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Rheanne Menezes and Aleesha Matic Year 3

Organizer: __________________________________________ Year levels/class: ______________________________________
th History of ANZAC’s
Date of Excursion: Wednesday 10 October, 2018
___________________________________ Activity: _____________________________________________
Planned Educational Outcome:

This term, students have been focusing their learning on and discovering a deeper understanding of ANZAC’s through a variety of stimulating activities surrounding HASS
in the History strand.

Completing the ANZAC Cottage excursion through the education program provided by Anne Chapple and her husband, will present students with proficiency and
information covering a range of curriculum links from the Knowledge and Understanding strand; specifically under History (ACHASSK063), (ACHASSK064) and
ACHASSK062). Furthermore, from the Humanities and Social Science Skills (WAHASS28), (WAHASS29), (WAHASS32) and (WAHASS35 enhancing their ability to connect
and associate their learnings with their understanding. Therefore, this excursion encourages students to use HASS skills to record, evaluate and interpret information and
experiences presented to them, in addition to being exposed to the content of their prior learning through real-life experiences.

Whilst this excursion focuses mainly upon aspects from the History strand, in the pre-and post activities, Geography and Civics and Citizenship will be covered and be
integrated, in addition to other learning areas such as English, maths and art. For example: this excursion has a strong cross curriculum link with English as the book ‘The
House that Was Built in a Day: ANZAC Cottage by Valerie Everett and Barbara’ is studied beforehand and implemented. Therefore, it illustrates a strong connection to the
ANZAC Cottage, giving students a deeper understanding of the venue, enhancing the purpose of the excursion and their experience.

The ANZAC Cottage excursion further implements interconnections with general capabilities of Literacy, Numeracy, Critical and Creative Thinking and Information and
Communication Technology (ICT) Capability.

Students will remain in their two separate classes for the activities within the ANZAC Cottage. The six parents present will be distributed evenly across these classes with
one parent to ten children for maximal supervision and help. There are two major activities as part of the education program conducted at the ANZAC Cottage. Firstly,
students have the opportunity of moving through the ANZAC Cottage with Anne Chapple to discover and learn about how the house came to be built, the Porter family
who lived there and its current use. Students will examine the house and read stories displayed while responding to directed and reflective questions about the house, its
history and purpose. The second activity is a Mystery History Hunt with the guidance of Mr Chapple, including activities of comparing earlier images of ANZAC Cottage to
the building as it is today, and identifying, recoding and mapping key features and information. During these activities, students will have an activity package that has been
supplied by Anne Chapple at the ANZAC Cottage for students to come prepared with and fill in throughout the day.

In addition to this excursion students will complete ‘pre’ and ‘post’ lessons, providing multiple opportunities for students to extend their learning through a variety of
diverse activities.

ANZAC Cottage 38 Kalgoorlie Street, Mt Hawthorn 6016

Venue: ___________________________________________________ Location:___________________________________________________
6 parents; Angelo Kim 0412 345 677, Bec Fay 0412 345 676
Other teachers, support staff, parents involved:______________________________________________________________________________
Chad Ramsey 0412 345 675, Melissa Lewis 043 524 168, Ian Bas 0413 567 320 & Lisa Davies 0412 345 674
9:15 am 9:45am 2:15pm 2:45 pm
School departure: ___________ Arrive venue:____________________ Depart venue:_____________ Arrive school:______________________

Costing : ABN School Actual Cost GST Student Cost

(Other Company ABN) Order Number (includes GST) (subtract from (no GST)
actual cost)
Bus $247.50 $24.75 $222.75
Admission/Provider $2 N/A $2
Total : $249.50 $24.75 $274.75
Total student cost: $274.75 ÷ Number of Students: 60 students = Cost per student = $5

Teacher Checklist
L.O.T.E. Guitar
Filled in excursion Safety Preparation Plan (see attached)
Confidential declarations filled in by parents Canteen Art
Parent consent forms (see attached) Music Flute
Inform specialist teachers of absence Religious Teacher
Check with excursion coordinator that dates do not clash

Replacement Duty teacher Who?

Arrangements for students not participating: All students will be attending. If a student for a specific reason will not be attending
they will complete the day in the other Year 4 class with work to complete in place of the excursion.

Principal’s Check List:

Supervision Information Sheet Activity Transport
Costs Consent Form Students Times
Principal’s Signature: Date:

(Department of Education, 2018)

All students will be attending. If a student for a specific reason will not be attending they will
complete the day in the other Year 4 class with work to complete in place of the excursion.