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Ismaili Centre Dubai

Date of practical Assessment: ___________________

Observations, Hazards and unsafe Priority Action to be taken(if any) list any immediate Time scale
practices risk and longer- term actions required Immediate
(H,M,L) ,1 Week
Electricity: There should be a pre design map for fixing office
1-Loose Cables: While on routing Visit I equipment and cabling.
observed that in Portfolio office ,Facilities
office, JK and youth and scouts meeting Reroute all type of loss cables and tie properly.
rooms I find many loose cables which are L 2 Months
very dangerous and quit possibility of Train relevant staff and increase frequency of
Electrical and fire hazards supervision

2-Damage Cables & Insulations: Implement Check before use Procedure

There are various Housekeeping Machine
Cables which are poorly Insulated and H Train and supervise users 1-Week
damaged. I also observed that some
damaged Extension Cables are using Give ownership and responsibility to user.
many by our facility staff.

3-Loose Sockets: I find at various points Increase Frequency of inspections and inform
like Facility’s office, main reception area immediately to the concern authority 2-Weeks
that there are few loose Power plug and H
sockets. Train and supervise internal and external users
(Volunteers and Visitors)

4-Overload on one plug: It is observed

that overload on one Plug or extension Inform risk and hazards associated with 1-Month
become a routine Practice in various M overloading to Users and relevant Staff
offices of the facility
Provision of alternatives to the users

5-Uncheck Use of Electrical Equipment Implementation of Check before Policy (Specially

and portable Devices: outsiders) and in-house staff
It is in practice that without pre-use test
and verification most of the staff use M Ensure time to time equipment inspection by a From time
Various appliances e.g. Maintenance and competent person. to time
Cleaning machines , Photocopier, Drill Provide training & awareness program

6-Electrical Braker tripping: I find that Introduce a policy for authorization

when there is any braker trips, without
proper investigation security & H Competent person should rectify the fault Immediate
engineering Associates turns on the same
braker again Train and monitor other relevant staff

7-Floor Lights: I Observed that some

floor lights are reflecting more light which Replace with less voltage energy savers
are hazardous to for human eyes. M Remove unnecessary ones 3-Weeks
secondly they can cause electrical fire in Remove green leaves over hanging on lights
the lawns and gardens by heating green Increase more patrolling from security

7-Working without PPE: I also notice that There should be a policy for wearing right PPE for
Most of our Staff were not using PPE L right task. 2-Weeks
while they were handling Risky
tasks(Chemical, working at height & Provision of Training and supervision
Provision of appropriate PPE.
Always prefer Water based paints rather oil paints.
Chemical Hazards: Apply oil paint in absence of occupants
Increase ventilation and always use appropriate
1-Oil based Solvent Fumes: I come PPE.
across in some places that oil paint and H Paint brushes are more economical than paint 8 Weeks
Polishes were used in many places of the roller.(In the context of Paint use) Reduce
facility Exposure timing

2- Immeasurable application of cleaning Increase Training and supervision

& maintenance chemicals: It is also in my
observations that HK and landscape staff Provision of appropriate apparatus for measuring
were using chemicals immeasurably i.e. L chemicals. 3 Weeks
Pool Acid, chlorine and Biotek etc.
Procure certified green seal chemicals

3-Aerosoles from Air Freshener: Reduce unnecessary frequencies of spray and

One of the major source of Suspended M reduce exposure. 4 Weeks
particles are comes from Air neutralizer. Purchase environment friendly fresheners.
Go for natural essences and flowers

4- Chemical handling without proper Provision of appropriate PPE,

protected: it is observed that Some of our
staff use degreaser, pool acids & Training and supervision from time to time
Insecticides without proper Protecting
their hands and boy, which can remove H Reduce unnecessary application & handling 6Weeks
natural oils & cause corrosive effects on
hands, eyes & other body parts Ensure that the users are competent for the

5-Unsafe storage: Provision of an appropriate store, with enough

It is also observed that most of the ventilation and with recommended temperature.
chemicals were stored at higher level
than recommended. Flammables are M Authorized access is ensured 2 Weeks
stores with normal chemicals i.e. HK Store keeper should be competent
Store, Gardening Store and first floor Training and supervision is mandatory
Technical area.

