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vies / \ THE MEDIA | AND GLOBAL _/ COMMUNICATION XN 7 .X€ How well do you know the media? Media QUIZ 29, Which Hollywood, made ‘more money in one single flim? 1. Abram “Star Ware ~The Force berry Brkheimer: “Pirates of th James Cameren: "Avatar © whatieaninteret 2 a. Ayhial creature fom Scandinavia 3. Someone who sits under brie stealing gone whe pasts © whatis the most popular social inthe USin 2018? bs. Facebook Complete the spaces with a word from the box. ‘Answer the questions from the quiz, check your results and find out your level. © Whats the average number of fiends a has on Facebook? © “coronation street Isthelongest running fictional belngon ar since 1960, Whats its nationality? «Bras © Who has had nore Oscar nominationsin the category sofar? Kate Win! | | | © onecFthe most famous TV and radio Inthe BRC. What does t sand for? Best Bish Chain © whatietne mostexpensive toadvertiaein sports events? b. Opening 1 Cup Final. © whienot the three below was the mort used allover the worldin 2018? @ es e © onwhat media wil you finda ike "United manager sacked after losses’? © what was the mort googled Beauty ond the Bast ? fare you gone otra ce? 900 eo noee Mertieomeareieor th The TV pence: _amazen | Testa veo | Pg NETFLIX | companies provide? Where do you watch your favourite shows: ‘on TV or on the laptop? | hu lu | (or © Read the fllowing text. How Netflix changed the way we watch 00 Ted Saran Soe ‘writer Peter Morgan and director Stephen Daldry went to ‘hie content officer of Netfix, with an ides fora TV series. Thirty slater Sarandos said they could have £200 milion, Without seeing script ‘The idea, we now know, was for The Crown, 3 ling the tory of the ife of Quee Elzabeth I Theirs eres hat received near-univeeal praise. ard represent yet another stepin theonlnefilm streaming giants seemingly unstoppablernarch towards persvading ‘everyone onthe planet to watch TV onthe interne. Neth which started out asa DVD postal delivery service inthe ate 9's doce funct lke a traditional broadcaster. It is @game-changer, which has atered the way we wat television and film There are no schedules or lve shows: subscribers are simply fee stream any of Netflix thousands of films and want and where they Netflcis also changing the way TV is made. All th Crown were avalabe to stream on the day ofits Netflix episodes can vary to suit the pl becaie you can just binge watch many whether ona traditional television. a tablet ora mobilephone cs of the fist series of The ch, which means the duration of portant to end on a clifthanger plsodes at onc What’ happening now and is gonna happen even more in the next few year s the blending of cinema and television” says Sarandos. The actors, diectors writes special cffects and ll the pizzazz of cinema wll increasingly be found onthe small actee, © Anewer the following questions. ‘Words toimpress ; 1. What waste budget The Cron? pone Eaterce adept anes? Sega eae 2. Gire an example a haw Neti feet rom WV Sooner {How Neti changing the ype oF show? Bs 8. Are you watching any Nec serie at them Baa ruayee iin hes Oo you preter to watchall the episdeein aay cana i jsifhanger//astuatonin toy E | ¢@ Motch netotoring words with ts meaning fr tn tates youteevery ert 7 ae eae ‘or nervous because you donot know 7 ee hal will hppen nest cont cen binge watch oath many eer ‘psodes ofa series ina short tine, ate pease @tremateratvtchisplyed (4 stream a pizeazs // something exciting with e:playit on the compute {song ntantng sy $.blenng bit domionds } © Match ene words in column * with the word or expression | ON they refer toincolumn i Thre ofthe options donot app | (a 2 | | | ay 2. Peter Morgan and Stephen Doiry | k Com | eo yow you have been reading about. famous manarohy while creating 2 ‘tagline isa smal description of fm or series ta catch people's atetin It tells the without many adjectives and wth verbs thal explain the man action ay 1 show that you hve watched, ke Stenger Things or fora show tat you ur colleagues, Don't reveal the ite and soe thoy gues the show Multi-word verbs (phrasal/prepositional verbs) 2 the following verbs, other smal word lke. for, et The small word ether «preposition a an avert In some cases, the meaning ofa two-part verbs simply combination ofthe meanings ofthe two words | inser cae eft worth ng, but the second has a epecal Another times, the new two-part verb has quite a diferent nearing frm he wo | XO choose the correct mult-word verb foreach sentence, Useane of those given in the oxabove, ready Your boss. Hos coming to:he mesting next week been ‘our new plasma TV since they came back rom 6. Yesterday Gabrielle went to the new shopping cntr and bought CD. She the programmes withthe pltures names of TV programmes you may © Tate oka the information chart below and complete the sentences. ee pent per day in hoursiminutes | Video gee ancl 20_| Vise gare conse we X__Doyouknow what a tween s? Hereisa cue, ithas todo with age 