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of Douglas County October 2010

U-Trans keeps
seniors on the move


On-call driver Mike Tavenner helps Barbara King of Roseburg to her destination after she gets out of a U-Trans Paratransit van.

Tips for avoiding jet lag — 4 Grandson debuts on Facebook — 6

Don’t be so afraid of falling — 5 Old photographs stir up memories — 7
Page 2–The News-Review, Senior Times Roseburg Oregon, Monday, October 4, 2010

U-Trans gets seniors on the move in Douglas County

BILL DUNCAN or the U-Trans office, 541-440-6500.
The Senior Times Toby Notenboom, Transportation Ser-
vices Manager, said a south county bus run

f all the problems facing Douglas is in the planning stages for Myrtle Creek,
County seniors, none seems as Riddle and Canyonville, with about 20 bus
great as that of losing independence stops on that route, linking to the existing
when it comes time to surrender driving routes in Winston and Sutherlin.
privileges. It can seem like the end of per- Over the years the transit system has
sonal freedom. gone by several different names. Prior to
Therefore, transportation has been one UCAN’s involvement, it was known as the
of the dominant issues for seniors in Dou- Umpqua Transit system and was operated
glas County, as it is in any rural area where by the Umpqua Regional Council of Gov-
distances are greater than those in compact ernments. The system is made possible
urban areas. The latter offer multiple through partnerships with city, county and
choices for getting around. That’s not the state agencies and area employers and, of
case here, where transportation has been course, by the revenue generated through
an issue for seniors in Douglas County the price of rides.
over the years. A demographic study shows that 23 per-
However, more progress than ever on cent of the county’s population is older
resolving that issue has occurred in the last than 60, which is 1.5 percent larger than
few years, almost quietly. It improves the state’s average. The study also noted
daily with the efforts of U-Trans, a bus MICHAEL SULLIVAN/The News-Review that the fastest-growing segment of the
system now operated by United Communi- Barbara King of Roseburg speaks with on-call driver Mike Tavenner as she rides a population is the baby boomers, on the
ty Action Network under a contract with U-Trans Paratransit van. cusp of the senior citizen category. That
Douglas County. group will boost the senior population to
Currently, U-Trans operates four bus nearly 31,700 in 2020.
99, out Diamond Lake Boulevard and ends riders. U-Trans also operates a curb-to-
routes. The Winston Commuter Blueline With those statistics, perhaps a county-
at Harvard Avenue, where it becomes the curb paratransit system of specially
begins its scheduled run at 6:16 a.m. Mon- wide system is within the foreseeable
Redline Route. These routes start at 6:50 equipped vans, called U-Trans Direct, for
day through Friday in Winston and ends its future.
a.m. and finish at 6:40 p.m. disabled riders of any age who qualify
first run at 7:20 a.m., having traversed
By and large, the buses are on time at under the Americans with Disabilities Act.
Winston, Roseburg, Winchester and Bill Duncan is the editor of The Senior
each stop. The buses are clean and com- This is a separate service that cost $3.50
Wilbur before ending its run in Sutherlin. Times. He can be reached at
fortable and the drivers are accommodat- per ride, or $7 round trip. For more infor-
The Blueline will make that trip eight bduncan@nrtoday.com or by writing to
ing. This is not your father’s old, smelly, mation on this service, call 888-227-8206

times until its final run to Winston and its P.O. Box 812, Roseburg, OR 97470.

noisy diesel bus. At most stops there are

return to downtown Roseburg at 7:09 p.m.
bus shelters; otherwise, the bus stop desig-

The Sutherlin Commuter Greyline
nations are clearly marked with U-Trans
leaves on its first trip at 6:20 a.m. in
logo signs.

Sutherlin and ends at Riverbend Park in
The transit line is closed on holidays.
Winston at 7:30 a.m. It also makes eight
When a holiday falls on a weekend, buses
runs, ending at 7:30 p.m. in downtown
will run on a regular schedule. ife time
Roseburg. An easy-to-follow schedule is
available for both routes on each bus, or
Seniors and the disabled can purchase a
las taL
monthly pass for $28, giving access to the can
can be obtained by contacting the U-Trans
bus for as many times as they ride for a
office at 60l Rose Street, at the corner of
full month. Other adults can purchase the
Rose Street and Oak Avenue.
monthly pass for $45. There is a student
There are also two Roseburg city routes.
pass for $30 and a limited ticket book Now
The Redline covers Harvard Avenue, Offering
costs $18. A one-way fare is $1.75.
South Stephens Street, Garden Valley
The bus accommodates wheelchairs and
Boulevard and Stewart Parkway north of
Garden Valley Boulevard and then out to SEPTEMBER SAVINGS!
other devices for the disabled and has bike
racks on the front of the bus. Drivers assist
Umpqua Community College. At UCC it Chair-side
those in need, including the wheelchair
becomes the Greenline Route. The Green- Whitening in
ramp used to load and offload wheelchair Receive a
line Route goes downtown on Highway 30 minutes for
only $75
Antique Appraisal and Road Show FREE Premium Denture
Wednesday, October 13th EXAM $825 Get the comfort you deserve
1:00 PM - 5:00 PM
Join us with Professional Antique Appraiser Karen Stockton.
with this ad Premium Partial
Complete your smile
Admission and appraisals are FREE! $875
Call 541-839-4266 for an appointment.
No weapons please.

Senior Residence
200 SW Frontage Road, Canyonville, OR
Artistic Denture Center
w w w . F o r e s t G l e n R E T. c o m 696 NE Winchester St. • Roseburg • 541.673.2724
Monday, October 4, 2010–The News-Review, Senior Times Roseburg Oregon, Page 3

“I feel like I have bionic eyes now.”

“I can’t tell you how

wonderful my eyes are now,
after cataract surgery.

“Before surgery I quit driving

at night, and I couldn’t see
to sew, read or even see my
computer screen or TV that
well. After my multi-focal
lens implant surgery I can
see everything I need but
without glasses. Now I even
see the pine needles on the
trees in my yard and single
rain drops.

