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Ace the Clat

March 2016 | Volume 2 | Issue 4

Siby Sudhakaran

Neethi Mohan
Adv. Samuel K G
Aashish Shrivastava
Aproov Namdeo

Desk Editor
Ashi Sirbhaiya

Cover Portrait
Khyali Chakravorty
Hi Law School aspirants,
Rajnish Mauny With less than a month to go for CLAT, you must be trying to study as ‘CLAT like’ as possible. The closest you can go to CLAT
practice is by studying past paper pattern. This will help you in focused preparation, rather than going all over the place in
last 30 days
Mansoor Naqvi Lets look at past three CLAT papers If one goes back to papers before 2013, similar analysis looked quite different. Thus,
CLAT showed a noticeable difference in structure post 2012. CLAT 2013 and 2014 were similar in many ways and 2015
threw a lot of surprises.
Laser Graphics
CLAT 2013 CLAT 2014 CLAT 2015
Monthly Rs. 100/-
Ace The CLAT................................................. 02 Legal
80% questions from 4 areas
• Contracts & Criminal Law
80% questions from 3 areas
• Torts, criminal law
• Surprise!! Just 18 questions
from reasoning across Torts,
Current Affairs ............................................. 06
Annual Rs. 1,000/- • Torts and IPR • Contracts criminal law and contracts
Annual Issue Rs. 500/-
• Rest Legal GK
An initiative by MCQ’s........................................................... 45 Legal GK • This section has reduced, • Similar to 2013 •Surprise! 70% GK section was
Achievers Guild Law Academy reasoning has increased LGK (Similar to 2012)
post 2012 • Well spread over Constitution,
In association with Feedback • Corporate law, jurisdiction, corporate law, jurisdiction,
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Mar. 2016
02 03 Mar. 2016
Ace the Clat Ace the Clat
CLAT 2013 CLAT 2014 CLAT 2015 Mock Test Score The way ahead
Logical • Critical reasoning missing! 120-140 If Attempts < 80%, Bridge Knowledge gap
Reasoning • Matrix arrangement • Direction based • Case based DI introduced • Analyze mock tests and identify weaker areas
introduced (2 caselets) questions introduced (3 caselets, 13 Q) • Classify them into high/low importance ones as per historical CLAT pattern
• Equal representation of • Analogies and matrix • Heavy Coding & • Spend proportionately more time on your weaker areas of higher importance
family tree, analogies, arrangement dominated arrangement type (12 Q) • Revisit concepts to bridge knowledge gap
• Solve past CLAT papers and workshop questions based on those topics
inference, syllogisms etc • Others were almost • FIJ questions introduced
If Accuracy < 80%, Bridge Efficiency gap
same as 2013 • Critical reasoning Q posed as • Judge every question on its individual merit and not by your comfort level of topic
Data sufficiency Qs • Select right questions to attempt. Spending disproportionate time on ‘questions to be left’ eats
• Analogies, arrangements, up into quality time to solve simpler questions
series completion missing • Use smart elimination of options as the key to reduce time per question, especially in English or
Quant/LR sections
Maths • Questions were spread • Same as 2013 • Table based DI introduced • Sections should be attempted in strictly time bound manner. Typical split is
across standard topics like • New Q types on number ü Legal & Logical Reasoning – 30-35 Min each
numbers, P&L, averages, applications (Cyclicity, series) ü English – 20-25 min
ratio/proportion, geometry/ & algebraic expressions ü GK and Maths – 10-15 min each
mensuration etc introduced ü Unattempted questions - Last 5 minutes
Don’t be over defensive or over aggressive in last 5 minutes.
•Advanced questions in TSD ,
CLAT encourages intelligent guessing and not wild, random guessing
clocks etc
<120 Bridge Knowledge gap
While cut-off scores for different NLUs vary on the basis of difficulty level for a particular year, indicative cut-offs in recent • You need to work smart in remaining time. Identify your stronger areas from more popular ones
past (Open category) have been in the following range for Top 10 NLUs (In terms of cut-offs) in CLAT. Solve section tests and past year questions from these areas. These are your best bets to
• You can’t spend disproportionate time to revise all other weak concepts. Build basic expertise of
NLU Category NLU Score Range All India Ranks these areas by referring to solved class sheet questions & study material. Anyways, you may face
fewer questions from these areas in actual test
Top 3 Bangalore, Hyderabad, Kolkata 140+ Top 200
• Start actual test with your strongest section. That will increase your attempts and accuracy in the
Next 4 Bhopal, Jodhpur, Raipur, Gandhinagar 130-140 200-600 initial half an hour. This will boost your confidence
Next 3 Lucknow, Patiala, Patna 125-130 600-800 • Smartly eliminate questions from your weaker area. In doubtful cases, build habit of intelligent
guessing with reason based elimination of two out of four options. But do not overdo this since
As one can notice, low accuracy will directly impact your raw score
• Entry into the middle tier of NLUs is a hit and miss by few marks, hence every mark counts
Mock tests better. Your mocks would have prepared you for shocks
• You need to maximize your raw score, so maximize overall attempts and accuracy (IMS does, for sure)
You should have practiced MORE VARIETY of MOCKS, and
Where do CLAT toppers get their act right in last 30 days? Here are the quick tips not necessarily MORE MOCKS Time management
• Have you solved past CLAT papers? You can’t get closer to CLAT than that 1. Analyze every mock test that you take. A mock test 1. Devote reasonable hours per day with complete focus. 4
• Pick up key areas from historical CLAT pattern as per above table. Have you mastered these? reviewed is as good as new mock test taken. Two hours hrs of focused efforts are better than 7-8 hours of half
• You must have started taking full length mock tests. Which score range do you belong to? of test taking should be followed by 3-4 hours of hearted effort
analysis, may be on the same day or next. Spend 2. Take small breaks during the day, take a walk, read a
remaining time to practice weaker areas newspaper or reliable GK resource like Pratiyogita
Mock Test Score The way ahead 2. You should aim for incremental addition of 5 marks per Darpan or Pearson GK guide, relax & get back to studies
>140 • Well done, you are on the right track. Keep up the good work and don’t be complacent test here onwards. Don’t expect exponential increase in 3. Create a schedule of taking and analyzing balance mock
• Check your section wise scores. Optimize Legal Aptitude score, since its tie breaker if total scores performance. Remember, slow and steady wins the race tests
are equal for two students 3. Develop a habit of using ‘review’ option to filter un- a. Next few weeks - Do not plan more than 2-3 tests per
• Take calculated risks while attempting questions. Eliminate two out of four options with a sound attempted questions. This will help you in last 5 minutes week
reasoning. Your chance of getting the question right are 50% now of screening to take calculated risks
b. Last week before exam - Do not plan more than 2 tests
• Brush up GK (Both Static GK and CA). Don’t restrict your CA preparation to 2015. A quick recap of 4. In case scores suddenly drop in between, please do not
panic. May be you are trying too hard. Relax and chill out c. 2 days to go for CLAT – Don’t take a single mock test. It
2014 events will do. Revise your notes and paper cuttings, if any won’t have any impact on your final performance
for a day, its ok. Gather yourself and get back to your
preparation d. 1 day to go for CLAT – Do anything other than CLAT
5. Be prepared for surprises. If you were surprised by them, prep!! CLAT is just a part of life and not THE life
others will also be. Its a matter of who handles them All the best!!! May the force be with you!!

Mar. 2016
04 05 Mar. 2016
Current Affairs Current Affairs

“Friends of Bangladesh
Liberation war award” by
Bangladesh government, for his
support given during
warfare class stealth corvettes independence from Pakistan in
automotive sector. being built for India under Project 1971.
Ø State Bank of India (SBI) signed 28. Ø The 4th North East Youth
memorandum of understanding Ø Ms. Draupadi Murmu was sworn Festival, a three day long festival
(MoU) with e-commerce giant in as the first woman and overall was organized by the Nehru Yuva
Amazon to develop payment and ninth Governor of Jharkhand She Kendra Sangathan (NYKS) on
commerce solutions for customers. succeeds Syed Ahmed who was behalf of the Ministry of Youth
NATIONAL Ø Tathagata Roy sworn in as the 16th recently transferred as Governor Affairs and Sports was held at
of Manipur. Majuli , district Jorhat, Assam.
G o ve r n o r o f Tr i p u ra i n
Agartala..He replaced Padmanabh Ø Jyoti Prasad Rajkhowa was
Balkrishna Acharya, Governor of sworn-in as the 19th Governor
EVENTS AND NEWS 08 April 2015. Ø Ms. Jayalalithaa, AIADMK leader Nagaland, who had held the of Arunachal Pradesh after Lt.
was sworn in as the Chief additional charge of Tripura. General (retired) Nirbhay
Ø Newly formed state Telangana will Ø Rajaji National Park in Uttarkhand Sharma, former Governor of AP,
Minister of Tamil Nadu for the
have Amravati as its capital on the is declared as India’s 48th Tiger was transferred to Mizoram.
5th time on 23 May 2015.at
southern banks of the River Krishna Reserve by The National Tiger
C e nte n a r y A u d i to r i u m i n Ø Ram Vilas Paswan Union Food
in Guntur and Krishna districts. Conservation Authority (NTCA)
Chennai and became 29th chief and Consumer Affairs Minister,
Ø Tourist visa-on-arrival scheme is Ø The Tripura government lifted minister of Tamil Nadu for record launched a BIS App to register
renamed as ‘e-tourist visa’ to avoid Armed Forces Special Power Act fifth time. Ms Jayalalithaa and complaints against sub-
the ambiguities or inconvenience (AFSPA) ,1958 from the state, all the 28 other ministers of the
faced by foreign tourists presuming where the controversial law was in state took oath of office and
that they would be granted visa on effect for the last 18 years to curb secrecy as a chorus, for the first
arrival upon landing. insurgency. time in the history
Ø The Bangalore International
Ø India’s first International Financial Ø Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Ø The Indian Air Force successfully Airport Limited entered into a
Services Centre (IFSC) became 26 May 2015 launched India’s first test landed a Mirage -2000 on contract with the global aviation IT
operational at Gujarat television channel DD Kisan the Yamuna expressway in Uttar firm SITA to implement the new
International Finance Tec (GIFT) dedicated to farmers in New Delhi. Pradesh, making it India’s first Ø Meghalaya has achieved 100 Common Use Self Service kiosk
City in Gandhinagar district of road runway. percent financial inclusion under (CUSS) platform that allows
Gujarat on the lines of Singapore Ø Steel Authority of India (SAIL) Union Government’s flagship passengers to print their own
and Dubai. and Arcelor Mittal signed a MoU scheme -Pradhan Mantri Jan Dhan boarding passes as well as standard quality of ISI marked
Ø Government of India launched to set up an automotive steel Yojna (PMJDY).In the state, more baggage tags from June 2015. products and Hallmark
Operation Raahat, a massive air manufacturing facility in India. than 5.53 lakh households have Ø Nadia district in West Bengal has jewellery.
and sea operation to evacuate Under this project a state-of-the- been covered with 1.55 lakh new won the 2015 United Nations Ø India’s first semi-high speed train
4000 Indian nationals from war art cold rolling mill and other bank accounts. Public Service Award for making
stricken Yemen. downstream finishing facilities Ø INS Kavaratti, Indian Navy’s latest toilets available for all under state
will be constructed in India, anti-submarine warfare class governments flagship programme
Ø 5th meeting of the South Asian
which will offer technologically stealth corvette was launched on Sabar Shouchagar.
Association for Regional
advanced steel products to 19 May 2015 in Kolkata. Kavaratti is
Cooperation (SAARC) Health Ø Former PM Mr Atal Bihari
I n d i a ’s r a p i d l y g r o w i n g the last of the four anti-submarine
Ministers was held at New Delhi on Vajpayee honored with the

Mar. 2016
06 07 Mar. 2016
Current Affairs Current Affairs
Gatiman Express between Delhi Ø Union Home Ministry made yoga Energy Corporation of India programmes of department of Telangana and Andhra Pradesh
and Agra completed a trial run by compulsory for 10 lakh-strong (RECI) after Union Cabinet gave its empowerment of persons with Ø Railways Minister Suresh Prabhu
covering a distance of 195 paramilitary forces to include it in approval. disabilities inaugurated the broad-gauge
kilometers in 115 minutes, at a their daily physical drill.
Ø Government to set up national Ø India’s first Community Skill Park railway-line between
speed of 160 kph. Ø NITI Aayog to push policies for memorial of Bharat Ratna Lok opened at Chavara with Kerala Gandhidham and Tuna-Tekra Port
Ø Jawaharlal Nehru Port Trust manufacturing in-house Nayak Jai Prakash Narayan at Lala Chief Minister Oommen Chandy in Gujarat.
(JNPT) and Maharashtra Ka Tola, Sitab, Diara, District all praise for the ‘new-generation Ø The Cabinet Committee on
Maritime Board (MMB) signed an Chhapra (Saran) in Bihar -his birth Navy, decommissions next year. approach’ to developing skills and Economic Affairs (CCEA) has
MoU for constructing green field place. increasing the employability of approved a power transmission
port at Vadhawan in Thane Ø The National Dairy Development the youth of the state.
Ø Kerala government has declared Board (NDDB) on 7 July 2015 project worth Rs 8,548.68
district, having over 60 million June 22 as the “Snake Bird Day” Ø Dr. Harsh Vardhan, Union Minister covering seven states. The states
tonne capacity per annum. launched a mobile application
as part of a campaign to protect named Pashu Poshan that will of Science and Technology and the covered in the project are Andhra
Ø Ministry of State for Chemicals the endangered species. boost dairy farmers’ income by Pradesh, Gujarat, Himachal
and Fertilizers inaugurated Indian Ø Adani Group has proposed to set raising milk yield and cutting feed Pradesh, Karnataka, Madhya
Medical Association’s first Jan hardware and electronic Pradesh, Maharashtra and
technologies to strengthen India’s up a solar park in Tamil Nadu cost. The app will recommend a
Aushadhi Generic Drug Store at balanced diet for cows and Rajasthan.
cyber defence system and
enhancing national security. buffaloes. Ø Varanasi has joined the list of
Ø Akash made by Bharat Electronics UNESCO “Cities of Music” under
Ø JSW Jaigarh Port Ltd. signed a the Creative Cities Network.
concession agreement with
Konkan Railway Corporation Ltd. Ø Finance Minister Arun Jaitley
(KRCL) for developing the 33.7-km choose Amritsar to launch the
of new railway line, connecting “National Heritage City
Jaigarh Port to the Digni station of which is expected to be among Development and Augmentation
Konkan Railway. world’s largest at an investment of Yojana ” (HRIDAY) for 12 cities in
IMA’s headquarter in New Delhi. Rs 4,536 crore. the country.
Ø Bank of Maharashtra and MUDRA
Ø India’s first Green Police Station Ø As a part of nationwide ‘Digital minister for the Ministry of Earth Ø India’s first air freight station in
Bank have signed an agreement
was inaugurated at Maurice India’ week, the Punjab Chief Science (MOES), inaugurated the the private sector has come up at
to finance new entrepreneurs and
Minister Mr.Parkash Singh Badal 12th International Symposium on Irungattukottai near Chennai.
to provide credit facilities to small
launched the state Portal Antarctic Earth Sciences (ISAES)
businesses. Ø Prasanna Kumar Suryadevara,
ePMS(Electronic Projects on 13th July 2015 at Goa
Ø India ranked among the top has been selected as the new
Management System) Ø India has secured second position secretary of Delhi Legislative
countries for attractiveness to Limited (BEL) inducted into Indian
Ø Digital Guddi-Gudda Board is amongst 40 countries in a survey
foreign investors securing 6th Air Force.
innovation of Jalgaon district of trust in national governments
rank, while Hong Kong was
Maharashtra was adopted as a Ø BHEL has commissioned the for 2014 conducted by the
number one. Rest includes China
Nagar in north Delhi on the best practice under Beti Bachao second 500 MW unit at Tuticorin Organisation for Economic
at 65th position and U.S. at the
occasion of World Environment Beti Padhao(BBBP) scheme by the Thermal Power Station (TPS) in Cooperation and Development
50th among 110 countries.
Day. Union Ministry of Women and Tamil Nadu. (OECD).
Ø The Chief Ministers’ Sub-group of Child Development. It is a scheme
Ø Indian Army and Punjab National Ø Ira Singhal, who topped this year’s Ø Godavari Maha Pushkaram began
Niti Aayog reached a broad fo r s p re a d i n g i n fo r m at i o n
Bank (PNB) signed a UPSC examination, could be the on the banks of River Godavari in
consensus on reducing the education and communication
Memorandum of Understanding brand ambassador for the
number of Centrally-sponsored material related to BBBP.
(MoU) on the Defence Salary schemes(CSS) from 72 to 30. Assembly by Delhi Assembly
Package which will also provide Ø U tta r P ra d e s h S ta te Ro a d Speaker Ram Niwas Goel.
additional benefit on personal Ø Solar Energy Corporation of India Transport Corporation (UPSRTC)
(SECI) renamed as Renewable Ø Union Government, to connect
accidental insurance. has become the first State
Indian Railway with Bangladesh
Ø India first indigenously built transport corporation to have a
through the North-East for laying
aircraft carrier INS Vikrant was vehicle tracking system for inter-
of 15.06 km track and sanctioned
undocked at Cochin Shipyard city buses.
1000 crore rupees.
Limited (CSL) in Kochi and its Ø The oldest active aircraft carrier in
Ø The government has announced
induction will be done after the world INS VIRAAT will be
that the Rashtriya Avishkar
several static and dynamic trials. converted into a docked museum
Abhiyan will be renamed as APJ
when the ship, now in the Indian

Mar. 2016
08 09 Mar. 2016
Current Affairs Current Affairs
Abdul Kalam Rashtriya Avishkar on JULY 31,2015. Hall of Madras University in power plant of 500 MW Unit-l3 of Station of Jaisalmer to
Abhiyan in memory of the former Ø Maharashtra Chief Minister Chennai on August 7, 2015. Vindhyachal Super Thermal commemorate the sacrifice of war
president, who passed away on 27 Devendra Fadnavis announced Ø At an investor event named Power Station (STPS), Stage-V of heroes.
July 2015 that the government will build an “Delivering dreams, sharing NTPC. Ø West Bengal Gov has decided to
Ø Gujarat became the first state to 800-km-long expressway prosperity”, Rajasthan Chief Ø Indian Space Research produce bottled drinking water-
have a provision for compulsory connecting Mumbai with Nagpur Minister Vasundhara Raje Scindia Organisation (ISRO) has fully Pran Dhara. The government has
voting with the state government by September 2019. inked 12 Memoranda of commissioned and started chosen seven bottling plants
putting out a notification in this Ø Tata Motors Ltd has bagged an Understanding (MOUs) worth commercial production at the first across the state to filter water
regard. order of Rs 914 crore from the Rs.2530 crores with private indigenous Titanium Sponge from Hoogly river.
Ø ISRO and NASA are jointly working Indian Army to supply 1,239 high companies to set up industrial Plant at Chavara in Kerala. Ø Prime Minister Narendra Modi
on the NASA-ISRO Synthetic rename Uttar Pradesh Technical units in Rajasthan. Ø Kochi became first Indian city to released a special digital version
Aperture Radar (NISAR) mission University(UPTU) to Dr.APJ Abdul Ø Government has decided that be a member of Beijing- of epic Ramcharitmanas
Kalam Technical University as a Aadhaar enrolment of Non- headquartered World Tourism produced by All India Radio.
tribute to former president kalam. Resident Indians,from now all Cities Federation (WTCF) Council. Ø Ex-Ekuverin 2015’, the sixth joint
Ø Rural Development Minister, Ø Cochin International Airport will military training exercise involving
Chaudhary Birender Singh has become the first Indian airport or t h e I n d i a n A r my a n d t h e
may be the first in the world to Maldivian National Defence
Forces(MNDF), will be conducted
at the Pangode Military Station in
mobility vehicles. Thiruvananthapuram.

