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September 21–22, 2016
Minneapolis Convention Center | Minneapolis, MN

Produced and managed by UBM

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Table of Contents
Minneapolis 2016

General Information.................................................................................................... 7

Exhibit Hall Floor Plan................................................................................................ 10

Exhibitor Profiles......................................................................................................... 13

Alphabetical Exhibitors List ....................................................................................... 80

Exhibitors by Booth List ............................................................................................ 87

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General Information
Minneapolis 2016

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Registration Hours Google or Apple app stores, or visit MobileAppMinneapolis.com.
Minneapolis Convention Center Don’t have a smartphone?
Wednesday, September 21......................................8:00 a.m.– 5:00 p.m. You can visit the Event Information booth in Lobby D to find exactly
Thursday, September 22..........................................8:00 a.m.– 4:00 p.m. what you’re looking for.

Expo Hall Hours

Wednesday, September 21....................................10:00 a.m.– 5:00 p.m.
Press Room
Thursday, September 22........................................10:00 a.m.– 4:00 p.m. Exhibitors may leave their press information in the Press Room,
Room 103F on Level 1. The Press Room will be open at 8:00 a.m.
each show day.
Conference Information
• MD&M Minneapolis Conference Special Access
Level 2 - Rooms 211 A & 211B In compliance with Americans with Disabilities Act, UBM will
Wednesday, September 21.................................... 9:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. make all reasonable efforts to accommodate persons with disabilities
Thursday, September 22....................................... 9:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m. at its events. Please contact the Event Management Office on site for
• Embedded Systems Conference special requests.
Level 2 – Rooms 205C, 205D & 208B
Wednesday, September 21.................................... 9:00 a.m. – 4:45 p.m.
Thursday, Thursday, September 22...................... 9:00 a.m. – 3:45 p.m. Lost and Found
• Industry 4.0: The Smart Manufacturing Revolution Conference During event hours, stop by the Event Management office in Room
Level 2 – Room 209AB 102D. After the conclusion of the event, contact the Minneapolis
Wednesday, September 21.................................... 9:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. Convention Center.
Thursday, September 22..................................... 10:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.
Coat Check
Event Location Coat Check will be available Wednesday and Thursday in
Minneapolis Convention Center Room 103A.
Halls C, D, E
1301 Second Avenue South
Minneapolis, MN 55403 Dining
Tel: 612/335-6045 Concession stands and carts will be available, offering
continental breakfast, light lunches, snacks, and beverages.
Co-Located Events The Visitor Information Center (operated by the Greater
Minneapolis Convention & Visitors Association), located in
Your admission credential is valid both days and gives you access to all Lobby E, can arrange reservations at any of Minneapolis’s
of these co-located expos—ATX Minneapolis, Design & Manufacturing fine restaurants, as well as answer city-related questions. The
Minneapolis, ESC Minneapolis, MD&M Minneapolis, MinnPack, and Minneapolis Convention Center Concierge Desk, located in Lobby
PLASTEC Minneapolis. C, can provide the same services. To ensure your choice of dining
options, please reserve as far in advance as possible.
Event Producer/Manager
UBM Unauthorized Solicitations/Photography
2901 28th Street, Suite 100
Santa Monica, CA 90405 Unauthorized solicitations on the event premises are strictly
Tel: 310/445-4200; Fax: 310/996-9499 prohibited and will result in removal from the event. Unauthorized
wwwUBMmfg.com photography and videotaping are strictly prohibited. Any person
UBM staff members (wearing white badges with a blue UBM logo) are wishing to take a photo must first obtain the permission of the
available on site to answer any of your questions. You may visit the exhibitor or event management.
Event Management Office in Room 102D where exhibitor concerns
and general event questions may be addressed. Please Note
There will be NO SMOKING in the exhibition hall or meeting
Download the FREE Mobile App – It’s More rooms. No one under the age of 18 is permitted in the exhibit halls or
than an Event Guide conference rooms. Thank you for your cooperation.
Get the Mobile App on your iPhone, Android, or other
smartphone to make the most of your time at the event. For Information on Attending Future Events
Exhibitor listings: Search to find exhibitor booths and arrange Registration Services
meetings with exhibitors. c/o UBM
Keyword searches: Instantly find exhibitors, colleagues, and products. 2901 28th Street, Suite 100
Santa Monica, CA 90405
Personalized agenda: Create your own schedule of “must-see”
Tel: 310/445-4200
conference sessions, show floor presentations, keynotes, and meetings.
Fax: 310/996-9499
Floor plan: Navigate the entire event on the go. E-mail: tshowreg@ubm.com
Network: Share your experience and engage with like-minded wwwUBMmfg.com
individuals in real time through the activity feed.

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General Information
Minneapolis 2016

For Information on Exhibiting David Attolino
at Future Events Tel: 203/523-7033
MDMminn.com E-mail: david.attolino@ubm.com
Diana Coulter ESCminn.com
Tel: 310/445-3707 Alex Vodges
E-mail: diana.coulter@ubm.com Tel: 877/260-1318
MinnPackShow.com E-mail: ESCminn@ubmamevents.com
Steve Everly
Tel: 610/705-8705 For Information on Exhibitor Marketing
E-mail: steve.everly@ubm.com
and Promotions
DM-minn.com E-mail: canonpromos@ubm.com
Lonnie Gonzales
Tel: 310/445-8518
E-mail: lonnie.gonzales@ubm.com For Information on Conference Sponsorship
PLASTECminn.com Opportunities
John Guadagno E-mail: sponsorship@ubm.com
Tel: 203-523-7091
Email: john.guadagno@ubm.com



Conference Tech Theater

Upon arrival to the Convention Center, please pick up your conference
badge at the Main Registration Desk (located outside Hall D) before Listen to 45-minute technology and product briefs from suppliers
proceeding to the conference area. Only those with conference badges that showcase the latest solutions and innovations. These valuable
will be allowed into the session rooms. Seating is limited in all sessions, presentations are complimentary and conveniently positioned on the
so please arrive early. Conference registrants may pick up their materials exhibit hall floor in Booth 2053.
upon entering their session room. Do not leave personal belongings
(including proceedings) in the conference rooms during breaks/lunch. Connection Corner
All items left behind are at your own risk. Opinions expressed at the
conference are those of the speakers and not necessarily those of UBM The ALL NEW Connection Corner is your destination for peer-to-peer
or its publications. Conference programs and materials are subject to networking and problem solving. Join other attendees for a variety of activities
change or cancellation without prior notice. including round-table discussions and meet-ups. Participate in the Speed
Please see Registration for pricing. Networking event that can lead to new partnerships and breakthroughs that have
the industry beating a path to your door. The Connection Corner is located in
Booth 949.
Center Stage
Meet real-life masterminds, mingle with industry insiders, see ESC Opportunities
products deconstructed, get tips from hardcore geeks, discover Still interested in more activities? Join Embedded Systems Conference
solutions to daily challenges, and more. Admission is free and RSVP (ESC) for their own conference sessions, Engineering Theater, and
is not required, just arrive early to secure a seat in Booth 1555. Vendor Training sessions. More details can be found in the
Education Guide.

Be sure to pick up an Education Guide with session descriptions, times, and locations.
Education Guides are located at all registration and UBM booths.

Nothing contained in this directory shall be construed as a contract, joint venture, or other relationship between UBM and any exhibitor, attendee, or other person or entity or shall
create an express or implied obligation that may reasonably be relied upon or result in liability against UBM. This directory is for the sole use of qualified exhibitors at, and attendees
of, these events. Any unauthorized solicitation of, or marketing to, the companies contained herein is strictly forbidden.

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Engineering Theater
Space Selection
Booth 138 Booth 649 Booth 949


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ESC Design & MinnPack/ PLASTEC

Manufacturing ATX

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Booth 1555 Booth 2053
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Center Stage Booth #1555 for
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Giveaways Every Hour
Beginning at 11 a.m.
Winners will be required to respond to the prize notification within the time specified in the notification and may be
required to: (1) provide his or her full mailing address for the purpose of receiving the prize(s), which address must be
within the 50 United States (excluding Puerto Rico) or Canada (excluding Quebec); (2) sign and return a release
of liability, declaration of eligibility, and, where lawful, a publicity release, upon Sponsor’s request; (3) verify
his or her social security number or other taxpayer identification number through the completion of a
W9 tax form; and (4) take possession of the prize(s) in the manner specified by Sponsor. Event
exhibitors are ineligible to enter or win. See full sweepstakes rules at escminn.com/win.

All Shows
Exhibitor Profiles

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Exhibitor Profiles
Minneapolis 2016

AbeTech customers with quality, cost-efficient robots for of precision micro, small, and lead
Booth 1013 injection molding automation needs. Partnering frame injection-molded plastic
with Well-Lih has allowed the company to components. Utilizing processes
12560 Fletcher Lane, Suite 100
provide a wide range of robots for molders in developed from its Micro-Mold®
Rogers, MN 55374 North and Central America, from pneumatic
Tel: (763) 428-3170 technology, the company designs,
pickers to full servo robots that may be equipped
Fax: (763) 428-3166 builds, and produces unique molds and
on machines up to 3,300 tons.
abrunell@abetech.com parts efficiently for markets that include
www.abetech.com/home.aspx micro electronics, medical, micro optics,
Accu-Glass LLC
AbeTech is a premium systems integrator automotive, and military applications.
of supply-chain automation and inventory
Booth 2244
management systems. The company increases 10765 Trenton Avenue AccuTEC Blades
productivity by helping clients standardize, St. Louis, MO 63132 Booth 1245
consolidate, and optimize their data collection Tel: (314) 423-0300
infrastructure. Core offerings include industrial 1 Razor Blade Lane
Fax: (314) 423-0413
wireless networking, software systems, bar Verona, VA 24482-0979
code, RFID, enterprise mobile computing, Tel: (540) 245-2250
automated labeling, automation systems, Accu-Glass LLC has been partnering with Fax: (540) 248-9741
supplies, and services. customers in the medical, laboratory, and point- billie.smith@atblades.com
of-care industries to provide integrated glass www.atblades.com
Abiomed Inc. solutions for more than 50 years. The company AccuTEC Blades designs and engineers precision
Booth 1855 specializes in evaluating a customer’s concept, blades in global partnerships with manufacturers
designing an engineered solution to produce and distributors of material processing
22 Cherry Hill Drive equipment. The company is recognized as a
prototypes, and producing finished components
Danvers, MA 01923 leader in innovative surgical, histology, food,
that can be integrated into the customer’s device.
Tel: (978) 646-1421 fiber, glass, flooring, and DIY blades and bladed
Fax: (978) 774-7240 solutions. Headquartered in Verona, Virginia,
Accumark Inc.
tdonahue@abiomed.com AccuTEC has a second manufacturing facility
Booth 1343
www.abiomed.com in Obregon, Mexico. To learn more, visit the
Abiomed Inc. (NASDAQ: ABMD) is a pioneer company’s Web site.
and global leader in healthcare technology
and innovation, with a mission of recovering Active Manufacturing
hearts and saving lives. Its CEO, chairman, and
1540 Livingstone Road Booth 1605
president, Michael R. Minogue, has focused the
company’s efforts on developing groundbreaking Hudson, WI 54016 17127 Hickory Street
technologies designed to assist or replace the life- Tel: (715) 386-2525 Spring Lake, MI 48359
sustaining pumping function of the failing heart. Fax: (715) 386-1557 Tel: (616) 842-0800
eb.bauer@accumark.com Fax: (616) 842-2745
Absolute Haitian www.accumark.com jmiller@activemfg.net
Booth 931 Accumark Inc. is a job shop with more www.activemfg.net
Active Manufacturing is an ITAR- and ISO-
94 Gardner Street than 32 years of experience serving
registered company specializing in prototype
Worcester, MA 01610 the medical, industrial, aerospace, and
and short-run metal stampings, clips, assemblies,
Tel: (508) 459-5372 automotive industries. It specializes and springs. The company utilizes wire EDM;
Fax: (508) 459-5368 in Yag/fiber and CO2 laser etching, CNC machines; six-axis lasers; mig, tig, and laser
paylward@absolutehaitian.com pad and silkscreen printing, UV digital welding; and presses from 1 to 200 tons. Normal
www.absolutehaitian.com printing, and sand etching. Capabilities lead time is two to three weeks.
Absolute Haitian is the exclusive sales and include serialization marking, batch
service agent for Haitian and Zhafir injection coding, micromarking, ID matrix, bar Admedes Schuessler GmbH
molding machines in the United States and coding, rotary surface marking, cylindrical Booth 2624
Canada, including 44 to 7,425 tons of clamp printing, multi-color pad printing, Cermark
force, all-electric, servo-hydraulic, and two-platen
etching, and more.
technology. The company’s price/performance
ratio raises productivity and profitability to the
next level. See the Zeres electric machine for Accumold®
Booth 2419 Rastatter Strasse 15
medical applications at its stand.
Pforzheim, 75179 Germany
Tel: 49 7231922310
Absolute Robot
Fax: 49 72319223199
Booth 931
92 Gardner Street 1711 S.E. Oralabor Road www.admedes.com
Worcester, MA 01610 Ankeny, IA 50021-9412 Admedes Schuessler GmbH is a leading
Tel: (508) 792-4305 Tel: (515) 964-5741 global provider of finished Nitinol self-
Fax: (508) 459-5368 Fax: (515) 964-5742 expandable implants, such as stents and
bshingledecker@absoluterobot.com ajohnson@accu-mold.com heart valve frames, to the medical device
www.accu-mold.com industry. The company applies the latest
Absolute Robot provides its injection molding
Accumold® is a high-tech manufacturer micromachining and surface finishing

