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The Rockwell Software forums are available for user-
to-user communication and assistance for many of our
Rich Ryan software products. Our customers and partners have
an understanding and knowledge of our products built
from real-world, “in the trenches” experience we
President cannot match. The Rockwell Software Forums provide
Rockwell Software a place where users can talk to one another, sharing
experience and knowledge, and provide feedback to
Rockwell Software. Let us know what you think.

A utomating in today’s manufacturing environments has become a

standard way of life, but there exists a growing trend toward improving
For discussions on any of our
RSLogix family of products visit:
productivity by collaborating and finding more efficiencies in the
manufacturing process. To remain competitive, manufacturers are looking Want to learn some tips and tricks with any of our
for more ways to stretch their assets and improve the performance of RSNetWorx products?
their production facilities. It’s no longer just about making products faster http://www.software.rockwell.com/forum/rsnetworx/

and cost competitive, now they must do that while stretching their
bottom line.

Rockwell Software understands this shift and while we continue to provide Talk to other users about
state-of-the-art products to help automate the manufacturing facility, we RSView Supervisory Edition and
RSView Machine Edition at:
also understand that our solutions must enable our customers to work in a
more collaborative world. Our new FactoryTalk™ framework creates a http://www.software.rockwell.com/forum/rsviewme/
common infrastructure that enables manufacturing applications to
integrate seamlessly across the enterprise – providing information Have a question about RSLinx?
transparency across all levels of the manufacturing enterprise, plus http://www.software.rockwell.com/forum/rslinx/

connectivity to suppliers and customers. FactoryTalk makes it easy for

Looking for some user feedback on RSView32?
Rockwell Software‘s manufacturing solutions to share critical plant floor http://www.software.rockwell.com/forum/rsview32/
data with the rest of the enterprise by providing a common language to
describe factory automation systems and manufacturing processes. The
end result is shorter implementation times, true interoperability between
plant floor solutions and a consistent format for sharing manufacturing
data with the throughout the enterprise.

The breadth of our products, including the new RSView Enterprise Series, For topics on Rockwell Software
RSMACC and RSBizware v4.0 offerings introduced in this catalog, should products in general visit:
provide you the information you need to help you more effectively design, http://www.software.rockwell.com/forum/

operate and maintain your automation solutions across all levels of the
enterprise. See how Rockwell Software delivers the most complete set of
solutions in the Automation business.
Table of Contents

• Design Automation 2
• RSLogix 3
• RSWire 4
• RSNetWorx 5
• RSTestStand 6
• RSLogix Emulate 6
• RSView Studio 7

• Operate Automation 8
• RSSql/RSSql Gateway for SAP 9
• RSBizWare Historian 10
• RSBizWare PlantMetrics 10
• RSBizWare Batch 11
• ViewAnyWare 12
• RSView Machine Edition 13
• RSView Supervisory Edition 14
• RSView32 16
• RSView32 Active Display System 18
• RSView32 WebServer 18
• RSView32 Add-ons 19
• RSLinx 20
• RSEnergy 21
• RSPower32 21

• Maintenance Automation 22
• Security Server 25
• RSNetWorx MD for DeviceNet 26
• Entek 27
Can I meet my critical time-to-market needs, improve manufacturing
performance, and reduce the cost of design integration at the same time?

Digital Manufacturing Control Solutions from

Rockwell Software provide the complete design solution.

Being faster to market requires more than just having a great idea. It requires streamlining your design and
build processes in order to produce the best products imaginable — ahead of your competition.

Yet, even that may not be enough. The fact is you need to leverage much more than a great idea to actually
operate at your best.

In most industrial settings, mechanical and control engineers still operate in separate worlds; each using
different design tools and terminology to accomplish what are essentially complementary tasks. For many
companies, the resulting lack of consistent data modeling and knowledge sharing has long been accepted
as part of doing business.

It no longer has to be that way.

Rockwell Software Design Automation encompasses controls-to-enterprise integration to provide the

solution to the traditional manufacturing methods. Our full-scope management and engineering services
along with our Manufacturing BusinessWare software and consulting services provide you with another
distinct advantage over your competition. Taking manufacturing information to new heights: Connecting
shop floor data with the top floor for more effective business decisions. Together, we can deliver your
system faster and with more robust design processes that provide greater uptime, faster problem diagnosis
and change management, and ultimately, increased profitability.

All of which translates into greater – and faster – return on your investments, each time, every time.

Design Automation solutions can help you:

• Reduce time to market for a new product or process
• Reduce overall project cost in both manpower and capital
• Increase process effectiveness through simulation-based decision tools
• Reduce startup time on the manufacturing floor
• Reduce maintenance costs and increase uptime

2 Design
For more information visit:
RSLogix RSLogix
Programming for Allen-Bradley PLC-5, SLC 500, MicroLogix, and Logix5000 Families
RSLogix 5 Programming for the
PLC-5® Family

T he RSLogix™ family of ladder logic programming

packages helps you maximize performance, save
Rockwell Software provides you with the most
RSLogix 500 Programming for the
SLC 500 and MicroLogix Families

project development time, and improve productivity. powerful and complete programming products 9324-RLD300ENE
RSLogix 5000
This family of products has been developed to available today in the RSLogix family. The Programming for the Logix5000
operate on Microsoft’s Windows® operating interoperability between RSLogix and Rockwell
systems. Supporting the Allen-Bradley SLC 500™ and Software’s HMI package, RSView32™, and 9324-RL5300NXENE
RSLogix 5 with RSNetWorx for
MicroLogix™ families of processors, RSLogix 500™ communication package, RSLinx™, positions RSLogix ControlNet
was the first PLC® programming software to offer as the ultimate programming solution. With the
unbeatable productivity with an industry-leading Rockwell Software family of products, you have the RSLogix 5/RSLogix 500
Programming for the PLC-5
ability to share your database with RSView32. You Family and Programming for the
can create schematic drawings of your system SLC 500 and MicroLogix Families
directly from your RSLogix project using RSWire™,
automatically tune PID loops with RSTune™, trend 9324-RL5700NXENE
RSLogix 5 Professional
critical application parameters with RSTrend™, or
test and debug your ladder logic programs using RSLogix 500 Professional
RSLogix Emulate 5™ or RSLogix Emulate 500™.
RSLogix 500 Starter

RSLogix 5000 Professional, ENU
user interface. RSLogix 5™ supports the Allen-
Bradley PLC-5® family of programmable controllers.
RSLogix 5000™ provides support for the Logix5000’s
Highly Integrated Motion functionality. RSLogix
offers reliable communications, powerful
functionality, and superior diagnostics. These
RSLogix products share:
• Flexible, easy-to-use editors
• Common look-and-feel
• Diagnostics and troubleshooting tools
• Powerful, time-saving features & functionality
RSLogix programming packages are compatible with
programs created with Rockwell Software’s DOS-
based programming packages for the PLC-5 or SLC
500 and MicroLogix families of processors, making
program maintenance across hardware platforms
convenient and easy.

