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Standard 2 CSTP: Creating and Maintaining Effective Environments for Student Learning

Element 2.1 Emerging Exploring Applying Integrating Innovating

Models and Models fair and respectful Reinforces positive, Develops shared Facilitates student self-
communicates behavior. Demonstrates responsible, and responsibility with reflection and ongoing
expectations for fair and commitment to fairness respectful student students for resolving improvement of the
respectful behavior to and respect in interactions. Assists conflict and creating and caring community based
support social communications with students to resolve maintaining a caring on respect, fairness, and
development. students about language conflicts. classroom community. the value of all members.
and behavior. Incorporates cultural Supports students in
Seeks to understand awareness to develop a taking leadership in
Promoting social
cultural perceptions of positive classroom developing a caring
Development and
caring community. climate. community that is Students take leadership
responsibility within
responsive to the diverse in resolving conflict and
a caring community
Some students share in Students participate in Students demonstrate cultural norms of creating a fair and
where each student
responsibility for the occasional community efforts to be positive, identities of all students. respectful classroom
is treated fairly and
classroom community. building activities, accepting, and respectful 9/25/18 community where
designed to promote of differences. student’s home culture is
caring, fairness, and Students take included and valued.
respect.9/25/18 responsibility resolving Students communicate
conflicts and maintaining with empathy and
a caring classroom understanding in
community. Students interactions with one
promote respect and another.
appreciation for
Students engage in daily This is a huge focus in my
group work challenges to classroom this year. Each
work on their team morning we begin with a
building and social skills review of the
as they are expectations and goals we
kindergarteners. I watch have for the day and ideas
and observe how they of how we might achieve
interact during playtime that. Before snack and
showing empathy, lunch we go over
Evidence kindness, and respect to appropriate behavior on
their peers. If students the playground. Each day
are having difficultly with after lunch we have class
their peers we walk meeting where it is an
through the situation open discussion with the
with both students and students and myself to
how they should talk about any problems
respectfully talk to and they had out on the
interact with their peers. playground and how to
9/25/18 resolve them. 9/25/18
Standard 2 CSTP: Creating and Maintaining Effective Environments for Student Learning
Element 2.2 Emerging Exploring Applying Integrating Innovating
Is aware of the Experiments with and/or Develops physical Maintains physical Adapts physical and/or
importance of the virtual learning environments that reflect environments that reflect environments flexibly to
physical and/or virtual environments that student diversity and student diversity and facilitate access to a wide
learning environments support student learning. provide a range of provides a broad range of range of resources that
that support student resources for learning. resources, displays, and engage students in
learning. artifacts that are current learning. Ensures that
Structures for interaction Utilizes a variety of and integral to environments enhance
Is aware that structured are taught in single structures for interaction instruction. learning and reflect
interaction between lessons or sequence of during learning activities diversity within and
Creating physical or
students can support lessons to support that ensures a focus on Integrates a variety of beyond the classroom.
virtual learning
learning. student learning. 9/26/18 and completion of structures for interaction
environments that
learning tasks. that engage students Selects from a repertoire
promote student
constructively and of structures for
learning, reflect
productively in learning. interaction to ensure
diversity, and
accelerated learning for
the full range of students.
constructive and
Some students use Students use resources Students use a variety of Students routinely use a
available resources in provided in learning resources in learning range of resources in Students participate in
interactions among
learning environments environments and environments and learning environments monitoring and changing
during instruction. interact with each other interact in ways that that relate to and enhance the design of learning
9/26/18 to understand and deepen their instruction and reflect environments and
complete learning tasks in understanding of the their diversity. structures for
single lessons or sequence content and develop Students share in interactions.
of lessons. constructive social and monitoring and
academic interactions. assessment of
interactions to improve
effectiveness and develop
a positive culture for
Evidence With my room currently I know that in
undergoing construction kindergarten student
and renovations on walls utilize any resource they
as well as missing can that is around them.
curriculum students rely Typically I have up
heavily on their resources alphabet, digraphs, and
I have given them rather numbers across the room.
than what would be on On our focus wall I
the walls on my classroom included the topics we are
at this point. Students covering that week
have the alphabet, including grammar,
hundreds chart, etc. on spelling, sight words, and
their desks that they often letter sounds. I leave up
reference when working their sight words all year
Standard 2 CSTP: Creating and Maintaining Effective Environments for Student Learning
at independent groups. for them to have regular
9/26/18 interaction with 9/26/18
Standard 2 CSTP: Creating and Maintaining Effective Environments for Student Learning
Element 2.3 Emerging Exploring Applying Integrating Innovating
Adheres to policies and Recognizes and addresses Anticipates and reduces Integrates support for Shares responsibility with
