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Process Integration and Pinch Technology came to eminence in the late 1970’s and
early 1980’s, and provided a phase change in the design of chemical processes, more
especially in relation to energy use and energy efficiency. The central concept of this
new approach was to provide targets for energy use in a chemical or related process,
prior to the design required to achieve those targets. This new approach was not only
elegant, but was rigorous in its thermodynamic basis, and provided a quick and sys-
tematic design of Heat Recovery in energy using processes.
The Centre for Process Integration in the University of Manchester Institute of
Science and Technology (now part of The University of Manchester) became the focus
of this new technology, which expanded to include efficient use of raw materials,
emissions reduction, and operability. The research and applied technology developed
at Manchester was transferred quickly to industry and academia worldwide by the
use of professional development, graduate, and undergraduate programmes.
Professor Jiří Klemeš has been at the leading edge of this technology since its
early pioneering days in Manchester. His efforts in promoting the Process Integra-
tion has been boosted by many researchers across the globe including Professor Petar
Varbanov, Professor Sharifah Wan Alwi and Professor Zainuddin Abdul Manan who
were themselves graduates of the Centre for Process Integration at UMIST.
Their contributions to the technology and its application are brought together
in this exclusive book, which not only clearly examines and evaluates the many ele-
ments of the technology, but provides clear and concise examples of their applica-
tion. The authors have provided all the elements required for complete understand-
ing of the basic concepts in Heat Recovery and water minimisation in chemical and
related processes, and followed these with carefully selected and developed problems
and solutions in order to ensure that the concepts delivered can be applied. This book
then extends this targeting to the design of Heat Recovery and water recovery net-
works, and again provides carefully selected problems and solutions.
Process Integration and Process Intensification are continuing to expand and
evolve. The authors have included a final chapter which provides comprehensive and
extensive insights into many of these new developments. Also included are sources
of materials which can be easily accessed for those who wish to further enhance their
knowledge of this important area of technology.

April 2014 Simon Perry

MSc Programme Director, Centre for Process Integration,
The University of Manchester, UK

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