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The Three States of Being

Explained on the basis of teachings of
Bhagawan Sri Ramana Maharshi

Mugavaikanna Muruganadimai K Sriram

Sri Ramana Bhaktha Samajam

Chennai 600 033
Avastatrayam minimum as far as possible. However, every
effort is made not to dilute the seriousness of
[The Three States of Being explained on the basis of
the subject matter.
the Teachings of Bhagawan Sri Ramana Maharshi]
The choice is left to the reader to skip the
The Aim and Objective
Sanskrit words used and this will not in any way
“Avasta”, in Sanskrit means “State” and obstruct his understanding of the contents.
“Trayam” means “Three”. Hence,
Theory and the Statement of Basic Data
‘Avastatrayam’ means ‘The Three States of
Being’ i.e., 1] The Waking State [Jaagrat], 2] When all thoughts subside, we are
Dream [Swapnam] and 3] Deep Sleep overcome by sleep. When thoughts rise up
[Sushupti]. All human beings, on a daily basis again, we wake up. In fact, it is the thought that
and without exception, experience these three wakes us up. The mind is a bundle of thoughts
states irrespective of caste, creed, religion or and hence, to put it more accurately, we are
country they belong to. The study of these three woken up as soon as the mind starts functioning.
states in depth on the basis of the Teachings of The mind functions at two levels. When mind
Sri Ramana Maharshi is the aim & objective of expands and comes out of its inertia to its half
this study. Can there be a more fruitful level i.e. 50%, dreams appear. When the mind
venture than to understand & obtain clarity expands to its full 100% level, the result is the
on one’s own nature? And who is not Waking State. All that happens during the Dream
interested in himself? To enable the reader State appear to be absolutely real as if they are
[even if uninitiated into Vedanta & Philosophy] to happening during the Waking State. As long as
follow the contents without difficulty, the Vedantic the dream is pleasant, it continues for a longer
terminology is either avoided or reduced to a period of time. However, the moment it becomes

1 2

a nightmare, we get a severe shock, which nature is revealed in the sleep when it is off-
forcibly pushes us into the Waking State. The guard during the nightmare.
mind, by the sheer logic of survival, expands to
Hence Sri Ramana Maharshi puts forth the
its 100% level by the shock it gets in dream. In
basic question as to whether it is wise to lead
fact, we heave a sigh of great relief that the
one’s life totally depending upon one’s mind. He
nightmare is over and all that happened were
says that leading one’s life by acting on the
only a dream. The dream is experienced to such
advices offered by the mind is like traveling in a
realistic levels in spite of total lack of reality
ship without bearings and moorings. Hence, He
behind it.
strongly advocates ‘Self-Enquiry’ [who am I? Am
The fact that the dream becomes a I the mind?] to all those born as men and women.
nightmare shows clearly that the mind has no
Further, there must be a dreamer for the
control over its functioning. If the mind has
dream to take place. In Vedantic terms, he is
control over itself, it could have prevented the
called ‘Praatibhasika’ or ‘Swapnakalpita’ i.e.
pleasant dream becoming a nightmare. But,
the one who creates the dream. In Waking State,
never once, the nightmare is turned into a
the one [In Vedanta he is described as
pleasant dream again by the mind. This clearly
‘Vyaavaharika’] cannot see the world unless he
proves that the mind not only has no control over
identifies himself with a body. For e.g.
its own functioning but also has no limits in
Vyaavaharika is unable to see the world in deep
producing the thoughts irrespective of whether
sleep wherein he is not conscious of his body.
such thoughts are pleasant or terrible. This fact
Likewise, The Dreamer has to identify himself
highlights the truth that the mind acts as an
with a dream-body to see the dream world. So
insentient and lifeless thoughts- producing
it is obvious that whether it is Waking State or
machine and cannot act independently. Its true
Dream, perceiving the world in the respective
spheres without the body becomes impossible. As there must be a Vyaavaharika for
Sri Ramana Maharshi states this fact in His Swapanakalpita to exist, there must be the
famous ‘Reality in Forty Verses’, verse no.4: Paaramarthika for Vyavakarika to come into
being. So, Paaramarthika is the basic
“Can the world exist without the body? Can
substratum from which the other two have
anybody see the world without one’s body?”
arisen. Further, Paaramarthika is held as the
As such, there seems to be no difference one who has completed the journey in the
between the Waking state and the Dream except spiritual path and has reached the final goal of
that the Dream is a shortened form of Waking human life.
State and the Waking State is an elongated
Bhagawan Sri Ramana Maharshi got
Dream [Swapnam kshanikam; Jaagram
established in the state of True Awakening
Deergam-Sanskrit]. However, Sri Bhagawan
at the age of sixteen due to the nightmare
says that even the difference in the time frame
that gripped him in the form of Fear of Death,
is an illusion created by the mind since the
which destroyed the dream called the
dreamer experiences a period five years in
Waking State for Him. The transformation of
dream of 5’ duration.
the body-mind combination of a little boy,
Now one can safely infer that since the Venkataraman, into the Eternal Spirit, Sri
Waking State and Dream are absolutely similar Ramana Maharshi took place in a matter of
in nature, there must be a True Awakening from few minutes. Sri Bhagawan become a full-
the Dream called the Waking state, as waking up blown, Self-Realized Jnani without having
from a dream is everybody’s experience. Vedantic heard of Self-Realization even once before.
definition for the one who is established in the Thereafter, His entire life for the next 54
State of True Awakening is ‘Paaramarthika’. years during which He bore the human body for
5 6

