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Mayes-Alvidrez 1

Ashanti Mayes-Alvidrez

LIS 550

Dr. Najmi

3 February 2017

Standard II Evaluation

After reviewing the principals in standard II and evaluating the library program at Staff

Sergeant Lucian Adams Elementary, I have discovered that the program needs improvements in

regard to library staff and funding.

Principle 1. Planning: As an advocate for libraries, the librarian leads in the

development of a library vision, mission, goals, objectives, and strategic plan that

incorporate sound policies and practices. Adams Elementary received an acceptable rating for

principle 1. As the librarian at the campus, I am aware of the district and the campus share the

same mission and vision. I also created a technology mission and vision statement that aligned

with the district mission and vision to consider when integrating technology into the library

classroom and to support curriculum. However, the limited amount of time that the library is

open makes it difficult to truly integrate the mission and vision into library activities on a

consistent basis.

Participation in curriculum development only occurs when an invitation is extended by

the campus principal. Due to my schedule, I’m often unable to attend professional learning

community meetings in which curriculum is discussed.

Students are often encouraged to provide feedback. I often give out student interests

surveys or have students write down anonymous suggestions and turn them in to a suggestion
Mayes-Alvidrez 2

box. Periodically, I also have group discussions about what the students want to see more of in

the library.

Principle 2. Organizing and Staffing: The librarian manages staff, volunteers, and

partners to support the curriculum, to satisfy learners’ diverse needs, and to encourage

lifelong learning. Adams Elementary received a below standard rating for this principle.

Adams Elementary currently has an enrollment of 714 students. I am working as the

librarian, and I am currently working on my certification while enrolled in classes. The library is

not staffed with a paraprofessional, and the library is not accessible during all hours of the

instructional day nor is it accessible before or after school.

Currently, the library is being used for intervention purposes in order to help the campus

get out of IR. Therefore, the first two hours of the day are not available for student use. Also, I

am required to perform morning duty when I arrive on campus, and I am also required to shut

down the library early in order to assist with daycare duty.

Principle 3. Budgets/Funding: The librarian advocates for funding and manages

school library program budgets to build and maintain a program with resources and

services that support a curriculum designed to develop information-literate students who

achieve success in the classroom and function effectively in the community. Adams

Elementary received a below standard rating.

With an enrollment of 714 students, Adams elementary should be receiving a much larger

budget according to the standards in principle three. The library currently receives $3000 in order

to purchase all resources for the library. This includes books, eBooks, magazines, supplies, and

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As the librarian, I am not fully aware of budget terminology, functions and practices. My

first order was not fully aligned with the policies in places as I was not fully knowledgeable on

how to appropriately spend the funds. My first purchase focused on providing more books that

were more representative of the student population. However, I soon learned what areas that I

should have focused more on after getting to know the teachers and students.

Principle 4. Research/Assessment/Reporting: The librarian manages a successful

program by demonstrating the value of the library program through research, data

collection, assessments, evaluation, and dissemination of information about services and

resources. For principle 4, Adams Elementary received an acceptable rating.

As I have been going through my courses and learning more about library science, I have

been constantly evaluating my program and trying to develop an action plan to improve the

library program despite the fact that the library is subject to frequent closures.

I have begun to develop an evaluation of the program that I plan to use to get feedback

and support from administration and teachers. I plan to show administration the value of the

library and how having the library open more often can help support the mission and vision of

the campus.

Adams received an acceptable rating because I have not used reports to lobby for the

library thus far.