Rockwell Softwar e 3
For more information visit:
Generate and Document Intelligent Control Schematics
Detailer JIC Stand Alone

Detailer JIC for AutoCAD Release 14
and 2000 and above

P roduce accurate and error-free intelligent control
schematics with RSWire™. RSWire is available in
everything listed above in the Detailer version plus
these added capabilities:
Detailer IEC Stand Alone two formats to suit your needs: RSWire Detailer and • Unlimited page organization
9371-EDETIAC RSWire Designer. Optional Add-on libraries include • Intelligent Project Navigator feature with
Detailer/IEC for AutoCAD Release 14
and 2000 and above Pneumatic, Hydraulic, ISA Process Control, IEC Power Editor
symbol, JIC to IEC Conversion, Hoffman® • View multi-page/copy from other projects
Designer JIC Professional Pack for Enclosures, Bussmann®, and a RAISE to RSWire and pages
AutoCAD 14 and 2000 and above Interface for downloading of millions of additional • Automatic wire numbering
9371-RSWD1 Rockwell Automation parts into the RSWire Parts • A full list of project reports including Bill of
Designer JIC Standalone
Professional Pack Database. Materials, Purchase Order list (quantified), Job
Costing list, and many others
Designer IEC Professional Pack for
AutoCAD 14 and 2000 and above RSWire I/O Builder
9371-RSWDI1 Configure your programmable logic system and
Designer IEC Stand alone
Professional Pack append the I/O schematic drawings to an existing
RSWire project with RSWire I/O Builder. With an
Designer JIC for AutoCAD 14 and easy-to-use interface, I/O Builder steps you through
2000 and above the system configuration by allowing you to select a
9371-EDESI2 family processor type, rack(s), and the input or
Designer IEC for AutoCAD 14 and
2000 and above RSWire Detailer is your basic solution to automate output modules from user-defined list boxes. Used
your control design and produce project with RSWire, connection devices can be added to
Designer JIC Standalone documentation. RSWire Detailer includes: each address for a complete Bill of Material of the
• Automated drawing tools system design. I/O Builder also allows I/O
Designer IEC Standalone • Power Editor schematics to be automatically generated in RSWire
9371-EDBA3 • Intelligent wires using the RSWire Automation Interface.
Parts Database/Panel Layout Option • Project-based organization
9371-EWLI3 • Automatic symbol attribute assignment RSWire Docx
Wire List Option • Real-time error checking RSWire™ Docx™ allows you to view RSWire DWG
9371-ETBP3 • Manual wire numbering files and other support documentation from within
Terminal Block Plan Option
• Ability to generate a project Rockwell Software’s RSView32 HMI software.
9371-EWDI3 Bill of Material RSWire Docx is designed to allow the user to link
Wire Diagram Option
documents together using the Hyperlink function
9371-EPNE3 RSWire Designer version is your complete package built into the Docx program. This hyperlink can be
R Pneumatic Lib - Provides
Pneumatic Symbols for Schematics to automate your control design and produce project linked to view virtually any document. (Associated
9371-WIREBLDE documentation. With RSWire Designer you get application must be present.)
RSWire I/O Builder

RSWire Docx Document Viewer
4 Design
For more information visit:
1 2 PLC-5/40C

RSNetWorx RSNetWorx
A Powerful Configuration Tool for ControlNet or DeviceNet Users
RSNetWorx for ControlNet


RS NetWorx™ products provide design and

configuration management services for ControlNet
• Library of devices
• Identification of configuration conflicts
RSNetWorx for DeviceNet

RSNetWorx for ControlNet and
RSNetWorx for DeviceNet
International’s ControlNet, and the Open DeviceNet • Set relationships between controllers and I/O Bundle
Vendor Association’s DeviceNet networks. • Automatic mapping of input and output data
RSNetWorx allows you to achieve maximum between networked devices and controller RSLogix 500 with RSNetWorx for
productivity with your ControlNet and/or DeviceNet memory. ControlNet and DeviceNet

installations. You will be able to quickly define and • Support for Automatic Device Replacement 9324-RL5300NXENE
RSLogix 5 with RSNetWorx for
configure the devices on your network through a where appropriate ControlNet and DeviceNet
simple software interface. This definition can take • True multi-vendor interoperability with Bundle
place offline using drag/drop operations or online by Electronic Data Sheet (EDS) services 9324-RLD300NXENE
using RSLinx to browse a ControlNet or DeviceNet provided by the software to facilitate device RSLogix 5000 with RSNetWorx
for ControlNet and DeviceNet
network. configuration and field installation of support
for new devices.
Powerful features of RSNetWorx: • HTML-formatted reports
• Take advantage of producer/consumer model of
information transfer, define input and output Define
exchanges between devices on the network. components
• One button for complete network
on the
• Network scheduling and bandwidth calculations network
• Drill-down approach to viewing either online
• Point-and-click configuration
or offline.

Rockwell Softwar e 5
For more information visit:
Test Your Control System Off-line – Out of the Critical Path of Start-up

P erform control system testing from the desktop

prior to installation and startup. RSTestStand™
through continuous — and, once configured, to
automatically respond to different control signals.
software replaces the field inputs and outputs to RSTestStand supports Allen-Bradley PLCs and OPC
your PLC with a simulation of your process 2.0-compliant devices. It includes customizable
and lets you interactively develop and test application libraries for discrete and continuous
your control program on your desktop. loops, enabling engineers to standardize or reuse
RSTestStand software is based on the elements from previous applications.
familiar concept of a hardware test stand In addition to providing desktop control system
with push buttons and pilot lights mounted testing, RSTestStand can train operators and
on a rack — using you as the means of technicians in a virtual environment. This approach
completing the control loop. doesn’t tie up expensive equipment on the plant
Unlike the traditional hardware solution, floor, and provides a cost-effective and system-safe
RSTestStand can be easily and quickly configured to way to build operational understanding prior to
represent a wide variety of processes — discrete installation.

RSLogix Emulate
RSLogix Emulate 5 & 500
Debugging Your Logic Has Never Been Easier
RSLogix Emulate 5 for the Allen-
Bradley PLC-5 Processor

RSLogix Emulate 500 for the
Allen-Bradley SLC 500 and
T est and debug all of your ladder logic programs
prior to commissioning and startup. RSLogix Emulate
time, rung-by-rung or select a specific block of
rungs to emulate. By selecting a block of rungs,
MicroLogix™ Processor
Emulation 5™ and RSLogix Emulate 500™ are Microsoft you are able to isolate that particular section of
Windows-based software packages that emulate your program for testing purposes.
RSLogix 5/RSLogix Emulate 5 PLC one or more PLC-5 or SLC 500 processor stations.
5 Programming and Emulation
You determine which PLC-5/SLC 500 ladder Serial Device Emulation
programs you want to run, and RSLogix Emulate Emulate the New Platform PLC-5 capability to
RSLogix 500/RSLogix Emulate 500 scans the ladder logic like an actual processor. connect a serial hardware device to the processor
SLC 500 and MicroLogix at channel zero by using RSLogix Emulate 5 and your
Programming and Emulation
Bundle Use RSLogix Emulate for: computer’s serial port. After connecting the

• Troubleshooting — Stop the process whenever a hardware device to the selected serial port, RSLogix
RSLogix 5/500 and RSLogix selected rung goes true, effectively freezing the Emulate 5 actually routes the data from the PLC-5s
Emulate 5/500 Programming and
Emulation Bundle process at the instant that any error occurs for ASCII instructions to/from the serial port and your
simple and effective troubleshooting. hardware device. This allows you to check how your
• Ladder Logic Scanning Options — Scan your programs interface with serial devices (bar code
ladder logic continuously, one program scan at a readers, scales, terminals, and more).