1. The mecia most used among tweens is. hile among tons the 2. Among tweens are the three main Internet related devices o access 2. Rat occupies the position sang tens and he among 4, Going tothe movies outside the house ecupia in both ages the X@ tVisjust one of many means of communication. Complete the sentences with one option ‘below and youll find out mare about mass me, 1. Mass media refers 1. « a6vertsng, marking, propaganda, | 2 Maze media canbe use Publi relations, and pltieat a thcretsmedacndevntrnadisincude., communication; erihment and ‘cation, entertainmant and journalism, Fc aa wire media bs ctonafthe mada speci 6. sis. new ont of eaws reporting in Pann Do you havea TVin your bedroom? Do you fll asleep ‘withthe TV on? Do you have problems turning the TV off at any moment todo your chores? Ifyou answered postvely to those three questions then | yu might have problem. Itis called TViis. It means yyouare controlled by your TV! New research shows that bingewatching slevision can harm your health Binge-viewing is watching back-to-back TV shows fora long time in a singe viewing. It has bee increesing acroes the world because of online streaming and dovnlosding services thet TV-viewinghabts They found that binge-wiewing greet interrupted sleep patterns Professor Jan Van den Bulck sac: "Our study signals that bingeviewing is prevalent in Te vacated pl tout ap qulty eel fg and non. Ther | also asked how often they binge-watched programs on televisions laptops and computers. | et Wa gency et er Tay eA reer ‘Bingeable TV shows have pots that hep the viewer tid tothe eee atl times. They become intensely involved with the content snd may keep thinking about It when they want to got sleep.” Asa result chis can caus le problems | ‘Choose the correct option (2, ,0F to complete the sentences according to the text. om that inge-watchins, can create family prabien & a happy ending Sevtaianceaegresinin © oorcgen one =a] En Binge-watching on internet platforms should have De you agree? Do you think binge-wat ‘or discussing it, write wo ideas in favour and two pana this top © meme snocrosas communication nd op EV Smart Book ‘gy XO Listen tothe song and slin the gap with the word that aremising ‘Alle words areobjecs youcan indi your house ‘he leny Sang, Tay {don fee ike doing anything i {jst wanna ay in ny Dont feel ke picking up my i Soleavea message atthe tone ‘Cause today lewear'm nt doing anything Tum the on Throw my hand in my pants be lounging onthe Just hilingin my smug Fp to MTV co they can teach me how to Dougie day dont fee ike doing anything {just wanna layin my bed “Case tocay Tent Tm mnt ding my Nothing tal XO Match ene words/hrassin the ses on theft with thelr meanings onthe ght Atone 2 promise swear Lok at t something 2. hick my feet. «sound ina phone eter a voicemal 4 stare 4 relaxing 5. citing put your legs up nce the beginning, television has alvays played an impotent aa In groups choose one of the topics below. After you have dscuseed your ise andwritten | them down, you can have a debate, You can record itand then ste to your performance, te ilitwas onthe rao, This way, you' beable a hear your pronunclationand fluency ‘Winat are the advantages of 1? What aris postive fects? ina re the deadvantages of TV? What are ts negative effects? ere are some topics to help you entity he postive andthe negative nes | 5 offers a great range of programmes that entertain inform, and educate viewers | V plays an important oe in socialising children: the iteracy evel required to ‘evelopment demonstrate that tere are clear connections between wate ence | on television and engaging in are ve or violent behaviour Look for more information a archive debate orgiew/op_100 debates FN ronan vanantieart or peat | The Radio Do any of these names ring bell? These are some ofthe most famous podcasts onthe Portuguese radio. A. "Estremamente Desagrve” 3, “Mata-Bcho de Temiicas 4-0 Homem av ou 00 © Matci the names below with the corresponding podcasts. 2 Brune Noguera ‘ card Arabjo Persia Joana Marques 4. Nuna Mart © What about cei aio station? Do you know where they lay? © Read che fotowingtext DIY Toolkit: How to make a podcast odeast are ywhere right now Itseeme ike everyonehasone celebrities comedians politicians authors your cousin, your mim your dog. nd fora good reason, Unlike other forms of storytelling high quality podcasts dot take alot of teh. Just some creativity. 