6-Inappropriate temperature: Ensure recommend temperature is maintained

Recommended temperature is not throughout the season
maintained in Gardening Store ,first floor Training and supervision is important
Technical areas, main Generator Room H Dispose- off unnecessary chemicals 1 Weeks
and medical room in the basement

7-Irregular Diesel changing from Fire There should be a proper schedule for checking
Pump and Electrical Generator: and maintenance of generator and fire pump.
There is no any proper schedule to There should be a schedule for running fire pump 1 Weeks
change Diesel from Fire Pump and L and generator from time to time.
electrical generator.

8-Working without PPE: I also notice that Increase Training and supervision in the context of
Most of our Staff was not using PPE while importance & requirement of PPE.
they were handling Chemicals like Pool H Provision of appropriate PPE.
acid, Floor Strippers, Sulfamic Acid Take disciplinary actions if someone intentionally Immediate
crystals etc. not wears PPE.

9-Uncolked Medicines: There are two Provision of Lock and key System
unlocked first aid boxes which are very Policy of ownership
easily accessible to Children and an H Access should be only to authorized person
untrained person .It is a potential source Provision of First Aid Training and certify at least Immediate
of endangering any lives one ICD Staff
Fire Hazards
Provision of auto valve and other necessary parts
1-Unavailability of Firs House reel Auto is mandatory
Valve: H
There are two Auto valves are absent in There should be a professional approach and 4 Weeks
AKELC Area. maintenance schedule to avoid risks
Training and supervision from time to time

2-Improper Installation of DCP Cylinders Installation of all types of cylinders should be

in the ITREB Floor: done professionally
DCP cylinders were improperly installed in L There should be a system of an authorized access 4 Weeks
the Two Stores of ITREB only

3-Improper Storage of Flammable: There should be a separate store for all types of
Various Flammable are stored with other flammables.
chemicals and consumables in HK Store,
BSH-04 First floor Technical area Recommended temperature should be maintained
gardening Store. There is no any source H throughout the season. 3 Weeks
of cooling in gardening store. while there
are many flammable Sprit lamp, Provision of AC to gardening store
pesticides & Even petrol is stored Supervision of training from time to time

4-Improper use of Micro wave/ovens and Training and supervision from time to time
Electrical Heaters:
I observed that most of our staff use H Provision of such utensils which are designed to 2 Weeks
unsuitable Utensils in Microwaves and use in micro oven.
recommended temperature is not
Maintained. Avoid unnecessary use of micro oven.

5-Loose Sockets and Overloading on one Training and supervision in the context of risk and
Electric Board: hazards associated with overloading and improper
There are various Officers, meeting connection,
rooms and hall ways where Facility staff M
and even meeting facilitator use Electrical Provision of alternatives to the users 1 Weeks
appliances without checking capacity of
the source. Rectify faults on regular basis.

6-Unacceptably maintained Vehicles: There should be a policy for vehicle parking

There are various vehicles in the In the premises of the facility
basement which are not properly 3 Weeks
maintained and oil usually gushing from M Awareness and other communication complain
such vehicles. should be there to address such issues

7-Petrol , Diesel & lubricants in the tanks There should be a lodge book for regular
of Lawn mower and Electrical generator M inspection and maintenance of such machines 1 Week

8-Over night Connected Electrical There should be a policy for using all type of
Appliances: electrical appliances
There are many computers & others L Provision of ownership to the user 1 Week
electrical appliances which are usually not
disconnected over night Training and Awareness programs
9-Unavailability of proper Fire Fighting Provision of appropriate firefighting equipment and
Tools and equipment: I fell that there are accessories. i.e. Leather man
no tools & equipment to deal in case of L Provision of suitable cylinder in the garbage room. 3 Weeks
emergency (No Cylinders In garbage
Slip, trip and Fall Increase adequate lighting
Post caution boards
1-Uneven Terrazzo Floor H Fills uneven gapes between stones 4 Weeks

Reduce frequency of polishing

2-Over buffed Marble and Wooden Floors Maintained by other means(regular cleaning
M through wet and dry floor moping) 2 Week

Increase frequency of cleaning and maintenance.

