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* Spring Can Really Hang You Up the Med, Ballad Onn) Lyric: Fran Landesman Cal), Verse Most Music: Tommy Wolf Cu BE Cu Co! BS Cul Once 1 was a sen-ti-men-tal thing, ‘Threw my heart a-way each Spring, Bou! Aba Faw Ew” Dut? Cu Amt Now a Spring ro-mance has n't & fa chance, Pro- mised my first dance to Win - ter; Dm? GC Ent A™® Dm Al’) _D? GE All Tye got to shows a splin - ter for my tt de fing Cha tempo) 7 7 aT s male Bou? Comal Aw Dm G Emam Spring this year__ has got me feel - ing like a horse that nev- er left the post) I Spring is here, there's no mis-tak - ing rob- ins build ing nests from coast to coast; My Few Fat Emt 0” Dm" CG Cos’Boma™ mat (ony i o lie in my room. star-ing up at the ceil - ing, Spring can real-ly hang you up the _ most. heart tries to sing 50 they won't hear it break -_ing,_ Spring can real=ly hang you up the most. Canta, Bon? Cusler Bot Col Aw’ Dis” GP” Ewan ‘Mom - ing’s kiss__ wakes trees and flow - ers, And to them I'd like to drink a toast; = T Col - lege boys_. are writing son - nets, In the “ten-der pas-sion” they're en - grossed; But Few Fm” Em? oO" Ow’ 7 Cun! walk in the park just. to kill: lonely hour Spring can real-ly hang you up the most. T'm on the shelf with last years Eas-ter bon - nets, Spring can real-ly hang you up the most. B} Gut Cu? Gui Cu!” Al aft = er - noon those birds_ twit - ter twit, Love came omy — way, 1 i it would — last, Gwi™ Cus? Gui? Cou Cwr™ Fat 1 know the tune, “This is love___ this is it” —Heard—it_-be-fore and errrrrsS—sSsrsrS—=—SC=«CS=SC=S; éSréaSS Cut Fa Fem” BT Ema, Aw o’ ——s— a 1__. know the score, And I've de - cid - ed that Spring is a —_bore. sea - son of song, Full of sweet pro - mise, but _ some - thing went wrong. Gu? Fil Cust Bem Cur Amt Dm” G7 Love seemed sure. ee et eee ee Doc - tors once pre - scribed a ton - Sulphur and mo - las- ses was the Em? Am Fea Fu” } Emi? oO” ghost; Spring ar - rived on tims on - ly what be - came of you, dear? dose; did-r't help abit, My con- Dm” Gc" EwA™?Dm™ Gt Corel Bea? o Spring can real -ly hang you up the most; Spring can really hang you up the most Solo on ABC; After solos, DS. al Coda. & Eb” A Dua G En7A™ di- tion must be chron - ic, Spring can real - ly hang you up the — most. 7 Gic Dm’ Cur Bw EM Am? p®