" loves us, do we truly learn to love ourselves, do we

truly see ourselves in a balanced way, and do we truly come into our own.
In balance, we are neither "narcissist" (loving the self too much) nor
"masochist" (loving the self too little). We are "whole being" appreciating
ourselves simply for all of who and what we are over many lifetimes... the
core essence of ourselves. We see ourselves as our "Bashert" has
always known us to be.

So what we are doing for our "Bashert" as they are doing all this for us?
We are helping them in the same way... our love for them makes it easy
and natural for us to do so. I know this is true... for these rules have
sprung from the deep love my "Bashert" and I have shared through many
lives. For that I thank you, my dearest!

Notice the parallels between how our Soulmates help us to grow in love,
joy, and awareness and the Hallmarks of the Spiritually Advanced.

Credits: from channeled information and lifetimes of the love of my Beloved Darling.

Rules #10: Numbers as Building Blocks of the Universe: Know the


Do You Know the Code?

"Number is the within of all things" (attributed

to Pythagoras, Greek Philosopher) - it is one of
the powerful keys which helps to unlock the
mysteries and secrets of the universe.

Time and again in healing sessions, the topic of

the meaning behind numbers surfaces. When I
explain what the numbers mean there is always
a deep significance for the person .

So if certain numbers "resonate" with you

perhaps it is because they have lessons to
teach you or because they are showing you something about who you
already are.



"You cannot conceive of the many without the one" (Plato) because "all are
but parts of one stupendous whole" (Alexander Pope). It is the "discovery
and appreciation of the circle is our early glimpse into the wholeness,
unity, and divine order of the universe". (Schneider)



"Our mind divides the world into heaven and earth, day and night, light
and darkness, right and left, man and woman, I and you - and the more
strongly we sense the separation between these two poles, the more
powerfully do we also sense their power" in the birth of all. (Karl



"A whole is that which has a beginning, a middle, and an end" (Aristotle)
for it is the "three that engenders all things" (Tao Te Ch'ing). It is the three
that is "the formula of all creation" (Balzac). For it is the three that is the
binding element that resolves the natural tension between opposite poles.



"Behold heaven and nature and all the elements - fire, air, water, and
earth - for of these are all things created". (Thomas a Kempis) "The worlds
originate so that truth may come and dwell there in" (Confucius) inside the
eternal square of reliability (fire), equality (air), fairness (water), and
solidity (earth).



"Avoid extremes - keep the Golden Mean" (Cleobulus of Lindus) which is

five in the scale of one to nine. Five is the point of regeneration. The truth
is "everyone wants to be associated with excellence - the five pointed
star's appeal emerges in the ceremonious respect accorded to stars on
flags". (Schneider)


"And God saw everything that He had made, and behold, it was very
good… it was the sixth day. Thus were finished the heavens and earth and
all their host". (Genesis 1). "Hexagons appear endlessly in human
inventions, providing the greatest structure-function-order". (Schneider)



"Wisdom hath builded her house, she hath hewn out her seven pillars"
(Proverbs) which are the seven energy chakras. These energy chakras are
the portals by which paradise - the Energy of God - enters your body-mind.
Seven sided objects are the only ones where the sides can never be
equal... the perfect imbalance.



"The noble Eightfold way is: right views, right intention, right speech, right
action, right livelihood, right effort, right mindfulness, right concentration".
(Buddha) It is the eight sided octagon that brings perfect symmetry and
balance to energy of space in the Ba'gua of Feng Shui (the Chinese art of



"Nine flows around the other numbers in the Ten like an ocean".
(Nichomachus) Nine is "the horizon which lies at the edge of the shore
before the boundless ocean of numbers that repeat in endless cycles - the
principles of the first nine digits". (Schneider) Nine is truly the final frontier.



"Leaving the old, both worlds at once 10 views: it stands upon the
threshold of the new". (Waller) It is ten that is the gateway to the universe.

Credits: adapted from "A Beginner's Guide to the Universe: the Mathematical
Archetypes of Nature, Art, and Science" by Michael S. Schneider and channeled

Rules of the House #23: The Spiritual

Energy of Money

The Root of All Accomplishment

If you have a relationship with nothing else in

the physical world, you will have a relationship
with money. Go through the day and notice how almost every moment of
every day is intimately connected with either the getting or spending of
money. Most days you go to work to earn the money that you will
inevitably need to spend.

Whether you live in an apartment or a house, each day that passes means
you have used up one more day of your mortgage or rent payment. Try
taking a bus, riding a train, or driving your car without spending any
money. Not to mention having a physical body which has an annoying
habit of wanting to be fed and clothed every day.

