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Data Sheet

Business Continuity

Data Protector
Micro Focus® Data Protector is an enterprise grade backup and disaster recovery solution for large,
complex, and heterogeneous IT environments. Built on a scalable architecture that combines security and
analytics, it enables customers to meet their continuity needs reliably and cost-effectively.

Introduction – Data Protector’s comprehensive support Key Features of Data Protector

An enterprise class, data centric backup and matrix enables data protection across a
Standardized protection: A unified and scalable
disaster recovery solution, Data Protector ad- range of locations, applications, formats, architecture enables centralized management across
dresses the challenges of complexity, scalabil- storage platforms, operating systems physical and virtualized environments, disparate OSs,
and business applications from the core data center
ity and data security of today’s dynamic and and hypervisors to a range of backup to remote sites. Premium edition is designed for mixed,
diverse IT environments. Based on a unified, targets, including disk, tape and cloud. hybrid environments
flexible multi-tier architecture, Data Protector Application consistent recovery—leading Application-consistent recovery: Business application
enables centralized data protection across business application integrations extend integrations extend backup, automated point-in-time
recovery, and granular restores to application owners
physical, virtual and cloud environments. server backup, automated point-in-time enabling them to service their own requirements.
recovery, and granular restores to application
Data Protector is offered in two editions: Data Advanced virtual server protection: Hypervisor
owners, enabling them to service their own integrations and support offer virtual machine protection
Protector Premium which supports hybrid envi­ backup and recovery requirements based inheritance and tiered recovery options for virtual
ronments (virtual and physical), and Data Pro­ on the backup infrastructure defined by IT. environments. Express edition is designed for
virtual environments.
tector Express designed for backup and restore
– Online extensions for business
of virtual environments. Integrated reporting in- Storage integrations: With compression, federated
applications including Microsoft deduplication, storage management, and analytics,
cludes reports on configurations, storage pools Exchange, Microsoft SharePoint, organizations achieve increased scalability and cost-
and media, compliance, sessions in timeframe, Microsoft SQL, Oracle, SAP, SAP HANA, efficiency, and better utilization of the IT infrastructure.
backup settings, and many other advanced IBM Db2, Sybase ASE, PostgreSQL, Cloud as storage tier: Native integrations or via
re­ports, allowing administrators to effectively and MySQL provide application-aware a gateway offer a scalable, cost-efficient capacity
monitor their backup environment. expansion for enhanced agility with reduced overhead.
backup and recovery.
Automated DR: Centralized bare-metal recovery from
Data Protector also offers automation and or- – Automated transaction log backup and physical to physical, physical to virtual, virtual to virtual, and
truncation enables application recovery virtual to physical from any backup set at no additional cost.
chestration capabilities which enable the cre-
ation of workflows which can be implemented down to a specific point in time. Information retention: Automated retention and
replication management across different backup media,
via content packs to automate a variety of – The Granular Recovery Extension storage tiers, and locations for compliance and efficient
back­up and recovery processes. (GRE) feature enhances the application long-term data retention.
management GUI with an administrator REST API access: Authentication and authorization layer
Key Features and Benefits option to search and recover individual enables seamless integration of data protection tasks
items. with customers’ service portals or applications.
Standardized protection—a unified and
scalable architecture enables centralized Advanced virtual server protection— Security model: Secure communication between
Data Protector components creates a highly reliable
data protection across physical and hypervisor integrations and support offer and secure backup environment with low overhead.
virtualized environments, disparate virtual machine protection inheritance
Predictive analytics, automation and orchestration:
operating systems, and critical applications and instant recovery options for virtual Tools for backup administrators to efficiently manage
from core data centers to remote sites. environments. the backup environment by gaining insight into key
performance indicators, conducting advanced monitoring
and reporting, and automating and orchestrating
backup processes.
Data Sheet
Data Protector