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Exhibitor Profiles
Minneapolis 2016

techniques from first iteration to electroless/electrolytic nickel, and tin plating; Group offers precision rotary and linear
serial production. and precision passivation, powder coating, components, including encoders,
and ultrasonic cleaning services. Demanding resolvers, servo motors, ball screws and
applications involving micro parts and exotic actuators, and engineered plastics for all
Advance Turning and
substrates are welcome. Since 1948, APT has factory automation applications.
provided engineered solutions in surface finishing
Booth 1209 for the medical industry.
400 Morrill Road Aerotek
Jackson, MI 49201 Booth 2157
Advanced Powder Products Inc.
Tel: (517) 783-2713 Booth 2534 8501 Golden Valley Road
shaun.macchia@advanceturning.com Golden Valley, MN 55427
301 Enterprise Drive
www.advanceturning.com Tel: (763) 923-2022
Advance Turning and Manufacturing offers Philipsburg, PA 16866
Fax: (763) 923-2095
full-service precision machining for the medical Tel: (814) 342-5898
device, aerospace, and other industries. Located Fax: (814) 342-0451
in Jackson, Michigan, the company operates lkfusco@4-app.com
Aerotek is a leader in the recruiting and staffing
out of three facilities specializing in mid to high www.advancedpowderproducts.com industry. With nearly three decades in the
complex parts. Advance excels at machining Advanced Powder Products Inc.(APP) uses recruiting and staffing industry, the company has
plastics, high-metal alloys, titanium, stainless, 3-D printed metal (printalloy®), quick turn developed the knowledge and skills to deliver the
and aluminum. The company is AS 9100:2009, MIM (protoMIM®), and metal injection perfect fit between a candidate and an employer.
ISO 13485:2003, and ISO 9001:2008 certified. molding (MIM) to manufacture components Aerotek was founded in 1983 to service the
for many applications. APP is ISO 9001 and recruiting and staffing needs for the aerospace
ISO 13485 certified, and excels in speed to
Advanced Inspection Services and defense industry.
market and alloy selection in prototype to high-
Booth 2162 volume manufacturing quantities. Complete
15150 25th Avenue N., Suite 200 tooling design, materials development, and Affordable Buckets LLC
Plymouth, MN 55447 manufacturing are available. Booth 917
Tel: (763) 473-2258 1243 170th Street; P.O. Box 282
Fax: (763) 249-8150 AdvancedTek Victor, IA 52347
david.rodemerk@pqi.net Booth 1239 Tel: (319) 647-8383
www.gagesite.com Fax: (319) 647-7170
255 E. Roselawn Avenue
Advanced Inspection Services (AIS) is a geri@affordablebuckets.com
subsidiary of PQI that offers on-site and Suite 45
offsite contract dimensional inspection and St. Paul, MN 55117
Affordable Buckets LLC manufactures open-
reverse engineering services. The company also Tel: (651) 489-6990
head pails and lids with a variety of colors for
provides contract staffing, where it puts a client’s Fax: (651) 489-6993
wholesale/retail purchase. The company also heat
potential inspector through its training for the hadams@advtek.com transfers decorate/label buckets for marketing
client’s next project. AIS even has calibration www.advancedtek.com promotion of a product.
services through PQI. AdvancedTek is a trusted local advisor for the
3-D printing industry and a Stratasys Platinum
Level Partner for Minnesota, Iowa, Nebraska, AGC Chemicals Americas Inc.
Advanced Molding Technologies Booth 1210
North and South Dakota, and western Wisconsin.
Booth 2032
The company has 20 years of industry expertise 55 E. Uwchlan Avenue, Suite 201
3472 88th Avenue N.E. working closely with clients to accelerate design Exton, PA 19341
Circle Pines, MN 55014 and manufacturing processes by adopting 3-D Tel: (610) 423-4300
Tel: (763) 785-9229 printing and additive manufacturing solutions. Fax: (610) 380-6285
Fax: (763) 785-9669 jscott@agcchem.com
sarah.fisher@advancedmt.com AdvanTech International www.agcchem.com
www.advancedmt.com Booth 830 The AsahiKlin AE-3000 Series of fluorinated
Advanced Molding Technologies is an injection solvents from AGC Chemicals Americas Inc.
molding-based contract manufacturer. Owned provides medical device manufacturers with
and managed by engineers, the company environmentally sensible products that have
specializes in technical applications of fluid path, no flash point, no ozone depletion potential,
critical shut-offs, and disciplined manufacturing. 1600 Cottontail Lane low global warming potential, and low surface
Somerset, NJ 08875-1264 tension. They are used as precision cleaners,
Advanced Plating Technologies Tel: (732) 805-1900 defluxing agents for electronic circuitry, carrier
Booth 2508 solvents for silicone and fluorinated lubricants,
Fax: (732) 805-0122
and moisture displacement fluids.
405 W. Cherry Street info@advantechinternational.com
Milwaukee, WI 53212 www.advantechinternational.com
Tel: (414) 271-8138 AdvanTech International is an Air Engineering & Supply
Fax: (414) 271-5541 international trading and development Company Inc. (AES)
mlindstedt@artisticplating.net company partnering with world-class Booth 1431
www.advancedplatingtech.com manufacturers to deliver engineered 7521 Commerce Lane N.E.
Advanced Plating Technologies (APT) is an components through its strategically Fridley, MN 55432
ISO 13485- and ISO 9001:2008-certified, located global sales, marketing, and Tel: (612) 332-4181
metal finishing job shop providing gold, silver, distribution offices. The Automation Fax: (612) 332-4184
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Exhibitor Profiles
Minneapolis 2016

info@airengr.com All Flex is a leading flexible circuit and heater Altron Inc.
www.airengr.com manufacturer providing prototype to high Booth 1505
AES is a premier distributor of pneumatic volumes with component assembly. Flex circuits
and automation components for medical and include single-sided, double-sided, multilayer,
industrial OEM applications. It represents and long Maxi-flex® with fine-line capability. It
Clippard Instruments Laboratory Inc. for medical, offers quick-turn custom and stock polyimide and
pharmaceutical, analytical, and dental, as well silicone rubber heaters and has provided solutions 6700 Bunker Lake N.W.
as several other manufactures of aluminum to medical, aerospace, military, and industrial
Anoka, MN 55303
extrusion; electric motors; panel products; markets for nearly 25 years. AS9100C, ISO
machine safety; pneumatic cylinders, valves; 9001:2008, ITAR, Mil-50.
Tel: (763) 427-1043
vacuum products; fittings, tubing, sensors, and Fax: (763) 427-3773
accessories; along with value-added services. All-Pac jmerritt@altronmfg.com
Booth 718 www.altronmfg.com
Airtex Solutions Altron Inc. is a veteran-owned, debt-free
4800 Quebec Avenue N.
Booth 1350 electronic contract manufacturer (ECM)
New Hope, MN 55428
specializing in electronic assemblies and
1620 Broadway Street N.E. Tel: (612) 522-8291
Minneapolis, MN 55413
mechanical box builds in the medical,
Fax: (612) 522-8741
Tel: (612) 877-3698 military, aerospace, and commercial
Fax: (612) 455-6063 industries. The company is registered to
bridget.buckley@airtexgroup.com All-Pac helps its clients find the perfect ITAR, FDA, CSA, UL, TUV, DUNS, and
www.airtexgroup.com packaging solution. The company specializes in SAM. Certifications include AS9100,
Airtex Solutions has been a leading provider of designing, testing, fabricating, and manufacturing ISO 13485, ISO 9001, and VOSB. All of
custom carrying cases, bags, and textile solutions custom packaging solutions. its employees are trained to IPC-A-610,
for nearly 100 years. The company offers a IPC7711/7721, and/or J-STD-001DS.
full range of capabilities to medical OEMs, Allegro Software
including creative design, rapid prototyping, AlumiPlate Inc.
Booth 227
U.S. and overseas manufacturing, and logistics
1740 Massachusetts Avenue Booth 2654
support. All custom medical solutions are built
in its world-class facilities with quality control Boxborough, MA 01719 8960 Springbrook Drive N.W.
implemented throughout the entire process. Tel: (203) 542-8166 Suite 105
sales@allegrosoft.com Coon Rapids, MN 55433
Alconox Inc. www.allegrosoft.com Tel: (612) 801-9603
Booth 1533 “Secure Software for the Internet of Things.” Fax: (763) 786-8518
Allegro Software is a leading provider of kskowronek@alumiplate.com
30 Glenn Street embedded Internet software toolkits to OEMs www.alumiplate.com
White Plains, NY 10603 worldwide. Field proven in 200,000,000+ AlumiPlate Inc. provides coating services and
Tel: (914) 948-4040 devices, its solutions enable OEMs in energy, technology for the deposition of 99.99% pure
Fax: (914) 948-4088 healthcare, military, enterprise, and consumer aluminum onto medical materials. The coating
mmoussourakis@alconox.com markets to create connected secure devices using can be anodized to convert the surface of any
www.alconox.com TLS, Suite B, FIPS 140-2 capabilities, and more. material into inert alumina. Electroplated
Alconox Inc. is dedicated to being the leader Learn more at www.allegrosoft.com. aluminum provides the highest level of corrosion
in critical cleaning detergents. It manufactures protection based on medical, dental, aerospace,
quality detergents made in the United States Altech Corp. and semiconductor OEM testing.
and provides outstanding technical service to Booth 506
scientists and engineers with precision cleaning Amada Miyachi America Inc.
needs. Service to the industry, precision 35 Royal Road
Flemington, NJ 08822-6001
Booth 1542
formulation, quality control, and excellent
technical services are Alconox’s benchmarks. Its Tel: (908) 806-9400
customer support team can recommend solutions Fax: (908) 806-9490
to specific cleaning problems. dkaltech@ptd.net
1820 S. Myrtle Avenue
All Flex - Flexible Circuits and Altech Corp. is an established United States-
based supplier of components and devices
Monrovia, CA 91016
Heaters Tel: (626) 303-5676
used in industrial control, instrumentation, and
Booth 2234 Fax: (626) 599-7906
automation applications.The company is an ISO
1705 Cannon Lane 9001:2000-certified manufacturer and distributor info@amadamiyachi.com
Northfield, MN 55057 of electrical, electronic, and electromechanical www.amadamiyachi.com
Tel: (507) 663-7162 components. It offers a wide variety of Since 1948, Amada Miyachi America Inc.
Fax: (507) 663-1070 automation and control solutions, including has had one goal: solve manufacturing
information@allflexinc.com miniature circuit breakers, busbars, DC-UPS challenges. It provides customers with
www.allflexinc.com devices, and digital panels. innovative and reliable manufacturing
technology solutions: equipment and
systems for resistance welding, laser
welding, laser marking, laser cutting,
hermetic sealing, and hot bar reflow
soldering and bonding. It serves a wide

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Exhibitor Profiles
Minneapolis 2016

range of markets, including medical AMETEK Specialty AMS Micromedical LLC specializes in ultra-
devices, battery, aerospace, automotive, Metal Products/ precision micromachining and micro-injection
and electronic components. Hamilton Precision Metals molding using medical-grade metal and plastic
materials. Capabilities include design services
Booth 1405
Amcor Flexibles and assistance, laser marking, titanium anodizing,
1780 Rohrerstow Road electropolishing, pad printing, and assembly.
Booth 1417 Lancaster, PA 17601 Its equipment and software are state-of-the-art,
1919 S. Butterfield Road Tel: (717) 569-7061 personnel are highly trained and experienced,
Mundelein, IL 60060 Fax: (717) 569-7642 QMS is ISO 13485:2003, and manufacturing
Tel: (847) 362-9000 curtis.berstler@ametek.com facility is FDA registered.
Fax: (847) 918-4600 www.hpmetals.com
abbie.ansburg@amcor.com Hamilton Precision Metals produces metal strip Anderson Agency Inc.
www.amcor.com/flexibles and foil, precision rolled, and slit to exacting Booth 2528
Amcor Flexibles is recognized globally as a customer-driven specifications for all types of
premier supplier of sterilizable medical device medical applications. Precision thickness ranges 3370 Annapolis Lane N.
packaging. The company, which is ISO 13485, from 0.060 in. to 0.000060 in. Alloys include Plymouth, MN 55447-5384
ISO 9001, and ISO 14001 certified with a titanium Grade 1, 2, 4, 5/23, and 9; MP35N; Tel: (763) 559-0845
broad technology base, specializes in coating, stainless; nickel; nickel-base superalloys; Be-Ni; Fax: (763) 559-0861
lamination, extrusion, and converted and Havar; L-605; and tantalum. heidi@andersonagencyinc.com
printing technology. Amcor Flexibles provides www.andersonagencyinc.com
unparalleled customer focus, innovation, and AML Anderson Agency Inc. represents a variety
customized cost-effective packaging solutions. of custom thermoplastics, silicone, metal
Booth 734
components, and precious metal plating
2190 Regal Parkway manufacturers. The company’s supplier base
American Preclinical Services
Euless, TX 76040 works in thin medical-grade materials, small
Booth 1511 Tel: (800) 648-4452 diameters, and complex shapes. If a customer can
8945 Evergreen Boulevard Fax: (817) 685-6232 design it, Anderson can work out a way to make
Minneapolis, MN 55433 jschwebel@amltd.com the part with a capable production process.
Tel: (763) 717-7990 www.amltd.com
Fax: (763) 717-2042 AML manufactures and designs data collection Andpak Midwest
mfrie@apsemail.com products, including handheld computers (wireless Booth 1018
www.americanpreclinical.com and batch) and mini-kiosks. These can be used
American Preclinical Services is a preclinical for a variety of applications, including inventory 7700 Setzler Parkway N.
contract research organization, located in control, stock look-up, asset tracking, time and Brooklyn Park, MN 55445
Minneapolis, Minnesota, whose services include attendance, and more. The company’s goal is to Tel: (763) 424-7959
ISO 10993, USP <87>, USP <88>, JMHLW, provide sensible solutions for mission-critical Fax: (763) 425-3793
custom biocompatibility testing, analytical activities, to improve efficiency and productivity, scottc@andpakmidwest.com
testing, interventional and surgical medical and to make bar-code data collection applications www.andpakmidwest.com
device research, toxicology, pharmacology, worry-free. Andpak Midwest provides repackaging services
physician training and bioskills, animal model of adhesives, focusing on dual cartridges,
development, and complete pathology services. Amparo Medical Technologies syringes, and burst seal pouches, pre-mixed
and frozen. The company does this for epoxies,
Booth 2501
AMETEK Engineered silicones, polyurethanes, and other materials.
911 Via Rodeo
Medical Components
Placentica, CA 92870
Booth 1805 Anomet Products
Tel: (949) 294-8674
Booth 2040
Fax: (714) 792-0438
becksbiz@cox.net 830 Boston Turnpike
www.amparomedical.com Shrewsbury, MA 01545
Amparo Medical Technologies is an ISO 13485 Tel: (508) 842-3069
108 Fifth Avenue N.W. Fax: (508) 842-0847
manufacturer of hydrocolloid and advanced
Arlington, MN 55307 hydrocolloid wound dressings. The company dlambert@anometproducts.com
Tel: (507) 964-2237 manufactures a high-tack hydrocolloid that will www.anometproducts.com
Fax: (507) 964-2465 adhere a medical device for up to two weeks. Anomet Products manufactures clad metal
info@ametekemc.com Amparo will private label dressings per customer composite medical wire combining high-strength,
www.ametekemc.com specifications and will custom formulate high-conductivity, shape memory, corrosion-
AMETEK Engineered Medical hydrocolloid for unique applications. resistant, biocompatible, and/or radio-opaque
Components provides custom alloys into one material “system.” Some
interconnects, cable assemblies, and AMS Micromedical LLC examples are platinum-clad tantalum, gold-clad
fine-wire technology for ultrasound, Nitinol, or silver-cored MP35N. Other metals and
Booth 2145
neurostimulation, cardiac rhythm/ alloys include 316LVM, gold, MP35N®, Nitinol,
mapping, and laser-machined 18975 Incline Road tantalum, titanium, platinum-iridium alloys,
components and engineered assemblies Norwalk, WI 54648 palladium, silver, and others.
for catheters, sensors, and electrical Tel: (608) 269-3940
stimulation leads. The company is widely Fax: (608) 269-0494
recognized as a leader and innovator in arendt@centurytel.net
the medical device marketplace. www.amsmicromedical.com

