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Keynote Speech

Indonesia Investment
Forum 2018
A New Paradigm in Infrastructure

Darmin Nasution
Coordinating Minister for Economic Affairs
Chairman of Committee for Acceleration of Priority Infrastructure Delivery

Tuesday, 9th October 2018

Conrad Hotel, Bali
Infrastructure Progress
There are 32 National Strategic Projects completed between 2016 and June 2018

Gempol – Pandaan Toll Road, East
Java (14km)
Jangkrik and Jangkrik North East Field
2 Sentani Airport, Jayapura, Papua 25
Development, East Kalimantan
Juwata Airport, Tarakan, North PLBN Nanga Badau, Kapuas Hulu,
3 PLBN* Entikong, Sanggau, West 26
Kalimantan 11 32 West Kalimantan
Fatmawati Soekarno Airport,
4 PLBN* Mota’ain, Belu, East Nusa 27 PLBN* Aruk, Sambas, West Kalimantan
Bengkulu 12 19 Nipah Dam, Madura, East Java
5 Mutiara Airport, Palu 20 Titab Dam, Buleleng, Bali
PLBN* Motamassin, Kab. Malaka,
13 28 East Nusa Tenggara
Matahora Airport, Wakatobi, East Nusa Tenggara
Southeast Sulawesi 14 PLBN* Skouw, Jayapura, Papua
Labuan Bajo Airport, Pulau Komodo,
2017 29 Teritip Dam, East Kalimantan
7 Paya Seunara Dam, Sabang,
East Nusa Tenggara 15 Umpu Irrigation Sistem (Way Besai),
Nanggroe Aceh Darussalam Soreang – Pasirkoja Toll Road, West 30
21 Lampung
Java (11km)
Soekarno Hatta Airport Bendungan Rajui, Pidie, Nanggroe
8 Development (Including Terminal Aceh Darussalam Mojokerto – Surabaya Toll Road, East
3), Banten 22
Java (36,3km) June 2018
Bendungan Jatigede, Sumedang,
9 Kalibaru Port, DKI Jakarta 17
West Java Tanjung Priok Access Road, DKI Prabumulih - Kertapati Railway (Part of
23 31
Jakarta (16,7km) Trans Sumatera Railway Network
Belawan-Sei Mengkei Gas Pipe, 75 Bajulmati Dam, Banyuwangi, East
10 18
mmscfd Capcity, North Sumatera Java 24 Raden Inten II Airport, Lampung 32 Raknamo Dam
Infrastructure Financing Development (1/2)
The Government has issued end-to-end regulations and supports to attract investors in PPP projects

The Government’s supports in PPP

Project Viability Gap

Guarantee Availability Land
Development Funding Tax Facilities
Scheme Payment Acquisition
Facility (PDF) (VGF)

Preparation Bidding Process Construction

PPP Progress per September 2018

12 PPP Projects in

1 PPP Project in Operation

Infrastructure Financing Development (2/2)
The efforts in deepening the market to create alternative infrastructure financing instruments

Financial Market Instruments Definition Hedging Instrument Definition

Asset-backed securitization Capital Market Instrument in a Call Spread Options A combination of two Plain-Vanilla
(KIK EBA) form of bonds or notes backed by Option transactions, that are
financial asset such as loans, carried out simultaneously in a
leases, etc. transaction contract with different
Strike Prices and the same
Limited Mutual Fund (RDPT) Capital Market Instrument in a nominal
form of Mutual Fund that is offered
to limited investors Domestic Non Deliverable A contract to buy or sell foreign
Forward exchange within a certain period
Real Estate Investment Fund Capital Market Instrument in a of time using the predetermined
(DIRE) form of mutual fund to be invested exchange rate.
in real estate asset
Infrastructure Investment Fund Capital Market Instrument in a
(DINFRA) form of mutual fund to be invested
in infrastructure asset Asset Recycling Scheme Definition

Limited Concession Scheme A concession of a brownfield

Global Bond (Komodo Bond) Capital Market Instrument in a asset owned by either the
form of Rupiah Denominated Government of Indonesia or State
Bond issued by Indonesian Owned Enterprise given to a
Institution that is listed abroad strategic investor. As the benefit of
giving the concession, the
Perpetual Bond Capital Market Instrument in a Government of Indonesia can
form of bond with no maturity have an upfront payment and/or
date revenue sharing that can be
Municipal Bond Capital Market Instrument in a utilized to develop other
form of bond issued by a regional Greenfield Infrastructure Projects
government based on the determined
Green Bond Capital Market Instrument in a
form of bond to be invested in
environmentally friendly business

Menara Merdeka, 8th floor
Jl Budi Kemuliaan I No 2, Jakarta 10110
E-mail : sekretariat@kppip.go.id
Landline : +62 21 2957 3771