3-Slippery Floor in the rest rooms Provision of mats in vestibule & washbasin area
H 1 Week
Provision of anti sleep lining of carborandium
4-Slippery Stair case powder
H Provision of handrails 4 Week
Provision of adequate lighting

Provision of anti sleep lining of carborandum

5-Slippery Ramps M powder
Provision of handrails 4 Weeks
Provision of adequate lighting

Ergonomic Hazards There should be a pre plane place and structure

1-Poorly Designed Work for work station.
stations.(Carpenter and Electrician) L Training and supervision from time to time is 6 Weeks
Provision of suitable trolleys and lifts for handling
2-Excessive Manual Handling & Movement heavy items
M Training and supervision is the context of manual 4 Weeks
handling and side effects.

3-Too Many Machine and switches on Provision of one or minimum number of sound
sound system M system with latest ergonomic designs
Training and supervision for volunteers 3 Weeks

4-Storage of heavy items on height Training in store management is compulsory

M Provision of adequate store and shelving 3 Weeks

Poor Local Environment Provision of enough lighting in some parts of the

1-Poor lighting in basement basement area(In front of Hk Store,& Staff Rest
H room Area 4 Weeks
There should be a uniform standard for all in
2-Extreme Hot/Cold temperature house offices meeting rooms and hallways.
M Provision of sun block creams to whose are
working outside 1 Week
Provision of Enough Water to avoid Dehydration
Selection of such equipment and accessories which
3-Noise from Various Machines (Grinder should be certified and Sound level should be not 1 Week
/Chiller) M more than recommended level Provisions of sound
blocker i.e. Membranes

Increase duration of ventilation in the basement

4-Poor ventilations L area specially in the evening
Increase frequency of wringing and maintenance 4 Weeks
level (Rest rooms in the basement)

Poor Emergency preparedness and

Access Provision of ramps on the right side of J k.
1-Lack of Ramps H Emergency exit doors 6 Weeks
2-Steps on the way towards gathering Provision of ramp on the steps of exit area of
Point morning prayer hall towards services gate 4 Weeks
H Provision of handrails on stair case

3-Narrow Escape Exits Provision of more emergency exits

Extension of existing emergency doors. 6 Weeks
M Emergency exit drills are mandatory

4-Lack of emergency response equipment Provision of emergency response equipment and

and accessories H accessories 3 Weeks
Staff & Volunteer should be train to handle any
emergency with minimum available resources

5-Untrain Staff and Volunteers Provision of Training and supervision from time to
H time is very important. 4 Weeks
Only Train staff should be allowed to handle in
case of emergency.

Poor welfare facilities Provision of shower Areas for all Staff

There should be a Clear authorization for all staff 5 Weeks
1-No shower Areas for all Staff H to use Youth & scouts area rest room.

2-No drinking water facility in the Dubai Provision of adequate drinking water facility
park M Like water cooler or bottle to avoid dehydration. 2 Weeks

3-Inadequate cleaning of staff toilets and Increase frequency of cleaning and maintenance.
dining area H Train and supervise the staff to acquire set targets 3 Weeks
and objectives

4- Intricate Insurance policy There should be a clear document regarding the

medical insurance facilities 4 Weeks
M There should be an easy way to approach relevant
source and person when required

5-uncertified provision of safety shoes, Provision of certified safety shoes and other PPE
uniform and PPE from a branded company/Supplier.
H There should be a policy for procurement of safety 3 Weeks
equipment and other requirements related to
occupational health and safety

Hazards Related to Transport Provision of safety Signage/Blockades, whenever

H work is in progress on ramps. 2 Weeks
1-Working on Ramps without safety Security should be informed to reroute traffic for
that period
2-Unsupervised Children in the basement Increase security patrolling.
area H Install CCTV Cameras. 1 Week
Get Volunteers and Parents assistance

