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The NS50 is the latest addition to the family of naval 4D AESA

radars of Thales. The NS50 makes available software-defined,
4D dual-axis multi-beam performance for smaller-size naval
ships and other platforms that until now have had to rely on 2D
non-AESA radars. This results in a reliable recognized maritime
picture within the shortest time possible. Moreover the NS50
is software defined and scalable which offers upgradability to
stay relevant for decades.
4D AESA air & surface surveillance and weapon support:
•• High quality target detection and tracking information
•• Weapon support
•• Robustness against jamming
•• Tailor made solution
•• Ease of operation
•• High Availability and graceful degradation
•• Simple maintenance and Logistics advantages

Short to medium range
AESA air & surface surveillance radar

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without prior written authorization by THALES NEDERLAND B.V. and/or its suppliers, as applicable. Data on this sheet may be subject to change without notification.
Technical characteristics
NS50 fulfills the latest requirements for the following
missions: Antenna technology 2D scanning AESA
•• Surface warfare
•• Mine warfare Transmitter type Distributed TX/RX modules
•• Amphibious warfare Frequency band X-band (I-band)
•• Expeditionary warfare
•• Fleet support operations IFF Antenna Integrated and fit for Mode 5 and Mode S
•• Intelligence operations Instrumented range 180 km
•• Maneuver support
•• Noncombat operations Rotation rate 15 & 60 rpm
•• Strategic sealift
Dimensions 2.5m x 2.5m (ØxH)
The radar architecture enables smooth integration to
Combat Management Systems and Integrated Bridge Above deck weight < 750 kg
Management Systems.

NS50 NS100 NS200

Self & point defence Point & local area defence Area defence

Fast track initiation l l l

Priority tracking l l l
Instrumented range 180 km 280 km 400 km

Vessel types MCM, OPV, FAC, LPD, Auxilliaries Corvette, light Frigate Frigate, Destroyer

Gun fire control l l l

Active missile support l l l
UAV support l l l
October-2018. NS50-V01.indd

Helicopter support l l l
Rockets/artillery/mortar l (upgrade) l (upgrade) l

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