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https://www.apa.org/advocacy/civil-rights/hate-crimes (DO NOT WRITE ANNOTATED BIBLIOGRAPHY
FOR THIS REFERENCE, iam still waiting to hear from my teacher on this one , But please put it in
alphabetical order wherever it goes thank you)

Directions for annotated bibliography-All sources Must be in Apa format,12 times new roman,
alphabetical order .A description of 50-100 words under each source describing what the source is
about and main points. Description must be 12 times new roman and double spaced.

This is a copy of my outline in case you didn’t find my sources useful to my introduction or you want
to find your own sources that you feel will back my introduction up more or if you find a source that

have more info to grasp from than mine feel free to make changes. NO WIKIPEDIA
OR .COM SITES!. Make sure to put any sources you find in APA format

My introduction paragraph:

Within society there are people that make malicious actions that are classified in the law as

hate crimes. A hate crime is a crime someone commits on an individual or group due to his or

her characteristics or appearance that place them in a specific social group. These social groups

can contain race, nationality, religion, gender identity, disability or visual appearance. Each

individual operates differently and it could be the involvement of people having psychological

distress causing hate crimes. If in the event there is a case where an individual is diagnosed with
a mental disorder that could have an involvement with the crime, doctor's may disclose

symptoms and signs for future cases so the law handles it correctly and offers treatment. Hate

crimes must be carefully evaluated to determine who the individual is in order to further with

consequences or treatment.