   – Native integrations with VMware and the first point of recovery, applications – Integration via the Microsoft StorSimple
Microsoft Hyper-V hypervisors deliver can be restored instantly. cloud gateway appliance delivers
agentless backup and protection policy – Integration with HPE StoreOnce enhanced performance and data
inheritance. Catalyst and Dell EMC Data Domain optimization for larger cloud backups.
– Hardware-assisted agentless backup Boost enables federated deduplication – Data Protector integration with HPE
augments the standard hypervisor which can run either on the application StoreOnce Cloud Bank enables
backup capabilities by leveraging server, on the media server, or on the seamless data transfer between
storage snapshot integration to target backup appliance, reducing on-premise backup data sets and
complete the backup operation. network bandwidth consumption. cloud targets such as Amazon S3 and
By offloading the processing and Once the data is deduplicated, it is Microsoft Azure without the need for a
movement of backup data from seamlessly moved across the backup separate appliance such as a gateway.
the hypervisor layer, Data Protector stack without rehydration. There is no need for data rehydration,
improves backup performance and – Since both HPE StoreOnce systems and since all metadata is transferred
virtual machine availability. and Data Protector utilize the same to the cloud target, restores are
deduplication API, data can be shared possible even after the loss of the
– Advanced VMware restore options
between deduplication stores created on HPE StoreOnce device.
StoreOnce appliances and those created Automated disaster recovery
• Cached Granular Recovery, which on generic backup appliances, enabling (bare-metal recovery)—centralized bare-
allows the recovery of select files remote sites to keep a local copy of the metal recovery from or to physical and
from a VM backup image directly backup while also sending a copy to the virtual systems from any backup set at no
from a supported backup target central and/or disaster recovery sites. additional cost.
• Virtual Machine Power On allows A local copy of the deduplicated backup – Enhanced Automated Disaster
VMs to be powered on instantly from data enables a faster restore of files. Recovery (EADR) provides backup
Data Protector’s backup images that – Certified with HPE Nimble Storage and of application data as well as system
reside on supported devices HPE SimpliVity. data including operating system files,
• Live Migrate powers on a VM – Integration with HPE Recovery Manager drivers, and files required for the initial
from a backup image residing on a Central extends the benefits of boot process. Enabled with a simple
supported device, and simultaneously centralized management and reporting check box in the Data Protector GUI,
starts the VM restoration to the to the environments in which HPE EADR includes the necessary image
specified destination. 3PAR array customers use RMC for information in full backups for
Storage integrations with 3rd party backing up array snapshot to HPE a full system recovery.
storage arrays—array-based snapshot StoreOnce systems. – Disaster recovery images can be
integrations provide zero-impact protection – Integrations with other 3rd party storage created from any existing file system
and rapid recovery; compression and vendors such as Dell EMC, NetApp and or image backup including object
federated deduplication deliver cost Hitachi for NDMP-based backup and copies, without needing to create
efficiencies and better utilization of recovery and/or snapshot. Support for a separate special backup for
the IT infrastructure. 3-way NDMP for NetApp and Dell system recovery.
– Zero Downtime Backup integration with EMC Isilon. Information retention—automated
HPE storage enables Data Protector Cloud integrations—a choice of cloud retention and replication management
to create, backup, and catalog space- solutions, both native with Microsoft Azure across different backup media, storage
efficient, application-aware snapshots. and Amazon S3 and S3 API-compliant tiers, and locations for compliance and
The Instant Recovery feature meets the Ceph and Scality, and via a gateway. efficient long-term data retention.
strictest levels of service and recovery – Native integrations with the Microsoft – Data Protector creates a tiered
expectations by staging the desired Azure and Amazon S3 storage cloud recovery architecture by managing
number of snapshots on the storage allows you to seamlessly use it as a data protection (backup, recovery,
array itself. With a storage array being backup target. and replication) on primary storage

devices, disk-based backup appliances – Data Protector Express and Data outages and data loss that hurt
(both physical and virtual), tape, and cloud. Protector Premium include integrated business operations.
– Automatic Replication Synchronization reports which allow administrators to – Built-in predictive analytics engine
automatically shares metadata view client backup statistics, licensing, provides trends and scenario-based
information between Data Protector sessions, schedules information, etc., modeling, potential scheduling conflicts
Cell Managers that are managing in order to effectively monitor the and resource contentions, and the
two replicating backup devices (HPE backup environment. impact of new workloads on backup
StoreOnce or Dell EMC Data Domain – Business Value Dashboard (BVD) infrastructure (physical capacity,
appliances) providing multiple options provides point in time backup data network load, and device load)—
for restoring data and applications. accessible anywhere from any enabling better management and
REST API access—an authentication device for influencers to monitor planning of backup resources.
and authorization layer enables seamless backup processes.
integration of data protection tasks with – Operations Orchestration (OO) enables Technical Specifications
customers’ service portals or applications. creation of workflows which can be The Data Protector Cell Manager software
– Self service restore of File Systems, implemented via content packs to can be installed on Win­dows, Linux, and HP-
SQL Server, SAP, Oracle, VMware automate a variety of backup and UX systems. For addi­tional specifications, go
Hyper-V, IDB Files, Disk image and recovery processes. to QuickSpecs on www.microfocus.com/
NDMP backups. – Rapid root-cause analysis identifies dataprotector.
Security model—a secure and issues before they escalate into
simplified communication between the
Data Protector components creates Data Protector is available in two editions with the following features:
a highly reliable and secure backup      Data Protector Express  Data Protector Premium
environment with low overhead. (Virtual) (Hybrid)
– Protocols encrypt traffic over the wire.  Enterprise Scale and Security
– “Secure peering” sends all  Standardized protection across enterprise   X (virtual only)  X
communication between Installation  Secure backup and restore  X  X
Server and Data Protector Cell Manager  Application-Consistent Recovery
including commands via a secure  Mission-critical applications and databases  X
­support (agent-based)
Transport Layer Security 1.2 channel.
 Granular recovery  X
– “Trust” verification for Cell Manager/
 Backup and Recovery for Virtual Environments
Installation Server relationships.
 Agentless VM consistent backup  X  X
– Centralized Command Execution.  Advanced restore operations  X  X
Predictive analytics, automation and  Best-in-class Platform and Cloud Integrations
orchestration, and reporting—tools  Comprehensive support matrix  X  X
for backup administrators to efficiently  Integrations with storage  X  X
manage the backup environment by  Cloud integrations  X  X
gaining insight into key performance  Disaster Recovery
indicators, conducting advanced
 Bare metal recovery for Windows and Linux  X  X
monitoring and reporting, and automating
 Bare metal recovery for UNIX  X  X
and orchestrating backup processes.
 Orchestration, Automation and Monitoring
– Dashboard reports provide valuable  Basic integrated reporting  X  X
insights into performance indicators
 Advanced monitoring and reporting  X
of backup and recovery, allowing
 Business dashboards  X  X
IT administrators to filter, change,
 Flexible orchestration and automation   X   X
and modify views.

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