the sake of devotees, was a demonstration Chuang Tzu: That person was none other than
of the state of True Awakening. Time and me!
again He affirmed that there exists this state Friend: Let it be! Everything is only a
of True Awakening out of direct experience dream. You must remember that!
of Self.
Chuang Tzu: No! My concern now is whether
In fact, this state of True Awakening is I am a butterfly dreaming myself
beyond time and space. For e.g., Chuang Tzu, to be Chuang Tzu or am I a
the Chinese philosopher, was immersed in grief human being imagining myself
when his friend met him on one fine morning. as butterfly? When I am not sure
His friend was surprised to see him worried as of my own existence as a man
normally Chuang Tzu was a lively and very happy or butterfly, how can I be happy?
person. So, he was curious to know the reason.
By this, Chuang Tzu is only making it clear
Chuang Tzu: Yester night I dreamt as if I were a that there is no difference at all between the
butterfly. Waking State and Dream. Sri Bhagawan
Friend: After all, it is only a dream; what is reiterates the fact that the Waking State is only
there to feel bad about it? yet another form of Dream in His ‘Ekanma
Panchakam, Verse 1’.
Chuang Tzu: That butterfly was dreaming as if it
were a man! “Forgetting one’s own real nature & believing it
to be the body,
Friend: Dream within a dream! Very good!
Why worry about it? Undergoing countless births & deaths and finally
realizing our nature

7 8
As the one and only Self is to wake up from the without Paaramarthika just as the wave & Froth
dream cannot exist without the ocean. Water has its
own characteristic sweet taste that is called
Called the Waking State which is full of worldly
Madhuryam [Sanskrit word] and this is
compared to the Bliss of the Self [Atman]. One
Know this to be the Truth ultimate. “ should remember here that the ocean in this
Jagat Guru Adi Sankara Bhagawat Pada, in simile is full of sweet water and not salt water
his ‘Drg Drsya Vivekam’ has explained this as the ocean is compared to Paaramarthika,
subject ‘Avastatrayam’ with suitable examples, the Jnani and its sweet taste to the Bliss Eternal
comparing Paaramarthika with the big ocean, of the Selfhood. Likewise, water cannot be but
Vyaavaharika with the wave that comes out of liquid in nature and this is called Dravatvam in
the ocean and the Swapnakalpita with the froth Sanskrit. As the liquid nature of the ocean fully
that is formed by the wave. The comparisons permeates the wave, the Self i.e. Paaramarthika
are as follows: is fully present in Vyaavaharika. However,
Vyaavaharika forgets his true nature that he is
When one thinks of ocean, the wave and the Self since he is totally engulfed by the worldly
the froth which form its infinitesimal part activities. This forgetfulness is described in
comes to our mind first but not its major portion Vedanta as ‘Pramada’. Adi Sankara, in many of
which is deep and calm. Likewise, Vyaavaharika his works, exhorts the seeker that he should be
and Swapnakalpita are experienced directly extremely careful not to indulge in pramada while
whereas Paaramarthika remains in the seeking the Self.
background unnoticed like the big ocean. Here
one can make one more observation that Just as the ocean is the basis for the wave,
Vyaavaharika and Swapnakalpita cannot exist Paaramarthika [State of True Awakening] is the
9 10

