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This is a timeline of my case in Ottawa County, Michigan below from 2008 to the present: 4. In regards to child support in my case, Judge Jon Hulsing has ordered me to pay child support since February 2010 when he ordered my ex-husband custody and my children were taken from me. Judge Jon Hulsing and Ottawa county Friend of the court official, Jeanne Yetman, have violated the law in the following ways. When Judge Jon Hulsing gave my ‘ex-husband, Eric Carpenter, physical custody, he ordered the arrears that my ex-husband owed me when | had custody of almost 3,000 be placed on my arrears, so immediately when | lost custody, | had an arrearage of almost 3,000 in March of 2010. | have documentation of this from the MISDU. Over that past three years, Judge Jon Hulsing and Ottawa County Friend of the Court have added to my arrears unlawfully, when | had court orders that state the exact support ‘amount | am ordered to pay and do pay. Money was continuing to be charged additionally to my arrears, so that Judge Jon Hulsing could issue a bench warrant for my arrest and throw me in jail unlawfully again. By October 2012, my arrears were up to $5,423.78 and | was paying my monthly child support including money towards arrears. Then, by November 2012, Judge Jon Hulsing unlawfully imputed 100% of my income out of my paycheck and | was left with no salary after we had a standing order of the amount of 395.00 that | was to pay as of August 2012. That was no longer the case. My entire income was being taken out of my paycheck from November 2012 to March 2013, and my total arrears in November was increased to $6,598.78 from $5423.78 in just one month's time. | was given my ex's arrears to pay and they were taking 100% of my paycheck. Judge Jon Hulsing issued a warrant for my arrest which was the goal once the arrears reach over $5,000. This pattern has continued as Judge Jon Hulsing presided over the case until November 2016 and continued under Judge Kent Engle, who recused himself from my case in 2012, because | have been friends with his wife. Judge Kent Engle put himself on my case in November 2016 and has continued to add arrears unlawfully with caseworker Jeanne Yetman currently adding $2,000 in arrears and unlawfully enforcing the orders threatening bench warrants as | have paid monthly child support for five years. | have filed multiple motions and responses to the court in past five years including the unlawful adding of arrears to my child support account, the recusal of Judge Kent Engle who is illegally presiding ‘over my case, modify my child support when | lost my job, and the change of jurisdiction of my case from Ottawa County, Michigan to California or Colorado, because Michigan has had no jurisdiction over my case but will not release my case to another state or county and is illegally holding onto it without any jurisdiction enforcing orders and threatening and issuing bench warrants for my arrests for arrearages that don't belong to me. It is completely unlawful to take 100% of someone's income for child support, and itis unlawful to be adding the other parent's arrears to an account that is being paid on monthly. There should be no reason for arrears to be added to my account and increased and no legal grounds for Michigan to maintain jurisdiction and enforce orders admitting they can’t modify or change them, because they don't have jurisdiction. When | spoke with MISDU about it, they gave me the totals on the phone and said that they don't input the numbers, Ottawa County Friend of the Court does and itis ordered by the Judge on your case. This is fraud and illegal for a Judge or a county official to do, and | have alll the documentation to support these actions, 2. Conspiracy to defraud is involved in our case because Judge Jon VanAlisburg of Ottawa County Family Court, who is also the head church elder of my ex-husband's former church in the Reformed Church of America, worked alongside my ex-husband on the church board and was contacting me during our custody proceedings. Judge Jon VanAllsburg was contacting me personally during our court proceedings. He called me three times on my cell phone on February 24, 2009, and he sent me three emails to my personal email starting at 2;42 a.m. on February 24, 2009 continuing to February 27, 2009. trying to get me to meet with him and a few others. | did not meet with him nor speak with him besides responding to his email telling him | would not meet with him. | have copies of these emails and phone records of his calls to my cell phone, which | can provide to you. These ex parte communications were addressed in court in front of Judge Jon Hulsing and nothing was done, and there was also ex parte communication between the custody investigator, Steve Cotton and Judge Jon VanAllsburg regarding meeting with me and contacting me. (Attached: Judge Van Allsburg's emails to me during the custody case) Under the Judicial Code of Conduct, judges shall not initiate or consider ex parte communications.under Canon 3 B. (7) Under the US Code and law, this is conspiracy to commit or defraud, in which Judge Jon Hulsing was cohorting with another judge, Judge Jon Vandllsburg 3. Discretionary decisions have made by Judge Jon Hulsing in my case in which Judge Jon Hulsing was "judicially vindictive". Judge Jon Hulsing has withheld criminal evidence that if prosecuted would