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Exhibitor Profiles
Minneapolis 2016

ANSYS Inc. Apple Rubber Products Arizona Instrument LLC

Booth 509 Booth 2110 Booth 930
275 Technology Drive 3375 N. Delaware Street
Canonsburg, PA 15317 Chandler, AZ 85225
Tel: (603) 643-2600 Tel: (602) 470-1414
Fax: (603) 643-3967 Fax: (602) 281-1744
310 Erie Street
verly.flores@ansys.com qbiamonte@azic.com
Lancaster, NY 14086 www.azic.com/mdmm
Built on direct modeling technology, ANSYS Tel: (716) 684-6560 When working with the complex, high-volatile-
SpaceClaim is a multipurpose 3-D modeling tool Fax: (716) 684-8302 content materials that make up modern medical
delivering faster solutions in market segments info@applerubber.com devices, every part per million and every gram of
such as 3-D printing, concept modeling, design, www.applerubber.com resin counts. With a sample size as low as 0.25
manufacturing, reverse engineering, and grams for very low moisture plastics, Arizona
Apple Rubber Products is a manufacturer/
simulation/CAE. ANSYS SpaceClaim is part Instrument LLC’s instruments are ideal for the
designer of elastomeric parts in medical- high-value resins often used in medical devices.
of ANSYS Inc., a global leader in engineering
grade Class VI silicone and other If moisture analysis is critical to production and
simulation software.
elastomers. Products include O-rings, quality processes, trust Computrac®, because
custom parts, and rubber bonded to moisture matters.
API Technologies
plastic, metal, and filter materials. The
Booth 1933 Asahi Intecc USA Inc.
company has complete capabilities, from
design to prototype to production. Apple Booth 2125
has an in-house ISO Class 7 cleanroom,
and is ISO 9001 and AS9100 certified.
8061 Avonia Road
Fairview, PA 16415 ARBURG Inc. 2500 Red Hill Avenue
Tel: (814) 474-0494 Booth 925 Suite 210
Fax: (814) 474-3110 644 West Street Santa Ana, CA 92705
amy.brown@apitech.com Rocky Hill, CT 06067 Tel: (949) 756-8252
www.apitech.com Tel: (860) 667-6500
Fax: (949) 756-8165
API Technologies designs and Fax: (860) 667-6524
manufactures high-performance gisela_leuterer@arburg.com
subsystems, modules, and www.arburg.com
ARBURG Inc. is a technology leader in injection Asahi Intecc USA Inc. is an ISO
components for technically demanding
molding machine technology and integrated 9001/13485 manufacturer of wire-based
electromagnetic, RF, microwave,
solutions. The company’s modular product range medical components, including ACTONE
and power applications. Featured
enables all injection molding processes with 1-1 torque cable tube, motor-driven drive
capabilities include high-quality signal
maximum production efficiency. This ensures cables, and flat wire torque coils. Other
filtering products; ceramic capacitors; the right solution for every task, plus perfectly products include laser-cut hypotubes,
interconnect devices; custom magnetics; tailored, individually coordinated production coils, strands, and cables; guidewires;
power filters; supplies and converters; RF/ technology, starting with the injection molding and braid-reinforced catheter tubing of
microwave components and integrated machine to complete turnkey solutions.
variable durometer. Capabilities include
assemblies; and high-temperature,
high-volume manufacturing, 10 micron
hybridized electronics. Arena Products PTFE-coated mandrels, laser welding,
Booth 935 solder, and UV cure.
Apollo Medical Extrusion 690 Harvest Drive
Booth 1748 Rochester, NY 14626 Aspect Automation
8760 S. Sandy Parkway Tel: (585) 254-2182 Booth 1004
Sandy, UT 84070 Fax: (585) 254-1046
1185 Willow Lake Boulevard
Tel: (888) 666-9061 jroth@arenaproducts.com
St. Paul, MN 55110
jstephens@apollomedex.com www.arenaproducts.com
Tel: (651) 643-3700
www.apollomedex.com Arena Products offers solutions for the
Fax: (651) 642-5665
Apollo is an industry leader for medical extrusion shipping and storage of bulk materials,
in terms of quality, price, and delivery. The including custom-tailored pools of containers
and logistics management. The company makes www.aspectautomation.com
company offers lead times as short as one day
liquid liners for its containers, and other IBCs, Aspect Automation designs and builds
for “off-the-shelf” tubing, two to three days for
including the patented Air Evac® hands-free custom automated manufacturing equipment
minimum R&D runs with in-stock materials, and
discharge system. Visit Arena’s Web site or call for leaders in life sciences, industrial components,
seven to 10 business days for custom multilumen
for more information. and consumer products. It provides innovative
tubing. Apollo also manufactures braid and coil-
build-to-print and system integration services,
reinforced catheter shafts, steerable catheters, and
and specializes in engineering to increase
multilumen braided catheters.
manufacturing efficiency. It has extensive
experience with complex control systems,
product tracking, data management, vision
inspection, project management, and
validation support.

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Exhibitor Profiles
Minneapolis 2016

A.S.S. End of Arm Tooling Inc. ATL (Ad Tape & Label ATOM Precision offers more than
Booth 845 Company Inc.) 4,000 microprecision drills with a wide
1324 Goldsmith Booth 1208 variety of diameters and flute lengths,
Plymouth, MI 48170 enabling it to quickly serve customers
Tel: (734) 620-8201 in multiple industrial sectors. The
Fax: (734) 542-6831 company can provide microprecision
jallore@eoat.net drills with diameters starting from 0.02
W140 N9504 mm, with larger sizes available in 0.01-
Innovation is based upon solid experience. A.S.S. Fountain Boulevard mm increments. ATOM offers different
End of Arm Tooling Inc. is the factory. It sells Menomonee Falls, WI 53051 flute lengths and drills with specialized
what it makes and uses its components to build Tel: (262) 255-6150 coatings for the ever-changing needs
complete end-of-arm tooling (EOAT) solutions. Fax: (262) 255-4301 of manufacturers.
A.S.S. is proud of its continued tradition of gbutler@atlco.com
remaining on the forefront of new technology and
www.atlco.com Automatic Manufacturing
processes. Driven to be the best in the business,
the company continually develops new EOAT
Ad Tape & Label Company Inc. (ATL) is Enterprise Ltd.
components and improves its overall product line. an FDA- and ISO 13485:2003-registered, Booth 2433
FDA cGMP-compliant contract 15/F Block B, Veristrong
manufacturer with flexographic printing,
ATC Automation Industrial Centre
rotary die-cutting, multiple material 36 Au Pui Wan Street
Booth 731
lamination, and island placement Fotan, Shatin, Hong Kong
101 Mill Drive
capabilities for disposable medical Tel: 852 23899351
Cookeville, TN 38501
devices. Other services include custom Fax: 852 23720665
Tel: (931) 528-5417
labels, pouching and packaging, and ritawong@automatic.com.hk
Fax: (931) 526-3901
confidential engineering assistance. www.automatic.com.hk
Track-and-trace and security label Automatic Manufacturing Enterprise Ltd.
ATC Automation provides custom assembly technologies are also available. (AML), a member of AML Holdings Ltd., has
and test automation for a variety of industries, more than 30 years of design and manufacturing
including transportation, energy storage, life ATL Technology experience in medical devices. The company is
science, and consumer products. The size Booth 2239 ISO 9001, ISO 13485, and ISO 14001 certified,
of the company’s automated systems ranges with cGMP-practicing manufacturer and FDA-
from complete “factories in a box” to small, and CFDA-registered facilities. AML provides
lean systems that can be integrated into a vertically integrated, innovative, high-quality
current manufacturing process. ATC is an ISO design to manufacturing services to world-class
medical and healthcare devices companies.
9001:2008-certified company with decades of 1335 W. 1650 N.
experience building automated solutions. Springville, UT 84663
Tel: (801) 489-9100 Automation Inc.
ATEX Technologies Inc. jenniferc@atltechnology.com Booth 805
Booth 2630 www.atltechnology.com 4830 Azelia Avenue N.
120 W. Monroe Avenue ATL Technology is a global Minneapolis, MN 55429
Pinebluff, NC 28373 electromechanical contract manufacturing Tel: (763) 571-3336
Tel: (910) 281-3510 Fax: (763) 571-4405
company headquartered in the United
Fax: (910) 281-0757 info@automationinc.com
States with factories in the United
info@atextechnologies.com www.automationinc.com
States, China, and Costa Rica. The
Automation, Inc. is an automation solutions
www.atextechnologies.com company’s more than 70 engineers are provider. The company sells and supports factory
ATEX Technologies Inc. is a global leader in experts in mechanical and electrical automation components and solutions, including
implantable textile components for medical design, manufacturing, and automation. pneumatic, electromechanical, robotic, motion
devices. The company manufactures components
Specialties include single-use solutions control, machine safety, ID code reading, adjustable
using knitting, weaving, and braiding
and turnkey ODM/OEM products. ATL workstations, and machine vision solutions. The
technologies. ATEX also extrudes custom-
designed polyester (PET) fiber. In addition, is certified to ISO 13485:2003 and ISO company offers technical engineering support,
9001:2008, and FDA registered. training, and value-added services.
the company provides a broad range of high-
strength polymers and metals for use in braided
applications, including stents, sutures, actuation ATOM Precision of America Automator
cables, and other medical device components. Booth 1554 Booth 1404
101B Business Place
Ashville, OH 43103
Tel: (952) 546-2960
Fax: (952) 546-4653
5410 Newport Drive, Suite 27
Rolling Meadows, IL 60008 www.automator.com/us
Tel: (844) 468-2866 Automator is one of the largest marking
info@atomprecision.com families in the world. If it needs to be marked,
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Exhibitor Profiles
Minneapolis 2016

the company can mark it. Technologies include B. Braun OEM Div. Barger, a Div. of Placon
laser, dot peen, impact, scribe, rolling, presses, Booth 1611 Booth 1119
hot, and electrolytic.

Aven Inc.
Booth 725
4330 Varsity Drive
824 12th Avenue 2901 Oakland Avenue
Ann Arbor, MI 48108 Bethlehem, PA 18018 Elkhart, IN 46517
Tel: (734) 973-0099 Tel: (610) 691-6785 Tel: (888) 525-2845
Fax: (734) 973-0097 Fax: (610) 691-1785 Fax: (608) 271-3162
markk@aventools.com allison.longenhagen@bbraun.com mjacobson@placon.com
www.aventools.com www.bbraunoem.com www.bargerpkg.com
Aven Inc. is a manufacturer of quality B. Braun OEM Div. delivers complete With locations in Elkhart, Indiana
inspection and hand tool products for contract manufacturing capabilities and Madison, Wisconsin, Barger is a
precision manufacturing. Products include focusing on fluid administration and preferred North American designer and
microscopes, video-inspection systems,
admixture products, kits, valves, catheters manufacturer of smartly engineered sterile
pliers/cutters, and tweezers.
and interventional accessories. In-house and nonsterile medical device packaging
services include product development, systems. ISO 13485/9001 certified,
Averna laboratory, design, prototyping, tooling, the company offers simple to complex
Booth 2151 molding, validation, manufacturing, thermoformed trays and clamshells,
87 Prince Street, Suite 510 packaging, sterilization, quality control, its unique BargerGard® protective
Montreal, QC H3C 2M7 Canada private labeling, regulatory guidance, and packaging, lidding, mounting cards,
Tel: (877) 842-7577 supply-chain management services. and VMI capabilities.
www.averna.com Baillie Sales and Engineering Baril Corp.
Founded in 1999, Averna is a test engineering Booth 2233
Booth 1404
leader, delivering innovative test expertise and
solutions for numerous clients in wide-ranging 2238 Florida Avenue S.
industries around the world. The company’s Minneapolis, MN 55426
talented and energized team includes hundreds of Tel: (952) 546-2960
engineers, system architects, developers, project Fax: (952) 546-4653 50 Ward Hill Avenue
managers, and other professionals, as well as a sales@bailliesales.com
network of partners such as Keysight, National
Haverhill, MA 01835-0729
Instruments, and JOT Automation. Baillie Sales and Engineering is a leading
Tel: (978) 373-7910
supplier of assembly, testing, and automatic Fax: (978) 373-7930
AWT Labels & Packaging inspection equipment. The company’s solutions jimhartrich@gmail.com
Booth 1841 help companies reduce costs, boost productivity, www.barilcorp.com
and improve product quality. Baril Corp. is a leading medical contract
600 Hoover Street N.E.
manufacturer and converter providing
Minneapolis, MN 55413
Tel: (612) 706-3775
Bal Seal Engineering, Inc. end-to-end solutions for advanced wound
binsteness@awtlabelpack.com Booth 2038 care, medical and surgical devices,
www.awtlabelpack.com 19650 Pauling patient monitoring, and clinical chemistry
AWT Labels & Packaging has specialized in Foothill Ranch, CA 92610 products. Precision die-cutting, multi-
medical device label applications for more than Tel: (800) 366-1006 layer lamination, injection molding, and
35 years. A unique blend of precision processes, Fax: (949) 460-2300 materials engineering are the company’s
quality systems, and research-based ideas is sales@balseal.com core specialties.
what has made it an award-winning company, www.balseal.com
and what ensures it meets the demands of the Bal Seal Engineering Inc. is a global provider Batten & Allen Ltd.
marketplace. AWT’s consistent commitment to of custom-engineered sealing, connecting, Booth 2245
quality, innovation, and service means customers conducting, and shielding solutions for medical
can trust it with their toughest medical device 8 Chestnut Street
electronics and medical devices. The company’s
labeling challenges. Bal Conn® electrical contacts, Bal Seal® spring- Cold Spring, NY 10516
energized seals, and Bal Spring™ canted coil Tel: (845) 265-1056
Aztalan Engineering Inc. springs help medical OEMs enhance device Fax: (845) 265-9636
Booth 2313 performance and advance technology. rweissbrod@batten-allen.com
100 S. Industrial Drive Batten & Allen Ltd. offers microprecision
P.O. Box 739 stamping for the electronics and medical markets.
Lake Mills, WI 53551 Products include a variety of centerline and
Tel: (920) 648-3411 surface-mount leadframes as well as custom
Fax: (920) 648-8066 stampings for mechanical and electronic
www.aztalan.com requirements. All customer needs are provided on
premises, with tool design, toolmaking, and reel-
to-reel plating shop all on-site. The company is

