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Good News!

Catholic Parish of St Mary & St Thomas More

2 Hallcourt Crescent, Cannock , WS11 0AB,
Parish Priest: Fr Peter Weatherby tel: 07766 335591
7th October • 27th Sunday in Ordinary Time Deacons : Rev Michael Vickery, Rev Paul Hender
Parish Sister: Sr Jacinta Mariette / Sr Sebastian
Welcome to everyone at Mass today, especially if you are New Cross & Cannock Hospital Chaplains: 01902 695098
new to our church or haven't been to Mass for some time. St Mary’s Centre (Meals and Functions) 01543 579364
Practising Catholics, clear in conscience that they are priest@cannockcatholic.org & www.cannockcatholic.org
properly prepared, may receive holy communion. Others Cafod Representative : Jo Burrowes
are invited to come forward for a blessing. If so, please Safeguarding: Jo Burrowes & Ann Hinsley
place your hand on your heart to indicate this to the priest, (Birmingham Diocesan Trust: Reg Charity No. 234216)
deacon or minister.

Masses, Intentions & other services
 He gave them his blessing …

Check mass intentions online at bit.ly/mass-intentions
Harvest Fast collection school.

7th October • 27th Sunday • Openness for Cafod is this For further information
Sat 6 5pm Thanksgiving (NPP) weekend. If you are or to request an
Sun 7 8am Ian Lees RIP taxpayer please make application form please
10.30am Jack & Tess Peter (65th Wedding sure that you use the contact the school
Anniversary) envelopes so that Cafod bursar on 01922 666335.
The Sorrowful Mysteries can claim from your gift The Baby Bear Project
Mon 8 No Mass the tax which you have are holding a fashion
Tue 9 7pm Lucia Selo RIP already paid. show at Salem Church
Wed 10 9:15am Mary Tarbuck RIP Sunday Blues! 
 Cheslyn Hay on
(School Mass with St Mary’s) Next Sunday 10.30am in November 8th to raise
Thu 11 9:15am Shelagh Gleve RIP the Family Mass in the funds. Poster is here:
1.45pm School Mass at St Thomas More School month of the Rosary. bit.ly/2njwrvj
Holy Souls Please wear Friendship Club next
Fri 12 9:15am Thanks to St Jude & Sacred Heart something blue! and meeting is on Monday
Sat 13 10am Parish & People
 also bring your rosaries 15th October in the club
along with you and they next door at 12:00noon.
14th October • 28th Sunday • Happiness will be blessed during All parishioners invited
Sat 13 5pm Terry Groves RIP the mass. to attend.
Sun 14 8am Kath & Pat Gill RIP Saints? 

10.30am Intentions of Tom Murphy World Porridge Day! is
Our Journey of Faith on Wednesday 10th
course begins this week
Saints & Holy Days Tuesday, Blessed John Henry Newman, October. This is an
with a series of session initiative of Mary’s
Wednesday, Saint Paulinus of York, Friday, St Wilfred, on the Saints. Thursdays
Saturday, Saint Edward the Confessor. Meals which is a global
in the Centre from 7pm. movement to bring joy
Funeral Friday 12th October 10am William (Bill) Vale This week: St Thomas and hope to more than
(service) Aquinas. All welcome. 1.3 million children
Wedding Oct 12th 4pm Wayne Rotchell and Lindsay The Universe is now throughout the world.
Carroll £1.50 per issue. You can find out more
Children’s Liturgy Sunday at 10.30am Mass Children’s Liturgy: about Mary’s Meals at
Exposition (Holy Hour) Saturdays 9am to 9.50am (not seeks volunteers to help marysmeals.org.uk.
Rosary 8.50am before Mass on Thursday and Friday at the 10:30am Mass on Quiz winners: General
Morning Prayer 9.40am Saturday a Sunday once or twice a Knowledge: Cath Hunt
Confessions Sat 9-9.50am, 10.30-11am, 4.30-4.50pm. month. For info contact & Doug Bruce;
Sue 01543 578542. Christmas Music:
Parish Income 30 Sept £560 (Gift Aid £261), Parish Maureen Murphy;
Development Fund donation £110 St. Thomas More
Catholic Primary Christmas Trivia: Dave
Parish Development Fund: so far you have raised School in Great Gleve. Thanks to
£4091.52! The Finance Committee and the Diocesan offices Wyrley will be holding Veronica for all her hard
are agreed that before beginning work a full inspection an Open Day on work.
should be made of the buildings and a plan of work put Wednesday 7th APF/Missio Red Boxes
into place. This will happen soon! November 2018 for will be emptied during
Second collections: this weekend: 7th October Cafod anyone who may be October. Please bring
(Harvest Fast Day). Envelopes are available in Church. 14th interested in a Nursery boxes to Church.
October, Carpet Fund, 21st October APF World Mission or Reception place for
Day. September 2019 in our
Please submit notices and items for publication to Fr Peter by hand, by text 07766 335591 or by email to priest@cannockcatholic.org
7th October• 27th Sunday in Ordinary Time

