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Marlenea La Shomb

How to Recharge Your Body-Battery

MD license prevents him from
doing, and as he calls it, to cross
over “from church to state” and to
bust current science paradigms.
He states: “Almost all chronic
disease is characterized by low volt-
age. Just as a new Mercedes without
a battery isn’t going anywhere, a
body without a functional electrical
system doesn’t work either—thus,
the title of this book is Healing Is
Voltage. Since

we are a portable

S very cell in the body is designed to run at -20 to

pring is getting system, we must
here, and some- -25 millivolts. To heal, we must make new cells. have a battery
times it feels like To make a new cell requires -50 millivolts. Chronic system that
moving mountains to provides voltage as
disease occurs when voltage drops below -20 and/or
go from the dark, cold we move about.
days of winter and shift you cannot achieve -50 millivolts to make new cells.
Thus chronic disease is always defined by having Our MUSCLES
gears (jumpstart our are voltage genera-
bodies) into the long, low voltage. This book tells you how to measure tors, as well as
warm days of summer. your voltage in each organ, how to correct it, and rechargeable
That process is well how to determine why your voltage dropped batteries!
described in Dr. Jerry enough to allow you to get sick.
Tennant’s handbook,
Healing Is Voltage. —Healing Is Voltage: The Handbook,
Jerry Tennant Jerry Tennant, MD, MD(H), PSc.,D
graduated with high
honors from high
through his surgical mask and into
school at age 16, then from the U.
his nose and brain.
of Houston School of Optometry by
age 19; he graduated from SW For seven years, Jerry needed to
Medical School in the top ten sleep 16 hours a day, yet he
at age 23. Truly a genius, he began survived. He knew if he could
his career as an ophthalmic plastic figure out how one cell worked
surgeon, his work to this day is properly, he could heal all of them.
extensive and groundbreaking. He His condition was considered
practiced from 1964 to 1995 in the incurable within the medical world,
US and abroad until he developed so he became a homeopathic and
encephalitis neuropathies and other naturopathic doctor and ended up
nervous-system defects in 1994. healing himself. He now runs
What he didn’t know at the time Tennant Institute for Pastoral
However, this system only works
was that the laser eye surgeries he Medicine, (see TennantInstitute
when we are moving and exercis-
performed were not killing the .com). He wrote this book, not as
ing. Without exercise, our battery
viruses; the laser would strike the an accomplished MD, but as a
system goes dead. In addition, it is
cornea and release the viruses, licensed, pastoral health practition-
exercise that activates our lymphat-
which would float upward airborne, er and counselor, which allows him
ic system to remove waste protein
to discuss medical concepts that his
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from dead cells from within our body. Without exer- being. (In 1905, Einstein wrote that light absorption
cise, our sewage backs up... can release electrons from atoms, called the photo-
“The main things that control voltage are: thyroid electric effect, and for this he received his only Nobel
hormone, fulvic acid, dental infections, scars, and exer- Prize for Physics in 1921.)
cise. To reverse chronic disease, we must look for the Tennant explains further that the acid-alkaline
reasons why we have lost the ability to make new cells balance, or pH (short for potential hydrogen), is really a
that work. Making new cells requires: -50 millivolts of measurement of voltage. He highlights the difference
energy, amino acids to make the inside of cells, fats to between electron stealers (free radicals) and electron
make the outside of cells, vitamins and minerals to donors (antioxidants). The chart here helps us under-
make the metabolic processes work, oxygen as a fuel stand the differences as they relate to the human body
system (to metabolizing fats and pH.
and glucose), and the lym- You will hear statements such as,
phatic system to remove “All diseases occur when you are acidic.”
toxic substances... What this is really saying is that all
“You must ask the ques- disease occurs when your voltage is low
tion, why can’t I make new and in an electron-stealing state. You
cells that work? must have electrons available to do
We are constantly wearing work, or your cells will die. A free radical
out and damaging our cells is a molecule that is missing electrons. It
is like a mugger looking for someone’s
purse to steal, thereby damaging cells.
An antioxidant is a molecule capa-
ble of giving away electrons.
Electron Stealer Electron Donor Tennant has measured that we
Free radical Antioxidant
Cellular damage Cellular repair
pH 0–6.9 pH 7.1–14
Acidic Alkaline
Positive pole Negative pole
Destructive Constructive
and have to replace them. Spins left Spins right
We get new cones in our
retina and replace the
lining of our gut every two or three
days. We replace our skin every six maintain our cells and heal pri-
weeks and our entire liver every eight marily by making new cells,
weeks. Chronic disease occurs when we which requires a voltage of -50
lose our ability to make new cells prop- millivolts.
erly... Disease is always defined by
It all starts when you start thinking having low voltage—not enough
like an electrician instead of a physi- horsepower for cells and organs
cian; check the voltages in the wiring to do their jobs properly. Low
system of the body (the meridians in voltage = low energy, toxicity and
the acupuncture/acupressure system) degeneration—we get sick and
and you will be on the way to finding the problem and tired. Sound familiar?
its solution.” THIS IS KEY: Our cells are 70+ percent water! The
Dr. Tennant takes us to the beginning with atoms. amount of oxygen that will dissolve in water is dictated
Since atoms make up cells, and cells make up all the by the voltage of the water. When voltage is raised,
systems in our body. He describes how it’s the sunlight- more oxygen will dissolve in the water and be available
activated photons, discreet particles/waves of light, to release electrons. However, when voltage drops,
which are absorbed and released as electrons that oxygen comes out of solution and leaves the water, and
comprise the non-physical light-energy aspect of our thus, our cells.