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Exhibitor Profiles
Minneapolis 2016

an experienced worldwide supplier with a record Part 820 compliance levels are best in Blockwise Engineering
of satisfied partners. class. A complete range of engineering, Booth 1710
automation, test, manufacturing, and
Bay Associates Wire fulfillment services is offered. It has a 425 S. 48th Street, #108
Technologies global supply chain, quality program Tempe, AZ 85281
Booth 1744 management, and sophisticated Tel: (602) 954-7703
information technology systems. Fax: (602) 667-6566
46840 Lakeview Boulevard
Fremont, CA 94538 doug@blockwise.com
Tel: (408) 234-9668 Beta LaserMike Products www.blockwise.com
Fax: (650) 327-4171 Booth 1113 Blockwise Engineering builds equipment
stephanie.hill@baycable.com 8001 Technology Boulevard
for medical device manufacturers, including
www.baycable.com Dayton, OH 45424 machines for balloon wrapping, stent
Bay Associates is an ISO 13485 manufacturer of Tel: (937) 233-9935 crimping, stent loading, band swaging,
custom wire and cable, custom cable assemblies, Fax: (937) 233-7284 band positioning, radial force, wire fatigue,
and custom coil cords. Vertically integrated, jay.luis@betalasermike.com and heart valve durability testing. A line
it offers a range of manufacturing capabilities, of quick-connect fluid connectors and
including custom cable constructions, full turnkey microchucks is also supplied.
NDC Technologies’ complete Beta LaserMike
cable assembly and molding services, component
measurement and control solution for medical
customization, specialized testing, in-house mold
tubing delivers bottom-line results, allowing Blue Sages
tool manufacturing, overmolding, and extruding in
users to reduce start-up time, decrease material Booth 2642
silicone rubber. Fine wire termination is a specialty.
waste, improve product quality, and boost
process reliability. The system includes the 3242 Rice Street
Beamer Laser Marking new InControl™ Process Visualization and St. Paul, MN 55126
Booth 1859 Controller, DataPro Process Controller, and Data Tel: (651) 317-8072
Management system, AccuScan 6012. Fax: (651) 766-5723
BINDER Inc. www.bluesages.com
Since 2002, Blue Sages has been a leader and
Booth 932
7136 Sheridan Road trusted partner in getting products through
Flushing, MI 48433 545-3 Johnson Avenue FDA regulations while meeting deadlines and
Tel: (810) 471-3044 Bohemia, NY 11716 staying under budget. With its unique tools, the
Tel: (631) 224-4340 company is able to assist throughout the entire
Fax: (810) 515-7584
Fax: (631) 224-43554 product lifecycle. Blue Sages starts with the end
nancy.klimpel@binder-world.com in mind, allowing it to be reliable and predictable
www.beamerlaser.com www.binder-world.us as it goes through product development, testing,
Beamer Laser Marking systems provide verification, validation, and manufacturing.
BINDER Inc. produces CO2, temperature,
the ability to mark virtually any design
climate, and environmental and humidity test
on all surfaces with ease, speed, and
chambers for modern laboratories. They are Bluestar Silicones
precision. The versatile structure of the
designed to meet the highest demands in scientific Booth 1717
Beamer allows endless options to fit any
and industrial fields for accurate simulation
form of production. A variety of standard 2 Tower Center Boulevard
of biological, chemical, and environmental
enclosures is available, along with Suite 1601
conditions. The company delivers cutting-edge
custom enclosures and options including E. Brunswick, NJ 08816
technology, expertise, and pioneering innovations
automation. Right down to every weld, all Tel: (866) 474-6342
to provide its customers with added value and
systems are built with quality and pride in Fax: (732) 227-7500
support for a wide range of projects.
the United States. cheryl.santucci@bluestarsilicones.com
Biomerics www.bluestarsilicones.com
Benchmark Electronics Bluestar Silicones offers a full range of
Booth 2438 Booth 2155
Silbione® silicones for medical and electronic
2700 S. 900 W. applications, including LSRs, HCRs, RTVs,
Salt Lake Cy, UT 84119 skin adhesives, gels, and fluids, as well as newly
Tel: (801) 355-2705 launched materials suitable for long-term implant.
Fax: (801) 355-3045 Silbione® brand materials are manufactured
3535 Technology Drive rjenkins@biomerics.com in the company’s new state-of-the-art clean
Rochester, MN 55901 www.biomerics.com manufacturing facility and designed to meet
Tel: (507) 535-4000 Biomerics is a leading contract manufacturer customers’ biocompatibility, quality, and lot-to-
Fax: (507) 535-4825 and polymer solutions provider for the medical lot consistency needs.
device industry. The company provides complete
development and manufacturing solutions for Bob Inc.
www.bench.com customers in the cardiovascular, structural heart,
Benchmark Electronics has been Booth 2413
cardiac rhythm management, electrophysiology,
providing award-winning medical device neurovascular, vascular access, and pain 8740 49th Avenue N.
design and manufacturing services since management markets. Headquartered in Minneapolis, MN 55428
1986. With ISO 13485 certifications and Salt Lake City, Biomerics has operations Tel: (763) 533-2261
dedicated regulatory staff, FDA 21 CFR across three ISO 13485-compliant facilities. Fax: (763) 533-1735
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Exhibitor Profiles
Minneapolis 2016

www.bobinc.com Braas Co. has been a leader in manufacturing produces components for surgical instruments
Bob Inc. is an ISO 13485:2003 contract automation systems and components since 1961. and class-critical implantable devices using all
machining company that specializes in close- The company is 100% employee owned. Braas stainless-steel grades and any exotic materials
tolerance machining of complex components for serves clients in 12 states and Puerto Rico. made in strip stock.
the medical device market. It offers complete Primary products include robotics, machine
prototype to production needs. It has more than vision, pneumatics, conveyance, rotary and BSI Group America Inc.
70 CNC machines, seven-axis CNC mill/turn linear motion control, sensing and I/O, industrial
Booth 1840
machines, high-speed five-axis CNC mills, CNC networking, logic and HMI, enclosures and
twin spindle lathes, and 10-axis CNC Swiss panel components, safety, aluminum, and 12950 Worldgate Drive, Suite 800
machines. The majority of its parts are on Kanban structural steel. Herndon, VA 20170
or similar supplier-managed inventory program. Tel: (703) 437-9000
Branson Ultrasonics Corp. Fax: (703) 437-9001
Boker’s Inc. Booth 2017 derek.legendre@bsigroup.com
Booth 617 www.bsigroup.com/en-US/
3104 Snelling Avenue
BSI Healthcare’s mission is to ensure patient
Minneapolis, MN 55406-1937 safety while supporting timely access to global
Tel: (612) 729-9365 medical device technology. The company provides
41 Eagle Road
Fax: (612) 729-8910 thorough, responsive, predictable conformity
Danbury, CT 06810
ntodora@bokers.com assessments, evaluations, and certifications that
www.bokers.com Tel: (203) 796-0400
are recognized and accepted worldwide. To learn
Boker’s Inc. is a woman-owned, AS9100C/ Fax: (203) 796-9838 more, visit BSI Healthcare’s Web site.
ISO 9001:2008-certified manufacturer of info@bransonultrasonics.com
custom stampings and nonstandard washers, www.bransonultrasonics.com BTW Inc.
spacers, and shims since 1919. Branson Ultrasonics Corp., a business of Booth 1948
Emerson, is a leading global manufacturer
11551 Eagle Street N.W. #3
Boston Centerless of superior plastics joining, laser,
Coon Rapids, MN 55448
Booth 1939 ultrasonic metal welding, and precision
Tel: (763) 767-4625
11 Presidential Way cleaning equipment. The company is
Fax: (763) 767-4635
Woburn, MA 01801 committed to leading the industry in
Tel: (781) 994-5000 products, solutions, service, and support.
Fax: (781) 397-8094 Branson uses a “process neutral” BTW Inc. has been a provider of contract
dperilli@bostoncenterless.com approach to provide the best product electronic manufacturing services for more
www.bostoncenterless.com technology solution for today’s medical than 23 years. The company is an ISO 9001- and
Boston Centerless is a single-source supplier of market. Whatever the need, Branson ISO 13485-certified, FDA- and ITAR-registered,
implantable and instrument-grade materials. The makes it possible. as well as a veteran-owned small business.
company supplies materials to every segment Services include printed circuit assembly through
of the medical device industry, from spine complete product builds with a host of supporting
Brookdale Plastics Inc.
and trauma to orthopedic and dental. Boston services, including cleanroom production and
Booth 1938
Centerless has an in-house Material Validation third-party logistics.
Center (UT, eddy current, XRF analyzer, and 9900 13th Avenue N., Suite 110
laser marking) and nationwide distribution Plymouth, MN 55441
Burpee Materials
centers. The company is ISO 9001:2008 and Tel: (763) 797-1023
Technology LLC
ISO 13485:2003 certified. Fax: (763) 797-5252
Booth 2409
Boy Machines Inc. www.brookdaleplastics.com 15 Christopher Way
Brookdale Plastics Inc. is a custom thermoformer Eatontown, NJ 07724
Booth 1548
that produces plastic packaging in the various Tel: (732) 544-8900
199 Phillips Road Fax: (732) 544-8910
forms of blisters, clamshells, and trays in a
Exton, PA 19341-1335 variety of materials. info@burpeetech.com
Tel: (610) 363-9121 www.burpeetech.com
Fax: (610) 363-0163 Burpee Materials Technology LLC is a company
Brunk Industries Inc.
btowler@boymachines.com of highly skilled engineers who design and
Booth 2524
www.boymachines.com prototype, develop, and manufacture new
Boy Machines Inc. offer sales and service of 1225 Sage Street; P.O. Box 310 and innovative finished medical devices. The
injection molding machinery. Lake Geneva, WI 53147 company’s core capabilities include stents/
Tel: (262) 248-8873 implants and wire-formed components,
Braas Co. Fax: (262) 248-1057 specialized catheters/introducers, and delivery
Booth 607 kgleasman@brunk.com systems. Burpee is a vertically integrated
www.brunkindustries.com company focused on supply-chain simplification.
7970 Wallace Road
Brunk Industries Inc. is a certified
Eden Prairie, MN 55344
ISO13485:2012 full-service award-winning Burton Industries Inc.
Tel: (952) 937-8902 manufacturer of precision metal stampings and
Fax: (952) 975-6324 Booth 2050
assemblies, with one specialty of being able
jim.hennen@braasco.com to transform machined components into low- 1260 Wall Street
www.braasco.com cost precision metal stampings. The company Ironwood, MI 49938

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Exhibitor Profiles
Minneapolis 2016

Tel: (906) 932-5970 Canon USA www.cartikamedical.com

jwishall@burtonindustries.com Booth 1451 CarTika Medical is a full-service medical
www.burtonindustries.com contract manufacturing company that specializes
Burton Industries is a contract manufacturer in design, development, prototypes, large-scale
of printed circuit board assemblies (PCBAs) manufacturing, assembly, and final packaged
and higher level assemblies (box builds). The products. Custom manufactured medical products
company “does it all,” from initial design through 3300 N. First Street include all types of catheters, specialized delivery
production. Burton focuses on relationships and systems, balloons, molded components, steerable
San Jose, CA 95314
is looking for long-term partnerships. It wants to catheters, and more. The company recently added
Tel: (408) 468-5830 laser welding and extrusion capabilities. ISO
be an extension of its clients, offering solutions
to their challenges. Burton wants to be more than Fax: (408) 468-2329 13485 and ISO 9001.
just a shipper. ISO 9001 and 13485 certified. asato@cusa.canon.com
www.usa.canon.com/internet/ Caztek Engineering
C-Axis portal/us/home Booth 2042
Booth 1204 Canon USA offers microprecision motors.
287 Sixth Street E., Suite 160
800 Tower Drive St. Paul, MN 55101
Hamel, MN 55340-9334 Caplugs Tel: (651) 291-8007
Tel: (320) 267-5049 Booth 1842 Fax: (651) 291-8009
Fax: (763) 478-8983 2150 Elmwood Avenue caz@caztek.com
scottm@c-axis.com Buffalo, NY 14207 www.caztek.com
www.c-axis.com Tel: (716) 876-9855 Caztek Engineering is an engineering and design
C-Axis was established in 1997 to provide Fax: (716) 874-1680 firm specializing in solving design challenges.
contract machining services to the medical By bringing a high level of detail, innovation,
markets. The company operates two facilities: and creativity to a variety of customers in the
www.caplugs.com aerospace, industrial, consumer, and medical
Minneapolis, Minnesota and Caguas, Puerto For more than 65 years, Caplugs has been a industries, the company has grown into an
Rico. C-Axis endeavors to exceed customer leader in plastic molding, serving 25 of the top experienced provider of engineering, industrial
expectations through on-time delivery, 30 medical device OEMs. Its product catalog design, and product development services.
continuous improvement, and best-value pricing. has 12,000 standard parts that are ready to ship
To meet these expectations and its customers’ the same day the order is placed. If a standard
requirements, it operates under control of CBG Technologies
part doesn’t meet a client’s requirements, its
ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 13485. experienced in-house team of engineers will work Booth 1351
with the client to design exactly what is needed. 2211 Lake Club Drive, Suite 205
Can-Am Engineering Caplugs is ISO certified with six different Columbus, OH 43232
Booth 1725 molding processes. Tel: (800) 941-9484
1801 Indianhead Drive E. Fax: (614) 863-1676
Menomonie, WI 54751 Carlisle Medical Technologies nisom@cbgbiotech.com
Tel: (612) 867-9848 Booth 2338 www.cbgtechnologies.com
CBG is based in Ohio and manufactures quality
Fax: (715) 235-0111
solvent recycling systems to meet customer
steveu@canamintegration.com needs. Since 1995, it has offered sustainable and
www.canamintegration.com cost-effective solutions. CBG delivers innovative
Can-Am Engineering represents the following products for diverse industrial applications as
equipment for the plastics industry: Nissei
100 Tensolite Drive
well as for hospitals, laboratories, universities,
molding machines, Yushin robotics, Dri- St. Augustine, FL 32092 and research institutions. Its sole focus is solvent
Air material handling, Frigel water systems, Tel: (800) 227-5953 recycling systems, with the expertise and
Gammaflux hot-runner controllers, Schmit Fax: (904) 829-3447 experience to provide the best solvent recovery
Prototypes, and Can-Am integration for medical@carlisleit.com and purity.
automation systems. www.carlislemedtech.com
Carlisle Medical Technologies provides a Central Wire Industries Ltd.
Can-Am Integration Inc. complete range of interconnect products Booth 2143
Booth 1725 to medical device OEMs. From the
1 North Street
sophistication of high-speed data to the
1801 Indianhead Drive E. Perth, ON K7H 2S2 Canada
precision of high-performance power,
Menomonie, WI 54751 Tel: (613) 326-7991
customers can depend on the company
Tel: (612) 867-9848 to “make critical connections when Fax: (613) 267-3113
Fax: (715) 235-0111 performance matters.” Visit Carlisle’s christina.hunter@centralwire.com
steveu@canamintegration.com booth to learn more. www.centralwire.com/products/
www.canamintegration.com products-overview
Can-Am Integration Inc. has been a Fanuc With ten facilities in three countries, Central
CarTika Medical
Robotics integrator for more than 20 years, Wire Industries, an ISO-certified company,
providing turnkey systems for all types of Booth 1731 offers one of the widest ranges of medical
industries. The company can also provide 6550 Wedgwood Road N. alloys. the company is a leader in setting the
systems without robotics to accommodate all Maple Grove, MN 55311 standard for supplying the medical industry.
other areas of automation. Tel: (763) 545-5188 Strand Core (a CWI company) manufactures
Fax: (763) 545-5277 strand and cable assemblies for endoscopy and
brad.knight@cartikamedical.com orthopedic applications.