laws regarding safety that safety issues regarding risks to physical, students to take risks and the students for the
are required by the site, materials, student intellectual, and offer respectful opinions establishment and
district, and state. interactions, and the emotional safety using about divergent maintenance of a safe
Responds to behaviors organization of the multiple strategies that viewpoints. physical, intellectual, and
that impact student safety learning environments. include examining biases emotional environment
as they arise. in the learning focused on high quality
environment and and rigorous learning.
Establishing and curriculum. Engages in reflection on
maintaining learning Explores strategies to their own language and
environments that establish intellectual and Models and provides behavior that contributes
are physically, emotional safety in the instruction on skills that to intellectual and
intellectually, and classroom. develop resiliency and emotional safety in the
emotionally safe support intellectual and classroom. 9/26/18
emotional safety. Students demonstrate
Students are aware of resiliency in perseverance
required safety Students follow teacher Students develop and for academic
procedures and the guidance regarding Students take risks, offer practice resiliency skills achievement.
school and classroom potential safety issues for opinions, and share and strategies to strive for Students maintain
rational for maintaining self or others. 9/26/18 alternative perspectives academic achievement, intellectual and emotional
safety. and establish intellectual safety for themselves and
and emotional safety in others in the classroom.
the classroom.
Students have access to All materials in the
tools in the classroom classroom that may be
upon request. Students harmful to a child are in
have clear boundaries of closed cabinets that could
rules and expectations for be locked. In case of an
behavior and actions in emergency I have window
the classroom. Students shades, and a window
feel comfortable and safe block for the door, as well
Evidence coming to myself to share as an emergency bag by
any situation going on the door. 9/26/18
with another student.
They respond well to
discussion about how to
talk with their peers and
work through a situation.
Standard 2 CSTP: Creating and Maintaining Effective Environments for Student Learning
Element 2.4 Emerging Exploring Applying Integrating Innovating
Focuses the rigor of the Strives for a rigorous Develops a rigorous Integrates rigor Facilitates a rigorous
learning environment on learning environment learning environment throughout the learning learning environment in
accuracy of answers and that includes accuracy, that includes accuracy, environment that values which students take
completion of learning understanding, and the analysis, problem solving, accuracy, analysis, and leadership in learning.
tasks. importance of meeting and appropriate levels of critical reading, writing Fosters extended studies,
Is aware of the targeted learning goals. challenge. and thinking. research, analysis and
importance of Works to maintain high Holds high expectations Integrates strategic purposeful use of
Creating a rigorous maintaining high expectations for students for students. Has an scaffolds and learning.
learning expectations for students. while becoming aware of understanding of technologies throughout Supports students to
environment with achievement patterns for achievement patterns, instruction that support utilize an extensive
high expectations individuals and groups of and uses scaffolds to the full range of learners repertoire of
and appropriate students. address achievement in meeting high differentiated strategies
support for all gaps. expectations for to meet high expectations.
students achievement.
Some students ask for Some individuals and Students engage in a Students take
teacher support to groups of students work variety of differentiated Students actively use responsibility to fully
understand or complete with the teacher to supports and challenges supports and challenges utilize teacher and peer
learning tasks. support accuracy and in ways that promote to complete critical support, to achieve
comprehension in their their accuracy, analysis, reading, writing, higher consistently high levels of
learning. and problem solving in order thinking, and factual and analytical
learning. 9/26/18 problem solving across learning.
subject matter.
Material is a year
advanced academically
from the start of their
education. Students are
set up to be challenged
from the start. I work to
create differentiated
leveled groups that are
appropriate for their
abilities. I continuously
encourage them to try
their best and if they
aren’t sure they can come
and ask me for extra help.
I pull small groups of
students during
independent work to
further reinforce the
material and concepts
taught. 9/26/18
Standard 2 CSTP: Creating and Maintaining Effective Environments for Student Learning
Element 2.5 Emerging Exploring Applying Integrating Innovating
Establishes expectations, Develops expectations Uses multiple strategies Integrates equitable Facilitates a positive
rules, and consequences with some student including culturally expectations, positive environment using
for individual and group involvement. responsive instruction to supports, and systems that ensure
behavior. Communicates, models develop and maintain consequences for students take an active
and explains expectations high standards for individual and group role in monitoring and
for individual and group individual and group behavior within and maintaining high
behavior. behavior. across learning activities. standards for individual
Developing, and group behaviors.
communicating, and Refers to standards for Reviews standards for Utilizes routine Guides and supports
maintaining behavior and applies behavior with students in references to standards students to self-assess,
high standards for consequences as needed. single lessons or for behavior prior and monitor, and set goals for
individual and group sequence of lessons in during individual and individual and group
behavior anticipation of need for group work. behavior and
reinforcement. participation.