Ø India to host 2nd Forum for India- Ø India celebrated 50thanniversary

to co-develop and launch a dual Pacific Islands Cooperation launched ‘SAMANVAY’ web portal of 1965 war with Pakistan on 28th
frequency synthetic aperture (FIPIC), were heads of 14 island for Gram Panchayats. Aug India won the war under the
radar satellite. nations from Indo-Pacific oceanic re s i d e nt s i n c l u d i n g I n d i a n leadership of PM Lal Bahadur
Ø Haryana chief minister Manohar Shastri.
Ø Tamil Nadu Government said that region will be attending in Jaipur, national and foreigners with valid
Lal Khattar launched ‘thari
an award would be constituted in Rajasthan on August 21 2015. visas can be enrolled and provided Ø As a tribute to the architect of the
pension, thare paas’ facility. The operate on solar power and turn
the name of former President A P Aadhaar number by the UIDAI. Constitution Bhim Rao Ambedkar
Ø Indo-UK bilateral Air Exercise facility has been launched for itself to a “Green Airport”
J Abdul Kalam and his birthday between Indian Air Force (IAF) transferring pensions of July 2015 Ø S a n t o s h K u m a r, E xe c u t i v e on his 125th birth anniversary
would be observed as “Youth month amounting to about 119 Director, National Institute of Ø Gujarat Chief Minister Anandiben government came out with a “coin
and British Royal Air Forces(RAF)
Renaissance Day.” crore directly into the bank Disaster Management (NIDM) Patel announced a ban on the use of Rs 125”.
accounts or post offices. signed the Memorandum of of plastic in the state.
Ø New Delhi has become the first Ø NITI Aayog Vice Chairman Arvind
state in the country to announce a Understanding (MoU) with Prof. Ø The government has a launched a Panagariya in New Delhi has
scheme for witness protection S.K. Sopory, Vice Chancellor of the website, vidyalakshmi.co.in on launched the second version of
notified by the Delhi Witness Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU)
Protection Scheme,2015. for establishing a Centre for
Excellence in Disaster Research
Ø Vice Admiral Sunil Lanba, PVSM, and Resilience Building at the
AVSM, Flag Officer Commanding- JNU.
in-Chief Southern Naval
Command, inaugurated the first Ø Center Government and Delhi
India’s harbor defence system named INDRADHANUSH started Ø The Union Cabinet approved a Government, agreed to setup a
named Integrated Underwater in Britain. proposal to sign an agreement Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV) to
Harbor Defense And Surveillance Ø Multi-Application Solar Telescope with UNESCO for the clean and rejuvenate river
the occasion of Independence Day the India Energy Security
System (IUHDSS) in Kochi,Kerala (MAST), Asia’s biggest telescope establishment of a Centre for Yamuna.
i.e. 15th August, 2015. Scenarios 2047 calculator (IESS
has been inaugurated at the Wo r l d N at u ra l H e r i ta ge Ø Bharat Heavy Electricals Limited 2047).
Udaipur Solar Observatory in Management and Training Centre (BHEL) Ø India and Nepal signed an MoU for
Rajasthan by the chairman of for Asia-Pacific region at the the construction of 41-km Raxaul- Ø The three-storey bungalow on
counselling management of Wildlife Institute of India (WII) in Amlekhgunj oil pipeline. King Henry road in London where
Physical Research Laboratory Dehradun. Dalit icon and architect of Indian
d one Ø For the Indian heroes of the 1965
Professor U.R Rao. Constitution, BR Ambedkar lived
Ø Prime Minister Narendra Modi, more and 1971 war with Pakistan,
as a student in the 1920s is
Ø Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh inaugurated the first National coal- ‘Jaisalmer War Museum’ has
acquired by Maharashtra
Government has decided to Handloom Day at the Centenary based been established in the Military

Mar. 2016
10 11 Mar. 2016
Current Affairs Current Affairs
government. with the theme to expand the Ø An untouched peak 6000 meters Australia. The primary objective of Delhi Metro Rail Corporation run
scope of the language. It was high at Spiti Valley, Himachal near the conference was to deepen Delhi Metro becomes the first
Ø Three new IT initiatives were
inaugurated by PM Narendra Bara Shigri is named after the competencies of future women metro service in the country to be
developed by Centre for Railway
Modi and also addressed by former President APJ Abdul Kalam leaders. certified with ISO rating for
Information Center (CRIS)
Amitabh Bachhan. as “Mount. Kalam” by energy efficient management
1.Paperless Unreserved Ticketing Ø Union Government will soon
mountaineers Arun Vaipai and
through Mobile Phone between Ø Andra Pradesh became first state launch the National Minimum Ø Mysuru in Karnataka became the
Bhupesh Kumar
New Delhi – Palwal Section (NR) in India to execute and conceive Wage Act wherein minimum first blind-friendly railway station
state-wide enterprise e- Ø The five-judge Constitutional wages will be fixed by all State in India. With the installation of
2. Currency Coin cum Card operated years will be given the vaccination
governance architecture. e- Bench of Supreme Court presided Governments. The minimum tactile maps in the railway station
A u t o m a t i c T i c ke t Ve n d i n g drops.
Pragati project is aimed to over by Justice J.S. Khehar, in a wage base has been increased to and train schedules in Braille
Machines at New Delhi Railway
provide Integrated ‘One collective order ruled that 99th Rs. 160 from previous Rs. 137. which will facilitate visually Ø Postage
governance’ under AP State Constitutional Amendment Act impaired people to seek sta m ps
3. Mobile Application for Freight Ø Kerala government launched
Enterprise Architecture that seeks a n d t h e National J udicial information on their own. celebrating
Operations (PARICHAALAN) Operation Valsalya to track
to bring all state government Appointments Commission biodiversity
Ø Kerala Govt. hosted the country’s
Ø During International Buddhist services under one roof. (NJAC) is unconstitutional and o f I n d i a ’s
first Global Conference on
Conclave PM Narendra Modi void; which sought to give
Ø In honour of Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam Gender Equality with the theme
declared that government will politicians and civil society a final
and paying him rich tributes on ‘ G e n d e r, G o v e r n a n c e a n d
d eve l o p B o d h gaya a s t h e say in the appointment of judges
the occasion of his 84th birth Inclusion’ being organized at
Spiritual Capital. He described to the highest courts. Meanwhile
anniversary, Prime Minister Kovalam. The state govt. is also
Bodhgaya as the ‘land of it upheld the Collegium system as
Narendra Modi announced to planning nation’s first Gender
enlightenment’ and Buddha as operative.
build a memorial at his birthplace University for the research
the “crown jewel” of India. Rameshwaram which will be Ø National Mission for a Green oriented studies related to gender
developed as an AMRUT city. India (GIM) has approved annual based in the Kozikode district. flora and fauna launched by
Ø Prime Minister Narendra Modi missing children; to trace rescues ministry of Communication & IT .It
released two commemorative plans for Kerala, Mizoram,
Ø Missile Complex in Hyderabad was and reunite the missing children Ø On the International Day of also marks the centenar y
coins of Rs. 125 and Rs. 5 coin in Manipur and Jharkhand. GIM
renamed “Dr APJ Abdul Kalam with their families, in Oct 2015. Persons with Disability, Accessible anniversary year of Zoological
the honour of former President which is one of the eight Missions
Missile Complex” by the union India or Sugam Bharat campaign Survey of India
Dr. S. Radhakrishnan on the eve of outlined under National Action Ø In the Bihar Assembly elections,
was launched which aimed to
Teachers Day. Plan on Climate Change aims to the Nitish Kumar and Lalu Prasad Ø Prime Minister Narendra Modi
make public places disabled
protect and restore forests Yadav led Grand Alliance won the flagged off India’s first retrofitted
Ø I n d i a ’s l o n g e s t 6 0 0 k m s friendly. On the occasion of 125th
regions in India while taking elections with acquiring 41.9% electric bus with the message “Go
expressway to connect Delhi and birth anniversary year of Dr. BR
necessary measure for climate vote share. Nitish Kumar took over Green” written over it, the bus is
Katra. Expressway through Ambedkar, two commemorative
change. as the Chief Minister of Bihar for developed by ISRO and is a
coins of Rs.125 and Rs.10 were
the third time. contribution towards the efforts
Ø Additional SP, Adilabad district of released.
Telangana, GR Radhika became Ø The 7th Central Pay Commission of making the Capital city
Ø A double-decker train between pollution free.
the first Indian woman to conquer headed by Justice AK Mathur has
defence minister, Manohar submitted its recommendation to Ø France based Gaztransport and
Parrikar the Finance Minster suggesting Te c h n i g a z h a s s i g n e d a n
23.55% increase in the pay and agreement with Cochin Shipyard
Ø IIM Shillong has announced a
allowances of government to offer its liquefied natural gas
centre for policy research as a
e m p l o y e e s . T h e shipbuilding technology. It would
tribute to the Peoples’ President
recommendations will be fa c i l i tate C o c h i n S h i p ya rd
where he breathed his last on July
Punjab, Haryana and J&K and will applicable from January 1, 2016. becoming the first shipyard in the
facilitate pilgrims to reach Vaishno the 7,077 meter Kun Mountain in country to build LNG carrier
Ø The second most popular metro
Devi shrine from Delhi to Katra in 6 the Zanskar range of Himalayas in vessels under the Make in India
system globally after New York,
hours. J&K. initiative.
Ø The Haryana government Ø The first-ever-three-day Mumbai and Madgaon in Goa was
Ø In a major Make in India deal
launched Sakhi, one stop crisis international conference in India flagged off. It covered the distance
worth USD 1 billion, Russia’s
center for women in distress in on Women in Law Enforcement in 12 hours.
Rostech State Corp. has inked a
Karnal district to provide help and was organized in Hyderabad Ø Himachal Pradesh became the deal with Karnataka based
assistance to women victims. jointly by Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel first state to launch Rotavirus Hindustan Aeronautics Ltd. to
27, 2015 while delivering a lecture National Police Academy and vaccination project under which manufacture helicopters.
Ø The tenth World Hindi
to students. Charles Sturt University of all children under the age of five
Conference was held at Bhopal Ø Prime Minister Narendra Modi has

Mar. 2016
12 13 Mar. 2016
Current Affairs Current Affairs
unveiled the ‘Start-up India, capacity in month of march. Gram Jyoti Yojana (DDUGJY) In exam takers, three stages, Supreme Court of India suggesting
Stand-up India’ action plan in Ø B a n a ra s H i n d u U n i v e rs i t y Patna On July 25, 2015. eligibility criteria, syllabus and reforms in the Board of Control
New Delhi to boost startup completed its 100 years of Ø The Union Government conduct of the exam. for Cricket in India (BCCI). The
ventures in the country.The main foundation on 13th February announced One Rank, One Ø A seven member committee led committee was appointed in 2014
aim of action plan is to give 2016. It was Established in 1916 Pension scheme for Ex- by former Planning Commission to recommend administrative
impetus to innovation and (BHU) by Freedom fighter Pt Servicemen under this scheme member Mihir Shah to reforms in order to prevent frauds
encourage the talent among Madan Mohan Malviya government will pay uniform restructure the Central Water and conflict of interest in Cricket.
young people and remove 14 km in length. pension to all the servicemen Commission and the Central The major recommendations
onerous government regulations Ø The 42nd Khajuraho Dance included legalizing betting and
Ø India to host the 3rd Asian Festival was celebrated in retiring in the same rank with the Water Board to encourage
and red tape. same length of services optimal development of water match-fixing to be made criminal
Ministerial conference which is Khajuraho, Chhatrapur District of offence. It also recommended
Ø Sikkim has been declared as set to begin on April 12 as a move Madhya Pradesh in February Ø The Union Government has resources in the country.
India’s first fully organic state in separate governing bodies for
to conserve the tiger population. launched the Ganga Gram Yojana Ø The three-member committee BCCI & IPL while no Minister of
the Sikkim Organic Festival 2016 in to develop 1600 villages in Uttar chaired by former Secretary
Gangtok, after it successfully Ø M i zo ra m G o v e r n m e n t h a s government officer should
officially Launched National Food Pradesh situated along the banks General of Lok Sabha, PDT Achary become an office-bearer.
implemented organic farming of the river Ganga. Under the first has recommended 400% hike in
practices on around 75,000 Security Act, 2013 and will come Ø Committee headed by noted film-
in effect from March 1, 2016. phase of the scheme 200 villages the basic salary of Delhi MLAs.
hectares of agricultural land. will be selected wherein it will be The total salary and allowances maker Shyam Benegal was
Ø Arunima Sinha the first female Ø Ke m p e gowd a I nte r n at i o n a l mandatory for every household to of MLAs at present is Rs. 88,000 constituted by the Union Ministry
amputee to create a world record Airport in Bengaluru became the have a functional toilet per month and the recommended of Information and Broadcasting
2 0 1 6 . I t s h o wca s e d m a ny increased amount is Rs. 2.10 lakhs to suggest recommendations to
programmes on art and culture. Ø The state government of revamp the Central Board of Film
Maharashtra government has per month.
Certification. The other members
launched Swachhata Saptapadi Ø The committee headed by former of the committee include Rakeysh
PROGRAMMES, scheme under the Swach Bharat Union Home Secretary, Anil Baijal Omprakash Mehra, Bhawana
SCHEMES Mission, aiming at creating submitted its report on how to Somaaya, Piyush Pandey and Nina
AND POLICIES improve monitoring of Corporate Gupta.
Social Responsibility (CSR)
spending to government. It Ø Union Government constituted a
first in the nation to receive Ø The Government of India has suggested uniform tax treatment committee headed by the Vice-
Green-Co platinum certificate. launched the Digital India for all CRS activities under Chairman of NITI Aayog Arvind
Ø Google announced to provide free programme with the vision to Companies Act 2013 and leniency Panagriya, to fast track the
to climb five mountain peaks has Mumbai-Ahmedabad High-
Wi-Fi to one crore passengers at transform India into a digitally towards non-complaint
recently scaled Mount Aconcagua S p e e d R a i l C o r r i d o r. T h e
100 busiest railway stations in empowered society and companies in the first 2 to 3 years
in Argentina as part of her Mission committee is tasked to interact
India, making it one of the largest knowledge economy. This will be of the law.
7 Summits. Last year Arunima with the Japanese counterpart for
public Wi-Fi projects in the world. done by transforming the entire
authored an autobiography Ø Justice (retd.) AP Shah Committee taking further steps in
Meanwhile, Indian Railways have ecosystem of public services
named Born again on the awareness, expediting the was constituted to look into acts implementation of Mumbai-
tied-up with Google and RailTel to through the use of information
Mountain. process of cleanliness drive and of omission and commission and Ahmedabad High-Speed Rail
provide free WiFi services under technology.
Ø Telangana became the first state completing toilet for every recommend compensation to Oil Corridor.
Project Nilgiri to 400 railway Ø Union Cabinet approved Pradhan household. The scheme was and Natural Gas Corp Ltd. (ONGC)
in the country to launch and stations across the country now. Mantri Krishi Sinchayee Yojana launched by Chief Minister whose natural gas from Bay of
legally accept motor vehicle
Ø President Pranab Mukherjee (PMKSY) aiming at providing Devendra Fadnavis and Actor
insurance policy in digital form. Bengal block had flown to BILLS AND
i n a u g u ra t e d t h e C o u n t e r - Aamir Khan. adjoining fields of Reliance
Ø Union government’s Department Terrorism Conference 2016 at Industries Ltd. (RIL).
of Industrial Policy and Promotion
(DIPP) has agreed to set up India’s
Jaipur. It was organised by India COMMITTEES Ø Justice RM Lodha committee has
Foundation in collaboration with Ø The Rajasthan Assembly has
first defense industrial park at Sardar Patel University of Police,
COMMISSIONS submitted its report to the
passed two separate Quota Bills
Ottappalam. Security and Criminal Justice, PANELS providing 5% reservation to
Ø PM Narendra Modi has Jodhpur Gujjars and other communities
inaugurated the 15 million tonne Ø An expert committee headed by under Special Backward Classes
Ø Vizag port in Hyderabad will be
per annum Indian Oil Corporation former Chhattisgarh cadre IAS (SBC) and 14% to Economically
the first major port to run on solar irrigation facilities to every village.
refinery at Paradip, Odisha. officer BS Baswan formed to Backward Classes (EBC) of
e n e r g y. I t h a s r e c e n t l y
Ø Prime Minister, Narendra Modi submit its report on review of civil unreserved categories. The state
Ø Katni in Madhya Pradesh to have commissioned 2MW solar power
launched Deen Dayal Upadhyaya services exam pattern, mix of exceeds 50% limit of reservations
India’s longest railway bridge of plants adding another 8 MW

Mar. 2016
14 15 Mar. 2016
Current Affairs Current Affairs
laid down by the Supreme Court. Services Tax (GST) Bill, 2014, society by making offences like Shanghai. The new branch will Educational, Scientific and
Ø The constitution (119th) which is also referred as witch hunting as non-bailable, play important role in the growing Cultural Organization (UNESCO).
amendment bill on Land Constitution (122nd Amendment) non-compoundable and trade and investment Ø Solar impulse, an aeroplane
Boundary Bill 2013, which will Bill seeks to introduce GST regime cognizable. opportunity between India and powered only by sun has landed
allow the operationalisation of in India. The bill will transform Ø The Manipur Legislative Assembly China. in Hawaii after making an epic
the 1974 India -Bangladesh Land India into a single market, unanimously passed the
harmonising various state and Ø David Cameron became the 7,200km flight across the Pacific
agreement was cleared by Union Protection of Manipur People Prime Minister of United from Japan.
Cabinet. The envisaged exchange central levies into a national goods Bill, 2015, the Manipur Land
and services tax which is expected EVENTS AND NEWS BITS Ø Russian Cosmonaut Gennady
of certain enclaves of land Revenue and Land Reforms (7th
between two countries . to boost manufacturing and amendment) Bill, 2015 and the Ø Loretta Lynch was sworn-in as the
reduce corruption. Manipur Shops and United States' 83rd Attorney
Ø Lok Sabha passes Juvenile Justice
Ø Union Cabinet approved the New Establishments (Second General, the first African-
(Care and Protection of Children)
Consumer Protection Bill, 2015 Amendment) Bill, 2015. American woman to serve as the
Bill, 2014 allowing trying of
replacing the 29 years old nation’s top law enforcement
juveniles between the ages of 16 Ø Lok Sabha passed High Court and
and 18 years as adults for heinous Consumer Protection Bill, 1986 to Supreme Court Judges (Salaries
offences.However, the bill stop unfair trade practices and and Conditions of Service)
empowers Juvenile Justice Boards provide safety to consumer goods Amendment Bill 2015 amending Kingdom for the second term by
(JJB) to examine the nature of and services in the country. the law under the Article 175 of winning the Parliamentary Padalka has created world record
crime and decide whether it was Ø Assam Witch Hunting the constitution that ensures no elections receiving 36.9% vote in history by becoming the first
committed as a child mind or as an (Prohibition, Prevention and d i s c r i m i n at i o n i n s a l a r i e s , share of the total national vote. man to spend longest time on
adult mind. Protection) Bill, 2015 passed by pensions and other service International Space Station(ISS).
Ø World’s largest flag was unfurled
Ø Lok Sabha passed the Goods and the Assam state assembly to conditions of judges in the two official. She succeeded former in Tunisia at an event in Ong Jmel Ø United States has approved Major
eliminate the superstition from courts. attorney general Eric Holder. in the southern desert area. The Non-NATO Ally (MNNA) status of
Ø The World Happiness Report flag of 104,544 square metre was Tunisia.
2015 was released in April 2015 made using 80 kilometres of
Ø China is expected to become the
by the Sustainable Development fabric and weighed around 12.6
world’s third largest nuclear
Notes: Solutions Network (SDSN) an tonnes.
generating country by 2017
initiative under the United Ø Ameenah Gurib-Fakim became surpassing South Korea and
Nations. The report was topped the first women President of Japan, said US energy information
by Switzerland followed by Mauritius. She is an administration (EIA)
Iceland, Denmark, Norway and i nte r n at i o n a l l y - re n o w n e d
Canada. Ø Wo r l d ’s l a r g e s t f l o w e r
scientist and biologist.
‘A m o r p h o p h a l l u s T i ta n u m ’
Ø The New York Times won two Ø The United States removed Cuba bloomed for the first time in 5
prestigious Pulitzer prizes for from its list of State Sponsor of years in the fourth week of July
coverage of the Ebola outbreak in Terrorism to normalize ties 2015 at the Jindai botanical
West Africa. The coverage is b e t w e e n Wa s h i n gt o n a n d gardens in Tokyo, Japan.
described by the Pulitzer board as Havana.
courageous and vivid journalism Ø Pakistan is now an associate
that engaged the public and held Ø T h e r e d
authorities accountable. chested bird,
R o b i n ,
Ø PM Narendra Modi inaugurated selected as
ICICI’s first branch in China in Britain’s
National Bird

member of CERN,the world’s

Ø The Champagne Hillsides, Houses largest and most prestigious
and Cellars of France were center for science research.
granted with the World Heritage
Ø The 48th ASEAN (Association of
S tat u s by U n i te d N at i o n s
Southeast Asian Nations) foreign

Mar. 2016
16 17 Mar. 2016
Current Affairs Current Affairs
ministers meet was held between Ø Nepal adopted its first enhance mutual cooperation. He “Modi Express Bus” that will take child Policy’ which has been in
August 4 and August 6, 2015 were democratic Constitution. The also inaugurated a Mahatma the travelers on a tour around force since 1971.
foreign ministers and President Ram Baran Yadav Gandhi street in Amman, the iconic landmarks of London city Ø India has ranked 89th globally in
representatives from 10 signed the charter. The new capital city of Jordan. from Little India to Trafalgar Global Talent Competitiveness
Southeast Asian countries were constitution is conceptualized, Square.
Ø During the ongoing 6 day visit to Index (GTCI) 2015-16 list of 106
represented in Kuala Lumpur developed and adopted by a
West Asia, Pranab Mukherjee Ø The National Gallery of Australia,
representative Constituent
Ø United National Party (UNP) led became the first Indian President Canberra has given consent to
United National Front for Good to visit Palestine and Israel. return the 2000 years old seated
Mukherjee’s first ever visit to
Governance (UNFGG) has Ø Malcolm Turnbull became the stone Buddha’s statue to
Ø India will be holding the 2018 Sweden, six agreements were
emerged as the single largest 29th Prime Minister of Australia Archaeological Survey of India.
G20 Summit and Delhi could be signed between India and
party with 106 seats in the 225- The sculpture which said to be
the host most likely. The Summit Sweden:
member legislature from Mathura, UP dating to the
will be presided over by China in
first century. — M O U o n C o - o p e ra t i o n i n
Ø Pakistan and Russia signed a 2016 and Germany in 2017
sustainable urban development
landmark defence deal on the respectively. Ø China launched the first phase of
sale of four Mi-35 ‘Hind E’ in China International Payment — MOU on Co-operatipon in the
Ø Manila, Philippines
Rawalpindi. System (CIPS), to promote Yuan’s field of Micro Small and Medium
headquartered Asian
global usage and furthering cross enterprises
Ø Ranil Wickremesinghe has sworn- after ousting Tony Abbott from Development Bank (ADB) will assessed countries in terms of
border clearing of its currency — Agreement on Visa extension for
being in power for 2 years. finance the cross-border talent competitiveness of its
from the Chinese mainland diplomatic passports
electricity link between India human capital. This GTCI list was
Ø Sherif Ismail was sworn-in as the instead of offshore centers
and Bangladesh, to increase the compiled by INSEAD business — Memorandum of Intent between
Prime Minister of Egypt by the abroad.
transmission capacity and to school in partnership with the Indian Council of Medical
President Abdel-Fattah el-Sissi.
facilitate the rising power Ø Asian Infrastructure Investment Adecco and Human Capital Research and the Swedish
He succeeded Ibrahim Mahlab
demand, increased power Bank based in Beijing is set to Leadership Institute of Singapore research council for health
who resigned amid corruption
exchange across South Asia. start its operation. It will invest in (HCLI). working life and welfare
Ø An 18 year old Indian boy, Ø Miss Spain Mireia Lalaguna Royo — Memorandum of intent between
Ø Canada’s economy had fallen l i k e
Ramkumar Raman residing in the crowned Miss World 2015 title at India’s Central Drugs standard
into recession for the first time e n e rg y,
after global financial crisis of transpor Control Organisation (CDSCO)
2009. The country’s GDP has been tation, and the Swedish medical
in as the Prime Minister of Sri negative since last two quarters urban products agency(MPA)
Lanka for fourth time. which leads to technical construc — Letter of Intent between India’s
Ø NUML student Shahin Zafar is the recession. tion and earth system organization (ESSO)
first student from a Pakistani Ø Akshay Kumar, Hrithik Roshan logistics. and the Swedish polar research
university to receive an MPhil and AR Rahman joined a United Ø The annual World Economic secretariat(SPRS) on
degree in Hindi. Nation’s global campaign that Forum (WEF) meeting has collaboration in polar and ocean
UA E h a s b e c o m e w o r l d ’s started in Swiss resort of Davos, research.
Ø Britain’s Queen Elizabeth II, 89,
youngest CA affiliate with the Switzerland with participation of Ø India and USA signed 10 year
became the longest serving
global body, Association of political defense Framework agreement
reigning monarch in UK
Chartered Certified Accountants leaders stressing on the growth of
surpassing her great-great-
(ACCA). Originally from Chennai, a n d defense cooperation between
grandmother Queen Victoria.
Ramkumar is a graduate from busines the two countries. The
Ø First-of-its-kind conference on the event organized in Sanya,
Indian High School, Dubai. s from agreement is signed by Manohar
the contemporary relevance of China. Miss Russia and Miss
Ø Indian fraternity has launched around Indonesia won the runner-up Parrikar of India and Ashton
the “Bhagvad Gita” was held at aims at spreading awareness
t h e and second runner-up titles Carter ,US Secretary of Defence.
the University of London, UK; about the Sustainable
world. respectively.
wherein Indian and British Development Goals. Ø Bangladesh signed two MOUs
experts came together with the INDIA AND with the two major Indian
Ø In 65 years Pranab Mukherjee
aim to seek answers from the Ø China has passed a new law on companies, Adani and Reliance
ancient text relevant to current
was the first Indian President to OTHER NATIONS to set up 4,600 MW power plants
visit Jordan. Six MoU’s were population and family planning
world. to abolish the infamous ‘One- Ø During President Pranab in the country
signed between the countries to