2 strong work etic and alittle know-how Se what ting for? 1 re you ye great for a couple of different reasons. Compared te traditional news radio, podeasts are pretty freeform they can range froma few minutes to over an hour creative (with lots of sound design and music and personalitydrven Also compared to media products ike video or animations they are simple and dont requre a lot of special In fac, wee ving in what many people ae calling anew “Golen Age for audi, Weve slceady seen that aac can go viral n podcast form. And thanks ou ell phones met of ‘usarecarryingaround kind of dig audio player and recorder with usallthe ime, Today ethan ever ae geting creative with podcasting aa form of intimate engaging In ather words people are listening ~ not ust to journalists or comedians bat el stores expert, and ideas © Complete the sontences with information from the text. 2. Stortling isa way for poscast abe 2. opp ng 4, Everybody le stening to podcacs there days, such Do you follow any podeats? Or do you preter videes on YouTube? Wen do you usualy ston oor watch them? AL lunchtime? At the weekerds? What are your favourite podcass/vops? Prepositions of time Notice the use of the prepeitons of time in and on in these common expressions urea. (70! an next Trad (Chritmas. no at very Christmas) renng natn thieving 2 XO choove the mutable preposition on, ior at to fillin the gap inthe dslogues Sometimes you may not needa preposition (). urryup! ‘The prepositions used in the following sentences are wrong Replace them with the right ones. Take alook atthe example 2h 2, We did goto thao own 1984 @ someon. ano crosar commune SSX @ Listento the following podcast: Howto Bea Hero 2. Whatiethe name £3. Complete the spaces to obtain th Describe picture Ato your teanager portrayed are feliog Popes Now that you've got basic ieaof what this podcasting thing i al about, ue the guided {question below fo come up with anew dea fora podcast of your on ‘Wiha do personally Uke to get out of listening toa podcast? Ie. ke tobe trained Uke to be informed about new things ike feling inspire, et. What kind of podcast tone appeats to me? leg. gh-hearted conversational ste What hind of podcasting structure do tke best? (eg. based ana theme, based on Current events, naraive [ike a Bool 10-minute o less, releasedin seasons, et} What kind of person do want my podcast to appeal to? lao. other eer vi oe interest na partielar hoy, te ‘nat elaments make up the podcast lke? (interview, musical segment reported ‘nat might make my podcast stand out compared to whats already out here? (eg. edd bnew slarytling lament, use a diferent premise ose, cover 3 topic know abou, ete] First answor these questions individually oF in groupe. Then eeate a sma the one below, of what your podcast wl be Uke, touting tke Se cae ae Frertteegune ol theme hortstaterente trom the actors ard) fina! sce aeeeencandt cts MB ae Now, youre ready to write your Podcast Outine and then record the frst episode. Aer yourhave done, share it with your clleaguesin the cass email or platform. I your teacher ison board, maybe you can ply Ito your colleagues in class and get some rel Whe know f this can be your start? Her sa sntoncet inspire you. Good work! ver reat ream bepinwith a dreamer Print Media ‘Do you think Journalists can change the world? Did you know that Richard M. Nixon was the fret American resident toresign ‘because of journalist investigation? Do you think that was important forthe world? Hollywood has a great tradition of films depicting great newsstoriee. Have you watched any ofthe following fs? reser ead te tent about jouralom tries, Then dicus with your partes which you wou ike to watchin clas. A few good men - three films about journalism a eda ag ‘A superbly deta account ofthe Boston Gabe Pale Prize-winning gPQTLIGHT fvergation into the widespread paedophila scandals and subequent ‘coverups within the Catholic Church. The fm tls the true xory of 2 group of journalists whose reporting eventual le tothe resignation of the Archbishop of Boston who had hidden years of sexual abuseby other rests and yielded other revelations of molestation around the world 2."Good Night and Good Luck” (2005) ‘Truthcan bestranger than ction, which ie why director GeorgeClooney opted for archive footage of Senator Joseph McCarthy, hich reports journalist Edward R-Murrow standing up against the bullying rom the House of Un-American Activities Commitee, David Stratharn gives a seat performance as Murrow who understood thatthe truth was more powerful than any weapon against what was the great malstrith in the ‘movement of Communit witeh-hunt ‘puThePresidents Men’ oo7e) | TRBRBBRM | wore so impress Tote btoenar te acres | SEO | [our teacher: ee i Se Bl Svitehshunt © campaign find i ‘scandal andthe fallof Nixonetrulyone See ‘ofthe defining stories ofthe moder ea Is fascinating “organisation whose opinions are snapshot ofa working neweroom that. just for a moment, repihan etaucte became pretty much the centre of the unlverse and bow, Fe ae det enand armed with nothing but integrity faith in public justice Sas eee: and a typewriter, afew good men literally made al eae « difference nthe world © which fm or fimsts/are about 2 tighting gverome 4th fal ofa government? figures? 6: exposing the truth? NCO Match the words or expressions with thelr meaning. 