“I feel like I have bionic eyes

now. Thank you so much.”
Douglas County’s
Specialists in:
— Beverly Manske, Roseburg • Cataracts • Macular Degeneration
• Glaucoma • Dry Eyes / Low Vision

P. S. Every person on your Jon-Marc Weston, MD, FACS

staff is awesome! 541.672.2020 Steven Tronnes, OD, FAAO
2435 NW KLINE, ROSEBURG Medicare Assignment Accepted | Certified Ambulatory Surgical Facility
Page 4–The News-Review, Senior Times Roseburg Oregon, Monday, October 4, 2010

Tips to stay alert no matter the time zone

GLORIA JOHNSON they have been cranky the rest of the trip. now a big fan. They shut out the light and
Around the World Make up your mind before you travel psychologically remind you it is time to
that your sleeping arrangements may be shut down. Another trick is earplugs. Not

love to travel. I love the earth, its peo- less than perfect. Sleeping customs and the foam kind that fall out, but the wax
ple and their cultures. What I don’t love types of beds can be very different from type swimmers use. I was reluctant at first
is jet lag. what you are used to at home. In China to use them. How can I control my envi-
I used to have difficulty with a one-hour the beds are very hard. In Japan people ronment if I can’t hear? Fortunately, they
time zone change, but I have overcome sleep on the floor in a futon. In Europe don’t shut out every sound. I could hear
that problem. Even traveling to the East you often sleep in a feather bed. the telephone ring or the smoke alarm
Coast with a three-hour time zone change Gloria Johnson At home I am a shower taker. I rarely go off. But they do help if there is a tel-
isn’t all that bad for me anymore. But trav-
eling out of the country to Europe, Asia,
Around the World take a bath. But I have found that soak- evision playing loudly in the next room,
ing in a tub just before I go to bed the if the people in the room above are
New Zealand or Africa, with their eight- to hour or so. I bend, twist and stretch. Mov- first night of my trip helps promote heavy-footed, or if your roommate
16-hour time zone differences, is hard on ing around may sound like a small thing. sleep. Then to get my circadian rhythm snores.
my body. Trust me, it makes a difference; you will in sync with the new time zone, for sev- At home, my very favorite sleep
I have asked flight attendants how they feel better. eral nights I take a mild dose of Mela- enhancer is the steppdecke. Never heard
cope with the problem. Usually the answer Even though I might be exhausted, tonin, an over-the-counter hormone that of it? Neither had I until I went to Ger-
is either, “I don’t” or “You get used to it.” when I arrive in a different time zone, I promotes sleep. Some travelers take many. Each person has his own individ-
After all these years of travel and hundreds will not allow myself, nor my travelers, to stronger sleep aids. Always consult your ual blanket or comforter. You get all
of thousands of miles flown, I still haven’t go to bed until 8 p.m. in that time zone. It physician before taking any sleep aids. snuggled up in your own bedding as
gotten used to it. But I have been able to may be hard to keep awake, so plan some For a better sleep, both home and does your sleeping partner, so no more
come up with some solutions. interesting things that keep you moving abroad, do not allow yourself to look at tugging or pulling.
When flying I drink as much water as until a normal bedtime. If you succumb to any type of screen (computer, smart Don’t let lack of sleep ruin your travel
possible. Soda, juice and alcoholic bever- going to bed in the middle of the day, you phone or television) for one hour prior to experience.
ages are dehydrating. Avoid them. Stick will be off schedule the entire time of your desired sleep time.
with water. I walk around on the plane. I your trip. Again, trust me, I have traveled I always thought sleep masks were sort Gloria Johnson is director of Carefree
get out of my seat (providing the “fasten with too many people who have disre- of silly. They reminded me of Arlene 50, a travel club sponsored by Umpqua
seat belt” sign isn’t on, of course) every garded my admonition to stay up, and Francis on “What’s My Line.” But I am Bank.

‘In youth we learn. In old age we understand.’

— marie von ebner eschenbach Books provide simple, fun
drawing lessons for children
NEEDED ‘1-2-3 Draw Princesses’ each picture that
show how to start
Peel Productions Inc.
Paperback $8.99 drawing with basic
designs, such as
Do you have difficulty hearing and understanding in background noise? ‘1-2-3 Draw Dogs’ circles, ovals and
I invite you to come in and get your Free Hearing Evalua- other shapes. The
tion.* Try the new, advanced Miracle-Ear® nearly invisible
Peel Productions, Inc. books have simple
digital hearing aids,** and receive a Risk Free Trial.† Paperback $8.99 instructions to fol-
Test the effectiveness of the directional microphone system in Della Neavoll low. Anyone can draw

background noise and hear the difference for s. Dearing’s pictures by using the
yourself. fourth-grade class Reading Grandma
tools offered in these
If you are satisfied with the improvements at Lookingglass books.
in your hearing and wish to keep the hear- Elementary School had a fun time with The author, Freddie Levin, has written
ing aids, you may do so at a substantial the projects her art class students creat-
savings. a series of 23 books teaching this simple
ed from these two books.
method of drawing. She not only applies
The boys picked out the wolf, the
her proven step-by-step instructions, but
Skip Darcy dingo, the collie and the greyhound to
Miracle-Ear® always provides also provides inspiration and encourage-
Golden Gunter draw from the “1-2-3 Draw Dogs” book,
Hearing Evaluations* to you Consultant Patient Care while the girls in the class chose Sleep-
ment for children to learn how to draw.
FREE of charge. Coordinator ing Beauty, the ballet princess and the
She also has a “Draw Plus Math”
book in the series that tackles math as
fairy princess and the castle from the
“1-2-3 Draw Princess” book. Interest-
part of the art lesson. Her books and
“I get my hearing checked at Miracle-Ear… BRAND easy instructions will enhance children’s
the brand I trust.” - Patrick Duffy, Actor ingly, in this activity lesson, the students
ability to learn, and The Reading Grand-
were excited to share their creations
People will be selected by October 22, 2010. mother recommends them for home or
with other class members.
If you are interested, call today for your appointment. school use.
Some of the boys added backgrounds
Roseburg Miracle-Ear Center to their wolf pictures with trees, cactus
plants and even a wolf howling at the
Della Neavoll of Lookingglass not
2225 NW Stewart Pkwy, Ste 100 (541) 378-4127
only reads to her own grandchildren
moon. Books that involve the children and great-grandchildren, but volunteers
†Risk Free Offer: The aids must be returned in satisfactory condition within 30 in a learning activity is a plus for both to read to elementary school students.
days of the completion of fittings. If you are not completely satisfied, 100% of your
30 Day Trial purchase price will be refunded. Good at participating locations only. teacher and the student, but especially She can be reached at
Special offer expires October 22 , 2010. *Hearing tests always free. Hearing test is an
audiometric test to determine proper amplification needs only. **Hearing aids do not
restore natural hearing. Individual experiences vary depending on severity of loss,
for this Reading Grandmother. dlgrams@mcsi.net.
Hear Better. Live Better. accuracy of evaluation, proper fit and ability to adapt to amplification. These books allow three pages for
Monday, October 4, 2010–The News-Review, Senior Times Roseburg Oregon, Page 5