Mar. 2016
18 19 Mar. 2016
Current Affairs Current Affairs
Therefore the foreign exchange and Kotak Mahindra, therefore navigational support to Railways. Rs. 5 coins into circulation to CMD Reliance Group has been
reserve will comprise of US Dollar w.e.f. April 01, 2015 all branches commemorate the golden named as India’s richest person
( 4 1 . 7 3 % ) , E u ro p e a n E u ro of ING Vyaya Bank will be known jubilee of 1956 Indo-Pak War, a for the ninth consecutive year in
( 3 0 . 9 3 % ) , C h i n e s e Yu a n as Kotak Mahindra Bank. legal tender under The Coinage
(10.92%), Japanese Yen (8.33%) Ø Anil Ambani-led Reliance Power Act 2011.
and British Pound (8.09%). signed an agreement with the
Ø India, Nepal, Bhutan and
Ø The ground breaking ceremony of Bangladesh Power
Bangladesh signed a landmark
TAPI gas pipeline was held at Development Board (BPDB) for
Motor Vehicles Agreement
Mary, Turkmenistan. TAPI gas
(MVA) for the Regulation of Ø A Memorandum of
Passenger, Personnel and Cargo Understanding (MoU) has been
Vehicular Traffic among the four signed between Government of
South Asian neighbours in Sri Lanka and search engine giant
Thimpu, Bhutan. Google to launch the Google a row with a net worth of 18.9
Ø India and Singapore signed an Loon project in the country. billion dollars in the 2015 Forbes
Ø A c c o rd i n g t o t h e Wo r l d
agreement on July 21, 2015on Ø Big Bazaar has tied up with Federation of Exchanges (WEF), Magazine’s India Rich List,
sharing white-shipping MobiKwik to allow its customers the Bombay Stock Exchange followed by Dilip Shanghvi of Sun
information to enhance maritime to pay for purchases using mobile (BSE) has the highes number of Pharmaceuticals and Azim Premji
investing US $ 3 billion in
cooperation between the two wallet facility. companies listed in the world. of Wipro
constructing a mega power plant
natives India and Singapore. pipeline project will provide 90 B S E h a s 5 6 8 9 co m p a n i e s Ø India’ third largest tyre maker JK
along with a floating LNG import Ø The 8th Edition of Global
million standard cubic meters a registered while NSE has 1750 Tyre Industries acquired BK Birla
Ø Bloomberg released list of terminal in Bangladesh. Innovation Index 2015 has
day gas for a period of 30 years to companies listed. flagship firm Kesoram Industries’
World’s Healthiest Country. Ø India and Eurasian Economic placed Switzerland on top while
run the nuclear power plants in tyre manufacturing plant at
Singapore ranked no. 1 and India Union (EAEU) signed a free trade India has slipped from 76 in 2014 Ø Fortune’s List of 50 most
I n d i a w h i l e Pa k i sta n a n d Haridwar for upto Rs. 2200
secured 103rd rank. to 81 in the current list out of 144 powerful women in business has
Afghanistan will also have their crores. It will strengthen its
Ø Indian Prime Minister Narendra countries. India has topped in the featured, Pepsi Co. Chairperson
share. existing base of truck and bus
Modi has been ranked the 9th central and southern Asia region.
Ø National Security Advisors of The GII is jointly released by radials and enter into the two
most powerful person in the
India and Pakistan held talks on Cornell University, INSEAD and wheeler tyre segment.
terrorism and J&K related issues the World Intellectual Property Ø Japanese company Nippon Life
at Bangkok. Mr. AjitDoval and Organization. has acquired 14% additional
Nasir Janjua held talks further to stake in Anil Ambani led Reliance
agreement to boost trade and Ø The union government
the brief meeting between PM Capital Asset Management
economic ties with the region. announced to join United
Narendra Modi and Nawaz Sharif Company, increasing its stake to
Ø S tate B a n k o f I n d i a a n d Nation’s “Better Than Cash
in Paris. 49%. This marks the biggest ever
MakeMyTrip.com signed a Alliance” which promotes
world on the 2015 Forbes List. transition from cash to digital FDI of R. 1,196 crore in Indian
Russian President Vladimir Putin BUSINESS Memorandum of Understanding
payments to drive inclusive mutual fund industry by one of
and became partners to take
is positioned on No. 1 followed by & ECONOMY growth and in turn reduce the largest life insurers in the
German Chancellor Angela advantage on the business
poverty. world.
Merkel and US President Barack opportunities of the booming e-
Ø Snapdeal acquired India’s fastest commerce and m-commerce Ø Government approved revamp Ø Aditya Birla Group joined the e-
Obama. growing mobile transaction ecosystem. of Gold Monetization Schemes and CEO Indra Nooyi on second commerce league with the
Ø China in a joint venture with platform FreeCharge founded by as announced in 2015-16 budget launch of abof.com, all about
Ø The Securities and Exchange position after General Motors
Korea is set to build world’s Kunal Shah. With this acquisition, i.e. Gold Deposit Scheme and
Board of India (SEBI) to come up CEO Mary Barra.
largest animal cloning factory in Snapdeal has become India’s Gold Metal Loan. It will reduce
Tianjing, China to save animals largest mobile commerce firm with a detailed guidelines on Ø Indra Nooyi was also awarded
electronic Initial Public Offers (e- mobilize the gold stocked at
from extinction. with 40 million users and the 2015 Global Leadership Award
IPOs), where investors can bid for household and institutions,
largest mobile transactions base of the US-India Buisness Council
Ø International Monetary Fund shares through internet. demand for physical gold bars
for any company i.e. 1 million along with Shobhana Bharatia,
has decided to add Chinese a n d c o i n s p u r c h a s e d fo r
transactions per day. Ø “GAGAN”(GPS Aided Geo Chairperson of Hindustan Times
currency Yuan to its reserve investment in gold bonds.
Augmented Navigation) system Group.
basket alongside other four Ø Reserve Bank of India sanctioned Ø The Reserve Bank of India to put
globally strong currencies. the amalgamation of ING Vysya developed by ISRO will provide Ø Industrialist Mukesh Ambani,

Mar. 2016
20 21 Mar. 2016
Current Affairs Current Affairs
fashion, an online fashion portal banking services. The Reserve Bank of India has will be carried by Polar Satellite sensor demonstration CubeSat Ø IISF 2015 also marked IIT-Delhi
for apparel, footwear and granted in-principal approval to Launch Vehicle (PSLV) spacecraft was launched by NASA setting a Guinness World Record
Ø Wipro acquired Germany based
accessories 11 applicants including the postal from California. It’s a group of six for conducting largest practical
IT consultancy and software Ø Facebook founder Mark
department. mini satellites which helps in the science lesson by assembling
Ø IBM to acquire the Weather Co services company Cellent AG. Zuckerberg announced the
areas of research, technology 2000 school students.
including weather.com, data Ø I n d i a ’s f i rst I nte r n at i o n a l Ø According to the European completion of Aquila, facebook
Commission, Tata Motors has demonstration and educational Ø Researchers at the Columbia
Financial Services Center, GIFT programmes.
made it to the Top 50 League of University created world’s first
city has launched its second
the world’s biggest companies in Ø A special train named ‘Science biologically-powered chip. They
phase which is in lines of London,
terms of investments in the Express Climate Action Special’ a have harnessed a molecular
Dubai, Hong Kong and New York.
Research & Development. mobile exhibition on wheels on a machinery of living systems to
Ø Infosys has invested USD 3 billion power an integrated circuit.
in the US based wearable startup Ø Wipro has acquired the New
firm WHOOP Inc. which develops Jersey, USA headquartered
wearable devices and Viteos Group for USD 130
collection points, applications
performance improvement tools
except the cable television first unmanned plane that beams
for professional athletes and
channel. down internet connectivity from
sports teams.
Ø Hard disk drive maker Western sky which is a part of his project 16 coach AC train, was flagged off
Ø Chinese e-commerce major with Internet.org.
Digital Corp agreed to buy to create awareness on Climate
Alibaba, has agreed to buy out Ø Bhopal based Rajiv Gandhi
SanDisk Corp for a $19 billion Ø NASA has performed a nearly 9- Change at Safdargunj Railway
the 112 year old newspaper and Proudyogiki Vishwavidyalaya
minute-long test of the engine at station, Delhi. It’s joint initiative
(RGPV) has claimed to have
the heart of the US space of Department of Science &
discovered anti-cancer
a g e n c y ’s n e x t - g e n e ra t i o n Te c h n o l o g y, M i n i s t r y o f
molecules CTR-17 and CTR-20 to
million. Viteos is a Business- megarocket. Environment, Forests and
fight cancer in an effective
Process-as-a-Service (BPaaS) Climate Change and Ministry of
Ø Android’s new version(6.0) manner; which is inspired by the
provider for the alternative Railway, Government of India.
Marshmallow rolled out. all-time tested properties of
investment management Ø Gyan Setu has been named as the turmeric. It has also filed for the
Ø Indian Space Research
deal which will enable to make Industry. best product at the International US patent.
Organization (ISRO) successfully
flash memory storage chips used Ø Mukesh Ambani led Reliance Telecommunication Union’s (ITU)
launched India’s communication Ø French space agency Centre
in smart phones and tablets. Group has launched its 4G Telecom World 2015 held at
its associated media initiatives of satellite GSAT-6 first. National D'études Spatiales
telecom services for its Budapest, Hungary. Gyan Setu is
Ø Tata Sons, the holding company Hong Kong based South China (CNES) signed a letter of intent
Ø ISRO launched India’s first a product developed by Center
of salt-to-software conglomerate employees under the brand with the Indian Space Research
Morning Post. satellite dedicated to astronomy for Development of Telematics
has tied-up with Industrial and name Reliance Jio. Shahrukh Organization (ISRO) to be the
Ø India Post payment bank will re s e a rc h , A ST RO SAT f ro m (C-DOT), Ministry of
Commercial Bank of China Ltd. Khan has been roped in as the partner in the next Mars mission.
start operations by March 2017. Sriharikota. India has become the Communication and IT. It
(ICBC) to provide it with a host of brand Ambassador of Jio.
first country in the developing facilitates rural India to connect Ø India and the National
world to have its own telescope them to internet in the local Aeronautics and Space
SCIENCE AND the country. It has recommended in space to study distant celestial language. Administration (NASA) joined
TECHNOLOGY to integrate all existing objects. hands to explore the
Ø Ministry of Science and
emergency numbers 100, 101, Ø Director of Avadi, Tamil Nadu environment of Ladakh under
Ø A minor planet was named after Technology organized the first
102, 108 into the proposed ‘112’ based Combat Vehicles Research N A SA’s S p a c e wa rd B o u n d
I n d i a ’s c h e s s l e ge n d a n d India International Science Fair at
helpline number, similar to ‘911’ and Development Establishment programme.
grandmaster Vishwanathan Indian Institute of Technology,
in US. P. Shivakumar was elevated as a Delhi (IIT-Delhi). Around 3000 Ø Reliance Defence had announced
Anand. The planet was previously the world to receive validation
Ø NASA successfully tested a 10- Distinguished Scientist by the young scientist participated in to set up Dhirubhai Ambani
identified as Planet 4538 now the from WHO for eliminating
Engine Electric Plane named Defense Ministry in recognition the events including conference, centre for research,
planet will be called as 4538 mother-to-child transmission of
Greased Lightning-10 (GL-10) to his services. It is the highest ex h i b i t i o n s , f i l m fe st i va l , development and innovation in
Vishyanand and is located HIV and syphilis.
that can take off and land like a honour conferred on a scientist in workshops and sessions. The IISF aerospace technology.
between the Mars and Jupiter.
helicopter and fly efficiently like Ø ISRO (Indian space research India. 2015 will support innovations to Ø The first artificial graphene-like
Ø Telecom regulator TRAI has an aircraft. organization) with its commercial support the flagship programs
Ø World’s first miniature satellite structure had been created by
proposed single number ‘112’ for arm named Antrix is going to such as Make in India and Digital
Ø Cuba became the first country in optical communications and the University of Arkansas.
all emergency phone calls across launch five British Satellites that India.

Mar. 2016
22 23 Mar. 2016
Current Affairs Current Affairs
largest naval base east of the involved in it. Headquartered in boost their maritime capabilities Ø The 8th edition of a bilateral naval firing was jointly carried out by
DEFENCE Suez Canal. Brussels, NATO, North Atlantic exercise between Indian Navy
of the two navies and to increase the Indian Navy, DRDO and Israel
Treaty Organization is an alliance the maritime security of the and Russian Federation Navy Aerospace Industries.
Ø Nuclear-capable surface-to- Ø Indian Coast Guard has
of 28 North American and adjoining regions. named INDRA NAVY started at
surface Agni-III ballistic missile commissioned two new Ø Indian Space Research
European states. Visakhapatnam; the aim is to
was successfully tested on 16 indigenously developed ships Ø Defense Minister Manohar Organisation (ISRO) has
increase interoperability
April 2015. The test was named Fast Patrol Vessel ICGS Ø India and Indonesia conducted an Parrikar inaugurated centre data successfully launched India’s fifth
between the two navies and
conducted from Wheelar Island Apoorva and Interceptor Boat C- inaugural maritime exercise in centre and Digi-Locker, data navigation Indian Regional
develop a common
off the Odisha coast in the Bay of 421 at naval dockyard in the Andaman Sea along with the storage space for Indian Army. Navigational Satellite System
understanding of procedures for
Mumbai. The induction of the 26th edition of the CORPAT And CISF launched a mobile app
maritime security operations.
vessels is expected to boost (Coordinated Patrolling) to ‘m-Power’ for the jawans.
maritime security along the expand strategic and defence Ø Bangalore based former Tata
Ø The Coast Guard’s largest
Arabian Sea Coast. ties. From India, INS Saryu and Institute, now Indian Institute of
offshore patrol vessel, Samarth
Dornier Maritime Patrol Aircraft Science has bagged a US military
Ø Naval warship INS Kochi, was was commissioned at the Vasco
are participating in the exercise. contract for research and
commissioned into Indian Navy De Gama, Goa. It has been built
development on solar powered
at Mumbai Dockyard to Ø Defence Research and at the Goa Shipyard.
micro-grid with battery and
Development Organization
Ø Indian and Russian armed forces super capacitor energy storage
Bengal by the Strategic Force (DRDO) has established the
concluded the 7th edition of joint system. The contract is worth US
Command (SFC) with support of world’s highest terrestrial center
Defence Research and $ 52,900.Its the first time that an
at Changla near Pengong Lake in
Development Organisation Indian scientific institute has won
Ladakh. The centre is set to serve
(DRDO). such a federal contract from US (IRNSS) 1E satellite. It was
as a natural cold storage for
Military. launched on board of PSLV-C31
Ø Defence Minister undocked the preserving rare and endangered
showcase India’s indigenous medical plants. Ø Union Minister for Defence rocket from Satish Dhawan Space
first of the six Scorpene
efforts in the field of underwater Manohar Paniker launched a new Centre (SHAR), Sriharikota in
Submarine at Mazagon Dock Ø Indian Navy ’s first totally
warfare. It is a second ship of the w e b s i t e Andhra Pradesh.
Limited, Mumbai. After indigenously designed and build
three ships of Kolkata-class military exercise ‘INDRA-2015’, www.makeinindiadefence.com
undergoing and successfully torpedo launch and recovery Ø India and France have started
Guided Missile Destroyer to be the main aim of this exercise is to to make the defence acquisition
completing rigorous trials and vessel INS Astradharani was their eight-day counter-terrorism
inducted. Earlier PM Narendra combat terrorism in the dessert
tests for a year the submarine will c o m m i s s i o n e d a t and counter-insurgency bilateral
Modi commissioned INS Kolkata terrains.
be commissioned into the Indian Visakhapatnam. The design of military exercise Shakti-2016 in
last year.
Navy in September 2016 and will the ship is a collaborative effort Ø V Balagur of Combat Vehicle Rajasthan. In this bilateral
be named as INS Kalvari. Ø India and the US have created a of Naval Science and Research and Development exercise, French contingent
“ j o i nt c h a l l e n ge co i n ” to Technological Laboratory, IIT Establishment have received comprising 56 personnel of 35th
Ø Indian Army inducted the first
symbolize their unique Kharagpur and Shoft Shipyard. DRDO’s Scientist of the Year
regiment of the indigenously-
partnership in creating a next Award 2013. The award was
developed surface-to-air Akash Ø India, Japan and US participated
generation aircraft carrier for the presented by the Defense
missile system. in a naval exercise named process and procedures simpler
Indian Navy. The coin has Minister Manohar Parrikar.
o Each regiment of Akash missile Malabar 2015 with the aim to and transparent. It is to be noted
inscribed “Forward Together We
consists of six launchers with advance multi-national maritime Ø Prime Minister Narendra Modi that the 49% FDI is allowed in the
Go” and “Chale Saath Saath” to
each launcher having three chaired the Combined Defence manufacturing industry.
mark the vision statement
missiles. released by the two countries Commanders Conference on Ø The Indian Navy has successfully
during the first meeting of PM board INS Vikramaditya at Sea, tested the maiden firing of long
Ø The Defence Minister Shri
Modi and President Obama. off the coast of Kochi. This is the range Barak 8 surface-to-air
Manohar Parrikar, commissioned
first time that such combined missile from INS Kolkata. The test
INS ‘ Vajrakosh’, the latest Ø Nato has launched Trident conference of all three forces has
establishment of the Indian Navy Juncture Military Exercise in Italy Infantr y Regiment of 7th
been held on board an aircraft
at Karwar, Karnataka. Karwar is to test the alliance’s ability to Armoured Brigade are
carrier in the presence of the
poised to emerge as the Indian respond to new security threats. participating. Indian side is being
relationships and mutual security Chiefs of the Air Force, Army and
Navy’s premier base on the It is said to be the biggest military represented by the 2nd Battalion
issues. Navy along with the Prime
Western seaboard. Together with conduct by alliance in last 13 of Garhwal Rifles which is part of
Minister and Defense Minister of
INS Kadamba 20 km away, spread years with more than 36,000 Ø Srilanka and India conducted a the Sapta Shakti Command.
the country.
over 1000 acres it is world’s soldiers, sailors and airmen bilateral exercise SLINEX 15, to

Mar. 2016
24 25 Mar. 2016
Current Affairs Current Affairs
Ø The 15th edition of bilateral Ø The state government had Ø Kanpur Zoological Park is only zoo Charge) for Environment, Forests (CSK) in the finals.
exercise by the Indian Coast decided to set up the country’s in UttarPradesh to get a rare and Climate Change has released
Guard and its Japanese first Aviation Park in Gujarat. status of ISO certification Ø Nico Rosberg from Germany won
the Indian State of Forest Report the Monaco Grand Prix Formula
Ø INS Viraat an Airrcraft carrier will 14001:2004. (ISFR 2015). The report contains One (F1) World Championship
be developed as a tourism centre Ø A new species of frog named information on forest cover, title. Earlier he had won Spanish
in the Navy, Andhra Pradesh. Indirana Salelkari is discovered in mangroves cover and growing Formula 1 World Championship
the Tanshikar Spice Farm at stock inside and outside the title same year.
Ø Ishapore Rifle factory in west
Netravali (Neturlim) in the town forest areas. At present 24.01
Bengal had designed India’s Ø Ace shuttler Saina Nehwal ranked

of Sanguem Taluk by Wildlife percent of the geographical area
lightest revolver’ Nidar’ weighing no. 1 in the single’s ranking
researchers in Netravali forest is covered by forest with an
250gm. released by the Badminton
sanctuary in Southern Goa. increase of 5871 sq km as per the
2015 report. World Federation (BWF) in May
Ø India first community reserve to 2015
protect the endangered Gangetic Ø The National Green Tribunal has Ø Miami Open 2015
river dolphins will be established directed a complete ban on the o Women’s singles Title has
counterpart titled ‘Sahayog- in West Bengal on Hooghly River. use of plastic from Gomukh to been won by World No. 1 and
Kaijin 2016’ has begun off the Haridwar along the river Ganga American ace tennis player
Ø Tamil Nadu government has
coast of Chennai, Tamil Nadu in as part of the rejuvenation to Serena Williams. In the final
banned the drug ‘Ketoprofen’
the Bay of Bengal. keep it pollution free. It has also match she defeated Spain’s Carla
ENVIRONMENT used for veterinary purposes to
imposed a fine of Rs. 5000 per
Ø The second indigenously save critically endangered Suárez Navarro.
day on any ashram or hotel that
developed Anti-submarine Ø Thane in Mumbai, Maharashtra vulture population in the state. o Men’s Singles Title has been
cause any act of pollution into the
warfare (ASW) corvette INS was named as the capital for the Meat of dead animals that had won by Serbian ace tennis player
Kadmatt energy conservation initiative been treated with Ketoprofen Novak Djokovic.In the final match
under the National Earth Hour by WWF. The could be deadly for the vultures Ø Beijing government issued the he defeated Britain’s Andy
Make in initiative is aimed at awareness first ever ‘red alert for pollution’ Murray.This was Djokovic’s 5th
Ø 2015 Climate Summit was held in
I n d i a regarding saving electricity. in the city due to heavy smog. In Miami Open trophy. Ø Sepp Blatter, FIFA president since
Paris, France. Head of 147 states
initiative; 2013, China introduced an 1998 resigned amid claims of
Ø First species of Yeti crab and governments attended the o Women’s doubles Title has
has been emergency air pollution corruption in world football's
discovered by a team of British summit making it the biggest been won by India’s Sania Mirza
commissi response system that includes governing body. He announced
scientists in Antarctica. gathering of world leaders and Switzerland’s Martina Hingis
on in the blue, yellow, orange and red his retirement just four days after
outside UN General Assembly. pair. In the final match they
Indian Navy by Chief of the Naval Ø Researchers have developed an warning alerts. he was re-elected to a fifth term
This Summit has marked first d efe ate d R u s s i a n p a i r o f
Staff Admiral R K Dhowan at naval eco-friendly biodegradable Ø Archeologists have unearthed a as president.
major universal pact to curb Ekaterina Makarova and Elena
dockyard in Visakhapatnam. INS “green herding agent” that can global warming. record number of 378 gold coins Ø Ravi Shastri, continued as
Kadmatt would be an integral be used to clean up light crude oil and plates from the 2000 year old Director of the Indian cricket
part of the Eastern Fleet and help spills on water. Ø Minister of Environment, Forest Ø Men’s doubles Title has been won
Han-dynasty tomb in east China. team during the Bangladesh tour.
to augment the mobility, reach and Climate Change, Prakash by American Bob Bryan and Mike
Ø Scientists from the Royal Ontario The tomb is situated in the
and flexibility of Indian Navy. Javadekar has launched a new Bryan pair. In the final match they Ø Serena Williams won her 3rd
Museum have discovered a Nanchang city, capital of the
website dedicated for climate defeated Vasek Pospisil (Canada) French Open and 20th Grand
Ø India participated in the 35th striking new species of horned Jaingxi province and it is thought
change actions. The website will and Jack Sock (US) pair. Slam title at Roland Garros on
edition of “Cobra Gold” dinosaur in southern Alberta, to belong to Lui He, grandson of
provide information with regards
multilateral exercise as an Canada. Emperor Wu. Ø Indian chess Grandmaster
to the steps taken by the ministry
observer plus country, it was related to climate change further Ø A new species of Hydroid Polyps Dronavalli Harika won the bronze
Ø A new tiny butterfly species
hosted by Thailand. to the 2015 Paris Climate emitting green fluorescence in medal in the World Women’s
christened Banded Tit
Summit. The website is the Red Sea had been discovered chess championships held at
Ø The 9th Indo-Nepal Combined (Hypolycaena Narada) has been
www.justclimateaction.org by international team Sochi, Russia. Harika lost to the
Battalion level Military Training discovered in Arunachal Pradesh.
eventual winner Mariya
Exercise ‘Surya Kiran’ held at Ø Environment Minister Prakash Ø UP government has created a Ø G ro u p o f s c i e n t i s t s f ro m Muzychuk of Ukraine in the
Pithoragarh, Uttarakhand. Javadekar announced 347 Guinness Book World Record by Massachusetts Institute of semifinals.
Ø Indian Army and Seychelles species of flora and 424 of fauna, planting 10 lakh saplings in one technology have discovered that
Ø The eight edition of Indian Saturday. She defeated Czech
People’s Defence Forces (SPDF) including two reptiles have been day under the Clean UP, Green UP sea sponges were the first animal
Premier League (IPL) 2015 was Lucie Safarova by 6-3, 6-7 (2-7), 6-
had joint the 7th joint military discovered in the country in initiative. to have appeared on earth based
won by Mumbai Indians (MI) by 2.
exercise in Victoria. 2013-2014. on a fossil record.
Ø Ministry of State (Independent defeating Chennai Super Kings

