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Radford University’s Student-run Newspaper The Tartan | September 19, 2018


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Hurricane Florence Downgrading to a Tropical Storm

B y S h i z a M a n zo o r City Mayor David Horton has been working closely
smanzoor1@radford.edu with city officials to monitor the New River and its
impact on the surrounding areas. “Keep in mind, this

eading into Wednesday of last week, Hurricane could be higher or lower depending on the storm track.
Florence reached a Category 5 before dwindling Sunday night, all Monday, all Tuesday, and potentially
down to a Category 2 and suddenly turning into a part of Wednesday could see flooding.”
tropical storm over the weekend. In fact, even the National Weather Service has put
Classes were called off due to the severe weather Virginia on a Flash Flood Watch up until Wednesday,
ahead, beginning from noon on Thursday, Sep. 13 and Sep. 19.
remained closed till Sunday, Sep. 16. A few professors For two community members, Kris VonFricken and
made the decision to dismiss class even before noon so Tyra Anderson, this wasn’t reason enough to keep them
that students could make it home early to prepare for off the New River. With a couple of cars and tubes, they
the storm. used the day off to go floating from three to eight in
Abbie Solinger, a freshman at Radford, was one of the the evening, right before Radford began to catch the
few to leave for home as early as Tuesday night. “I was scattered bands of Hurricane Florence.
Allison Scherner taking her online class. Shiza Manzoor | The Tartan
nervous the storm would touch landfall in Radford and Floating over the rapids is normally a rocky
completely flood the place. I also hate driving through experience, but it wasn’t so much this time. “The water quickly in large quantities.
the rain.” Home for her is Charleston, but things weren’t was higher than usual,” noticed VonFricken. “The best Walmart, too, was affected. You can find Karolin
looking good there either. “So we went to Tennessee way to prep for a hurricane is to become one with the Howard often working there as the self-checkout host.
where my sister and her husband live.” water.” Howard said, “First of all, we are out of vegetables
Anderson, on the other hand, saw it as the calm entirely because we couldn’t get shipments in and
before the storm. now we’re taking donations when you check out at the
“I expected there to be high wind and rain, not the register for hurricane relief.” This feature was added to
cloudy and mild weather we got,” commented junior, all the self-checkout stations and registers.
Allison Scherner. “I got dinner with my Big, Shannon, According to National Oceanic and Atmospheric
and did homework because online classes are sadly still Administration’s (NOAA) Advanced Hydrologic
a thing when we still have power. Prediction Service, the New River was projected to reach
Carly Sumpter, also a junior, had similar expectations. 8 ½ feet above flood stage on Sep. 16.
She was “disappointed” and spent her Thursday as a The latest observation was made at quarter after two
“lazy day” cooking for herself and her boyfriend. “Friday, in the morning on Sep. 17 with about four feet raised,
I worked on homework all day and then was able to drive still below flood line.
to Franklin County to help volunteer at the petting zoo.” Sure, the surrounding mountains may act as a wall
Local businesses were not so pleased since the news and smooth over the potential damage, but, scientifically,
of the Hurricane. their presence in the path of a wind could also force the
Scott Blaylock, assistant store manager for Rural air to move upwards and be carried away like rain.
King said, “It has been tremendously busy.” They’re used Areas close to the river have been closed off, and
Courtesy of weather.gov
to one truck delivering water a week, but “had about five officials are urging residents of Radford to “Turn Around,
However, Thursday saw no rain. Friday came and the trucks of water delivered” to the store. Don’t Drown.” There’s also an app the Federal Emergency
night brought with it some rain and possibly, there’s Water, generators, flashlights, gas cans, batteries, Management Agency (FEMA) recently launched as a
more on the way this week. anything related to hurricane preparation was selling rumor control service and up-to-date, accurate info hub.

Radford Hiked Tuition Again

B y I da D o m i n g o
pocket or alternative student loans.

