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Bulletin No. 15.

File Under Motor Graders


Machine Profiles
16G and 16H Motor Graders

Description Recommended Oil Sampling Intervals

The recommended oil sampling intervals for this
Serial Number Range: O&MM: machine model is 250 hours for the engine and 500
hours for all other systems. Caterpillar dealers or
16G: 93U SEBU5829-01
users may wish to consider a 250 hour sampling
(06-86) interval for all systems, particularly under the
16H: 6ZJ SEBU6824-01 following circumstances:
1. If the machine is under a Customer Support
Lubrication Recommendations Agreement (CSA).
For complete information concerning lubrication 2. If the machine application is more severe than
recommendations, refer to Caterpillar Machine normal.
Lubricant Recommendations. Form SEBU6250. 3. If the machine is under a “close follow” to monitor
wear levels to ascertain whether a failure mode is
Oil Sampling Procedures in progress.
These machines were not initially equipped with oil
4. If an oil change interval has been altered from the
sampling valves. If sampling valves are desired,
interval recommended in the Operation &
please refer to Special Instruction SEHS9043.
Matintenacne Guide.

Oil Sampling Intervals (16G)

Engine: 250 hours Filter Inspection
Transmission: 500 hours Recommend that filters be saved for inspection.
Hydraulics: 500 hours Plastic bags are convenient for retaining the filters
Final Drives: 500 hours until they can be cut open for inspection. The
4C5084 Filter Cutting Tool is available for this
Recommended Oil Sampling Intervals (16H) purpose. Be alert for visible pieces of synthetic
Engine: 250 hours - Sampling Valve friction material or metal which may indicate a
Transmission: 250 hours
Hydraulics: 250 hours
Final Drives: 250 hours

Printed in U.S.A. (02/99)
This document contains unpublished confidential
proprietary, and trade secret information of Caterpillar Inc.,
and is intended for distribution only to parties specifically
authorized by Caterpillar. Unauthorized copying, distri-
bution, or use is specifically prohibited.

Information supplied by this document is intended to
be used only as a general guideline for interpretation.
Model-specific information supplied by this document
is subject to change and may vary on a machine-by-
machine basis. Most often, changes to major
components changes are delineated by specific serial
number breaks and/or prefix changes. Equipment
changes and updates are frequent; therefore, you
may need to consult current Operations &
Maintenance Manuals, Parts Manuals, Service
Manuals or other reference materials for details for a
specific serial number machine.
Wear tables, provided elsewhere by Caterpillar, were
developed for average conditions and are intended to
reflect expected values at normal oil change periods.
They may be too high or too low for some specific
machine applications. Interpretations should be
based on the trend of wear values in each
compartment whenever possible.

Printed in U.S.A. (02/99)
Machine Model: 16G and 16Hr Camshaft
Machine Model S/N: Valves
16G: 93U Valve seats, guides, liners and cylinder walls
16H: 6ZT Oil pump
Air compressor
Engine Model: 3406T
Cam follower
Horsepower Rating:
16G: Chromium
93U1-2678: 186 kW, 250 FWHP Piston rings
93U2679-Up: 205 kW, 275 FWHP
16H: Lead
6ZT-Up: 205 kW, 275 FWHP Main and rod bearings
Oil Change Interval: 250 Hrs. Camshaft bearings
Filter Change Interval: 250 Hrs. Tin
Sump Capacity: 34 Liters (8 Gal.) Main and rod bearings
Oil Sampling Interval: 250 hours Camshaft bearings
Recommended Coolant Analysis: Water pump bearings
Level 1: As determined by customer requirements. Aluminum
Level 2: After 500 hours of initial use, and annually Main bearings
or as determined by Level 1 analysis. Rod bearings
Engine Oil Cooler: Water Timing gear bushings
Cooling System Capacity: Timing gear cover
Crankshaft thrust bearings
16G: 79 Liters (21 Gal.) Rocker arm
16H: 64 Liters (16.6 Gal.) Fuel pump lifter
Oil Transfer Possibilities: Pistons
Oil may transfer between the engine and Timing gear bearings
transmission compartments through the rear Oil pump bushings
crankshaft seal. Turbocharger thrust bearings
Dirt entry (clay soils)
Notes: Anti-seize compounds (no failure)
1. Recommend Caterpillar Diesel Engine Oil (DEO).
2. Fuel injectors are under valve cover. Leakage
could show as fuel dilution in the oil sample. Dirt entry
Silicon grease (no failure)
Silicon additives (no failure)
Copper Coolant leak
Front and rear idler gear thrust bearing Condensation
Jacket water pump thrust bearing Water entry
Turbocharger sleeve bearing Oil additives (no failure)
Oil cooler core tubes (no failure)
Wrist pin bushing Molybdenum
Oil pump drive thrust washer Plasma coated rings
Governor bushings
Service meter drive gear
Cooling systems leaks
Cam follower roller shaft
Turbocharger thrust bearing
Oil additives (no failure)
Oil cooler core tubes (no failure)

