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Bharathiyar College of Engineering & Technology , Karaikal-609609

Department Of Mechanical Engineering

Date: 22.03.2016 Time: 9.20 AM to 11.00 AM Max:50Marks

Sub Code & Subject: MET82 & Maintenance and safety engineering
Year & Sec: IV A Name of the Faculty: Mr. C.R.Govindasamy

Note: Answer all the questions

Part-A (10X2=20)

1. List the pillars of TPM.

2. Write a short note on economics of maintenance.
3. What is computer aided maintenance?
4. Define reliability?
5. State the benefits of reliability analysis in industries?
6. Define failure rate?
7. What is Mean Failure Rate?
8. Define Mean Time to Failure.
9. What is Mean Time between Failures (MTBF)?
10. Define Mean Time to Repair (MTTR)?

Part-B (3X10=30)

11.Briefly explain the eight pillars of Total productive maintenance (TPM).


12.Explain computer aided maintenance in detail.

13. Describe the various stages involved in implementation of TPM.


14. What are the various failures of a device in a system? Explain in detail.

15. Explain the terms: inherent availability, achieved availability and

operational availability.


16. Explain maintainability functions and availability function in detail.