6 Design
For more information visit:
RSView Studio RSView Studio
Development Environment for RSView Enterprise Series
RSView Studio for
RSView Enterprise Series

R educe development time and training costs by

creating applications with RSView Studio™. RSView
single components of an application may be reused
by simply dragging and dropping the components
RSView Studio for
Machine Edition

Studio supports editing and reuse of RSView between applications.

Machine Edition™ and RSView Supervisory Edition™
projects for portability between embedded machine RSView Studio also allows you to configure your
and supervisory HMI systems. application remotely. The RSView Supervisory
Edition editing environment
allows application
development across
multiple servers from a
single location. It also gives
multiple developers access
to the same project at the
same time. Reduce
RSView Studio’s common
development and testing
time and
environment for all RSView training
Enterpise Series products costs.
enables you to:
The RSView Studio development system lets you • Configure both RSView Machine Edition and
create powerful graphic displays that give a visual RSView Supervisory Edition
representation of your process. These displays also • Reuse project components across applications
allow operators to interact directly with your • Use the powerful graphics editor and productivity
process. Designed for the Windows 2000 operating tools
system, RSView Studio provides an easy-to-use • Simulate runtime with Test-Run
development environment to simplify application • Import tags from RSLogix
design and reduce development time. RSView
Studio provides a common user experience from
machine level to supervisory level to simplify
development, deployment, training, and
maintenance. Entire machine-level applications can
be migrated to supervisory-level applications, or

Rockwell Softwar e 7
For more information visit:
How is operations supposed to deliver better operating earnings
without reducing my inventory or work-in-process levels?

An Operating Solution
based on RSBizWare

In today’s competitive manufacturing environment, automating your plant has taken a back seat to driving
out your operating efficiencies. Plant managers look for more ways to gather information from automation
devices and now look to turn that information into knowledge they can use.

Rockwell Software’s Operations Solutions offer a variety of ways to help solve your production issues.
RSBizWare uses FactoryTalk™ to provide true interoperability between shop-floor solutions, and a
consistent format for sharing manufacturing data. The RSView Enterprise Series of Human Interface
products provides a state-of-the-art solution for viewing plant floor data anytime, from anywhere.

Rockwell Software Operations Solutions can help you:

• Optimize manufacturing
• Improve plant uptime
• Drive regulatory compliance using RSView

8 Operate
For more information visit:
Get Data. Get Control.
RSSql Pro 5K Tag


RS Sql™ is a revolutionary tool designed to

help you better manage your manufacturing
RSSql Pro 32K Tag

RSSql Pro 70K Tag
processes by integrating the valuable data in your 9356-PRO2100
shop floor control systems with enterprise IT and RSSql Professional 150 Tag
other manufacturing applications. As part of the 9356-PRO2200

RSBizWare framework, RSSql provides you with the RSSql Professional 300 Tag

ideal platform on which to integrate and build the 9356-PRO2300

RSSql Professional 1500 Tag
solutions you need to run your enterprise.
To understand the power of RSSql, it helps to see the 9356-STD2100
RSSql Standard 150 Tag
power of an industrial transaction. In the enterprise
world, transactions are used every day to tightly link in your enterprise databases, RSSql’s flexible 9356-STD2200
RSSql Standard 300 Tag
multiple systems so that they act as one. An architecture can meet your needs.
industrial transaction does the same thing, except RSSql Standard 1500 Tag
that, instead of linking multiple database systems, it • Get the data you need…with ease!
links control systems to database systems. A true, • Flexible architecture scales to meet your needs. RSSql Standard 5K Tag
end-to-end link is established that provides the level • Keep your work-in-process and finished goods
of reliability required to support enterprise-wide inventory accurate. RSSql Starter Solution
integration. • Minimize production errors and enforce business
Whether your solution requires a simple data-logging rules with stored procedures.
scenario or a bi-directional system in which your • Get the shop-floor data you need to optimize and Industrial
plant floor is controlled by the rules and/or the data improve your manufacturing effectiveness. Transaction
RSSql Gateway for SAP RSSql Gateway for SAP
Get Data. Get Control.
RSSql Gateway for SAP


RS Sql Gateway for SAP® extends

RSBizWare’s reach into enterprise applications by
RSSql has achieved SAP’s CA-ADC 4.5 certification.
This is the Cross Application Advanced Data
RSSql Gateway for SAP Plus

RSSql Gateway for SAP Premium
allowing shop floor systems to interact directly with Collection Mobile Computing interface.
SAP software. Using this gateway, customers can RSSql Com + Connector
keep the data in SAP accurate and up-to-date. RSSql (RSSql Gateway for SAP must be installed on a
already has a host of methods for connecting to system with a valid RSSql license with a tag count
plant devices; this new enterprise connector in the that adheres to that license.)
RSSql toolkit provides unprecedented connectivity.

Rockwell Softwar e 9
For more information visit:
RSBizWare Historian
RSBizWare Historian
Turn Production Data into Actionable Information
Historian Server 150 Tag

Historian Server 300 Tag

Historian Server 1500 Tag
A ttack process variability by analyzing a wide
variety of process and production data such as
temperatures, pressures, and flow rates with
Historian Server 5K Tag RSBizWare™ Historian™.
9358-HSTS2400 • A complete solution for collecting, analyzing,
Historian Server 32K Tag viewing and reporting data
9358-HSTS2500 • Time-series data analysis
Historian Server 70K Tag • Easy-to-use drag-and-drop environment • Turn masses of confusing production data into
9358-HSTS5KSS • Powerful query and analysis tools useful information…with ease!
Historian Starter Solution
• Pre-defined data models – no SQL or database • Attack process variability with historical
knowledge required knowledge of past performance. Take charge with
• Extensible to analyze data from any data source critical real-time identification of drifting process
Designed to be easy enough for novice users, parameters.
yet powerful enough for advanced users, Historian • Get the reports you need…fast.
is a comprehensive solution for improving the • Integrate faster and more closely with state-of-
performance of your facility. the-art connectivity.

RSBizWare PlantMetrics
RSBizWare PlantMetrics
Exploit Plant floor Data to Maximize Operational Equipment Efficiency
PlantMetrics Server 5 Workcell

PlantMetrics Server 10 Workcell

PlantMetrics Server 25 Workcell
RS BizWare™ PlantMetrics™ is a complete,
Windows-based solution for evaluating the
performance of critical production assets in today’s
PlantMetrics Server 50 Workcell networked and distributed enterprise.
9358-PLTM5WCSS PlantMetrics provides users with a powerful, yet
PlantMetrics Starter Solution simple set of tools with which to analyze the
performance of production assets by building on the • Accurately capture changeover measurements
reporting, analysis, and management capabilities of • Measure key production components and use the
Get the the RSBizWare framework. results effectively
PlantMetrics helps you…
reports you • Increase output by accurately measuring the
• Get up and running…with ease.
• Get the reports you need…fast.
need...fast. efficiency of your plant equipment (OEE) • Integrate faster and more closely with state-of-
• Identify the real causes of downtime the-art connectivity

10 Operate
For more information visit:
RSBizWare Batch RSBizWare BatchERP
Complete Process Management Solution for Batch Manufacturing
BatchERP 3 Server Support


