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Unpacking Hook and push Attach Close

Attach the paper tension unit

It may come attached to the printer in some countries.

The shape of the plug may vary by location. Connecting the Power Cord
Assembling the Printer
2 Remove Open Connect
Pull upright and push firmly

Confirm the (OFF) Plug in

Make sure that all of the

protective materials in the Connecting the Printer to Your Computer
printer are removed

Do not touch the white cable

4 c Caution:
❏ The interface cable connectors have only one correct orientation. Make sure the orientation of the connector is correct
Remove inside the printer before inserting it into the appropriate port.
❏ Do not connect or disconnect the printer while it is turning on.

Push and USB

hold up

Tense the ribbon

Connect firmly
Remove the paper tension unit Confirm the print head is in the middle Connect firmly

Insert the ribbon

between the print IEEE1284 (PARALLEL)
head and carriage c Caution:
Do not insert the ribbon on the far
side of the carriage.

<correct> <incorrect>

Connect firmly
Connect firmly and
Insert until it clicks Tense carriage

Continued Continued on back

EIA-232D (SERIAL) Fasten

Connect firmly and

Connect firmly fasten

Slide the left sprocket to and lock it Slide the right sprocket to the edge of
Installing the Printer Software the paper

5 Windows 8
Lock Attach

Download the printer driver

and install it

Windows 7/Vista/XP/2000
Printing on single sheets Insert the
Insert paper

Confirm the (OFF) Push back the lever

Move the left edge guide to 0 position

Getting More Informations

Follow the
instructions 7 Now setup is finished and the printer is ready.
For detailed information about the printer and troubleshooting, refer to the User's Guide.

Note: Follow the

Installing the printer software may require administrator privileges. If you have problems, ask your administrator for more instructions

Loading Paper If you cannot find the information you require in the User's Guide, visit our Web site: Copy by dragging or
open by double-clicking

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Turn off the power
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