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Tuesday 30 October, 2018 Serving Ballan and district since 1872 Phone 5368 1966 Vol 12 No 43

(L-R) Myrniong PS student Hudson Burquest with his great-grandfather Allan Godfrey (WWII veteran) and grandfather Peter Burquest (Vietnam veteran). Photo – Helen Tatchell

Learning from veterans

By Meg Kennedy respect for the people that fought in the war, and “War doesn’t solve anything, we’re still back to where
the reasons why they do it…it’s all about making the we were when I was young, so that’s what we’ve got to
Allan Godfrey was just 17-years old when he fought in children now, our next generation, aware of who fought learn because war doesn’t solve anything…you fight to
World War II, but 80-years later he’s sharing his story
in the war and make them aware of those stories,” said kill someone you don’t even know, but that’s the way
with the next generation, his great-grandson.
Ms Lacey. the world is. It’s a violent world,” he said.
Myrniong Primary School students were treated to a
personal experience with the 97-year-old war veteran, “It’s very good to see the kids learn something about Myrniong PS student Hudson Burquest said it was
who was wearing both his own medals and those what the war was about. It’s not a nice thing but it’s got “really exciting” to have his great-grandfather come to
belonging to his father who fought in World War I. to be done,” she said. the school and share his story.
Classroom teacher Lydia Lacey said the idea for Mr On what he hoped the students would take out of the The Myrniong PS students’ work will be on display
Godfrey to be a special guest came as the students were day, Mr Godfrey said he hoped “they never have to go at the Ballan RSL, as part of the Ballan RSL and
studying the upcoming centenary of Armistice Day. and be in the war themselves because it’s not a nice Ballan Shire Historical Society’s Armistice Day 100th
“The whole purpose of it is to show empathy and place.” Anniversary Display from 5-10 November.

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Bacchus Marsh Hospital. Photo Helen Tatchell

Nurse reprimanded for Tilly Campey with some of the purple poppies she has made to raise awareness and funds
for the Ballan RSL. Photo – Helen Tatchell

‘professional misconduct’ Remembering

By Meg Kennedy

Although the former mid-

undertaking from her that
she would never apply for
registration as a midwife
is an individual case,” she
AHPRA said the investiga-
Armistice Day
wife linked to the deaths again. tion “is one of a large num-
of three babies at Bacchus By Meg Kennedy Ballan RSL President Richard Campey said
A former patient who lost ber” regarding concerns
Marsh Hospital will never it is “fantastic that the community is able to
her baby at 41.3 weeks at about obstetric and midwife- Do you have something that you want to be
practise again, the pain is exhibited in the upcoming Ballan RSL and remember the day, as it is a special day being
Bacchus Marsh Hospital was ry care at the Djerriwarrh
still raw for the families Ballan Shire Historical Armistice Day 100th the 100 years”.
present at the hearing and Health Services.
affected. told The Moorabool News Anniversary display? The exhibit will have a special opening
The Australian Health Prac- Djerriwarrh Health Ser- The Ballan RSL will be open for protentional on Sunday 4 November at 11am, with the
she felt the atmosphere vices said in a statement to
titioner Regulation Agency exhibitors to drop off anything they would exhibits on display from 10am-3pm till
“was very tense, because we
(AHPRA) announced in The Moorabool News “the like to be displayed between Wednesday November 10th.
didn’t have a voice in that and Thursday this week.
a statement on Friday 19 organisation was not a party
room”. To celebrate Remembrance Day on Sunday
October that registered to a Victorian Civil and The upcoming exhibit, which will be on
“What kicked me in the from November 5-10, will feature various 11 November, a march will begin from
midwife Dianne Macrae, Administrative Tribunal
guts...the tribunal said to exhibits from the community, including Ballan RSL at 10.45, followed by a service at
who was employed as an (VCAT) hearing into the ac-
(McCrae)…that they could the Ballan CWA, primary schools and local the cenotaph outside the Ballan Post Office
Associate Nurse Unit Man- tions of a former practitioner
see that ‘you’re not the same families. at 11.00am.
ager (ANUM) at Djerriwarrh at the hospital.”
person and that you’ve pun-
Health Services, was found “The cases in question
ished yourself, we don’t need
to have “engaged in ten in- dated from 2011 to 2013 and
to punish you anymore’ but
stances of professional mis- involve terrible experiences
it’s like, you took my baby
conduct under the Health for some families at Bacchus
Practitioner Regulation Na- away,” she said.
Marsh and Melton Regional
tional Law.” “I’ve got to live the rest of
my life without my child… Hospital. Every person now
At a recent tribunal hearing at Djerriwarrh is driven to
Ms Macrae admitted to all but (she) can move on with
(her) life now, and that hurt. ensure such a situation can
allegations put forward by
That was the bit that really never arise again,” the state-
the Nursing and Midwifery
hurt,” the woman tearfully ment read.
Board of Australia (NMBA),
including an inadequate in- said. Investigations into the care
terpretation of a foetal cardi- On what she would say to provided by practitioners at
otocography (CTG), a failure Djerriwarrh Health Services, Bacchus Marsh between the
to carry out a clinical assess- the woman said, “it would be time of October 2011 to Feb-
ment and care, and a failure nice if they took into account ruary 2013 began in Febru-
to recognise and respond to what they were actually do- ary 2016.
an urgent situation. ing, because they knew.” AHPRA said the reasons for
The tribunal reprimanded “They need to start taking the tribunal’s decision will
Ms Macrae and accepted an accountability, and each case be published at a future date.

Together we can make a difference for men’s health.

Raise funds and awareness this Movember for
all the dads, brothers, sons and mates in your life.
Sign up now at movember.com

Movember Mo Bros Soul and Lynton

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Holiday WWI volunteers

change honoured in book
approved By Meg Kennedy

Following the recent centenary celebration of the Bacchus

Marsh Avenue of Honour, the Bacchus Marsh and District Honour to whom
By Kate Taylor Historical Society will launch a new book next month that

Christmas is set to be even

sheds light on local volunteers from Bacchus Marsh who
served in World War I.
Honour is Due
more jolly – by half a day, for Honour to whom Honour is Due: Bacchus Marsh and
Moorabool Shire Council staff. District Volunteers 1914-1918, co-authored by BM&DHS Bacchus Marsh & District Volunteers
members Katrina Lyle and Katrina Bradford, tells the story of 1914-1918
The arrangement for office
463 volunteers who hailed from the Bacchus Marsh district,
closures over the festive
including those whose names are not currently inscribed on
season was put to the October 3 council meeting, with staff the Avenue.
set to finish up at 12.30pm on Christmas Eve.
Taking four and a half years of researching to compile,
But because this year Christmas Day falls on a Tuesday, Honour to whom Honour is Due describes the stories of local
it would mean staff would have Saturday and Sunday off volunteers; using first-hand evidence from personal letters
before returning to work just for half a day and then having and photographs, records from the former community
the following week off, until Wednesday 2 January. paper The Bacchus Marsh Express, to the National Archives
At the meeting, Woodlands Ward Councillor Pat Toohey of Australia, the Australian War Memorial and anecdotes
spoke up. passed down through families.
“Why come back for a half-day on Monday the 24th? The book also describes the community’s attitudes to
Common sense would tell you we could give our staff a full enlistment, the work of the Red Cross in supporting serving
break,” Cr Toohey said. soldiers, the animated conscription debates of 1916 and 1917,
as well as the huge well of desire to honour those who served.
The councillors agreed to make the change, meaning that
council offices will close on the Friday before Christmas. Co-author Katrina Lyle says she approached the research
by compiling a data spreadsheet by “digging down” and
Closures for other services, such as waste collection, will be “noticing trends”.
announced closer to December.
Co-author Katrina Bradford said the most surprising
The swimming pools will be closed on Christmas Day, discovery was that “no two stories are the same.”
Katrina Lyle & Katrina Bradfield Bacchus Marsh & District Historical Society Inc.

but may be opened on Boxing Day and New Year’s Day if “Everybody enlisted for different reasons and their records
temperatures exceed 23 degrees. show different stories unfolding,” she said.
Information on other closures including the works depots, On what she would like the Bacchus Marsh and surrounding that you knew,” she said.
library services, Maternal & Child Health Centres, Darley community to take away from the book, Ms Lyle says she Honour to whom Honour is Due will be launched at a
Early Years Hub, outdoor pools, Bacchus Marsh Leisure wants the community “to know and understand the depth morning tea event on Saturday 10 November at 2pm in
Centre and Aged & Disability services will also be made of community that was so well established and connected,” the James Young Room in the Lerderderg Library, Bacchus
available by council closer to Christmas, along with the as well as gaining a “deeper understanding of the men who Marsh, and available to purchase for $50.
emergency arrangements that will be put in place for some served” and the mythology around it. To RSVP, contact Katrina on kjlyle@gmail.com or 0425 866
areas. “They are human first…they could have been just any boy 347.
Email - news@themooraboolnews.com.au  The Moorabool News – 30 October, 2018 Page 5

Ignoring Enjoy the great outdoors

opportunity angers Forest upgrades are set to improve the visitor
experience in the bush.

Popular camping reserves across the Grampi-
ans region have received vital improvements
through the Victorian Government’s $6 million
State Forest Asset Upgrade Project.
By Caitlin Bewley
Grampians Regional Manager Forest and
(1st Yr Swinburne Uni) Fire Planning, Jon Rofe, said approximately
$400,000 of upgrade works have been complet-
A repeat offender has not amused the Magistrate in the ed in the first year of the project.
Bacchus Marsh court. “These works will provide new and upgrad-
The third-time appearance for Christopher Stewart was ed facilities for visitors to our forests, while
not a positive one having been in breach of his community also undertaking significant road and track
corrections order (CCO) since 2016.
“The completion of these works is well timed
“My immediate inclination is that your time for serious for summer when a growing number of people
sentencing is today,” Magistrate Ron Saines said to the visit our forests to explore the great outdoors,”
accused. Mr Rofe said.
“It’s a disappointing report,” the accused’s lawyer told the The Werribee River Walk, Wombat State Forest
court. is part of the improvements and will receive,
along with Paradise Walk and Grevillea Walk,
“But he hasn’t been able to attend his CCOs because he had Mt Cole and Wail Campground, upgraded
his gall bladder removed in 2017.” stairs, bridges, tracks, and signage.
The accused’s lawyer attempted to persuade Magistrate Mr Rofe said additional works are planned,
Saines that imprisonment was the wrong way to go and that with the next major project being the redesign
of the Wombat Mountain Bike Trail Head in
her client had the ability to comply with another CCO.
conjunction with Macedon Ranges Shire and
But Magistrate Saines did not budge. the Wombat Mountain Bike Club.
“He’s had opportunity to participate in compliance since “As more and more people visit our forests, it’s
2016,” Magistrate Saines said. important we continually upgrade facilities so
that they can fully appreciate some of Victoria’s
“I cannot accept that the hearing in June [2018] could be so
most beautiful natural environments,” Mr Rofe
misunderstood, when you were represented by a Barrister, said.
that you would be bailed and not have to attend your Across the Grampians region, asset upgrades
community corrections afterwards.” also includednew toilets installed at Richards
Stewart replied, “About that.” Campground and Smith’s Bridge, Mt Cole with
a new picnic shelter completed at Glenndin-
“I didn’t actually receive any paper work saying I needed to
ning Campground, Rocklands State Forest.
go to my CCO,” Stewart said.
For further information on forest activities
Magistrate Saines released Stewart on bail; his hearing visit www.ffm.vic.gov.au or download the
deferred to Ballarat in February 2019. More to Explore app from the AppStore.


Member’s Night NIGHTS

Rolling Cash Jackpots

Enjoy free kids entertainment

& Door Prizes

every Friday night in the bistro
including face painting
balloon art and more!