Mar. 2016
26 27 Mar. 2016
Current Affairs Current Affairs
Ø Rahul Dravid, former Indian head, Indian in history to win the World Ø India’s Pankaj Advani won his Formula One. The Mercedes sportsperson, facilitate them and
was appointed as the coach of Wrestling Professionals (WWP) ninth world title by winning the driver defeated Sebastian Vettel to hear their grievances if any.
the India A and Under-19 cricket C o m m o n w e a l t h Wre s t l i n g IBSF 6 Reds World Championship (Germany) of Ferari to win, the
teams at the first meeting of the snooker crown in Sharm-el- Ø Polish footballer and caption of
Heavyweight Championship seventh of this season.
newly formed BCCI's advisory Sheikh. the team, Robert Lowandowski
Ø Ranveer Singh Saini created Ø While Ferrari driver Sebastian has been awarded with four
committee Ø Indian Men hockey team won
history by becoming the first Vettel from Germany has won G u i n n e s s ’s Wo r l d Re c o r d
Ø Chile won the Copa America for Indian golfer to win a gold medal European series by winning 2 2015 Singapore Grand Prix of certificates for scoring fastest five
the first time in the country’s at the Special Olympics World matches in three matches series. Formula One at Marina Bay goals in nine minutes in a league
won the championship.
history by defeating Argentina by Games. Ø 15th IAAF World Championships Street Circuit. This was his third match.
4-1 on penalties. Ø Roger Federer won the Swiss
Ø 14-year-old Prabhroop Sekhon in Athletics was held between 22 victory of the season. Ø The Indian Cricket Council has
Indoors tournament beating
Ø Formula One world champion won two gold medals, in 300m August and 30 August 2015 at the Ø Board of Control for Cricket in announced a new global
Rafael Nadal played at his
Lewis Hamilton won the British and 500m Roller Skating in the Bird’s Nest Stadium at Beijing in India (BCCI) will launch a specially p a r t n e rs h i p w i t h C h i n e s e
homeland in Basel, Switzerland.
Grand Prix for the second year in Special Olympics World Games. China. minted 20 grams gold coin electronics manufacturer OPPO.
a row. Ø Automobile major Tata Motors
Ø International Olympic co m m e m o rat i n g M a h at m a The deal is for four years from
has roped in Argentina football
Ø USA has won the FIFA Women’s Committee approved South 2016 to 2020. The company was
team captain Lionel Messi as a
World Cup 2015 by beating Japan Sudan to become 206th member launched in 2004 and has
global ambassador for its
by 5-2 in the finals at Canada. of the Olympic family. presence in more than 40
passenger vehicles segment. The
first campaign under this
Ø Indian wrestler Babita Kumari association will be ‘made of Ø The two new teams Pune and
and sprinter MR Poovamma have great; featuring the soccer star. Rajkot have been inducted in the
Gandhi’s 146th birth anniversary.
b e e n h o n o u re d w i t h t h e forth coming edition of domestic
Specially designed for Freedom Ø BCCI President Shashank
prestigious Arjuna Award for T20 cricket tournament, Indian
Series the toss coin will bear Manohar to become the new ICC
their achievement in sports. Premier League. They will replace
impressions of Mahatma Gandhi Chairman to replace the former
the suspended teams Chennai
Ø India’s most successful billiard and Nelson Mandela. N. Srinivasan.
Ø India has won a record 156 Ø Indian female squash player Super Kings and Rajasthan
medals, including 89 gold and 50 player Pankaj Advani won the Ø Deborah, 20, became the first Royals. Rajkot IPL team is bagged
Joshna Chinappa won the
silvers, in the World Police and IBSF World Billiards ever Indian cyclist by winning five by Intex Group while RP-Sanjiv
Women’s Squash Title in the US
Fire games held in the suburb of Championship in Adelaide, medals including gold, three Goenka group has bought the
15,000 dollars Victorian Open
the American Capital. Australia. It is his 14th World silver and a bronze at the Taiwan Pune team.
Women’s Squash Association
Title. He is the only billiards Cup Track International Classic
Ø Indian women’s cricket team (WSA) event in Melbourne. Ø Women’s tennis superstar and
player in the world to win world event. Deborah Herold hails from
defeated New Zealand by 9 Ø Rajat Chauhan of Rajasthan won titles in all formats of Billiards and World No.1, Serena Williams was
Andaman and Nicobar islands.
wickets and clinched the ODI s i l v e r i n Wo r l d A r c h e r y Snooker. named Sports Illustrator ’s
series by 3-2. Championship by defeating Ø Novak Djokovic has won the Sportsperson of the Year. In spite
Ø Indian Boxer Vikas Krishan won Men’s singles while Sania Mirza of the injury last year, she won 3
Ø Chennai Super Kings and Stephan Hansen of Denmark.
the silver medal in the Asian and Martina Hingis has won grand slams last year.
Rajasthan Royals were Ø Australia captain Michael Clarke Ø World No. 1 Novak Djokovic of
Championship held in Bangkok, Women’s Doubles in China Open
suspended from the Indian retired from International cricket Serbia has won the ATP World Ø Indian Football team led by
Thailand. The 23 year old was (Tennis) Tournament. China
Premier after completion of Ashes series. Tennis finals consecutively for captain Sunil Chhetri has won the
d efe ate d b y U z b e k i sta n ’s Open is a combined tournament the fourth time. He defeated 2015 South Asian Football
o League for 2 years for the Bektemir Melikuziev by 0-2 score of ATP– WTA played annually in World No.3 Roger Federer of
betting activities of their key in the 75 weight category. Beijing, China. Switzerland.
officials Gurunath Meiyappan Ø Lewis Hamilton of Britain won Ø Mercedes driver Lewis Hamilton Ø Former world long jump
and Raj Kundra during the 2013 2015 Italian Grand Prix of of Britain has won 2015 Russian champion Anju Bobby George is
Grand Prix of F1, while Ferrari’s appointed Chairperson of Target
Ø Bangladesh registered historic Sebastian Vettel was the runner- Olympics Podium Scheme by
ODI series win by beating South up. Ministry of Sports and Youth
Africa by nine wickets in the third
Ø World No1, Indian cueist Pankaj Affairs. Earlier the post was held
and final ODI to take the three-
Advani won IBSF World Snooker by BJP politician Anurag Thakur.
match series 2-1.
Championship held in Egypt. It is The focus will be to identify
Ø Sangram Singh became the first the 15th time that Advani has p o te nt i a l m e d a l p ro s p e c t

Mar. 2016
28 29 Mar. 2016
Current Affairs Current Affairs
Federation (SAFF) championship Andhra Pradesh. The 36th Ø Aditya Mehta won the National Ø Bollywood megastar Amitabh had served as the Director Thakur, who was recently
for the record seventh time. India edition will be organized this year Snooker Championship 2016 by Bachchan became the ‘Tiger General of Civil Aviation (DGCA). appointed as OSD (Accounting
defeated defending Champions in Goa and 2015 was in Kerala. defeating Manan Chandra. Ambassador’ of Maharastra. Reforms) in the office of CGA.
Afghanistan by 2-1 goal score in Ø New Zealand captain Brendon Prior to this appointment he was
the final match held at Barrie McCullum retired from all Director General (DG) of the
Thiruvananthapuram in Kerala. forms of international cricket in Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS).
Ø Sania Mirza and Martina Hingis February. Ø Kundapur Vaman Kamath was
won the 2016 WTA Brisbane appointed as first President New
International Tennis trophy in the Development Bank (NDB) of
women’s doubles category. In the BRICS nations. Presently he is the
final match played at Brisbane Chairman of the India’s largest
Ø Dr Mayilsamy Annadurai took private sector bank, Industrial
charge as the Director of ISRO Credit and Investment
Ø Ishaan Patel an Indian-origin 13 Satellite Centre (ISAC), Corporation of India (ICICI) and
year old boy has been honoured Bengaluru. He replaced Dr. S.K.
Ø Indian Test cricket team captain Ø Quinton De Kock the was ICICI Bank’s managing
in the US for his charity work. Shivakumar, who retired on 31
Virat Kohli has been named as the wicketkeeper and batsman of director and CEO
BCCI Cricketer of the Year while South Africa became the fastest Ø S a c h i n Te n d u l ka r ’s March 2015.
Ø Retired IAS officer Achal Kumar
Mithali Raj became the first to make10 One Day International autobiography ‘Playing it my Ø Rajeev Shukla has been re- Jyoti is appointed as the Election
Indian woman and second overall (ODI). way’ had been entered in Limca appointed as the chairman of the Commissioner. He will serve the
to complete 5000 runs in ODI Book of Records. Indian Premier League (IPL)
Ø Sania Mirza and Martina Hingis post for a period of three years,
format this year. Appointments and Resignations Governing Council by Board of
won the St. Petersburg Ladies
Ø Sayaka Sato from Japan won the Trophy in St. Petersburg, Russia. Control for Cricket in India (BCCI).
Ø Gulshan Rai has been appointed
Women’s single Title 2016 Syed He had resigned from the post
(Australia), the top seeded duo as India’s first cyber security chief
Modi International Grand prix after the IPL match-fixing and
d efe ate d G e r m a n p a i r o f under the Prime Minister’s Office
Gold Championship Title in betting scandal in 2013.He
Angelique Kerber and Andrea (PMO) as Special Secretary for
women’s singles category by replaced Ranjib Biswal.
Petkovic. With this win, they have cyber security. Prior to this
defeating Sung Ji Hyun from appointment, he was Director- Ø Dr. Selvin Christopher appointed
recorded 26-match winning
South Korea. General Computer Emergency as the Director General (DG) of
streak together.
Ø Japanese city of Fukuoka will host Response Team (CERT) at the Defence Research and
Ø New Zealand cricket team captain Department of Electronics and Development Organisation
the 2021 World Aquatics
Brendon McCullum has Information Technology (DeitY). (DRDO). He is a recipient of
announced his intention to retire
Ø Pietro Fittipaldi Brazil racing
PEOPLE AND Padma Bhushan. i.e. till he attains the age of 65
from all forms of international years old (the age at which
driver won the 2015-16 MRF PERSONALITIES Ø M J Joseph is appointed as the
Election Commissioners demit
Controller General of Accounts
Challenge Formula 2000. IN NEWS (CGA) succeeding Jawahar
office under the Constitution).
Ø Virat Kohli was rewarded for his Ø Air Marshal Birender Singh
stupendous performance in Ø Mariyam Asif Siddiqui, a 12 year Dhanoa, a Kargil war veteran, is
India’s clean sweep against old girl from Mumbai won the the new Vice Chief of the Indian
Australia in the T20 first prize in Shrimad Bhagwad Air Force. He will succeed Air
internationals. Gita Champion League. It was Marshal Ravi Kant Sharma.
organized by International
Ø The government has appointed
Society for Krishna
cricket. The 34 year old ace Sriram Kalyanaraman as
Consciousness (ISKON).
cricketer is the first and only Managing Director and CEO of
player to score two Twenty20 Ø Manu Prakash, an Indian-origin National Housing Bank.
international centuries so far and scientist, developed the World’s
Ø President Pranab Mukherjee Ø S h r i R a j i v Ku m a r N a g p a l ,
will be playing for the Gujarat First water-based computer
appointed the senior most presently Director at
Lions in the upcoming IPL season. along with his team. He is also
Election Commissioner (EC), Dr. Headquarters, is appointed as
known for the discovery of the
Ø The 37th edition of National Nasim Zaidi as the Chief Election the next Ambassador of lndia to
paper microscope.
Games in 2019 will be held at Commissioner (CEC). Earlier he lceland.

Mar. 2016
30 31 Mar. 2016
Current Affairs Current Affairs
Ø India-born Sundar Pichai is Ø Canda’s Liberal Party Leader the son of eminent novelist Krishna Mathur has been sworn
appointed as the new CEO of the Justin Trudeau elected as the Orlando da Costa. in as the 8th Chief Information
technology giant Google. 23rd Prime Minister of Canada. Commissioner of the Central
Ø Raghav Chandra has taken over as He is 43 and a former school Information Commission by the
the chairman of National teacher. President of India. He has
Highways Authority of India Ø Shashank Manohar was elected succeeded Vijai Sharma for the
(NHAI). Earlier he was MD, mp as the President of BCCI. He was tenure of three years.
Road Development Corporation. elected for the second time
further to the untimely demise of
former BCCI President Late
Jagmohan Dalmiya.
Ø Justice TS Thakur has been Ø India’s third largest IT exporter
Ø Kapil Chopra, President of The Wipro Limited has appointed the
appointed as the 43rd Chief Ø Former India opener Virender
Oberoi Group has been previous COO, Abid Ali Z.
Justice of India. He took over the Sehwag was appointed mentor of
appointed as the Chairman of Neemuchwala as the new Chief
highest position in the Judiciary the Kings XI Punjabteam for the
World Travel and Tourism Executive Officer (CEO) and
from Justice HL Dattu. upcoming Indian Premier League
Council, India Initiative for the Member of the Board of the (IPL).
Ø Agriculture expert Prof. Ramesh year 2016. He served as the Vice- Ø Senior United Nations officer company. He will succeed
Chand has been appointed full- Chairman of WTTC last year. Filippo Grandi from Italy has Ø Satender Kumar has been
time member of NITI Aayog by taken charge as the new UN High concurrently accredited as the
Ø Mumbai Commissioner Ahmad
the government. He has been the Commissioner for Refugees next High Commissioner of India.
Javed has been appointed as the
member of the task force on (UNHCR). He will serve for the Ø Singapore Airlines has designated
next Ambassador to the Saudi
agricultural development under David Lim as the General
Arabia. A 1980 batch IPS officer
the NITI aayog.The other two Manager India
Mr. Javed will assume the new
permanent members include
task after his retirement from the Obituaries
Bibek Debroy and VK Saraswat Ø Justice AP Shah appointed as the present profile in January 2016.
while Arvind Panagriya being the Ethics Officer of BCCI who will be Ø The World’s oldest person Misao
vice-chairman. Ø Amitabh Kant has been Okawa died on 1 April 2015 in
sole decision makes on all conflict
appointed as the CEO of NITI Japan at the age of 117 and 27
Ø The Defence Research and of interest arising in the Indian
Aayog. He is presently the days. She was awarded the
Development Organisation cricket. He was the chairman of
Secretary of the Department of incumbent CEO T.K. Kurien who Guinness World Records title of
(DRDO appointed J Manjula as 20th Law Commission of India.
Industrial Policy and Promotion, has been elevated as the oldest living person as well as the
the Director General, Electronics Ø Syed Akbaruddin, senior Ministry of Commerce and Executive Vice Chairman of the oldest living woman on 27
and Communication Systems diplomat and former
cluster. She has the honour of company. February 2013.She was born on 5
spokesperson of External Affairs March 1898 in Osaka city of
being the first women DG of tenure of five years and work Ø IRS officer Atulesh Jindal is
Ministry has been appointed as Japan.
DRDO cluster and recipient of towards the well-being of appointed as the Chief of Central
India’s Permanent
DRDO Award for Performance displaced refugees and to seek Board of Direct Taxes (CBDT). Ø Renowned Hindi poet Kailash
Representative to UN. The
Excellence and Scientist of the lasting solutions to the plight of Vajpeyi passed away on April 1,
important task ahead of him is to Ø Senior IPS officer Datta
Year 2011. refugees. 2015 in New Delhi at the age of
advocate and push for India’s Padsalgikar IPS (1982) named as
Ø Khadga Prasad Sharma Oli permanent membership in the Ø Satyawati Bareraof Price 79 years. He is a Sahitya Akademi
the new Police Commissioner of
elected as the new Prime UN Security Council. Industry. He is the author of the Wa t e r h o u s e C o o p e rs h a s Award (2009) recipient for his
Minister of Nepal. He is the first book “Branding India, the become the first women COO of work Hawa Mein Hastakshar.
Ø The chairman of Ambuja Neotia Ø J K Garg has taken over as
PM under the newly adopted Incredible Story’ and been the the Big 4 accounting firm in India. Ø One of India's top mountaineers,
group, Harshvardhan Neotia has Managing Director and CEO of
constitution of Nepal. chief catalyst behind the She will be replacing Neil Wilson Malli Mastan Babu passed away.
been appointed as the President Corporation Bank.
campaigns Incredible India and who is moving to London as
of FICCI - Federation of Indian
God’s own country while being global operations partner. Barera Ø A rc h a n a R a m a s u n d ra m i s
Chambers of Commerce and
the joint secretary under the has been a partner with the firm appointed as the Director
Union Ministry of Tourism in since 1995 and was currently the General (DG) of Sashastra Seema
Ø Indian origin Antonio Costa is 2002. managing partner (north). Bal (SSB) and now she became
elected as the Prime Minister of the first woman DG of Sashastra
Portugal. A law graduate, he is Ø Former Defence Secretary Radha
Seema Bal.

Mar. 2016
32 33 Mar. 2016
Current Affairs Current Affairs
He went on an excursion in the Tenali Raman’, Kamala Laxman g the Pakistan army to surrender former Central Bank Deputy Ø Prime Minister Narendra Modi on
Andes mountains in South passed away at the age of 88. She in the 1971 war and leading to Governor passed away in 26 April 2015 conferred the 50th
America, between Argentina and is wife of legendary cartoonist RK the liberation of Bangladesh Mumbai at the age of 80. Jnanpith Award on eminent
Chile, has been found dead. Babu Laxman who created ‘common litterateur Bhalchandra Nemade
Ø Former Chief Justice of India SH Ø Former Lok Sabha speaker and
was regarded as the fastest “7 man’ published in The Times of in Parliament House Complex,
Kapadia passed away in Mumbai. Congress veteran Balram Jakhar
summiteer ” that is fastest India newspaper. New Delhi. Nemade received the
He was 68. He was the 38th Chief passed away due to brain stroke
mountaineer to climb summits in Ø Former Chief Election country’s highest literary award
Justice of India who authored at the age of 92.
all seven continents from India. Ø Renowned water policy expert for his outstanding contribution
Commissioner and Gujarat over 250 judgments and is most
Ramaswamy R. Iyer passed away towards Indian literature.
Ø Renowned American Governor, RK Trivedi (94) passed remembered for his verdict on
in Delhi. He was 86 and was
mathematician and Nobel away. Year 1943 batch IAS officer, the Vodafone tax case.
suffering from viral fever. He was
laureate John Nash passed away Mr. Trivedi was awarded with
instrumental in drafting India’s
on 24 May 2015. He was 86 and Padma Vibhusan for his services
first National Water Policy in
died in a car accident along with towards the nation.
his wife Alicia Nash. Ø Vishwa Hindu Parishad leader
Ø Nicknamed as ‘Typhoon’ and
Ø Matti Makkonen, known as the Ashok Singhal (89) passed away
regarded as one of the fastest
father of SMS has died. He is who was suffering from
bowlers of all time, former
known for after developing the respiratory problems. He is
England cricketer Frank Tyson
idea of sending messages via considered to be the architect of
died at the age of 85 in Gold
mobile networks t h e o rga n i za t i o n m a s s i ve
Coast, Australia. His best
Ø Former Governor of Kerala and recruitment drives in many
performance was at the1954-55 Ø Bollywood actor Anil Kapoor was
Bihar, R S Gavai, passed away countries and Babri Masjid
Ashes in Australia when he conferred with the prestigious
after a prolonged illness at a demolition movement Ø Jammu & Kashmir Chief Minister
helped England win the 5 match Pandit Dinanath Mangeshkar
private hospital. He was 86 test series by 3-1, took 24 wickets Ø Industrialist and Parliamentarian, Mufti Mohammad Sayeed
passed away due to multiple Award 2015. He was presented
Ø Manipur Governor Syed Ahmed including 10 in the second match. MAM Ramaswamy passed away the award by noted historian and
He retired at 30. at the age of 84.He was a organ failure at the AIIMS
passed away at 70. He was hospital in New Delhi. He was writer Babasaheb Purandare.
undergoing treatment for cancer. politician from Janata Dal and a Apart from Anil Kapoor, Marathi
Ø Music director – singer – lyricist 79.Mr. Sayeed, a two-time Chief
He was a former Congress leader Member of Parliament who actor Dilip Prabhavalkar was also
Ravindra Jain died in Mumbai Minister of J&K had started his
and Maharashtra minister and due to multiple organ failure. He second tenure in 2015 heading bestowed with the prestigious
has also served as the Governor was 71 and was regarded for the Peoples Democratic Party- Pandit Dinanath Mangeshkar
of Jharkhand. Followed his music of popular Ramayan Award 2015.
demise the Governor of television series and many other
BhartiyaJanta Party (PDP-BJP) AWARDS AND
coalition government. Ø The New York Times won two
Meghlaya, V. Shanmuganathan Hindi movie songs. RECOGNITIONS prestigious Pulitzer prizes for
has got the additional charge of coverage of the Ebola outbreak in
Manipur. Ø Delhi International Airport
represented Karnataka in the Limited (DIAL) has been awarded West Africa. The coverage is
Rajya Sabha. He was the Co- with the prestigious ‘Golden described by the Pulitzer board
Founder and Chairman of the Peacock National Quality Award’ a s c o u ra g e o u s a n d v i v i d
Chennai based Chettinad Group. for 2015 for its concerted efforts journalism that engaged the
in building a culture of Total public and held authorities
Ø Lt. Gen. JFR Jacob, the Indian accountable. The Pulitzer Prize
a r m y Quality across IGI Airport. Golden
Ø Hero Moto Corp Chairman Peacock Awards were founded honours the extraordinary work
officer in US journalism, literature,
Emeritus Brijmohan Lall Munjal by the Institute of Directors, India
died at drama and other areas and brings
passed away in Delhi, he was 92. in 1991 and are globally regarded
Ø Former Goa Chief Minister the age of
He led the group to become the as a benchmark of corporate welcome attention and
Wilfred De Souza passed away in 92 at the
world’s largest two wheeler excellence. recognition to newspapers and
Panji, Gao after a brief illness. He D e l h i
company in the world and was Ø The British actor Frank Finlay who websites
was 88. He was a skilled surgeon A r m y
honoured with Padma Bhushan was nominated as Oscar winner Ø Editor-in-chief of News-24
and served as chief minister of Hospital.
for his contribution towards in 1966 has died. He was 89 year Channel Anuradha Prasad
the state on three occasions. H e i s
trade and commerce industry. old. conferred with the Pt. Haridutt
known for
Ø The writer of celebrated ‘tales of negotiatin Ø S.S. Tarapore, an economist and Sharma Award for her

Mar. 2016
34 35 Mar. 2016
Current Affairs Current Affairs
contribution in the field of south Asia travel award for the & CEO “Everybody Code Now! the European Golden Boot 2015
Journalism, Writing and Social Ø Ustad Amjad Ali Khan has been year 2015. which works to empower next in Madrid for the fourth time. The
Services. awarded this year’s Swathi Ø Martha Bhaskar Rao, an generation of youth to become Golden Boot is presented
Puraskar, to for his outstanding Ayurvedic surgeon of Tirumala scientists, engineers and annually to the highest goal
contribution to Indian music. This Tirupati Devasthanams-run Sri entrepreneurs. scorer in the league matches.
is Kerala Governmentt’s highest Venkateswara Ayurvedic College, Ø Lakshmi Moorthy has become Ronaldo scored 48 goals in 35
honour for music. Tirupati, has received ‘Vaidya the first Indian to win the 2015 matches in the 2014-15 season.