If you have a job you hate, money is keeping you there. Because money is
everywhere you want to be, past lives usually have strongly dominated
your attitudes toward it. Worse, past lives may be keeping you from the
enjoying the abundance of the universe which - believe it or not - is your

So learning these rules of money becomes a very necessary - and

lucrative - pursuit. Here is how the "Energy of Money" really works:


Every day, all the time, everyone always wants more money. People will go to
enormous lengths to get it... even going so far as to marry a multi-millionaire!
Yet often these self same people end up believing that money is the goal when
the real goal is freedom. For money gives an individual freedom to move in the
world: whether it ranges from exploring and healing one's karma to the simple
desire to have fun.

Money frees one from having to struggle to put food on their table, clothes on
their back, or a roof over their heads. Money frees one from being "trapped" in
abusive relationships, unsatisfying jobs, unproductive ways of life and from
fending off fears that someday, somehow, somewhere there will never be

Money frees one from existing in "Scare City" (scarcity) to living in

"Magnified Sense" (magnificence). Simply put, money makes life much
easier because it gives a person the means to fulfill whatever desires God has
implanted inside them.


Fulfilling the desires of God is what money is all about. No one knew that
better than Mother Theresa of Calcutta. She lived simply and soulfully in the
worst slums in the poorest part of the industrialized world and successfully
carried out her mission of healing the sick and caring for the needy. Pennies
did not rain down from heaven enabling her to do this necessary, charitable

On the contrary, Mother Theresa was an efficient and skillful fund raiser who
went to wherever the money was. She raised millions of dollars both in the
United States and in Europe to fund her work in India. Money did not detract
from her amazing spirituality one bit. In my opinion, Mother Theresa is one of
the most magnificent models of magnified, abundant, and purposeful living
from the 20th Century.


Having taken the vows of poverty in many religious lifetimes, the following
Biblical passages are tattooed into my cellular memory. You may have heard
that "Money is the root of all evil" and that "It is easier for a camel to go
through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter the Kingdom of

Yet, in looking closer, for those of us who are ex-Biblical scholars, it is really
"for the lust after money that is the root of all evil" and "it is easier for a
camel than a puffed up man" to reach Heaven.

The difference in translation, in both cases, clearly states that the imbalance
existing in the individual's use of and regard for money is the true problem. For
when money is spitefully kept from those who need it, when it is used as a
weapon to hurt others, when it becomes more important than love, God, and
dear ones, when it makes us think that we are in fact God, it is a real problem.

This imbalance is quite easily corrected by karma as when "rich men" who
have used money in a "puffed up" way incarnate into their next lives as
"deflated, poor men" to balance the scales.


Those who by karma evolve to a more balanced view of money realize that it is
just another aspect of the energy of spirit made visible in form. The energy of
spirit takes on many forms in the physical world: like love, time, space, and
nature to name a few.

No one ever says: "it is bad to have more love in my life... or more time, or
more space, or more natural resources that are freely abundant to everyone"
like air, sunshine, and so on. In fact, people desperately seek love, take time for
granted, occupy space without really noticing it, and ignore nature unless it
gets in the way.

No one says "give me less love, less time, less space, and while you are at it,
cut down on the air I need to have every moment and without which I will be
dead in three minutes". Yet these same people say give me less money when
they believe that it is "evil" and will keep them from "being a good person" or
from "becoming more spiritual".

Was Buddha corrupted by wealth he was born into? No, he gave it up for spirit.
Was Jesus corrupted by the manifesting abundant food ("loaves and fishes")
for his audience? Certainly not. All Jesus objected to money being worshipped
instead of God.


Take the case of Roberta Guaspari, the violin teacher who started a music
program for the inner city children of Harlem, NY, and upon whose life the
movie "Music of the Heart" was based. When the funding was cut for her
violin program by the school system, she fought to save it by putting on a
recital featuring performances by her best students. Despite initial enthusiasm,
the recital was nearly cancelled when the appointed theatre suffered flooding.

Yet at that moment, Carnegie Hall, hearing of her heroic efforts, offered her
their space for free and recruited several internationally renowned musicians to
appear with the students. The recital was successful enough to keep Guaspari's
music program going for another three years. This attracted the movie and now
the future of her music program is virtually guaranteed. This all resulted from
financial barriers paving the road to success.


When people focus on manifesting money alone, they limit the abundance that
the universe can provide. For abundance is much more than money, it is
personal qualities such as physical gifts like health, strength, and athletic skills
or mental gifts like talents, skills, knowledge or emotional gifts like
influencing others.

Of these, the greatest gift is connecting with others. For no one can do or know
everything on their own. The greatest abundance of all is knowing others who
can and will help you reach your goals as you help them reach theirs. That is
why the Internet is so powerful because it provides a way for all kinds of
people to more easily exchange abundance. The ancient Chinese knew this and
it is why their symbol for abundance is many people pulling together.