Not a member?
It’s free to join Pegasus Rewards


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PARMA’S $16 M: 0457 296 886
E: michaela.settle@vic.alp.org.au
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Authorised by Jeff Rootes, 524 Wilson Street Ballarat.
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Bacchus Marsh Flower & Garden Show Birth of History celebrated

Results – 20/21 October 2018 Around 70 life, current and past
members gathered earlier this month
Best in Show Roses
to celebrate the 50-year anniversary
Winner - Wendy Lesko Glenys Kay
of the formation of the Bacchus Marsh
Cut Flowers Historical Society.
Wendy Lesko
Main Show  The night included a presentation
Garden Produce CAKES from President of the Royal Historical
Margaret Wardell Amateur Society of Victoria, Associate Professor
Rhiannon Gadsby Don Garden OAM, FFAHS, FRHSV
Floral Art on the importance of Historical
Monica Martin Professional
Kerry Robins Societies to local communities, as
Australian Natives well as a special anniversary cake by
Jean Bedwell the three founding members.
Iesha Spiteri
Pot Plants Special guests in attendance included BMDHS Inc Life Members L to R - Wendy Vearing,
PHOTOS Associate Professor Don Garden Frances Hannah, Geoff Stancliffe & seated Sue
Glenys Kay
Adult OAM, FFAHS, FRHSV, President Woods.
JUNIOR Melissa Jane Cachia of the Royal Historical Society of
Grade 2/3 16&Under Victoria, President of the Federation
Coimadai Primary School William Morrow of Australian Historical Societies,
along with Moorabool Mayor Paul
Tatchell, Don Nardella MLA and
founding members Dr John Woods,
Sue Woods and Wendy Vearing.
The Society was originally founded
on 4 October 1968 at the home
of Dr John and Sue Woods, and
approximately 30 people from
the local community attended the
inaugural meeting, coming together
as the community was concerned the
local sandstone police cells at Bacchus
Marsh Police Station were going to be
moved to a folk museum at Swan Hill.
The old sandstone cells are still Inaugural members of BMDHS Inc L to R Dr John
present today out the back of the Woods, Sue Woods & Wendy Vearing. First meting
main street police station. was 4th October 1968.


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Tuesday 21 February, 2017 Serving Ballan and district since 1872 Phone 5368 1966 Fax 5368 2764 Vol 11 No 7

15/3/18 6-7pm 22/3/15 22/3/15

Bacchus 6-7pm 6-7pm
Marsh Bacchus Bacchus
Government Marsh
Incentives for Automation
Cloud Automation
Employers for Business
looking for Business
to take the next step in growing their busin
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Safer trek to school

By Helen Tatchell

A new footpath leading to a local primary school will see

students and families walk and cycle safely to and from
Gordon PS when the 2019 school year begins.
Moorabool Shire Council will construct the long-awaited, and
much needed path after a funding announcement by Member
for Buninyong, Geoff Howard of a $50,000 investment to build
a footpath between the school and the main road at Gordon.
“Works are expected to get underway over the summer school
holiday period and will deliver a much needed safety boost for
the students at this great local school,” Mr Howard said.
The new 300-metre footpath upgrade is part of the aim at
improving high-risk roads near local schools.
Gordon PS students and families are currently forced to walk
on the road or in long grass on their journey to and from the
Mr Howard said he was pleased to have been able to deliver
this outcome when school principal “Russel Cowan came to
me seeking support for improved traffic management and
safer access for students at the school.”
Mr Cowan said safety was his primary concern.
“Having the students walking from the main road to school
on a footpath will be a major upgrade to their safety, which is
paramount,” he said.
“It’s all about student safety.”
Student Chloe said she can walk safely with her younger
“I can then look after them better and I can go to school
having dry feet,” she said.
Gordon PS has grown from 50 students to 130 in 2018, a rise
that also creates more traffic on the roads at peak school drop
off and pick up times.
“It is great to know students don’t have to walk on roads to
school,” Mr Howard said.
The State government is in caretaker mode (Tuesday 30
October, 6pm) until the election on November 24. Mr Howard
now retires after 19-years in the seat for Ballarat East/ Gordon Primary school students, with principal Russel Cowan and Geoff Howard MP, walk through long grass where the
Buninyong. new footpath will be built, making the journey to and from school safer. Photo – Helen Tatchell

for Goods and Services
for those on a Low Income
What do you UPGRADE
NIL charges, While works on the Ballarat Line Upgrade continue, coaches will replace V/Line trains for all
or part of the journey from Saturday 8 December until last service on Sunday 16 December.
for Goods and
NIL Services
for Goods and Services
or those onNIL a Low Income
interest. Coaches will replace all trains between Coaches will replace all trains between
for those on a Low Income Ballarat/Wendouree, Ararat and Ballarat/Wendouree and Southern

What doFor
Southern Cross Station. Maryborough Cross Station. Maryborough and
details see… trains will connect with coaches Ararat trains will connect with coaches
What do need? between Ballarat and Southern
Cross Station.
between Ballarat and Southern
Cross Station.


NIL fees, Available in Maryborough Ballarat Southern Maryborough Ballarat/ Southern

Ararat Cross Ararat Wendouree Cross

Bacchus Marsh

NIL interest. Please allow an extra 45 minutes travel time. To plan your journey visit vline.com.au or
call 1800 800 007. Thank you for your patience while we complete this important project.
For details see… AT: The Neighbours Place:
Emergency Food Bank and NILS provider.
NILS.com.au 77 Main St. Bacchus Marsh The Ballarat Line Upgrade will enable much needed extra peak services and trains
every 40 minutes in the off-peak for the growing communities along the line.
Available in Drop in Or call 5367 6222 ; Mon/Wed/Fri. 9.30am - 3pm.
www.neighboursplace.org.au regionalrailrevival.vic.gov.au/ballarat 1800 105 105 (24 hrs a day, 7 days a week)
Bacchus Marsh
ballaratlineupgrade@railprojects.vic.gov.au facebook.com/ballaratlineupgrade
NILS an Australian national scheme encouraged by State and Federal governments.
AT: The Neighbours Place:
Emergency Food Bank and NILS provider.
77 Main St. Bacchus Marsh
Drop in Or call 5367 6222 ; Mon/Wed/Fri. 9.30am - 3pm.


NILS an Australian national scheme encouraged by State and Federal governments.

Page 8 The Moorabool News – 30 October, 2018 Email - news@themooraboolnews.com.au

Driver uses stolen plates

“found at creek”
By Caitlin Bewley Bacchus Marsh-Geelong road.
(1st Yr Swinburne Uni) Upon noticing Wyllie’s excessive speed,
police officers attempted to intercept the
Multiple driving offences saw a now accused, to which he drove along the
Western Australian man face over $5000 emergency lane in order to avoid stop sticks.
worth of fines. It is alleged that Wyllie avoided the stop
Sean Wyllie, an interstate truck driver, sticks on two occasions before police were
described his actions in the Bacchus Marsh able to end the pursuit.
court, over a yearly period as a “bad time in “He never attempted to stop in pursuit,” the
[his] life”. prosecutor said. “The plates were also stolen
The accused was allegedly caught on on April 3 of this year.”
four separate occasions between July 2017 Upon being questioned, the accused
and February 2018, either driving whilst allegedly told police that “[I] reckon I was
suspended or driving in unregistered doing 100 In an 80 zone. I found the plates
vehicles. at the creek and put them on my ute,” Wyllie
It was on April 9 of this year that Wyllie told the court.
was intercepted in Melton’s south, sporting “I did the wrong thing. But I’m not a bad
stolen plates on his black Holden ute. person. I do a lot of good things too,” he said.
Prosecutor Senior Constable Lisa Wyllie was convicted and fined a sum of
Schoemaker told the court the accused was $5024.30, and his licences were disqualified
travelling 162km/h in a 60km/h zone along for six months.

Speeding because running late

Students at Lady Northcote school in 1974. By Caitlin Bewley istrate Ron Saines asked the accused in the

Help project take a tour

(1st Yr Swinburne Uni) Bacchus Marsh court on Friday 19 October.
“I was running late for the train, your Hon-
Jet lag was a man’s reasoning for exceeding our,” the accused said.
40km/h over the speed limit on July 18 of “I returned home from Europe three days
this year. before so it was a lack of time judgement.”
By Carol Saffer The developers of the software app that
acts as a ‘virtual tour guide’ at the new Sir Paulo Santos, a 40-year-old IT consultant, Magistrate Saines said it was a question of
Mal Rogers and Bob Prewett, both in their John Monash Centre in Villers-Bretonneux, was found travelling 154km/h in a 110km/h overall road safety.
70s, applied for funding to create a multi- France offered to create a scaled down zone along the Western Freeway between “You were travelling at exceptionally high
media app to showcase a heritage trail at the version for Mr Prewett and Mr Rogers Greendale and Bacchus Marsh. speeds,” Magistrate Saines said.
Lady Northcote Children’s Farm School, in project for $89,463. “Is there anything you’d like to say about Santos was convicted and fined $1000 with a
the recent Pick My Project initiative of the Mr Prewett said, “with this cutting edge, your circumstances in July that I can take total of $82.40 in court costs. His licence was
Victorian Government. highly intuitive and interactive system, into consideration for sentencing?” Mag- also suspended for six months.
Their project was unsuccessful receiving Victoria’s unique Lady Northcote Children’s
less than 50 votes. Farm School Heritage Trail App will engage
Mr Rogers said they were outnumbered. and educate visitors.”
“The farm school heritage trail app project “Using the App on smart devices as a
did not have the same level of resources virtual tour guide through the farm school is

as other local projects, via social media, designed to encourage visitors to remember
brochures and information events,” he said. the past, understand what it was like, and
Undeterred the two men, friends for over 30 connect with the children’s stories through
years, say they have plans to approach other their photos, films and writings,” Mr Rogers
organisations for funding as they believe
keeping history alive is invaluable and
relevant to the local community and tourists
The Victorian Heritage Register listed
the [now] Lady Northcote Recreation
alike. Camp in 2008 as historically significant 3rd & 4th November 2018
Mr Rogers arrived at the Lady Northcote for its association with the child migration
Children’s Farm School (located 17 movement of the first half of the 20th-
kilometres from Bacchus Marsh) at just six century; as the only farm school established
Celebrate spring at The Garden of St Erth
years old in 1951. He left ten years later. in Victoria based on the Fairbridge Farm over the Melbourne Cup Weekend.
Mr Prewett, with connections in IT, wants School model, and as the only institution
to use technology to capture the story of in the State to have been constructed JOIN ACTIVITIES INCLUDING
children, like Mr Rogers, who lived at Lady specifically to cater for child migrants.
◆ Free garden tours & mini-workshops daily
Northcote Children’s Farm School before the Can you help? Call Mal Rogers on 0427 058
remaining survivors pass on. 714. ◆ Local produce stalls inc. wine, preserves & honey
◆ Seasonal food at the St Erth Fork to Fork™ café

Panel picked
◆ Children’s activities 11am–2pm both days


10.00am Soil improvement for growing vegies
By Kate Taylor 10.30am Summer heirloom vegetables
11.30am Summer fruit tree care
There is still a little while to go before the
12.00pm St Erth’s best perennial combinations
barbie is fired up for the event itself but,
in the meantime, the selection panel for 1.00pm Perennial vegetables
the Australia Day Awards has just been 1.30pm Attracting bees to your garden
appointed. 2.30pm Common pests & diseases
Three councillors are appointed to the 3.00pm Q&A
panel each year and for the 2019 Moorabool
Shire Council Australia Day awards panel, Festival entry $10. Free for Diggers
councillors were nominated at the October 3 members and children under 16.
council meeting.
East Ward Councillor Jarrod Bingham Check out our extensive education program, with experts from around the
nominated fellow East Ward Councillor Council’s Australia Day 2019 celebrations
country visiting Blackwood regularly to help get your own garden growing.
Dave Edwards, in his absence, to the panel will be held on Saturday 26 January, 2019
and Woodlands Ward Councillor Pat Toohey in the Public Hall, Bacchus Marsh and will See the What’s On section of The Diggers Club website for details.
nominated East Ward Councillors Tonia include a community breakfast and award DIGGERS.com.au
Dudzik and John Keogh. presentations.
Councillors Edwards, Dudzik and Keogh Nominations are now open for Citizen
are set to meet in late November to decide on of the Year, Youth Citizen of the Year and 189 SIMMONS REEF ROAD, BLACKWOOD PHONE 03 5368 6514
the winners for the awards. Community Event of the Year.
Email - news@themooraboolnews.com.au  The Moorabool News – 30 October, 2018 Page 9