St Mary’s Centre 01543 579364 St Mary’s Centre - our Parish Community Centre
Sunday Carvery 12-3pm £6.95 and Social Club invites your insights and
Wednesday Carvery 5.30-8pm 2 for £10 opinions as it prepares to make a major bid for
Thursday OAP Special: funding. Please collect the a questionnaire from
12-2pm £4.00 (£5.95 non oaps) the back of the Church, or complete it online at
Saturday Menu 4-8pm 2 for £9 bit.ly/cannocksurvey
… for those in our parish
Please Pray …
Coming Soon … receiving communion at

… The Holy Father's Prayer home: Tom Murphy,
Oct 11th Journey in Faith begins 7pm in the Intention for consecrated Norah Perry, Peter Clamp,
Centre. We begin sessions on The Saints! religious men and women Don and Breeda Hinton,
Oct 6th 7.30pm Barn Dance in St Mary's may bestir themselves, and Gerry Marriott, Billie
Community Centre Mucky Duck Ceilidh Band. be present among the Wyles, Maria Wacławski,
poor, the marginalised, Catherine Holloway,
Profits to Development (Carpet) Fund. £10. Poster
and those who have no Bernard Deakin, Iris
here: bit.ly/2o05RHS Robertson, Mary Casey,
Nov 1st All Saints’ Mass at St Mary’s at 7pm Christine Rogers, Helen
(jointly with Our Lady of Lourdes, Hednesford) … for Persecuted Pawłak.
Nov 11th Blessing of Graves 2pm at Christians in Sudan where
Hednesford: (date changed) churches are demolished ... for those undergoing or
without notice, religious recovering from treatment
Nov 24th Christmas Fair 12 noon till 2pm leaders face arrest or or otherwise in particular
Nov 24th 5pm Memorial Mass for the Holy harassment and Christian need of our prayers: Peter
Souls schools are facing unfair Garnett, Don McCulloch,
restrictions. Hannah Newborough,
Dec 1st Advent Retreat - more info soon.
Peter Clamp, Kevin
Dec 2nd 4.30pm Advent Light celebration 
 … for all those suffering in O’Mahony, Tom Murphy,
at Our Lady of Lourdes, Hednesford. Kerala after the recent LeeAnn Lister, Ray Bishop,
floods Audrey George, Mitek
October - Month of the Rosary … for those getting for Karasinska, Geoff Tipping,
married: Wayne Rotchell Fred Houghton, Josie
During October, the month of and Lindsay Carroll Riley, James B, and Helen
the rosary, children from St … for the sick or … for those who have 

died recently: Jean
Mary’s School are leading housebound: Mary
Rowley, Kath Turner, 
 Carmichael, Steven
the rosary in Church each Thomas
Stella Skillen, Winifride
morning. Haynes, Annette Mason, … for those with
Each weekday at 9am there is Doris Crabb, Joanne anniversaries about this
Jeavons, Bob Evans, Nicola time: 09 Chris Beeston, 10
one decade, led by a chosen McCulloch, Celia Hurdiss, Sheila Crozier, 13 Terry
class. Each week we will cover Dee Fellows, David Holt, Groves, 14 John Fox,
one mystery, and over the four weeks Theresa Hadley, Dr Peter Valerie Morgan
Hayward, Fr Pat Farrelly,
before half term this will cover all four June Weatherby. Thanksgivings … for the
sets of the mysteries. Come along if marriages of Stephen &
Sarah Clancy and Martin &
you can. Helen Nelson
Full Sunday rota is at bit.ly/cannockrota
Readers Ministers Readers Ministers
 Readers Ministers
ROTAS Sat 5pm Sat 5pm Sun 8am Sick Visiting Sun 10.30am Sun 10.30am
Counters Stole Washing
Gail & David Javier Eileen Clancy,
October Françoise Gray Marie- Team 2
Korzonek Gonzalez-Fritz Julie Kennedy M. Powell, 

7th Therese D & M Hibberts S & P Kilgallon Pat Seery
Cath Hunt C Bridges, C Wendy Pat Johnston, S. Nelson
Sunday 27 Cornes G Dockery
Jackson Owens Sister Jacinta
D Bruce, C Team 3
October P & C Garnett
Josie Morris Hunt Michael A & R Hinsley G. Keeling, 
 M. Jones, S
14th Schools Jo Burrowes & Pat Seery
Clare Jackson Teresa Smith Burrowes C. Bridges Clancy
Sunday 28 R Cranney
M Sargeant G Dockery

Facebook: facebook.com/cannockcatholic | Twitter: @cannockcatholic | Parish Calendar: bit.ly/cannockcal