Lucky seven survive attack of the third-floor ghost

hat old three-story house on Harvard of that old house. Our slow, trembling search continued the flashlight. The ghost, we knew for
Avenue in Brockton, Mass., had lain We knew this report room by room, always upward to the next sure, was in that room.
vacant for as long as the kids in the to be the truth as all of level. The measure of fear and uncertainty The door — which seconds earlier had
neighborhood could remember. In the us had witnessed mys- increased floor by floor. Finally, near the been wide open — now started to close
early evening light we would play tag on a terious happenings near end of the search, we realized there was with the creaking, scraping sounds of
small city block filled with large, older that eerie place, or at only one place of refuge left for that old, rusty hinges. Those of us in front
homes built at the turn of the last century. least we thought we ghostly demon and it had to be on the turned and scrambled to retreat. Those
The homes had the usual long driveways had. On a fall evening third floor. Our nervous inspection had idiots in the rear did not understand our
with huge, overgrown hedges that separat- just a day before Hal- proved the rest of the house empty. plight and kept pushing us forward, until
ed the properties and the large elm trees loween, our gang had We approached the top of that narrow we started screaming, leaping, and
that lined the city streets. In the backyards, increased to seven. We stairway to the third floor in great fear climbing over the top of them. Panic
the normal assortment of garages, tool DON mustered up the and with extreme caution. We whispered ensued and seven out-of-control juve-
sheds and garden shops could be found. COSGROVE courage to investigate and argued, wondering if we should take niles, yelling at the top of their lungs,
This was the battleground where we had a Guest Columnist that haunted house, that last fatal move. Those of us in front pushed, pulled, clawed and struggled
thousand places to hide or wait in the dark knowing seven kids were pushed and shoved upward by against each other to get down that nar-
of the early evening to spring upon the would scare off any those sniveling cowards in the back. row stairway and out of that haunted
unsuspecting opponent. self-respecting ghost. Armed with a flash- They knew for sure we would be the first house.
The one place we avoided was that old light we approached the old house and to see the ghost and be devoured. We never played on that side of the
gray three-story house that seemed in size found the cellar door unlocked. The weight and motion of all seven block again and left that ghost on the
a small mansion to us kids. The house had Ever so quietly we entered and started kids on that stairwell made the steps third floor in peace. Sixty years later I
always remained vacant in our short life- our round of inspection. The darting beam creak and groan, raising the hair on the figured it out. Our combined weight on
times and we knew for sure it had to be of the flashlight soon proved the cellar to backs of our necks. On the third floor we that stairwell had caused that door to
haunted by ghosts. be empty. After all, no self-respecting found the bedroom door facing the stair- close. Well, maybe. I think.
At times in our play, someone would run ghost would reside in a damp cellar when way to be wide open. We peered across
back to the group, yelling that he had just he could have the whole house and proba- those last few feet of safety into that Don Cosgrove of Roseburg is a frequent
seen light and movement in the windows bly the master suite to haunt. foreboding room, too scared to even use contributor to The Senior Times.

Exaggerated apprehension may lead to an increase in falls

reventing falls should be a priority for addition, behavioral therapy can help reduce master's degree in adult health education and
all of us, particularly as we grow older. anxiety. a certified health education specialist desig-
The Centers for Disease Control reports Gloria May is a registered nurse with a nation.
that seniors are treated in an emergency room

People you know.

for fall-related injuries every 18 seconds, and
that every 35 minutes, an older adult dies as a
result of a fall.

Service you can trust!

So it makes perfect sense to be wary of
falling and to take reasonable measures to
avoid it, but can we be too cautious? Does Gloria May
this kind of hyper-vigilance work for or Nurse News
against us?
Recently I read the results of a study that The researchers followed all the subjects
suggested that exaggerated apprehension for a year after the exams and found that the • Home medical equipment
about falling might be associated with an
increase in falls, not the anticipated opposite.
group that incurred the greatest number of
falls in that time frame was not the unsteady supplies and services
Here are the basics of the study and its con- but over-confident ones (who you might
think dash about their lives with reckless
Researchers recruited 500 senior volun- abandon). Instead, it was the sturdy-but-anx- • Respiratory therapy
teers in Sydney, Australia. The average age ious group, those who were not at high risk
level for falling but who had expressed the
was 78. The subjects underwent a series of
medical tests that measured their muscle greatest fear about falling.
strength, reaction times, and ability to both The study’s investigators theorized that
amplified fears can cause folks to do less, to
• Mobility equipment
maintain and regain balance, all factors that
limit their participation in physical and social Wayne Michael Marilyn
contribute to the risk for falling. The partici-
pants were also asked to express how worried activities, and to even become unwilling to
leave the house at all. This social withdrawal
• Sales, rentals and repairs
they were about their chances of falling. Medicare/Medicaid/private
The majority of the subjects had percep- can lead to physical deconditioning and that
tions of their risk in sync with the physical of course, increases the risk of falling. insurance accepted ACHC Accredited
findings — i.e., if they were physically at The message is that while it’s important to
high risk for a fall, they knew it and rightly have a realistic picture of our physical condi-
expressed anxiety about it. If they were phys- tion, it’s also important for us to acknowledge
ically at low risk, they also knew it and were our fears and to discuss them with our doctor.
more confident. It’s a two-way exchange. The doctor should
But, surprisingly, more than 30 percent of evaluate and talk to you about your objective
the subjects expressed levels of anxiety not risks of falling, and you should discuss with
consistent with the physical assessments. the doctor your worries and anxieties about
falling and how they are influencing your life.
1810 NW Garden Valley Blvd, Roseburg • 541.229.4530
They were either at high risk physically and
had few or no worries about falling, or they Fear of falling, it has been said, is a treat-
able condition through physical therapy that www.douglasmedicalequipment.com
were at low risk physically and were very Business hours: M-F 8am-5:30pm • 24-hour emergency service line 541.229.4530
nervous about the possibility. increases strength and gives confidence. In
Page 6–The News-Review, Senior Times Roseburg Oregon, Monday, October 4, 2010

New grandson meets online friends first, relatives later

he call came about 4:30 in the the great-grandmothers and within the almost six hours from the initial phone
morning. My sixth grandchild was hour we were on the Interstate 5 corri- call.
about to make his appearance in dor, headed to see the newest member of Soon an exhausted father poked his
Portland at Legacy Emmanuel Hospital. the family. Mind you, this is the third head in the waiting room to tell us there
My daughter, in the beginning stages of grandchild I have had the pleasure of were 10 fingers and 10 toes and Mama
labor, told me not to call anyone until 8 meeting in less than a year. was doing great. But this grandmother
a.m., thinking it would be a while until The drive seemed endless, though the still had not seen the 7-pound, 11-ounce
the baby arrived. Knowing this blessed chatter was not. We all wondered what grandson and didn’t see him except
miracle was not as simple as a stork was going on. Messages were relayed through a cell phone photo of Taben
finding his way down the hospital corri- Eularee Smith between Eugene and Portland but no King Huys … on Facebook. The world
dors, I agreed to wait. Wise Grandmother real timeline was available. My daugh- saw my grandson before I did, despite
Obviously sleep was no longer an ter’s pregnancy had been smooth sailing the early morning call, the mad dash to
option, so I rose before the rooster From there, I moved into the garden, from day one, so I did not anticipate Portland and the pacing in the waiting
crowed and surprised the chickens with watering the newly planted fall garden rough seas in the final moments. My room. Social media strikes again.
an early morning breakfast. They veggies. I picked some broccoli and hope was to be there as my little peanut Although my son-in-law introduced
jumped down out of the coop a bit dazed cucumbers and cleared a few persistent came into the world. To be present not Taben to the world before his grandma,
and confused by the lack of sunlight and weeds. Still, the hands on the clock only for the miracle of birth that hap- great-grandma and auntie, he continues
the food in the feeder. They clucked and moved slowly forward and the early pens every minute of every day, but to to demonstrate his absolute devotion to
chirped their disapproval over the early morning light did not give way. be one of the first faces his new little this very special miracle in his life.
wake-up call. I exclaimed, “We’re hav- Unable to contain my grandmotherly eyes landed upon. After giving the baby his first bath, he
ing a baby” as I tried to keep the excite- enthusiasm any longer, I decide to rally The drive to Portland is not one of my smiled down at this precious new person
ment to an acceptable volume so the the troops and pack up the ride to Port- favorites. There seems little to engage and said, “What’s new, son?”
neighbors would not be disturbed. land. I call the aunt- and uncle-to-be and the senses, but each landmark — the “Everything, Dad.” That’s what a wise
smell of Albany, the cottages of the grandson would say.
Enchanted Forest, the sprawling mall in
‘the game of life is like a football. You Woodburn — spurred us on as we count- Eularee Smith is a freelance writer
ed down the miles and the voice of the who lives in Eugene. She is the grand-
have to tackle your problems, block your GPS guided us to the parking lot of the mother of six. She can be reached at
fears and score your points when you hospital. We arrived at 10:12 a.m., eularee@wisegrandma.com.