Key is in ignition
By Meg Kennedy

Moorabool News
Member of

The idea for a Fiskville Motoring Hub has
inched even closer to becoming a reality,
EMAIL: news@themooraboolnews.com.au Your Local News WEB: www.themooraboolnews.com.au
Tuesday 12 December, 2017 Serving Ballan and district since 1872 Phone 5368 1966 Vol 11 No 49

as the State Government announced it will

contribute $150,000 toward a business case
Fiskville Flagged
for the project.
The government says they are partnering
with Moorabool Shire Council and the
Confederation of Australian Motor Sport
(CAMS) to develop the business case and
investigate the potential of the old CFA
training site into a motor sport hub.
The news follows Council’s recent pledge Gentlemen, start your engines! - (L-R) Stuart Hocking and Steve Grinstead with their cars showing support for a motoring complex/hub at the defunct CFA training college at Fiskville.
Photo – Helen Tatchell

of $100,000 and to seek funds toward a

By Kate Taylor Stuart Hocking, a member of the Ballarat Light Car Club, The clean-up has commenced and is due to be completed
said Fiskville would be a perfect site as it is readily accessible by 2020.
There’s new drive behind the quest to have a motorsport from Melbourne, Ballarat, and Geelong. “Now that the clean-up has started, I think if Fiskville gets
complex built at the now-abandoned Fiskville CFA training “I remembered reading and hearing about the closure of the a future use in place it would help the site shrug off its toxic
academy. Fiskville site and, having driven past Ballan on a daily basis

business case for the hub, which is set to

tag. Then it can get back to being a place that the greater com-
Members of the Ballarat Light Car Club met with Moorabool for work, had often thought Ballan would be an ideal location munity can thrive off once again, as it deservedly should
Mayor Paul Tatchell last week at the site, to discuss the push that would service many surrounding towns,” Mr Hocking considering the infrastructure that remains.
for the complex to be located there. told the Moorabool News. Mr Hocking said the list could also include, along with mo-
The campaign continues this week, with further on-site “So I created the Facebook group called #Make Fiskville @ tor racing, car, bus and truck driver education programs,

cost $300,000-$500,000, and would include

discussions set to take place early in the week, and a future Ballan Victoria’s new motorsport circuit, to gauge interest.” go-karts, BMX, mountain bikes, and motorbikes, with the
march on parliament already being floated as an idea if Interest is large and continues to grow – but some members feasibility study noting that the facility would bring about
required. have already raised concerns about the toxicity of Fiskville. $300 million per year into the local economy.
The City of Ballarat got things moving back in 2011 by flag- In joining the push for the Fiskville site, Mr Hocking con- “Having competed at a few different motorsport venues

design and engineering, economic and

ging its interest in building a multi-discipline motorsport tacted fellow advocate, Moorabool Mayor Cr. Paul Tatchell. over the years I’ve seen the huge demand for circuits such
complex in the Western region, progressing to a feasibility “I had found out that Cr. Tatchell had raised a similar idea as Winton and Sandown with these places booked out on a
study which, late last year, short-listed Fiskville as one of the for the use of the site a while back, after its initial closure. It daily basis for a variety of purposes. With the potential clo-
sites that should be considered for the project. would have been around the time where there was still some sure of Sandown in the near future due to urban sprawl, I
The Ballarat Light Car Club is on a month-by-month lease at uncertainty as to the clean-up process, cost and timeframe. believe it is time to act on making sure there’s a facility to

financial modelling, project management

its current site at Ballarat West, and is at least one of the area’s “So it was a waiting game, I guess, to see what would take fill the void and also provide the place in our area that locals
car clubs looking for a new home place and when.” have been longing for.”


Your Local Air-conditioning Specialist
and drafting fees.
Phone 5367 4964

RTA # AU03582
♦ $175 Evaporative Cooler Service *Mention this ad,
conditions apply
www.gjbradding.com.au SYSTEMS

The total project cost is expected to fall

between $50 million and $60 million. motoring clubs, who have been looking
for a new place to call home, but also other
The government says that opportunities for (L-R) Sharon Sperling, Cherie Giles and Principal Simon Cornock are excited to hear they
state and national clubs who would enjoy
grassroots participation, driver education will receive $200,000 in state government funding for Darley PS. Photo – Lisa Comerford
the prospect of a potential first-class facility

Creating an inclusive space

and training, industry development and
being within easy reach of the greater
vehicle testing will all be explored through
the business case. Melbourne area,” he said.
The project will assess the infrastructure Mr Hocking also said the efforts of Mayor
requirements for a range of motor sport Paul Tatchell and the Moorabool Shire Supporting students with disabilities and “This funding will better support the social
disciplines, along with the capability of the Council “will be greatly appreciated by additional needs just got better. and education needs of young people with a
site to host major motor sporting events. many.”
Darley Primary School is one of 93 schools disability,” Ms Pulford said.
Member for Buninyong Geoff Howard Neighbouring councils, including City of
across Victoria sharing in $15 million to “It’s all about giving our primary schools,
congratulated CAMS and Moorabool Shire, Geelong and Ballarat, and Golden Plains
build all-access play areas, sensory gardens like Darley, the equipment and infrastructure
saying “we’re proud to support a project that Shire support the change to the facility.
and outdoor learning areas. they need to inspire a lifelong passion for
has the potential to kickstart a new phase in The government says they will work closely
The Labor Member for Western Victoria, learning for all of their students and to show
motor sport here in the Ballarat goldfields with the CFA and Emergency Management
region.” Victoria to ensure the environmental issues Jaala Pulford, said $200,000 has been that disability isn’t a barrier to learning and
at the site are “understood and addressed” approved for Darley Primary School achieving.”
Ballarat Light Car Club member Stuart
Hocking, who has been heavily campaigning during the business case. under the latest round of the Andrews Since it was established by the Labor
for the motorsport hub told The Moorabool The CFA facility was closed permanently Government’s $30 million Inclusive Schools Government in 2015, nearly 90 creative
News that the grant is welcome news for in March 2015 following the detection of Fund. projects to build inclusive play spaces,
motorsport clubs across Victoria. contaminated water on the site, due to the The school will use the funds to create an outdoor learning areas, sensory gardens,
“It’s welcome news for not only the region’s use of carcinogenic chemicals. outdoor sensory space. and calm spaces have been delivered.

Moorabool Shire Council

The next Ordinary Meeting of Council will be held on Wednesday 7 November, Would you like to gain a brand new skill set to earn money over summer? Even
2018 in the Council Chambers, 15 Stead St, Ballan, commencing at 6.00pm. better, have fun with likeminded people at the same time? If so, Council has a fantastic
Members of the public are most welcome to attend. scholarship opportunity waiting for you!
Council is currently offering scholarships for hard working and enthusiastic people
NOMINATIONS FOR AUSTRALIA DAY AWARDS CLOSING SOON from Moorabool, aged between 16-25, to work over summer as a Pool Lifeguard
If you would like to recognise an outstanding resident or an outstanding community across the Bacchus Marsh and Ballan Outdoor Pools.
event as part of the Australia Day Awards in 2019, simply download a form from our To be considered for this scholarship please put your creative hats on and write a
website (www.moorabool.vic.gov.au/my-council/australian-citizenship-ceremony) or short paragraph, poem or create a video, addressing the following:
pick up a form from one of our Customer Service Centres. • Tell us about the time you have spent in an aquatic, sport or recreation environment
Nominations are closing soon for: and
• Citizen of the Year • Why you want to be Moorabool’s newest Pool Lifeguard
• Young Citizen of the Year To be eligible for the scholarship you must be available flexible hours throughout the
• Community Event of the Year summer pool season (December 2018 - March 2019), be a confident swimmer and be
Completed nomination forms need to be submitted by close of willing to undertake the Pool Lifeguard and First Aid qualifications, as well as be eligible
business Friday 16 November, 2018. to apply for a Working With Children’s Check. Successful scholarship applicants will
have their qualifications subsidised!
EMPLOYMENT Scholarship applications should be submitted to info@moorabool.vic.gov.au by
Council invites applications for the existing vacancies: 11pm on Sunday 11 November. For further information, please contact the
Project Engineer, Full Time - Applications close on Friday 2 November 2018 Leisure Facilities Team Leader on 5366 7100.
Team Leader – Urbans Amenities, Full Time - Applications close on Friday 9
November 2018 TENDER
Moorabool Shire Council invites tenders for the following contract:
All details available from the website: www.moorabool.vic.gov.au
Tender Number Tender Description
REMEMBRANCE DAY 2018 ROAD CLOSURES C23-2018/2019 Blackwood Localised Septic Program Part 1: Septic Tank Up-
Bacchus Marsh RSL Sub Branch and Ballan RSL Sub Branch will be commemorating grade Project – Round 6
Remembrance 2018 on Sunday 11 November 2018. Please be aware of the following C24-2018/2019 Main Street Gordon, Streetscape Upgrade - Stage 1
road closures: Tender documents and full details of this notice will be available on Saturday 27
• Bacchus Marsh – Main Street between Young and Gell streets from 9.30am – 12.30pm October 2018 at www.tenderlink.com/moorabool.
• Ballan – Inglis Street between Stead and Cowie streets from 9.30am – 1.00pm.

Moorabool Shire Council: PO Box 18, Ballan VIC 3342 Telephone: 03 5366 7100 Facsimile: 03 5368 1757 CEO: Derek Madden
Email: info@moorabool.vic.gov.au Web: www.moorabool.vic.gov.au Facebook: Moorabool Shire Council Twitter: @mooraboolshire
Page 10 The Moorabool News – 30 October, 2018 Email - news@themooraboolnews.com.au

The What’s On section is for non-profit community organisations. All free events submitted will be considered for FREE publication at the
Editors discretion. Advertising of AGMs in this section will only appear if a paid public notice also appears in the classifieds section, as per
the constitution of Business & Consumer Affairs for incorporated groups.