RS BizWare Batch provides efficient,

predictable batch processing, consistency between
RSBizWare™ BatchCampaign™
RSBizWare BatchCampaign is tightly integrated with
BatchERP 10 Server Support

RSBizWare BatchCampaign
batches, and generation of event information during the RSBizWare suite, providing users with complete 9358-BCMPN01ENE
batch runs. Batch process management lets you control of batch-based production runs. Using a
reuse code, recipes, phases, and logic between straightforward user interface, production RSBizWare eProcedure
processes with similar procedures. RSBizWare requirements are entered, and BatchCampaign
Batch brings all facets of batch automation and translates the information into either a single batch eProcedure 3 units
process management together, providing the most or complete campaign runs. 9358-EP10ENE
comprehensive batch management software eProcedure 10 units
available. RSBizWare Batch has improved quality RSBizWare™ eProcedure™ 9358-EP030ENE
and increased production in many industries, such RSBizWare eProcedure automates manual eProcedure 30 units

as chemical, pharmaceutical, food, beverage, heavy procedures using an interactive, web-based 9358-EP60ENE
eProcedure 60 units
industry, and pulp and paper. RSBizWare Batch interface to sequence and document manufacturing
combines the ISA S88.01 standard with proven operations. eProcedure provides the consistency of
RSBizWare MaterialTrack
technology that provides the flexibility you need to automated controls in manual operations.
supply your product to market faster. eProcedure executes recipe instruction, controls the 9358-MTRCK01ENE
1 Server Support
resources of the process cell, displays instructions
With coordinated execution of RSBizWare Batch, to operators, and logs all responses. eProcedure is 3 Server Support
you will: complementary to existing systems and supports
• Improve consistency both stationary and mobile operations, enabling 10 Server Support
• Increase throughput companies to use their existing intranet without
• Reduce waste requiring additional hardware.
• Improve product quality
• Reduce compliance costs RSBizWare™ MaterialTrack™
• Reduce inventory levels and cycle times RSBizWare MaterialTrack brings just-in-time material Proven
• Improve customer service management to batch execution systems, allowing technology
• Maximize return on net assets more effective management of materials and
recipes. MaterialTrack provides plant-level material
that provides
The RSBizWare Batch modules include: management and tracking, and integrates with the flexibilty
company-wide inventory management systems. It you need to

RSBizWare BatchERP ™

RSBizWare BatchERP is the connection between

complements ERP-level resource management by
collecting the detailed material and equipment
supply your
production planning and manufacturing. BatchERP tracking information needed for optimizing your product to
translates business information into production supply chain and e-business fulfillment. market
commands, and process data into business
production information.

Rockwell Softwar e 11
For more information visit:
Get the A Common Visualization Strategy Across the Enterprise
you need,
where and T o remain competitive in today’s global lower cost and better performance, provide

when you marketplace, you need the right information in the backward-compatibility and forward-friendly
right place and at the right time. Rockwell features, and act as a single source of
need it. Automation’s ViewAnyWare strategy is offering just
™ accountability for hardware, software, and
that – a way to get the information you need, where networking portions of the application.
and when you need it. This means that when you
work with machine-level interface devices as well ViewAnyWare solutions share these
as supervisory-level HMI devices, there are no gaps common attributes:
in products, platforms, or software. • A common development environment
• Application reuse and portability
• Interoperability with other Rockwell
Automation products
• Scalability from simple displays to highly
Distributed-Level HMI
sophisticated supervisory systems
Individual Component
Station-Level HMI • Compatibility with the full range of Allen-Bradley
Machine-Level and third-party hardware platforms
Open HMI
PanelView Plus • Flexible, robust visualization software
with RSView ME
MobilView Guard
Pocket HMI technologies from Rockwell Software
• Open and flexible architecture founded on
Microsoft’s DNA for Manufacturing
Having a window into the process at any stage of
production is critical to improving output and
efficiency. Our ViewAnyWare products bridge the
ViewAnyWare combines Rockwell Automation’s gap between machine-level and supervisory-level
proven expertise in electronic operator interface interface devices. Data can be accessed from a
and industrialized PC hardware with Rockwell variety of devices throughout the enterprise — from
Software’s supervisory control software. The the machine operator on the factory floor to the
combination provides interoperability and a common manager halfway around the world via the Internet.
development environment across platforms. The ViewAnyWare solutions provide operator interfaces
result is a scalable and unified suite of monitoring in both embedded and open platforms, so you can
and control solutions for virtually anywhere in your choose the best fit for your application. And all
manufacturing enterprise – offering faster ViewAnyWare products share a common software
application development and implementation, better development environment, so applications
productivity and flexibility, and lower overall cost. developed for machine-level platforms can be
For users, ViewAnyWare means that solutions reused and ported to more sophisticated
support an operator interface that closely matches supervisory-level applications.
the application, offer integration capabilities for

12 Operate
For more information visit:
RSView Machine Edition RSView Machine Edition
Machine-Level HMI for Open and Embedded Solutions
RSView Studio Machine Edition


RS View Machine Edition is part of the

RSView Enterprise Series , Rockwell Software’s
Offering preferred connectivity to Rockwell
RSView Machine Edition Station
Runtime for Windows 2000
15 Displays

new line of HMI software products that supports the Automation products, RSView Machine Edition is the RSView Machine Edition Station
ViewAnyWare strategy. This series will provide you ideal product to connect to devices such as Runtime for Windows 2000
30 Displays
with a scalable and unified suite of monitoring ControlLogix™, PLC-5, and SLC controllers.
and control solutions for virtually anywhere in Networks supported on RAC6182 industrial 9701-VWMR075AENE
RSView Machine Edition Station
your enterprise. computers include Ethernet, DH+, DF1, and Runtime for Windows 2000
75 Displays
DH-485. On Windows 2000
platforms, RSView ME and RSLinx 6182-xxxxxC
RSView Machine Edition Station
provide a powerful combination of Runtime for RAC6182 Computers
connectivity options including
Ethernet, ControlNet, DH+, DF1,
and DH-485.
RSView ME also supports OPC
standard communications allowing
connectivity to a wide range of
Rockwell Automation and third-
party devices.
RSView Machine Edition (ME) is a machine-level RSView Machine Edition supports: graphic
HMI that supports both open and embedded • Full-featured Graphics Editor with powerful
operator interface solutions for monitoring and editing tools, drawing objects, pre-configured
controlling individual machines or small processes. operator devices and animation capabilities
RSView ME allows for a consistent operator • Quick Test Run, which simulates runtime
interface across multiple platforms, including during development
Microsoft Windows CE and Windows 2000 solutions. • Trending, Data Logging, Alarming, Security,
Components of this exciting new HMI are a PC- Expressions and more
based development tool called RSView Studio and a • Preferred connectivity with Rockwell
separate runtime system called RSView ME Station. Automation products
RSView ME Station runs projects developed with • Support for both ActiveX™ and
RSView Studio. Flexible runtime choices include OPC technologies
Allen-Bradley RAC6182 Windows CE-based
industrial computers and Windows 2000 platforms.
Designed with scalability in mind, future versions of
RSView ME will also run on MobilView Machine and
Guard terminals, and the next-generation PanelView
Plus™ embedded operator terminals.