3-Lack of pedestrian paths in the Provision of Pedestrian path is mandatory

basement area. M Install safety tools like Mirrors in Blind Areas 5 Months

Radiations Provision of Adequate PPE i.e. Anti sun burn

M creams(Sun blockers) ,Google and Hats etc 1 Week
1-Facility Landscape staff working in Reduce exposure time & Provision of Water
external areas
Inform the Main contactor regarding Our Safety
2 Contactors staff working externally M and health policy. 2 Weeks
Select a competent Contractor.
Instruct the contactor to obey the local laws
related to safety and health
Provision of Adequate PPE i.e. Anti sun burn
3-Security Staff and volunteers L creams(Sun blockers) ,Google and Hats etc
Reduce exposure Time and Provision of Enough
Unsafe Machinery Replace the upright to a safer place where it
1-Un Guarded Upright lift should be properly covered, guarded & protected 2 Week
H There should be lodge book for proper
maintenance and repair
2-Un protected chiller areas. Provision of proper lock and key system.
H Provision of CCTV Camera. 3 Weeks
Policy for authorized access only

3-unsuitable Storage areas for Provision of suitable place for maintenance and
Maintenance and cleaning Machines L cleaning Machines.
Increase maintenance frequency for machines in 4 Weeks
the existing Areas

4-Unlocked technical rooms There should be a procedure for proper lodge and
H key system for all technical rooms 2 Weeks
Develop a policy for Authorized access only
Develop a ownership culture
5-unlocked Vehicles There should be a procedure for proper lodge and
H key system for all Vehicles 4 Weeks
Access should be given to competent people
Develop a ownership culture

Working at height Provision of training and supervision is mandatory.

1-working at height with insufficient There should be a policy for competent staff to be 3 Weeks
Training and precautions H work at height.

There should be a written work permit system

Work at dangerous/difficult Places Authorization should be only for competent 2 Weeks
M professionals

Biological Hazards Increase frequency of cleaning & maintenance

1-Infections from medical and Garbage M Disinfect the rooms frequently 2 Weeks
room Dispose medical waste separately
2-Possibility of Infections Landscape area Wash and disinfect hands from time to time
(Micro organism, fertilizers) and from L That staffs who is working externally should wear 3-Weeks
Birds excretion Adequate PPE.
Management Report
Name: Nadeem Alam

Date of inspection: _____________ Place of inspection ____________Time:__________

On 8th Of May 2010, I visited Ismaili centre Dubai, where I find most of the activities were
in order, safe and secure conditions.

However there are some points that I observed which are pretty much considerable for the
management to perform.

Electrical Hazards:

I observed that there are many loose cables in facility office, portfolio office, JK. Sound
room, ITREB staff office etc. beside this when meeting held in social hall area ,our IT in
charge lay cables for mic and Computers system ignoring international occupational safety
and health procedures. Management required to introducing an undeviating solution to
avoid any misshapen. Like provision of more electrical points under the wooden floor,
selection of cordless Meeting accessories, re routing of the cables & proper tying the wires.

I find that where there is any electrical tips occurs, without finding the cause our security
and even Eng. Team turn on the faulty socket. Which I think unprofessional and lack of
training and supervision

It is noticed that there are many jamati members and contractors who are using their own
appliances like lap tops, drill machines etc .which is again unethical and unsafe for the
property. There should be a policy for all jamati members; visitors and people form
contractor side a “check before use” procedure for all electrical appliances.

It is also observed that Eng. Staff usually not wearing PPE while they are working with
electrical equipment and accessories. However they are aware of basic concept of safety,
even then I think it is very important for all Eng. staff who are dealings with electricity
should wear PPE.

There are many electrical equipment and accessories which remain turn on or standby over
night without any justification (many computers) so we must train and supervise our staff
and volunteer in the context of cast involvement and hazard related to theses appliances

These discrepancies can cast us a lot if proper attention and supervision was not given in
time. There will be loss of equipment, production, individual or group health. There will be
indirect casts like insurance, Reputation of the ICD, repair and training casts.

I would like to draw the attention of our management to train, supervise and provide
information and induction training to all staff and building occupants. Being a responsible
community it is also our Moral and legal obligation to ensure a check before use policy and
give equal importance to occupational health and safety policy and culture in the centre.
Chemicals Hazards:

While my Visit I observed that some variations form occupational safety and health
standards. e.g. there are certain hazardous chemicals like oil solvents, floor stripper,
degreaser, insecticides and pool acid which can cause respiratory diseases & other disorders
are using by us without proper pre cautions and measurements.