basis for Vyaavaharika [Waking State]. So also, Hence, as the dream world is believed
just as the wave is the basis for the froth, to be true in the Dream State, the world that
Vyaavaharika is the basis for Swapnakalpita. Just appears before us in the Waking State is
as the chillness is the nature of the froth, believed to be true in that state. In reality,
pleasantness is the nature of Dream. When the both the worlds are false and it is the
dream turns out to be unpleasant, the very dream bounden duty of all those who are born as
comes to an end as the dreamer is awakened. human beings, being endowed with power
The chillness is called Saithiyam in Sanskrit. Just of discrimination, to try with every ounce of
as the froth disappears again back into the wave their energy to sift the false from Reality &
and the wave into the ocean & the ocean alone bring to an end the dream called Waking
remains as before, when True Awakening takes State and wake up to the State of True
place, Vyaavaharika & Swapnakalpita merge in Awakening. This is the very purpose of
Paaramarthika & the SELF ALONE SHINES human life. This is the only achievement that
FORTH AS THE ONE WITHOUT THE opens the gate to permanent happiness
SECOND, [Ekameva Advatiyam Brahma] as that is devoid of all sufferings & anything
proclaimed by the Vedas. that fall short of this, however great
achievement it may be, will not free us from
In the above analogy, it is noteworthy to
the sorrows of the world of the Waking State.
understand the fact that Paaramarthika also is
an imagined Personality to prove the falsity Now let us get back to some more aspects
of the other two, namely, Vyaavaharika and of ‘The State of True Awakening’. This is a state,
Swapnakalpita. What remains always is the which is not interrupted by sleep as in the case
one and only Self [State of True Awakening] of the ordinary Waking State. Hence this can be
alone. called as ‘Total Wakeful State’. You can also look

11 12
at this state from the other way around.i.e. This are held as one & same but different
is a state that is not interrupted by Waking State. manifestations of the Same Self-Supreme.
So you can call this state as ‘State of Total Sleep’.
In fact, this state of True Awakening is
To put it in a nutshell, this state is full of ‘Total
called in different names, such as, Self,
Awareness’ and is beyond all the three states
State of Deliverance, State of Emancipation,
[i.e. Waking State, Dream & Sleep]. This is a
Mukti, Moksha, Brahmam, Kaivalyam,
state where ‘Total Wakeful State’ and ‘Total Sleep
Sahaja, Ekatma, State of Sthitha
State’ mean one and same thing. This True State
Prajnya, Chidakasam, Chidhambaram,
is the foundation on which the other three states
Daharaakasam, Parama Padam,
are built upon. In Hindu mythology, out of 330
Sachidanandam, Silence, Shanthi, Mownam,
millions of Gods, two are held supreme. They
Atma Jnana Bhodham, Lord Siva, Lord Maha
are Lord Siva and Lord Maha Vishnu. Lord Siva
Vishnu, Parasakthi, Lord Ganesh, Lord
is portrayed as God of ‘Total Wakeful State’. He
Subrahmania, Allah, Father in the Heaven,
sits in Padmasana with crossed legs and eyes
Prajnyanam and in many other names.
closed and fully aware of Himself. The Atma
Jnana or the Self –Knowledge is described as This State of True Awakening is also called
His ‘Third Eye’ which never sleeps. On the other ‘Turiyam’ [Fourth State] because it is beyond
hand, Maha Vishnu happily & totally lies down the three states. When the indivisible Self,
on His snake-bed and is in ‘Total Sleep State’. Ekatma Vasthu, is partitioned by the two walls,
Since this state does not belong to the ordinary namely, 1] Waking State and 2] Dream, the third
sleep, Puranas describe this as ‘Yoga Nidra’ portion i.e. Sleep is created. These three states,
or Endless Sleep [Anantha Sayanam-Sanskrit in turn, create the ‘I am the body’ consciousness.
word]. That is why Lord Siva and Lord Maha When this body-consciousness identifies itself
Vishnu are held as the highest of Gods, nay, they with the body of the Waking State, the Waking
13 14