“These changes
Radford University student, Carrington Carey, a

n Friday, May 4, 2018, the Radford University junior believes “it shouldn’t be increasing by the 100s
Board of Visitors collectively approved a of dollars every year but every few years if that.” Carey
4.3 percent increase of the school’s cost of noticed the changes in increased tuition after she had
attendance as well as rates for tuition, room and
boarding fees.
These changes have been in the making for a long
to pay out-of-pocket because her financial aid awards
didn’t cover the cost of attendance like it did last year.
New construction and renovations are also a big
have been in the
time, and this is the 17th consecutive year that tuition
and fees have been raised according to The Roanoke
factor for the Board of Visitors when deciding to increase
the cost of attendance. According to the university’s
factbook, in 2014-2016, the construction of the College
making for a
For the academic year of 2018-19, tuition was hiked
for in-state undergraduate students from $7,407 to
$7,922 and the mandatory technology fee has gone up
of Humanities and Behavioral Sciences Building cost
$52.8 million.
This year, Radford plans to build a “Center for
long time, and
to $58 from $54 in 2017-18 as well as the mandatory
comprehensive fee which went from $3,166 to $3,230
this year.
Adaptive Innovation and Creativity” which will be used
for health education and interdisciplinary research
and will be located near East Main Street. According to
this is the 17th
For out-of-state undergraduate students, the tuition
for 2018-19 was hiked to $19,557 from $19,042.
WDBJ7, this building’s cost would be about $79 million.
According to Joe Carpenter, via The Roanoke Times, consecutive year
that tuition and
These changes affect many students who attend “The tuition and fee rate changes are necessary to cover
Radford because of all the other bills and responsibilities the aforementioned increases and also to maintain
they have. Radford junior, Peter Thomas Romito says, essential levels of instructional support and student

fees have been

“The tuition fee going up makes it more difficult for services.”
students to cover all of their expenses for college.” He
continues, “I think the school should try to leave the

tuition price at what it is now and not bring it up any
Because the tuition keeps increasing, students have
to decide between working during the school year or
other ways to pay the extra costs like paying out-of-
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Arts and Entertainment in Radford

A Movie Review

The Nun
B y T r i s ta n B l a k e R i n e s shoulder shots that make you think, “It’s right behind
trines@radford.edu them.”
A lot of what happens in the film feels pretty by the

he Nun is the 5th installment of The Conjuring book with its collection of upside-down crosses and
Universe produced by Warner Brothers to have some pretty anticipated jump-scares and makes the
landed since The Conjuring first hit the big audience feel like there is something left to be desired.
screen in July of 2013. On the positive end, its conclusion brings the movie
Since then, The Conjuring Universe has dished full-circle with its tie-ins to The Conjuring 2.
out a second Conjuring movie in June of 2016 and two While it may not be the best horror movie in The
Annabelle movies since 2014. Both now with third Conjuring Universe, its overall a pretty by the book
installments currently in development. solid flick that you and a few friends can enjoy at the
The Nun’s service to this horror universe serves theatre.
mostly to give the backstory to the antagonist of The The film left something to be desired in the realm
Conjuring 2, known as Valak and takes place in 1952, of novelty with its horror, due mostly to its lack of Courtesy of IMDb
Transylvania, Romania, at the Cârța Monastery. originality.
With a $22 million budget, the film uses its fair
share of both computer generation as well as practical
effects to try and make the most of its scares. The
Nun sticks to the formula of a lot of pans and over the Rating: 2.7/5

Love and Loathing in Paradise Tour Hits Virginia

B y G a bby C o h e n

“The Paradise
gcohen2@radford.edu While Broadsides: Paradise album has a lot of
memorable song’s, ‘Miss Imperious’ stick’s out the most

op-punk band, Broadside was formed in Richmond, because it’s funny to sing along to as it’s the band’s
Virginia back in 2010. In 2015, the band produced most nonstrategic way of a catchy song. The album
their first album ‘Old Bones’ featuring the hit comes to a close with a cute heartfelt song ‘I Love You,

album has a lot

track ‘Coffee Talk’ which gave the group much attention. I Love You. It’s Disgusting’ as Baxxter is singing softly
Broadside was then listed as one of the 100 Artists with a ukulele.
You Need to Know in 2015 by Alternative Press. The If you like pop-punk with a bright touch, ‘Paradise’

of memorable
band includes members Oliver Baxxter, Dorian Enrique, is the album that you’d enjoy. It has a summer vibe;
Patrick Diaz, Domenic Reid, and Jeff Nichols. but there is more to that as the album also hints about
The band has shared many stages with other pop- dealing with anxiety, yet pops it off with a bop.

song’s, ‘Miss
punk bands like State Champs, Waterparks, and has been With the fall tours announcing Broadside, it’s a must
on Vans Warped Tour of 2015, 2016, and 2018. They will see live. The Love and Loathing in Paradise tour will
be touring this year besides the band With Confidence, take place in Richmond, VA Nov. 28 at the Canal Club.