Rockwell Softwar e 13
For more information visit:
RSView Supervisory Edition
RSView Supervisory Edition
Distributed HMI for Enterprise Solutions
RSView SE Server
100 Display

RSView SE Server
25 Display
RS View Supervisory Edition is one of two
components of the RSView Enterprise Series. The
information everywhere you want it. This highly-
scalable architecture can be applied to a stand-
9701-VWSS250AENE RSView Enterprise Series bridges the gap between alone one-server/one-user application or to multiple
RSView SE Server
250 Display machine-level and supervisory-level systems to give users interfacing with multiple servers.
users a more efficient, productive, and cost-efficient
solution at all levels of the enterprise. Designed for RSView Supervisory Edition is targeted at
scalability and integration between machine and supervisory-level monitoring and control
supervisory levels, Enterprise Series products are applications that need a distributed and scalable
designed with a common look, feel, and navigation architecture. Supervisory Edition includes runtime
to speed development and training time while servers and clients, allowing customers to develop
reducing your total cost of ownership. and deploy a multi-server/multi-client application.
Such applications are developed with the RSView
RSView Supervisory Edition (SE) is an HMI for Studio development tool.
supervisory-level monitoring and control
applications. It has a distributed and scalable Create Tags Once
architecture that supports distributed-server/multi- RSView SE lets you take advantage of seamless
user applications, giving maximum control over interoperability among Rockwell products with
FactoryTalk framework. FactoryTalk provides the
infrastructure RSView SE needs to access
information directly from FactoryTalk servers, like
ControlLogix and Allen-Bradley PLCs, as well as
standard third-party OPC Servers. So, with
FactoryTalk, you define your tags only once. RSView
SE uses the tags you create in your logic programs,
eliminating the need to recreate them within your
RSView SE application. Changes to tags in your data
server are inherited by your HMI application.

Take Advantage of Location Transparency

Design and deploy your system without having to
worry about where your tags are coming from. Tags
in your SE application are not hard coded to the
PLC’s physical location. The FactoryTalk Directory
maps all of the tags and their locations to the parts

14 Operate
For more information visit:
of RSView SE that use them. When a property of a to receive control information without having to
tag changes, FactoryTalk takes care of making sure detect and manage the failover individually.
that information gets into RSView SE. Since tag
names are not associated with specific computers Secure your operation
Get all the
— only with logical areas — you can duplicate RSView SE uses Windows security, so you can set information
entire HMI projects and logic programs from entire up users and groups in Windows, and then grant you need
lines or areas of an application and reuse them in
the same application. You don’t need to rename
rights to those same users and groups in
Supervisory Edition.
to make
tags! This allows you to grow your application important
quickly and easily. Core HMI Features decisions.
Of course, RSView SE provides core features such
Control Your Point of View as security, graphic displays, global alarming,
Since each RSView SE Client can view information activity and alarm logging, TrendX™ trending, and
from any and all RSView Servers, you get all the much more.
information you need. While operators are viewing
information pertinent to their areas of the process, Supervisory Edition features:
supervisors and executives are viewing the • Supervisory-level component of ViewAnyWare
information they need to make important decisions. • Preferred compatibility with Rockwell
You can customize each of your clients even further Automation’s FactoryTalk architecture
through “display code” or client-side VBA for • Direct referencing of controller tags
graphics and the exposed graphics object model. • Multi-user,
Clients act like VB forms, allowing them to execute distributed server
client-side VB code locally – independently of • Remote and
other clients. multi-user
Don’t lose control • VBA in graphics
With RSLinx and OPC data server redundancy, you for maximum
won’t lose access to your control information if your client control
RSLinx or OPC data server loses communication • RSLinx and OPC
with your HMI. If the computer hosting your data data server
server fails, another computer can automatically redundancy
take its place — each RSView SE server continues • Windows 2000 compatible

Rockwell Softwar e 15
For more information visit:
RSView32 Works
The Clearest View of your Enterprise
100,000-tag database

100,000-tag database with RSLinx

32,000-tag database
RS View32 is an integrated, component-
based HMI software package for monitoring and
client for fast, reliable communications with a
wide variety of hardware devices from multiple
controlling automation machines and processes. vendors.
32,000-tag database with RSLinx RSView32 expands your view with open • Implement Add-On Architecture (AOA)
9301-2SE2350 technologies that provide unprecedented technology to expand RSView32’s functionality
5,000-tag database connectivity to other Rockwell Software products, and integrate new features into RSView32’s
9301-2SE2353 Microsoft products, and third-party applications. core.
5,000-tag database with RSLinx

9301-2SE2300 RSView32 was the first HMI software to take Customize your HMI projects
1,500-tag database
full advantage of leading-edge Microsoft With RSView32 you can:
9301-2SE2303 technologies to: • Interact with other Rockwell Software products.
1,500-tag database with RSLinx
• Open its graphic displays as OLE containers for Build your own customized suite, choosing only
9301-2SE2200 ActiveX controls – with thousands of third- those products that best serve the needs of
300-tag database
party ActiveX controls to choose from, you can your unique applications.
300-tag database with RSLinx drop ready-made solutions right into your • Share data with Microsoft products. RSView32
projects. tag configuration, alarm configuration, and
150-tag database • Develop an object model to expose portions of logged data are all ODBC compliant.
its core functionality, allowing RSView32 to • Enjoy preferred compatibility with Rockwell
RSView32 Runtime easily interoperate with other component- Automation products. RSView32 and RSLinx
9301-2SE2103 based software products. offer the most powerful combination to
150-tag database with RSLinx • Integrate Microsoft’s popular Visual Basic® for capture, control, and convey plant floor data.
9301-2SE3500 Applications (VBA) as a built-in programming • Update projects online. RSView32 saves you
100,000-tag database language, allowing almost unlimited ways to time with online changes that don’t require
9301-2SE3503 customize and extend your RSView32 projects. you to shut down your process.
100,000-tag database with RSLinx
• Support OPC standards as both a server and a • Reuse tag databases. RSView32 can reuse the
9301-2SE3400 same tags created in a PLC ladder logic
32,000-tag database
application. Simply open the tag browser and
9301-2SE3403 point and click to select the tags.
32,000-tag database with RSLinx
• Reuse objects from graphic libraries. In
5,000-tag database addition to the hundreds of graphic objects
available in RSView32 libraries, the RSView
5,000-tag database with RSLinx Forum offers many graphic objects, ActiveX
controls, and VBA code snippets freely
1,500-tag database available for downloading:
9301-2SE3303 http://www.software.rockwell.com/forum/rsview32/
1,500-tag database with RSLinx • Safeguard your systems with system-level
9301-2SE3200 security and 16 levels of project security.
300-tag database

16 Operate
For more information visit:
• Automate your applications with Microsoft’s Thousands of technical notes are available in 9301-2SE3203
300-tag database with RSLinx
powerful, built-in VBA programming language our web-based support library:
and other flexible, convenient features. www.software.rockwell.com/support/ 9301-2SE3100
150-tag database