get the opportunity.’

— lewis grizzard
Rough-and-ready life tales shared
hen I was growing up, I had only the Indians on horseback would pass the

one living Grandpa, Francis family home in Pine Valley on their way
Marion Crow, who was born in between summer camps in the Wallowa
Lookingglass and moved to Eastern Ore- Mountains. My Uncle “Fess” recalls how
gon at the age of 5 when his one time he and Grandpa
father died. were on their way to
often pretend to understand Grandpa was a blue-eyed, Halfway in a wagon when a
what people say. Even when my red-haired, 6-footer and lone Indian approached. As
surroundings are quiet, it can be weighed nearly 200 pounds. they drew abreast, Grandpa
hard to

He had a flowing handlebar spoke to the Indian in his
mustache and wore a flat- native tongue. When Grand-
brimmed Stetson hat without pa and Fess returned from
a dent in the crown, and the town, the Indian was
brim was always pulled Ronald Culbertson squatting in the front
My wife says that our down just over his eyes to yard. He stayed for a day
relationship would be so much shade them. He chewed Family Tree or two. Grandma fed him

Brown’s Mule tobacco and and gave him a place to
would spit anywhere. Mom always had a sleep, then he was on his way. For a few
coal scuttle handy when he came to visit. years thereafter, the Indian would repeat
He had a huge sweet tooth and also loved his visit.
if she didn’t have to sauerkraut and wieners. I inherited my red In his younger years, Grandpa had also
repeat herself so often. hair from him. been a cowboy. One time he helped trail a
Frank Crow, as he was called, had a herd of cattle from LaGrande to Pocatello,
100% SERVICE PROFESSIONALS lively interest in music, art, the outdoors, Idaho. The owner of the cattle was paid in
7 5 - DAY

S AT I S FAC T I O N and he respected the Indians. He taught gold and they were warned that a gang of
GUARANTEE who are here for you. himself to fiddle by going out behind the toughs intended to waylay and rob him and
IN WRITING Dr. Anderson specializes in rehabilitation barn and sawing away until he mastered his crew. They left town after dark, travel-
and amplification in mature populations. the instrument. He knew all the melodies ing only by night and hiding by day. They
He enjoys spending time with his wife and by heart. As a folk artist, his pictures were eventually eluded their pursuers and made
YEARS LOSS AND children and spending time outdoors. usually landscapes depicting camp scenes it safely home.
*Applicable with the purchase of an AGX5, 7 or 9.
Scott Anderson, Au.D.
Doctor of Audiology or Indians. Several large wooden cabinets These are just some of the stories I heard
were decorated this way. His art had a over the years. Grandpa was a born story-
Call today to learn more! fresh charm peculiar to most folk artists. I teller. Every small kid needs a Grandpa
have a wooden matchbox decorated in like him.
541.378.4936 green and yellow that he made. It hangs by
my back door, full of wooden matches. Ronald Culbertson grew up in Baker,
View our educational video on hearing at
www.roseburgaudiology.com Grandpa virtually lived with the Indians Ore. He is the retired CEO of Umpqua
for a short period of time. In later years, Bank.
Monday, October 4, 2010–The News-Review, Senior Times Roseburg Oregon, Page 7

Photos strike up the band to announce time marches on head for bed. pins, needles, scissors and other sewing
For The Senior Times I knew the house my Dad completed just accessories.
a few days after I was born was a small Seated on that bench, Mom had sewn
Recently, my Mom relented to some not- house, but I didn’t realize how small and nearly all of our clothes until we entered
so-gentle prodding from her children and forlorn it looked on that big lot out in the high school. I had forgotten about that
began scanning pages from the old family country with not many other houses in bench and all the shiny mysteries it held
album and e-mailing them to us. I was sight. Even the trees surrounding it looked for me as a toddler, but there it was qui-
looking forward to seeing those old photos small and wispy compared to the way I etly on display, in each birthday photo-
for the first time in more than 45 years. remember them when I left for college. graph.
What I wasn’t prepared for however, was There is a photo of Dad and me in front I know I’m no longer that same young
the intense rush of nostalgia those fuzzy, of the henhouse during the big snow of lad, but I certainly don’t think of myself
faded old black and white photos would 1948. There are photos of construction as old. I realize I’m past my prime phys-
induce. They brought back many memo- projects Dad undertook on the house to ically and there are things I just can’t do
ries and many people and places of which accommodate his growing family. I don’t anymore. My basketball-playing days
I hadn’t thought in years. recall the garage replacement or the bed- are history and I’ve found that my knees
Gazing at photos of Dad’s l936 Chevy room addition, but I do recall when he refuse to work properly on certain occa-
pickup and Mom’s l938 Chrysler, I real- added a new kitchen. The new bedroom sions. Also, when barber Bill finishes
ized that I had been born in a different era, was for my little sister, brother and me. with my haircut, I still don’t recognize
and there had been significant changes in It was about 10 feet deep and 6 feet all that gray hair on my lap as mine.
life over the years. Those changes creep up wide. Some way or another, my mind is capa-
on you, unnoticeably, a little bit at a time Another bit of nostalgia that I hadn’t ble of ignoring all those obvious signs of
and you don’t pay much attention to them. noticed until I put all the birthday photos age, and allows me to maintain a youth-
When faced with 60-year-old photos of Photo courtesy of Dale Greenley in the same computer file was an item ful illusion of myself. Unfortunately, that
places and things you vaguely remember, that appeared in each birthday photo- illusion faded as I gazed at those photos.
the change is astounding, nearly incompre- Ross, Dale and Susan Greenley graph. There is a photo of each of us Another feeling swept in on crow’s feet
hensible. appear in what is probably a photograph kids on our respective birthdays, stand- wrinkles and brought me to reality,
Those photos brought back memories of taken the day Ross turned 4, June 29, ing in the yard beside a birthday cake smashing those illusions and leaving me
the iceman and his tongs delivering ice 1954. The shot was taken in front of the with the appropriate candles. In each feeling old as dirt.
twice a week. The milkman who left glass south living room window of 2722 W. photograph, the cake was sitting on
quarts of milk on the porch daily. There Bradford Court, Roseburg. Mom’s square sewing machine bench. Dale Greenley was born and grew up in
was no television and the radio was a The brown leather-topped bench seat Roseburg and now lives in Myrtle Creek.
major piece of our furniture, standing 3 point of evenings and when the local radio
lifted up and underneath was the com- He is a noted fly fisher and often writes
feet tall and 2 feet wide. It was the focal station signed off at 8 p.m. with the song
partment where Mom kept her thread, about fly fishing on the Umpqua River.
“Hurry Back, Lumberjack,” it was time to
bud so they don’t turn into something more

