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Name: _______________________________________ Date: ___________________________ Period: ______

Participation Self-Assessment

Use the questions below to help you construct a participation grade for the first half of quarter one.

1. I complete assignments (like looking up all those prefixes, suffixes, and root words on the Make-a-Word Game
Chart) and participate in activities (like playing the Make-a-Word Game).
a. always
b. often
c. sometimes
d. rarely

2. When asked to talk with the people at my table about something, I…

a. share and explain my ideas and listen respectfully when others share theirs.
b. say something and listen to others
c. occasionally talk, don’t really listen to what others have to say
d. don’t usually talk, nor do I listen

3. When I respond in my Language Arts Notebook…

a. I put my best thinking on the paper.
b. I answer the question, but that’s about it.
c. I write something down. It’s definitely not my greatest work.
d. What Language Arts Notebook?

4. I come to class with everything I need (my Language Arts Notebook, my independent reading book, something to
write with, etc).
a. always
b. often
c. sometimes
d. rarely

5. When we Read-to-Self, I…
a. read the whole time and appreciate every precious moment of time to devour my book
b. read the whole time
c. read some, but my mind isn’t focused on the book
d. talk, draw, or ask to use the bathroom/get water

Created by Heather Taxis Greene, 2010

6. During instruction, I…
a. focus on the presentation and think about what I’m learning
b. look at the presentation. My mind isn’t always focused on it.
c. interact with the people around me, read, pay little attention
d. pay no attention, do homework for another class, or think about recess

7. When I come into class, I…

a. do the “Do Now” quickly without being told and read while I’m waiting for class to begin
b. do part of the “Do Now,” but then get distracted and talk or read
c. talk or read and wait until Mrs. Greene tells me to finish the “Do Now.”
d. have never written my homework down and never have what I need on my desk.
How Did I Do?
Mostly A’s: SUPER! You ROCK at participating in Language Arts! Give yourself 19-20 points.
Mostly B’s: Nice Work! You are a good participant in Language Arts. Give yourself 17-18 points.
Mostly C’s: So-So. You’re not awful, but you’re not good either. Give yourself 15-16 points.
Mostly D’s: Uh-oh. You need to get your act together. Give yourself 0-14 points.

Out of 20 points so far this quarter, I think I should get ______ points because (give me specific reasons you
deserve this grade)…
To improve my participation during the second half of the quarter, I will (What are you going to do better?

Mrs. Gree ne is going to mee t w ith me on WEDNE SDAY or FRID AY to d iscuss this self-
assessment, my progress on the 30 B ook Challenge, the responses in m y Language Arts
Notebook, and m y Language Arts Che cklist (the s tuff in m y binder).

Self-Assessment LA Notebook Checklist Total Participation Grade:

/20 + /30 = /50
Created by Heather Taxis Greene, 2010
Created by Heather Taxis Greene, 2010