Maximize your productivity RSView32 Reporting Utility 150-tag database with RSLinx
Along with the features you’d expect to find in a Now there’s a quick and easy way to view, print,
high-quality HMI software product, RSView32 save, and export RSView32 reports using RSView32 with RSLinx single
also offers a unique set of tools to maximize your preconfigured report layouts. The utility offers a Node bundles
Four RSView32/RSLinx bundles
productivity: choice of 10 layouts that can generate reports are available for smaller
applications. Leveraging the
• Simulate runtime during development with the from the following types of RSView32 data: availability of the RSLinx Single
click of a button. • Activity log Node package, these bundles
provide a lower cost entry point
• Edit individual objects in a group without • Real-time data for applications that require OPC
breaking the group and affecting animation. • Data log models and DDE communication to a
single device. (Note that RSLinx
• Animate motion by clicking and dragging with • Alarm log Single Node does not support
direct drivers in RSView32
Object Smart Path. • Historical data applications.)
• Represent multiple machines with a single Using a Crystal Reports® runtime engine and
graphic display using tag placeholders and viewer, the reporting utility provides another way RSView32 Works
parameter files. to create RSView32 reports, in addition to using
• Quickly replace tag names and character Microsoft Word, Excel, or custom reports built in 300-tag database with RSLinx
Single Node
strings with tag substitution. VB or VBA. Download it from the Rockwell
• Easily import graphics developed in other Software Support Library: Application Note A1927 9301-2SE2104
150-tag database with RSLinx
drawing applications. at http://support.rockwellautomation.com/ Single Node
• Find the help you need with RSView32’s online
help systems, tutorial, and sample projects. RSView32 Runtime

300-tag database with RSLinx
Maximize performance, save development time, Single Node

and improve productivity. 9301-2SE3104

150-tag database with RSLinx
Single Node

Rockwell Softwar e 17
For more information visit:
RSView32 Active Display
RSView32 Active Display System
System Expand Your View Across Your Networks and Beyond
RSView32 Active Display Server

RSView32 Active Display Floating
RS View32 Active Display System™ is a
client/server application that extends the view of
With RSView32 Active Display System you can:
• View and interact with real-time, animated graphics
RSView32 Active Display your data by allowing operators to remotely open, • Manage and control alarms, trends, and set-points
Dedicated Client run, and interact with RSView32 graphic displays • Manage and acknowledge global alarms
9305-RSVADFVCENE from virtually any computer on a network. This • Centrally manage configuration files, graphic
RSView32 Active Display Floating extends the reach of your process control system display files, databases, and RSView32 security
View Client
from the plant floor to the office and beyond. • Centrally administer the RSView32 security system
RSView32 Active Display Server RSView32 Active Display System takes advantage of • Automatically deploy client software through your
with RSLinx Gateway. Microsoft network from the Microsoft Internet Explorer
Distributed browser on a client
Component Object • Automatically establish client sessions with an
Model (DCOM) and alternate server if the primary server fails.
ActiveX • Use RSView32 Active display with Windows 2000
technologies, Terminal Services to reduce total cost of
allowing remote ownership. Combine RSView32 Active Display
components to and Terminal Services to use thin clients, such
appear local and by as the Windows CE-based RAC6182 and
providing convenient MobilView, that remotely access RSView32
Internet access. information.

RSView32 WebServer RSView32 WebServer

9301-RSVWSENE Expand Your View Across the Web
RSView32 WebServer

Extend the RS View32 WebServer™ expands your view

reach of your into RSView32 and provides a quick look into graphic
displays, tags, and alarms through any standard
process Internet browser. RSView32 WebServer is a true
control “thin client” that requires absolutely no installation
system from or configuration on clients. • Update project data by clicking the Refresh button

the plant floor From a client you can:

• Connect to RSView32 WebServer over the Internet If you have a valid RSView32 user account, you can
to the office using a URL address connect to an RSView32 project over the Internet
and beyond. • View snapshots of selected tag or alarm data using any browser that supports HTML 3.2.

18 Operate
For more information visit:
RSView32 Add-ons
Extend RSView32 Core Features with Add-on Architecture

RS View32 redefined the meaning of “HMI

core features” with its Add-on Architecture (AOA).
accommodate holidays, weekends and business
trips. Simply create a schedule of alarm notification Expand
AOA expands RSView32’s functionality by integrating destinations, and notifications will be sent off to the RSView32’s
new software components directly into RSView32. people who need to know… wherever they are.
Customize RSView32’s feature set by installing only
those components you need. RSView32 RecipePro™
The RSView32 Add-ons ship with RSView32 on the Configure and Manage Your Recipe Projects
Extensions CD at no additional charge. RSView32 RecipePro provides enhanced
recipe management. With RSView32
RSView32 TrendX ™
RecipePro, you can configure multiple
Real-time and Historical Trending from recipe project files in each RSView32
RSView32 data logs project and easily transfer process data
RSView32 requests to and from your automation
TrendX, an equipment. A configurable ActiveX
ActiveX control allows you to customize the runtime recipe
control, functions available to operators.
with RSView32 SPC™
RSView32 to Track and Improve Product Quality
provide real-time and historical trending from through SPC Analysis
RSView32 data logs. You can plot variables against RSView32 SPC provides statistical methods for
each other (x-y plotting), add or delete pens during analyzing and controlling the variation of a
runtime, and change pen colors, markers and axis process. RSView32 SPC integrates directly into
scaling during runtime. the RSView32 Project Manager window. From
there you can configure project defaults,
RSView32 Messenger ™
products, and the individual characteristics that
Notify the People Who Need to Know – Now collect measureable data about the project.
Messenger RSLadder™
announces View, search and diagnose ladder logic
alarms and RSLadder displays ladder logic for the
simple Allen-Bradley SLC 500 and PLC-5 families
reports of processors. With RSLadder, you can
through view, search, and diagnose ladder logic
pagers, faxes, e-mail, telephones, cell phones, or — both offline and online — inside
even locally on your computer using a sound card. RSView32. Customize your projects using
With its scheduling capabilities, you can RSLadder’s extensive object model.

Rockwell Softwar e 19
For more information visit:
An Industrial Communication Hub
RSLinx Single Node


RSLinx Professional
RS Linx is a complete communication server
providing plant-floor device connectivity for a wide
RSLinx provides a user-friendly graphical interface
for navigating through your network. This includes
variety of Rockwell Software applications such as routing over an office Ethernet network through a
RSLinx Gateway RSLogix 5/500/5000, RSView32, and RSSql. In ControlLogix Gateway to get to your control
9355-WABCENE addition, several open interfaces are provided for networks and devices on the plant floor. Select a
RSLinx SDK third-party HMI, data collection and analysis device and click to access a variety of integrated
packages and custom client application software. configuration and monitoring tools. A complete set
RSLinx can support of communication drivers is provided for your
multiple software networking needs, from legacy Allen-Bradley
applications networks supported to the newer, more capable,
simultaneously ControlLogix Gateways. Communication hardware
communicating to a such as PCMCIA, serial port, or PC-based network
variety of devices on many cards are also supported.
different networks.
RSLinx is available in multiple packages to meet the
You can communicate demand for a variety of cost and functionality
from anywhere to requirements. The following table contains specific
anywhere using RSLinx. information on features supported in each package.

RSLinx Lite
Only available with other
products like RSLogix
Communication Drivers X X X X X X

Integrated ControlLogix Gateway Configuration Tool X X X X X X

Driver and Station Diagnostics X X X X X X

You can Device Properties X X X X X X

communicate Data Monitor X X

from anywhere Ladder Viewer X X

to anywhere DDE Support (CF_Text, XL_Table, AdvanceDDE) X* X X X X

using RSLinx. Runtime support for local OPC Client Connection X* X X X X

Runtime support for custom ‘C’ API application X X X X

OPC Automation Interface Documentation, Samples X

Remote OPC Client capability X

Remote Gateway Client Connection X

*Can only communicate with one device.