SENIOR What makes Riverview Terrace

serious — like asthma or a sinus infection.
Eating yogurt might help, but a comprehen-
sive allergy-treatment plan laid out by your

the Number One Retirement Community?

doctor is best.
SHORTS Family caregiver
Be Sneeze-Free meetings to start No other place offers resort-style,
By Real Age health features Support groups for family caregivers will
Top it with cereal, fresh fruit, or a little hold meetings in Roseburg, Sutherlin, Glen-
swirl of honey. Any way you serve it up, this
creamy breakfast food may be an allergy
dale and Winston during October. For more
information about the meetings call Nancy
Umpqua Valley riverside retirement living.
fighter. We’re talking about yogurt.
Research suggests that the powerful probi-
at 541-440-3677.
The Roseburg Family Caregiver Support Medical and Veterans’ facilities nearby.
otic bugs — called Lactobacillus casei — in Group will meet at 1 p.m. Oct. 6 at Mercy
yogurt may decrease body levels of immune
substances involved in seasonal allergies. So
Community Education, 2459 Stewart Park-
way. The Roseburg support group meets at
Best cuisine in our open dining 7am-7pm.
every cup of goodness means fewer sniffles 1:30 p.m. on the first Wednesday of each
and “achoos.” month. Exciting trips to Southern Oregon locales.
Your gastrointestinal tract naturally plays The Sutherlin Family Caregiver Support Ask us
host to a variety of bacteria. But in people
who suffer from allergies, those bacteria lev-
group will meet at 10 a.m. Oct. 14 in the
Sutherlin Senior Center, 202 E. Central
Rockin’ social events and activities. about our
els are a little off. And researchers think that Ave., Sutherlin. This group meets at 10
probiotics may help shift the balance of bugs
back to a healthier status that helps support
a.m. on the second Thursday of each
1 special place to live! Volunteer
the immune system. That’s exactly what a
recent small study suggests. Seasonal allergy
The South County Family Caregiver
Support Group will meet at 2 p.m. Oct. 21
sufferers in the study consumed either a pro- at Forest Glen Senior Residence, 200 S.W.
biotic-fortified dairy drink or a placebo drink Frontage Road, Canyonville. This group
for five months. And at the end of the study, meets at 2 p.m. on the third Thursday of
those who had knocked back the L. casei each month. 1970 W. Harvard, Roseburg, OR 97470
drinks showed lower levels of immune sub- The Winston Family Caregiver Support
stances that contribute to allergies. Group will meet at 2 p.m. Oct. 27 at the Making the Golden Years, Platinum! 541-672-2500 • riverviewterrace.com
Whatever you do, don’t ignore sneezes, Winston Community Center, 440 Grape
itchy eyes, and a runny nose. If you have Street, Winston. This group meets at 2 p.m.
allergies, it’s best to nip your symptoms in the on the fourth Wednesday of each month.
Page 8–The News-Review, Senior Times Roseburg Oregon, Monday, October 4, 2010

Volunteer opportunities abound in October

ADA DUNCAN teacher supervision. Sharing your time and SMART, Start Making a Reader Today, wildlife and interacting with the public are
For The Senior Times life experiences can make a difference in wants volunteers to help children find the your interests, call 541-530-1582 for
both the student and the teacher’s day. For joy of reading. Spending one hour a week details.

chool is back in session. Cross- more information and an application, call will unlock doors for a child that can lead Senior Companions recruits volunteers
walks are filled with youngsters 541-492-3917 or send e-mail to them to the exciting world of books. Call for 15 hours a week to provide companion-
going to class. Teachers have pre- sam.likens@ucancap.org. Nancy at 541-672-6477 if you want to ship for the elderly. Volunteers may read
pared lesson plans and activities to capture Cobb Street Learning Center is calling help. their mail, visit with them, play cards or
the imagination of their students and get for mentors and classroom support volun- Boys & Girls Club of Umpqua Valley is board games or on occasion take them gro-
them excited about learning all sorts of teers. See the world through the eyes of a there for the children when the school day cery shopping or to the doctor’s office.
new things. But they could sure use some child, from infancy to elementary grades. is done and their parents are still at work. There is a stipend and mileage reimburse-
extra help to give the children individual Contact Susan at 541-957-1008 and get The organization also needs help with the ment for volunteers who are 55 years or
attention. details. special events scheduled each month, such older and who meet income guidelines.
That’s where seniors can play a very UCAN Heart Start Program has volun- as Punt, Pass, & Kick. If you want to lend For more information, call 541-492-3917
important role. If you find an hour or two a teer opportunities not just in the classroom, a hand, call Dean or Pam at 541-400-9505 or send e-mail to sam.likens@ucancap.org.
week that you would like to fill with a but also in the kitchen and office. Support- for more information. Winston Dial-a-Ride and Sutherlin Dial-
meaningful and enjoyable activity that’s ing children and their families is the goal Here are some other places where you a-Ride are looking for drivers to transport
not too strenuous or stressful, think about of Head Start Schools throughout the can make a difference: seniors in those communities. For Win-
the following opportunities. county. For more information, call 541- Wildlife Safari needs helping hands with ston, call Scott at 541-679-8706; for
Foster Grandparent Program needs sen- 492-3917. To find the school nearest you, scheduled events as well as tours or greet- Sutherlin call City Hall at 541-459-2429
iors to be role models, mentors and friends visit the website www.ucancap.org. ing visitors and with ongoing projects. If and ask for Donita.
to the children in the classroom under
ty Program Team will provide the follow- will be “CJ” Jekofsky. Call 541-677- of AARP to take the course. The fee for

SENIOR ing two-day classes in Douglas County in

• A class will be held from 9 a.m. to 1
p.m. Oct. 7 and 8 in Room 4 at Oakland
4800 to register or register online at
• A class will be held from 9 a.m. to 1
p.m. Oct. 21 and 22 at Tri-City Church
the course is $14 for each participant.
AARP members will receive a $2 dis-
Oregon law requires all auto insurance
SHORTS City Hall, 637 Locust St., Oakland. Bette
Keehley will be the instructor. You can
of Christ, 180 Briggs Dr., Myrtle Creek.
Dean Kenyon will be the instructor. Call
carriers to offer a discount on premiums to
qualified graduates, aged 55 and older, of
register online at www.aarp.org or call 541-679-9571 to register. approved courses such as the AARP Driver
AARP driver safety 541-679-9571 to register. The driver safety course is designed Safety Program. To graduate, a participant
• A class will be held from noon to 4 for drivers 50 and older; however, must attend both four-hour classes. For
classes for October p.m. Oct. 25 and 26 at Linus Oaks, 2665 younger individuals may also take the more information, call Pete Benham, dis-
The Douglas County AARP Driver Safe- Van Pelt Blvd., Roseburg. The instructor course. You do not need to be a member trict coordinator, at 541-672-1016.