Chemicals storage is another hazard because flammables and non flammables are stored in
the same place.

Temperature is another issue specially the temperature in the garden store is terrible .there
are many volatile and flammable chemicals like petrol and insecticides which required
proper temperature and storage.

Medians in the first aid Box are easily accessible to the children, which can be a serious
crime .because both the medical boxes (ITREB Floor and JK Pantry) are open and any one
can approach it.

Irregular diesel changing from main generator room and fair pump room, although it is not
a serious issue but it can damage machinery due to longer storage

“There should be a policy for selection, storage and application of various chemicals. We
should select such chemicals which are more environments friendly and certified from
internationally recognized body .e.g. Green seal-65. We should go for water based paints
rather oil paints .whenever we use oil paints always use in a Ventilated area and in absence
of occupants. Unnecessary application of chemicals like pool acid, chlorine insecticides and
other cleaning and maintenance chemicals, which can cause various direct and indirect
effect not only on human health but also to the property as well.

There should be a separate storage areas for flammables and non flammables chemicals. All
Chemicals should not be store at higher shelves. Management should take immediate notice
of temperature issue especially in the garden store, because there are flammables like
patrol and insecticides which required certain temperature to maintain its stability.

There should be a lock and key system for the medical boxes and access should be given
only certified and authorized professionals.

To compile national and international occupational safety and health standards, it is

mandatory to train and supervise all staff from time to time. We can improve our systems
through identifying KPI and benchmarking our services

Fire Hazards:

On my visit I come across certain fire hazards e.g. there are two firehouse reel auto valves
which are still missing.

Various flammables are stored with non flammables items in garden store, first floor
technical store and housekeeping store.

There are various offices where over loading on one electrical socket and loose extensions
were observed. Beside this over night some electrical appliances are remain standby.

DCP cylinders are not properly installed in the ITREB Floor storage area and there is no any
fire safety system at all in the main garbage room.
While there are some vehicles which are improperly maintained and oil leaks from their
tanks which is a potential fire hazard.

Improper use of electrical appliances like micro waves and water heaters are also fire

No proper fires and safety suit (Lather man) and equipment were provided to handle any
fire emergency.

“There should be a policy to handle emergency situations. Which seems missing in our
facility? Training and supervision is another very important factor to handle emergencies
like fire drills, emergency evocations. Assigning of duties and responsibilities to every
groups and individual including Volunteers is also invisible.

To combat these challenges we have to give equal importance to occupational safety &
health in our work place to avoid any type of catastrophe. Training and supervision is
mandatory to be prepared for all weathers

Being a responsible community it is our moral obligation to compile occupational health and
safety rules of the land and international certifying bides like ILO, WHO, IOSH etc.

Slip, trip and fall

There are two three areas where I find that floor is uneven, slippery and more chances of
slip trip and fall. Like terrazzo floor in the main entrance areas, slippery staircases and
ramps areas.

Management should plain to provide separate routes for predestine and vehicles especially
in the basement area.

Provision of adequate lighting, anti slippery pads (carboradium powder) and hand rails on
stair cases and from shoe rack area to Jamatkhana main entrances gate

Increase maintenance and cleaning frequencies in slippery areas i.e. Restrooms, wooden
floor, marble floors and on terrazzo floors

Ergonomic Hazards

On my visit I observed Poorly design ergonomic work station for carpenter, which required
redesign to reduce manual handling. In the same way work station for electrician is also not
ergonomic and environment friendly.

Sound system in the jk is also confusing because there are many system and designing is
not ergonomic.

I would like to draw the attention of the management to provide appropriate place and
resources to redesign the work stations and reduce the risks and hazards that related to
poor ergonomic design. (Manual handling, storage of heavy items on height, too many
switches on sound system etc)

Provision of an ergonomically design sound system, that will enable the volunteer to use the
system durably and professionally
Poor Local Environment

There are some points in the basement area where adequate lighting is missing e.g. In the
basement area near housekeeping store BTC-08 and in front of staff toilets. I suggest that
over all lighting requires increasing because Staff, Jamat seniors, children & visitors are
facing difficulties while they were crossing these points and as per security reports there are
several vehicles bumped with pillars and pavements due to poor lightings

Noise is another issue, like noise from chillers. At the moments sound level is bearable but
on peak seasons when all chillers are functional then it can disturb neighboring houses.