If you want to know the secret to success in business it is this: "that you get
what you want from life by helping others get what they want from life". It is
just that simple. Those who serve the most people get the most money. Look
around and you will see that the businesses which are the most successful are
those which offer a superior product, at attractive prices, with great customer
support, and a genuine commitment to customer satisfaction.

All this springs from their core desire to serve others to best of their ability.
The motivation for this is often just money but those that succeed the most link
their motivation to love. This ironically is a very logical proposition: if love is
the most powerful force in the universe and if it is very strongly linked to a
money making goal, then that goal will be fulfilled abundantly and the money
will flow like water!

For many, the greatest block to manifesting greater levels of money and
abundance in their life is actually the fear that abundance will in fact drive
them to become more of who they already are.

They fear that it will magnify their shortcomings (as in becoming a mental
wreck like multi-billionaire Howard Hughes who died alone in rags and filth
because his money supported his aberrations). They forget that it also
magnifies their strengths (like Oprah Winfrey, Montel Williams, or Tom Cruise
who have been known to be generous with both their money and their time to
those in true need).

The truth is that money is much like a gun or a knife in that it's results depends
on whose hands it is in. The same gun used to defend a loved one from harm
can be used to hold up a liquor store. The same money that can be used to get
medicine for a dying spouse can be given to a hit man to blow that spouse

If you cannot trust yourself with receiving more money, the best use you can
make of the money you do have is to find out why and solve your
disempowering money problems.


Those is the technical fields know this truth all too well. If they do not like the
job they are in and if the technical skills they possess are in demand, they will
attract another, better job quickly and easily. For they are the source of their
own abundance: getting and maintaining their skills is the true source.

The truth is that everyone has something which they can do well. Finding out
what that special skill is means looking no farther than to what they like to do
or what they can do particularly well. For it is the joyful exercise of God given
skills and abilities which leads to the greatest abundance of all: happiness and


If you have never read the book by Marsha Sinetar, "Do What You Love and
the Money Will Follow", I strongly recommend that you do so. Trust is the key
to this process working and it is a process.

To do what you love, you must first find what that is. Once you have found it,
you must honor it by doing it wherever and whenever you can. Once you have
honored it, you must pursue it if you truly wish to succeed. By pursuing it, you
must love it with your heart and soul.

If you do not love your work, you will not be able to push through the
obstacles and barriers that arise so that you can see the gifts they are trying to
bring you. What makes this happen is the trust that you can succeed, that you
deserve to prosper, and that the support you need will come to you. This is
where faith in "the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not
seen" pays off.


It is amazing to me how many doors the words "Please" and "Thank You" can
open. It is even more amazing how often people fail to use these simple keys to
success to open doors for them. Think about how you feel when someone
thanks you: how it motivates you to do more for them. This is how the
universe works as well: the attitude of gratitude keeps the abundance of the
universe flowing in endlessly.

Victoria Pendragon said it best: "All of life is an energy exchange. If we did

not eat things that were alive, we would perish. Likewise, all effort extended is
extended for a reward. The reward may be psychological, spiritual, or
financial, but without something coming back to 'feed' us, we would eventually
have to stop extending the effort. We would just run out of energy."


Think of the richest people in the world who you see doing work. What
motivates them to keep on going long after they have abundant money for all
they want and need? Like anything else, it is love. For it is love that draws
people inexorably to their higher purpose.

Take Oprah Winfrey's show for example. In the

beginning, the show was like most other talk shows
about the racy, the unusual, the titillating. Then, after
awhile, the show grew successful and evolved into the
exploration of more meaningful and uplifting topics.

This was a conscious choice on Oprah's part and

although it led to less "success" ratings wise, she was
moving ever closer to her higher purpose thereby
gaining more "success" from a universal perspective by spreading higher
consciousness to the masses. In the final analysis, that is what all of us are here
to do for one another: to help one another find God as we all journey back

Credits: adapted from "The Energy of Money: A Spiritual Path Toward Personal &
Financial Fulfillment" by Maria Nemeth and "Creating Money" by Sanaya Roman and
Duane Packer.

Rules #33: "Let Everything Be Your Signature" - Doing God's Work

Artists sign their work because they are proud of their achievement.
Contrast that to most corporate workers are reluctant to write much
because at heart they do not want their names associated with what they
do. The "it's just a job, who cares" attitude ensures that unsatisfying, Soul
numbing work will cling to them as long as they have that attitude. Yet
attitudes can be changed… and when you start doing everything as if you
would be proud to sign it… miracles will manifest.

To understand this better, let's look at the spiritual principles behind work
everyone is familiar with… websites. After all, websites are truly one's
signature to the world.