Doors open 12:30 p.m. Showtime 1:30 p.m.
Douglas County’s Seating Specialist

Four days before the movie please call 541-440-8812

for the movie title, length and rating.
Starting at
Donations are not necessary to win.

Thanks to our
generous partners:

Central Douglas County Rose Haven DOUGLAS

Family YMCA
Nursing Center COUNTY LAW P.C.


Branson Christmas November 2010 Billy Elliot April 23, 2011 On in stock product
Costa Rica January 2011 Mary Poppins July 9, 2011 The Amazing Viscoelastic
Italy, Paris & London Spring 2011 Les Miserables August 6, 2011 For more information Mattress Developed by NASA.
June 2011 Mamma Mia August 27, 2011
June 2011 “Your Friends in the
November 2011 Furniture Business”
Hours: Mon-Fri 9-6
Sat 10-5; Sun 12-5
Monday, October 4, 2010–The News-Review, Senior Times Roseburg Oregon, Page 9

Bountiful green tomatoes make a great chutney

NANCY GOODALE-GRAHAM August, when I visited a local farmers’ This green chutney recipe comes from ney. Just make sure the tomatoes have not started
Nutrition News market and asked when their local toma- my friend Lois. She says that she has made to ripen.
10 cups of green tomatoes, cut into chunks
toes would be available. Their answer: this for so many years that she doesn’t 2 cups unpeeled and cup-up green apples
The springtime sun was warm on my Sept. 15! remember where she originally got it. 4 cups brown sugar
back as I planted my tomato starts last My struggling tomato plants weren’t so Those are the kinds of recipes I relish — 2 cups cider vinegar
May. Full of hope, I was optimistically far off target. I realized that I had to lovely, old recipes that are made year after 1 1/2 cups minced onions
anticipating the 1/2 cup chopped preserved ginger
change my expectations of a summer-long year, until they feel so familiar, like very
NUTRITION arrival of plump, bounty of BLT sandwiches, tomato-basil dear friends and family.
2 teaspoons ground cinnamon
2 teaspoons ground coriander
juicy tomatoes by salads, and roasted tomato sauces. No mat- Chutney is like a relish, a condiment that 2 teaspoons ground allspice
June. OK, July. At the latest. ter how much I wish for a long, warm fall has a bit of spiciness and sweetness that 2 tablespoons mustard seed
Then the cool, showery spring slid into 1 tablespoon Chinese chili bean paste (optional)
to extend the ripening of my tomatoes, I goes well with all kinds of chicken and Mix all ingredients except the chili bean paste in
the coolest, rainiest summer for many sense that I’ll need to get used to disap- pork. And it freezes quite well. You could a deep non-reactive pot. Bring to a boil, stirring con-
years. I watched as my tomato plants pointment with the shortening of days and even preserve it in half pints and give it as stantly, to prevent the chutney from scorching.
struggled to soak up any warmth from the the autumnal temperatures. a holiday gift. Lower the heat to a simmer, and continue to cook
sun. The rainy days just seemed to make and stir until the chutney is thick, 45 minutes to 1
So, I must console myself by research- Enjoy your red tomatoes while they last. hour. If you want it a bit spicier, you can add the chili
my plants droop. ing and experimenting with recipes using Then, go on ahead and cook up some of bean paste.
Still, I hoped for a streak of hot weather volumes of green tomatoes. There’s always this chutney.
to accelerate plant growth, and help ripen the old standard of fried green tomatoes, Nancy Goodale-Graham is a registered
the green tomatoes hanging on the vine. and many classic Americana-style cook- Green Tomato Chutney dietitian at the Oregon Health and Vascu-
My optimistic bubble finally burst in books have their version. Really hard green tomatoes are amazing in chut- lar Institute in Springfield.

Recollections of small-town farm life a pleasure to ponder

y childhood household consist- patrons for a small fee. Those summer interludes contributed
ed of my mother and myself. One of the women had a large corner memories for me of an expanded family
With no relatives nearby, we back room in her home containing quilting circle, which as a child I took back home
eagerly traveled 120 miles by train each frames that were available to all local with me for later contemplation — memo-
summer to visit my mother’s brother and women. I watched as the women pieced ries that I still cherish.
sisters. together scraps of material to make the
There was a female cousin who was quilts. Today, I cherish a 1930s quilt that Laura Kruse is a regular contributor to
agreeable to my tagging along when we was made from pieces of my mother’s The Senior Times, sharing memories of
joined her young friends in the small Iowa dresses. times and events from the past.
farm town where they lived. We could hike Laura Kruse
a gravel road to an abandoned, water-filled
Memory Moments THE
rock quarry at the edge of town for a
refreshing dip. During my first farm visit, I aunt always grabbed me and we moved
heard the crowing of a rooster at the crack smoothly to the lively music. It was my

of dawn. I helped rotate the beaters churn- debut dancing with a partner.
ing cream into butter — all new experi- On Saturday evenings, one family set up
ences. chairs and a projector in a store building
Several warm evenings we all attended a with the rear wall holding a large white SPECIALIZING IN THE PREPARATION OF LOVING TRUSTS
dance at an outdoor pavilion. One spry screen. Reels of silent movies entertained
Avoid Probate
the elderly are a likely target,” he said in a Avoid Conservatorship One Free 1½ Hour
SENIOR statement. “This self-defense guide can help
seniors tell the difference between legitimate-
ly trained and credentialed professionals who
will offer unbiased financial advice, and bad
Save Federal Estate Tax
Additional Services:
Private Consultation

