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Art Rates
Rick Hershey

A publisher’s guide to my rates and services,

as well as samples and explanations.

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2017 Art Rates

Rick Hershey

2017 Art Rates: Rick Hershey © 2017 Fat Goblin Games

All rights reserved. www.fatgoblingames.com

Work in this document was produced by Rick Hershey for various publishers and is used in this
work as portfolio promotion and is not a challenge to their ownership.

(Order #13688293)
Introduction 3

The following pages list my illustration and

design rates for 2017. Each section breaks
down the importance of the service, as well
as presenting the cost to hire. If there is ever
a project you need help on, and the rates are
not listed in this document, feel free to con-
tact me and discuss.

email: fatgoblingames@gmail.com

I understand the importance of professional

products in this industry, as well as how ex-
pensive production can be - therefore, I pro-
vide a variety of stock art for publisher’s who
have a tight budget. This stock art includes
characters, creatures, items, and even covers
and page designs.

You can check out this stockart from my own

publishing company, Fat Goblin Games.


To Discuss your next project,

contact me at:

(Order #13688293)
Art Direction
I have experience securing the right artwork for games and books, fitting the perfect style to
content. I’ll go over your manuscript with you, discuss the budget you are working with, how
many images you need, and any specific images you want produced. If you are new to game/
book production I can offer suggestions on both style and how many images you need.

I’ll also find the right artists for the job, commission the illustrations, and make sure they
are ready for production.

Note: For six years Rick Hershey ran Empty Room Studios, a full service art studio providing assets for such clients as
Dreamworks Pictures, Wizards of the Coast, Green Ronin Publishing, Fantasy Flight Games, and many more.

The Cost is 25% of your total art budget. This means if you have an art budget of $1000, my fee is $250 (with the
remaining spent to pay artists).

(Order #13688293)
Page Layout
Page Layout and Design is a separate form of art itself, one that can determine the level

of professionalism of your product. Placing the right fonts, illustrations, table design, and
headers together can make a product feel cohesive and immerge the reader.

No matter how well written a product is, many customers base their opinion on a glance,
and amateur design can cost you sales. All layout work includes exporting for print and
web, as well as bookmarking.

Note: As well as providing layout and design for my own company, Fat Goblin Games, I’ve also provided these services
for such companies as Legendary Games, Modiphius Entertainment, Monte Cook Games, and Dreamscarred Press.

Layout setup: This includes page design and setting up the master pages in InDesign, the creation of design elements,
etc. This also includes making sure the document is set up correctly to your printer specs. $100 to $250 flat rate.

Document styling: This process involves making sure your text document is styled for InDesign. It includes marking
headers and titles, bold and italics, separating boxed text, and preparing tables. If this process is required the charge is
$0.01 per word.

Layout: This is actual work of adding text files and artwork into a cohesive document. Price is $3.00 to $4.00 per page,
depending on complexity.

Cover Design: Generally this service is included with the layout setup. However, with many publishers preparing prod-
ucts for print the need to set up covers for specific production is on a rise. This service can be purchased at $50. If you
need full cover design (text, graphics, art placement) as well as print setup, the cost is $75.00

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(Order #13688293)

(Order #13688293)
Cover Art
Good cover art is responsible for relaying the theme and content of a book in a single im-
age. Knowing how to best represent both content and genre can go a long way in selling
a book to your customers. Cover art is made to the desired dimensions and delivered as a
300dpi Tiff or PSD file.

Note: I have provided covers for companies such as Kenzer and Company (Knights of the Dinner Table), Dreams-
carred Press, Game Designers’ Workshop, Total Party Kill Games, Misfit Studios, Pinnacle Entertainment, and
The Cost starts at $300 for a cover image and increases depending on complexity of the work. A wraparound cover
starts at $500 and increases depending on a complexity.

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(Order #13688293)

(Order #13688293)
Graphic Design 11
Graphic Design covers a broad range of jobs, from card design to logos. Although many of
these tasks can go under-appreciated, good graphic design can not only provide a profes-
sional look to a product, but also define a style for a product.

Note: I have done a wide assortment of graphic design, from card designs, resturant menus, product logos, maps,
icons, and much more.
Feel free to contact me with whatever design needs you might have for free consultation.

Logos: Simple logos, such as those used for a product line start at $75 and increase depending on complexity. Complex
logos, such as those for a company name cost $150 and increase depending on complexity.

Cartography: The cost of cartography is $150 for a full page design and broken down to various sizes from there ($75
for a half page, $35 for a 1/4).

Graphic Design: The cost for general graphic design (flyers, cards, advertisement) costs $100 and increases depending
on complexity.

(Order #13688293)

(Order #13688293)
Illustrations are the heart of game books and show the customer a visualization of the
genre and setting. Illustrations are delivered as a 300dpi Tiff or Psd file.

Note: I have produced hundreds of illustrations for both game and comicbook companies (as well as conceptual
design for video games and film). Some of my clients include Wizards of the Coast, Hasbro, Dreamwork Pictures,
Fantasy Flight Games, and more.

Book Illustrations: These images are produced as full page or 1/2 page images and can be either color or black & white.
Full page color is $200, B&W is $125. Half page color is $100, B&W is $60.

Figure Illustrations: These images are produced as 5x7 images and depict single figures, generally monsters or charac-
ters. The cost for a single figure in color is $45, B&W is $30.

Small Illustrations: Small illustrations typically include single objects or portraits, although a variety of images could
fall into this category. The cost for color illustrations is $30, B&W is $20.

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(Order #13688293)

(Order #13688293)

(Order #13688293)

(Order #13688293)

(Order #13688293)
Price Options 19
All rights listed in this document are for Non-Exclusive Licensing Rights to the artwork. What that means
is that any artwork or design (not including logo work, which is always considered work-for-hire) I retain the
rights. This allows me to resell artwork as well as use it in my own product releases.

All Rights (Work for Hire): You always have the option to purchase the exclusive rights to my work,
which means you now own the rights to the work and can use in any way you choose. To purchase All Rights
an additional 25% fee will be added to the cost of the work.

(Order #13688293)