January–February 2016 39
So we see that we need the basics: exercise, sunlight, TOUCH. When any two living things touch—
fresh air, and clean water! But how do cells normally get through hugs, massage, even petting your dog or cat—
voltage? There are many ways that the body is intended voltage is exchanged. With doctors, nurses, loving
to access free electrons. However, our modern lifestyles, parents, and any human touch, electrons are transferred
clothing, and equipment have tended to eliminate from the donor with the higher voltage. If we lean
and/or insulate us from most of these sources: against a tree, it will donate its voltage to us!
The EARTH is a huge electromagnet. An area of PRAYER, MEDITATION & POSITIVITY. It’s
higher voltage always causes electrons to flow to an area no longer a mystery or a “quackery” to believe that
of lower voltage. If your optimism and a great attitude
body has lower voltage prolong life span, promote
than the Earth, walking immune health, and accel-
barefoot on the dirt or erate healing. Electrons
grass will cause electrons will follow conscious
to flow from the Earth intent; they are attracted
into your body, recharging to positivity! The phrase:
you. But if you walk with “Reconnecting to the source
insulating rubber or for a recharge” applies to
plastic shoes, this cannot plugging your electronic
occur. device into a charger AND,
WATER from the for many, it also applies to
ground contains electrons connecting with their spiri-
(alkaline water). But tual Source. As we come to
when chlorine and fluo- understand quantum real-
ride are placed into tap ities and their signifcance,
water, it turns into an Cell Voltage Cell pH Body Changes we see that electrons ulti-
electron stealer. -50 7.88 Make new cells mately come from their
Swimming in stagnant -45 7.79 Ultimate Source. This is
or chlorinated water will -40 7.70 the nexus point between
steal electrons from you. particle and wave, between
-35 7.61 Normal for kids
Moving water is always matter and spirit.
-30 7.53
an electron donor. You now can see that
-25 7.44 Normal for adults we humans are electrical
Swimming in moving
water will give you elec-
-20 7.35 beings and are designed to
trons (more effectively -15 7.26 Tired recharge ourselves simply
through the conductive -10 7.18 Sick in the ways that our
minerals in the ocean). -5 7.09 grandparents did: They
FOOD. We lose 0 7.00 Cells change polarity worked outside in the sun,
electrons by drinking +5 6.91 drank water from a well,
ate unprocessed foods,
carbonated, caffeinated, +10 6.83
and alcoholic beverages, gardened and touched the
+20 6.65 Earth with their hands
and by eating junk +30 6.48 Cancer occurs
food.Unprocessed and and feet, leaned against
overly cooked food has a tree, stood in moving
no voltage. When you eat processed food, your body water while fishing, and
must rob electrons from other sources to digest it. weren’t afraid to stand in the rain. They stayed active.
Eating raw, live, whole foods provides electrons. They hugged their family and friends, went to church,
and could charge you up with a smile! I
AIR/OXYGEN. Free electrons are all around us
and oxygen is the most abundantly available antioxi- This article summarizes just the first 100 pages of
dant. Breathe deeply often, which is especially great this 550-page book, Healing Is Voltage—a must read!
while walking outside, and even better when barefoot! Marlenea La Shomb is a massage therapist and a
However, moving air (as in wind, air conditioning, holistic-health practitioner. She can be reached at
sleeping with fans, or hair dryers) is an electron stealer. Mountain Sky Guest Ranch at (406) 333-4911.

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