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Test Results

Your Sociotype: IEE-0 (ENFp)

Brief Description of the IEE

Using extroverted intuition as his base function and introverted feeling as his creative, the IEE is adept at generating new
possibilities, particularly those that relate to human interaction. Like the ILE, the IEE absorbs and comprehends new
concepts with amazing speed. However it should be noted that the IEE relies on his personal observations as a foundation
for his conceptual understanding; he bases all his theoretical frameworks on what he has observerd in the real world. If the
IEE cannot relate a hypothesis to something he has personally observed, it is more difficult for him to conceptualize or
believe in it. The IEE uses his creative function to understand the intricacies of relationships and human interaction. At his
best, the IEE has deep and profound insight into the nature of human behavior and their relationships; at his worst, the IEE's
propensity for generating possibilities can leave him adrift in an idealized world with little motivation to actually accomplish
goals or complete projects. Furthermore, although the IEE understands abstract concepts quite readily, he sometimes
glosses over the logical framework of a hypothesis or theory. Learn more about the IEE here!

Other Possible Types

1. EII (INFj): 76% as likely as IEE.

2. ILE (ENTp): 66% as likely as IEE.
3. SEE (ESFp): 63% as likely as IEE.

Sociotype Characteristics

Second Tier Third Tier Fourth Tier

Small Groups First Tier Dichotomies
Dichotomies Dichotomies Dichotomies

Quadra: Delta
Club: Humanitarian Static
Temperament: EP Obstinate Serious
Romance Styles: Aristocratic Judicious
Ethical Declaring
1. Primary: Tactical Negativist
Infantile Emotivist Result
2. Secondary: Carefree

Model A Function Strengths and Values

You Ideal Dual

Information Relative Information Relative
Function Relative Value Relative Value
Element Strength Element Strength

Leading Ne 38% 38% Si 38% 38%

Creative Fi 37% 37% Te 37% 37%
Role Se 12% 12% Ni 12% 12%
Vulnerable Ti 13% 13% Fe 13% 13%

Suggestive Si 12% 38% Ne 12% 38%

Mobilizing Te 13% 37% Fi 13% 37%
Ignoring Ni 38% 12% Se 38% 12%
Demonstrative Fe 37% 13% Ti 37% 13%S