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Minneapolis 2016

Centrix Contract Services Chemtech Plastics Inc. Circuit Solutions

Booth 1413 Booth 1048 Booth 1340
770 River Road 765 Church Road
Shelton, CT 06484 Elgin, IL 60123
Tel: (203) 929-5582 Tel: (847) 742-6800
Fax: (203) 929-6804 Fax: (847) 742-6884
3012 Cedar Crossing
sgallo@centrixdental.com jlinder@chemtechplastics.com
www.centrixcontractservices.com www.chemtechplastics.com
Minnetonka, MN 55305
Centrix Contract Services provides short- Chemtech Plastics Inc. is a precision plastic Tel: (952) 545-6141
run, highly flexible, differentiated, contract injection molder providing straight molded Fax: (952) 738-8087
manufacturing. The company designs and components, multimaterial 2K and 3K, insert- mail@circuitsol.com
molded parts, decorating, and light assembly. The
builds applicators, syringes, and unit-dose
company serves the automotive, medical, optical, www.vortexairwalkmats.com
packaging; and specializes in proprietary filling Circuit Solutions is the distributor of
electronics, and industrial markets.
of challenging materials, including single- and the revolutionary Walk Mat, which uses
dual-component chemistries.
Ching Cheng Wire vacuum to effectively remove particles
Material Co., Ltd. from the shoes of people entering a
Century College
Booth 608 cleanroom. The company also represents
Booth 1141
Ludy equipment for treating and plating
metal parts.

Classic Coil Company Inc.

No. 1 Alley 50, Lane 305 Booth 1444
3300 Century Avenue
Chungshan Road 3 Tanzih
St. Paul, MN 55110 205 Century Drive
Taichung, 42749 Taiwan
Tel: (651) 779-3411 Bristol, CT 06010
Tel: 886 425335172
kimberly.johnson@century.edu Tel: (860) 583-7600
Fax: 886 425335174 Fax: (860) 583-2645
Century College is a two-year community
daniel@chingcheng.com.tw jfolkins@classic-coil.com
and technical college located in White www.chingcheng.com www.classic-coil.com
Bear Lake, Minnesota. As one of the Ching Cheng Wire Material Company Ltd. Classic Coil Company Inc. is a manufacturer of
largest two-year colleges in Minnesota, is an AC power cord manufacturer with precision wound fine wire coils using up to #58-
it serves more than 21,000 credit and more than 30 years of experience. gage wire in copper, gold, or platinum. The coils
are used for sensors, GPS/cardiac navigation,
noncredit students per year. It offers neural simulators, antennas, and more. The
degrees, diplomas, certificates, and Cincinnati Test Systems (CTS)
company offers coils attached to up to 50-gage
courses in general education and Booth 1404 twisted lead wire and FDA-approved Class VI
transfer, business, human services, 10100 Progress Way encapsulates for long-term implantation. Products
health sciences, technology, engineering, 10100 Progress Way, OH 45030 are made in the United States.
applied design, and industrial and Tel: (952) 546-2960
noncredit workforce training. Fax: (952) 546-4653 Clean Air Products Corp.
sales@bailliesales.com Booth 2356
Chandler Industries Inc. www.cincinnati-test.com
Cincinnati Test Systems (CTS) is a world leader 8605 Wyoming Avenue N.
Booth 2412 in the design and manufacture of standard and Brooklyn Park, MN 55445
23530 University Avenue N.W. custom leak test systems and machines. Leak Tel: (763) 425-9122
P.O. Box 135 testing is critical to ensuring proper product Fax: (612) 425-2004
quality, safety, and performance. There are www.cleanairproducts.com
Bethel, MN 55055
several methods of leak testing, each with
Tel: (763) 434-5900 different characteristics that make it favorable for
Fax: (763) 434-8002 specific applications.
Code Corporation
kgreener@chandlerindustries.com Booth 327
www.chandlerindustries.com Circuit Check 12393 South Gateway Park Place
Chandler Industries Inc. is the supplier of choice Suite 600
Booth 1915
for companies who are seeking a manufacturing Draper, UT 84020
partner capable of machining highly complex 6550 Wedgewood Road
Tel: (801) 495-2200
surgical instrumentation, medical implants, and Maple Grove, MN 55311
equipment. The company, headquartered in Tel: (763) 694-4100
Minneapolis, is uniquely positioned to offer its Fax: (763) 694-4250
customers a truly tailored solution by drawing brian.sullivan@circuitcheck.com Cognex
on the manufacturing expertise from its five www.circuitcheck.com Booth 805
divisions to create a cost-effective, world-class Established in 1979, Circuit Check (CCI) is
supply-chain solution. a leader in product-interfacing solutions for One Vision Drive
design, in-circuit, production, and automation Natick, MA 01760-2059
applications. The company specializes in custom Tel: (508) 650-3000
and build-to-print test systems. CCI services its Fax: (508) 650-3344
customers with direct engineering, machining,
build, and support facilities located worldwide.

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www.cognex.com production, provide superior products, and get to and aesthetic thermoform packaging that
Cognex supplies advanced machine 2-D and market faster. optimally protects everything from instruments
3-D vision and industrial bar-code reader to implants in sterile, safe, and easily accessible
systems that deliver instant improvements to any ComDel Innovation Inc. arrangements. The company’s goal is simple - to
manufacturing process. Companies across the think and execute as one integrated team sharing
Booth 1942
world use the company’s products to eliminate a vision. State-of-the-art production facilities are
defects, verify assembly, automate production, 2100 15th Street N. located in Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Arizona,
and track and identify parts. Wahpeton, ND 58075 and Puerto Rico.
Tel: (701) 671-6060
Cold Jet Fax: (701) 671-7566 Conair
Booth 938 randy.carlson@comdelinc.com
Booth 1031
455 Wards Corner Road ComDel Innovation is a contract manufacturer 200 W. Kensinger Drive
Loveland, OH 45140 specializing in high-tolerance precision Cranberry Township, PA 16066
Tel: (513) 8313211 machining, molding, and cleanroom assembly Tel: (724) 584-5500
Fax: (513) 831-1209 for medical and dental as well as commercial Fax: (724) 584-5299
jgittinger@coldjet.com customers. Other services include product info@conairgroup.com
www.coldjet.com design and development, rapid prototyping, www.conairgroup.com
Cold Jet® is a world leader in developing CAE, injection mold fabrication, metal Conair is a recognized leader in precision medical
innovative, environmentally responsible dry- stamping, manual or automated assembly, extrusion, supplying downstream equipment
ice cleaning solutions and dry-ice production and packaging. Current certifications are and process expertise that helps processors
equipment. The company’s global headquarters ISO 13485:2003, ISO 9001:2008, ISO increase productivity while controlling process
are in Ohio with international operations in 14001:2004, AS9100C, and Nadcap. variables that impact product quality. The
Europe, Asia, Canada, and Mexico. For more new MedLine range of plastics-processing
information, call Cold Jet® or visit its Web site. Compounding Solutions LLC auxiliaries is specially designed, calibrated, and
Booth 1206 documented for medical applications, where
Cole-Parmer cleanliness, precision, process validation, and
258 Goddard Road
Booth 2350 easy implementation are critical.
Lewiston, ME 04240
Tel: (207) 777-1122
Concept Molds
Fax: (207) 777-1566
Booth 1612
www.compoundingsolutions.net 12273 N. U.S. 131
625 E. Bunker Court
Compounding Solutions LLC is a leading Schoolcraft, MI 49087
Vernon Hills, IL 60061
manufacturer of custom medical polymer Tel: (269) 679-2100
Tel: (847) 327-5882
compounds, color concentrates, and additive jsparks@conceptmolds.com
fluidhandling@coleparmer.com concentrates for extrusion and injection molding www.conceptmolds.com
www.coleparmer.com for use in Class I, II, and III medical devices. Concept Molds is a premier manufacturer of
Cole-Parmer, a global source of Custom formulation capabilities include high-quality custom injection molds for medical
laboratory and industrial equipment, radiopaque, pre-colored, heat and UV stabilized, and industrial markets. The company offers
offers a full selection of fluid-handling and low friction. Product lines include Fuse Rx precision mold-building services, including
systems, including peristaltic pumps, tie layer resins, ReZilient TPEs, Mobilize low- detailed design, engineering, construction, and
compact AC/DC pump systems, and friction, and Boost RO radiopaque fillers. inspection. Concept Molds works hard to uphold
OEM microflex and miniflex pumps for the a reputation that exceeds customers’ expectations
Computer Aided by providing quality service and value.
manufacturing and research technology
markets. Look to Cole-Parmer for expert Technology Inc.
technical assistance and exceptional Booth 1448 Conductive Technologies Inc.
customer service. Booth 2031
165 N. Arlington Heights Road
Suite 101
Collagen Solutions Buffalo Grove, IL 60089
Booth 2554 Tel: (888) 308-2284
6385 Old Shady Oak Road Fax: (888) 201-1642 935 Borom Road
Suite 250 www.cati.com York, PA 17404
Eden Prairie, MN 55344 Tel: (800) 706-0618
Computer Designs
Tel: (715) 223-5905 Fax: (717) 764-3470
Custom Thermoforming
www.collagensolutions.com Booth 2644
Collagen Solutions develops, manufactures, and 5235 W. Coplay Road
Conductive Technologies Inc. (CTI) has
supplies medical-grade collagen biomaterials for Whitehall, PA 18052
a strong history of enabling its client
use in research, medical devices, and regenerative Tel: (610) 261-2100
medicine. It partners with its customers by companies’ innovations as a preferred
Fax: (610) 261-2800
providing quality biomaterials along with contract research, development, and
regulatory and technical expertise to develop and manufacturing organization serving the
deliver innovative products that improve patients’ Since 1988, the Computer Designs team has diagnostic and medical device industries.
quality of life. Its experts can help improve been designing and manufacturing high-tech From electrochemical sensors and

