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C Activation exercises

Vocabulary: Days of the week; Family members

1 Find and write five days of the week. Then write the two missing days.
1 Monday
N 2

DA 3


The missing days:


DA 6

2 Complete Lamar’s family tree.

aunt brother cousin father (dad) grandfather grandmother mother (mum) sister uncle

Hi! I’m Lamar.

This is my family.

1 grandfather: Joseph 2 : Hetty

3 : Duane 4 : Loretta 5 : Benjamin 6 : Marcia

Me! Lamar 7 : Jermaine 8 : Toyah 9 : Charleen

Grammar: to be
3 Complete the table.

Verb to be
+ - ?
’m /am I’m not/ 2
Am I?
You’re /3 You aren’t/are not 4
He He he?
She 5 /6 She 7 /is not 8
It It it?


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4 Choose the correct answers.
1 Who she? 4 it your cat?
a ’s b it a ’s b Is
2 How old he? 5 She my friend.
a it b is a he b ’s
3 He my brother. 6 Who he?
a isn’t b not a ’s b he’s

5 Match the questions with the answers.

1 How old is she? a It’s four years old.
2 Is she your grandmother? b Yes, he is.
3 Is that your T-shirt? c She’s twelve.
4 Is he your brother? d He’s fourteen.
5 How old is he? e No, she isn’t.
6 How old is your cat? f Yes, it is.

6 Look at Lamar’s family tree in Exercise 2. Ask About you

Lamar questions about his family.
8 Answer the questions about you.
1 (Loretta) she / mother?
1 Is Anna your sister?
Is she your mother?
No, she isn’t.
2 (Hetty) how old / she?
2 Is Pop World your favourite TV programme?

3 (Duane) he / brother?
3 Is your grandmother fifty years old?

4 (Benjamin) he / uncle?
4 How old is she?

5 (Marcia) she / aunt?

5 Is your father twenty-one years old?

6 (Toyah) she / cousin?

6 Is Lady Gaga your favourite pop singer?

7 (Toyah) how old / she?

7 Is Saturday your favourite day?

7 Write Lamar’s answers to the questions in

Exercise 6. English today
1 Yes, she is. 9 Complete the dialogue.
2 (70)
Call OK to meet Welcome Yum!
Robert: Hello, Mia. Are you Mark’s friend?
4 1
Welcome to the barbecue.
5 Mia: Thank you, Robert. Yes, I am! Nice
6 2
7 (15) Robert: 3
me Rob.
Mia: 4
, Rob.
Robert: It’s burgers today. Is that OK?
Mia: Oh yes! 5

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D Communication 1

Welcome to the English club! Saturday at

ten o’clock
Speaking: Ask for personal information
1 Match the questions with the answers. There are two extra answers.
1 What’s your first name? a D-E-C-K-H-A-M.
2 What’s your phone number? b I’m thirty-two.
3 What’s your surname? c It’s David.
4 Can you spell that? d 01132 584 310.
5 What’s your address? e I’m fine, thanks.
f It’s Deckham.
g 26, Dearside Road.

Your turn
2 Write the questions from Exercise 1 in the dialogue. Then answer the questions about you.
Teacher: 1 (first name) What’s your first name?
Teacher: 2 (surname)
Teacher: 3 (spell)
Teacher: 4 (address)
Teacher: 5 (phone)

Writing: Complete a Your turn

membership card
4 Find and correct the mistakes in the
3 Find and correct the mistakes in the membership card. Write capital letters in the
membership card. Write capital letters in the correct places. Then complete the card with
correct places. your information. Add a photo.

english club english club

Name Age Name Age
angela robinson 12
Address Address
14 main road,
Phone number english club is Phone number english club is
594763 at ten o’clock at ten o’clock
on saturdays on saturdays

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