Noise from marble grinder and vacuum machines, I observed that there is enough noise
coming out of these machines which is enough to irritate someone easily. Grinder and wet
and dry vacuum cleaner

Extreme Hot and cold temperatures is another poor environment issue, because some of
our staff are working under extreme temperatures outside without proper safety (Without
sun blocks and enough water ,while there are certain offices where temperature set point is
not honored and changing on their own comfort & desire.

Keeping in view above mentioned points I would like to suggest that management has to
consider think for a less noisy chiller. In the same way we should have a policy for
procurement of such machines which are environment friendly and should be certified from
an internationally recognized body.

We should provide sun blocks and other safety items to our associates who are working
outside under harsh weather .we must train and manage their timing in such a way that
exposure timing and intensity should be less.

It is the right of the staff to get training & it is the Management who should train, supervise
and provide information regarding the activities and hazards associated to these activities.

Poor Emergency preparedness and Access

It is observed that there should be ramps on external right side exit door areas of
congregation hall, There are steps instead of a ramp (for wheel chairs) on way towards
assembly point, In the same way there should be some train volunteers or any attendant on
both sides of congregation hall to carry Senior citizens and special people on wheel chairs in
case of an emergency, that is also not in placed.

I observed that the emergency exits are small in size as we have a huge jamath on certain
occasions, (It might be due to aesthetic senses of the building even then our leaders should
think for an alternatives solution)

I think that except some staff and jamati members most of the jamati members and staff
are not trained for an emergency evocation which reflects that we are not fully prepared to
coupe an emergency.

I suggest that there should be a well trained team in the facility to handle any emergency,
management should facilitate staff and emergency handling team through providing training
and supervision.

Provision of ramps & wheel chairs are also mandatory because many Jamati members with
special need and care are coming for performining their prayers in the congregation hall.
Poor welfare facilities

I find that there are no shower areas for facility staff, and staffs are not allowed to take
bathe in youth and scouts area due their regular activities in youth area..It is the basic right
of the staff to get basic hygiene standards.

In the same way there is no drinking water facility in the Dubai park area, Provision of
water is our basic duty because it very important to avoid dehydration of our contractor
people as well as our staff working in that area.

Toilets are close in the park being a public park rest rooms should be remains opens all the
time, to facilitate park visitors.

Intricate Insurance policy is another problem for the staff some time it cases violence
physiological hazards. Cause there is no insurance if they injury of work place. And some
time when they visit Dr. they are also asking for permission from Insurance Company.

Uncertified PPE I come to know that we are not purchasing such PPE which were certified by
some international certifying body.(ILO,OSHA,IOSH) It can cause a big problem cause most
of the staff don’t know whether given PPE Is appropriate for all type of activity or need
specific PPE for each Task.

I suggest that we should provide adequate welfare facilities and certified PPE with respect to
individual task. Management should revise insurance policy because it cause physiological
hazard among staff. Provision of training and supervision from time to time for all staff and
supervisors are mandatory.

Hazards Related to Transport

I observed that our Housekeeping and landscape staffs are working on ramps without
barricade the ramps area and informing security. In the same way our security staffs are
also working among jamati Vehicles in the front area and in the basement area.

There are unsupervised children playing in the basement area especially in the evening
during and after prayer timing which is again a potential hazard and there are many
possibilities of Accidents.

Lack of pavements in the basement parking for pedestrians is also a potential hazard,
because there are many children and senior citizen crossing the parking area and there is
no one to look after during prayer ceremony

I suggest Management to provide more training and supervision for those staff who are
working on ramps or in basement area.

Secondly it should be ensured that there must of some volunteer in the basement parking
areas to look after the children and senior citizens,

Provision of CCTV cameras is also a better option to monitor people from control room.

Provision of pedestrian paths is also mandatory to avoid any unpleasant seen.


