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sanaizot7 ‘Avion’ Best Festivals and Events = tripsavvy Q DESTINATIONS > AFRICA & MIDDLE EAST Africa's Best Festivals and Events Top Festivals and Events in Africa BY ANOUK ZIULMA | Updated 05/22/17 My picks for Africa's best festivals and events are listed below. It's worth planning your vacation to Africa around any of these top festivals and events. Click on the headings for more information. The festivals are arranged, as far as possible, in the order they appear during the year. 01. Timkat - Feast of Epiphany, Ethiopia of12 ry htps:twmr tripsawy.comiaticas-best-estvals-and-ovents-1484047 an tripsavvy Music food and processions mark Ethiopia's biggest festival. The origin of the Feast of Epiphany dates back over 1000 years and once the ceremonials are over it's time to shake your hips and join in the vigorous dancing. The best places to enjoy the festival are Gondar, Lalibela and Addis Ababa. It is worth joining a tour, just to make sure you get a hotel room reserved. It's also good to have a guide who can tell you exactly what is going on during the processions. Check out Wild Frontiers and Wilderness Travel for tours. Local Ethiopian tour operators can also help you. Where: Ethiopia When: January 19 (January 20 on a leap year) Q2 Festival-au-Desert, Mali of 12 Three days of traditional Touareg art, music and dance takes place in Essakane, 2 hours from Timbuktu, Mali. festivities. Everyone camps in the desert with their camels close at hand. A truly unique International acts from Europe and West Africa round out the cultural event that is well worth the trek. It's worth taking a tour as in the past few years there have been some safety concerns. In 2015 the organizers are doing their best to find a safe spot in the Sahara to hold the festival. Check the official web site for updates. Where: Essakane, Mali htpsstwor tripsawy.comiaticas-bestestvals-and-ovents-1484047 ane tripsavvy Official Web Site: Festival au Desert What's it Like?: Audio Slideshow - (Time magazine) 03 FESPACO - Film Festival, Burkina Faso of 12 The Panafrican Film and TV Festival of Ouagadougou (FESPACO) is Africa's largest film festival and has been around for over 40 years. The festival is held every two years in Burkina Faso's capital. While there is some glitz and glamor during the opening and closing ceremonies, the film festival is actually held in eleven dusty cinema halls throughout Ougadougou. In 2009, Ethiopia born director Haile Gerima won the coveted Best Film prize for his movie Teza, and received the Golden Yennenga Stallion, Fespaco's equivalent of the Oscar statuette. Read more about the 2009 Film Festival... Where: Ougadougou, Burkina Faso When: February/March (2015) 04 Cape Town International Jazz Festival of 2 htpsstwor tripsawy.comiaticas-bestestvals-and-ovents-1484047 site