State is experienced. When this body- experience is the indescribable State of True
consciousness identifies itself with the body of Awakening that is beyond ‘Avastatrayam’
the Dream State, the Dream world is [Sanskrit word] without any variation or gradation
experienced. When the body-consciousness is or names or forms.
absent, both the Waking State and the Dream Further, Vedanta explains Avastatrayam in
disappear and we go back to our natural state conjunction with Sareeratrayam [i.e. three
i.e. Sleep which is covered by ignorance. bodies]. All human beings are made up of three
However, when the body-consciousness is bodies. They are 1] Sthula Sareeram [Gross
body] – the physical body, 2] Sukshma
destroyed through Intelligence by Atma Vichara
Sareeram - Mind or Ego [Sukshma means
i.e. Self-Enquiry while we are awake, the natural ‘subtle’ - As the mind is subtle & invisible, this
state of Self-Bliss that is experienced in the sleep body is called Sukshma Sareeram], and 3]
is experienced in the Waking State also. Since it Kaarana Sareeram [Subtlest of all the three
is beyond all the three states, it was named as bodies]. Kaaranam means Cause. As this body
the Fourth State, i.e. ‘Turiyam’ in Vedanta. When is the root-cause for the creation of the other
all the three states are realized to be false, how two bodies, it is named as Kaarana Sareeram.
can this state of reality be named as the Fourth Also, Vedanta says that the Self is covered by
one? Hence, Vedanta again renamed it as five sheaths [Pancha Kosas – Pancha means
‘Turiyatitam’ i.e. the one and only state five & Kosa means sheath]. These are
1] Annamaya Kosa, 2] Pranamaya Kosa, 3]
transcending all the three states. Thus the
Manomaya Kosa, 4] Vignanamaya Kosa and
names, Turiyam & Turiyatitam were ascribed
5] Aanandamaya Kosa. Sthula Sareera is made
to this State of True Awakening. These
up of Annamaya kosa & Pranamaya kosa. The
philosophical sojourns creating various names
are for those who seek theoretical solutions to nature of Sthula Sareera is Waking State
satisfy their intellects. In reality, the Jnani’s [Jaagrat]. Mind or the Sukshma Sareera forms
15 16
the Manomaya kosa. Its nature is Dream “Kaarana Sareera or Maya is the root-
[Swapnam]. Mind creates the dream during cause for all the sufferings. This is the
sleep and daydreaming in the Waking State as Original Ignorance that is directly opposed to
well as the Waking State, which by itself is a Atma Jnana [Self-Knowledge]. While it is
dream as has been stated repeatedly in this possible to define everything under the sun within
study. The nature of Kaarana Sareera is the nine categories, namely, 1] Sat [Exists], 2]
Sleep [Sushupti] which forms the fifth Asat [Does not Exist], 3] Satasat [Beyond
sheath, Aanandamaya kosa. Karana Sareera Existence & Non-Existence], 4] Bhinnam
functions as Intellect in Vignanamaya kosa [Divisible], 5] Abhinnam [Indivisible], 6]
during Waking State and lies dormant and Bhinnabibhinnam [Neither Divisible nor
immersed in Original Ignorance [Moola Avidya Indivisible], 7] Avayavam [With parts], 8]
– Sanskrit word] in Aanandamaya kosa wherein Niravayavam [Without parts], 9]
it is detached of the mind during Sleep. Kaarana Avayavaniravayavam [Neither with parts nor
Sareera is also called Karana Maya as it gives without parts]. This Kaarana Maya can not be
rise to primary illusion called Ego or Mind defined by any of the above nine
[Sukshma Sareera], which, in turn, creates the categories. This is called Avvyaktham [can not
secondary illusion i.e. the false identification be seen concretely] since it is the most invisible
with the body [Sthula Sareera]. Further on, these & subtle. This is also called Brahma Sakthi as
two combine to create the dream called it derives all its power from the Self and has no
Waking State. Adi Sankara, in his famous separate existence apart from the Self. Its
Vivekachoodamani defines Kaarana Sareera as Sorupa [form] is made up of the three Gunas
follows: i.e. 1] Satva [All good Qualities], 2] Rajas [Full
of Activities] and 3] Tamas [Devoid of Activities,
Idleness, and Laziness etc.]. Hence, unless one
17 18

