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APIS End of Unit Reflection 

Student’s name:



Unit title: 

Teacher’s name: Mr. Nick

Assessment  Teacher’s  Student’s 
Assessment  Assessment 
Criterion A: Analyzing 
Criterion B: Organizing 
Criterion C: Producing Text 
Criterion D: Using Language 
Were there any differences between the teacher’s assessment and your own? Why do 
you think these happened? 

Statement of Inquiry 
The Statement of Inquiry 


Explain​​ your understanding of the Statement of Inquiry and how it relates to what you did
during in the unit. 


Key Concept 


Explain the meaning of the key concept and how it relates to what you did during this


Related Concepts 


Choose one of the related concepts and explain what you learned about it during this


Approach to Learning Skills 

    How well did 

Skill (pick one)  How did it help you during the unit  you master the 


IB Learner Profile 
Select one of the IB learner profile attributes and reflect on its importance in this unit. 


State an area of strength for you in this subject, giving specific example(s) from your 
formative and summative assessment tasks.  
State an area in which you feel you need to improve and give an example of what you 
can do to improve it. 

For example:
I feel I am very good at manipulating numbers to solve complicated problems, this is 
assessed in Criterion A. One of our summative assessment tasks for Unit One was to find the 
real value of the 10 baht coin. To do this we had to estimate the percentage of each of the 
two metals in the 10 baht coin, find the value of each metal, and finally calculated the actual 
value of the coin. As you can see in my Unit One Criterion A grade I did well in this task. 
Criterion C is an area I would like to work on improving. Criterion C is how well we 
communicate our understanding of mathematics. I would like to improve my overall grade 
to a level 5 by the end of the year. I can do this by taking more time to set out my lines of 
mathematical reasoning in a clearer and more logical manner, and revising mathematical 
vocabulary each night. 

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