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biosensors to printed flexible electronics, TE Connectivity, together with Creganna The company’s CMD Express division provides
the company’s staff of innovative PhD Medical and AdvancedCath, offer medical device ultra-precision machined components and
scientists and engineers assists clients in OEMs a complete product offering and capability assemblies requiring fine detail. CMD is a mold
a timely and cost-effective manner. portfolio for minimally invasive, imaging, maintenance provider, ToolingDoc certified, ISO
surgical, diagnostic, and therapeutic devices. 9001 and AS9100 certified, and ITAR registered.
With its newly expanded capabilities, more than
Coridian Technologies Inc. 350 design engineers, and a global presence in all Cyient
Booth 743 key medical device hubs, it is a premier design Booth 1450
1725 Lake Drive W. and manufacturing partner for next-generation
Chanhassen, MN 55317 medical devices.
Tel: (952) 361-9980
Fax: (952) 361-9981 Cretex Medical Companies
mcleary@coridian.com Booth 2225 800 Washington Avenue N.
www.coridian.com 311 Lowell Avenue N.W. Suite 503
Coridian Technologies Inc. is a provider of Minneapolis, MN 55401
Elk River, MN 55330-2597
innovative labeling, printing, and data capture
Tel: (763) 441-2121 Tel: (612) 351-3978
solutions. The company makes other businesses
more productive and competitive.
Fax: (763) 441-3585 kevin.berger@cyient.com
www.cretex.com www.cyient.com
Cretex Medical Companies specializes Cyient is a recognized leader in providing
CP Precision in manufacturing solutions for medical full life-cycle contract engineering and
Booth 1332 device OEMs. Private ownership, long-term electronic manufacturing solutions
1979 Stout Drive perspectives, and a strong financial portfolio
for medical device and life science
Warminster, PA 18974 allow investment in leading-edge manufacturing
technologies and engineering resources to meet
companies. The company creates and
Tel: (267) 364-0870
critical time lines. The Cretex Companies (rms delivers services that enhance its clients’
Fax: (267) 364-0872
Co., rms Surgical, JunoPacific, Meier, and business agility. Cyient provides value to
Spectralytics) provide machining, plastic, and companies by leveraging its end-to-end
metal-forming solutions. engineering, manufacturing, and data
CP Precision is a manufacturer of custom
screw-machined components, serving a wide analytics expertise. Learn more by visiting
variety of industries since 1996. The company’s CRI Medical Devices the company’s Web site.
global manufacturing capabilities provide Booth 1315
customers with competitive pricing, attractive DAKLAPACK USA
lead times, dedicated customer support, and Booth 833
value-added services. CP Precision’s specialty
1 Meadowlands Plaza
is diameters ranging from .020-1.00 in. and
6102 Victory Way East Rutherford, NJ 07073
tolerances of +/- .0005 in.
Tel: (201) 340-2790
Indianapolis, IN 46278
CPC Tel: (317) 872-0074
Booth 1531 Fax: (317) 872-0169 Incorporated in 1975 in the Netherlands,
1001 Westgate Drive marketing@cri-devices.com and launched in the United States in 2016,
St. Paul, MN 55114-1630 www.cri-devices.com DAKLAPACK USA stands out in innovation and
Tel: (651) 645-0091 CRI is a global, full-service medical flexibility. Products and services include medical
Fax: (651) 659-9642 device manufacturer specializing in Class and clinical trials; and industrial, laminated,
laura.dobbs@colder.com I, II, and III single-use medical devices, promotional, and postal packaging. Production
www.cpcworldwide.com concept development, and product life- and filling facilities are located in the European
Union and Asia.
CPC thinks beyond the point of connection to cycle management. With three decades of
improve patient safety and reliability with more experience, the company has a dedicated
than 10,500 proven leak-free fluid connector staff focused on customer needs to DDL Inc.
and fitting solutions. Hybrid Connector ensure a high level of satisfaction. Booth 1830
options combine electrical and fluid into a
10200 Valley View Road, Suite 101
single connector, eliminating misconnections.
Custom Mold & Design Inc. Eden Prairie, MN 55344-3575
RFID-enabled IdentiQuik® couplings redefine
Booth 2014 Tel: (952) 941-9226
what’s possible for controlling, protecting, and
streamlining fluid-handling processes. Fax: (952) 941-9318
22455 Everton Avenue, N.
Forest Lake, MN 55025
Creganna Medical Tel: (651) 757-4000
& AdvancedCath, Fax: (763) 535-5427
DDL is a full-service testing lab that has provided
Part of TE Connectivity sales@custommold.net
package, product and materials testing to the
Booth 2205 www.custommold.net medical device industry for 25 years. The
Custom Mold & Design Inc. (CMD) company’s team of engineers, and technical and
5905 Trenton Lane N.
manufactures and designs fully interchangeable, quality experts is devoted to helping customers
Plymouth, MN 55442 high-precision injection molds, multi-cavity
Tel: (763) 559-6002 worldwide succeed by taking an independent,
molds, two-shot molds, metal injection molds, involved, and informed approach to ensuring
medicalinfo@te.com silicone molds, micro molds, and ceramic molds. regulatory compliance.

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Minneapolis 2016

Design News to enable a cost-efficient custom/semi-custom DornerWorks

Booth 649 interconnect solution. Booth 1605
3445 Lake Eastbrook
Diamond Tool and Engineering Boulevard S.E.
Booth 1134 Grand Rapids, MI 49546
205 2nd Avenue N.W. Tel: (616) 245-8369
2901 W. 28th Street
Bertha, MN 56437 Fax: (616) 245-8372
Suite 100 Santa Monica, CA 90405 info@dornerworks.com
Tel: (218) 924-4024
Tel: (310) 445-4200 Fax: (412) 821-2743 www.dornerworks.com
designnews@ubm.com kfinley@diamondtande.com DornerWorks is a premier provider of electronic
www.designnews.com www.diamondtande.com engineering services for the medical device
Design News is a large, trusted resource Diamond Tool and Engineering specializes in industry and ranks in the top 20% of embedded
community of design engineering building intricate, close-tolerance plastic injection development team sizes in the United States.
professionals. Keep up to date in the and metal injection molds and tooling for the The company’s expertise includes seamless
changing business environment with print medical industry. Centrally located in the Midwest integration of embedded software and hardware,
United States, the company has locations in updating of existing systems, and developing new
and digital magazines, e-newsletters,
Bertha, Minnesota and Laura, Ohio. Services systems. DornerWorks delivers what clients need,
market-focused channels, continuing
include design and engineering, enhanced DFM, how they need it, and when they need it.
education courses, white papers,
mold flow analysis, toolmaking, in-house mold
webinars, and more. Connect with sampling, tool repair, and global sourcing. Douglas Corp.
suppliers using Design News Direct,
Booth 616
the largest directory for advanced
Dino-Lite Scopes (BigC) 9650 Valley View Road
manufacturing suppliers.
Booth 1438 Eden Prairie, MN 55344
19803 Hamilton Avenue Tel: (952) 941-2944
Design Solutions
Suite 200 Fax: (952) 942-3125
Booth 1849
Torrance, CA 90502 kevin.waggoner@douglascorp.com
1266 Park Road Tel: (310) 618-9990 www.douglascorp.com
Chanhassen, MN 55317 Fax: (310) 668-9996 Douglas Corp. manufactures molded plastic
Tel: (952) 401-7710 pszeto@bigc.com nameplates, decorative trim, printed graphic
Fax: (952) 401-7725 www.dinolite.us overlays, membrane switches, decals, and domed
jim.smith@design-solutions.com Dino-Lite offers portable handheld digital Urocals. Capabilities include injection molding,
www.design-solutions.com microscopes for inspection and testing. Most electroplated finishes, painting, pad printing,
Design Solutions is a product design firm models provide 10x-220x magnification with screen printing, ultrasonic welding, component
specializing in medical electronics and software. features such as measurement and adjustable assembly, and more.
polarizer. Included license-free software makes it
DESTACO Automation Products easy to capture images, record videos, and save DPSS Lasers Inc.
Booth 805 and email discoveries. Booth 1648
1025 Doris Road 2525 Walsh Avenue
Auburn Hills, MI 48326 Diversified Plastics Inc. Santa Clara, CA 95051
Tel: (888) 337-8226 Booth 2138 Tel: (408) 988-4300
Fax: (800) 682-9686 Fax: (408) 988-4305
grippers@destaco.com marketing@dpss-lasers.com
www.destaco.com www.dpss-lasers.com
DESTACO Automation Products is a worldwide DPSS Lasers Inc. specializes in manufacturing
8617 Xylon Court N.
leader in the innovation, design, manufacture, and ultraviolet (UV 355nm) laser markers and
support of modular automation products, including Minneapolis, MN 55445 low-cost UV lasers with high peak powers and
grippers, end effectors, robotic tooling, conveyors, Tel: (763) 488-7103 repetition rates that are ideal for marking and
indexers, and linear and rotary actuators. The Fax: (763) 488-7145 engraving materials, such as ceramic, plastics,
company prides itself in offering an expansive alund@divplast.com and metals. Applications using the company’s
product line that provides specific solutions to each www.divplast.com Samurai UV “cold laser” marker include product
customer’s unique automation need. Diversified Plastics, an award-winning coding, micromachining, marking, sapphire
scribing, ITO removal, semiconductor, and
custom contract manufacturer
DG Interconnect medical packaging.
specializing in injection molding, has the
Booth 1510 capabilities to 3-D print cavities and cores
26 Wapping Road for injection molding thermoplastics as DSM
Kingston, MA 02364 well as 3-D print parts. The company is Booth 1304
Tel: (781) 422-3000 well known in the high-tech industries, 2810 7th Street
dave@dginterconnect.com aerospace, avionic, defense, filtration, Berkeley, CA 94710
www.dginterconnect.com and medical, with Class 8 cleanrooms, Tel: (510) 841-8800
DG Interconnect designs, develops, and FDA registration, ISO 13485 certification, Fax: (510) 841-7800
manufactures cable assemblies and and environmentally controlled and info.biomedical@dsm.com
connectors. The company specializes in www.dsm.com/medical
molding areas.
customizing its standard platform connectors DSM is a leading medical device materials

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Exhibitor Profiles
Minneapolis 2016

development and manufacturing partner. extrusion house specializing in single- Dynamic Tool & Design specializes in
The company’s offering includes biomedical and multilumen tubing. It runs all high-cavitation, close-tolerance injection
polyurethanes; ultra-high-molecular-weight material except PVC silicone and the molds for the medical, packaging, and
polyethylenes; resorbable polymers; bioceramics; fluoropolymers. It runs PEs; nylons; personal care markets. The company
collagens; extracellular matrices; silicone Pebaxs; PUs, acetal PC, natural and designs and builds multi-shot molds,
hydrogels; coatings; drug-delivery platforms;
loaded; tungsten BAS04; and Bis Sub in unscrewing molds, stack molds, and
contract manufacturing; molding; machining
of metallic, PEEK, and polymer implants; and
any color of the rainbow. Bump tubing is spin-stack molds. Dynamic samples all
cleanroom packaging services. offered in single and multilumen. Tubing molds prior to delivery in one of the 80-
can be cut or spooled. Dunn also makes to 650-ton presses, and offers full mold
acetal mandrel in 0.020 to .250 tolerances qualification and turnkey services.
determined by size.
Booth 222
Eagle Stainless Tube &
50131 Pontiac Trail
Dyna-Graphics Corp. Fabrication Inc.
Wixom, MI 48393-2020
Booth 713 Booth 2316
Tel: 33 1 69 35 50 66
Fax: 33 1 69 35 50 61 4080 Norex Drive 10 Discovery Way
www.dspaceinc.com/en/inc/ Chaska, MN 55318 Franklin, MA 02038
home/company/kontakt.cfm Tel: (800) 959-0108; (952) 368-3344 Tel: (508) 528-8650
dSPACE develops and distributes integrated Fax: (952) 368-3388 Fax: (508) 520-1954
hardware and software tools for developing and mkennedy@dyna-graphics.com lpowers@eagletube.com
testing electronic control units and mechatronic www.dyna-graphics.com www.eagletube.com
controls. The application areas for dSPACE Dyna-Graphics Corp. is keypad solutions Eagle Stainless Tube & Fabrication Inc.
systems are in the automotive industry, drives provider. The company’s products include rigid offers an extensive selection of standard
technology, aerospace, and other industrial PCB keypad assemblies, membrane switches, stainless tubing varieties, suitable for
sectors. dSPACE works with virtually all major rubber keypads, copper FPC keypads, touch applications in all industries. The company is
vehicle manufacturers and suppliers. With more screens, graphic overlays, and labels. Dyna- committed to quality standards set forth by ISO
than 1,200 employees worldwide, dSPACE Graphics offers both domestic and offshore 9001, ISO 13485, and AS 9100. Eagle’s standard
is located in Paderborn, Germany, and serves manufacturing, prototyping to production, tubing options include hypodermic tubing,
customers through local dSPACE companies in and is ISO certified. fractional tubing, bar stock, metric, pipe, and
the USA, the UK, France, Japan, and China. square/rectangular tubing, available in various
Dynamic Group sizes and lengths.
Dukane Corp. Booth 2417
Booth 1941 East Montgomery County
2900 Dukane Drive Improvement District (EMCID)
St. Charles, IL 60174 Booth 711
Tel: (630) 584-2300 13911 Unity Street N.W. 21575 U.S. Highway 59 N.
Fax: (630) 584-3162 New Caney, TX 77357
Ramsey, MN 55303
ssingh@dukane.com Tel: (281) 354-4419
Tel: (763) 792-1275
www.dukane.com/us/default.asp Fax: (281) 354-4529
Fax: (763) 780-8932
Dukane Corp. is a global provider of plastic kmattlage@emctx.com
welding equipment. Its iQ servo ultrasonic rbengtson@dynamicgroup.com www.emctx.com
welding system with patented Melt-Match® www.dynamicgroup.com EMCID, located northeast of Houston, is a
and Melt-Detect™ provides unprecedented Dynamic Group is a contract political subdivision of the state of Texas
repeatability, accuracy, and reliability to the manufacturer of precision injection molds responsible for promoting economic and
ultrasonic welding process. Other offerings for plastic, metal, and ceramic, as well as community development. Its industrial park
include pneumatic ultrasonic, vibration, hot plate, plastic injection molding and assembly has sites available for business expansion
spin, and laser welders; film and fabric sewing/ opportunities. EMCID offers financial incentives,
for medical devices.The company is one
slitting machines; heat-staking thermal presses; an available workforce, and an outstanding
of the fastest to validate devices to get
and custom automated assembly systems. logistic infrastructure that are especially attractive
customers to market sooner by handling
for expansion needs.
prototype through production.
Dunn Industries Inc.
Booth 1604 EDM Sales & Supplies Inc.
Dynamic Tool & Design
Booth 2542
Booth 1313

123 Abby Road

Manchester, NH 03103 11650 96th Avenue N.
W133 N5180 Campbell Drive
Tel: (603) 666-4800 Maple Grove, MN 55369
Menomonee Falls, WI 53051
Fax: (603) 666-4884 Tel: (763) 424-1189
Tel: (262) 783-6340
info@dunnindustries.com jmyers@edmsalesinc.com
Fax: (262) 783-6344
www.dunnindustries.com www.edmsalesinc.com
Dunn Industries Inc. is a custom A single call to EDM Sales & Supplies Inc.
can get a business all the key EDM and