goes beyond the three gunas i.e. becomes the actor etc. The reasons for this unique
Trigunaatita [Sanskrit word], it is not possible phenomenon are as follows:
to attain Selfhood. It is this Kaarana Maya that
The Jnani who has attained this State of
acts like a three-headed King Cobra with its three
True Awakening remains a Non-doer [Akarta-
gunas as its three heads and guards Self, the
Sanskrit word] in spite of performing actions.
treasure & denies access to it to one and all.
Actions generate good [Punya-Sanskrit word]
Hence, one should destroy this Kaarana Maya
and bad [Papa-Sanskrit word] effects, which
mercilessly with the help of the sword that is
can be worked out or neutralized only by
Atma-Jnana to recapture the treasure, the Self,
enjoying or suffering them. Since the doership
which is, after all, is his birthright. Another
[Kartruthvam-Sankrit word] is absent in the Jnani
characteristic feature of this Kaarana Maya is that
as his ego is totally extinguished, his actions do
it can be destroyed by Self-Knowledge alone
not bring in the good or bad effects. So, despite
and by nothing else.”
indulging in actions, Jnani remains detached of
Now let us come back to the subject-matter fruits of his actions. As soon as the sun rises
i.e. the State of True Awakening. up, millions plunge into action but the fruits of
their actions do not affect the sun anyway.
Since this State of True Awakening is not
Likewise as the sun of Self-Knowledge shines
interrupted either by sleep or wakefulness,
forth in Jnani, the fruits of his actions do not bind
it is also called Waking Sleep [JaagratSushupti],
him. Bhagawan Sri Ramana Maharshi states
Wakeful Dream, Sleepless Sleep, Being fully
this fact in His Upadesa Saram in verse no.15
aware without anybody awake, Action in
as follows:
Inaction, Inaction full of incessant Action,
Thinking without the thinker, Action without

19 20
“The Great Jnani, for whom the mind thus called the Waking State in the same human
annihilated, rests in Self form, which he can recognize and relate easily
& also, can follow what he teaches. By Sat
For Him no further practice is necessary and
Guru’s Grace, ultimately, the disciple wakes up
He remains untouched by fruits of any further
from the dream that is Waking State and finds
himself in the State of True Awakening. Hence,
Not only the Jnani remains a steadfast Akarta by Sat Guru’s Grace, not only the dream called
but also makes the disciple who surrenders to the Waking State that is removed but also the
Him also an Akarta. In His Guru Vachaka Kovai Sleep itself, i.e. the Moola Avidya [Original
in verse no.283, Sri Bhagawan affirms this as Ignorance]. The result is that the root-cause,
follows: Sleep, is removed & thereby, the dream of
“The elephant in its dream beholds repeated births & deaths in the Waking State
The lion that wakes him up from sleep. i.e. the cycle of Samsara is brought to an end.
Even so the seeker in his dream-like Thus, waking up into the State of True Awakening
Waking life of ignorance sees is Liberation [Mukti], Freedom [Moksha],
The guru and wakes from slumber dark.” attaining the Selfhood etc. So also, removing
- Garland of Guru’s Sayings [Prof.K.Swaminathan’s the Sleep means the removal of the dreams
translation]. of repeated births & deaths once for all as
no dream is possible without Sleep.
When an elephant, in its dream, sees a lion,
the dream becomes a nightmare. It is frightened Even though the lion appeared only in the
that it would be killed by the lion and hence wakes dream of the elephant, the dream was brought
up due to the fear of imminent death. Likewise, to an end effectively by the lion & the elephant
Sat guru appears before the disciple in his dream ultimately woke up. Hence, the lion also has no

