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The Odyssey Introduction and Background

Instructions: Please use the power point to respond to the items listed below.

1. The Greeks believed in the____________________________

2. Describe polytheism

3. What is hero worship?

4. An epic is? List two examples

5. Who wrote The Odyssey? When?

6. Summarize the legend of the Trojan War and the major conflicts that arose?

7. List and describe the ancient Greek values:

a. _______________________________:
c. _______________________________

b. _______________________________: d. _______________________________

e. ______________________________
8. Who was responsible for the fall of Troy?

9. Define Epic Poetry:

10. Define Epic Hero:

11. List the characteristics of an Epic Hero

12. List the steps of the Hero’s Journey:

13. What is an epic simile?

14. What is an epithet?

15. Define oral tradition?

14. What is a tragic flaw?