Ø Darshan Jain, an Indian-American Ratna’ award. Seacology Prize in Berkeley, Ø The Tata Group Chairman
teacher from Illinois, US in July Ø Sania Mirza ranked World No.1 in C a l i fo r n i a . T h e U S b a s e d Emeritus Ratan Tata has been
2015 was named for prestigious women’s doubles, created Ø President Pranab Mukherjee environment NGO Secology, has felicitated with its highest award
Presidential Award for Excellence history as the sports ministry awarded the Tenzing Norgay selected her for contribution in by the city of Coventry, UK.
in Mathematics and Science confirmed that she will be National Adventure Award 2015 conversing the marine resources Ø Indian Nobel Laureate Kailash
Teaching by President Barack to Indo-Tibetan Border Police and cultural traditions of her Satyarthi has been conferred
Obama. official and mountaineer Jot village Chinnapalam in Tamil with Har vard University ’s
Ø Eminent scientist and Bharat Singh. Nadu, a small coastal hamlet in
Ratna awardee Chintamani Ø Tata Steel’s West Bokaro Division
the island.
Nagesa Ramachandra Rao was has been awarded with the Ø President Pranab Mukherjee
Golden Peacock Environment conferred the Gandhi Peace Prize Ø Finance Minister Arun Jaitley has
conferred with Japan’s highest
Management Award (GPEMA) 2014 to Indian Space Research been named as ‘Finance Minister
civilian award the Order of the
Organization (ISRO) in of the Year, Asia’ by the London-
Rising Sun, Gold and Silver Star,
recognition of its services in based publication Emerging
for his outstanding contributions
transforming India through the Markets for India’s relative
to science and Indo-Japanese
use of space technology. ISRO economic success over the last
science cooperation. awarded the Rajiv Gandhi Khel
Chairman AS Kiran Kumar 18 months. distinguished Humanitarian of
Ratna, the country’s highest
Ø Indian Space and Research received the honour. the Year Award, in recognition of
sporting honour.
Organisation ISRO was given his efforts to the cause of child
Space Pioneer Award in the Ø On 69th Independence Day, Ø India won the UNESCO prize
reform and violence against
Science and Technology field Tamil Nadu Chief Minister ‘Award for Excellence’ 2015 for
for the year 2015. Tata Steel has them.
during the 34th Annual Jayalalithaa awarded the first APJ remarkable conservation efforts
done a recommendable job for Ø 2015 Nobel Prize in Physiology or
International Space Abdul Kalam award to Indian of Shree Vadakkunnathan
responsible environment Medicine was declared, it was
Development Conference held at Space Research Organisation Temple in Kerala. The said
practices and resource jointly shared by Youyou Tu
Toronto, Canada. (ISRO) scientist N. Valarmathi. ancient temple dedicated to Lord
management and also training (China), Satoshi Omura (Japan)
Shiva is situated in the Thrisur
Ø The Chief Minister of Punjab t h e e m p l o ye e s w i t h n e w and William Campbell (Ireland) in
district of Kerala was declared a
Pa r ka s h S i n g h B a d a l wa s technologies. recognition of their pioneering
National Monument earlier.
conferred the prestigious 14th Ø Defence PSU Bharat Electronics Ø Jamaica born Marlon James has discoveries which have led to the
Sant Namdev National Award- Ø The 15 year old Indian American won The Man Booker Prize 2015
Ltd (BEL) has bagged the Dun & development of potent new
2015 for promoting peace, girl Swetha Prabakaran has been for the novel ‘A Brief History of
Bradstreet’s ‘India’s Top PSUs drugs against parasitic diseases
communal harmony and honoured by the White House Seven Killings’ which is about the
Awards 2015 in the electrical and such as malaria.
universal brotherhood. with the prestigious “Champions real life attempted assassination
electronic equipment sector. Ø The 2015 Nobel Prize in Physics
Ø Novelist Zia Haider Rahman , of Change” award for of Bob Marley in the 1970s.
empowering the community by has been awarded to Takaaki
Bangladeshi writer has won Ø The Portuguese footballer,
imparting Internet coding Kajita (Japan) and Arthur
Britain’s oldest literary award - Cristiano Ronaldo was awarded
through her non-profit McDonalds (Canada) for
James Tait Black Literary Prizes
organization. She is the founder discovering that elusive
awarded by the University of
Ø Kashinath Singh who is noted subatomic particles called
Hindi literature has been chosen neutrinos weigh something more
for Uttar Pradesh state’s highest Ø Indian off-spinner Ravichandran than nothing.
literary award, Bharat Bharti. Ashwin was presented with the
Ø 2015 Nobel Prize in Chemistry
Arjuna Award by the Sports
Ø Dilip Parulekar who is Goa was shared between Tomas
Minister Sarbananda Sonowal.
Tourism minister has been Lindahl of Sweden, Paul Modrich
awarded with PATWA-safari India and Aziz Sancar of the US for

Mar. 2016
36 37 Mar. 2016
Current Affairs Current Affairs
mechanistic studies of DNA become the first recipient of US Ø President Pranab Mukherjee Home Minister Rajnath Singh at Gujarati literary artist to receive Banker of the Year Award (Global
repair. While the 2015 Nobel p u b l i c s e r v i c e s a w a rd i n presented the APJ Abdul Kalam his Mumbai residence. the prestigious award. and Asia Pacific) for year
Prize for Literature was awarded appreciation of her contribution Ignite Awards 2015 at IIM 2016.The award has been
Ahmedabad to young children Ø Indian Film Legend Naseeruddin
to Svetlana Alexievich, the in the field of law. She is also the bestowed upon him by the The
who had come up with Shah was honoured with the
Belarusian writer for “polyphonic first Asian American to be elected Banker, a monthly publication of
innovative products or ideas for lifetime achievement award at
writings” for judgeship in Queens County. Financial Times Group. This
ease of daily lives. The Ignite the 12th edition of Dubai
Ø Music Composer A R Rehman Ø US President has named Indian International Film Festival for his award celebrates the officials and
Awards are given every year on bankers who have best managed
American politician Swati contribution to cinema for a
the birth anniversary of former to stimulate growth and stabilize
Dandekar as Executive Director career spanning over forty years
President by National Innovation their country’s economy.
of Philippines based Asian and featuring in more than 200
Foundation for school students
Development Bank. Swati is the films. Ø Barcelona FC forward Lionel
or children under the age of 17
f irst I n d ia - b o rn Am erica n Messi from Argentina has won
years to promote creativity and Ø Nobel laureate Sir Venkatraman
p o l i t i c i a n to w i n a state the 2016 FIFA Ballon d’Or Award.
originality among children. This Ramakrishnan has been elected
legislature seat in the US.
year total 31 ideas by 42 students as the 61stPresident of the
of 27 districts from 18 states were Britain’s prestigious Royal
awarded. Society, first Indian-origin
Ø German Chancellor Angela scientist to hold the post. He was
honoured with the Nobel Prize in Ø The 2015 SangitaKalanidhi Award
Merkel has been named Time’s
received Hridaynath Mangeshkar Chemistry in 2009 and Padma has been conferred upon the
Person of the Year 2015 for her
Award. The award is given in Vibhushan by the Government of south Indian vocalist Sanjay
leadership in scenario of
honour of Pandit Hridaynath India in 2010. Subrahmanyam at the 89th
M a n ge s h ka r, t h e yo u n ge r Annual Conference of the
Ø The Employees’ Provident Fund
brother of Lata Mangeshkar and Madras Music Academy at
Organisation (EPFO) has won the
Asha Bhosle. The recipient has Chennai.
Ø Oxford Dictionaries announced National Award on e-Governance
won four national awards and 2015-16 for launching the
emoji, commonly known as ‘Face He has earned this title of world’s
Oscar awards.
with Tears of Joy’ as its ‘Word of best football player for record
Ø Actor Shah Rukh Khan has been the Year 2015’. The word emoji is fifth time.
bestowed with an honorary originated from Japan which is
degree from the University of defined as a small digital image or Ø India born cancer research expert
Edinburgh, Scotland for his icon used to express an idea or economic turmoil and refugee Harpal Singh Kumar has been
contribution to films and his emotion in electronic crisis. The Prime Minister of honoured by Knighthood from
philanthropic work. communication. India,Narendra Modi was listed Queen Elizabeth II for his
on the eighth position in the influential work on prevention
Ø Kassim Majaliwa is sworn in as and treatment of the disease. He
the new President of Tanzania. TIME Person of the Year reader’s
choice poll. is the CEO of Cancer Research UK.
He was a former teacher and
deputy minister supervising Ø Legendary actor Dilip Kumar was
school education under the local conferred with the second Ø Reserve Bank of India (RBI)
government ministry. highest civilian honour ‘Padma Governor RaghuramRajan has
Vibhushan’ in the country for his Universal Account Number been conferred with the Central
Ø The 2015 Indira Gandhi Prize for
Peace is conferred upon United contribution to cinema. The 93 (UAN).EPFO has won the gold
Nations High Commissioner for year old actor who started award in this edition of awards in
Refugees for their contribution is working in films in 1944 was the ‘innovative use of technology
Ø Actor Sidharth Malhotra is
assisting millions of refugees conferred with the honour by the in e-governance’ category.
Tourism New Zealand’s Indian
Ambassador from India. This is Ø Eminent Gujarati novelist, poet,
the first time that an Indian and critic Raghuveer Choudhary
celebrity has been roped in to has been chosen for the literary
promote the land of the Kiwis. honour Jnanpith Award for 2015
for his contribution to the Indian Ø The 73rd Annual Golden Globe
Ø Ushir Pandit-Durant, an Indian Awards ceremony was organized
literature. He is the 56th and 4th
American woman judge has

Mar. 2016
38 39 Mar. 2016
Current Affairs Current Affairs
at Beverly Hills, California, United Drama: Leonardo DiCaprio for prestigious Bharat Ratna Pandit The day is observed to mark the forms of tobacco and advocating
States (US).Golden Globe Awards
are the annual awards that
The Revenant. Bhimsen Joshi Classical Music
Award 2015-2016.
IMPORTANT passing of the Constitution (73rd for effective policies to reduce

honour the best in Motion

• Best Actress in Motion
Picture-Drama: Brie Larson for Ø The Reserve Bank of India (RBI)
DAYS Amendment) Act, 1992 that came
into force with effect from 24
tobacco consumption.

Pictures and Television for the Ø World Milk Day: 1 June 2015
Room. had been awarded with the April 1993.
previous year. Ø World Health Day: 7 April 2015
Ø Avinash Chander Former Director extensible Business Reporting
Ø World Malaria Day: 25 April 2015
In this edition of awards, The General of the DRDO honored Language (XBRL) International
Revenant won the maximum 3 with Aryabhata Award of Award for Excellence and its
awards followed by The Martian Astronautical Society of India. efforts to improve regulatory
and Steve Jobs winning 2 awards reporting.
each. Ø Alphabet Inc. becomes the
world’s most valuable company
after overtaking the Apple.
It is celebrated to increase the
common public awareness about
all aspects of the natural milk
such as its natural origin, milk
The theme for the 2013-2015 nutritional value and various milk
campaign is ‘Invest in the Future. products including its economic
Defeat Malaria’. The day is importance throughout the
Ø Pharmaceutical company Lupin‘s observed to recognise the global globe.
The winners of various awards are as CEO and MD bestowed with EY The World Health Day is a global efforts to control malaria. It is an
Ø Legendary Amitabh Bachchan health awareness day celebrated Ø World Environment Day: 05 June
follows: (73) was presented with the Entrepreneur of the Year 2015 occasion to highlight the need for
award. every year under World Health 2015
• Best Motion Picture Drama: lifetime achievement award at continued investment and
Organization. Theme for year sustained political commitment
The Revenant. NDTV Indian of the Year Awards. Ø Lionel Messi has been named La
2015 was “food safety” with the for malaria control and
• Best Motion Picture Ø Kerala University has been Liga player of the month for
slogan ‘From Farm To Plate, Make elimination.
Musical/Comedy: The Martian. c o n fe r re d w i t h f i rs t - e v e r January.
Food Safe.’
chancellor’s award with a prize Ø The 38-year-old Bollywood Ø National Technology Day: 11 May
• Best Director in Motion Ø Earth day: 22 April 2015
P i c t u re - D ra m a : A l e j a n d ro money of Rs 5 crore. actress Vidya Balan has been 2015 It is celebrated as global day for
Inarritu for The Revenant. Ø Sarangi maestro Pandit Ram awarded with the ‘Pride of positive environmental action. It
It is celebrated to glorify the
Narayan had selected for the Kerala’ award. aims to stimulate worldwide
• Best Actor in Motion Picture- importance of science and
technology used in everyday life. awareness of the environment
It is being commemorated to and encourages political
Notes: celebrate the anniversary of first attention and action. The 2015
of the five tests of Operation theme for World Environment
Shakti (Pokhran-II) nuclear test Day was "Seven Billion Dreams,
which was held on 11 May 1998 in One Planet, Consume with Care"
Pokhran, Rajasthan. Ø Anti-Child Labour Day: 12 June
Ø World No-Tobacco Day: 31 May 2015
World celebrated 45th
anniversary of Earth Day with the
theme ‘It’s Our Turn to Lead’. The
day is observed to seek support
for protection of environment
from around the world.
To provides an opportunity to gain
Ø National Panchayati Raj Day: 24
This day highlights the health risks further support of individual,
April 2015
associated with consumption all government and social partners

Mar. 2016
40 41 Mar. 2016
Current Affairs Current Affairs
to campaign against child labour. September 1949. It propagates ce or promote new postal Ø World Science Day: 10 November The day was Formerly observed as
Hindi language and its cultural products and services. 2015 National Law Day, has been
Ø World Blood Donor Day: 14 June
heritage rechristened as National
2015 2015 Theme: Tell us about the world
It is celebrated to engage the Constitution day from this year
Ø W o r l d To u r i s m D a y : 2 7 you want to grow up in.
participation of youth is essential onward to mark the day Indian
September 2015 Ø World Food Day : 16 October
to achieve sustainable human Constitution was adopted and
It’s celebrated annually as a
Ø India’s Independence Day : 15
concern for food security and to
Aug 2015
To raise awareness of the need for eradicate hunger globally. This
safe blood and blood products, I n d i a c e l e b ra t e d i t s 6 9 t h year’s theme is Social Protection It is observed for Peace and 125th birth anniversary year of
and to thank blood donors for I n d e p e n d e n c e d ay. P r i m e and Agriculture: Breaking the Development organized by
It is observed to raise awareness Dr. BR Ambedkar.
their voluntary, life-saving gifts of Minister Narendra Modi hosted cycle of Rural Poverty. UNESCO, Theme: Science for a
about the importance of tourism. Ø National Milk Day: 26 November
blood. the flag at Red Fort with many Sustainable Future.
Theme for 2015: “One Billion Ø United Nations Day: 24 October
other dignitaries present on the 2015
Ø International Yoga Day: 21 June To u r i s t s , O n e B i l l i o n 2015 Ø World Diabetes Day & Children’s
occasion. The day is also observed as in
2015 Opportunities“. This year’s theme Day (India): 14 November 2015
Ø National Sports Day: 29 Aug 2015 honour of birth anniversary of Mr.
emphasizes the impact of the It is Celebrated by WHO to Varghese Kurian, the founder of
tourism sector on economic increase awareness about the Amul.
g ro w t h , j o b c re at i o n a n d disease and its side effects and
development. the later to mark the birth Ø World AIDS Day: 1 December
anniversary of the first Indian PM 2015
Ø Gandhi Jayanti: 2 October 2015
Jawaharlal Nehru.
The birth anniversary of “Father
of the Nation” is also celebrated Ø National Press Day: 16 November
as International Day of Non- 2015
Violence. It symbolizes free and responsible
It was celebrated for the first time Ø Indian Air Force Anniversary: 8 press and aims at transparent in
across the world with the aim to It marks the birthday of Dhyan media while dealing with public
October 2015
raise awareness of the many Chand. On this day players are affair which is considered as
benefits of practicing yoga and recognized and awarded for their fourth pillar of democracy.
including it in everyday life. contribution in sports.
Ø International Day for Elimination It is organized by WHO to raise
Ø World Hepatitis Day: 28 July 2015 Ø National Teachers Day: 5 of Violence against Women: 25 awareness about the issues
September 2015 November 2015 surrounding HIV and AIDS. The
Dr Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan’s IAF celebrated its 83rd theme this year was ‘Getting to
birth anniversary is celebrated as anniversary at Hindon Air Force zero: Zero new HIV infections.
National Teachers Day. This year Station, Ghaziabad. IAF was It marked the 70th Anniversary of Zero discrimination. Zero AIDS
Prime Minister Narendra Modi established in 1932. UN and the theme this year was related deaths.’
released commemorative coins Strong UN Better World .The day
Ø World Post Day: 9 October 2015 Ø International Day of Persons with
of 125 rupees and 10 rupees is also observed as World Polio Disabilities: 3 December 2015
denomination. It celebrates the anniversary of Day.
It is observed to spread the Universal Postal Union (UPU). It is observed by UN General The day is observed with the aim
Ø N a t i o n a l H i n d i D i va s : 1 4 Ø National Legal Services Day: 9
awareness about viral hepatitis On this Assembly to spread awareness of promoting and empowering
September 2015 November 2015
and its causes and to encourage d a y and end violence against women. disabled persons and creating
diagnosis, prevention and It is observed to mark adaptation events It aims to provide free legal Worldwide campaign ‘Orange the
treatment of Hepatitis. Theme- of Hindi written in Devanagari a r e services to the weaker sections of World’ launched.
Prevent Hepatitis: It’s up to You. script as the official language of organiz the society by the Supreme Court
India by the Constituent Ø First National Constitution Day:
Ø International Youth Day: 12 Aug ed to of India by organizing Lok Adalats.
Assembly of India on 14 26 November 2015
2015 introdu