The Spiritual Principles of Work & Web Sites


The World Wide Web is the electronic embodiment of the fact that
everyone everywhere is very intimately connected. Whether you like it or
not, or believe it or not, you are part of the vast collective consciousness
of the universe. What you do - every action, every thought, every feeling -
effects others just as they effect you.

Those who are put their hearts into their websites and have a genuine
desire to serve others, always have the best sites with the most traffic.
They attract traffic because they honor who they serve and, in return, they
are honored with work, money, praise, insights, etc. And because these
websites attract traffic they are here to stay… while those without heart
either are suddenly pulled or slowly die the death of a thousand broken
links (may they rest in peace!).


The greatest tragedy of modern society is that most view work as a chore
and not as a joy. And yet who are the highest paid, happiest people on
Earth? Those who do what they love and love what they do. Take the
Oscars: every year without fail someone will say "I cannot believe that I
am getting paid so much money to do what I love!" The truth is their love
for their work paid off and attracted the money!
Just as on one money making website, the webmasters proudly declare
"you all know that when your heart is singing and you hear an inner call,
you must do what makes you the happiest, and that's what our site does
for us!!!" Do what you love and the money will follow! See quotes
from those who love what they do!


Nothing is free. Take healing: it starts as a gift but to continue along this
path, the healing gift must be nurtured by training and practice. Take
websites: they offer free information and resources but they too must be
maintained by the payment of hosting fees and technical support costs.
And yet the same people who benefit from the free information are the
first to complain about sites that contain commercial advertising and the
last to be courteous and sign a guestbook.

The spiritual truth is that those who want something for nothing always
take and never give while those who put out something for nothing always
give and never take. Sites and people that give too much get burned out
and close up shop. Sites and people that take too much get a bad
reputation and close up too.

The only thing that works is balance… sometimes giving, sometimes

taking… as is appropriate. Sites and people which take this balanced view
are the ones who do succeed in the long run. See the "Spiritual Energy of
Money" to understand why.


Together everyone achieves more: teams of people usually accomplish

more than individuals do. Quite simply, strength comes from shared

Take the Internet: the simple act of linking is the best way to empower our
sites and others at the same time. Not only does linking help to improve a
site's standings in search engines, it draws quality traffic to our sites. For
our link list, click here.

The truth is it is better to get 50 hits from a good link that generates 20
customers than 1,000 hits from a search engine that generates none. The
secret to creating wealth is people helping empower other people … look
at the top businesses in any industry and you will see that the good,
helpful guys are those who finish first.


It is a fact of life that what you get out of it is what you put into it. The real
reasons that you do what you do is really what drives your success or
assures your failure. Take the case of Meta Tags, those "hidden" words on a
web page that are used by "robots" and "spiders" of search engines to
classify and rank your page. Many use tips and tricks to try and bend the
robots and spiders to their will but the search engines are not fooled and
neither is the universe… tricksters only fool themselves.


People spend money for many reasons most of which boil down to one.
They perceive - rightly or wrongly - that what they are receiving is more
valuable than the money they are spending. Where no value is perceived,
no money will be spent.

Take web directories that charge for listings, especially those not among
the first 30 on major search engines. Most of them have few listings and
fewer still which renew the next year. Why? Because the best directories
provide free listings and instead cover their costs by advertising. "Free
directories" can attract advertisers because their directory services draw
in quality traffic both from those providing and those searching for
services. For the best of these directories, click here!


Believe it or not, people are more ready to spend money than time. Take
web surfers: most will look at the home page of website and decide in 30
seconds or less if they want to "waste any of their valuable time" on it.

People will decide instantly not to waste their time if they see graphics
that do not load, home pages that go on forever, disorganized content, or
graphics created by two year olds. Sites like that scream "I don't care, why
should you?" And yet the webmasters of such sites wonder why they get
no traffic. Duh!


The first way to provide value to your customers is to make sure that
whatever you do - your work or your website - it well organized. Taking the
time to set things up so that people can find what they are looking for
quickly and easily shows you are respecting the gift of the time and
attention they are giving you.


The second way to provide value to your customers is to make sure that
the content of your work is as accurate as you can make it. Of course,
there will be mistakes… and when others point them out, be gracious
about it and correct them as quickly as you can. For your site is only as
good as the information it spreads!


The third way to provide value to your customers is to make sure that
"quality goes in before the name goes on." Quality content is meant to
help others to solve a problem or just feel good. The universe does not
need another "buy my book, worship me" website… it needs more sites
with "love, sweet love"!


The fourth way to provide value to your customers is to make sure that
"you put your best foot forward" at all times. Fix those typos, clean up
those graphics, and remove those words that do not show love.


The best way to provide value to your customers is to show the world your
heart. There is no one like you in the universe! Be proud of that and show
us all how we can share in and celebrate your uniqueness!

Credits: inspired by Jim Harmon's "Spiritual Healing" and from channeled information

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