Bacchus Marsh & District Garden Club

ADULT EDUCATION Meeting 2nd Tuesday of each month, 7.30pm at The Laurels,
Ballan & District Community House 229 Main St, Bacchus Marsh. Guest Speakers. Supper after Anglican Parish of West Moorabool
For class enrolment information, venue hire and costs; please each meeting. All Welcome. Enquiries - Wendy 5367 4170. Service Times  -  St John’s Ballan 1st & 3rd Sundays -
call 5368 1934 or email info@bchvic.org.au Ballan Playgroup 9:30am; 2nd & 4th Sundays – 11am Family Service. Service
Darley Neighbourhood House & Learning Centre Every Tuesday of school Term. St John’s Anglican Church Times - St Mark’s in the Gordon Pub 2nd & 4th Sundays –
Short courses and classes. 33-35 Jonathan Drive, Darley. BM & Hall - 9:30-11:30am. Enquiries - 0409 681 138 Anna or 0421 5pm. Enq to Rev’d Glen Wesley - 5368 2730. 
District Photography Club - Meetings 2nd & 4th Wednesday 905 558 Tamsin.  Ballan Uniting Church
of month, 7.30pm. Enquiries welcome. Phone 5367 4390. (St Paul’s) - Services 11.15am every Sunday.
Ballan Anglers Inc
The Laurels – Bacchus Marsh Community College B3 Community
Meeting second Wednesday every month. Hudsons Hotel,
Courses and classes. 229 Main Street, Bacchus Marsh. Focused, family friendly church with a difference. Services
7.30pm. More anglers and families needed and welcome –
Enquiries & enrolments - 5367 1061. every 2nd & 4th Sundays at Avenue Bowling Club, Main St,
0400 003 936.
U3A Bacchus Marsh Bacchus Marsh.
Rose-Carers of Maddingley Park
Active seniors social learning, for daily activities contact Bacchus Marsh Christian Church
Working bees every 3rd Sunday of each month. All welcome.
5367 5341 or visit our website - www.u3abacchus.org.au Sunday Services 10am with kids program. 222 Main St,
Enquiries - 0400 052 857.
Bacchus Marsh Family Drug Support Group Bacchus Marsh. Enquiries 9028 2622.
MEETINGS For Family Members who have a loved one affected by drugs. Holy Trinity Anglican Church - Bacchus Marsh
BacchChat @ Lerderderg Library Enquiries - 1300 660 068. Service Times - Bacchus Marsh - Sunday 9am and 5pm;
1st Saturday of the Month,10am-12 noon.Various topics of Alanon Support Group - for families of alcoholics Balliang - 2nd Sunday 11am, 4th Sunday 9am; Myrniong – 1st
interest presented. Enquiries – 5366 7100 or www.moorabool. Meets at 10.30am on the 1st and 3rd Tuesdays of each month & 3rd Sunday 11am. Enquiries – 5367 5362. 
vic.gov.au/libraries at the Uniting Church Hall, Gisborne Road, Bacchus Marsh. Church of the Living God
Moorabool Environment Group Enq - 0421 222 717. Christian youth ministry and bible teaching. 2nd Sunday
Next monthly meeting - Thursday 25 October, 7pm. Footscray Poultry Club (at Bacchus Marsh) of every month, 5pm. Open to all ages. At 14 Darcy St,
Lerderderg Library, Bacchus Marsh. All welcome. Enq - 0409 Meetings held 2nd Sunday of month, 2pm. Poultry Pavilion. Maddingley. Enq – 0408 260 727.
131 021. Racecourse Rec. Reserve, Balliang-Bacchus Marsh Rd, Bacchus Marsh Baptist Church
Bacchus Marsh CWA Day Branch Bacchus Marsh. All welcome – Kerry 9741 9705. Sundays, 10:30am, Worship Service and Children’s Program.
Meets 2nd Thursday of each month at 10am at the Darley Phone 5367 6550 for more details.
Hub, Wittick Street, Darley. Enquiries: 5368 7273. Our Lady Help of Christians Korobeit
CWA - The Marshians Night Branch Bacchus Marsh MARKETS Mass every Saturday 6.30pm.
Meet first Tuesday of month - The Hub, Wittick St, Darley, Ballan Lions Club Market Golden Harvest Christian Fellowship
7pm.  Enquiries - Gay Hooper 0413 350 012. Next market – Saturday 3 November 2018. Non-denominational - Prayer every Sunday 10am, Men’s
Ballan & District CWA First Saturday each month - Inglis St, Ballan – 9am-1pm. KYB Monday evenings 6pm (0429 681 566.) Ladies KYB
Branch meetings – 2nd Thursday each month. RSL Hall, Enquiries – 0402 390 080 (Wayne). Wednesday 1pm (5367 6834).
Inglis St, Ballan, 7.30pm. All welcome - enquiries to 0407 992 Darley Market Bacchus Marsh Life Church
767 or email ballandistrictcwa@gmail.com Saturday 3 November, 8am - 1pm. 1st & 3rd Saturday each Meeting 10am every Sunday at the BM College Drama Room,
Ballan District Vintage Machinery & Vehicle Club month at Darley Park Football Reserve. Enquiries – 0488 345 in Grant Street. Enquiries Pastor Merv - 0412 290 036.
Meetings - second Monday each month, 8pm. Tom Mullane 145 (Alan). St Bernard’s Bacchus Marsh Catholic Church
Pavilion, Ballan Racecourse Reserve. Enquiries – Brian 5368
Ballan Farmers Market Mass Times – Saturday- 5pm; Sunday – 8.30am & 10am.
2255 or Ray 5368 1177.
Next Market – Saturday 10 November, 9am-1pm. 2nd Bacchus Marsh Uniting Church Parish
The Pottery Group
Saturday each month, Mill Cottage car park. Enq – 0498 361 Services - St Andrew’s 9.30am every Sunday. Pentland Hills
Tuesday and Saturday 1pm-3pm, at the Public Park Hall
291 or 0490 114 130. 2pm 1st Sunday of month. Enquiries - 5367 2543 (office).
(next to Tennis Courts), Stanley St, Gordon. All welcome.
Enquiries to Maureen 0447173031.
Bacchus Marsh Playgroup
(Behind St Andrew’s Church) Cnr Gisborne Rd & Lerderderg
Street, Bacchus Marsh. Monday-Friday 9am, 11am, 1pm &
3pm. Enquiries – Cindy 0433 651 066.
Moorabool Mission Recovery Group
Struggling with addiction; Pain from the past; family member GARAGE SALE
out of control? Meeting weekly - Wednesday, 12.30pm –
Sunday 4th November 9am-1pm
Afternoon Tea
Jean Oomes Room, Lerderderg Library, Bacchus Marsh.
Enq- Pastor Merv Patton – 0412 290 036. Time to spring clean and be part of our Huge Town Garage Sale

Lal Lal Moorabool Photographic Group Inc Map of registered participants available from 8.30am in town center

Meeting 3rd Wednesday each month, 7pm. Soldiers Memorial Register your property now with Deirdre 0427 016 284 / David 0418 372 203

Hall, Lal Lal. Enquiries 5341 7535. Proudly sponsored by the Blackwood Progress Committee

NOW OPEN Bacchus Marsh Uniting Church

The Congregations of St Andrew’s
• Ecoya Candles and Pentland Hills
Invite members of the community to the Service
• May Gibbs Kids Range celebrating the Induction of Rev David Withers
as Minister of the Word to our congregations
• Jewellery • Plants at 2.00 pm November 4th, 2018
• Giftware & Homeware St Andrew’s Church, Gisborne Road, Bacchus Marsh Prizes to be won for the best
followed by light refreshments in the hall racing headwear!
Enquiries and RSVP to bmuc@westnet.com.au
136a Inglis Street, Ballan by 28th October please. Bookmaker and more!

Centenary of Armistice Day

Bacchus Marsh
This year on Remembrance Day, The Bacchus Marsh RSL
will celebrate the Centenary of Armistice Day.
This will be conducted at the Village Green next to the RSL
Memorial Hall on Sunday 11 November 2018, 10.30am
At precisely 11.00am a minute’s silence will be dedicated, as
we remember those who died in war.
Following the service, the RSL will be open for a Sausage
Sizzle and; at 11.45 am a presentation will take place to the
three companies selected to design Stage 1 of the ‘Centenary
of Armistice Memorial Project’.
‘Lest We Forget’
Email - news@themooraboolnews.com.au  The Moorabool News – 30 October, 2018 Page 11

A Listing We are Truly Proud Of Election

priorities put
sale and rental of real estate.
Our policy platform con-
tains several issues which
are of particular importance
to Regional Victoria. We
would like the next Victorian
Government to investigate
a Parliamentary Inquiry to
identify how Melbourne’s
26 Margaret Drive, Bacchus Marsh growing reputation as a
$690,000 - $750,000 global elite city can benefit
From the moment you approach the property the attention Regional Victoria (as there
to detail is evident. Professionally landscaped & manicured GIL KING was in NSW).
gardens greet you with hardy natives and underground The NSW Inquiry looked
irrigation systems. Beautiful hardwood floors, gas log fire
at expanding mechanisms
& tiled feature wall draw you into the lounge area & this around international trade,
flows seamlessly through to the bright, spacious 2-pac The REIV has released its
2018 Victorian Election wish infrastructure, tourism,
kitchen area with extensive cupboards, stone benchtops &
list and it has a strong focus innovation and research
quality stainless steel appliances. As you exit the kitchen &
dining area through the bifold doors you suddenly realise on improving outcomes for through better collabora-
just how much effort, skill & time has been put into this tion across all levels of gov-
the industry, and communi-
property. Raised undercover alfresco area complete with ernment or through more
ties more broadly, in Region-
ceiling fans, steps down to a private, entertainer’s paradise. targeted investment of
al Victoria.
Entertaining friends & family will be an absolute pleasure resources.
with your own wood fire pizza oven, surrounded by stone The real estate industry
We’re also asking for poli-
bench tops. Back inside the home there is a generous master manages $76 billion in trans-
cies that will improve em-
bedroom, with well-designed & fully fitted out walk-in robe actions, which represents
ployment outcomes for
leading to the luxury ensuite with free standing bath, double 20 per cent of Gross State
basins & oversized shower. The remaining 2 bedrooms are young people in Regional
Product, and property taxes
complete with double built in robes & the main bathroom Victoria. Specifically, fur-
make up 47 per cent of the
features oversized shower, double basins & beautiful, ther incentivising real estate
Victorian Government’s tax
quality fixtures & fittings. All of this only 500mtrs from the businesses in the regions by
Main Street & around 1.0km from the Railway Station & BM income.
reintroducing payroll tax
Grammar & 300mtrs from the hospital. The REIV will be vocal exemptions and improv-
in presenting our election ing education and training
priorities – including our opportunities, particularly
strong position on Regional for new entrants in country
Victoria - to all sides of poli- areas.
tics. The REIV is uniquely The REIV is also calling
placed to represent interests for the section of the Es-
in Regional Victoria given tate Agents Act 1980 which
the network of real estate prohibits an estate agent
agents and associated pro- from selling a property to
fessions in regional towns associated parties to be re-
and centres. pealed. This is unworkable,
We will be pressing for a especially in country towns
reduction in red tape and where people are more like-
property taxes such as ly to know each other, and
stamp duty and land tax and significantly affects small
the introduction of a Prop- businesses by restricting

www.arbeerealestate.com.au erty Services Commissioner

to oversee all aspects of the
their capacity to receive fair
commission for their work.
property market including Please visit the REIV web-
140 Main Street, Bacchus Marsh 5367 2333 land development, building site to read the full 2018 State
Arbee Real Estate and construction and the Election Priorities Paper.

Heritage Style Gordon Home Sitting Proudly On 11 Cleared Acres


185 Old Western Highway, Gordon

Be totally surprised with this stunning Victorian cottage, with traditional details with modern design. Distinguished with
high ceilings, a gun barrel hallway, ceiling roses & deep cornices, this home has also been restumped & replastered with
electrical upgrades. Loved for 15 years & sitting on approx 11 acres, this property offers many rewards with fertile soil,
20,000L of tank water, Spring water underground, mains water running past the front & sufficient shedding including an
old studio (which needs some TLC), plus older style shedding.
Price: $649,000 - $699,000

Agent: Chris Leonard 0409 0409 23

51 Lydiard Street South, Ballarat 3350 www.prdballarat.com.au
Phone 5331 1111 www.prdballarat.com.au
Page 12 The Moorabool News – 30 October, 2018 Email - news@themooraboolnews.com.au

Arbee Real Estate

FOR SALE 54 Wellington Street, Bacchus Marsh FOR SALE 26 Margaret Drive, Bacchus Marsh
3 1 2 3 2 2

Neat As A Pin! Absolute Perfection

Beautifully renovated and freshened up with new kitchen and Finished to the highest quality throughout, this stylishly renovated 3
bathroom, floor coverings and window furnishings this 3 bedroom, 1 bedroom home will leave you breathless. Everywhere you look
bathroom home is perfect for first home owners, investors or resembles a page from a home magazine including the professionally
downsizers alike. New bathroom has a shower, vanity and toilet and designed gardens that will be the envy of all your friends. Walking
second toilet in laundry. North facing rumpus room across the back of distance to Main Street, the Station & Schools this executive residence
the house is a handy second living space. is turn-key perfect.
INSPECT By appointment INSPECT By appointment
FOR SALE $450,000 - $470,000 FOR SALE $690,000-$750,000
Daryl Gould 0409 233 157
Steve 0475 888 101 Liam 0407 385 297

FOR SALE 4 Kelvin Way, Bacchus Marsh FOR SALE 1/20 Standfield Street, Bacchus Marsh
4 2 2 2 1 1

Executive Residence You Can’t Get More Central!