1 2 standing op agoins fabulously + ht 4% mistr 4. cauee something fait, 6. Bring down elie 6 snap 1 generat XO searchin the rst and third texts the remal expressions about newspapers ng letters to complete there words/ art Saou as ay as apd [speaking] 1 boyourememter ny scandal reveled onthe mei? Ahsan is tite onthe frontpage ofa newspaper eg. Man Go The Moon, What headtine would you Uke te describe you in Coordinate sentences Some transitional words and phrases signal a coordinate relationship between, ‘adi | nt tt nen ee XO Usea sultable word/phrase that shows coordinate relationship between sentences ‘wfillinthe gaps in the paragraph. Newspaper innovation anise Netto launched tree papers the Caseh Repu {19961 Hungary (996, Halland and, Grece, Amgeting,Stzeriand and inland 199% Chile, USA, aly, Canad, ance, Hong Kong an Koes (2002), Pertupal (2007), and raz 2007) ' ® rot every Metro launch wae a succes; operation in Switzerland, Argentina the UK and Poland were ended after same time Metro Iterations nom i based in Luxemburg while is headquarters arin London i Mache eader Metro distributes more than eight milion copies dal. Other companies publish lot ef copies: more than 22 milion, Thess copes are eae by at 4. Anyone riding the London underground, Dutch commuter train orth Seoul mtr i rsh hour wil see peope reading newspapers. Not the regular tratioal broadsheet XO Reorder the paragraphs to make up news article about free dally newspapers. Paregraph 1 Parograph XO Look atthe following Peanuts comic strip published ina newspaper and natch the picture with the correct balloon to give meaning tothe dialogue ante other hand ust be very domnanding and dangerou sin ton ima perhaps. . | jo = = & ‘Ad ye, obod can gree on what iti haw mucho probit znd what to do abo ‘Are you familiar with the phrase fake news? Do youusuallyconfirm the news you see onsocal networks, such as Facebook, using other websites? -—— | | g © resatnetert How fake news plagued 2017 Hurricanes In August, 20x a devastating hursicane hit the Americas ~it was so powerful it broke becoming the fist ategorysx storm eve. rma,strongesthurricane recorded category six" warned Alexonesof American website j InfoWars, broadcast to more than 750000 followers on Facebook, Except it wasn. Category sixhurtianes don exist. 1 was fake news i Maybe you sew the story. It was shared more than two milflon times from numerous ) Facebook page Someone you know probably believed ita fiend colleague, maybe yout ‘grandmother It wasn't the onl ime fake news followed the biggest news stories of 27 Terror attacks In the hours after six people were killed and 50 injured ina taror attack in London, UK. fon zand Marcha photograph circulated ofa woman wearing hijab and talking onthe phone on Westininste Bridge, the site ofthe attack Thousands shared the picture claiming the woman, asa Mudim, was indifferent tothe suffering of vitims around er. #Banslam was one haehtag czculting withthe image. The woman in the picture released a statement and spoke of being “devastated by witnessing the aftermath of shocking and numbing terror attack” after the negative tention she received The account. @SouthLoneStat. which fet tweeted the image in November after being identified ata Russian bot ile. the Future, we will probably see more fake news crcalating there are efforts to Ht. tryandliititsimpac. Fsbo lets erst potenti misinformation by spaying faeccheched ars next to dubious sores. And Twit panded its resin ety December aso whats dasfied a bate ox harmful behaviour on he platform | — ‘ XO compete the char wth nformation about these two news storie. @ Think of headline foreach eal news story. Share it with your clas XO Heit ont ee oanapaer wth ome voce Finke pe hte words be a: -. THE SUN? “TIMES TNS Queen | down! for Prince Charles il XO tates the images with the parts of newspapers blow. “weather forecast! horoscope trontpage classified ade crossword cartoon strip case ‘ 5 erly prepare wien materia fr publication snsatonl stores opinion i W2estory k m. ae X complete the sentences with one word from the previous exercise liesan newspapers 1. There are many celabries who suffer fom the \wrate 2 bad review of the as Bod fm. | peered tion wastike on location. recent events or abou the news yu would ike to readin tomarraus newsgaters Writing an articles very simple, You jst need to answer these questions: + ho? When? Where? What? inte fst paragraph « How? Wy? ~ nthe secondo fllawing at the example wer) maramncy- mis a andrceiee sack of a ey ight ht thy wer en The nextday. Hawall Governor Deva Igesplogied foe rt, He attributed the ‘emergency worker whe ht the wrang tm during a routine dei Crone a + mention the ry otto describe places and tetings 2 © remo crornconeonesnon X __Takethe following quiz and check your score! How did you do in this unit? © Lookat james! ie hasbeen the TV for three hours! by staring a © ny tavouite programmer sre On isa TV programmein ‘which dramatic and humerous situations are show and people participating init share their privacy with other people and ‘withthe audience © one0f TV advantagesis that __ 2 people can get adctd tot it provides wide range of programmes «children can