Students are aware of Students know Students follow behavior Students respond to Students demonstrate
classroom rules and expectations for behavior expectations, accept individual and group positive behavior,
consequences. and consequences and consequences and behaviors and encourage consistent participation
respond to guidance in increase positive and support each other to and are valued for their
following them. behaviors. 9/26/18 make improvements. unique identities.

The first week of school

we spend the time getting
to know the rules and
expectation inside and
outside of the classroom.
We role play good and
bad scenerios of how to
act during specials times.
In the class we have two
main forms of
Evidence management class dojo
during centers that is
displayed on the board as
they work independently,
and “warm fuzzies” that
they collect at their desk
throughout the day.
Students can lose fuzzies
for breaking rules or
undesireable behavior.
Standard 2 CSTP: Creating and Maintaining Effective Environments for Student Learning
Element 2.6 Emerging Exploring Applying Integrating Innovating
Establishes procedures, Develops routines, Maintains regular use of Engages students in Facilitates student
routines or norms for procedures, and norms in routines and procedures monitoring and reflecting participating in
single lessons to support single lessons or that are culturally on routines, procedures, developing, monitoring,
student learning. sequence of lessons with responsive and engage and norms in ways that and adjusting routines
some student students in the are culturally responsive. and procedures focuses
involvement. development and Maintains a quality on maximizing learning.
monitoring of norms. learning climate that Classroom climate
builds on student integrates school
strengths. 9/26/18 standards and culturally
Seeks to promote positive Provides positive relevant norms.
Employing classroom
Responds to disruptive behaviors and responds behavior supports. Promotes positive
routines, procedures,
behavior. to disruptive behavior. Responds appropriately behaviors and Promotes positive
norms, and supports
to behaviors in ways that consistently prevents or behaviors and establishes
for positive behavior
lessen disruptions to the refocuses behaviors preventions and a positive
to ensure a climate in
learning climate. disruptive to the learning classroom climate that
which all students
Students participate in climate. eliminate most disruptive
can learn
routines, procedures, and behavior.
norms and receive
reinforcement for positive
Students are aware of Students receive behaviors.
procedures, routines, and correction for behavior Students are involved in Students share
classroom norms. that interferes with Students receive timely assessment and responsibility with
learning, and positive and effective feedback monitoring of routines, teacher for managing and
reinforcement in and consequences for procedures, and norms in maintaining a positive
following routines, behaviors that interfere ways that improve the classroom climate that
procedures, and norms. with learning. 9/26/18 learning climate. promotes learning.

Evidence Students have classroom Every day we have

jobs that they are regular routines that have
responsible for been established since
remembering such as the first day of school.
feeding the class pet, Line up outside, unpack
greeting guests, chair their folders, check-in,
monitor etc. If they forget then while they wait for
or are not performing the peers they get to have
appropriately the job goes a “dance party”. Lights on
to another student that music off they sit for
day. Student use their sign attendance and lunch,
language hand signals to then calendar. We go over
show they need a drink of the schedule for the day
water or restroom. so they know what to
Students are beginning to expect throughout the
get to the point of day. Use multiple music
independence of our signals throughout the
Standard 2 CSTP: Creating and Maintaining Effective Environments for Student Learning
routine. 9/26/18 day to let them know its
clean up time or bells that
mean its time to move
centers. 9/26/18

Element 2.7 Emerging Exploring Applying Integrating Innovating

Paces instruction based Paces instruction with Paces instruction with Paces instruction to Paces, adjusts, and fluidly
on curriculum guidelines. some consideration of students to provide include ongoing facilitates instruction and
Develops awareness of lesson type, adjustments adequate time for assessment of student daily activities.
how transitions and for sufficient student instruction, checking for learning. Supports
classroom management work time and transitions understanding, students in the
impact pacing and to optimize learning. completion of learning monitoring of
Using instructional lessons. activities and closure. instructional time.
time to optimize
learning Some students complete Students complete Students participate in Students use their Students monitor their
learning activities in time learning activities and, as and complete a variety of instructional time to own time, are engaged in
allotted. needed, may receive some learning activities in the engage in and complete accomplishing learning
adjustments of time time allotted with options learning activities and are goals, and participate in
allotted for tasks or for extension and review. prepared for the next reflection, self-
expectations for 9/26/18 sequence of instruction. assessment, and goal
completion. setting.
Standard 2 CSTP: Creating and Maintaining Effective Environments for Student Learning
Students jobs in the
classroom help
productivity in the
classroom with passing
out paper and other
materials while students
prepare for an activity. I
share a summary of the
learning goal of our
lesson. Students are
successful at staying on
task and actively
Evidence participating due to small
class size and positive
classroom incentives
throughout the lesson.
When a lesson is finished
we have regular routine
expectation of how to
clean up then I provide a
code word for them to
begin. They always come
back to the carpet for the
next instructional time.