Located in the heart of the prestigious Grantleigh Estate. Consisting of Located in one of the most sought after streets in Bacchus Marsh, this
4 spacious bedrooms, master with WIR and full ensuite the remaining 3 neat front 2 bedroom unit within easy walking distance to Main Street
all have BIRs. A theatre room, study, central bathroom walk in linen, shopping precinct, hospital, schools and Railway Station presents a
pool room. The open plan living leads to the fully enclosed outdoor great opportunity for owner occupiers or astute investors alike. Don’t
entertainment area overlooking the pool and providing resort style miss this rare opportunity!
living each and every day.
INSPECT By appointment INSPECT By appointment
FOR SALE $798,500 FOR SALE $250,000 - $270,000
CONTACT Peter Leonard 0429 671 990 CONTACT Peter Leonard 0429 671 990
WEB arbeerealestate.com.au WEB arbeerealestate.com.au

AUCTION 3/40 Raglan Street, Bacchus Marsh FOR SALE 98 Underbank Boulevard, Bacchus Marsh
1 1 1 3 1 2

Invest or Occupy, The Choice is Yours What An Opportunity

Great opportunity to get into the property market as an owner occupier Invest, renovate or move straight in. Neat and affordable 3-bedroom, 1
or investor. Neat 1-bedroom unit with freshly painted walls & ceilings, bathroom, 2 car garage property is perfect for the first home buyer or
new carpet throughout and an LG split system. Conveniently located to investor. Situated in the ever popular Underbank Estate. Featuring 3
Darley Primary, Darley Park & Darley Plaza. Private garden area to the bedrooms all with BIRs, a light filled living area which connects the
rear & car space. Potential rent of $200 per week. This would be a great generously sized kitchen and dining area, with access to the rear patio.
property to live in or to add to your portfolio. All this on a large, flat block of 763m².
INSPECT By appointment INSPECT By appointment
AUCTION Saturday 10th November 11.00am FOR SALE $430,000-$450,000
CONTACT Steve 0475 888 101 Liam 0407 385 297 CONTACT Liam Gair 0407 385 297
WEB arbeerealestate.com.au WEB arbeerealestate.com.au

FOR SALE 18 McFarland Street, Bacchus Marsh FOR SALE 36 Dundas Street, Bacchus Marsh
3 1 2

Magnificent Neighbourhood Flat Block, Great Location

One owner, triple fronted, brick and tile 3 bedroom, 1 bathroom home If you are looking to downsize and build your own home in a great
with a spacious lounge, kitchen/meals area and north facing sunroom. location then this is the block for you. Nice and flat, 359m2, and within
Beautiful gardens, carport and large workshop/shed. Corner block walking distance to shops, doctors, schools, childcare and the Darley
within walking distance to the Village Shopping Centre and Schools. Park this block has an excellent street frontage of 17.84m to give you
Excellent location to raise your family. The block is approximately versatility of design.
766m2 and also offers the opportunity for subdivision (STCA).
INSPECT By appointment INSPECT By appointment
FOR SALE $550,000 FOR SALE $195,000 - $210,000
CONTACT Daryl Gould 0409 233 157 CONTACT Peter Leonard 0429 671 990
WEB arbeerealestate.com.au WEB arbeerealestate.com.au

FOR SALE 14 Young Street, Bacchus Marsh FOR SALE 4 Shields Court, Bacchus Marsh
3 1 2 3 1 2

Park The Car and Walk to Everything! Magnificent Neighbourhood

This fantastic as new home is literally right in the heart of town. The 3 Classic one owner, triple fronted, brick and tile 3 bedroom, 1 bathroom
spacious bedrooms all offer BIRs, 11ft ceilings & ceiling fans, central home with a spacious lounge, kitchen/meals area and north facing
bathroom boasts a fantastic free standing bath, large shower & vanity. sunroom offers great potential for those looking for a renovation

Ducted heating and reverse cycle split system a/c in the main living opportunity in one of the best neighbourhoods in town. Beautiful
room. Large covered rear deck which overlooks landscaped backyard. gardens, a carport and large workshop shed. Corner block 766m2 and

UNDER CONTRACT Corner block, carport for 2 cars.

By appointment
also offers the opportunity for subdivision (STCA).
By appointment
CONTACT Daryl Gould 0409 233 157 CONTACT Daryl Gould 0409 233 157
WEB arbeerealestate.com.au WEB arbeerealestate.com.au

Ian McDonald Steve Creese Daryl Gould Peter Leonard Denise Sniegowski Liam Gair
5367 2333 0475 888 101 0409 233 157 0429 671 990 0456 044 024 0407 385 297

140 Main Street, Bacchus Marsh 5367 2333
Email - news@themooraboolnews.com.au  The Moorabool News – 30 October, 2018 Page 13


YPA Bacchus Marsh
Congratulations to YPA Bacchus

Marsh’s Lucas Ekerbicer on
completing the national
Auctioneer Competition.
Call to find out how an Auction
can benefit the sale of your
property 5310 1333
Same Network | Same Passion | New Location

Darley 14 Augusta Place 3 2 2 Darley 3 Moonlight Court 4 2 2

Three Level Masterpiece On 1190m2 (Approx.) Pristine Family Home on approx 1270m2 Block with Side Access
Impressively showcasing grand architectural Private Sale $699,000 - $749,000 A rare opportunity to buy the perfect Private Sale $599,000 - $649,000
design with interiors curated with a level Inspect By appointment family home in a quiet location on a large Inspect Sat 3 November 11.00-11.30am
of class that is simply unmatched, this Photo ID required block. Comprising of four generously sized Photo ID required
luxurious three level residence’s magnificent Contact Shane O’Brien 0431 766 082 bedrooms, master with WIR & full ENS, the Contact Alannah Shea 0412 856 347
dimensions deliver the ultimate in classical Lucas Ekerbicer 0418 465 892 remaining bedrooms all have BIRs. Spacious Vickie Ramon 0403 194 621
elegance and contemporaryThinking
refinementof in Selling? Call Vickie Ramon 0403 194 621 or Shane O’Brien 0431 766 082
kitchen boasts plenty of storage, stainless
an exclusive and secluded setting. steel appliances and dishwasher.


4/8 Church Street, Bacchus Marsh ypa.com.au
Page 14 The Moorabool News – 30 October, 2018 Email - news@themooraboolnews.com.au


Wed 6.00-6.30pm Saturday
Sat 2.00-2.30pm 10.00-10.30am
Photo ID required Photo ID required

3 1 2 3 1 1
Bacchus Marsh 59 Gisborne Road Bed Bath Car
Bacchus Marsh 2 Pike Place Bed Bath Car

A rare gem in central location Auction Home on 974m2 Large Block Private Sale
This Charming period styled 1930’s Saturday 1st December at 2pm This warm and inviting residence is $475,000 - $499,000
brick beauty has amazing street appeal, situated in a perfect position, in a quiet
Office Office
and is only minutes walk to main street 2/137 Main Street,
street less than 5 min drive from the 2/137 Main Street,
& primary schools. So much character Bacchus Marsh 5367 8128 Bacchus Marsh Township and moments Bacchus Marsh 5367 8128
offering 3 large bedrooms, polished from local schools and freeway entrance
timber flooring, 3m high ceilings, Contact to Melbourne and Ballarat. Contact
quality timber kitchen, lounge, dining Len Smith 0418 343 754 Len Smith 0418 343 754
area, family room, in-ground pool, Kelvin Gaffiero 0481 991 828 Kelvin Gaffiero 0481 991 828
double garage, beautiful gardens set
on 1095sqm land.

Photo ID required

3 2 4
Maddingley 72 Calderwood Drive Darley 70 Holts Lane Bed Bath Car

Vacant Land in Stonehill – 942 sqm Private Sale Great Value Offered Here Private Sale
This fantastic parcel of land is located $350,000 - $370,000 This affordable home would make a $475,000
on the popular stonehill estate and is perfect start for the first home buyer
Office Office
titled and ready to build on now. 2/137 Main Street, or investor. Conveniently located to 2/137 Main Street,
942 sqm in size with no easements, Bacchus Marsh 5367 8128 popular schools, shops and with easy Bacchus Marsh 5367 8128
north/ east aspect & flat, beautiful freeway access to Melb & Ballarat.
views from the rear of block. Contact
3 bedrooms master with ENS & WIRs, Contact
Don’t delay will not last!!! Len Smith 0418 343 754
Kelvin Gaffiero 0481 991 828 Lounge/dining, kitchen/meals with Len Smith 0418 343 754
quality appliances. Double carport Kelvin Gaffiero 0481 991 828
which is enclosed & separate workshop
at rear. Discover the possibilities this
home has to offer today.

Saturday Saturday
12.00-12.30pm 1.00-1.30pm
Photo ID required Photo ID required

3 2 2 3 2 1
Bacchus Marsh 3 Steele Court Bed Bath Car
Maddingley 3/1 McCrae Street Bed Bath Car

Handy to Everywhere Private Sale Maddingley Side Private Sale

There is plenty of room to live, relax $480,000 - $495,000 Perfectly located just minutes from $489,000 - $499,000
and entertain in this immaculate kept Train station, Maddingley Park
home with easy care gardens. Located Office and popular Schools is this quality Office
2/137 Main Street, 2/137 Main Street,
in a private court setting and only townhouse in a complex of 3. Light
Bacchus Marsh 5367 8128 Bacchus Marsh 5367 8128
minutes from the vibrant main street and bright interiors features polished
shopping precinct and popular primary Contact timber flooring, high ceilings, gas Contact
schools this home will certainly impress Len Smith 0418 343 754 central heating & evaporative cooling. Len Smith 0418 343 754
with it’s many features, so call today to Kelvin Gaffiero 0481 991 828 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, quality Kelvin Gaffiero 0481 991 828
make your appointment. appliances to kitchen, great outdoor
entertainment area, single garage plus
workshop. Perfect in every way.
Email - news@themooraboolnews.com.au  The Moorabool News
Opting for fame – 30 October,
over fortune trend. Page
is the week’s Awards 15
and perhaps small bonuses are featured now. Temptations
are abound through the weekend. Selectivity is the
byword here.

Stars & Puzzles

LEO—July 23-August 22
New directions in relationships appear. Opportunities to
mingle with favourites friends and family members are
offered. Financial obligations dominate your time.
VIRGO—August 23-September 22
You are laying the groundwork for assorted projects.
News from far away requires a prompt repy. Absolutely
QUICK PUZZLE everything in moderation is the keyword this week.
★★★★★★★★ LIBRA—September 23-October 22
The subtle approach may not be a successful one. To make
your point, make yourself heard loud and clear. Your
★★★★★★★★ artistic streak surfaces. This is a good time for crafts and
related hobbies.