Sleep On It, and Small Talks whom all have the same
genre of music and vibe of Broadside.
Some of Broadside’s classic songs like ‘Coffee Talk’

stick’s out the

and ‘Paradise’ will be played live alongside some of their
calmer songs for instance ‘I Love You, I Love You. It’s
Disgusting’. It has been rumored that Broadside and

most because
With Confidence will be sharing the stage together for
one or two songs.
This is the first time that the two bands will be

it’s funny to sing

touring together. Broadside has always treated every
hometown show differently and special.
Their album ‘Paradise’ has been one of their most

along to as it’s
debated albums on whether if it is their best work or
not. However, Broadside doesn’t really care about that
as Baxxter says in an interview with an online magazine,

the band’s most

stating that it is one of their most meaningful albums
and more out of their comfort zone.
The album deals a lot with change and acceptance as

nonstrategic way
the band themselves. It starts off with a heartfelt song
‘Hidden Colors’ which shows off Baxxter’s voice in the
best way, this song describes what Broadside is as a band

of a catchy song.
and the whole album overall.
The song ‘Paradise’ is about chasing dreams and
becoming who you want to be. This is personally one
of my favorite songs off the album because it’s what I
believe in. Passion.
The tea
6 | The Tartan The Tea
Editorials and Opinions Quote of the week
“If you don’t like the road you’re
walking, start paving another one”
- Dolly Parton
The Tartan publishes 1,500
copies per week and is distrib-
How to Cook on a Budget in Your Dorm
B y C a i t lyn S t u lt z
uted at more than 26 locations Mug recipes are widely inexpensive, too. Another cheap and surprising easy dish
on the RU campus. The Tar- For example, many mug cake recipes simply is chili. Chili is often made with so many

tan is always looking into ex- ost people spend their first consist of a cake mix, egg, oil, and water. different ingredients and all in just one pot!
panding  their distribution. eighteen years eating meals cooked Get your favorite cake mix, the ingredients
The publication is printed at by someone older than them, such mentioned above, and a topping of your Healthy Doesn’t Always Mean Expensive
Shenandoah Publishing House as their parents or grandparents. College choice, and you have a fantastic, quick and
in Winchester, Va. students rely on meal plans but often tire of easy treat. Students’ diets often consist of fast food:
their limited options a few weeks into the greasy burgers, fries, and chicken nuggets.
The Tartan is part of Highland- first semester. Ask Around for Cookware They often forget about the nutrients their
er Student Media and is com- Students often have little to no cooking bodies need. Fruits and vegetables are often
pletely student-run. As a news- skills when they move into their first dorm, Cookware is expensive. Even cheap more affordable than young adults believe.
paper, The Tartan reserves the but even students with kitchen experience cookware can add up quickly. Living in One way to cut the costs of these
right to address, explore and have trouble finding ways to cook meals a dorm, you only need the basics, so ask healthy foods is by shopping canned and
delve into issues that affect the while living in dorms. your friends and family if they have extra frozen fruits and vegetables. Corn and peas
university student body and the Limited cooking supplies and budgeting equipment, such as skillets, pots, and both taste great canned. Also, many frozen
surrounding area. become hurdles for all students to find ways utensils. vegetables come ready to be steamed in the
to make their favorite foods in their first few What you can’t find for free, buy cheap. microwave.
Student Media
years living away from home. Here are some After obtaining these basics, you can create Lastly, apples and bananas are two fruits
tips on how to cook on a budget in your dorm many simple dishes. that almost everyone loves and are quite
P.O. Box 6895
Radford VA, 24142
Mug Cooking Form a List of Recipes You Can Make College is an exciting time, but the food
students consume often gets tiring. Finding
EDITORIAL POLICIES A few years back, there seemed to be Learn a few dishes to become a staple for ways to cook in your dorm is a great way to
a significant trend with cooking in the you and keep them on hand for when you keep your eating habits interesting, along
“Our Opinion” pieces are microwave with mugs. need a pick-me-up. Cheap and easy recipes with keeping away those unwanted extra
written collectively by members The trend has died down since, but exist all over the internet. pounds.
of The Tartan Editorial it’s still a great way to make some of your One of my favorite cheap meals is Follow these tips, and you’ll be cooking
Board. The Editorial Board is favorite foods without even leaving your spaghetti. It’s quick, easy, and customized five-star meals in no time. Be sure to send
comprised of the editing staff, room. Foods from cakes, to cookies, to to suit your tastes. Spaghetti can go with your family pictures because they will be so
the Tea writers, and other
omelets and even pizzas can all be made chicken, ground beef, turkey, sausage, or any proud!
Radford University students.
with a mug and a microwave. type of vegan substitute.