I find out that our security staff and landscape associates are working under open sun,
which is again a hazard, Rays from direct sunlight can burn skin and many cause irritation.
Staff from contractor side can also affect. If they are working in our premises it is our
responsibility to avoid any type of accident/incident should not happen in our facility

I suggest that provision of adequate PPE and sun block cream is very important for our
staffs who are working under harsh weathers. And we should ensure for contractors to
provide same PPE to their staff while they are working in our premises

We can split exposure time that it will help to reduce intensity of radiation. Provision of
more water is also very important to avoid dehydrations

Unsafe Machinery:

I come acres that personal loft is not garden and covered in the basement area and it is
parked in such an area where children can easily approach

In the same way our chiller area is not locked and children and un authorized people can
easily enter to that area.

There is no any specific area for maintenance machines e.g. there is no any storage area for
marble grinder, it is usually kept in pump room which can cause a big huddle in case of an
emergency and itself is wrong to store in a pump room.

In the same way unlocked vehicles in the parking area is another potential hazard.

Unlocked technical and electrical rooms are also carries potential hazards.

I would like to draw the attention of the management to replaced the position of the
existing personal lift and provide some sort of covering to avoid dust problem. There should
be a lodge book for its maintenance and repair work of this machine.

Chiller area should be locked to avoid unauthorized access. There should be labeling on it
such as warning signs and authorized access only etc.

Provision of specific storage area is mandatory for all type of machines and there should be
a lodge and key system for theses storage areas

It should be ensured that all vehicles in the basement should be locked and irrelevant
access should not be given.

This is also our duty to keep locked all technical and electrical areas. These areas should be
closed properly to avoid unauthorized access and ensure minimize risks

Working at height:

I find that most of our staffs are working at height without proper tool training and

There is no procedure for “confined space entry” and difficult place working procedure.

I would like to suggest that there should be mandatory training and information secession
for all those staff who are supposed to work on higher areas. There should be a toll box talk
before starting any task, all staff should be properly equipped and train to use PPE.

There should be a check before use procedure for all equipment and accessories and there
should be a procedure for confined space entry. Like there should be written permission
system, only authorized staff should be allowed to carry the task etc.
Biological Hazards:

There are possibilities of biological hazards (Bacteria, virus) from Medical room and garbage
room; even then our staffs are not properly equipped to handle such hazards.

There is another possibility of infections from dust .it may carry various infectious diseases
like TB. I find many of our staffs are working without mask and gloves.

It is also observed that there is another chance of exposure to biological hazards from
Manure in the lawns and gardens of the facility and secondly from flying bird’s excretion,
especially for staffs who are working open areas have more chances of vulnerable

I would like to suggest the facility management to first of all train and supervise all staff in
the context of biological hazards.

Secondly provision of adequate PPE. Management must ensure that all staff wears PPE when
they are carrying such activities which can cause hazardous effects

Frequency of cleaning and maintenance should be increased to ensure cleaning and

disinfection of all areas like Medical room, garbage room and Rest rooms etc.

There should be a procedure to avoid an unauthorized access to such areas. Occupants

should also play their part to reduce the risk of Pathogens through disposing Human tissues,
blood & Urine samples in their relevant bins


During my observation I find most of the activities were smooth and safe, although I come
to conclusion with following points and areas where there still room to improve and to
bench mark our services.

There is still not a clear & concrete policy for occupational safety and health in ICD and it
reflects that top management is not committed to implement occupational safety and health
policy at this stage and give less importance to OSH as compared to other departments

I suggest that ICD Board should give equal importance to Occupational health and safety
system and must create a safety culture in our facility to ensure safe property and people

It seems that most of the staff is not trained for occupational safety and health related a
hazard that is why it is very important to provide various general and specific trainings for
all staff. It should be made compulsory for all workers to participate in trainings

Management should ensure that Procurement of all equipment, accessories and PPE must be
licensed and certified form an authentic certifying body.

Building manager should have more authority & he must have more finances to implement
and ensure occupational safety and zero accident culture in the work place.

We have a considerable number of volunteer who are performing various tasks in the
centre, I want to suggest our leaders to train all our Volunteer with the scope of task that
they execute (First Aid ,Emergency evocation etc)

Management must take such measure to reduce hazards through taking corrective and
preventive measure and action .This can be achieved through training, rewards, awards &
through disciplinary actions