SCORPIO—October 23-November 21
ARIES—March 21-April 20 Supervisors are more generously disposed to your ideas.
Joint ventures are highlighted this week. Cultural events, Advancement may be in the current picture. Home life
possibly related to the theatre are accented. Your partner becomes hectic and an older relative appreciates your
becomes less predictable, more easygoing and more company more than you realize.
SAGITTARIUS—November 22-December 22
TAURUS—April 21-May 22
A loved one’s reaction to your concepts may be
New areas of interest appeal to you. You may be finding unexpected. Invitations arrive to some glamorous events.
yourself signing up for a programme in economics, yoga Health reviews and visits to ailing people are prominent
or cooking - or even all three. Serious discussions on any this week
topic should not be avoided.
CAPRICORN—December 23-January 20
GEMINI—May 23-June 21 Laughter helps you ease the tension in more than one
A temperamental friend becomes calmer, thanks largely situation. Travel ideas may be put into action now.
to your influence. You and a new acquaintance discover Conferences take up time but are worth the trouble.
an important common interest. A lighter touch is impor-
tant in relationships. AQUARIUS—January 21-February 19

NO. 9065 CANCER—June 22-July 22 Combining diverse interests makes for an intriguing
week. Key strides can be made in your career, but don’t
ACROSS DOWN Opting for fame over fortune is the week’s trend. Awards force any issues. A contest of wit is featured - who wins
6. Rigid (10) 1. Colour (6) and perhaps small bonuses are featured now. Temptations is not the issue.
8. Remedy (4) 2. Mollify (7) are abound through the weekend. Selectivity is the
9. Metal (4) 3. Gas (6) byword here. PISCES—February 20-March 20
10. Cheese (5) 4. Sudden (6) The focus is on money matters. It would be to your
11. Unfeeling (4) 5. Nut (5) LEO—July 23-August 22
advantage to learn more about finance. Relationships
12. Lucky (9) 7. Frangrance (5) New directions in relationships appear. Opportunities to become more natural.
16. Dog (9) 13. Tree (3) mingle with favourites friends and family members are
20. Work (4) 14. Nationality (7) offered. Financial obligations dominate your time. BIRTHDAY THIS WEEK
22. Pollute (5) 15. Incantation (5) Your home is your castle and you always make it invit-
23. Brood (4) 17. Cheerful (6) VIRGO—August 23-September 22 ing. In fact, providing comfort to others is one of the
24. Singing voice (4) 18. Lower (6) You are laying the groundwork for assorted projects. aspects of your character. On the negative side, you can
25. Nasty (10) 19. Enlarge (6) News from far away requires a prompt repy. Absolutely be frustratingly stubborn. Work at becoming more flex-
21. Drink (5) everything in moderation is the keyword this week. ible - there could be a major career reward.
CRYPTIC PUZZLE LIBRA—September 23-October 22
ACROSS The subtle approach may not be a successful one. To make
6. Don’t make money from smuggling? (3,2,1,4). 8. A your point, make yourself heard loud and clear. Your

favourite container for fuel (4). 9. One state or a whole artistic streak surfaces. This is a good time for crafts and
lot (4). 10. Short time it took to disturb one? (5). 11. A related hobbies.
scratch man (4). 12. Does eating it put on weight? (5,4).
16. Laid out on finding water? (4,5). 20. Nicknamed “The SCORPIO—October 23-November 21
Grouch” in the aquarium? (4). 22. “Plenty of drink,” the
policeman put in (5). 23. Makes you return the gun (4). NUMBER GAME
Supervisors are more generously disposed to your ideas.
Advancement may be in the current picture. Home life
24. He comes back witht a fresh ball (4). 25. Young per- becomes hectic and an older relative appreciates your
son given a handout to get perfume (10). companyANSWER
more than youBELOW
DOWN SAGITTARIUS—November 22-December 22
1. Antidote when the soldier’s swallowed poison (6). 2.
“Not doing anything to get the ticket I have (7). 3. Said to A loved one’s reaction to your concepts may be
be a well-favoured form of transport (6). 4. Does a child unexpected. Invitations arrive to some glamorous events.
get a thank you for playing it? (6). 5. Tree snake in French Health reviews and visits to ailing people are prominent
(5). 7. Keep an eye on, as a duty (5). 13. Measure? Not this week
I, you say! (3). 14. Turn a child against a vegetable (7).
15. Makes us bitter, perhaps (5). 17. Use, to get me back, CAPRICORN—December 23-January 20
a stratagem (6). 18. Number one, we’re told, of the non- Laughter helps you ease the tension in more than one
pop songs (6). 19. Witnessing getting out the key (6). situation. Travel ideas may be put into action now.
21. For a barman, commonplace (5). Conferences take up time but are worth the trouble.
AQUARIUS—January 21-February 19
19, Not-in-G. 21, Ban-Al.
Combining diverse interests makes for an intriguing
Spin-a-ch. 15, Brews. 17, Em-ploy. 18, Lieder (leader).
some). 4, Son-a-ta. 5, Asp-en. 7, Watch. 13, Ell (L). 14, week. Key strides can be made in your career, but don’t
force any issues. A contest of wit is featured - who wins
Down - 1, Cu-RA-re. 2, Pass-I’ve. 3, Hansom (hand-
is not the issue.
Across - 1, Unfortunately. 8, Skiff. 9, General. 10, Ful-
mar. 11, Fleece. 12, Swine. 14, State. 18, Eleven. 20,
A-MP-le. 23, Nets (rev.). 24, O-wen (rev.). 25, A-dole- PISCES—February 20-March 20
Dapple. 23, Intrude. 24, Dunce. 25, Inexperienced.
11, Nick. 12, Heavy metal. 16, Well spent. 20, Crab. 22,
The focus is on money matters. It would be to your
Down - 1, Unsafe. 2, Frill. 3, Refrain. 4, Urge. 5, Annul.
Across - 6, Run at a loss. 8, Pe-a-t. 9, Mass. 10, Shake. advantage to learn more about finance. Relationships
6, Earnest. 7, Yelled. 13, Wrestle. 15, Twaddle. 16,
CRYPTIC SOLUTIONS become more natural.
Gemini. 17, Depend. 19, Equip. 21, Panic. 22, Near.
Chirpy. 18, Nether. 19, Expand. 21, Stout.
Pecan. 7, Aroma. 13, Ash. 14, Burmese. 15, Spell. 17, Your home is your castle and you always make it invit-
Across - 1, Measured tread. 8, Nose-s. 9, Par-king. 10,
Down - 1, Indigo. 2, Placate. 3, Oxygen. 4, Abrupt. 5, ing. In fact, providing comfort to others is one of the
C-apers. 11, Sever-E. 12, Stew-S. 14, State. 18, Arrest
23, Mope. 24, Alto. 25, Unpleasant. aspects of your character. On the negative side, you can
(a rest). 20, Dan-ish. 23, Cav-iar-e. 24, Dodge (anag.).
Numb. 12, Fortunate. 16, Schnauzer. 20, Opus. 22, Taint. be frustratingly stubborn. Work at becoming more flex-
25, Rise to the bait.
Across - 6, Inflexible. 8, Cure. 9, Zinc. 10, Gouda. 11, ible - there could be a major career reward.
Down - 1, Men-ace. 2, Aes-op. 3, Uns-crew. 4, Es-p-y.
5, Ters-E. 6, E-mine-nt. 7, Dogged (anag.). 13, Thri-V-
es. 15, T-waddle . 16, Saucer. 17, Th-re-at. 19, Start.
21, In-Di-a. 22, Left.
Trade & Business
Page 16 The Moorabool News – 30 October, 2018 Email - news@themooraboolnews.com.au


• Heavy Duty VHF - FM - AM Antennas
REFRIGERATION • Digital Ready Antennas
Sales Service • Digital Set Top Boxes
& I n s t a l l a t i o n s PIC 109528 • Amplifiers
Authorised by The Australian Refrigeration Council AU 34822 • TV & VCR Tuning
0411 649 321  • Extra Points
53686363  • All Work Guaranteed 7 Days
Email: inquiries@frigworks.com.au • Pensioner Discount Mob: 0417 711 712 Ph: 5367 5857


Complete Maintenance Services CROWN

■ Automotive service and repair
• Qualified and experienced mechanics
■ Vehicle hoist install, maintenance & repair
■ Mobile Service available
“Food fit for a King”
• Log book servicing ■ Batteries ■ Tyres ■ 4x4 specialist
■ Material handling repairs & maintenance Corporate functions,
• Tyre supply & puncture repairs AFTER HOURS 24/7 SERVICING Engineering Weddings, Birthdays,
• Brake replacement including inhouse machining & REPAIRS (by appointment) • Automatic Gates and Doors. Dinner Parties, Funerals,
• Oils, filters, coolants available for purchase Call Simon 0419 750 753 • Security Bars and Grills • CCTV Engagements, Christenings
• VACC accredited COURTESY CAR AVAILABLE • All Security needs • On-site welding Phone Dianne
• 24/7 breakdown towing available 11 Kennedy Place, Maddingley Located in Wallace Qualified Chef
115 Inglis Street Ballan Phone 0418 379 265 0428 682 366
Ph 5368 1968 strongfitengineering@gmail.com didebono@itaus.net



Carpet Cleaning, Upholstery, Tile, Grout, Windows, Concrete,
Auto & Marine Upholstery, Vinyl Stripping & Sealing
- Manufacturing - Metals - Engineering On Site
- Hydraulic Hoses & Fittings - Powder Coating
Senior - Sand Blasting - Custom Fabrication - Welding ◆ COMMERCIAL
QUALIFIED nt s - Steel Sales - Engineering Supplies ◆ INDUSTRIAL
CARPET 13 Reddrop St, Bacchus Marsh ◆ RESIDENTIAL
PH: 5367 1141
Steve 0490 387 657 AH: 0418 301 841 Mob 0419 397 393
www.greendalecleaning.com.au 0407 847 781 www.rosscoengineering.com.au ballaneeelectrical@bigpond.com


• Driveways
• Block clearing
■ Industrial/Automation ■ Solar Power/Solar Hot Water • Trenching
• Split systems ■ Commercial ■ Energy Management Transport & Earthmoving • Landscaping
• New Installations
■ Residential ■ Free LED lighting • Drainge
• Renovations
• Pat Testing 2 Osborne Street, Bacchus Marsh • Post holes • Dams • General earth moving

Ph: 5368 2001

• 24 Hour Emergency Service • Site cuts • Contaminated waste removal
E: flowsmartelectrical@hotmail.com
W: www.flowsmartelec.com.au JK Winter Transport & Earthmoving
M: 0433 348 403 www.keemin.com.au REC 5096 Phone 0438 851 108



Excavator, Bobcat & Tipper
✸ All types of fencing ✸ Retaining walls
✸ Driveways ✸ Tree/Waste Removal
Bobcat & Small Tipper
Fencing Pty Ltd
Farm Fencing
✸ Post holes & footings ✸ Horse Arenas
✸ Rock Walls ✸ Trenching Site Clean Up
✸ Dams ✸ Redgum Firewood & General Earthworks
No job too small. Reliable service and competitive rates. Weekend Work Phone: 5367 1909 Mobile: 0419 112 862
Phone Andrew 0439 681 120 Ph Steve 0439 476 966 Adam: 0428 519 855


Door Services Victoria Two Birds Shugg Gardening
*Repairs and New Doors
*Remotes and Motors Services Services
*All Types of Servicing • Garden Maintenance • Lawns Mowed
• Lawn Mowing & Edging • Gardens Maintained
*24 hrs 7 Days • Rubbish Removal • Garden Clean Ups • Rubbish Removed
*Eftpos Available • Mulching, Fertilising • Fully Insured
• Instant Turf Laid
Your Local Wedding Specialist Call Andrew 0417 385 483
• Residential & Rental, Rural,
Vacant Land, Industrial Estates • Landscaping
Call Melinda 0418 103 533 or email bacchusblooms@gmail.com www.doorservicesvic.com.au • Free Quotes Available • Fully Insured
*Free delivery to all local venues* Phone 0437 899 417 or 0407 636 345
andrew@doorservicesvic.com.au Matt 0422 115 615
E: twobirdsgardenservices@gmail.com
Trade & Business
Email - news@themooraboolnews.com.au  The Moorabool News – 30 October, 2018 Page 17


