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6A English Language Arts Syllabus 2010-2011

Mrs. Greene

What is Language Arts?

This class will help you gain deeper understandings about literature and writing. Ultimately, it is meant to help
you communicate your thoughts and ideas in skillful, articulate ways. You are expected to read, write, speak,
and listen.

Emphasis will be placed on analyzing texts (key ideas and details, craft and structure, and the integration of
knowledge and ideas) and crafting writing pieces that express and critique in a sophisticated manner (utilizing
advanced vocabulary, knowledge of text structure, cite appropriate sources, etc).

How do I know if I ’m meeting expectations?

1. Be an ENGAGED LEA RNER. Do your work… and do it to the best of your ability.
2. Be RESPECTFUL. Treat others the way you want to be treated.
3. Be RESPONSIBLE. Come prepared for class with all the necessary materials (this will be written on
the board outside our room daily).
4. Be SAFE. Follow the directions the first time. Only leave class with permission and a pass. Use
classroom materials properly and with care.
5. CONTRIBUTE to a Positive Learning Community. Share your thoughts. Work with others
to develop your own opinions/viewpoints and contribute to theirs.

What happens if I m iss class?

If you miss class, then you, the student, are responsible for getting your missing assignments. To find out what
you missed, check the assignment calendar in the classroom. Find your assignments in the Catch-Up Notebook.

If you are absent from class for one day, then you have one day to make up the missing work. If you are absent
for two days, you have two days to make up the work, etc.

All projects and assignments should be turned in on their due date. If you need an extension for a valid reason
(family emergency, etc.) please come talk to me as soon as possible. We can work out an alternate due date.

If you are absent the day an assignment is due, you are expected to turn the assignment in the day you return
to class. If you are absent on the day of a test/quiz, please see me to schedule a time to make it up.

Late work will be penalized.

Created by Heather Taxis Greene, 2010

How will I be graded ?
This is the grading scale:
A: 100-93
B: 92-85
C: 84-77
D: 76-70
F: below 70
There are no +’s or –‘s assigned to grades.

Here’s how your Language Arts grade is broken down:

Homework: 10%
Participation*: 20%
Quizzes: 20%
Assignments 20%
Projects &Tests: 30%

* Participation is not only how often you contribute during class discussions or group work, but is also the
completeness of your notebook. There will be notebook checks several times a quarter.

Can I redo assignments?

If you did not completely master the intended standards on an assignment, you will be permitted to redo it.
This applies only when you have made a concerted effort to complete the assignment to the best of your
ability the first time. Redoing assignments is a privilege, not an excuse to turn in work past the due date.

If you choose to redo an assignment, ask me and we will discuss ways you can improve the assignment before
you resubmit. You must redo the assignment within one week of my returning it to you. You must redo
assignments on your own time, not during class. Turn in the original work AND the new work. Your new,
higher grade, will take the place of your old grade.

*NOTE: If you wish to redo an assignment, a parent MUST sign your original work next to your grade! This
shows that they are aware of your first grade and that they support your resubmission.

Contact I nformation
Heather Greene
(919) 918-2145 x21076
engrade: heathergreene

Created by Heather Taxis Greene, 2010