Choosing a Roommate
These undergraduate and
graduate students represent
multiple class levels and
different political, cultural,
ethnic, and religious
backgrounds. Members may B y S ava n n a h R o b e rs o n level. Ask them questions, remember their or she is, and even worse, this person may
or may not belong to a variety sroberson8@radford.edu  birthday, be considerate. Basically, keep in change drastically when you get to college.
of student organizations. The
mind that you’re not the only person living While it’s okay to develop and mature

Editorial Board is open to all
hoosing a roommate can be a tricky in the room. as a person in college, it doesn’t hurt to be
RU students who apply.
thing, especially if you came to On the flip side, you may think you and clear with your roommate on your morals,
TARTAN college without knowing anyone or
having any plans for who your roommate
your roommate are the most compatible
people on the planet or that you’re perfect
habits, and values when you enter college,
even if they change as you progress through
STAFF might be.
It’s a big decision and an important
for living together. Your roommate might
even be your best friend from high school.
I think it’s much easier, overall, if you’re
Dylan Lepore one. Even if you feel like you can get along The reality is that living with a person can always clear and open with your roommate.
Editor-in-Chief with anyone and that you’re an easy going be a totally different thing from just being

“Your attitude
person, it’s important to keep in mind that friends with them.
Ida Domingo your roommate is the person you’ll share You don’t really know a person until
Managing Editor everything with; from a bedroom to a you’ve spent a day with them. Almost
News Section Editor

towards your
idomingo1@radford.edu working space to a bathroom. everyone has some quirky habits that they
Your roommate is a person who you need might not even realize they have, and the
Shiza Manzoor to get along with, for both of your sakes. quickest way for these habits to be realized
Copy Editor
smanzoor1@radford.edu You and your roommate don’t necessarily
need to be best friends, but if you aren’t
(or to become annoying) is to room with
roommate is
Marina Coake
Page Designer
compatible and aren’t able to get along very
well, it’s going to put much strain on both of
This is one of the reasons it’s so
important to keep an open mind when it
one of the first
Jennifer Bennett
The Tea Editor
you. It’s difficult to live with someone whom
you can’t at least co-exist peacefully with.
comes to your roommate. It’s much easier
if both people consciously work towards
critical steps
jbennett49@radford.edu Your attitude towards your roommate is
one of the first critical steps to getting along
respecting each other and being considerate,
not just sometimes, but all the time. to getting
Davis Byrd
along well
well together. It’s a lot easier if both people The whole process will also be more
Sports Editor
dbyrd16@radford.edu approach rooming together with an open comfortable if you know what you’re getting
mind, even if your roommate may not seem yourself into. The person you bring to
Hailey Scherer
Photography Manager
like a typical person you’d hang out with.
That being said, it’s also imperative
college from high school, even if this person
has been your best friend for most of your
to get to know them on a more personal life, may not be the person you think he
www.rutartan.com Wenesday, September 19, 2018 | 7

WRITE FOR US! Rescheduling of Games Due to Severe Weather

RU an established, or By Lucas Carr of the game, but a goal from forward Invitational that was all scheduled for the
fledgling journalist? Or lcarr15@radford.edu  Jessica Wollmann and two following goals weekend of the 14-16.