Mark’s Handyman
Boarding Kennels & Cattery
~~~~ SERVICES ~~~~
Complete Home Maintenance
Indoor and outdoor painting Tradie of the Year Finalist 2017 BALLAN
including plaster repairs, • Carpentry • Painting General Garden & House Maintenance
Pruning of all fruit trees and roses, • Rubbish Removal • Gutter Cleaning Tel: 0457 422 092
• Verandahs & decking
Weed Spraying & Trees Trimmed, • Instant Lawn • Landscaping • Paving www.covainekennels.com.au
Planting, Repotting, New Mulch, • Tiling • Plastering • Small tree trimming & removal
• Dog & Cat Boarding • Spacious Pens & Large Exercise Areas
Pressure Washing of Concrete, • Bathroom renovations • Painting “WE DO IT ALL”
• Special Needs Catered for • Affordable Rates – No Hidden Extras
25% off all work
Mobile: 0458 831 657 Brad: 0427 725 192 • Discount for Seniors (Except Peak) • Inspection Welcome
FRANK 0427 184 808 fixit.wedoitall@gmail.com



WRECKERS Master Painter & Decorator

• Wallpaper • Minor Plastering Repairs
New and used parts for • General Domestic & Commercial Painting BCD40106
• Graffiti Removal • New Homes
most makes and models. • Wallpapering, Faux & Specialised finishes
• Restoration & Repainting of
rint Centre
Residential Properties print • copy • scan • design
Vehicles wanted - • Complete Handyman & property maintenance service • Decking Specialists
Free pickup. • Plastering & General building repairs
• Free Quotes 15 Haddon Drive, Ballan
Ph: (03) 5368 2888
Contact Neil Harty Ph: 5367 1776 jcfarley@iinet.net.au Phone: 5368 1966
Mob: 0418 312 288 Email: neilharty1@gmail.com E: news@themooraboolnews.com.au




• Renovations • Bathroom • Kitchens Mark Reddish SERVICES Specialising in Waste Water Treatment Systems
• General Carpentry • Pergolas • Decks Servicing Ballarat, • General Plumbing
0418 343 547
Bacchus Marsh, Ballan • Pump sales and service
• Roofing • Retaining Walls • Tiling • Painting • Plaster • General Plumbing
and Daylesford • Hot water sales and installation
• Bobcat & Tipper Hire • Programmed property maintenance • New Homes & Alterations
Come visit us at our retail shop
• Dishwasher Installations PH: 0427 502 760
Big or small jobs - Guaranteed and Insured • Maintenance E: lucky.phil066@bigpond.com
155 Inglis Street BALLAN
Ray 0419 544 332 • Surrounding Areas W: www.leeteplumbingservices.com
Phone: 03 5368 1036
Reg. 24148 Email: info@ballanplumbing.com.au
shorcane@gmail.com PO Box 250 Bacchus Marsh VIC 3340 Email: ballananddistrictplumbing@gmail.com reg 20152 www.ballanplumbing.com.au



Cleaning Ivers The Bacch Shed Self Storage
Liquid (Rear of SuperCheap Auto)
is now CHEAPER BECAUSE Service
• Grease Traps Waste • Brand new • Alarmed and secure
online PH 0418 145 316
• Septic Tanks
• Triple Interceptors
• Various sizes • Commercial and Domestic
• Central • Access 7 days a week
go to • Industrial Waste
Hayden Ivers
Enter from either Main Street or Young Street
(New Phone) Ph 0477 440 551
themooraboolnews.com.au Mob: 0419 400 025 210 Main St, BACCHUS MARSH
& SURROUNDING SUBURBS Ph: (03) 5367 3016


25kg bag
Oaten Chaff $16
• Floor and Wall
-VACC Accredited -All work guaranteed & All District Cemeteries • Household
-Courtesy Car available by appointment Lucerne Chaff $24
- Repairer for all insurance companies
Headstones & Monuments • Commercial
- Low Bake Oven for Factory Finish Combo $20
- Car-o-liner chassis straightener
All Memorial Works
✿✿✿ Phone orders –
• No job too small
- Dustless sanding - Spot welder
- 24hr secured, monitored premises
Ph 5335 8074 Fax 5336 2669
814 Latrobe St Ballarat, 3350 0429 017 802 (Laurie) • FREE measure & quote
Ph: (03) 5368 2888 Also Stone Benchtops
(at Ballan Farmers Market Call Stuart on
- Saturday 10 November)
26 HADDON DRIVE BALLAN 3342 info@wilsonmemorials.com.au 0400 642 727


Tiger Natural Wastewater
A & J TREE Spring Water Systems
For Swimming Pools,
REMOVAL Supply, Service
Town Planning Applications for
Household Tanks, and Installation
• Subdivisions Won’t be beaten on price Tree Trimming & Felling Stock, of Wastewater
• Rural Dwellings All work GUARANTEED Stump Removal Treatment Systems
Mulching Service Roadworks Hire
• Commercial Development and INSURED 155 Inglis St, Ballan
Fully Insured Call Gary McTigue
Free Quotation & Same Day Service
Phone Allan Fenwick
0419 008 027
Ph: 5368 2410
Jack – 0409 289 700 0447 000 740 Email: info@wastewateraus.com.au
Page 18 The Moorabool News – 30 October, 2018 Email - news@themooraboolnews.com.au

Classified ad bookings close 12PM Friday.
Bookings on (03) 5368 1966 or by email —
Email must include full contact details or
advertisement cannot be placed.


Angels Oriental Massage Get fit and earn Saturday 3 November
Imagine Darley Junior Football $$$ 9am start
Netball Club
having a Annual General Meeting
WALKERS 2 David Court
massage 2018
To deliver
in Bali Wednesday 7 November, Household goods,
7.30pm catalogues in: Toys, CDs,
12 Grant Street, Odds & ends,
Darley Park Clubrooms Ballan
Bacchus Marsh and more.
Enq - 0412 303 967 Call Sue
Ph 0437 725 990 Moving House!
www.angelspa.com.au 0419 383 067

Newborns in

the district & Labourers

Moorabool Wind Farm - Ballan Wanted
We are seeking
experienced operators in
the following equipment:
• Rollers • Excavators
Must have
• Water Truck • Dozers GPS experience
• Grader Operator
GPS experience
highly desirable. Call Anita
Civil labourers needed.
Experience highly desirable. 0499 333 051
Call Anita on 0499 333 051
for more information.


Weighing a healthy 9lb It is a boy for Taylors Lakes

12oz, Archer Rian couple Carla Mesiti and PUBLIC NOTICE

TROMBELLI arrived on Brett Gilbert-Nicholls.

Sunday 21 October at Arriving at 6.48pm on Piano Lessons Notice is hearby given of the
11.30am. Archer is the first Monday 22 October, Korweinguboora Recreation Reserve Committee of
piano & keyboard
baby for Darley couple Maison Pat GILBERT- Management Annual General Meeting
Kristen and Michael. NICHOLLS, weighed 6lb
beginner guitar
8oz. double bass The purpose of this meeting is to elect no fewer than 3
(Gordon) volunteer committee members to act on behalf of DELWP
Tim Nelson for the following three year term of management.
0450 904 464 Date: Friday 2nd November 2018, 7:30pm
Address: 1399 Ballan-Daylesford Rd Spargo Creek
Please email korweinguboorarecreserve@gmail.com
IN MEMORIAM to RSVP or to express interest in nominating for a
committee position.
In loving memory of my dear Wife
Maree Larkin - 15/07/1941 - 28/10/2015
Another year has gone by,
they say it gets easier but it doesn’t. Bacchus Marsh Soccer Club
Annual General Meeting
You are in my thoughts every minute of everyday.
The Bacchus Marsh Soccer Club
Love You with all my heart.
will hold its Annual General Meeting
Til we meet again, Your loving husband Michael xx on Wednesday 28 November 2018,
Cylis and Arlo have a new Bonnie Brook couple
sister, born to Melton Theresa DAY and Luke Love also from Linda & Mark (dec.), Zoe & Dean, starting at 7.30pm at the *Darley Civic Hub.
parents Chloe and Nathan WEST have welcomed a Ryan, Rikki, Matilda & Willow All members are encouraged to attend.
KELLY. Raven Kelly arrived little boy to their family. A For further details please contact the club
on Monday 22 October at new brother for Roby, little E - bacchusmarshscorpions@hotmail.com.au
12.22pm and weighed 7lb Briden Aaron West was FUNERALS or call 0434 917 429
6oz. born at 7.26am on Friday *The Darley Civic Hub is located behind the Moorabool
19 October, weighing 8lb

Shire Council offices on Halletts Way Darley
1oz (3500 grams).


1114 Doveton St. Nth,
Ballarat Ballan Football Netball Club

Ph: 5333 3911 Notice of

Thursday 8th of November 2018
Born at Ballarat Base
Hospital, little Evie Grace
All Hours Time change, Now 7:00pm

Full seartveicceost
HIBBERT arrived on
Tuesday 10 October at Anastasia MARSHALL in Long Room Ballan Recreation Reserve,
7.58pm. Evie is baby weighed 9lb 1oz and Cowie Street Ballan

at moder
number two for Bacchus arrived on Thursday 25 All current and future players, members, parents
Marsh parents Brock and October at 11.34pm. She is
Rebecca Hibbert, and a the first baby for Melton and supporters are invited and encouraged to
new sister for Georgia. Evie West parents Bethany and attend this important meeting.
weighed 8lb 13oz. Bennett Marshall.
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The Road To ID18 Cranbourne Cup

Saturday 27th October
By Michael Howard

THE return of the 2018 TAB Inter

Dominion Trotting Championship
couldn’t have come at a better time for
Andy Gath’s Long Forest stable, with
Tornado Valley again proving himself
at the top of his class at Cranbourne on
Saturday night.
The square-gaiting series hasn’t been
held since 2012, when hosted at Tab-
corp Park Melton while that year’s Inter
Dominion pacing series was held some
3000km away at Perth’s Gloucester
This December the pacing and trotting
championships will be united for the
first time since 2011, beginning with
heats at Melton (December 1), Ballarat
(December 4) and Cranbourne (Decem-
ber 8) before the showcase final back at Saturday 27 October, Cranbourne Race 7, Cranbourne
Melton on December 15. Gold Cup (G2). Winner: San Carlo (6). Trainer: Stephen
And the Gath stable looks certain to O’Donoghue. Driver: Rebecca Bartley. Photo: Stuart
be right among the action after Tor- McCormick HRV.

Tabcorp Park
nado Valley was dominant in Saturday
night’s Aldebaran Park Chris Howe Kate Gath after winning with Tornado Valley in Saturday night’s Aldebaran Park
Trotters Free For All, winning by more Chris Howe Trotters Free For All. Photo: Stuart McCormick HRV.
than 13m from fellow likely ID18 con-
testants Sky Petite (second), Kyvalley heat and a subsequent finalist, San Car- Park Melton on December 1. Friday 26th October
Blur (third), Father Christmas (fourth) lo looks well placed to give December’s “The one thing that stood out the most
and Red Hot Tooth (fifth). series a mighty shake and, along with for us was that he still had that fight,”
Shadow Sax, may be the most likely Stanley said. “Now we can press on
To further frank his form, Tornado Val-
ley stripped 0.6 seconds off the course Victorians to resist the interstate and with great confidence.
record set by Keystone Del in 2016. New Zealand charge. “(The Inter Dominion) is the pinnacle
SATURDAY night’s Decron Cran- MENIN Gate, the much-loved Birchip of our sport. That’s what we all grow
bourne Gold Cup also served up a Bull, is likely to rocket up the TAB Inter up dreaming to win. Just to be com-
pivotal pre-ID18 pacing teaser, with Dominion pacing rankings when the peting in an Inter Dominion is a great
Victorians San Carlo and Shadow Sax third allotment is released on Wednes- thought let alone thinking about win-
putting in bold showings to run first day at www.id18.com.au ning one, so we won’t get too far ahead
and third, separated by Inter Dominion After a long lay-off due to injury the of ourselves.”
pacing favourite Tiger Tara. 2015 Victorian Horse of the Year re-