be a felony if entered into the case. He has suppressed this evidence since our hearing on August 30, 2011. He refused to allow the criminal evidence in the courtroom again on Tuesday, January 10, 2012 in the beginning of our hearings on the sexual abuse, and Thursday, January 12, 2012. Judge Jon Hulsing yelled in the courtroom four times that he would not allow the forensic evidence in his courtroom and that was his final answer after my attorneys both requested multiple times to allow the forensic evidence to be entered into evidence, and the Judge outright refused to allow it to be entered into evidence. In his words on transcript, "I am not allowing this evidence in this courtroom". These actions taken by Judge Jon Hulsing show intent and forethought to defraud and conspiracy to defraud because he suppressed criminal evidence of child sexual abuse, which is a felony. This forensic report of criminal sexual assault on a child in a position of trust about my daughter from her father is detailed extensively in a forensic report taking by the Ottawa County Child ‘Advocacy Center and a forensic medical exam done by DeVos Children’s Hospital in conjunction with the Ottawa County Child Advocacy Center in July 6, 2011. The failure of a judge to report felonies to law enforcement is a criminal violation of 18 U.S.C.4. and a violation of the Code of Judicial Conduct, and the length of time the judge has suppressed this evidence is now over five years. (Attached: Forensic Report of Forensic Evidence of Sexual Abuse) 4, When my daughter disclosed the sexual abuse from her father, | sought to protect her under the law. | followed through as CPS ordered forensic interviews of both of my children and a forensic medical exam of my daughter. The results of those interviews and exam detail the sexual abuse my daughter went through with my ex-husband who continues to have full physical and legal custody of my children at Judge Jon Hulsing’s orders. Judge Jon Hulsing did not allow this criminal evidence in the courtroom, and has given me cruel and unusual punishment for protecting my daughter, which violates my 8th amendment rights. | did not commit a crime nor was any crime established in court, because | was protecting my daughter under the Michigan law 750.350a(5) which states "if there is an immediate and actual threat of physical or mental harm, abuse, or neglect to the child, a parent has the right to protect the child under the law and not return the child to the other parent.” This statute applies if the child is younger than 14, and my child was 10 years old at the time she disclosed the abuse and | did not return my daughter to her father. Judge Jon Hulsing issued a warrant for my arrest. He had the Ottawa county Prosecutor press charges against me for custodial interference. Judge Jon Hulsing took all legal and physical custody away from me for protecting my daughter under the law and not returning my children to their father. He had the police and FBI looking for me and my children as | did not return my children for 18 days, because my daughter was fearful of what was going to happen to her upon her return and | had a right under the law to protect her because of the actual threat of harm that, could come to her. Judge Jon Hulsing had me arrested and surrounded by 16 SWAT team members in Colorado after my lawyers made a verbal and written agreement with the Prosecutor and police that | would return the children to Colorado and all warrants would be dropped and I wouldn't get arrested. When | returned, my children and | were surrounded by the SWAT team and they arrested me in front of my children and took me away in a police car, only to release me 45 minutes later telling me the warrants were dropped and | was free to go. My children were completely traumatized by the police's actions. This is where the connection with my ex-husband comes in. The day | got arrested. My ex-husband was standing in the parking lot where | got arrested and talking to the police the whole time. It was a conspiracy and a clear violation of my 8th amendment rights because that was cruel and unusual punishment. This was a false arrest and | was given jail time by SWAT team in El Paso County, Colorado. 5, Following my return to Michigan, the charges were dropped against me within weeks because the prosecutor found out we had evidence of sexual abuse from my ex-husband to my daughter, and he gave the case back to Judge Jon Hulsing to handle. After two hearings with Judge Jon Hulsing refusing to allow the criminal evidence in the courtroom, the Judge ordered no contact for me with my children for 90 days and didn't allow me to see my children for five months. | saw my children a total of 11 days in one year because of Judge Jon Hulsing’s orders. Judge Jon Hulsing stated, "! am afraid you are going to sandpaper the case if | allow you to talk to your children, so | am ordering no contact.” Even though every phone call with my children, he ordered my ex-husband to supervise which has continued since November 2011 to the present (five years). My constitutional rights to be a parent under the 14th Amendment protected by due process clause were violated (746 f201 1205, 1242-45 US Ct. Appeals 7th Cir. ‘WI 1985). My fundamental right protected by the 1st, 5th, 9th, and 14th Amendments as a parent's right to care for and nurture a child that cannot be denied without violating constitutional