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MUS 137 – Fall 2018 Section 02: MW 8:00-8:50am – Room 1051 – Mason Hall

English Diction for Singers Monday, August 27th – Wednesday, October 17th

Section 01: TR 8:00-8:50am – Room 1080 - Mason Hall

Tuesday, August 28th – Thursday, October 18th
Contact Information:

Prof. Sarah Luebke

2035 Mason Hall
Note: When sending an e-mail related to the class, always identify the course number (MUS 137).

Student Learning Objectives / Intended Learning Outcomes:

o Command of the Sounds & Symbols of the International Phonetic Alphabet for English
o Proficiency in transcription of English texts using IPA
o Ability to diagnose & suggest corrections (in self as well as others) for common English diction errors.
o Ability to speak & sing IPA sounds in English

Description of Activities:

o Reading Assignments: You are expected to have read the chapter that corresponds with the date on the following
o Homework/ In Class Work: At each class meeting we will have a combination of spoken, sung and written work.
Homework will be reviewed and self-graded in class. Activities will focus on the chapter for that date, but will also
build on concepts from previous chapters.
o Guidelines for IPA Transcriptions:
 write IPA above the text 

 do not repeat any text unnecessarily 

 leave spaces between each line of text/IPA 

 write legibly / big enough for me to read easily 

 write word-for-word translation underneath the text 

o Quizzes: There will be two quizzes given on the dates specified in the schedule below.
o Performance: There will be an in-class performance and coaching of a French piece from your studio repertoire.
Please provide an IPA transcription and word for word translation of your piece. You will sign-up for your
performance time- please confirm your performance date with your accompanist. Missed performances will not be
able to be rescheduled.
o Final Exam: This written exam will be given in class on Wednesday 10/17 and Thursday 10/18.

Course Materials:

o Labouff, Kathryn. Singing and Communicating in English: A Singer’s Guide to English Diction. New York, NY:
Oxford University Press, Inc., 2008.
o Companion Website: http://global.oup.com/us/companion.websites/9780195311389/

Grading Criteria: Grading Scale:

Attendance / Participation 30% 90-100 A 70-73 C-
Homework Assignments 15% 87-89 B+ 74-76 C
Quizzes (2) 25% 84-86 B 64-66 D
Performance 10% 80-83 B- 67-69 D+
Final Exam 20% 77-79 C+ 60-63 D-
<60 F
Course Policies:

Attendance/Participation will account for 30% of your grade for the course. You will receive an Attendance/Participation
grade for each class. Excused absences must be approved in advance – In case of illness, please send an email before the
class you miss. Additionally, more than 3 absences (excused or not) will result in a failing grade for the class. There will
be no exceptions.

Late assignments will not be accepted. If you must miss a class, you are responsible for obtaining & turning in any
homework assignment on time. In-class assignments or quizzes you miss will only be made up if absence is excused.

Class Schedule:
1. Monday 8/27 + Tuesday 8/28 9. Tuesday 9/25 + Wednesday 9/26
Chapter 1: Introduction to Diction Chapter 11: The Fricatives
2. Wednesday 8/29 + Thursday 8/30 10. Thursday 9/27 + Monday 10/1
Chapter 2: Communicating the Thought Quiz #2
Monday 9/3: NO CLASS Chapter 12: Nasal Consonants + Lyrical L
3. Tuesday 9/4 + Wednesday 9/5 11. Tuesday 10/2 + Wednesday 10/3
Chapter 3: Introduction to Vowels English Performances #1
Chapter 4: The Fronting Vowels 12. Thursday 10/4 + Monday 10/8
4. Thursday 9/6 + Monday 9/10 English Performances #2
Chapter 5: The Backing Vowels 13. Tuesday 10/9 + Wednesday 10/10
5. Tuesday 9/11 + Wednesday 9/12 English Performances #3
Chapter 6: The Mixed Vowels Thursday 10/11: NO CLASS
Chapter 7: Diphthongs 14. Monday 10/15 + Tuesday 10/16
6. Thursday 9/13 + Monday 9/17 Final Exam Review
Quiz #1 15. Wednesday 10/17 + Thursday 10/18
Chapter 8: The Three Semi-Vowel Glides Final Exam
7. Tuesday 9/18 + Wednesday 9/19
Chapter 9: Introduction to Consonants
8. Thursday 9/20 + Monday 9/24
Chapter 10: The Plosives

Academic Integrity:

The university's policy on academic integrity addresses four broad, overlapping categories: Fraud, Plagiarism, Cheating,
and Collusion explained
 here: http://www.fredonia.edu/studentaffairs/JudicialAffairs/policies.asp#academic This policy
applies to all Fredonia students. Act with academic integrity to succeed.

Disabilities Services Statement:

Reasonable accommodations are available to students with documented disabilities at Fredonia. Students who may require
instructional and/or examination accommodations should contact the office of Disability Support Services for Students
(DSS), located on the 4th Floor of the Reed Library (716-673-3270 or disability.services@fredonia.edu). The DSS
coordinator will review documentation and determine accommodations on a case-by-case basis. DSS will notify me with
an accommodation letter, which verifies that you have registered with the DSS office and which describes any
accommodations approved for you. After you have met with the DSS coordinator, please contact me so that we can
discuss any needed accommodations.

Fredonia Mission Statement:

SUNY Fredonia educates, challenges, and inspires students to become skilled, connected, creative, and
responsible global citizens and professionals. The university enriches the world through scholarship,
artistic expression, community engagement, and entrepreneurship.