maybe you just love to urricane Florence made some from midfielder Jasmine Casarez sprung The Department of Athletics deemed
write, and this might be executive decisions when it came to the Highlanders out front with nearly 10 that traveling in the approaching inclement
your first time showcasing rescheduling some Radford Athletics minutes left in the game. They were able to weather was too dangerous to chance.
your hidden talent? upcoming games. hold on and look forward to going head to Athletic Director Robert Lineburg and
Florence didn’t think the cancellation head against Campbell this Wednesday. staff will continue to monitor state and
Want to bring your opin- of classes was enough as its threats of high Also in the soccer realm, the Men’s Soccer local weather to make decisions on more
ions and unique views to winds and torrential downpour called for game at Coastal Carolina scheduled for Sept. upcoming athletic events and rescheduling
the masses? Love the idea a postponement in Men/Women’s Soccer, 11 was also canceled. We are waiting to hear needs.
of reporting on and off Women’s Tennis, Volleyball and Cross when the Chanticleers and The Highlanders These decisions will be made in relation
campus news, voicing your Country. will see each other on the field. to the safety of those traveling to and from
opinion on topics ranging Radford University Department of With Hurricane Florence making contact games. Any new developments in game
from movies, laws, and on Athletics announced that a Category 4 with the South Carolina/North Carolina schedule can be found on Radfordathletics.
the many fun, and some- hurricane headed for the New River Valley coast this past weekend we have yet to see com and different social media platforms.
was reason enough to reschedule some the damage it has inflicted. List of Rescheduled/Cancelled Events:
time’s unusual, attractions
athletic events this week. In lieu of this game, the Men’s Soccer
going on around campus?
One of the notable games that were team will also be opening up conference Men’s Soccer at Coastal Carolina: Sept.
Then give Radford Univer-
forced to reschedule was Radford Women’s play against Campbell University on Sept. 11 @ 7 p.m. (CANCELLED)
sity’s Student-run Newspa-
Soccer against Charleston Southern on Sept. 22. Following the Campbell game, the Volleyball at George Mason Classic: Sept.
per a shout and email the 15. What was supposed to be the conference men’s team will travel to Morgantown, West 14-15 (CANCELLED)
Editor-In-Chief! play opener in the Big South has now been Virginia to take on the Mountaineers in what Cross Country at Virginia Tech Alumni
dlepore1@radford.edu moved to the end of the regular season to looks to be a tough road game. Meet: Sept. 14 @ 6 p.m. (CANCELLED)
Tuesday, Oct. 23 at 4 p.m. We wish the Head Coach Bryheem Women’s Soccer vs. Charleston Southern:
The Highlanders will now begin Hancock and the Men’s Soccer Team luck as Sept. 15 @ 7 p.m. (RESCHEDULED TO OCT.
Letters to the conference play against Campbell University they look for their first win this season! 23)
on Sept. 19 at 7 p.m. in Cupp Memorial Some other events that we will see Women’s Tennis at Elon Invitational:
Editor Stadium. The women were coming off a 3-1 postponed or canceled are the George Mason Sept. 14-16 (CANCELLED)
victory over Elon University last Monday. Volleyball Classic, the Virginia Tech Alumni
We prefer letters that are fewer Elon went up 1-0 in the 73rd minute Cross Country meet, and the Elon Tennis
than 200 words and take as
their starting point an article
or other item appearing in The Amele Ngwafang Signs for Radford’s Women’s Basketball
Tartan. They may not have
been submitted to, posted B y Z ac h a ry P ot t e r Ngwafang is known for being a strong graduated last year.
to or published by any other zpotter2@radford.edu  and physical forward who dominates Since both Smith and Worthy played
media. They must include the the post. Coach McGuire also stated forward, Ngwafang has a chance to

writer’s full name — for more fter a successful 2017-18 that “Amele was an under-the-radar come in and earn playing time early.
information and to send a basketball campaign, Radford post player.” With being a Washington Her impact will be highly beneficial
letter head over to University Women’s Basketball Post Honorable Mention, Ngwafang is for the team if she contributes as soon
www.rutartan.com. team welcomes their newest and final a welcomed addition to a Highlander as possible, while also filling the hole
recruit of the 2018 signing class Amele squad that has seen much success in in the team Smith and Worthy will be
Meme of the Week Ngwafang.
Ngwafang comes to the Highlanders
recent years.
Her physicality should be well
leaving behind.
Ngwafang has been a successful
from Paint Branch High School in Silver in tune with a defense that was the player throughout her high school
Spring, Maryland, where she was a key nations fifth-best scoring defense that career, proving to be the leader of her
part in her team’s 21-4 season. held teams to just 52.3 points per game. team and a dominant force on both
Head coach Mike McGuire stated Last year, Radford’s Women’s offensive and defense. Both should be
that he feels she “is a diamond in the Basketball season ended in a bitterly key factors in determining her success
rough” and he expects her “high-energy, disappointing result against James in division one basketball here at
work-ethic and personality” to impact Madison, where they lost 35-62 in Radford.
the team right away. the Women’s National Invitation She will not be the only incoming
During her senior year of high Tournament (WNIT). freshman joining the Highlanders
school, Ngwafang led her team to the Though the not so pleasant ending, basketball team this year as Makaila
Maryland Public Secondary Schools the Highlanders still have much to look Wilson, Bryonna McClean, and Piper
Athletic Association (MPSSAA) 4A forward to for the 2018-19 basketball Morningstar looks to make a statement
state quarterfinals where she averaged season hoping to build on their 23-8 for the team as well.
a double-double with 19.2 points per record season, where they finished Will Ngwafang and the other
game and 12.3 rebounds per game. boosting an impressive 15-3 record in incoming freshman make a lasting
During her schools 24-1 season, the Big South Conference. impact and help continue the success
she also led them to an impressive Radford will also have some big of past teams? Only time will tell as we
9-0 division record. She was awarded shoes to fill for next season, which inch forward to the start of Radford’s
a Montgomery County Public School includes Big South All-First Team player 2018-19 women’s basketball season.
(MCPS) 4A East Player of the Year and Janayla Smith and Big South Defensive
MCPS 4A East First Team honors. Player of the Year Jayda Worthy as both
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