SHORTS actors who will take advantage of them and

their savings.”
Preparation of Probates and Limited Liability Companies
The General Services Administration, a
Financial self-defense U.S government management agency, is
including the guide as part of its Winter 2011
guide available Consumer Information Catalog for distribu-
The Certified Financial Planner Board of tion to the public starting in November. The
Standards has released a free “Consumer guide has been endorsed by the Federal Citi-
Guide to Financial Self-Defense” to help peo- zen Information Center, an office of the
ple spot any red flags that could signal that administration.
they’re working with a crooked financial The CFP Board is also making the guide
advisor. The transactions described in the available to members of Congress, state legis-
James H. Smith, Attorney at Law, Jake R. Whitmire, Attorney at Law
guide can stem from fraud perpetrated by a lators, governors, attorney generals and local is a Loving Trust attorney, a noted
trusted associate, sloppy and unprofessional elected officials. The board provides a free grew up in the Rogue Valley. Mr.
speaker on living trusts and specializes
in estate planning. Mr. Smith has Whitmire has worked in several
work, lack of due diligence, or bad decisions electronic copy and at-cost printing for mass areas of the law and specializes in
practiced law in Oregon for over 35
recommended by an incompetent financial quantities. years, and in the Rogue Valley since Estate Planning.
advisor. Sen. Herb Kohl, D-Wis., chairman of An online version of the guide is available 1974.
the Senate Special Committee on Aging, at www.CFP.net/learn/financialselfdefense.
endorsed the guide.
“I appreciate CFP Board being proactive
Request a printed copy by sending e-mail to:
mail@CFPBoard.org or by calling 800-487-
957-0985 or call toll free 1-800-888-1396
on the issue of financial predators, for whom 1497. 855 SE MOSHER • ROSEBURG
Page 10–The News-Review, Senior Times Roseburg Oregon, Monday, October 4, 2010

When is a will revoked by marriage?

regon law provides that a per- ly before the marriage was revoked by It is always prudent for people who
son’s will is revoked by the the marriage or whether the circum- own substantial property and who are
person’s later marriage unless stances established that the will was contemplating marriage to consider the
the will evidenced an intent that it not drafted in contemplation of the mar- option of a prenuptial agreement that
be revoked by the later marriage, or was riage. The facts in the case were quite can deal explicitly with the subject of
drafted under circumstances establishing involved and were contentiously disput- wills and whether or not they will
that the will was in contemplation of the ed at length. Wilma eventually prevailed remain effective following marriage.
marriage, or the person and his or her in the case, after an appeal to the Court Secondly, people who have not
spouse entered into a written contract of Appeals, which held that she had suf- reviewed their previous estate planning
before the marriage dealing with the Bruce Coalwell ficiently established that Jack’s will was documents following a subsequent mar-
spouse’s rights. Elder Law drafted in contemplation of the marriage riage should do so, as in most cases they
A case from Umatilla County involved and thus was not revoked by the mar- will need to execute new estate planning
this area of law. Jack and Wilma had property and a will leaving her all of his riage. documents following the marriage.
been married to each other previously other property. After Jack’s death, litiga- Although it appears in this case that
and divorced. After being divorced for tion ensued between Jack’s children and the intentions of Jack and Wilma, as Bruce R. Coalwell is a Roseburg
about a year, they remarried. Just before Wilma. expressed in Jack’s will, ended up pre- attorney who writes on elder law issues
the remarriage, Jack executed a deed One of the issues in the case was vailing, significant time and expense for The Senior Times.
giving Wilma an interest in his real whether the will executed by Jack short- was involved in upholding the will.

Children are good at pacing life, living in the moment

Dear Reader, how to level flour when we measure envious — it comes to him naturally.
I don’t give advice, but the advice I’d amounts for a recipe. My grandson isn’t Somehow Paul instinctively knows the les-
give to myself if I didn’t have grandchil- concerned with the big picture yet — like son I struggle to remember every day —
dren would be to get some. Rent, borrow, how the cupcakes will look or taste. it’s when I slow things down that life
or beg to take some little rug rats for a Nope, he’s in the moment, and at the brings me the most joy.
couple of hours. Cook, blow bubbles, walk moment, a one-cup measure was too big Thanks for reading with me. It’s so good
through mud puddles barefoot, or take a for him to grasp. Paul wanted to use the to read with friends.
walk in the woods and listen to the heart- cute, little, red tablespoon to fill the meas-
beat of a tree. (Yes, believe it or not, you uring cup instead, because it fit his tiny Suzanne Beecher provides the online
really can.) Suzanne Beecher hand better. It might take longer, but it book club for the Douglas County Library.
Life slows down when I spend time with Commentary makes the journey easier. The book club is sponsored by The Senior
my grandchildren. I watch and listen, and I refrained from saying, “Should Grand- Times. To become one of its members, con-
realize how simple life really could be, if Baking with Paul, my 3-year-old grand- ma help, so we can move things along?” tact your nearest library or e-mail
I’d only let it. son, this past weekend, I was teaching him Because Paul has the right idea, and I’m Suzanne@EmailBookClub.com.

teers to serve with hospice care at the Rose- 541-784-7951. Roseburg. Seven local providers, as well

SENIOR burg Veterans Care System will begin at 1

p.m. Oct. 12 at the Roseburg VA Medical
Center. Following the training, the volun-
Classes will be held on Oct. 18, Oct. 25,
Nov. 1, Nov. 8, Nov. 15, Nov. 29 and Dec. 6.
as to national manufacturers, will demon-
strate equipment. A.W.A.K.E. is a support
group for people who have sleep apnea
teers will join a team of others working with and for their families. Refreshments will
SHORTS veteran patients assigned hospice care at the
Sleep equipment
fall health fair
be served. The fair is open to the public.

After the opening session, all other classes The Fall Equipment Fair for A.W.A.K.E,
Hospice volunteer will be held o from 1 to 4 p.m. Mondays. To a sleep apnea support group, will be held
register for the upcoming training or for
training beginning more information, call Fran Smith, the VA
from 6 to 7:30 p.m. Oct. 7 at Mercy Edu-
cational Center, 2459 Stewart Parkway,
Nine three-hour training classes for volun- hospice and palliative care nurse/director, at

Rose Haven Chinese Medicine

would like to thank in simple terms
Bowman’s Pond
For Their Handicap Fishing Accommodations
Chinese Medicine treats the body as a whole and sees the patient’s symp-
toms as a pattern of imbalance in the qi flowing throughout the body.
Once the balance is restored, the patient’s symptoms disappear. The
symptoms can range from physical to emotional. That’s why treatment
programs incorporating acupuncture have been implemented by the US
Navy, Marines, and Army for PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) at
for our Residents. Naval Medical Center in San Diego, the Naval Hospital at Camp Pend-
leton in Oceanside, CA, Evans Army Community Hospital, Cheyenne
• Nursing • Rehabilitation • Wound Care Veterans Affairs Medical Center, WA State Dept of Veterans Affairs, Carl R. Darnall Army Medical
Center, and the Ft. Bliss Restoration and Resilience Center at
• Therapy • Workshops • Stroke & Cardiac Care

Rose Haven
the William Beaumont Army Medical Center.