Mar. 2016
42 43 Mar. 2016
Current Affairs MCQ’S
opportunities for them. Theme abroad. Ø Republic Day: 26 January 2015
for 2015: Inclusion matter, access
and empowerment for people of
Ø National Youth Day: 12 January India celebrated its 67th Republic
Day which is observed to
MCQ’s Practice Questions | SET-I
all abilities. commemorate the day when the
In India, January 12 is being
Ø Human Rights Day: 10 December Constitution of India came into 1. Which Indian State won the Syed Mushtaq Ali T-20 a) India today b) Star plus
observed as National Youth Day.
2015 force. The chief guest of Republic cricket trophy 2016? c) Doordarshan d) Colors
This day marks birth anniversary
Day parade was the French a) Gujarat b) Uttar Pradesh 10. Who was elected as the General Secretary of the
of social reformer, philosopher
President Francois Hollande. c) Chattisgarh d) Karnataka Communist Party of India-Marxist Party (CPM)?
and thinker Swami Vivekananda.
The theme for 2016 is Youth for Ø World Cancer Day: 4 February 2. Name the veteran actor who has been presented with a) S Ramachandran Pillai
2015 the “Honoured Guest” award by the U.S. state of Texas b) Prakash Karat
Skill Development and Harmony. for his contribution to cinema and art.
c) Sitaram Yechury
Ø Indian Army Day: 15 January It is was started with WHO with a) Shahrukh Khan b) Anupam Kher
the aim to aware people about d) Brinda Karat
2015 c) Amitabh Bachan d) None of these
cancer & its causes and to combat 11. As per RBI, which public sector bank is named as the
3. Which Bank has Launched Co- Branded Credit card in worst performer in public sector banks with highest
against it. On this day campaign partnership with SBI Cards ? number of non-performing assets (NPAs) recorded
It commemorates the day on a) Yes Bank b) Federal Bank against it in October 2015?
which, in 1948, the United c) ICICI Bank d) HDFC Bank a) Union Bank of India b) UCO Bank
Nations General Assembly
4. Name the capital and Currency of Mangolia ? c) Indian Bank d) United Bank
adopted the Universal
a) Ulaan bator and Togrok 12. Which country’s flag has been hoisted at the United
Declaration of Human Rights. Nations without being that country as the member of
b) Launda and Kwanza
Theme of 2015: ‘Our Rights, Our UN which is never done before for a non – member
Freedom, Always’ c) Asmara and Telro state?
67th Indian Army Day is being
d) Tripoli and Dinar a) Vatican City b) Taiwan
Ø National Good Governance Day: observed every year on 15
5. Who has has been appointed as the chairman of a Joint c) Palestine d) Kosovo
25 December 2015 January in India when Lt. General Panel on the Land Acquisition Amendment Bill, 2015 ?
(later Field Marshal) Kodandera 13. The Election Commission suspended recognition of P A
India celebrated 91st birth a) Manjinder Singh Maan Sangma-led National People’s Party (NPP) for failing in
Madappa Cariappa became the
anniversary of former Prime b) Anunesh Arora filing election expenditure statement for last year’s Lok
first Indian Commander-in-Chief with the tagline ‘We Can. I Can’
Minister and Bharat Ratna c) Surendrajeet Singh Ahluwalia Sabha elections. It is a recognized party of which state?
of the Indian Army (of the was launched.
recipient Atal Bihari Vajpayee as d) Ravi Rathore a) Tripura b) Meghalaya
independent India) by succeeding Ø National Science Day: 28
Good Governance Day. This day is 6. Who is the Union Minister of Micro, Small and Medium c) Orissa d) Jharkhand
British Army General Roy Butcher February 2015
also being observed as Pradhan Enterprises (MSME), who launched Digital 14. Delhi government to launch a Scheme at designated
(last British Commander-in-Chief
Mantri Gram Sadak Yojana It is celebrated all over India in Employment Exchange for Industries. stadiums or sport complexes with objective to
of India.) in 1949. promote sports for all age groups is_______
(PMGSY) Divas. order to commemorate the a) Harsimrat Kaur b) AnanthKumar
Ø National Girl child Day: 24 invention of the Raman Effect in c) Anant Geete d) Shri Kalraj Mishra a) Pay and Play b) Play And Win
Ø World Braille Day: 4 January 2015
January 2015 India by the Indian physicist, Sir 7. Which state became the first state in the country to c) Come and Play d) Play for Health
The birth anniversary of Louis submit State Annual Action Plan under Atal Mission for 15. Which Indian navy ship participated in the annual Tall
Chandrasekhara Venkata Raman
Braille, inventor of the Braille Rejuvenation and Urban Transformation (AMRUT)? Ship Races organized by Sail Training International in
in the year 1928.
script is observed as World Braille a) Gujarat b) Tamil Nadu Europe?
Day globally to raise awareness The theme for year 2016 is a) INS Mhadei b) INS Sudarshini
c) Rajasthan d) Haryana
about apathy towards blind “Scientific Issues for c) INS Tarangini d) INS Varuna
8. The Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) and
people and to treat them equal Development of the Nation” that Airports Authority of India (AAI) have implemented 16. 14th Meeting of the Shanghai Cooperation
among rest of the people aims at raising public Satellite Based Navigation System (SBAS) to offer Organization Member States on Regional Economic
appreciation. space-based satellite navigation services to the Cooperation was held in which city of China ?
Ø World Hindi Day: 10 January 2015 aviation sector is named- a) Dongguan b) Guangzhou
The World Hindi Day is being It is observed to increase a) VARUNA b) AKASH c) Zhengzhou d) Hangzhou
observed annually on 10 January. awareness in the society about all c) EAGLE d) GAGAN 17. Indian origin Lord Gulam Noon who passed away
Union Ministry of External Affairs inequalities faced by girls and to 9. Indian Channel with which China Central Television recently was known as Britain’s ____.
(MEA) conducted special events offer more support and (CCTV) has signed an agreement for exchange of a) non-veg king b) chicken king
to spread the greatness of the opportunities to them. television programmes related to art, culture and
development ____ c) curry king d) masala king
language through its missions

Mar. 2016
44 45 Mar. 2016
18. Who is the first Indian boy to win the junior Australian ‘Premchand ki Kahaniyon ka Kaal Kramanusaar 39. Which village panchayat in Haryana started a contest a) Cricket Team b) Football team
Open title and played final of a clay court Challenger ? Adhyayan’? for clicking “selfie with daughter” a unique initiative to c) Golf team d) Basketball team
a) Rohan Kapoor b) Amit Bhajpayee a) Vijay Kumar Roy b) Kedarnath Agarwal save girl child
45. Which company has announced to acquire the iGATE
c) Yuki Bhambri d) Zirpa Ali c) Dr Kamal Kishore Goenka a) Hisar b) Karnal company for nearly USD 4 billion?
19. Deepika Kumari won the Silver medal in five years at d) Shyam Narayan Pandey c) Rewari d) Jind a) TCS b) Infosys
the 2015 Archery World Cup Final. She belongs to ___? 30. According to Recent UN report India has reduced its 40. Chief Minister of which state was conferred with the c) Capgemini d) Reliance
a) Hissar b) Ranchi c) Lucknow d) Raipur HIV infection rate by what percent? prestigious 14th Sant Namdev National Award- 2015
for promoting peace, communal harmony and 46. RBI Celebrated its 81th Anniversary which was
20. Which of the following cities in India were ranked as a) 20 b) 25 c) 17 d) 35 universal brotherhood. established on
the most polluted in the month of January 2016 as per 31. In which district of Andhra Pradesh India’s first a) April 1931 b) April 1935
the data released by CPCB? a) Punjab b) Himachal Pradesh
National Investment and Manufacturing Zone (NIMZ) c) April 1942 d) April 1942
a) New Delhi b) Varanasi is going to be set up? c) Delhi d) Rajasthan
41. Which bank of india became the first ever to launch a 47. Mohan Kumar was appointed as the new Indian
c) Chandigarh d) Jaipur a) Kurnool b) Guntur ambassador to which country?
voice recognition service, which authenticates
21. Where is the South Asian games going to held from c) Prakasham d) Kadapa customers based on their speech pattern and allows a) Australia b) USA
February 6 to 16 in 2016? 32. India’s first diesel electric multiple unit (DEMU) train bank transactions through banks call centre. c) France d) Russia
a) Gangtok and Dispur b) Guwahati and Shillong service with an air-conditioned coach is launched in a) ICICI bank b) SBI Bank
____? 48. Which is the first city to have hosted both the Summer
c) Guwahati and Tripura d) Itanagar and Dispur c) Federal Bank d) HDFC bank and Winter Olympics?
22. Malabar exercise is a trio naval exercise among a) Bhopal b) Kharagpur
42. Who has been re-elected as the Prime Minister of a) Singapore b) Delhi
a) India, Japan, USA b) India, China, USA c) Chennai d) Kochi Israel? c) Bejing d) Dubai
c) India, Japan, China d) India, USA, Russia 33. Which of the following has signed a pact with UAE’s a) Moshey katsaw b) Benjamin Netanyahu
Emirates Defence Industries Company (EDIC) to work 49. Which is the first state to have a provision for
23. Which Indian state became the first Indian state to together in the defence sector in maintenance, repair c) Shimon Rivlin d) Reuven Peres compulsory voting within state government?
introduce compulsory gender education at the and overhaul category? 43. MUDRA bank has partnered with how many states and a) Rajasthan b) Gujarat
graduate level? regional level coordinates to reach the last mile
a) Reliance Defence Ltd c) Punjab d) Tamilnadu
a) Tamil Nadu b) Maharashtra financiers for micro business ?
b) Bharat Dynamics 50. Varishtha Nagarika Seva Yojana’ for senior citizens is
c) Telangana d) Andhra Pradesh a) 15 b) 18 c) 22 d) 19 launched by?
c) Hindustan Aeronautics
24. Which country hosted 41st G7 summit in June 2015? 44. Which sports team has been launched by Kapil dev for a) Bihar b) Gujarat
d) Bharat Earth Movers Louis Philippe cup ?
a) Japan b) Italy c) Sikkim d) Uttar Pradesh
34. On January 3, 2016 who won South Asian Football
c) Germany d) Canada Federation (SAFF) football Championships 2015 that
25. Which India movie directed by Neeraj Gaywan has won took place in Thiruvanantapuram, Kerala?
two awards, FIPRESCI, International Jury of Film Critics
prize and Promising Future prize in the Un Certain
a) India b) Afghanistan MCQ’s Practice Questions | SET-II
Regard section at Cannes Film Festival 2015? c) Maldives d) Bhutan
a) The Lunchbox b) Pk 35. Who became the first Indian female amputee to climb 1. Virendra Nath Misra who passed away in November a) South Africa b) New Zealand
Mount Aconcagua in Argentina in? 2015 was a renowned___? c) Zimbabwe d) Columbia
c) Masaan d) Bol
a) Bachendri Pal b) Premlata Agarwal a) archaeologist b) criminologist 6. Which Bank launched the First Multi-Currency Contact
26. The United Nations Security Council met in a
emergency meeting over a controversial rocket launch c) Arunima Sinha d) Malli Mastan c) civil engineer d) ontologist less Card service in India?
by which of the following countries? 36. India hosted the G-4 summit in New York while PM 2. Where was 16th National Women Boxing a) ICICI b) KMB
a) Iran b) Ukraine Narendra Modi’s visit in September. Which of the championship held ? c) HDFC d) Axis
following country was not a part of this G-4 summit? a) Tripura b) Odisha
c) North Korea d) Syria 7. Prime Minister Narendra Modi launched a book titled
a) Germany b) Russia c) West Bengal d) Assam Education of Muslims: An Islamic Perspective of
27. “Interlinking of Indian Rivers”is written by ______ ?
c) Brazil d) Japan 3. Who has became the youngest lawmaker of Britain at Knowledge and Education – Indian Context is edited by
a) Pavan Choudhary b) Radha Kant Bharati
37. Name the chairman of the panel set up by NITI Aayog the age of 20? a) Professor Jl Agarwal. b) Professor VL Sharma.
c) A B Pandya d) R D Pradhan for the recommendations on land leasing including a) Mhairi Black b) Julie Root c) Professor KS Sinha. d) Professor JS Rajput.
28.To make the rail sector passenger friendly, Ministry of hilly states and schedule areas.
Railways launched a scheme for waitlisted passengers c) Linda Murray d) Renji Watson 8. Who has been appointed as the Executive Director of
a) Bibek Bebroy b) HS Meena Reserve Bank of India?
named _____. 4. The book titled “Hungry Bengal: War, Famine, Riots
c) JP Mishra d) T Haque and the End of Empire” is authored by whom? a) K K Vohra b) Deepak Singhal
a) Nirnay b) Sujhav
38. Central Industrial Security Force’s (CISF) headquarters a) Neel Mukherjee b) VN Sahai c) R N Sardana d) Satish Malik
c) Vikas d) Vikalp situated in ________?
c) Janam Mukherjee d) Vinod Bajaj 9. Who won the Malaysian Grand Prix 2015?
29. Which Indian writer has been conferred with 24th a) Kolkata b) Nasik
Vyaas Samman for the year 2014 for his work 5. Rugby World Cup 2015 finals held at Twickenham, a) Nico Rosberg b) Sebastian Vettel
c) New Delhi d) Mumbai England is won by ? c) Lewis Hamilton d) Kimi Raikkonen

Mar. 2016
46 47 Mar. 2016
41. According to the above National Judicial Appointment
10. Which of the following country is not a member of the a) Kyrgyzstan b) Indonesia 31. Which drug firm has acquired Novartis’ Healthcare Commission Act 2014 , who will appoint the Judges in
Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) signed recently? c) Cambodia d) Colombia vaccines business? the Supreme Court and 24 High courts in consultation
a) United States of America (USA) 21. Who is appointed as Chief Advisor of Security and Anti- a) Sun Pharmaceuticals with the NJAC?
b) Japan c) South Korea Corruption Unit (ACSU) for next year’s T20 World Cup? b) GlaxoSmithKline Pharmaceuticals a) The Chief Justice of India
d) New Zealand a) Neeraj Kumar b) Nasim zaidi c) Cipla b) The President
11. The First International Film Festival for persons with c) M V Sridhar d) Amrit Mathur d) Lupin Limited c) The Prime Minister
disabilities was held at___? 22. Intellectual Rene Girard who passed away last year 32. Zika virus, which is recently in news was discovered for d) The Chief Election Commissioner
a) Assam b) Delhi belonged to which country? the first time in ______? 42. Which of the following personality recently made a
c) Gujarat d) Himachal Pradesh a) Cambodia b) France a) Brazil 2015 b) Gautemala 2006 world record by scoring 1009 runs in a single innings in
12. India’s Ambassador to Afganistan is _________? c) Russia d) Paraguay c) Uganda 1947 a cricket match?
a) Shyam Srinivasan b) Manpreet Vohra 23. In November, with which of the following has India d) United States of America 1959 a) Chris Gayles b) PranavDhanawade
c) Amar Sinha d) Pradeep Tandon signed double taxation treaty to avoid the double 33. South Asian Games 2016 will be hosted by which of the c) KedarJadhaw d) SairajBahutule
taxation on imports and exports between the following countries? 43. MoU has been signed among Ministry of Textiles &
13. World Elite UCI (International Cycling Union) has countries?
ranked Indian cyclist Deborah Herold at which positing a) Bhutan b) Bangladesh Ministry of MSME for establishing a Technology Centre
in world ranking ? a) Singapore b) Myanmar at which place ?
c) Singapore d) India
a) 8th b) 4th c) Turkmenistan d) Kazakhstan a) Jaipur b) Pune
34. Scientists at Central Institute for Research on Buffaloes
c) 10th d) 13th 24. What is Bharat Mala programme of Indian (CIRB) confirmed that they have produced a cloned c) Kanpur d) Lucknow
government? buffalo offspring. What was the name given to this 44. Who is the Brand Ambassador free Haryana of
14. International Monetary Fund (IMF) has block its
financial aid program to which country ? a) Setting of health cares in all district cloned buffalo calf? tuberculosis (TB) campaign ?
a) Zimbabwe b) Russia b) Setting up roads in border districts a) Hisar Gourav b) Dolly a) Aamir Khan b) Parineeti Chopra
c) Ukraine d) Indonesia c) Setting of agricultural awarness programme across c) Rajat d) Nirala c) Amitabh Bachchan d) Shahrukh Khan
village 35. Which of the following states observe ‘Missionary Day’ 45. Who has won the Argentina’s presidential election
15. Which of the following has bagged the first prize under
the Community Service Announcement category at d) Setting of train lines over interior places on January 11, in remembrance of welsh missionaries which led to ending of 12 years of leftist rule ?
the Asia-Pacific Broadcasting Union (ABU) Prizes 2015? 25. Who has won World school chess championship(U -15) who arrived in the state in 1894? a) Jorge Altamira b) HermesBinner
a) All India Radio ? a) Nagaland b) Mizoram c) RicardoAlfonsín d) MauricioMacri
b) Radio Television Hong Kong a) Harika Dhronavalli b) Tejaswini Sagar c) Goa d) Meghalaya 46. Which of the following is set to launch Department of
c) Bangladesh Betar c) Deepika Rani d) Hema Sood 36. Who among the following won the Men’s singles event Veterans Affairs (DOVA)?
26. In which state National Heritage City Development and at the Brisbane International Tennis Tournament? a) Indian Army b) Sahitya Awards Academy
d) Australian Broadcasting Corporation
Augmentation Yojana ” (HRIDAY) was launched by a) Milos Raonic b) Rafael Nadal c) Indian Airforce
16. Which country has inaugurated its new stock exchange Finance Minister Arun Jaitley?
“Yangon Stock Exchange” with plans for six companies c) Roger Federer d) Andy Murray d) Ministry of Economic Affairs
as an initial start ? a) Puri b) Amaravati 37. The Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI), 47. Which state government has launched an e-FIR Web
a) Maldives b) Myanmar c) Amritsar d) Ajmer which issues Aadhaar cards is been shifted from NITI Portal www.citizenportal-op.gov.in to enable general
27. Which country has won the 2015 FIFA U-20 World Cup Aayog to which ministry? public to register their complaints with police online?
c) Malawi d) Malaysia
by defeating Brazil 2-1 ? a) Ministry of Information and Broadcasting a) Kerala b) Odisha
17. Who has been signed as the brand ambassador of
Oxigen Services, a digital payment solution firm? a) Germany b) Serbia b) Ministry of communication and information c) Maharashtra d) Chhattisgarh
c) Netherlands d) Argentina technology
a) Sachin Tendulkar b) Virat Kohli 48. ‘Santhara’ a jainism ritual , is declared illegal by which
28. Delhi was ranked at which position in the list of most c) Ministry of Corporate Affairs of the following HC?
c) MS Dhoni d) None of these
polluted cities in January 2016 by CPCB? d) None of these a) Gujarat b) Uttar pradesh
18. According to World Bank Report 2015, which of the
following states has topped in ease of doing business? a) 6Th b) 2nd 38. Asian Business Leadership Forum 2015 conferred c) Rajasthan d) Punjab
c) 10th d) 1st which of the following with lifetime achievement
a) Rajasthan b) Gujarat award ? 49. Which Indian batsman has been awarded with
c) Jharkhand d) Madhya Pradesh 29. Rotavirus vaccination project was first launched in ? honorary life membership by Cricket Club of India
a) Dr R. Seetharaman b) Hinduja Brothers (CCI)?
19. Who launched Smart National Common Mobility Card a) Madhya pradesh b) Himachal Pradesh
c) H.E. Shaukat Aziz d) Dr Naresh Trehan a) Ajinkya Rahane b) Shikhar Dhawan
model for seamless travel across India? c) Uttar Pradesh d) Andhra Pradesh
39. According to brickwork which Indian state has been c) MS Dhoni d) None of these
a) Nitin Gadkari b) Rajnath singh 30. Name the “Zubaan” movie director who has been emerged as the biggest economy within India ?
c) M.Venkeiah Naidu d) Suresh Prabhu honoured with Rising Director Asia Star award at the 50. In association with which of the following IT firms,
20th Busan International Film Festival for his debut film a) Tamil Nadu b) New Delhi Andhra Pradesh government has launched an e-
20. To enhance cooperation in Tourism sector, Ministry of as director. c) Karnataka d) Maharashtra governance tool called e-Pragati to bring all the
Tourism of India signed a Memorandum of government services under one roof?
Understanding (MoU) with which of the following a) Suresh Gupta b) Pawan Kumar 40. RBI issued ___ rupee coin on International Yoga Day?
country? c) Sooraj Singh d) Mozez Singh a) 20 b) 5 c) 2 d) 10 a) IBM b) Wipro
c) Cognizant d) TCS

Mar. 2016
48 49 Mar. 2016
displaying the major industrial structures in the state. 28. On which of the following banks has RBI imposed Rs 1
MCQ’s Practice Questions | SET-III a) Karnataka b) Maharashtra crore penalty for non-adherence to KYC and anti-
money laundering guidelines?
c) Gujarat d) Madhya Pradesh
a) Laxmi Vilas Bank b) Dhanlaxmi Bank
19. Name the cricketer named as the CEAT International
1. Which of the following launched the 1st anti-diabetes having highest no. of heritage sites? Cricketer of the Year 2015. c) Union Bank d) Indian Bank
Ayurvedic medicine in India recently? a) Italy b) Spain a) Mahendra Singh Dhoni b) Kumar Sangakkara 29. How many Boeing 737 Max 8 Planes has been acquired
a) Indian Council of Medical Research by Jet Airways ?
c) Germany d) India c) Rohit Sharma d) Virat Kohli
b) Council for Science and Industrial Research a) 75 b) 86 c) 77 d) 85
10. 48th ASEAN Foreign Ministers’ meet was held in which 20. IRCTC has partnered with which website to offer deals
c) AIIMS of the following country? to its customers? 30. What is the name of offshore patrol vessel which has
been commissioned by Defence Minister Manohar
d) Union Ministry of Health and Family welfare a) Malaysia b) Mauritious a) mydala.com b) FoodPanda.com Parrikar at Vasco Da Gama ?
2. Major General ______of India was appointed as the c) Thailand d) Honkong c) Amazon.com d) Fasoos.com a) Vaibhav b) Sankalp
Head of Mission and Force Commander of the United 11. Which of the following banck launched Smart 21. RBI signed a MoU with which bank on exchange of
Nations Disengagement Observer Force (UNDOF). c) Samar d) Samarth
Humsafar Plan? information and mutual assistance in banking sector
a) Jai Shanker Menon supervision? 31. Which IT service major will train British university
a) LIC b) SBI
graduates at its Innovation Labs and software
b) Abu Belal Muhammad Shafiul Huq c) BOB d) HDFC a) Central Bank of Seychelles development centres across India ?
c) S.A.P.P Samarasinghe 12. During recent visit of PM Modi to Turkmenistan, 22nd b) People’s Bank of China a) TCS b) Wipro
d) Batoo Tshering TAPI steering committee meeting was held. What is c) Swiss Bank c) Infosys d) Accenture
3. Former IAS officer D J Pandian was appointed as the TAPI? d) World Bank 32. Which F1 driver stood as runner-up in 2015 Formula
Vice President of which of the following bodies on a) Trans-Afghanistan-Pakistan-India 22. 6th National Conference on Nuclear Energy was held in One world championship and won the Brazilian Grand
February 3, 2016? b) Turkmenistan–Afghanistan–Pakistan–India which city? Prix?
a) NITI Ayog c) Tazbekistan-Azerbaijan-Pakistan- India a) New Delhi b) Mumbai a) Lewis Hamilton b) Sebastian Vettel
b) Asian Infrastructure and Investment Bank (AIIB) d) Tanzania- Afghanistan-Pakistan-India c) Jaipur d) Bangluru c) Valtteri Bottas d) Nico Rosberg
c) SAARC 13. South Korean steelmaker Posco made an agreement 23. Indian short film “An Old Dog’s Diary” which has won 33. Which Indian Minister became the first Indian to be
d) Reserve Bank of India (RBI) with Shree Uttam Steel and Power Ltd, of Uttam Galva award at London Film Festival has been directed honoured with Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR)
4. Which of the following is appointed as the Ambassador group to set up steel plant in which of the following by___? Champion for the Asia Region ?
of India to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia ? state? a) Santosh Sivan and Gitanjli Rao a) Krishan Pal b) Jayant Sinha
a) Mohammad Yunus b) Syed Akbaruddin a) Andra Pradesh b) Odisha b) Shai Heredia and Shumona Goel c) Piyush Goyal d) Kiren Rijiju
c) Nagendra Nath Jha d) Ahmad Javed c) Uttar Pradesh d) Maharastra c) Shumona Goel and Santosh Sivan 34. India and UK launched joint initiative “2016: UK-INDIA
5. Which e-commerce company agreed to buy 112-year 14. Bombay Gold Cup is associated with which sports? d) Shai Heredia and Gitanjli Rao Year of Education, Research and Innovation” which
old newspaper South China Morning Post of Hong a) Cricket b) Hockey includes GIAN programme. What does GIAN stands for
24. The book “Dreaming Big – My Journey to Connect ?
Kong ? c) Football d) Volleyball India” is autobiography of___?
a) Snapdeal b) Flipkart a) Global Innovation of Academic Networks
15. Name the country that become 161th member of a) Narayan Tiwari b) Sam Pitroda
c) Alibaba d) Amazon World Trade Oraganisation. b) Global Impact of Academic Networks
c) C.Gangaram Mehta d) D.Suhas Malik
6. Which of the following is emerged as the winner of a) Nambia b) Seychelles c) Global Initiative of Academic Networks
25. India has signed a Mutual Legal Assistance Treaty
2015 BWF Super Series Finals in women’s singles c) Iraq d) Iran (MLAT) in Criminal Matters with which of the d) Global Interaction of Academic Networks
category ? following?
16. Which International Cricket Council President resigned 35. As per “India Health Report: Nutrition 2015” which
a) Luo Ying b) Nozomi Okuhara after Cricket world cup 2015? a) Czech Republic b) Bolivia state has maximum malnourished children in the
c) Gabrielle Adcock d) Luo Yu country ?
a) Mustafa Kamal b) Alan Isaac c) Hungary d) Maldives
7. Who is named as the Sports Illustrated‘s 2015 a) Arunachal Pradesh b) Madhya Pradesh
c) Sharad Pawar d) N.Srinivasan 26. Robert Mugabe, recipient of 2015 Confucius Peace
Sportsperson of the Year ? Prize by China, is___? c) Andhra Pradesh d) Uttar Pradesh
17. The New Foreign Trade Policy 2015-20 Introduced two
a) Sania Mirza b) Lyndrea Price new schemes one on which is -MEIS (Merchandise a) President of Zimbabwe 36. Ministry of Health and Family Welfare consituted
c) Serena Williams d) Venus Williams export from India scheme). Name the Second one. seven-member committee “Drugs Consultative
b) President of Kazakhstan Committee (DCC)” to examine online drug sale issue.
8. UN Women Multi Country Office for India, Bhutan, a) CEIS (Capital Export from India Scheme) c) President of Myanmar Who heads MOHFW ?
Maldives and Sri Lanka have signed a Memorandum of b) DEIS (Direct Export from India Scheme)
Understanding (MoU) with which of the following ? d) President of Portugal a) Ravi Shankar Prasad b) Bandaru Dattatreya
c) SEIS (Service Export from India Scheme) 27. When is World Polio Day observed?
a) NPCI b) FICCI c) Jagat Prakash Nadda d) Thawar Chand Gehlot .
d) JEIS (Joint Export from India Scheme) a) October 24 b) September 24
c) CII d) ASSOCHAM 37. Which of the following has become first Indian state to
18. Which state government has launched industrial c) August 14 d) September 28 allow the members of state legislature to raise
9.According to UNESCO, which of the following country is tourism package to promote development by questions online?