Printed in U.S.A. (02/99)
Machine Model: 16G AND 16H Differential lock-up
Machine Model S/N: Spider gear bushings
16G: 93U Thrust washers
16H: 6ZT Cooler core leaching (no failure)
Type: Direct Drive Planetary Power Shift Oil additives (no failure)
Speeds: 8F 8R Pressure plate wear (gear pump)
Oil Change Interval: 1000 Hrs. Anti-seize compounds (no failure)
Filter Change Interval: 500 Hrs. Iron
Sump Capacity: Pump housing
16G: 197 Liters (52 Gal.) Gears
16H: 140 Liters (36.4 Gal.) Roller bearings
Clutch plates
Oil Sampling Intervals:
16G: 500 hours Shafts
16H: 250 hours Pump wear
Transmission Pump Type: Gear Clutch housing
Final Drives: Inboard planetary for each side of Chromium
machine. Roller bearings
Oil Cooler Type: Water
Disc Material:
Roller bearings
Speed Clutches: Cellulose Fiber
Directional Clutches: Cellulose Fiber Aluminum
Differential Lockup Clutch: Cellulose Fiber Differential lock-up housing
Dirt entry (clay soils)
Common Sump: Transmission, differential and
Isolation plate (gear pump)
final drives share a common sump.
Anti-seize compounds (no failure)
Oil Transfer Possibilities:
Differential (transmission) oil may transfer to the Silicon
tandem case compartment through a damaged axle Dirt entry
shaft seal. Silicon grease (no failure)
Silicon additives (no failure)
1. Recommend Caterpillar Transmission / Drive Sodium
Train Oil (TDTO). Coolant leak
Water entry
Oil additives (no failure)

Printed in U.S.A. (02/99)
Machine Model: 16G AND 16H Copper
Machine Model S/N: Cooler core leaching (no failure)
16G: 93U Oil additives (no failure)
16H: 6ZT Pressure plate wear (gear pump)
Description: Closed center, constant pressur Slipper and port plate wear (piston pump)
system with Caterpillar variable displacement piston Anti-seize compounds (no failure)
pump powers blade controls, wheel lean, steering,
articulation and attachments. Constant pressure,
parallel control valve circuit design provides Pump housing
immediate implement response. Hydraulic lock Splines
valves in all implement circuits prevent undesirable Cylinder wear
cylinder drift. Pump wear
Pump bearings
Oil Change Interval: 2000 Hrs.
Filter Change Interval: 500 Hrs. Chromium
Sump Capacity: Gerotor motor and pump bearings
Tank: 49 Liters (13 Gal.) Cylinder rods
System: 114 Liters (30 Gal.)
Oil Sampling Intervals: Pump bearings
16G: 500 hours
16H: 250 hours Aluminum
Oil Cooler Type: Air Dirt entry (clay soils)
Pump Type(s): Isolation plate (gear pump)
Anti-seize compounds (no failure)
Vickers Piston Pump (16H)
Implements and steering: 93U1-2678: Caterpillar Silicon
Piston Pump Dirt entry
93U2679-Up: Vickers Piston Pump Silicon grease (no failure)
Silicon additives (no failure)
Cessna Gear Pump controls flow to : Cooling
Gerotor Motor controls flow to: Circle Drive Sodium
Gerotor Pump controls flow to: Steering Condensation
Gear Pump controls flow to: Emergency Steering Water entry
(Attachment) Oil additives (no failure)
Common Sump: Implement pump, steering pump,
circle drive motor, blade control cylinders, steering
cylinders, wheel lean cylinder, articulation cylinders,
and attachements share a common sump.
Oil Transfer Possibilities: None
1. Recommend Caterpillar Hydraulic Oil (HYDO)

Printed in U.S.A. (02/99)
Machine Model: 16G AND 16H Copper
Machine Model S/N: Oil additives (no failure)
16G: 93U Anti-seize compounds (no failure)
16H: 6ZT
Oil Change Interval: 2000 hours
Sump Capacity: 121 Liters (32 Gal.) Each
Roller bearings
Tandem Drive: Chains driven by sprockets. Splines
Brakes: Four-wheel, air actuated, multiple disc oil Shafts
cooled brakes. Housing
Brake Friction Material: Cellulose Fiber Brake plates
Common Sump: Tandem chain drive and brakes Chromium
share a common sump. Roller bearings
Oil Transfer Possibilities:
Differential (transmission) oil may transfer to the
tandem case compartment through a damaged axle Roller bearings
shaft seal. Aluminum
Notes: Brake actuation piston
1. Recommend Caterpillar Transmission / Drive Dirt entry (clay soils)
Train Oil (TDTO). Anti-seize compounds (no failure)

Dirt entry
Silicon grease (no failure)
Silicon additives (no failure)

Water entry
Oil additives (no failure)

Printed in U.S.A. (02/99)