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Exhibitor Profiles
Minneapolis 2016

mold supplies it needs. Large inventories, Electrolizing Corp. of Ohio Elgiloy Specialty Metals Inc. manufactures more
high-quality products, and same-day Booth 1640 than 50 nickel, cobalt, and titanium-based alloys
shipping on most orders make restocking in strip, foil, wire, and bar. From small prototype
1325 E. 152nd Street
easier, faster, and less expensive. Call orders to truckload quantities, the company can
P.O. Box 12007 help customers find the alloy for their demanding
today for a quote and discover the Cleveland, OH 44112 applications.
benefits of a single-source vendor for all Tel: (800) 451-8655
EDM consumable needs. Fax: (216) 761-0455
Ellsworth Adhesives
Booth 1525
EG-GILERO www.electrohio.com
Booth 1241 Electrolizing Corp. of Ohio (ECO) specializes in 9555 James Avenue S., #265
medical coatings. MEDCOAT 2000™ is a thin Bloomington, WI 55431-2541
4022-300 Stirrup Creek Drive
dense chrome, USP Class VI-approved coating that Tel: (800) 888-0698
Durham, NC 27703
streamlines FDA and additional medical approvals Fax: (262) 253-8617
Tel: (919) 595-8228
to get parts on the market faster. The company info@ellsworth.com
Fax: (802) 609-6255 is registered to ISO 9001:2008. In addition to www.ellsworth.com
thopper@eg-gilero.com MEDCOAT 2000™, ECO provides these validated Ellsworth Adhesives is a solutions provider
www.eg-gilero.com coatings: titanium anodizing, aluminum anodizing, for all applications or manufacturing processes
EG-GILERO is a single-source, trusted partner electropolishing and passivation. that utilize adhesives, sealants, encapsulants,
for design, development, and manufacturing lubricants, tapes, and related equipment. A global
within the medical devices, drug-delivery device, network of engineering sales representatives
and primary pharmaceutical packaging markets.
Electronic Systems Inc.
Booth 1409 is available to assist with the integration of
With operations in the United States and Asia, the adhesives through the complete production
company is strategically positioned to provide the 600 E. 50th Street N. process. ISO 9001:2008 and AS9120A certified.
innovative and value-added services its clients Sioux Falls, SD 57104
require in a competitive, ever-changing Tel: (605) 338-6868
global marketplace. Elpa Displays Inc.
Fax: (605) 338-5061
Booth 2454
EI Microcircuits Inc. www.electronicsi.com 2300 N. Barrington Road
Booth 1861 Electronic Systems Inc. has been providing Suite 400
legendary service to its customers for more than Hoffman Estates, IL 60169
1651 Pohl Road
35 years. Founded in 1980, the company provides Tel: (847) 519-7205
Mankato, MN 56001-5793
a full range of electronic manufacturing services Fax: (847) 884-9423
Tel: (507) 345-5786
(EMS) to original equipment manufacturers info@elpadisplays.com
Fax: (507) 345-7559 (OEMs) in the medical, industrial, commercial, www.elpadisplays.com
peimers@eimicro.com energy, and HVAC markets. ISO 13485:2003 and Elpa Displays, Inc. is a leading designer and
www.eimicro.com ISO 9001:2008 certified. manufacturer of display modules. With its broad
EI Microcircuits Inc. is a high-mix, low- to mid-
product and technology offering, it has been able
volume, flexible manufacturer with the capability
to build highly complex assemblies, specialty
Elektrisola Inc. to capture the attention of OEMs and design
Booth 1330 firms. Elpa’s market strategy is to offer customers
projects, box-build, large or small assemblies, and
superior products with the best lead times at
prototypes. The company can process assemblies 126 High Street very competitive pricing. From new applications
with the latest technologies and produce both lead Boscawen, NH 03303 to continued support of competitors’ obsolete
and RoHS-compliant assemblies. EI Microcircuits Tel: (603) 520-8738 modules, Elpa Displays is committed to customer
gives each project unmatched attention to detail and Fax: (603) 796-2119 satisfaction.
the quality it deserves. sdschor@elektrisola-usa.com
www.e-med-tech.com Elytone Electronic Co.
Electro-Matic Integrated EMT (Elektrisola Medical Technologies)
Booth 1556
Booth 838 manufactures thin-wall Class VI polyimide
tubing along with PTFE on the ID or OD, braid, 27201 Tourney Road, #225
23409 Industrial Park Court
coil, and Pebax and combinations thereof, Valencia, CA 91355
Farmington Hills, MI 48335
including PTFE/polyimide composite, tight- Tel: (818) 357-8166
Tel: (248) 478-1182
tolerance PTFE-coated silver-plated mandrels. roberth@elytoneusa.com
Fax: (248) 478-1472
MWS is a leading manufacturer of fine wires www.elytone.com.tw/medical
for catheter systems used in minimally invasive For 35 years Elytone Electronic Co.has been
www.integrated.electro-matic.com procedures for treatment of cardiac conditions. a leading contract manufacturer of electronic
Electro-Matic Integrated is a distributor of
and molded components and assemblies. The
industrial automation and electrical hardware
Elgiloy Specialty Metals Inc. company has 1,000,000 sq ft of production space
with an emphasis on delivering additional
Booth 1344 and is ISO 9000, ISO 13485, and FDA registered
value to these products. The company carries
at all of its manufacturing facilities. Sourcing
Intercontec’s extensive range of circular 1565 Fleetwood Drive direct with Elytone saves development time and
connector products to provide the best connector Elgin, IL 60123 money while improving quality.
solution available for its customers. These Tel: (847) 695-1900
connectors are found in many markets, ranging Fax: (847) 695-0169
from drive system applications and factory strip@elgiloy.com
automation to renewable energy and many more.

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Exhibitor Profiles
Minneapolis 2016

EMA Design Automation Inc. more than 70 years, the company offers an EUROFLEX GmbH
Booth 333 extensive selection of process and advanced Booth 1638
molding technologies, and a complete range of
225 Tech Park Drive
part handling robots and turnkey automation
Rochester, NY 14623-2444 systems. Every machine is backed with ENGEL
Tel: (800) 813-7494 technical know-how and highly trained factory
info@ema-eda.com service. Kaiser-Friedrich-Strasse 7
EMA Design Automation is a leader in product Pforzheim, 75172 Germany
Epicor Software Corp. Tel: 49 7231208210
development solutions offering a complete range of
product lifecycle management systems, electrical Booth 634 Fax: 49 72312087599
CAD tools, consulting services, training, and 804 Las Cimas Parkway info@euroflex.de
technical support. EMA is a Cadence® Channel Austin, TX 78746 www.euroflex.de
Partner serving all of North America. EMA Tel: (949) 585-4000 EUROFLEX GmbH offers high-grade
manufactures TimingDesigner®, a static-timing Fax: (949) 585-4091 semifinished products, components, and
analysis solution, and distributes it through a karen.skogsberg@epicor.com actuators from a variety of materials. As
worldwide network of value-added resellers. www.epicor.com
Founded in 1989, EMA is a privately held a leading specialist for solutions made
Epicor Software Corp. drives business
corporation headquartered in Rochester, New York. from Nitinol and many other innovative
growth. The company provides flexible,
materials, like stainless steel, cobalt-
industry-specific software that is designed
Emerald Corp. around the precise needs of its manufacturing, based alloys, titanium-based alloys,
tantalum, platinum alloys, or material
Booth 1605 distribution, retail, and service industry
customers. More than 40 years of experience compounds, it is the competent partner
4949 W. Greenbrooke Drive
with its customers’ unique business processes for many companies in the field of
Grand Rapids, MI 49512
and operational requirements is built into every medical technology.
Tel: (616) 871-3020 solution—in the cloud, hosted, or on premises.
Fax: (616) 771-0555
Evonik Corp.
Epilog Laser Booth 1308
Emerald Corp. provides high-quality, patient- Booth 1445
critical applications for leading medical device 16371 Table Mountain Parkway
manufacturers, including control unit displays, Golden, CO 80403
patient monitoring systems, handheld monitors, Tel: (888) 437-4564
hospital beds, lighting, furnishings, and surgical
2 Turner Place
Fax: (303) 277-9669
tools. Piscataway, NJ 08854
Tel: (732) 981-5021
Endress+Hauser GmbH+Co. KG Epilog Laser is a leading designer/manufacturer Fax: (973) 929-8100
Booth 631 of CO2 and fiber laser engraving, cutting, and kathleen.oconnor@evonik.com
2340 Endress Place marking systems. Used throughout the medical www.evonik.com/resomer
device manufacturing industry, Epilog’s powerful, Evonik Corp., a global specialty chemicals
Greenwood, IN 46143
easy-to-use systems allow manufacturers to easily company, is a leader in the design,
Tel: (317) 535-2774
mark parts, pieces, and other medical components development, and manufacture of a wide
Fax: (317) 535-2268
with the touch of a button.
sensors-components@pcm.endress.com range of bioresorbable polymers for
www.sensors-components.endress.com medical devices under the RESOMER®
Endress+Hauser GmbH+Co. KG offers Esma Inc. and RESOMER® Select brands.
customized pressure sensors and components Booth 1316 Bioresorbable applications include
for gauge, absolute, and differential pressure. 450 W. Taft Drive; P.O. Box 734 orthopedic implants, soft tissue fixation,
The company also offers electronic pressure South Holland, IL 60473 cardiovascular treatments, and tissue
switches and pressure transducers (electrical and Tel: (708) 331-1855 engineering. RESOMER® based medical
mechanical interface as to specification). Fax: (708) 331-8919 devices can be combined with drug
paul@esmainc.com therapies for extended release over time.
ENGEL www.esmainc.com
Booth 1125 Esma Inc. is a leading manufacturer of surface-
Exacto Spring
3740 Board Road treatment equipment, including passivation,
electropolishing, and ultrasonic cleaning
Booth 2030
York, PA 17406
systems. The company’s automated passivation 1201 Hickory Street; P.O. Box 24
Tel: (717) 764-6818
systems are unique to the industry, moving the Grafton, WI 53024
Fax: (717) 764-0314
fluids, not the parts, during the process. Esma Tel: (262) 377-3970
kleta.childs@engelglobal.com also manufactures benchtop electropolishing Fax: (262) 377-3854
www.engelglobal.com equipment and ultrasonic washers, as well as kevin.lucas@exacto.com
ENGEL manufactures injection molding related chemistries. www.exacto.com
machinery, from 30-6,000 U.S. tons, with all-
Exacto Spring manufactures and assembles
electric, tie-bar-less, toggle, and two-platen
products made from all types of wire in any
machines. Providing technology solutions for
configuration. Assembly operations include
laser welding, gluing, crimping, and cleaning
in a seven-stage multisonic washing system in

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Exhibitor Profiles
Minneapolis 2016

the company’s ISO Class 7 cleanroom. Exacto Suite B Fedco Batteries is a premier custom
Medical also produces compress, extension, and Grass Valley, CA 95945 battery assembly manufacturer. Since
torsion springs. The company prides itself in Tel: (530) 477-5513 1975, the company has designed,
taking a concept to market. Fax: (530) 477-9241 engineered, and manufactured high-
carol@farlowsci.com quality battery assemblies. Fedco
Excelitas Technologies www.farlowsci.com partners with the foremost leaders
in battery cell technology and
(OmniCure) Farlow’s Scientific Glass Blowing Inc.
manufactures custom precision glass balloon accompanying components, and its
Booth 2235 factory’s quality management system
molds; straight tubes; and tipping, forming, and
2260 Argentia Road bonding dies for catheter production. Products is ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 13485:2003
Mississauga, ON L5N 6H7 Canada include glass anatomical models for fatigue, flow, certified. The company’s unique business
Tel: (905) 8212600 tortuous path testing, and demonstration. Products model offerings ensure a best-in-class
Fax: (905) 821-2055 also include custom glass for scientific use. Visit customer experience.
omnicure@excelitas.com the company’s booth for more information.
www.excelitas.com Fine Tubes - AMETEK
Excelitas Technologies, a global technology FasTest Inc. Specialty Metal Products
leader delivering innovative customized photonic Booth 1405
Booth 2634
solutions, will showcase several new high-
performance solutions for medical applications. 1646 Terrace Drive Plymbridge Road
Featuring up to four LED heads with up to 16W/ Roseville, MN 55113 Plymouth, Devon, PL6 7LG UK
cm2 peak irradiance and proprietary feedback Tel: (651) 645-6266 Tel: 44 1752876416
technology, OmniCure LX500 provides Fax: (651) 645-7390 Fax: 44 1752733301
unmatched optical stability for repeatable medical andrew.klobucar@fastestinc.com sales.finetubes@ametek.com
device assembly with lower costs. www.fastestinc.com/en www.finetubes.com
Since 1985, FasTest Inc. has manufactured Fine Tubes is a leading global manufacturer
of high-precision seamless, welded and drawn
Excelta quick test connectors and valves that maximize
tubes in a broad portfolio of stainless steel, nickel
Booth 1761 efficiency during in-process leak and pressure
and titanium alloys. They are used in critical
testing. The company’s quick connectors improve medical device applications, including trauma
60 Easy Street productivity and profitability manufacturers and orthopedic implants, trauma nails and screws,
Buellton, CA 93427 of luers, catheters, stents, valves, lumens, and lag screws, spinal cages, dental implants, and
Tel: (805) 686-4686 a variety of other medical devices. FasTest’s surgical instruments.
Fax: (805) 686-9005 products are also used in the automotive, HVAC,
jason@excelta.com fluid power, compressed gas, and calibration FISO Technologies Inc.
www.excelta.com industries, among many others.
Booth 1317
Excelta offers a large selection of assembly and
production instruments, including Swiss-made, 500-195 Avenue St-Jean-Baptiste
Fastron Americas
high-quality tweezers and forceps. The company Quebec, QC G2E 5R9 Canada
Booth 2058
manufactures pliers and cutters; custom-built Tel: (418) 688-8065
forming and manipulating instruments; and 1500 Lake Shore Drive, Suite 310 Fax: (418) 688-8067
bench aids, including safety razor blades, probes, Columbus, OH 43204 sales@fiso.com
scissors, brushes, and optics. Tel: (614) 487-0498 www.fiso.com
Fax: (614) 486-6400 FISO Technologies Inc. is a manufacturer.
Fabrico Medical k.lawalin@fastrongroup.com
Booth 2608 www.fastrongroup.com Five Star Plastics
Founded in 1978, Fastron has grown into a
4175 Royal Drive, Suite 800 Booth 2518
leading international manufacturer of RoHS,
Kennesaw, GA 30144 high-quality (AEC-Q200 grade) surface mount 1339 Continental Drive
Tel: (585) 426-5330 and leaded inductors for the automotive, lighting, Eau Claire, WI 54701
Fax: (203) 762-7082 consumer electronic, and medical industries. Its Tel: (715) 831-1682
cyorgure@fabrico.com manufacturing facilities in Eastern Europe and Fax: (715) 831-6075
www.fabricomedical.com Southeast Asia are TS 16949 and ISO 14001 spiltz@five-star-plastics.com
Fabrico Medical is a medical converter certified. Along with this core business, Fastron www.five-star-plastics.com
providing flexible materials converting and also operates a sheet metal production and Five Star Plastics offers rapid protoyping,
advanced assembly for medical applications. Its electromechanical assembly division. tooling, and injection molding, and a full-quality
expertise in materials, adhesives, and design-for- metrology lab.
manufacturability, allow it to enhance medical Fedco Batteries
product design; match the right materials and Booth 2434 Flambeau Medical
adhesives to an application; test for compatibility;
Markets Group
and die-cut, slit, and laminate to exacting
tolerances. Fabrico Medical has multiple ISO Booth 2054
13485-certified facilities. 3301 W. Vernon Avenue
1363 Capital Drive Phoenix, AZ 85009
Farlow’s Scientific Fond du Lac, WI 54937 Tel: (602) 484-4520
Glass Blowing Inc. Tel: (920) 238-3244 Fax: (602) 484-4525
Booth 2238 nfreie@flambeau.com
962 Golden Gate Terrace www.fedcobatteries.com
Flambeau is a leader in the medical device
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Exhibitor Profiles
Minneapolis 2016