21 22

reality as it is only a dream-lion. So also, the name affect him and do not cause rebirths. Hence it
and form of the Sat Guru who appears as is also obvious that the Jnani, the one who is an
separate from the disciple in his waking State Akarta makes his disciple also an Akarta by his
also is false as the waking state itself is a dream sheer Grace. Thus, creating an Akarta out of
i.e. the feeling that Sat Guru is separate from the disciple is the biggest action performed
the disciple disappears and the Sat Guru & the by the Sad Guru and wonder of wonders!
disciple become the one and only Self. This He does this by his act of being Akarta! And
is called Para Bhakthi or Swatma Bakthi in that is why this State of True Awakening is called
Vedanta i.e. there is nothing else other than ‘Actionless Action’, ‘Incessant Action in Inaction’
ONESELF that exists as ONE NON-DUAL etc. Sri Bhagawan throws extra-ordinary
CONSCIOUSNESS and the Self-Realized light on this ‘Akartatvam [Action in Inaction
Jnani revels in the Bliss of being Himself. or Inaction in Action] in His Guru Vachaka
However, the Sat Guru’s Grace to lift the disciple Kovai in Verse 271:
to the State of True Awakening from the Moola
“When the Guru commands the disciple to
Avidya remains true just as the elephant’s waking
practice further on the lines suggested by him,
up from the sleep is true.
the disciple accumulates further Punya or Papa
We have seen earlier that one who attains by plunging wholeheartedly into further activities
the State of True Awakening becomes an Akarta, as guided by the Guru. Already the disciple had
for no further practice or efforts are necessary suffered countless births and deaths by indulging
for him as he has accomplished all that have to in a sea of activities and accumulating Punya
be accomplished [Krta Krtya – Sanskrit word] and Papa and infact, is tired of having enjoyed
and also since the good and bad effects [Punya or suffered the effects of such Punya or Papa.
& Papa] of the actions He indulges in do not By forcing him into a new set of activities, the

23 24
pseudo-Guru paves way for extending his cycle ‘Akarta’ nature of the Self experientially. He
of births and deaths to work out the fresh Punya or taught in silence stilling the minds of those
Papa. Thus such a Guru becomes his Brahma, around him and hence He is hailed as the
Lord of Birth as well as Yama, Lord of Death reincarnation of Lord Dhakshinamoorthi
simultaneously. On the other hand, He alone is who is renowned for Teaching in Silence.
the real Guru who tells the disciple that he had The extra-ordinary light He threw on the
suffered enough by having indulged in activities three states of being, namely, Sleep, Dream
all the time and by His powerful Grace, keeps him & Waking State i.e. on our own existence
away from further activities however attractive, they draws devotees from all over the world who
may be. Thus the disciple is made an Akarta as do not possess even an iota knowledge on
Sat Guru extinguishes his ego automatically. The the cultural background of this country i.e.
Ego can act by creating dreams in the sleep & 4 Vedas, 6 Sastrs or 18 Puranas. Even today,
the dream called Waking State but cannot exist true seekers, irrespective of the caste,
in the State of True Awakening. Hence the Sat creed, religion, race or nationality turn to
Guru who makes his disciple realise that he is His Teachings to realize the Truth of their
also an Akarta like himself is the real Guru and own existence in spite of the fact that more
he is the living example of the Vedantic than 56 years have elapsed since He laid
declaration that God, Guru and Grace are one down His mortal coil. Lord Siva in Satya
and same.” Yuga, Lord Rama in Dwapara Yuga and Lord
Krishna in Treda yuga are glorified as Yuga
Such a remarkable Sat guru is Bhagawan
Purushas for the respective yugas. Truly,
Sri Ramana Maharshi who guided those
Bhagawan Sri Ramana Maharshi is praised
devotees who surrendered at His Holy Feet
as the Yuga Purusha for Kali Yuga.
in letter and spirit & helped to recognise the
25 26