get mare aggressive an © ‘usuatiytstento theraio the morning bon So far So good © vntoctunacly always nse Jimeny Fallons shew’ Wednesdays ‘because I wort lats, @ tori ke magazines Iprefer sports © Anesatneic the rotgage at pap © Atanioias 1b small magazine published in the © Hyon want to sell our sports dothes, ‘yuucan advertise them inthe ‘ofanewepaper Fake NOE © rem nociocomenearon Source of Information and Knowledge ‘opis nega porzonalastanis ‘When you want to lok for information onthe lnternet, wht search engines do you use? ‘What an IPA (Intelligent Personal Assistant)? How would you feel talking to your computer? Amazon Echo (Alexa) | w versus Google Home ‘Wete stil not ata pont where intelligent personal assistants (PAs) are revotionising ‘the way we live but they sure canbe alot of fun How well do they search the web? Alera often doean know how to respand to quel and it seems to strug particularly + with my other has northen acent sometimes it will play dum for him yetifTaskthe ‘Same question might oblige. Gonge Home. on the ther han, rarely seems to disappoint land thee a very obvious reason fortis its powered by Googe and Alexa snot ‘Thanks to Googlés dominance in search, the IPA is very impressive, From general iowiedge to prices of products or sereeing times at your local cinema, the Googie «Assistant is all over it Alexa. on the other hand, is powered by Bing and less able to “understand natural peech- which, in effect reaultsin you rbotialy speaking toa rbot. Music search Depending on your set-up result here may vary Both units offer the chance to connect to Spotty and therefore technically have equal offerings. During tests however, Google +: Home returned most aa results ~even fr the ally obscure requests we shouted ‘with smagness. But the Eco rally seems to struggle here and often returns alternative tracks Perhaps Alexas pushing her ov tases but its not realy weleome. Lf youre an Amazon Music customer you have acess to more music. However, in my experince it returns more live recordings than not. Depending on your tastes this may also be unwelcome ‘The verdict If youte a shopahlie and a Prime customer, Alexa wil fee lke your realfe assistant. But if youre looking for a tliablé know-itall and a music player with briliant sound, Google Homeisfor you Pen @ choose the correct option (2, or) to complete the sentences according tothe text comparison between two IPAs. «Why Amazon Eo ister than Google the authors mothe, bs understange natural speech beter than Googie Home «isnt as gaod as GoogleHome when it «the author's brother Spotty. X © Match the word onthe left withthe words or expressions ‘hey refer to.onthe right. Two of the options do not appl. sf bit 2. Amazon Echo XO wirte one ofthe highlighted wordsin the text next to the meanings provided Have you ever heard about Phs before? Would you consider having one in yur house? | niet one o these woula you choose for you? Why? a a Reported speech nother person sod without repeating the exact some words When we Use reported talking bout he post. fi Direct Speech | Reported Speech “Toke look at he it of regular verbs at he and ofthe took, XO Hewrite the folowing sentences in reported speech. (25: Mars: "Wikipedia is free enyclopedi that anyone can et 1. Tess:“We speak English althe time onthe nt: 2. James: "Idd my homework yesterday whl searching fr Information onthe net 4. Jessica: "Google translates into more than BD languages 5 Dery: “The verb to google appeared inthe Oxford English ctionaryn 2008 6. Jana: My boss taught us hw to use a search engin this morning 7. Kins co-worker "Te ite you talked about treaty intresting reported sentences? Correct them. XO wnatiewrong about the foto 29. Jm: "We matched TV lor thirteen hors lst week 1. Fiona: "I bought my Google Home lat weekend stood here for gut ong tine 2. Jason: am tao seep Jason ai he had been 0 seep. Sorcloc. ” fo © neat enesongiyrics and guess the missing verb. Don ill the gaps yet. XO Listen tothe song andthe gaps witha verb. The feet eter ie given Gms antl Etasss hen maybe youd fel the same 1. tol for you. What has happened tothe singer? 4 frustration orhope? 5 thin technology sinfluencing the w Digital Divide ‘Not everyone inthe world has acess tothe same technology Have you ever heard the expression "digital divide"? What do youthinkltmeans? = What is digital divide, anyway? The term git divide refers tothe gap between those people with effective access to digital and information technology, and those without accsss to it. It includes the lances in physical acces to technology and hardware 2s well as the imbalances in esources and sills needed to effectively participate a6 ada tien. In other word site the unequal access of some sectors of the community to information and ‘communication technology andthe unequal cquisition of ested kl, (fen discussed in the context of a digital divide are socioeconomic (rich/poorh racial (whitefminescy or geographical (ubanvfural) groups. The “zm global