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A4 Golf/Jetta timing belt checklist Loosen timing belt tensioner valve cover bolts 84 INCH LBS

Remove engine cover Remove cam sprocket Clear all intake ports of obstruction
Optional for ease of access. Remove timing belt Bump motor without starting several times
Remove airbox and intake tube Remove tensioner Verify timing belt is tracking properly
Remove CCV Lock Injection Pump VERY BRIEFLY start motor and shut off quickly
Disconnect fuel lines Remove rollers to ensure engine will run
Remove egr to intercooler pipe elbow Inspect water pump Install metal timing belt covers
Optional for ease of access.
Install new water pump if necessary Install engine mount bracket (raise and lower motor
Remove upper intercooler pipe Water pump bolts 11 ft lb to access bolts)
Unscrew coolant tank Install new large roller Engine mount bracket 33 ft lb
Unbolt power steering reservoir Large roller bolt 30 ft lb plus 1/4 turn Install vibration damper/pulley
Cap coolant tank and move towards headlight Install new lower roller Vibration damper pulley bolts 18 ft lb
Remove timing belt cover Lower roller nut 16 ft lb Use blue loctite
Remove vac pump Install new upper roller Install motor mount
10mm and 13mm box offset wrench Upper roller bolt 15 ft lb Motor mount bracket bolts 18 ft lb
Remove valve cover Replace cam seal Motor mount bolts to frame 30 ft lb plus 1/4
Pull flywheel plug
Optional for ease of access.
Loosen lug nuts Bearing cap Torque 15 ft lbs Motor mount bolts to mount bracket 44 ft lb
Raise car, remove passenger tire, place Install new tensioner, verify tab properly located. plus 1/4 turn
jack stand Install new belt on all pulleys Install coolant tank
Rotate to TDC Loosen injection pump bolts Install power steering reservoir
Lock camshaft Set tension on tensioner
Remove belly pan Tensioner torque 15 ft lb Install Serpentine belt
Remove lower intercooler pipe Check pump pin, crank at tdc, cam at tdc and Install side skirt
Remove side skirt double-check cranklock Install intercooler pipes and elbow
Loosen vibration damper Tighten cam sprocket bolt Install airbox and intake tube
Remove v-belt Cam Sprocket 33 ft lb Install belly pan
Remove vibration damper Tighten injection pump bolts If removed, reinstall tire
Support engine from above and or below Remove camlock Lug nuts 87 ft lb
Remove upper engine mount alignment plate Remove pump pin Check and set timing via vag-com
Remove upper engine mount Remove crank Lock
Remove lower engine mount bracket (raise and Rotate engine 2 full turns Injection pump bolts
lower motor to access bolts) Set camlock (stretch type one time use): 15 ft lb plus 1/4 turn
Remove Lower timing belt guard Verify crank tdc (non-stretch type): 18 ft lb
Remove upper timing belt cover Repeat until TDC match If the injection timing is advanced, turn injection
install crank lock Install vac pump pump clockwise towards front of car. If the
Loosen camshaft sprocket bolt vac pump bolts 15 ft lb injection timing is retarded, turn injection pump
Break loose cam sprocket Install valve cover and ccv counterclockwise towards rear of car.