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Farmer's Market gscoyantumer Med.- YP Swing c Trio) = Lyric by Annie Ross rif tpesininiengt Critemd lor (trp. w/ ten. 8b) fl Fé Gui? FS \ SIG Pa ala =a +e tye =e cesta giant Se ws shi he sd, Tag hed p> ot tothe mar Cu? FT RE = Ht ¥ > =e e = ket one a we could sure say of the town, Ami? — she was the toast, Real = ty the ot We dontant to bl Cv Fé Arua? Doual but seads of lads wouldsoon surround her, City slick-ers sure would hound her Gu C”_,_ Fé — — = ed f ; as Ce He = we a ad Lo tS snewaledlin the mart pe ond what dit ate see Cie ay ut and capa ac — Cat F7 Bra” NENT ee = peer = ——— eo What abe, re tee ll iv bam, Ami” Due Gui BE ~ Dressed in his jeans, “What a bay. she C75), iu F® solobreak~—- — — - — - - ~~ — = was her fe Solos on F blues ” (Fine) After solos, DS. al fine (final lyric) ‘Once there was a drummer who was straight from New York, “Tourin’ the country with Wardell Gray And hey, we could sure say of ted he was the toss, Really the most, We don't warea boast but All the crazy chicks would hound him, all the swingin’ Bands would sound him. ‘Then one day hesaw the one that made his head whid, He met and marsed the same litle gi, \Whata blend they are the end, they're eal co}, house witha poo, Crazy scenes, blame iton the beans! 152, renee 40 Raid Misc ne. fe At Farmer Mosk nena Copyright Scud is By Perio