20 Operate
For more information visit:
RSEnergy RSEnergy
Manage Your Energy Data from Anywhere
RSEnergy 8 Nodes


RS Energy™ puts the power of information at

your desktop. With RSEnergy, you can find out
RSEnergy 16 Nodes

RSEnergy 32 Nodes
everything you need to know about your energy use
— from anywhere on your network. You can monitor
and manage all energy use throughout your The power
networked corporation. Both real-time and historical
data are available for every metering parameter.
of information
at your
With direct access to Allen-Bradley power desktop.
monitoring equipment and PLCs using RSLinx,
you can:
• Measure peak demands • Measure power quality
• Calculate energy costs • Aggregate loads across multiple buildings in a site
• Determine demand patterns or across the country

RSPower32 RSPower32
The Multi-Purpose Power and Energy Management tool
RSPower32 Runtime


S olve your power monitoring and management

problems using Rockwell Automation power monitor-
RSPower32 Works

ing hardware teamed with RSPower32™ software.

RSPower32 is a complete tool that allows you to
save power monitor data to disk, print data,
harmonics and waveforms, and manage power
monitor configurations. Monitor and manage your
power monitoring equipment from your desktop
using RSPower32 stand-alone or as an extension of
RSView32 HMI software.

Increase productivity and lower costs with:

• Quick and easy configuration • Advanced data presentation
• Continuous access to your power data • Integral security
from your PC • Flexible communications

Rockwell Softwar e 21
For more information visit:
How am I going to improve my plant’s uptime
AND comply with government regulations?

A Maintenance Solution
based on RSMACC

It used to be that keeping your plant running was the most important job for maintenance managers. Now
that’s merely the ante to managing the maintenance of a plant. How do you keep your plant running
smoothly, with the addition of government regulations requiring you to keep an audit trail, provide security,
and manage licenses, along with managing software necessary to keep your assets running?

Rockwell Software’s Maintenance Solutions provide a common architecture and repository for managing
all of the maintenance activities that occur in your plant. No longer will you need multiple databases and
spreadsheets to keep track of your people, the jobs they are doing and the tools they need to do their jobs.
With Rockwell Software’s new RSMACC Change Management System, you only have to look in one place
to manage all of your plant’s maintenance activities.

Rockwell Software Maintenance Solutions can help you:

• Improve your plant uptime by using software to predict maintenance requirements for your
plant’s assets.
• Meet regulatory requirements by using RSMACC to control device access, prevent unwanted
changes, record and document all changes, and provide back-up and recovery.
• Increase effectiveness of maintenance people by centrally managing their software licenses
and revisions.

22 Maintain
For more information visit:
Maintenance Automation Control Center

M aintaining plant equipment before failures

occur can have a huge impact on the bottom line,
The RSMACC Change Management
System is designed to help you:
but keeping track of maintenance information for • Monitor critical computer services
hundreds of machines can be difficult. RSMACC • Log system events
(Maintenance Automation Control Center) helps • Audit and log changes made to
reduce maintenance operating expenses and your running process
assists in increasing the uptime of your plant.
• Verify, backup and recover device programs and
Maintenance operations reduce expenses and
system files
increase machine uptime with Rockwell Software
• Secure access to editing and monitoring functions
RSMACC. RSMACC is the maintenance solution that
• Provide file management for all pertinent system
centralizes, manages, and maintains the information
needed for engineers to stay on top of maintenance
requirements. RSMACC solutions provide open
• Manage product licenses Integrate
integration and standard infrastructure in a information
complete enterprise maintenance environment. Primarily, RSMACC is a client-server based system from a variety
Gather information directly from Rockwell that offers a centralized repository and audit trail for
plant-wide maintenance information
of sources on
associated with change management the plant
and asset health. Engineers can manage floor,
their maintenance software applications
to determine current versions and
manage license deployment to improve
plant uptime. In addition, RSMACC managers to
detects and records altered electronic access
files required to meet regulations, such
as 21CFR Part 11. Engineers can also
restore previously used programs, from the
control program usage and manage central
backup and recovery services. RSMACC
Automation software packages such as RSLogix, integrates information from a variety of sources on
RSNetWorx, Entek Emonitor Odyssey, and even third- the plant floor, allowing maintenance managers to
party applications to manage and audit change, access information from the central repository.
manage power and energy data, prevent and Consolidation of these events provides all RSMACC
predict failures, and verify validation status of workstations with the ability to view, search and
current projects. print pertinent information needed to keep your
plant running.

Rockwell Softwar e 23
For more information visit:
RSMACC Change Management Capabilities Verification
This backup, recovery and verification service allows
Service Monitor
scheduled upload and compares to devices and files.
Monitors the state of services running on
workstations in your RSMACC system.
Access Control
Manage, track and record access to Rockwell
Event Repository
Software product licenses.
This database centrally collects and stores
warnings, errors and informational messages from
supporting services, providing you with the means to How will the RSMACC Change Management System

view, analyze and print this information. benefit you? With RSMACC you:

Centralize, • Always know where to find the most current

version of your program
manage and Audit
• Can confirm that the correct and validated
maintain your This database centrally collects and stores messages
configuration or programming is currently in
coming from FactoryTalk Audit-equipped products. It
information. automatically records who made changes in PLC
a device

programs for compliance with regulatory • Have a documented audit trail of when changes

requirements, such as 21CFR Part 11. are made to device programs

• Have an unequivocal record of who made
changes to a specific device or file
• Know exactly what program is running in a device
Rockwell Software’s Security Server
Network Edition provides the means • Prevent unauthorized or unwanted changes from

to centrally locate and manage occurring in running processes or files

domain user and workstation • Provide version control for all system files
access to product actions and • Recover from disasters quickly and easily by
resources. restoring the program in the controllers
• Record and manage who can use product
Archive licenses

This file management system allows you to manage • Monitor and record critical electronic services
and record the usage of all files. Protect your
intellectual property and manage validated programs RSMACC is the most advanced tool in the
by requiring users to check files in and out of the automation market to assist you with detecting and
system. Version history on changes made to all files recording altered electronic files for retaining good
is recorded and stored. This functionality is open to manufacturing practices and meeting regulatory
any file format. requirements, such as 21CFR Part 11.

24 Maintain
For more information visit:
Security Server Security Server
Security Enabler for Rockwell Software Products
Security Server


P roactively stop tampering before it can even start With Security Server you:
Security Server Client

with the use of Rockwell Software Security Server. • Protect your system logic and data from
Security Server is a centralized security system for unauthorized use
restricting access to resources within supporting • Use Windows domain logons for user
“line of sight”
Rockwell Software products. It replaces the security authentication security,
functions provided in individual applications with a • Manage project accessibility over multiple allowing
centralized system, allowing simpler administration domains
and management of secured functions. Instead of • Track user access/activity
users to
having to go from workstation to workstation to • Create rules for – who (Domain User) can do modify only
administer changes to security policy, administrators what (PLC or application) from where (Domain the processes
can make changes in one location and use them Workstation)
throughout a network, protecting their system logic
that are
and data from unauthorized use. As a component of visible to
an RSMACC solution, Security Server becomes part them.
of a complete Change Management Solution.