digital divide refers to difference in technology access between countries and it also refers tothe Imbalance that exists amongst groups of society regarding thei ability to use ICT (Gnformation and Communication Technology) to ls utmost performance The digital vie frst meant the ownership of @ computer: L The term came into regular usage inthe mld-op0s, US Present Bll Clinton and Vie President Al Gore used the tem in a 196 speech in Knoxville though the term had © Read the text carefully XO Match the two halves ofthe sentences according to the text. 1. The tern “git 2 nthe mids 2. ipa vide inlutes. means that there isan onequal 30 of some sectors ofthe commute «. -seelecanomi ieh/oor allie inary or geographical urban/rural sours “Match the words from the text onthe eft ‘ith their synonyms onthe right 2 etectve be division 3. acquisition real 6 one 4. gain “The following verbs taken from the text aren the present simple, Rewrite them in the past simple All of them are regular verb. ie tet or Say oy yaaa ie Digital Fetween you and your parents or family? Dittide © swe veonanocrosatcommunicaion Media Ethics and Net Neutrality wy) @ Listen to the following text and iin the blanks, || Ethics of journalism Journalisticethicstendto dominatemedia ethics sometimes almost to the exclusion of other areas Topics covered by journalism ethics include + News manipulation, News can manipulate and be , ‘Governments and cotporstions may attempt to manipulate news media, Manipulation may be voluntary oF involuntary. Those being manipulated ‘may not be aware ofthis, «Truth. Truth may conflict with many other values + Public interest. Revelation of military secrets and other sensitive government) maybe to the public intrest, even ft ie true + Privacy Detalls ofthe lives of public iguesie a central contest element in many media, isnot necessarily Justified simply because the information Is true. rivacy is also right and one which conics with fre speech + Taste Photo () who cover war and disasters conftontstuatlons which ‘may shock the sensitivities of their audiences or example, human remains are rately with the law. Journalistic ethes may conflict withthe aw over issues suc the protection of confidential news sources, XO Answor true) or fase) according tothe text. Quote from the text to support your choice no ry to manipulate news mei, 2. Sometimes people may be manipulate by the media bu they Lnow when that happens, 23. t may nat aways bein th subi interest a eves itary 1. Proto jour prin al he photos they take at war a BY’ Cie exmleof testis and meas of communctionInwhichyounetly news are venemnae Modal verbs there are examples of modal verbs in tales, mestlycan and may. Stay those examples, raquest permission, although this usege is becering less common i Can s sed to exress ability oF opportunity t request orf permission andto Masti most common used to express cetany It can aio be used oot necessity or trong recommendation, XO ritinthe text about ethics of entertainment media with the ultable modal verbs. edi. The producers of such mei be pad high sums depaySranded fd shock the aucienes, © Complete the sentence using one ofthe modal verb above 1.Qur reporter’ flight from Barcelona ook more than ve hous. She te exhausted ater auch a ong fight take map and make all the necessary arrangements ease ou ned help | & Teacher: Where are the stodens? They be here by nw | O- || Lead. How many social media accounts do you own? Which one(s) do you prefer using? Why? ‘Which of these are the biggest advantage of social media? Number them (biggest advantage) to 8 (smallest advantage). making trends getting advice Pee I © Read the following text. Social media is ripping society apart A formes executive has said social media is doing grest harm to society around ve isa man called Chamath Palhapitia. He joined Facebook in resident. He was ing the numberof user aihapitya sai he feels i ks He sad the networks ae destroying So vent years ago peopl alld 2 ea Mr Palhapitiya sald people should take long bresk frm s perience reali. He wants people ovale each other instead valuing online ces and thumbs-up” Plihaptiyaalzo points out how fake news affecting how we se the world Is becoming ease for large websites to spread les tie lea becoming easer to bur other peo fone can he behind fake use name and pos lies about other ahapitya said this wasa global problem. Hels worred about socal media somuchthathehasbanned his children from using, However i state that Facebook, was a good company. He sid "OF cours, i's not al bad Facebook overwelningly de © choose the correct option (2, oF) tocomplete the sentences according tothe text ‘Words toimpress ‘your teacher: : * pth) apart totear orpult Ssamethingte pieces dvide hurls 9 ign hat something 's great ty showing a thumb pining changing? upwards bs ChamathPatinapita, bechilren. people's behav verbena used to lemmphaszethe great amount or r Paap say wwe see ye fae beewebste, cig laces, it does m an bat soci @ Maen she wordsin column A with the words or expression they referto in columa “woot the options do not apply. eo = Look atthe peture, What do you think the term ‘net neutrality means? © Read the text below to find out more, Net neutrality [Net neutrality may be dead in the US, but Europe Is till rong commited to open, Inuernet access. ‘The Idea that all internet service providers (ISE) treat all ata and users equally is, in theory the best deal for customers as well as for businesses. Net neutrality allows Dusinesses to compete on service quality, and provides users with a choice across the ange ofl providers ‘Bat on 14 December 207 the US Federal Communications Commission (FCC) efecively revoked its own 2015 Open Internet Order, which was devised to allow open and fait sccess tothe internet. This decision was made eventhough sere and may technology companies and content providers such as Googe Facebook and Netfixremalned strongly In favour of net neutrality ‘Theloss of net neutrality [At the time, pioneering internet tech experts wamed agnnst removing net neutrality rules, effectively accusing the ECC of not understanding how the internet works This ruling means that in tne US proviers wil beable to slow down data traffic to and fom curtain websites gve preferential testinent to other websites and charge diferent for different rypesf content, such a web access, video streaming socal media and soon Impact beyond the US Sohhow does this decision inthe US affect the UK and continental Europe? In the UK net neutrality is currently protected by EU policy 215-200 In support ofa digal single market But there is concer thatthe FCC rulingin the US could pave the way for similar moves in other countries. The grestet negative impact could be on those who are already dally impoverished. with poor access to knowledge and Information, or where governments could impose access reteletions more ei ‘Answer the following questions about the text. a ‘Words toimpress ‘your teacher: 1 What happened inthe USA on Tat December 20177 2. Wnat isthe 2015 Open internet — pave the way for sth) tomakea 3. What can Internet providers in Ameriea do now that meen YEG! male net neutrality nae en a ae 4 Has the same thing appened in Europe oo? impoverished sy poor ps 5. Who would suter mace this happened in the XO Match the word in bold from the text with the meanings. Thereis one xtra meaning range of people who have special kil or special knowdge of» subject 2. dense to Sained a a result of training or experience 2 expr rule or awe that imi or contr what people can do 5. rest happen amount of intra med while suring the internet f planned or invented In pars, eiscuss the dsadvantages ofthe end of nt neutrality inthe USA. Then, choose hich ofthese factors are more important foreach of ou aay Socal networks ae astro are changing peeps behav SoD SI. gy ONG Scrcanageeofscatnen-wrtestut tem fom 6) Use Here san example to help you. Py attention othe takin worden tates which wil hla you organise your text eos ‘There are many diferent opinions about socal networks. People and socicy are always fighting about whether there are more risk or useful opportunities, (On the one hand, big advantage of social networks is that If you press “lie? or follow” on pages or blogs that you are interested in you alwaye get the newest piece of information and you are always lip to date. n addition, you know about wircacten ) _everyevent fom your favourite band, for ~ tnmance So, you wil be as. doe at owethe possbeto your star fe argent On the other hnd, social networks are 7d cpt making you lazy. You spend too mich ist ve your tine reading Bogs and writing statuses, | MERE fr or cwmeprien In ths time you could have gone to a \\ aaaret canbe { ‘theta’ | pute place eo meet your fends. Whats fret.) | \ paragraph) more your grades at schol may get worse Dbeeause you spend your time browsing through the world wide web when you should be studying In my view, social networks are grest when they are used wisely. It Is not a 7 problem if you share some things with people you tke a long as you do no doit | forhouts on end ‘Useful language: cing Reality Shows Fact: One in six British teens belleve they be famous 10000 people applied forthe las Big Brother show with the largest number of hopefuls being between 8 end 2s years old but the ‘chances of winning place ona Big Brother style show are onein 30 milion Sarah Low, 18, auditioned foe The X Factor (a popstar show} Tvs had singing kssons since {was six so thought hada chance. Sadly ended up being judged only on what! wore Fact More than one inten teenagers aged 6 19 would drop ost of school to appear on reality 1V and the same number think tsa great way to earn money without having skills. But is that realistic or disastrous? "Reality TV can make you famous for § minutes but its unrealistic to expect that to carry on” says Ron Bracey. clinical paychologst Fact: "Youre likely to haveall your negative features magnified” explains Ron Bracey Forever, viewer who likes you there are five wi dont” After life wae exposed tothe woridon The (Osbournes Kelly Osbourne blamed the pressures of reality TV fame! The whol world was Aiscussing how Ital, what et, wb Thang out with’ she says Read the text carefully and then answer true(") or flee (. a (Quote from the text to support your answer 1.Sinty percent of Bish tens wil be celebrite 2 Reality TV wil ely make you famous for shart time 4 Aftor being participant ina realty show evenone tas an oxnin bout your ie, Find the words in the text that have the same meaning asthe =a following phrases. ‘What do thes expressions mean? Choose the correct option on 2.2 good way to got on ine 2. 