Mar. 2016
50 51 Mar. 2016
a) Rajasthan b) Gujarat 44. Online Application Management System (OAMS) a) Spain b) Turkey that will regulate the refund of excess fees at private
c) New Delhi d) Maharashtra launched for “Nai Roshni” scheme, is under which of c) Japan d) China institutions ?
the following ministry – a) 1 b) 3
38. Which city Police has been conferred with “Express IT 5. As part of the 125th birth anniversary year of which
excellence award” in recognition of h IT initiatives a) Ministry of External Affairs Indian freedom fighter, PM Modi has released c) 5 d) 2
launched by them ? b) Ministry of Minority Affairs commemorative coins of Rs 125 and Rs 10 15. To magnify bilateral cooperation in the field of Solar
a) Chattisgarh Police b) Karnataka Police c) Ministry of Labour and Employment denomination ? Energy, India has signed MoU with which of the
c) Hyderabad Police d) Lucknow Police d) Ministry of Tribal Affairs a) Vallabhai Patel b) Mangal Pandey following country ?
39. The title of Hero World Challenge has been conferred 45. Himachal Pradesh Government launched RISHTA c) B.R.Ambedkar d) Rajendra Prasad a) Maldives b) Iran
upon which of the following professional golfer ? project for saving energy upto 45 to 55 percent. What 6. W h o b e ca m e t h e n e w C h i ef I n fo r m at i o n c) Bahrain d) Germany
a) Anirban Lahiri b) Ricky Fowler does ‘I’ stand for in RISHTA? Commissioner of India in January? 16. Who has been elected as the Bihar assembly Speaker ?
c) Patrick Reed d) Bubba Watson a) Indicating b) Isolating a) Rajiv Mehrishi b) AjitDoval a) Dinesh Oraon b) Sitasharan Sharma
40. Railway minister Suresh Prabhu flagged off double c) Illuminating d) Isotopic c) R K Mathur d) Ashok Khemka c) Mata Prasad Pandey d) Vijay Kumar Chaudhary
decker express train between which of the following 46. Which of the following state to set up special entity 7. The Union Government announced 33% reservation 17. India has been ranked at which position in World
rail routes ? ‘State Level Facilitation Cell’ to fast track Investment for women in which of the following uniformed Economic Forum (WEF) Global gender index ?
a) Jaipur-Goa b) Goa-Mumbai approvals? services ?
a) 108 b) 126
c) Gujarat-Goa d) Goa-Delhi a) Gujarat b) Telangana a) State Police Forces
c) 118 d) 109
41. Which country’s central bank has received USD 1.1 c) Odisha d) Rajasthan b) Central Armed Police Forces
18. INDRA is a joint Military exercise between India and
billion from the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) Under the 47. Indian Railways has inked four MoUs with Union Power c) Indian Air Force which of the following countries?
currency swap agreement ? and New & Renewable Energy Ministry for___ ? d) State Home Guards a) Japan b) China
a) Nepal b) Sri Lanka a) Energy conservation 8. Which of the female mountaineer wrote the book c) Russia d) Bangladesh
c) South Africa d) Bangladesh b) Energy Transmission “Born again” ?
19. Country’s first ‘display variant’ debit card was launched
42. PM Modi launched Rs 45,000 crore scheme with a goal c) Solarisation a) Malavath Purna b) Bachendri Pal by ?
to provide 24-hour power supply to each and every d) All of the above c) Premlata Agarwal d) Arunima Sinha
house of the nation namely a) ICICI Bank b) Yes Bank
48. Which Country hosted BRICS Business forum 2015 for 9. Who has been honoured with Sangeet Samman at the c) Axis Bank d) HDFC BanK
a) National Immigrated Power Development Scheme the first time? ITC Sangeet Sammelan 2015?
(IPDS) 20. The rare fully warm-blooded fish discovered b
a) Dubai b) Brazil a) Akkarai Subbalakshmi Scientists at United States National Oceanic and
b) National Integrated Power Development Scheme
(IPDS) c) India d) USA b) Ambi Subramaniam Atmospheric Administration or NOAA ___?
c) National Integrated Power Distribution Scheme 49. Which Inian naval Ship(INS) was decommissioned after c) L Subramaniam a) Alewife b) Opah
(IPDS) 31 years of service which was built under Naval Science d) L. Vaidyanathan c) Anchovy d) Oarfish
and Technological Laboratory (NSTL)?
d) None of these 10. International Day of Persons with Disabilities is 21. Sumit Mazumder was elected as the president of
a) INS Chakra b) INS Shankul observed every year on ? which organisation?
43. The Non-Competitive bidding facility was only
available for bonds or dated securities. But now RBI has c) INS Keshari d) INS Astravahini a) 5 December b) 1 December a) BHEL b) NASSCOM
proposed to allow Non-Competitive bidding for T-bills 50. Which railway zone launched India’s first Rail Coach lit c) 8 December d) 3 December c) CII d) NCL
also. What is meant by T-bills? by solar panel?
11. Recently which state has launched ‘She Autos’ scheme 22. 6th Meeting of the Group on Automatic Exchange of
a) Tax bills b) Treasury bills a) Northern Railway b) Southern Railway and distributed 49 CNG-fuelled autos to women Information (AEOI) on Transparency and Exchange of
c) Task bills d) None of these c) Western Railway d) Eastern Railway drivers ? Information for Tax Purposes (Global Forum) was held
a) Madhya Pradesh b) Andhra Pradesh at which place ?
c) Uttar Pradesh d) Arunachal Pradesh a) Kerala b) Mumbai

MCQ’s Practice Questions | SET-IV 12. Which of the following countries are not a participant
in the 12th South Asian Games being held in Assam and
c) New Delhi d) Jaipur
23. With Which country did India sign an agreement on
Meghalaya? sharing white-shipping information to enhance
1. Who was appointed as the chief executive officer (CEO) c) Exercise Shakti d) Indra Dhanush a) Pakistan b) Afghanistan maritime cooperation?
of National Institution for Transforming India Aayog 3. Which of the following Naval ships was commissioned a) China b) Maldives
(NITI Aayog)? c) Maldives d) Myanmar
in the Indian Navy as part of the Project 28? c) England d) Singapore
a) Amitabh Kant b) Rajnath Singh 13. The International Fleet Review held by the Indian Navy
a) INS Kochi b) INS Komartu from February 4 to February 8, 2016 was held at which 24. Which Indian bank became the first bank to launch
c) ArunJaitely d) Rajiv Mehrishi c) INS Kadmatt d) INS Delhi of the following cities? mobile wallet service “Batua”, for feature mobile
2. What is the name of Indo-French joint military training 4. India has inked a protocol for amending the existing a) Port Blair b) Visakhapatnam phones?
exercise which was held at Mahajan Field Firing Ranges convention for double taxation avoidance that a) HDFC b) SBI
in Bikaner, Rajasthan? c) Mumbai d) Chennai
provides for effective exchange of information in tax c) Axis d) IDBI
a) INDRA b) Exercise Livewire matters with which country? 14. Delhi Assembly has passed how many education bills,

Mar. 2016
52 53 Mar. 2016
25. Newly launched Indian Long Term Ecological 35. C.Navin Sinha was appointed as the Chief Justice of Special’ to create awareness among various sections of c) Axis Bank d) ICICI
Observatories (I-LTEO) programme will monitor how which Indian State High court? the society has been flagged off from__? 48. Non-steroid drug “Ketoprofen” has been banned in
many biomes (natural landscapes) across the country ? a) Chhattisgarh b) Rajasthan a) Rameshwaram Railway Station which state ?
a) 6 b) 8 c) 2 d) 10 c) Uttar Pradesh d) Bihar b) Jaisalmer Railway Station a) Andhra Pradesh b) Tamil Nadu
26. Which of the following two teams will replace Chennai 36. United Nations Postal Administration (UNPA) unveiled c) Ahmedabad Railway Station c) Maharashtra d) Odisha
and Rajasthan in forthcoming edition of the Indian a set of six commemorative stamps to promote United
Premier League (IPL)? d) Delhi’s Safderjung Railway Station 49. 63rd Nehru Trophy Boat Race was held at ____?
Nations Free and Equal campaign. This campaign
a) Pune and Lucknow b) Japiur and Rajkot supports_____?. 46. Name the novel for which Jamaican author, Marlon a) Veeranpuzha Lake b) Pookode Lake
James has won Man Booker Prize 2015? c) Paravur Lake d) Punnamada Lake
c) Rajkot and Pune d) Panaji and Rajkot a) LGBT Rights b) Human rights
a) A Little Life b) The Fisherman 50. The 2015 Nobel Peace Prize went to which country’s
27. With which of the following has India signed c) Feminism d) Education for Women
agreements on water resources and culture in c) A Spool of Blue Thread National Dialogue Quartet for its contribution to
37. Which of the following organizations gave PQP (Pre- democracy in the wake of the Jasmine Revolution
November this year? qualification of Medicines Programme) certification to d) A Brief History of Seven Killings
a) Sri Lanka b) Bhutan India’s BCG vaccine-making firm Green Signal Bio 47. Which of the following banks has been selected in Dow
Pharma Private Limited? Jones Sustainability Indices becoming the only a) Saudi Arabia b) Yemen
c) China d) Bangladesh
a) Red Cross b) AIIMS domestic bank to get into the index? c) Tunisia d) Norway
28. Name the authors of the book titled “Rebooting India:
Realising a billion aspirations”. c) World Health Organization d) ICMR a) Kotak Mahindra Bank b) Yes Bank
a) Maithili Rao& Viral Shah 38. Who was appointed as the Chief Commissioner for
Persons with Disabilities (CCPD) by the Union Ministry
b) Jairam Ramesh & Santosh Singh
c) Nandan Nilekani & Viral Shah
of Social Justice and Empowerment? MCQ’s Practice Questions | SET-V
a) Arun Jaitely b) Kamlesh Kumar Pandey
d) J B Kriplani
c) Najma Heptulla d) Rajiv Mehrishi
29. Which capital has been named as World Book Capital 1. The 1st solar and stellar observatory of Gujarat by the the report of the committee formed to suggest
for 2017 by United Nations Educational, Scientific and 39. Which of the following pairs won the men’s singles Indian Planetary will be established at ______? restructuring of the body, who was the chairman of the
Cultural Organization (UNESCO) ? event at Australian Open 2016? committee?
a) Surat b) Gandhinagar
a) Wroclaw b) Conakry a) Jamie Murray b) Andy Murray a) Rahul Dravid b) Justice Swatanter Kumar
c) Ahmedabad d) Kutch
c) Incheon d) Bangkok c) Novak Djokovic d) Bruno Soares c) Justice (Retd) R M Lodha d) Saurav Ganguly
2. Who was appointed as the Technology advisor of
30. The Road transport minister Nitin Gadkari inaugurated 40. In Which country largest Blue Star Sapphire was found Odisha? 8. Which neighboring country of India celebrated its
the much-awaited India’s first automated vehicle with the weight of 1404.49 carats? Independence Day on February 4?
a) Amitabh Bachchan b) RohitBansal
testing centre at which of the following places? a) India b) Sri Lanka a) Bhutan b) Nepal
c) NavinPatnaik d) Sam Pitroda
a) Hyderabad b) Bengaluru c) Russia d) USA c) Sri Lanka d) Bangladesh
3. Credit Guarantee Fund approved by the Union Cabinet
c) Nashik d) Chennai 41. Which of the following countries became the 164th is to be established for financing which of the following 9. What is the name of the first Indian Ayurvedic
31. According to recent PwC report , Coal India Limited WTO member in December 2015? Union Government scheme? medicine for Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus which was
become world’s _______ mining company in terms of a) Afghanistan b) Bhutan a) UDAY scheme b) MNREGA recently launched?
market capital c) Iran d) Serbia a) Ayurslim b) TPP-99
c) National Rural Health Mission
a) 8th largest b) 10th largest 42.World Bank Group and FIRST Initiative announced the c) BGR-34 d) Ayush
d) MUDRA scheme
c) 7th largest d) 6th largest launch of a new tool to help governments to 10. Who was appointed as the Chief Justice of Gujarat High
implement public CGS. What does CGS stands for ? 4. River Information System which was inaugurated on
32. India will host the fifth Youth Delphic Games 2016 for January 6, 2016 has been installed on which of the Court?
the first time with the motto “Celebrating Arts and a) Credibility Guarantee Schedule following waterways? a) Justice Ramayyagari Subhash Reddy
Cultures”. In which city it will be held? b) Credit Guarantee Schemes a) National Waterway 1 b) National Waterway 2 b) Justice Navin Sinha
a) Tamil Nadu b) Goa c) Common Guarantee Schedule c) National Waterway 3 d) National Waterway 4 c) Justice Virender Singh
c) Gujarat d) Punjab d) Credibility Guarantee Schemes 5. Who among the following Indian shooters recently d) Justice Ashok Bhushan
33.Government of which of the following state launched 43. Who has been appointed as the senior Vice President won the Gold medal at the Swedish Cup Grand Prix? 11. Balram Jakhar, member of Indian National Congress
“Mhara Gaon-Jagmag Gaon” scheme? of Flipkart? a) Anjali Bhagwat b) Apurvi Chandela who passed away this year served as the Governor of
a) Haryana b) Rajasthan a) Shyam Srinivasan b) Manpreet Vohra which state?
c) HeenaSiddhu d) Susan Koshy
c) Maharashtra d) Jharkhand c) Amar Sinha d) Surojit Chatterjee a) Uttar Pradesh b) Rajasthan
6. Which state lifted the ban on visit of foreign tourists to
34. Who has inked a pact with Technion University from 44. A communication satellite “APSTAR-9” has been certain tribal areas after three years, which was c) Madhya Pradesh d) Punjab
Israel for developing anti-cancer drugs? launched by ___? imposed in 2012? 12. The European Union and United States signed a new
a) Teva Pharmaceuticals a) Russia b) France a) Odisha b) Madhya Pradesh deal on data transfers named EU-US Privacy Shield in
b) Dr.Reddy’s Laboratories c) China d) Japan c) Chattisgarh d) Jharkhand Brussels, Belgium on February 2, 2016. It will replace
c) Sun Pharmaceuticals which of the following data transferring deal between
45. A special train named ‘Science Express Climate Action 7. The Supreme Court of India asked the BCCI to accept EU and US?
d) Mylan Laboratories

Mar. 2016
54 55 Mar. 2016
a) Consumer’s Privacy Agreement d) Hindustan Aeronautics Limited a) M.B. Shah Committee b) A.P. Shah Committee to__ ?
b) Safe Harbour Pact 22. Who got appointed as chairperson of Food Safety and c) P.J. Nayak Committee a) Anupam Kher b) Javed Akhtar
c) EU-US Data Exchange Pact Standards Authority of India (FSSAI)? d) B.S. Baswan Committee c) A R Rahman d) Amitabh Bachchan
d) Internet Consumer’s Safety Agreement a) Ashish Bahuguna b) Arnab Kumar Hazra 34. Which of the following state is not coming under delhi- 44. India-Bangladesh electricity network is financed by
13. UNESCO Creative Cities Network has added which c) Pradeep Chordia d) Yudhvir Singh Malik katra expressway? which lending body under SASEC Program with $120
Indian city as its new member in Music category ? 23. Who won Hungarian Grand Prix 2015? a) Haryana b) Punjab million of loan ?
a) Patiala b) Varanasi a) Lewis Hamilton b) Sebastian Vettel c) Himachal Pradesh d) Jammu and Kashmir a) International Monetary Fund
c) Lucknow d) Japiur c) Nico Rosberg d) Valtteri Bottas 35. Which of the following has become the first Indian to b) World Bank
14. Who has been appointed as the Chairman of World 24. Russia’s Rosneft to acquire 49% stake in which of the qualify for the prestigious President’s Cup? c) Asian Development Bank
Travel & Tourism Council ? following company ? a) Sachin Tendulkar b) Saina Nehwal d) New Development Bank
a) Geoffrey Lipman b) Kapil Chopra a) Essar Oil b) GAIL Ltd c) Anirban Lahiri d) Abhinav Bindra 45. Dudhwa National Park (DNP) is situated at which
c) Michael Frenzel d) David Scowsill c) ONGC d) IOCL 36. The only girl who have been selected as brand border ?
15. Development Credit Bank (DCB) has announced a cut 25. Who was appointed as Ambassador to Sri Lanka, ambassadors for Digital India programme by the a) India–Nepal border b) India–Pakistan border
in its base rate by 15 basis points from 10.85% to Maldives? government of India? c) India–Sri Lanka border d) India–Myanmar border
10.7%. DCB headquarter is situated at which place ? a) Richard Rahul Verma b) Atul Keshap a) Neena Sachdeva b) Seema Jagwani 46. Which High Court has made married daughters of
a) Karnataka b) New Delhi c) Arun Singh d) Deep Ku Upadhyay c) Krati Tiwari d) Sheena Tiwari deceased government employees eligible for the
c) Maharashtra d) Rajasthan 37. Governor Syed Ahmed who passed away last year was appointment on compassionate grounds?
26. In which of the following states ISRO commissioned
16. Which veteran Bollywood actor has been honoured Titanium Sponge Plant? the governor of___? a) Uttarkhand HC b) Kerala HC
with lifetime achievement award at the Dubai a) Karnataka b) Kerela a) Jharkhand b) Manipur c) Bombay HC d) Allahabad HC
International Film Festival (DIFF) ? c) Nagaland d) West Bengal 47. Which country has passed Anti-Terrorism law to strip
c) Andra Pradesh d) Maharastra
a) Om Puri b) Dilip Kumar 38. Which state has received the prestigious ‘Skoch Order- dual nationals of their citizenship if they are convicted
27. Foreign Office Consultations (2nd round) held between of terrorism offences ?
c) Anupam kher d) Naseeruddin Shah India and which of the following country? of-Merit Award’ for implementation of six e-
17. FMC (Forward markets Commission) has been merged Governance and IT initiatives in the state at the 41st a) Japan b) Australia
a) Bolivia b) Paraguay Skoch Summit held at India Habitat Centre in New
with which of the following? c) Russia d) Austria
c) Spain d) Brazil Delhi?
a) BHEL b) NABARD 48. ShanIPV, an injectable inactivated vaccine launched by
28. Which is the first city of the country to have a metro a) Punjab b) Haryana Sanofi Pasteur will cure which of the following disease?
c) NTPC d) SEBI station run only by women? c) Gujarat d) Tamilnadu a) Polio b) Diarrhea
18. The Department of Archaeology and Museums a) Bangaluru b) Jaipur
discovered massive naturally formed ancient twin 39. Who is the present Chief Justice of India? c) Malaria d) Dengue
caves in__? c) Delhi d) Kolkata a) H.L Dattu b) R.M. Lodha 49. On the sidelines of Atomic Energy Amendment Bill
a) Nalgonda district of Telangana 29. Which of the following countries approved by union c) T.S. Thakur d) H. J. Kania 2015, Government has proposed joint ventures
government for exchange of information with respect between Public Sector Undertakings (PSUs) with which
b) Idukki district of Kerala to taxes & to check Black Money Generation? 40. 2,720 acres of land to DRDO for DRDO’s missile testing
project has been awarded by which state government? of the following corporation of India?
c) Rivana South Goa district a) Ethiopia b) Uganda
a) Andhra Pradesh b) Tamil Nadu a) National Mineral Development Corporation
d) Mawsynram East Khasi Hills district of Meghalaya c) Mozambique d) Seychelles
c) Maharashtra d) Karnataka b) Projects & Development India
19. Which mathematician has been chosen for SASTRA 30. For Empays Payment, Emirates NDB tied up with which
Ramanujan Prize 2015 ? 41. The United States Department of Treasury (DoT) has c) Electronics Corporation of India
of the following banks?
a) Manjul Bhargava b) Anand Kumar included India in its list of 34 countries with which it d) Nuclear Power Corporation of India
a) ICICI b) Axis would share information under FATCA regulations to
c) Dr. Jacob Tsimerman d) Suresh Vebapally 50. Which of the following pairs won the women’s doubles
c) HDFC d) SBI curb black money and tax evasion issues. What is event at Australian Open 2016?
20. In which of the following states, a special cell of 31. In which of the following country for the first time, FATCA
Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment a) Sania Mirza and Martina Hingis
Women are allowed to participate as voters in a) Foreign Account Total Compliance Act
Guarantee Act (MGNREGA) cell has been set up to Election? b) Serena Williams and Venus Williams
facilitate effective implementation of the scheme. b) Foreign Account Tax Compliant Act
a) UAE b) Saudi Arabia c) Andrea Hlavackova and Lucie Hradecka
a) Rajasthan b) Gujarat c) Fixed Account Tax Compliance Act
c) Afghanistan d) Iran d) J. Goerges and K. Pliskova
c) Punjab d) Haryana d) Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act
32. Which of the following has been selected as the venue 42. Arthur McDonald is one of the winners of Nobel Prize
21. The winner of Golden Peacock National Quality Award for 2022 Commonwealth Games?
for the year 2015 was __? in physics for his work on neutrinos. He belongs to?
a) Durban b) Gold Coast a) Japan b) Russia
a) Rajiv Gandhi International Airport
c) Edmonton d) New Delhi c) Canada d) Italy
b) Delhi International Airport Limited
33. Name the committee which gave recommendations 43. 5th Hridaynath Mangeshkar Award has been awarded
c) Bharat Heavy Electronics Limited for MAT (Minimum Alternate Tax).