User Group
NT Server
Brewing Technicians Engineers Packaging
Primary Domain


Workstation Group
Security Server
Workstation 1 Workstation2 Workstation3 Workstation4 NT Server Configuration
Primary Domain


Control Network

Tanks Conveyors Packaging

Rockwell Softwar e 25
For more information visit:
RSNetWorx MD 1 2 PLC-5/40C

RSNetWorx MD
Diagnostic Monitoring for DeviceNet™
Includes RSNetWorx for

Upgrade to existing RSNetWorx
for DeviceNet
RS NetWorx™ MD for DeviceNet is a
diagnostic monitoring subsystem that provides
The RSNetWorx MD features a new Diagnostic View
that provides a network-wide health assessment of
automatic diagnostic analysis and troubleshooting your DeviceNet networks. This view provides a
information for the Open DeviceNet Vendors diagnostic browser allowing you to easily determine
Association’s DeviceNet™ network. The advanced the source and severity of diagnosed conditions.
Provide diagnostic monitoring subsystem features are RSNetWorx MD automatically distills diagnostic

automatic coupled with the proven configuration management

features already provided by RSNetWorx for
information into clear and concise
good/warning/error health indicators. If problems
diagnostic DeviceNet, resulting in the most capable DeviceNet exist, the RSNetWorx MD subsystem provides easy
analysis and network management software package on the navigation to the source of the problem and specific

trouble- market today. RSNetWorx MD for DeviceNet troubleshooting information needed to resolve the
provides features that: problem. RSNetWorx MD does not require you to be
shooting • Allow you to resolve conditions that arise when a network protocol and/or network device expert.
information. initially commissioning a system,
minimizing initial start-up times and
• Help you debug and correct
network/device problems, thereby
reducing network downtimes and
related costs.
• Detect preventive maintenance
needs within devices on your
network, preventing system

You do not analyze the diagnostic data,

RSNetWorx MD does! This analysis can be via
any communication path supported by RSLinx. This
includes local connections to the target DeviceNet
as well as any remote route provided by RSLinx.

26 Maintain
For more information visit:
The Complete Asset Management Solution for Operations and Maintenance

P rotect your plant’s vital production assets with the

Entek® Emonitor family of condition monitoring
Emonitor Odyssey
Complete condition monitoring software
software. Emonitor software acquires and monitors solution that combines Process and Enlube
the current and future condition of production assets diagnostic capabilities into a single package
enabling operations and maintenance to make timely along with vibration, thermography, motor
and accurate decisions from within a completely current and other condition monitoring
scalable system. technologies.
The Emonitor family of products integrates with
RSMACC, adding condition monitoring to the Emonitor Enshare
complete range of capabilities that can be monitored Complete plant asset management system adding all
Protect your
in the RSMACC Client. The Emonitor family of the capabilities of the other Emonitor family products plant’s vital
products is scalable to fit your needs whether you’re as well as enterprise integration, making it the most production
looking to monitor just a few devices in a process or
all the devices and rotating assets in your local plant
advanced PAM system in the market.
or sites around the world. Entrx®
Entrx is a high-performance data acquisition,
An Emonitor package of software for all industries database management, and data analysis tool
Emonitor Process designed for use in both portable / test and
• Designed for Process information permanent / online monitoring applications. Its
• Acquire data from DCS or other online plant bottom-to-top design as an all-in-one transient
systems using the Emonitor OPC Client or Server and steady-state monitoring system makes
add-on modules, as well as from hand-held Entrx the professional’s tool for the monitoring
process instruments or ASCII file imports. and analysis of steam and gas turbines, centrifugal
• Setup alarms to notify your Operations and compressors, boiler feed pumps, electric motors,
Maintenance group of any pending problem via reactor circulating water pumps, fans, gearboxes,
email or email page. blowers and most any other high-speed or critical
machinery. Entrx data can also be integrated
Emonitor Enlube PM with all the other condition-monitoring data
• Same feature set as Emonitor Process, plus by exporting it to the Emonitor software. This
features specifically directed toward oil and approach gives you all the information
lubrication analysis. you need in one place.
• Supports the import of oil lab test data from
independent oil labs around the world. PAM systems make the Operations and
• Includes a lubricant library for storage, retrieval Maintenance leaders decision-making
and alarm generation based on a lubricant’s easier by providing knowledge about
viscosity and specific gravity. the current and future condition of
vital production assets.

Rockwell Softwar e 27
For more information visit:
A complete Computerized Maintenance Management Services

suite of
services to R ockwell Automation provides a complete • Architectural Requirements

support the professional suite of services to support the • Workstation Inventory

MAXIMO Enterprise Asset Management Software • Network Assessment
MAXIMO (EAM) package. Our professional services team can • IT Standards
Enterprise assist you in determining the functional requirements • Security Standards
Asset that meet your organization’s goals and needs.
Rockwell Automation will determine the architectural • Software Configuration
Management requirements and provide the technical knowledge • Screen Modification
Software to integrate MAXIMO with your organization’s exist- • Customized Labeling
package. ing systems. We can also provide the expertise to • Functionality Needs
assist in populating the MAXIMO database and any • Cubic Analysis
necessary training for your team to support the Assessment Templates
application. In addition, we also can deliver tailored
classroom training to your maintenance organiza- • Data Scrubbing
tions to ensure the maximum use of MAXIMO. • Template Development
• PartPlate Tool
EAM Support Services • Product Standardization
• Functional Requirements Assessment • Product Conversion Analysis
• Plant Survey -Interviews
• Integration Requirements • Data Loading
• E-commerce Analysis • Data Transfers
• Predictive/Preventive • Data Development
• Multi-Plant Analysis - Labor Pool
Maintenance Requirements - PM Schedules
- Inventory
- Bill of Materials
- Account Codes
- Equipment Hierarchy

For more information regarding MAXIMO software

and services please call: 1-866-5MAXIMO
Or visit: www.mro.com

28 Maintain
For more information visit:
Rockwell Software
Provides Global
Manufacturing Solutions
Rockwell Automation can align your company’s manufacturing systems and processes
with your business goals. We can:

• Help you consistently meet engineering and project objectives on time and on budget.
• Bridge the gaps between disparate manufacturing-information and process-automation
• Harness the power of your investment in human and machine capital.
• Provide manufacturing expertise that enables you to satisfy your customers — and beat
your competition.

Today at Rockwell Automation Global Manufacturing Solutions, we’re helping customers around the
globe develop and maintain the edge required for success in a competitive business environment.
As the leader in complete automation solutions, we’re turning manufacturing organizations into
solid, bottom-line contributors to the total enterprise, cutting costs and increasing speed-to-market,
while improving agility and enhancing total operational efficiencies along the way.

We provide everything from integrated engineering and support solutions on multi-vendor platforms
to software and asset management services that bring manufacturing systems to new heights—
bringing shop-floor data to the top floor for more effective enterprise-resource management.

So, no matter what level of service or support your business requires, we can engage in a way
that’s just right for you.

Let us introduce you to our world of automation products and services, as well as our global
network of services experts. Together we’re there when and where you need us:
One time — every time.

Rockwell Software
For more information on the latest pricing or a demonstration of any
Rockwell Software package, please contact your local Rockwell Automation
sales office or Allen-Bradley distributor. For the very latest on Rockwell
Software products, visit our website at:


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