Stop by for a visit! Lori Farley graduated in 2000 at Southwest Acupuncture

College in Albuquerque, NM with MS. in Oriental Medicine.
541-672-1631 She also has BS Mechanical Engineering and BS Microbiology

NURSING CENTER 740 NW Hill Place 10 South State Street • Sutherlin, OR • 541-430-5393
Monday, October 4, 2010–The News-Review, Senior Times Roseburg Oregon, Page 11

Family photos don’t always tell the whole truth

DOROTHY SCHATTENKERK was known for her fine stitches. Minnie, as image just didn’t fit my memory. Her later her old pump organ.
For The Senior Times she was called, came to the United States at pictures brought more comfort. In those When my father bought the Tenmile
about age 20. She was a recruit of the Mor- photographs, Grandma is pleasingly plump, farm, he and his brother built another

was looking through one of the family mon Church along with many others. There with gray hair pulled back in a bun. She’s house on the property for Grandma. A path
photo albums and noticed that in each she met and married a fellow Dane. They dressed in out-of-fashion long skirts or through the orchard connected the two
of the snapshots of my grandmother, lived in Provo, Utah, where my father and dresses, most often wearing an apron. houses, and was an easy jaunt for us chil-
she looked sternly at the camera — no several siblings were born. Stern? Yes and no. She didn’t hesitate to dren. Aunts, uncles and cousins often
smile, no relaxed posture, almost defiant. Eventually the family moved to Portland, tell me not to do something I shouldn’t. She would gather at Grandma’s house for fami-
That is not the way I remember her. True, Ore. Their children married and her husband liked to sing, had funny little tongue-twister ly events.
she was of sturdy independent stock, but not died. Later my father married and brought stories, and loved to dance. Grandma always Paging through the photo album brought
one to defy anyone. his family and mother, another Minnie, to had a bed of colorful flowers and no matter back those memories of family gatherings,
Brakkarnine FredeJika Bahlke was born Tenmile. That is when my memories of how many cats she had over the years, each but most of all it rekindled memories of a
of peasant stock near Horsens, Denmark. I Grandma Minnie begin. one had the same name — Mogens. not-so-stern, loving grandmother.
know little of her father, but she and her Looking at her 1912 picture was like Grandma was always busy with her hands
mother worked part time in the peat bogs. looking at a stranger. Stern, stiff-standing — shelling peas, snapping beans, peeling Dorothy Schattenkerk still lives in Ten-
Her mother also sewed for “gentlemen” and and slender, with obviously dark hair, the apples, or if nothing else, playing a tune on mile.

New legislation helps some qualify for help on prescription costs

ALAN EDWARDS and resources. income limits for extra help? No, but it To apply by phone or have an application
For The Senior Times Changes in the law beginning the previ- changes what is counted in these limits. To mailed to you, call Social Security at-1-
ous January have made it easier for some qualify, your resources still must be limited 800-772-1213 (TTY-1-800-325-0778), and

re you having problems paying people to qualify for extra help with their to $12,510 for an individual or $25,010 for a ask for the Application for Help with
for your prescription medica- Medicare prescription drug plan costs. married couple living together. Your annual Medicare Prescription Drug Plan Costs.
tions? Social Security may be Under the Medicare Improvements for income still must be limited to $16,245 for You can also file at your nearest Social
able to help. Some Medicare beneficiaries Patients and Providers Act, Social Security an individual or $21,855 for a married cou- Security office.
are eligible for extra help to pay for the will no longer count any life insurance policy ple living together. Your income can be a lit- To learn more about the Medicare pre-
costs-monthly premiums, annual as a resource and also will no longer count as tle higher if you support other family mem- scription drug plans and special enrollment
deductibles, and prescription co-payments income the help you receive regularly from bers who live with you, have earnings from periods, visit www.medicare.gov or call
related to a Medicare prescription drug someone else to pay your household expens- work or live in Alaska or Hawaii. These 800-633-4227.
plan. The extra help can be worth nearly es — food, mortgage, rent, heating fuel or amounts may change.
$4,000 per year. To qualify, a person must gas, electricity, water, and property taxes. Social Security has an easy-to-use online Alan Edwards is a Social Security public
be on Medicare and have limited income Will this change the basic resource and application found at www.socialsecurity.gov. affairs specialist in Portland.

ATRIO Members Speak

for Themselves
“My ATRIO plan is easy to understand and use, I enjoy
frequent communication from the company and the
people are very helpful.” — PHIL NEISWANGER
Retired Editor/Publisher, The News-Review

Phil Neiswanger ATRIO offers greater value from Medicare.

Roseburg resident
Call your local ATRIO office or ask your insurance
agent about ATRIO’s Medicare Advantage plans. 541-672-8620
starting at
$0! www.ATRIOhp.com
2270 NW Aviation Drive, Roseburg Get Greater Value From Medicare
Page 12–The News-Review, Senior Times Roseburg Oregon, Monday, October 4, 2010

Grandmother’s address
book inspires adventure
andom acts e-mail or Facebook.”
of kindness Marie read and collect-
are always ed those stories and
nice to hear about. made a book that she
Recently I heard presented to her grand-
Marie Felgentrager mother as a surprise.
speak about her late Marie had a handy
grandmother, Thel- source for her grand-
ma Holcomb. mother’s unique her-
According to Beverly Wellington itage book.
Marie, her grand- Family Tree Those who would like
mother sent cards assistance with learning
and letters to the people she knew. In how to gather information about their
her 80s she still kept up this correspon- family can go to FamilySearch.org. The
dence. site has added 81 new family history
Learning more about her grandmoth- lessons in the last month. Some of these
er’s connections made Marie curious online classes are from the Midwest
about the people in the address book. Genealogy Organization.
She determined to write to each person By 2012, FamilySearch will have 700
and ask him or her how and each met million digitized records on the site,
her grandmother. Her request was for having added an additional 200 million
information about the relationship and a to its records in April alone. There are
picture, if available. now about 300,000 indexers around the
Marie said she was amazed at the world trying to keep up with the digiti-
replies she received. On one day there zation of records. Contact me if you are
were 40 replies in her mailbox. Some of interested in becoming an indexer. It is
the respondents had known Thelma all fun, rewarding and a great genealogical
their lives and had been school chums. service. FamilySearch International is
Others met her grandmother later. She the largest genealogy organization in
seemed not to know a stranger. the world, and it will always be free.
The letters told how Thelma had lift-
ed them up in hard times, inspired them Beverly Wellington is director of the
and made them feel important. Marie Roseburg Family History Center. She
added, “She did it without the benefit of can be reached at bewel@gmail.com.

‘courage doesn’t always roar. sometimes

courage is the quiet voice at the end of the day
saying, i will try again tomorrow.’
— mary anne radmacher
‘i am like old wine. they don’t bring me out
very often, but i am well preserved.’
— Rose kennedy Enhancing
the lives and experiences of our residents and their families

Get Your Smile Back At Callahan Court, we know how

at a price you can afford
important it is to provide a stable,
therapeutic environment for those
experiencing dementia. From our
FULL & PARTIAL DENTURE SPECIALIST caring and compassionate staff to our
Personally Serving Douglas County for 33 Years!
award wining In Touch® Memory
GENEVrAbe20 00 TM
call us today:
Superio auty & 1770 NW Valley View Drive Care program, we work closely
life-like appe
arance 541-672-0100 Roseburg, OR 97471 with residents and their families to
AN ANSWER TO develop personalized programs to
(541) 673-3900
ES Free exa
LOOSE DENTUR m with th
is ad! meet each residents unique needs.

Open Monday thru Thursday by Appointment LaVidaCommunities.com

1663 West Harvard Avenue, Roseburg • www.cascadedenturecenter.com