The latter is fresh from winning turned in fine fettle for new trainer Mi-
the Pryde’s EasiFeed Victoria Cup at chael Stanley, from Burrumbeet, to lead
Melton and put in a mighty run from all-the-way and win the 3SH Swan Hill
the breeze but couldn’t overcome Re- Pacing Cup on October 20.
becca Bartley (driver) and Stephen It has form experts tipping that the
O’Donoghue’s (trainer) San Carlo, who front runner will surge from 72nd in
was second up from a spell and looks the rankings to inside the top 30, which Friday 26 October, Tabcorp Park Melton Race 8, Winner:
to have returned at the top of his game. would put him in place to get a start in Sams the Master (4). Trainer: Jess Tubbs. Driver: Greg
A winner of a 2017 Inter Dominion the first Inter Dominion heat at Tabcorp Sugars. Photo: Stuart McCormick HRV.

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Youthful Lions Tough Mudder 2018

Show Postive Signs St Anne’s Winery Myrniong Photos: Tim Saultry

Darley Cricket Club

By Todd Whelan

The Darley Lions First Grade XI rounded out a tough

initiation into season 2018/19 with a nine-wicket loss to
ladder leaders Brown Hill at the Western Oval last Saturday.
The Lions suffered their fourth consecutive loss against top
four opposition and find themselves winless at the bottom
of the table.
However, there were signs of improvement despite the
Lions inability to bat out their allotted 50 overs yet again
after being sent in.
The top order all reached double figures. Ryan Ali (14),
Lachie Herring (21), Mike Alexander (10) and Brad Barnes
(17) all started well but were all back in the pavillion with
the score on 71.
The middle and lower order led by young guns Joel Cadman
(49) and Mitch Ward (23) led the resistance, guiding the Lions
to their highest score of the season - all out for a competitive
177. The last six wickets for the Lions had been falling like
dominoes in recent times (6/48, 6/41, 6/26). Cadman, Ward
and Hoey (18) ended an ordinary month for the club ‘closing
out’ with the bat. The Lions added 106 for their last six
wickets on Saturday; clearly their best return.
Playing coach Mike Alexander conceded the problems with
the bat start at the top.
“We look comfortable (with the bat) for most parts, then we
just give-up our wicket with ‘get out’ shots,” he said.
“It does get frustrating, it’s not like they’re beating the
bat at all, most of our chances are in front of the wicket.
It’s obviously an execution issue on the back of some poor
Alexander is confident the club will be better for the
hardened experience of the opening month.
“Our youth have been outstanding, they’re contributing
with bat and ball and their energy in the field especially has
had a positive effect on the group.”
“Sixteen-year old Jordan Monaghan (6) debuted for us after
some form with the bat in the twos, while Joel (Cadman),
Mitch (Ward) and Corey (Beaton) are all pulling their weight.”
According to Alexander, the 177 posted by the Lions was
under par.
“I thought we needed 200 when we took to the crease, but
we fell short. Everyone got starts, it was disappointing we
couldn’t go on with it,” he said.
“We didn’t give ourselves much chance with the ball. Our
guys bowled too many ‘four balls.”
“Ben Longhurst bowled terrific and Corey Beaton created a
couple of chances but that was about it.”
Brown Hill (1/179) in reply did it comfortably reaching the
target of 177 for the loss of just one wicket with 9.3 overs
remaining. The ladder leaders smashed 27 boundaries in
their run chase and remain undefeated.
Darley (10th) are at home this week for a round five meeting
with North Ballarat (6th) at Darley Park.
Play starts at noon.
Darley 177 all out, Overs 49.4. J. Cadman 49, M. Ward 23.
Brown Hill 1/179, Overs 40.3. B. Longhurst 1/13.
Brown Hill won by 9 wickets.

North Ballarat 6/184, Overs 45. R. Densley 3/28, J. Stephenson

1/37. Darley 5/185, Overs 43.5. J. Spence 50, B. Wheelahan 33*.
Darley won by 5 wickets.
Wendouree Red 5/252, Overs 40. T. Cox 2/25, J. Fitzgerald
2/38. Darley 109 all out, Overs 31.4. J. Fitzgerald 23, J. Hynes
19. Wendouree Red won by 143 runs.
Burrumbeet 8/207, Overs 40. C. Salisbury 3/22, Z. Colley
2/32. Darley 7/202, Overs 40. T. Gallagher 107, C. Salisbury
65. Burrumbeet won by 5 runs.



MyClinic 12 Gell Street, Bacchus Marsh VIC 3340 Phone 5367 8000
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Cricket Club
Ballan 1 St X1
Ballan 10/145 def Mt Clear 8/118
Batting - C Golding 31, T Landt 24, B Loughnane 22, L
Snaith 19
Bowling - M Snaith 9-4-4/11, D Graham 7-0-2/23, Z Graham
Ballan won the toss and batted first, the top order struggled
against some good bowling losing wickets steadily to be 4/32.
The middle order and tailenders added some respectability
to the score to be all out for 145. The recovery was led by

Lachie Snaith (19), Tim Landt (24) and Cory Golding (31).

Ballan’s bowlers bowled a steady tight line and length,
assisted by good fielding. Best bowlers were Michael Snaith

taking 4 wickets and Dylan Graham taking 2 wickets. ricket
Ballan 2nd X1
Ballan 10/141 lost Mt Clear 2/146
Batting - S Newton42, T McGregor 29, T Trickey 17, G
Easterbrook 10
Bowling - T Trickey 6-0-1/22, T McGregor 4-1-1/12
Stand out from this game was Glenn Easterbrook who came
in when Ballan was 7/85; he held up the non-strikers end for Roger Taylor, with Ballan’s One day B grade side, getting his maiden 51 runs. Photos – Chris Thom
10 overs while Captain Shane Newton hit away. Even though
Ballan did not get the win it was a good performance by all.
Ballan 3rd XI
Ballan 8/217 def Brown Hill 7/192
Batting - H Dickson 52, R Taylor 50, J Costello 47, B Leahy 19
Bowling - N Spratling 8-1-2/21, G Dickson 4-0-2/26, G Muir
3-1-1/13, R Taylor 8-1/24
Roger Taylor made his first 50, alongside Hugh Dickson
making his highest score of 52 including 4 sixes, and Evan
Shaw was once again excellent behind the stumps. A good
win with very good fielding, in particular from Mackenzie

Under 15
Ballan 5/83 lost Golden Point 2/112
Batting - C Gates 22, D Pascoe 17, G Muir 8
Bowling - J Jarvis 3-2-1/6, L Smits 1-0-1/3
Ballan lost the toss and were forced to field in tough drizzly
conditions. Jack Jarvis and Daniel Pascoe bowled well early.
Top scorer Cody Gates had a great knock of 22.

Under 12B
Ballan 5/102 def Eynesbury white 6/71
Batting - J Mauriks 18no, A McILwaine 15, E Ayres 12no, E
Davenport 8, C McIlwaine 5
Bowling - V Berton 3-0-2/11, A McIlwaine 3-1-1/6, B
Davenport 2-6-1/7, E Ayres 3-0-1/11, C Boland 2-0-0/4
Our trademark high energy positive fielding adjusted well
to the faster outfield. Overall, our bowling was still untidy
giving Eynesbury easy runs. The batting was a highlight this Hugh Dickson also getting his first 52 after hitting 6 fours and 4 sixes.
week with our senior players setting the tone of the innings
with smart cricket and hard running

Under 12 A
Ballan 8/16 lost Eynesbury Green 2/200
Batting - T Norman 2, C Matheson 1
Bowling - C Durante 2-0-1/15, J Burton 3-0-1/32
Ballan come up against a very good team, all the kids played
well and continued their improvement from previous weeks.
Ballan bowled first with Conor Durante and James Burton
taking a wicket each. Jayce Bower and James Burton took
excellent catches.

George Muir getting a run out with the One Day B graders. He also got a caught and bowled wicket.
Cody Gates top scoring with 23 for the U15 1st XI.
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Ballan Golf Club

Results - Week ending Saturday 27 October
Wednesday – Men’s & Ladies
Winner Les Martin (16) 41 points,
R/up John Fitzgerald (26) 39 points.
Magpie - 14th Ian Godkin. NTP - 15th Barry Sims.
Saturday Stableford
Moorabool Cup Final (held at Bacchus Marsh Golf Club) 
Results of Moorabool Cup
1st Bacchus Marsh West Golf Club,
2nd Ballan Golf Club,
3rd Bacchus Marsh Golf Club 
Sione Haunga equals the Under 7 Shot Put record.
Winner on the day for Ballan - Mitch Younger 35 points
on c/b from Frank Raffaele (9), Kev Lockman (15)
& Rick Roden (14).
Overall Winner for Ballan: Frank Raffaele 105 points,
R/up Kevin Lockman.

Ballan Brumbies
Results – Week ending 28 October 2018
Bacchus Marsh West Golf Club father & Daughter team U/10 Boys
Nick & Taruni Prassad. Ballan Brumbies White 15 def Drummo Dragons Black 4

West Wins
U/10 Boys
Ballan Brumbies Blue 16 def Wildcats 10 
U/10 Girls
Kayla Downes adds over 3 metres to her own record

Moorabool Cup
Ballan Brumbies 30 def Drummo Dragons 22 Photos - submitted

Bacchus Marsh
U/12 Boys
Ballan Brumbies White 14 lost Excies Acmy 26
U/12 Boys
The final round of the 3 round Moorabool Cup golf
tournament was played at Bacchus Marsh Golf Club
Ballan Brumbies Blue 20 def Phoenix 8
U/12 Girls Little Athletics
After last week’s cancellation due to the inclement weather,
Saturday 27th of October 2018. Ballan Brumbies 28 def Celtic Tigers Red 5
U/14 Boys Little Athletics returned to Masons Lane Reserve on
The fiercely fought inter club competition is played between Saturday morning. Although the wind was a little blustery
Bacchus Marsh West, Ballan & Bacchus Marsh golf Clubs. Ballan Brumbies White 0 lost Wildcats Gold 41
and conditions were cool, the athletes enjoyed their third
U/14 Boys week of competition.
Bacchus Marsh West Golf Club came into the final leading
Ballan Brumbies Blue 19 lost Sovereign Knights 25 Sione Haunga equaled the Boys Under 7 Shot Put record
from Ballan and Bacchus Marsh. 121 players drove, chipped U/14 Boys with a put of 7.22 metres. Kayla Downes bettered her own
and putted for victory. Bacchus Marsh West won the day and Ballan Brumbies Gold 30 def Celtic Tigers Green 26 record, with a 3-metre improvement, setting the new record
clinched the series winning the Moorabool Cup for the first U/14 Girls at 28.35 metres.
time. Ballan Brumbies White - Bye Violet Dillon was a standout performer this week, recording
U/14 Girls 5 PBs for the meet.
The best players for each Club on the day were Bacchus
Ballan Brumbies Blue 27 def Celtic Tigers 14 The Centre have now entered 28 teams in the Region
Marsh - K Caple 43pts, Bacchus Marsh West - K Waller 39pts
U/16 Boys Relay Championships to be held in Melton on Saturday 17
and Ballan - M Younger 35 pts on a count back. November. The following coaches have also been appointed
Ballan Brumbies 28 lost Celtic Tigers Green 23  
The final places for each club were Bacchus Marsh West 1st, - Under 9 Boys Natalie Grero, Under 9 Girls Chris Doyle,
U/16 Girls
Under 10 Boys Gina Vasquez, Under 10 Girls Kate Conroy,
Ballan 2nd and Bacchus Marsh 3rd. Next year promises to Ballan Brumbies 34 def Celtic Tigers 16 Under 11 Girls Chantelle Estlick, Under 11 Boys Karen Lloyd,
bigger and better. Join a participating club and take up the U/18 Boys Under 12 Boys Kate Conroy, Under 13 Girls Gina Vasquez,
Moorabool Cup challenge. Ballan Brumbies 40 lost Drummo Dragons Black 17 Under 14 Karen Lloyd and Under 16 Paul Miesen.

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