Conclusions and Inferences Here it is interesting to recall the contents

of verse no. 1124 from Sri Ramana Sannidhi
1. It is obvious that Sat Guru does not
Murai, rendered by Sri Mugavai Kanna
handover the Self [Atma] to the disciple.
Muruganar, one of the outstanding devotees and
Neither has He created the Self. All He does
the poet-laureate in the Empire of Sri Ramana
is to remove the Original Ignorance in which
sleep the disciple is immersed in.
First let us know the following background so
2. Any dream, however lengthier & pleasant, has
that we can appreciate the whole matter in the
to come to an end at a certain point of time.
right perspective:
Dream, by its very nature, is impermanent.
“King Pari [Tamil word] was a great Tamil King
3. One has to wake up into the State of True
whose hospitality the famous Tamil Poetess,
Awakening ultimately, however much he
Avvai Patti [Patti is a Tamil word meaning
may even consciously prolong it to enjoy the
grandmother i.e. the grand old lady] was enjoying
worldly pleasures. This is inevitable as he
will end up with the nightmare of bitter for a few weeks. Avvai Patti would always be
sufferings that is the result of indulging in touring & never stayed in a single place for long.
such worldly pleasures. Whenever she started to leave, the King
requested her to stay on for some more days.
4. The State of True Awakening, in reality, is The days became weeks & the old lady became
never lost even though it appears to have restless. However the King was relentless in
been lost. Hence, it is only a question of our persuading her to stay back. On one dark night,
being conscious or unconscious about it as Avvai Patti silently left the palace. On knowing
it exists permanently as our own nature. this from his spies, the King followed her
disguising himself as a way-laborer and took
27 28
away forcibly the small hand luggage she was the old lady demanded it so angrily, Bhagawan
carrying. Avvai Patti got terribly angry. She Ramana gave him back his own belongings i.e.
immediately returned to the palace. Next morning, the Self that is present in him already when
she went to the King’s Durbar [Assembly] and Sri.Muruganar demanded It from his master so
took the King to task severely. She said in strong desperately.
terms that he was unfit to rule when thieves &
By this, Sri.Muruganar reiterates that Self
dacoits operate so freely without fear in his state. i.e. God appears before us as Sat Guru to
The King promised to catch the thief & the next answer our sincere prayers and gives back
day, disguised as the thief once again, he himself [i.e. makes us aware of] the State of True
gave her back her hand luggage and told that he Awakening which we never lost! The present
would accept whatever punishment she wanted author sincerely hopes that above words are
to handover. He revealed his identity & said that not confusing even though it would have
he did so to prevent her going away from his been difficult to understand if the reader had
state as he knew she would be upset & come attempted to do so in the beginning of this
back. Moved by his love and affection that was article. This once again proves the futility of
showered on her in such abundant measure, words and the importance of practice to
Avvai Patti stayed back for a few more weeks.” make all efforts with every ounce of our
Sri.Muruganar recalls this incident in Avvai energy to attain the State of True Awakening
Patti’s life and uses this analogy with a telling for which the human birth is gifted to us.
effect to illustrate his own experience he had with The real fact is that both the worlds that
his master, Sri Ramana Maharshi. He says in belong to Dream state and the Waking state
the above verse that just as King Pari gave back are false and illusions. Hence, however much
Avvai Patti her own belongings i.e. her hand the world of the waking state appears to be
luggage and made her extremely happy when
29 30

true, one should never forget the fact that it happen to us in the future. The plain truth is
is false. Attaining the State of True that it is not possible to list out the
Awakening happens by the Grace of Sat Guru, innumerable benefits that will accrue due to
which may or may not happen immediately. the theoretical knowledge [Paroksha Jnana]
However, even the theoretical knowledge that that the world is Maya & an illusion. Finally
the world is an illusion will sow the seed of it will convert every one of us, a true seeker
detachment [Vairagya] in our hearts; it will of Truth and pave way to experience the
destroy the otherwise unconquerable basic State of True Awakening [Aproksha Jnana],
bad qualities like desire, anger, miserliness, which is the greatest benefit one can think of.
greediness, covetousness and arrogance; it
Forewarned is forearmed! Now we are
will help annihilation of Ego ultimately; it will
forewarned in no uncertain terms that the
help to develop in our hearts positive qualities
world we see is a dream and forearmed with
like Forgiveness, Love, Compassion,
the conviction that there exists a State of
Confidence; it will sustain us providing great
True Awakening within us! Let us make sincere
mental strength during the period of
efforts & strive to possess consciously this
inconsolable grief [which may otherwise
State of True Awakening as it is our own!
destroy us to the core] caused by 1] Loss of
dear ones like Father, Mother etc, 2] blatant May Bhagawan Sri Ramana Maharshi
betrayal by a so-called friend on whom we and all the innumerable Sages who
reposed our faith blindly, 3] during severe completed this spiritual path and attained
financial crisis which appeared to have the State of True Awakening bestow upon
consumed us and 4] several other tragedies us their choicest blessings in tons &
in life; it will impart in our hearts the feeling cartloads to make our efforts fruitful!
of total security with respect to what may Aum Sri Ramanarpanamastu

31 32