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Learning Outcomes
Explain the operation of current LAN & WAN standards, explain and apply TCP/IP and
associated protocols and application.

ICT Resources Malaysia Public Limited Company has hired you as a network consultant.
This company is the only supplier of business equipment and office supplies of its kind in
South East Asia. The lack of competition has caused the owners not to make major
investments into the business. A nationally recognized competitor recently opened for
business with plans to put ICT Resources out of business. In response to this, the owners of
ICT Resources have decided to reinvest substantial sum of money in the company.

ICT Resources locally owns a 3 storey building and currently has already grown to a level
where they now have resources of 40 staff and this figure is still growing. They have
developed and spread their business to 3 strategic locations throughout South East Asia with
more upcoming offices in other locations planned for 2009. These new offices will
incorporate the retail concept coupled with local sales offices.

ICT Resources decided to set up office with approximately 35 to 40 employees. The goal is
to determine the type of network topology they will need within the office. Consider the
types of computer and number of printers, audio devices, microphones, LCD projectors, and
multifunction peripherals that are needed. Before they invest money in the local area
network, the owner wants to know more about networks and internet connection.

As the network consultant, write a brief report and prepare a PowerPoint presentation about
advantages and disadvantages of having a network. What type of network is best suited for
the company a peer-to-peer network or a client/server network? What transmission media
should the company use? Why? What types of problems should be expected with the
network? Use the Internet, book or any other related material as reference to answer the
owners’ requirements.

You are strongly encouraged to produce your own design, diagrams and/or figures in
support of the area of research. However, if the information is extracted from external
sources, please ensure that proper referencing is provided.

Assignment Requirements
1. You are required to work individually.

2. Your report must be typed using Microsoft Word with Times New Roman font size 12.
Expected length is from 2,200 to 2,500 words. You need use to include a word count at
the end of the report, report should be typed in 1.5 spaces.

3. You are required to prepare PowerPoint, print out 6 slides per page and attach it in the
last page of the assignment.

4. As part of project management, you are required to develop a Gantt chart (project plan)
that indicates clearly the activities required in order for the project to be a success.

Level 2 Asia Pacific Institute of Information Technology Date

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5. The report has to be well presented and should be typed. Submission of reports that are
unprofessional in its outlook (dirty, disorganised, inconsistent look, varying coloured
paper and size) will not fare well when marks are allocated.
6. Part of the project requires research relevant to computer networks. However the
following information is considered as ‘unnecessary’,
General text book definitions and diagrams of different types of networks,
media / cables, topologies, protocols, network devices etc

If needed above information, should be included in appendices only.

7. Detailed justification and explanation are expected at every stage of the network
proposal. (Such as why would you need a layer 3 switch in a location, why you have
included a VPN server, SIP server)

8. Ensure that the report is printed on standard A4 (210 X 297 mm) sized paper. Paper
weight of 80 grams and above is highly recommended.

9. The report should have a one (1”) margin all around the page as illustrated below:

1 inch 1 inch
1 inch

1 inch

The Typed Text

1 inch

1 inch

1 inch 1 inch

10. The assignment should attach front cover, student declaration form, assignment paper
and marking scheme. A transparent plastic sheet can be placed in front of the report to
protect the front cover.

11. Plagiarism is a serious offence and will automatically be awarded zero (0) marks. All
information, figures and diagrams obtained from external sources must be referenced
using the Harvard referencing system accordingly.

12. If the student fail to answer any questions related to the presentation (slides) or related to
the report submitted, the student will be awarded zero (0) marks.


You have to hand in your assignment hardcopy & softcopy on time with the Course Work
Submission and Feed Back Form.

Level 2 Asia Pacific Institute of Information Technology Date