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And very special thanks from Clive to Marie Anges Lucia, and Ere, and from Christine to Cristina, fr all her help and encouragement Christina would also keto thank her children Joaquin, Mareo, and Xysia for their constant inspiration. Designed by: Amanda Hockin over desig by: Jaclyn Smith The publisher and aor are patel to those who hee given permision e reproduc the elewing extracts and adaptations of {Opright material p. 18 “Gils with ball” by Lucy Milas seen on ‘ewregapyear com. Reproduced by permissions p20 "Geting to Bolas seen on wore gosouthamericaaboutcom. Reproduced by permision of The New York Tienes Syndieationp. 38” Pari Getting “Around” as Seen an www destinatonsen eurostar com. Reproduced by permission; p35 Wikipedia Puzele Globe Lago © Wikimedia Foundation, lnc, Used with permission p.48“What ae the 8, éifferences between women and ment” From SBC Nevts a Dbcco.uk/news. Reproduced by permission, p 51 “How do I change cavers” by Pevi Capll. This article is eeprinted by permision from Careerlournalcom & 2005 Dow Jones & Co. Ine. Alrights reserved 53 "Makea whole day of i from wwweripadeisorcom Reproduced by permission; p. 58"The wath about extras" by Louise Compton as seen on wor:thesun co.uk, Reproduced by persons .71"The man who wakes up ina ditch. then goes 0 Work at Sotheby’s by Anushka Asthana, The Observer 4 September 2005 Guardian Newspapers Limite 2005 Sowers. 55 ww onsumerdirec. gov uk ‘The publisher and authors would like to tha the following forthe permission to reproduce photographs: Alamy p. 60 (Connery/Photo 12); ‘The Att Archive p. 8 (Museo Nazionale Terme Rome! agli Ori Ferrarig Burns Hood p. 39; Getty Images pp. 11 (sketching/Oli Tennent) 13 (Ieonica), 23,24 (Emmanuel Faure), 30 (Trallo- Pauinier), 41 (managing director/Chabruken, civil servant). 48 {George Marc), 50 (Daly & Newton), 55,61 (Timepix/Time Lite Pictures); Inmagine p.38 (Thinkstock); Kobal Collection pp. 58 (New LinelSaul Zaenta/Wing Nut, Vine, Pierre), 67 (20th Century Fox); Lucy Mil p. 18 (Gap Yeac Website), John Lawsence p. 71; Oxford University Press pp. 11 (windsurfing), 40; Phetofusion p41 (student); Photolibrary.com pp. Al (bartender/Stock Royalty Free IT), 60 (Couple/Digital Vision); Pictures Colour Library p73: Rex Features pp. (Organic Picture Library), 31,33 Illustrations by: Phil Dsley pp 5,6, 17,64, 66, 68: Nell Gower pp. 20, 59; Elis Nadler pronunciation symbols Andy Patker pp. 27,28, 56 Colin Shelbouen pp, 15, 16.28 Andy |, Smith p. 25: Kath Walker pp. 12, 19, 44, 85,61, ‘The illustration on p.35 Wikipedia Puzale Globe Logo © Wikimedia. 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