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Rainforest Capital

Mr. Abhoy Pattnaik

Management Team Chairman & Founder
Regd. Office:684 Huagong Avenue 8, #04-971, Singapore –
(530684) Corporate Headquarters Phum Serei Dai Dah,
Sangkat Prey Veng, Khan Dangkor, Phnom Penh, Cambodia

Abhay has direct experience with major PPP projects

including hospitals, transportation and conservation projects
and has participated in high level negotia- tions with trade
missions, HNI investors, governments and the private

Abhay Kumar Pattnaik has over 20 years experience in working

on highly visible private and governmental pro-jects in Asia. He
currently resides in Cambodia and holds an MBA from Xavier
Institute of Management in Orissa, India.
Abhay developed marketing and sales strategies for Pfizer and
Heinz while in India, PPP projects in Vietnam, Cambodia, Sri
Lanka, Thailand, Singapore and Lao with local and multinational
companies where his responsibilities included marketing,
strategic management, risk mitigation, project financing as well
as port-folio development and management.
Recently, Abhay has worked with the Security Exchange Abhay has worked with the Cambodian
Commission of Cambodia as the Technical Advisor to the Chamber of Commerce, being instrumental
Director General to assist in the development of the securities in establishing the framework for strategic
market. During this time he organized the policy framework policy development and implementation of
developments with SGX, NYSE and ASX as well as organized the Chamber of Commerce Private Public
the road shows with the International Chamber of Commerce. Sector round table working group in
Additionally, he was directly involved in the development of the Cambodia.
National Stock Exchange of Cambodia, developed the working
group legal framework for the Cambodian capital market and As Chairman of Rainforest Capital, A
developed the blueprint for the Credit Rating Agency of Singapore based asset management
Cambodia. company, Abhoy will be bundling
intangible and tangible assets globally to
integrate value chain, fund raising,
evaluating, structuring, and completing
private equity transactions throughout the
region. Rainforest Capital will manage
investments in multiple sectors, infrastruc-
ture opportunities, real estate in Vietnam,
Cambodia and Lao as well as other

As a UN-FAO consultant he assisted in the development of the

agro industry policy for Cambodia, facilitating raising of bonds for
Royal Government of Cambodia for Private Equity Capital
Management to be utilized in project execution as well as
directing investments into multiple sectors and infrastructure
projects opportunistic investment possibilities.

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