2 god way to go abroad 3.» good war to succes 2: noticing somebody's negative characteristics and making get onto 2. takepart in an auton &eneup 4 go outwith frends Thang outwith gmake a formal request Inert the correct preposition of time (atom or in). oa 1. Next week, the new reality TV shows starts nin clack, —___ Sunday on Channel 2. People wh ike realy shows re usual tired the evenings and jus watt relax 4 itis the weekend when reality shows ratings reach their highest vas. Revit the following sentences in reported speech, Sarah: "stared snging lessons when | was six Kel: "Th whole word cussed what eat nd who | (Choose a modal verb (may /can/ mus or should to lin the gaps. a 1. People focus more on family an lesson work “There are 20 many reality shows on TV atthe moment, but do you remember the names of the winners? Would you Uke to participate n any af them? Do you tink the reality shows these topes fora teenager bog aboutV shows. My Choices cs Workbook (456 11° ANO. THE MEDIA AND GLOBAL COMMUNICATION The Media © Comptetethe spaces with the words below related tothe media. ‘media: opinion’ event: report: ‘magazine, celebrity. advertisement find out el-knawn ‘addressed at men whe ae ints sports and fitness 23. On todays ve wll show the viewers how violent the streets have gt 4. Tune intorght at eight to all the match results ofthe late! Champions Leagu 6. Next week onthe Late Show, watch Jennifer Lawrence pay “Wheel of Musica Today's right have changed it's n longer print radio or x networks, euch ae Titer 7. Everybody quiet now! Ler watch he new Coca-Cola he are alway so goad. 18, The Web Summits perhaps the most importa in tecmnoagial innovation © Compete ach ofthe boxes below with four words related to TV. { © Gi ene correct option 2. We can watcha programme in on TV, 884 an article in/ onthe paper ten tothe / news on the rad 4, The meio usualy eport/ sy on impertant event 5. The weather aver | res Television © Match the type of programmes with thelr corresponding possible quotes. 4 Vocabulary Radio © vee the word given toforma word that isthe space in each sentence. Raia poplar srs, rial BROADCAST by MEM reueny : wave ot i 1. These doe youcan record your pest tng ured phones - phone ie 2 The lethe person who decides what goes onthe eaioline up. os 2. Sports or pla shows een have 3 to ve hister opinion en he topic, commen 4 The sound adapts the ferent types of soundin speech, muse, so everyone understands tat heme or on thir mile phone. ors) 5 Usually the person responsible for ging the news onthe radi is not 20), but 3 lees {Inthe mornings white going to work, alway listen omy favourite which tways rakes me laugh 8 7. Rao ore requenty cut on countries rule by dctatrshipeanem 8, “What are you ong? Three sa mech lati "Hush, Pm ina find the ota mate report” © Foreach ofthe sentences below choose the option that best suits the meaning. 1. Turn up /Turn down the radio, can't you! storie sleeping? 2. Hello, please welcome my invite gues forty the Weil be back na couple a aconds, ur radio consle [vxeant seem to pay the net song shame, becoure they are sways playing the same songs. un cathy jigs, that keep singing them fora couple {6 Switch on / Switch ofthe rao thy are about 0 8, "Next on Radi, the new song by 1 commentator DJ around, MC Sound i 19, “Could you turn up/turn down the radia? cant hearlt wth allthis nis fom the ati i 10, "oud better snitch on / site off the radio, there’ only static around hee. Weare detintetyin | Vocabulary 4 Newspapers and magazines © Compiete the gaps in the following sentences with a suitable word below. There are more ‘word than spaces. 1s the Financia Tes 23. Look at this 1-200 STUDENTS CAUGHT CHEATING ON NATIONAL EXAM he wha wen Wora Press Phot thie year won 5. Didyou readthe inte paper yesterday on green energies? It as ret 6 alway 9d Jane Gudwoorm’s articles ike her seriousness and commitment as 1. There ae 0 many. inthe paper promising olsen a language in two weeks! I= 8, Terewas an onthe paper today about the latest scandal on poli 9. War — undergo special training to keep themselves ave in those harsh scenarios. 10, -What am ding? Fm wring eter tothe ut hele rite about compl | Take the Five words left unused from the exercise hove and label the picture, oe ‘uy Spon | | Meter ee a a