Mar. 2016
56 57 Mar. 2016
17. Where was the India’s first Paragliding World Cup held? Golden Globe award for the best Drama Movie of
MCQ’s Practice Questions | SET-VI a) Jammu and Kashmir b) Himachal Pradesh 2015?
a) Concussion b) The Martian
c) Arunachal Pradesh d) Goa
18. To which of the following companies a contract of 2 c) Black Mass d) The Revenant
1. The Companies Law Committee submitted its 9. Successor of which campaign began in January 2016 to years has been given for the sponsorship of Indian 28. Which armed force launched the nation-wide Tele-
recommendations to amend the Companies Act 2013 rescue/rehabilitate the missing children ? Premier League(IPL)? medicine programme for the troops?
to which of the following ministry? a) Operation Smile b) Operation Muskaan a) DLF b) Samsung a) CRPF b) BSF
a) Union Ministry of Home Affairs c) Operation Laadli d) Operation Sahaj c) PepsiCo d) Vivo c) NSG d) Army
b) Union Ministry of Finance 10. Who among the following administered the oath of 19.The author of “A Brief History of Seven Killings” is the 29. 5th meetings of SAARC Health ministers was hosted in
c) Union Ministry of Corporate Affairs office to the newly sworn in Chief Information winner of Man Booker Prize 2015. Name of the author which city?
Commissioner? is___?
d) Union Ministry of Economic Affairs a) Colombo b) Bangkok
a) Chief Justice of India a) Marlon James b) John McFarlane
2. Union Minister of Science, Technology and Earth c) Kathmandu d) New Delhi
Sciences will set up Borehole Geophysics Research b) Central Vigilance Commissioner c) Jes Staley d) Antony Jenkins 30. Which team won the 5th National Hockey
Laboratory (BGRL) at Hazarmachi, Karad, Maharashtra c) Speaker of the LokSabha 20. A bus service has been started in east India which goes Championship title?
to investigate the earthquake mechanism in which of d) President of India via Dhaka, Bangladesh. The extreme cities of this bus
the following region? a) Hockey Jharkhand
11. The Committee which submitted its report to the service are
a) Koyna Region b) Mumbai region b) Madhya Pradesh hockey Academy
Supreme Court of India in relation to the reforms a) Agartala-Guwahati b) Agartala-Kolkata
c) Juhu Region d) Pune Region required in Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) is ? c) Punjab team
c) Guwahati-Kolkata d) Dispur-Kolkatta
3. Who became the first woman IPS officer to head a a) Vijay Kelkar Committee d) Railways
21. International Day of the Girl Child was observed on?
paramilitary force as the Director General of Sashastra b) R.M. Lodha Committee 31. India and Iran signed a MOU for developing which port
Seema Bal (SSB)? a) November 24 b) August 12 in iran?
c) Cricket Reform Committee c) October 11 d) September 13
a) K Durga Prasad a) Port of Sohar b) Port of Chabahar
d) BCCI Reform Committee 22. Which state has launched Mission Abaas to provide
b) Kanchan Chaudhary Bhattacharya c) Port of Hajira d) Gwadar Port
12. Which of the following application developed by affordable houses to urban poor?
c) Archana Ramasundram Department of Commerce won the eASIA Award 2015 32. What is the objective of pradhan manrti Deen Dayal
a) Odisha b) Maharashtra Upadhay Gram jyoti yojna?
d) Kanwaljeet Deol under Trade Facilitation category?
c) Kerala d) Telangana a) To provide 24*7 Electricity supply to rural areas
4. Saroj Kumar Jha of Indian Origin was appointed as the a) DDMA Project
Senior Director of which of the following Group of 23. Who has won the best CEO award (private sector) at b) To provide 24*7 Water supply to rural households
b) Drug Facilitation Application the fifth edition of Forbes India Leadership Awards
World Bank? c) To provide mid day meal to BPL group
c) Commercial Drug Application (FILA), 2015 held in Mumbai?
a) Children’s development Group d) To provide Houses for all Rural farmers
d) DAVA Project a) Samit Ghosh b) CP Gurnani
b) Fragility, Conflict and Violence Group 33. Ram Chandra Guha is well known for which of his
13. Which of the following countries will leave South Asian c) Shikha Sharma d) Chanda Kochar
c) Conservation of Wetland Group Football Federation (SAFF) Championship in the year following book?
24. Which of the following Indian Badminton players was
d) Regulation of water facilities Group 2016 and will join the Central Asian Football ranked at 1st position internationally in Junior a) India After Gandhi
5. With which of the following India has signed an Association in 2016? Badminton rankings released? b) Kashmir :The Vajpayee Years
agreement on Maritime Transport? a) Afghanistan b) India a) ChetanAnand b) Manu Attri c) India Central Asia Relations: The Economic
a) Oman b) Kazakhstan c) Maladives d) Bangladesh c) Aditya Joshi d) SirilVerma Dimension
c) Egypt d) Indonesia 14. Which Indian shooter set the world record by scoring 25. The e-Tappal system recently launched by the Andhra d) The 3U turns of my Life
6. With which of the following has India signed double 211.2 points in a women’s 10-metre Air Rifle at Swedish Pradesh Government is meant for ________? 34. United Nations Public Service Award 2015 in the
taxation treaty to avoid the double taxation on imports Cup Grand Prix 2016 on January 5, 2016? category of improving delivery of public services for or
a) Providing internet access to rural areas
and exports between the countries? a) Shweta Singh b) RajyashreeKumari eliminating open defecation in the district has won
b) Tracking of files and applications in Government by___?
a) Singapore b) Myanmar c) Apurvi Chandela d) ShagunChowdhary offices
c) Turkmenistan d) Kazakhstan 15. Which of the following is going to acquire Larsen & a) Auraiya district of Uttar Pradesh
c) Providing agriculture related information to farmers
7. Which company is set to launch pilot internet project in Turbo’s (L&T) Kattupalli Port in Tamil Nadu? b) Nadia District of West Bengal
d) Providing Weather information to fishermen in
India with Project Loon by using large balloons? a) Mundra Ports b) Adani Ports coastal areas c) Jamnagar district of Gujarat
a) Infosys b) Microsoft c) Shikhar Group d) Tianjin Ports 26. Which of the following online real estate portal has d) Bhilwara district of Rajasthan
c) Google d) Facebook 16. Which country has passed a new law stating that the been acquired by Quikr acquired?. 35. Which of the following companies has signed a MoU
8. 5th Heart of Asia conference with theme “Heart of students trying to copy in examinations will face a jail a) Sahara b) CommonFloor.com. with Akshaya Patra Foundation to provide mid-day
Asia-Istanbul Process” hosted by which country ? term of up to seven years? meal in Odisha?
c) Prestige Group d) 99 Acres
a) Israel b) Afganistan a) Denmark b) Nepal a) Airtel b) Idea Cellular
27. Which of the following Hollywood movie won the
c) Turkey d) Pakistan c) China d) Azerbaijan c) Wipro d) Infosys

Mar. 2016
58 59 Mar. 2016
5. Which Indian-origin student won the Institute of a) Septarshi Srkar b) Amitav Gosh
36. Which of the following Hollywood movies won the c) Unreserved category Physics Prize (IOP)?
Oscar award for Best movie in Oscar ceremony 2016? c) APJ Abdul Kalam d) Mohammaed Iqbal
d) Persons with disability a) Pratap Singh b) Duraiswamy
a) The Revenant b) Mad Max: Fury Road 15. Which of the following international bodies publish
44. Which of the following Cricket teams was ranked at c) Sahil Doshi d) Pooja Chandrasekhar Global Risks Report 2016?
c) Spotlight d) The Danish Girl No.1 in the latest test rankings released by the ICC?
6. Which of the following organisation was declared the a) World Health Organisation
37. Who among the following took over charge as the A. India B. Australia winner of National Award on e-Governance 2015-16
Chairman of National Human Rights Commission b) United Nations
C. South Africa D. New Zealand under ‘innovative use of technology in e-governance’
(NHRC)? category? c) World Trade Organisation
45. What is the name of India’s first solar mission to be
a) H L Dattu b) Vikramjit Sen launched by ISRO as announced in the Lok Sabha? a) Employees’ Provident Fund Organisation d) World Economic Forum
c) Kurien Joseph d) K G Balakrishnan a) Surya Kiran b) Nabh b) Ministry of Labour and Employment 16. British actor Alan Rickman passed away. He was known
38. Who among the following was sworn in as the Chief for which of the following roles played by him in the
c) Aaditya L-1 d) Sooraj P-1 c) Ministry of Culture series of Harry Potter movies?
Justice of the Odisha High Court?
46. Who is the author of “The First Muslim: The Story of d) Ministry of Agriculture and Farmers’ Welfare a) Severus Snape b) Dumbledore
a) Justice Vikramjit Sen b) Justice Vineet Saran Muhammad” ? 7. Which of the following digital services launched by c) Vicomte de Valmont d) Hans Gruber
c) Justice Sanjay Mishra d) Justice Swantantar Kumar a) Jitendra Gianchandani b) Lasley Hazleton Government of India was acclaimed and appreciated in
39. Who ranked first in the Fortune India list of 50 most- the recently published World Bank report on Digital 17. India celebrated its 68th Army Day on January 15 and is
c) Karen Armstrong d) Reza Aslan celebrated in the remembrance of first Chief of Army
powerful businesswomen for 2015? expansion globally?
47. Asian Indoors Athletic Championship 2016 is being Staff of Indian Army (of Independent India). What is his
a) Chanda Kochhar b) Shikha Sharma held in which of the following countries? a) E-Courts b) Online FIR name?
c) Arundhati Bhattacharya d) Nishi Vasudeva a) Maldives b) Qatar c) Aadhar card a) Kodandera Madappa Cariappa
40. The G-20 summit of Finance ministers is being held in c) Kuwait d) Malaysia d) Internet enabled payment of taxes b) Robin Dhowan
which of the following cities from February 26, 2016? 8. ‘Book Transcendence: My spiritual Experiences with
48. Which team won gold medal in World Archery c) Rajendrasinhji Jadeja
a) Shanghai, China b) Moscow, Russia Championship ? Pramukh Swamiji’ is written By-
d) Francis Robert Roy Bucher
c) Athens, Greece d) Rome, Italy a) India b) Russia a) Septarshi Srkar b) Amitav Gosh
18. Jawaharlal Nehru Port Trust (JNPT) and Maharashtra
41. India and which country Hold their First Ever Meet at c) Colombia d) Denmark c) APJ Abdul Kalam d) Mohammaed Iqbal Maritime Board (MMB) have signed an MoU for the
Daulat Beg Oldie in Ladakh? 9. Which country is going to host 2017 Women’s Cricket construction of green field port at Vadhawan. In which
49. The first ‘Gender Park’ which will be inaugurated on
a) Pakistan b) Nepal February 27, 2016 is a initiative of which of the World cup? district, Vadhawan is located ?
c) China d) Bangladesh following Bodies? a) England b) China a) Nagpur b) Thane
42. Which sector of the economy registered highest a) National Commission for Women c) Australia d) India c) Aurangabad d) Nasik
growth as per the economic survey 2015-16? b) Union Ministry of Health and Family Welfare 10. Who has won 36th American Book Award 2015 for the 19. Who is the first Raw officer who has been appointed as
a) Agriculture b) Manufacturing c) Government of Kerala book titled ‘Rebel Music: Race, Empire, and the New member of UPSC?
c) Finance d) Services Muslim Youth Culture’? a) Arvind Saxena b) Rahul Mishra
d) Union Ministry of Social Justice
43. As per the Railway budget 2016-17 Deen Dayalu a) Randall Dale Chipkar b) Gordon Hutner c) Anoor Mittal d) Rajat Kapoor
50. What is the name of the recently concluded military
Coaches will be added to trains to cater for exercise between India and Nepal? c) Hisham Aidi d) Naomi Klein 20. What is the name of the recently opened permanent
___________? 11. Who was terminated from the office of FIFA’s Secretary exhibition showcasing Nuclear energy in North India?
a) Exercise Live wire b) Indradhanush
A. Senior Citizens B. Women General by International Federation of Association a) Hall of Fame b) Nuclear Power of India
c) Indra 2016 d) Surya Kiran Football (FIFA) Emergency Committee?
c) Hall of Nuclear Power d) Parmanu Sanghraylya
a) Sepp Blatter b) Lionel Messi
21. Which of the following countries are not a part of the
c) Jerome Valcke d) Michel Platini
MCQ’s Practice Questions | SET-VII 12. India ranked 143 out of 162 countries on 2015 Global
Asian Infrastructure Bank that was recently opened?
a) Australia b) Japan
Peace Index which attempts to measure the relative
position of nations and regions peacefulness. Which c) Sri Lanka d) New Zealand
1. Which of the following states hiked the luxury tax upto a) Kerela b) Madhya Pradesh country topped the list ? 22. Where is the headquarters of the recently opened
13.5% from January 2016? c) Karnataka d) Andhra Pradesh Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB) located?
a) Denmark b) Iceland
a) Delhi b) Himachal Pradesh 4. Retired Lieutenant General JFR Jacob who passed away a) Tokyo b) Seoul
c) Austria d) Switzerland
c) Uttar Pradesh d) Bihar this year played a pivotal role in which of the following c) Beijing d) Singapore city
13. Which country is going to host 2017 Women’s Cricket
2. Raja Rajeshwari became the first Indian American war as the Chief of Staff of Indian Army’s Eastern
World cup? 23. Which of the following zoo was selected for the fund of
criminal court judge in which city? Command ?
a) England b) China 250 Million US $ by World Bank for its restoration?
a) Washington DC b) New York a) 1965 Indo – Pakistani war
c) Australia d) India a) Delhi Zoo
c) Chicago d) San Diego b) 1971 Indo – Pakistani war
14. ‘Book Transcendence: My spiritual Experiences with b) Indra Gandhi Zoological Park, Visakhapatnam
3. Which state gets its first skin bank at Victoria Hospital c) 1967 Indo – China War
Pramukh Swamiji’ is written By- c) Alipore Zoological Garden, Kolkata
after Chennai, Delhi and Mumbai? d) Kargil War
d) Rajiv Gandhi Zoological Park, Pune

Mar. 2016
60 61 Mar. 2016
a) US b) Canada phone ‘Freedom251’ on February 18, 2016?
24. Which of the following Badminton franchise won the cleanest city under ‘Swachh Bharat Abhiyan’ ?
title of Premier Badminton League 2016 in New Delhi? c) Japan d) China a) Union Ministry of Information and Broadcasting
a) Bhubneswar b) Gangtok
a) Chennai Smashers b) Mumbai Rockets 44. Which country topped the medals tally with 308 b) Reliance India
c) Nainital d) Kochi
medals in the 12th South Asian Games concluded c) Ringing Bells
c) Hyderabad Hunters d) Delhi Acers 34. Name the latest Naval establishment of Indian Navy recently?
25. The politician V. Rama Rao who passed away in January that was commissioned at Porbandar, Gujarat by d) Department of Science and Technology,
a) Sri Lanka b) Maldives Government of India
this year was appointed as the Governor of which of Anandiben Patel
the following Indian states in 2002? c) India d) Pakistan 48. Who has written Swachh Bharat Anthem released on
a) INS Vivekananda b) INS Mouraya
a) Andhra Pradesh b) Meghalaya 45. The theme of International Day of Peace observed on 2nd October 2015, to make the “Clean India” campaign
c) INS Sardar Patel d) INS Rajguru
21 September 2015 was__ ? a public movement,?
c) Sikkim d) Jammu and Kashmir 35. Name the famous bengali writer, recipient of Jnanpith
a) Partnerships for Peace — Dignity for All a) Prasoon Joshi b) Javed Akhtar
26. Indian author Anuradha Roy won the DSC Prize for Award (2000) and National Award (1996 ) who passed
South Asian Literature 2016 for which of the following away in May 2015? b) Peace world Peaceful life c) Gulzar d) Farhan Akhtar
novels? a) Bani Basu b) Suchitra Bhattacharya c) Reduction of violence- make peace for all 49. What is the name of the Prime Minister of Nepal who is
a) She Will Build Him A City d) Overcome Indifference and Win Peace on a six day official visit to India?
c) Tilottama Majumder d) Pritama Thakur
b) Sleeping on Jupiter 46. The India-US Startup Konnect to highlight the a) Baburam Bhattarai b) Ram Baran Yadav
36. ASEAN-USA summit 2016 is being held in which of the
c) An Atlas of Impossible Longing following countries? strengths of the Indian startup ecosystem took place c) Kamal Thapa d) K P Sharma Oli
on September 2015 at ___ ? 50. Popular book ‘God’s bankers: A History of Money and
d) The Folded Earth a) Philippines b) Vietnam
a) Fremont, California b) Delhi Power at the Vatican’ is written by____ ?
27. Sushil Koirala who passed away in February served c) USA d) Malaysia
which of the following positions? c) San Jose, California d) Varanasi, Gujarat a) Arunima Sinha b) Harish Khare
37. The National Woman Sports is being held in which of
a) Prime Minister of Nepal the following states from February 14-17, 2016? 47. Which of the following launched the world’s cheapest c) Gerald Posner d) Daniel A Bell
b) President of Nepal a) Karnataka b) Haryana
c) Deputy Prime Minister of Nepal c) Bihar d) Uttarakhand
d) Speaker of Nepal’s Parliament Assembly 38. On which of the following banks RBI imposed ban for
violating KYC Norms?
28. Who took charge as the Executive Vice-Chairman of
the Energy and Resources Institute TERI? a) SIDBI, YES bank, Punjab National bank
a) Hoesung Lee b) Arun Jaitely b) SBI,YES Bank, Union Bank
c) Rajendra Kumar Pachauri d) Prakash Javdekar c) Bank of Maharastra, DENA bank, Oriental Bank of
29. Which of the following state Government has offered Commerce
to make INS Viraat into a museum recently? d) HDFC,ICICI bank, DENA Bank
a) Maharashtra b) Goa 39. Which city was ranked No.1 as per the ‘Swachh
c) Odisha d) Andhra Pradesh Survekshan 2016’ ranking of 73 cities?
30. Three day mega event ‘Destination North-east 2016’ is a) Varanasi b) New Delhi
being organised by which of the ministries under c) Mysuru d) Gangtok
Government of India? 40. Which of the following city was ranked at the bottom at
a) Ministry of Tourism rank 73 as per the ‘sawcch Survekshan 2016?
b) Ministry of Tribal Affairs a) Patna b) Asansol
c) Ministry of Development of North East region c) Varanasi d) Dhanbad
d) Ministry of Commerce and Industry 41. Which of the following e-commerce site has launched
31. As per the National Framework for elimination of its instant refund facility to help its customers get
Malaria recently released by Union Government, refunds within one hour of receiving the returned
Malaria is expected to be eliminated completely from products?
India by_____? a) Flipkart b) Snapdeal
a) 2020 b) 2022 c) Jabong d) Myntra
c) 2035 d) 2030 42. Which Hollywood movie the award for the best movie
32. Who is the first RAW officer appointed as member of in BAFTA awards 2016?
UPSC? a) Mad Max: Fury Road b) The Revenant
a) Arvind Saxena b) Rahul Mishra c) Sicario d) Carol
c) C. Anoor Mittal d) D. Rajat Kapoor 43. . India has inked MOU in the field of Civil Aviation with
33. Which of the following cities were found as the which of the following country?

Mar. 2016
62 63 Mar. 2016
1. B 6. D 11. B 16. C 21. B 26. C 31. C 36. B 41. A 46. B
2. B 7. C 12. C 17. C 22. A 27. B 32. D 37. D 42. B 47. C
3. B 8. D 13. B 18. C 23. C 28. D 33. A 38. C 43. D 48. C
4. A 9. C 14. A 19. B 24. C 29. C 34. A 39. D 44. C 49. B
5. C 10. C 15. C 20. B 25. C 30. A 35. C 40. A 45. C 50. C
1. A 6. D 11. B 16. B 21. A 26. C 31. B 36. A 41. B 46. A
2. D 7. D 12. B 17. A 22. B 27. B 32. C 37. B 42. B 47. B
3. A 8. B 13. B 18. B 23. C 28. A 33. D 38. B 43. C 48. C
4. C 9. B 14. C 19. C 24. B 29. B 34. A 39. D 44. C 49. A
5. B 10. C 15. A 20. D 25. B 30. D 35. B 40. D 45. D 50. B
1. B 6. B 11. B 16. A 26. A 31. A 36. C 41. B 46. C
2. A 7. C 12. B 17. C 27. A 32. D 37. D 42. B 47. D
3. B 8. B 13. D 28. B 33. D 38. C 43. B 48. A
4. D 9. A 14. B 29. A 34. C 39. D 44. B 49. D
5. C 10. A 15. B 30. D 35. D 40. B 45. C 50. A
1. A 6. C 11. B 16. D 21. C 26. C 31. D 36. A 41. A 46. D
2. C 7. B 12. D 17. A 22. C 27. C 32. B 37. C 42. B 47. B
3. C 8. D 13. B 18. C 23. D 28. C 33. A 38. B 43. D 48. B
4. C 9. C 14. B 19. C 24. B 29. B 34. C 39. C 44. C 49. D
5. C 10. D 15. D 20. B 25. B 30. C 35. A 40. B 45. D 50. C

1. D 6. A 11. C 16. D 21. B 26. B 31. B 36. C 41. D 46. D
2. D 7. C 12. B 17. D 22. A 27. B 32. A 37. B 42. C 47. B
3. B 8. C 13. B 18. A 23. B 28. B 33. B 38. B 43. C 48. A
4. A 9. C 14. B 19. C 24. A 29. D 34. C 39. C 44. C 49. D
5. B 10. A 15. C 20. C 25. B 30. B 35. C 40. A 45. A 50. A
1. C 6. C 11. B 16. C 21. C 26. B 31. B 36. C 41. C 46. B
2. A 7. C 12. D 17. B 22. A 27. D 32. A 37. A 42. D 47. B
3. C 8. D 13. A 18. D 23. B 28. B 33. A 38. B 43. C 48. B
4. C 9. A 14. C 19. A 24. D 29. D 34. A 39. C 44. B 49. D
5. C 10. D 15. B 20. B 25. B 30. D 35. B 40. A 45. C 50. D


1. D 6. A 11. C 16. A 26. B 31. D 36. C 41. B 46. C
2. B 7. C 12. B 17. B 27. A 32. A 37. C 42. B 47. C
3. C 8. C 13. A 28. C 33. A 38. C 43. B 48. A
4. B 9. A 14. C 29. D 34. C 39. C 44. C 49. D
5. A 10. C 15. D 30. C 35. B 40. D 45. A 50. C

Mar. 2016