contract manufacturing industry. Its core Tel: (610) 559-9000 Formlabs Inc.
competencies include thermoplastic processing, Fax: (610) 559-1919 Booth 406
including injection molding, blowmolding, and mmerriman@fluortek.com 35 Medford Street, Suite 201
roto molding. Flambeau utilizes deep expertise in
www.fluortek.com Somerville, MA 02143
molding and contract manufacturing to produce
Fluortek Inc. does more than create Tel: (617) 932-5227
a wide range of products, from components to
finished medical devices. It is a turnkey supplier, medical tubing that exceeds performance hello@formlabs.com
trusted by top medical device companies to requirements—it creates custom www.formlabs.com
enhance their value offerings. solutions that turn its customers’ biggest Formlabs Inc. is revolutionizing 3-D printing
challenges into their most effective with the Form 2, one of the most advanced
Flexible Circuit solutions. Serving the world’s leading desktop 3-D printers ever created. Engineers,
medical device manufacturers, Fluortek designers, and artists use it to create physical
Technologies Inc.
designs in intricate detail on their desktop. The
Booth 1944 specializes in the creation of extrusions
Form 2 is engineered for precision and designed
engineered to custom requirements and
for reliability.
unique applications.
Fort Wayne Metals
FMI Inc. Medical
9850 51st Avenue N. Booth 2305
Silicone Molding
Suite 110 Booth 2212 P.O. Box 9040
Plymouth, MN 55442 Ft. Wayne, IN 46899
Tel: (763) 545-3333 Tel: (260) 747-4154
Fax: (763) 545-4444 Fax: (260) 747-0398
sales@flexiblecircuit.com info@fwmetals.com
www.flexiblecircuit.com 2382 United Lane www.fwmetals.com
Flexible Circuit Technologies (FCT) Inc. Elk Grove Village Fort Wayne Metals manufactures wire-based
IL 60007-6815 medical materials from stainless steel, cobalt-
is a premier global supplier of flexible chrome, titanium, Nitinol, and high-performance
circuits, rigid flex, and flexible heaters. Tel: (847) 350-1535
alloys. The company offers access to an
The company provides value-added Fax: (847) 350-1109 unparalleled breadth of materials, including round
services, including design support, an frank.sullivan@fmimed.com wire, flat wire in a variety of shapes, rod, strands,
application engineering team offering www.fmimed.com cables, metal-on-metal composites, stranded
more than 200 years of industry expertise, FMI Inc. specializes in both domestic U.S. torque tube, and more. Fort Wayne Metals is
component procurement, assembly, and China manufacturing of implantable FDA registered and ISO 9001, AS 9100C, and
and inventory stocking programs for its and disposable-grade silicon rubber ISO 13485 certified.
customers at competitive prices due to its components. Capabilities include in-house
Asia-based production facilities. mixing, liquid injection molding (LIM), Furukawa Techno Material Co.
transfer molding, overmolding of bonded Booth 1244
FlexMation Inc. components, automated assembly,
Booth 817 inspection, packaging, and value-added
operations. The company is a market
14501 Judicial Road, Suite 60
leader in prototyping, validation, scale-up,
Burnsville, MN 55306 47677 Galleon Drive
production management, and logistics.
Tel: (952) 898-1311 Plymouth, MI 48170
Fax: (952) 898-4229 Tel: (734) 446-2200
stevem@flexmation.com Forecast 3D
Fax: (734) 446-2260
www.flexmation.com Booth 513
FlexMation Inc.’s design engineers specialize in 2221 Rutherford Road www.furukawa-ftm.com
helping manufacturers improve safety, Carlsbad, CA 92008 Furukawa Techno Material Co. offers
productivity, and well-being in manual Tel: (760) 929-9380 a full range of Nitinol tubes and wires
assembly areas by offering modular, custom Fax: (760) 929-9357
made from in-house melting furnace and
equipment: workstations/workcells, material kimi@forecast3d.com
integrated production, which guarantees
presentation, lean visual tools, controlled www.forecast3d.com
environments, process enclosures, and more.
100% traceability. The company’s
Forecast 3D provides additive manufacturing,
Whether a customer is innovating, expanding, or rapid prototyping, and short-run production
technique ensures homogeneous alloy
continuously improving, FlexMation can help. services. Since 1994 it has been providing the and superior durability. F-ELI (Furukawa
best in cutting-edge technologies combined Extra Low Inclusion) wire with guaranteed
Fluortek Inc. with old-world craftsmanship to deliver inclusion content less than half of ASTM
Booth 1911 quality prototype and production components. F2063 requirements is now available.
Capabilities include SLA, FDM, PolyJET (color
3-D printing), DMLS (metal 3-D printing), CNC GCX Corp.
machining, and flagship ProCast RTV tooling for
Booth 1959
high-quality, low-volume urethane castings.
3875 Cypress Drive
12 McFadden Road
Petaluma, CA 94954-5635
Palmer Industrial Park
Tel: (707) 773-1100
Easton, PA 18045

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Exhibitor Profiles
Minneapolis 2016

Fax: (707) 773-1180 Glines & Rhodes Inc. Fax: (201) 784-0111
armando@gcx.com Booth 2213 sales@globtek.com
www.gcx.com www.globtek.com
189 East Street
Dedicated specifically to the healthcare industry, GlobTek Inc. manufactures medical-
Attleboro, MA 02703
GCX Corp. has been able to develop a unique
Tel: (508) 226-2000 grade power supplies, power cords, and
understanding of the interaction between medical
Fax: (508) 226-7136 battery packs. Its products are certified
devices, users, and healthcare environments. In
collaboration with its partners and customers, sales@glinesandrhodes.com with UL, cUL/CSA, VDE, TUV, CE, and
the company creates products that are utilized in www.glinesandrhodes.com T-Mark approvals. Models participate in
virtually all healthcare settings. When it comes to managing precious metal the CB-Scheme to accommodate global
assets, trust the experts. Glines & Rhodes Inc. has certification. Energy Star, Level VI, and
been handling gold, silver, platinum, palladium, RoHS are available. GlobTek products
rhodium, and iridium on behalf of its customers carry a five-year warranty. It offers
Booth 1543 for more than 100 years. The company’s
medical-grade power supplies, power
31398 Huntwood Avenue capabilities include the recycling of high-value
cords, and battery packs. ISO 9001,
Hayward, CA 94544 assets from production line waste, overruns,
outdated product, and sweeps material. ISO 13485, ISO 14001 certified.
Tel: (510) 576-2220
Fax: (510) 576-2282
jnunes@gelpak.com Global Contract Gowanda Electronics
www.gelpak.com Manufacturing (GCM) Booth 1950
Gel-Pak manufactures a line of gel-coated boxes, Booth 1110 One Magnetics Parkway
trays, slides, and films designed to immobilize Gowanda, NY 14070
1350 Atlantic Street
medical and electronic devices during shipping, Tel: (716) 532-2234
handling, and processing. The company’s Union City, CA 94587
Fax: (716) 532-2702
customized polymer formulation capabilities Tel: (510) 475-0404
enable it to create unique materials for customer- wwebster@gcmfg.com
specific applications. www.gcmfg.com
Gowanda Electronics is a U.S.-based
GCM is an ISO 9001- and 13485-certified
manufacturer of power, conical, RF inductors,
contract manufacturer committed to
Gerbig Engineering Co. transformers, and application-specific magnetics.
manufacturing excellence through total quality
Booth 1411 management and continuous improvement. Its
Medical applications are supported with
1198 E. Cliff Road standard/custom products and OEM-specific
value stream focus drives technically enabled
design/development assistance featuring micro/
Burnsville, MN 55337 factories in both domestic and low-cost regions.
ultraminiature, solvent-resistant, and magnetic/
Tel: (952) 960-4400 From NPI to postproduction support, its hybrid
nonmagnetic designs. Facilities include custom
Fax: (952) 960-4410 service model offers cost economies and supply-
molding/winding, prototyping, Class 100,000
kim@gerbig.com chain consolidation to the OEM. Services include
cleanrooms, and ISO 13485/ISO 9001 standards.
www.gerbig.com CNC turning, Swiss screw machining, and more.
Since 1985 Gerbig Engineering has provided
affordable cleanroom solutions to the medical Global Shop Solutions GP:50 New York Ltd.
device market in the Twin Cities and North Booth 610 Booth 945
America. It specializes in cleanroom design, 300 Industrial Drive
975 Evergreen Circle
fabrication, installation, and testing. Gerbig Grand Island, NY 14072
The Woodlands, TX 77380
manufactures AireCell™ modular cleanrooms Tel: (716) 775-8830
and devices. It certifies and validates cleanrooms Tel: (281) 681-1959
Fax: (716) 775-8820
and equipment including HEPA filtered Fax: (281) 681-2663
workstations, and thermal process equipment rpalacios@gssmail.com
including autoclaves and stability chambers. www.globalshopsolutions.com
GP:50 New York Ltd. manufactures reliable
Since 1976, Global Shop Solutions has been
melt pressure sensors, pressure transducers, and
the exclusive provider of One-System ERP™
GigaParts Inc. transmitters, serving plastics extrusion recycling,
Software designed to make lean manufacturing
Booth 540 a reality in countries around the world. The
polymer manufacturing, medical products, and
1426 Paramount Drive injection molding industries. Products are made
efficiency delivered through its ERP software
Huntsville, AL 35806 in the United States.
provides manufacturers with real-time inventory
www.gigaparts.com/ accuracy, improved on-time delivery, lower
GigaParts, Inc. is a full service computer and administrative costs, increased sales, and Graco Inc.
amateur radio store. Our PC department stocks improved customer service. Booth 1443
the latest components for upgrading your PC, 88 11th Avenue N.E.
building your own PC, or having us build one for GlobTek Inc. Minneapolis, MN 55413
you. Thanks to our JIT Inventory Management Booth 1839 Tel: (612) 623-6000
System, you will receive the latest technology at
Fax: (612) 623-6273
the latest and lowest prices from GigaParts. Unique
relationships with suppliers and shippers allow us to bstephan@graco.com
have CPU’s, memory, and video cards over-nighted www.graco.com/us/en.html
from Silicon Valley every day so price drops are Graco Inc is a world leader in fluid-handling
186 Veterans Drive technology with products that precisely mix,
passed on to our customers immediately. Other, less
price-volatile, items are purchased in bulk to assure
Northvale, NJ 07647-2303 meter, and dispense the most complex fluids.
you the lowest possible price. Tel: (201) 784-1000

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Exhibitor Profiles
Minneapolis 2016

Gradient Lens Corp. Greene Rubber Co. include surface prep, dip-and-cure processes for
Booth 2442 Booth 416 quantities of a few parts per day up to tens of
millions of parts per year.
20 Cross Street
Woburn, MA 01801
Tel: (781) 937-9909 Hart Enterprises Inc.
Fax: (781) 937-9739 Booth 1831
207 Tremont Street
saguiar@greenerubber.com 400 Applejack Court
Rochester, NY 14608 www.greenerubber.com Sparta, MI 49345
Tel: (585) 235-2620 Since 1931, Greene Rubber Co. has been a leading Tel: (616) 887-0400
Fax: (585) 235-6645 manufacturer of custom molded and fabricated Fax: (616) 887-5400
sarkis@gradientlens.com rubber components. Capabilities include rubber sales@hartneedles.com
www.gradientlens.com molding, LSR, shock and vibration isolation, die- www.hartneedles.com
Gradient Lens Corp. manufacturers more cutting, EMI and thermal materials, O-rings, and Celebrating its 40th year, Hart Enterprises Inc.
than 80 models of patented Hawkeye® tubing. The company is a preferred converter for manufactures disposable special-application
3M, Rogers Corp, St. Gobain, Panasonic, Parker needles used for arterial access, biopsy, and
Rigid, Flexible, and Video Borescopes.
ESD, Chomerics, and Medical Systems Division. spinal anesthesia, as well as components
Hawkeyes offer world-class image
ISO 9001, AS9100 certified. and custom medical devices. Manufacturing
quality, overnight delivery, and prices
specialties include cutting, grinding, closing,
one-half to one-third that of comparable
Hans Laser/Gromax forming, perforating, electropolishing, insert/
borescopes. The company’s portable injection molding, and packaging of company-
Enterprises Corp.
V2 articulating video borescopes display made products. New capabilities include tipping
Booth 1432
high-quality inspection images on catheters and molding hubs onto them.
portable video monitors. Gradient Lens 17335 Daimler Street
sells more industrial borescopes than any Irvine, CA 92614
HAUG North America
other manufacturer. Tel: (949) 833-1199
Fax: (949) 833-0099
Booth 812
edi@gromax-usa.com 1200 Aerowood Drive, #14 and 15
Grand Avenue Software Inc. Mississauga, ON L4W 2S7 Canada
Booth 1635 In business since 1989, Hans Laser/Gromax Tel: (905) 206-9701
180 5th Street E. Enterprises Corp. is a partner for all laser/ Fax: (905) 206-0859
St. Paul, MN 55101 EDM solutions. info@haug-static.com
Tel: (651) 204-1743 www.haug-static.com
Fax: (651) 204-1757 Harding Energy Inc. HAUG North America manufactures and
ron.schmitz@grandavenue.com Booth 1530 distributes a full line of static control products,
www.grandavenue.com including bars, guns, blowers, pinning systems,
509 E. Ellis Road and webcleaners.
Grand Avenue Software Inc. delivers a suite of
integrated web solutions that automate quality Norton Shores, MI 49441
processes for companies serving the life sciences Tel: (231) 798-7033 HBM Test and Measurement
Fax: (231) 798-7044
industries. Solution areas include document Booth 1815
control, design control, corrective and preventive jclapper@hardingenergy.com
action, control of nonconforming materials, www.hardingenergy.com
audits, complaint handling, training, and Harding Energy Inc. is a designer and
equipment management. The result: dramatically manufacturer of custom battery and charger
improved efficiency and compliance. systems. The company also custom designs and 19 Bartlett Street
manufactures PCB boards and plastics. Harding
Marlborough, MA 01752
manages all aspects of the process, from concept
Green Hills Software Inc. Tel: (800) 578-4260
design to prototype, manufacturing certifications,
Booth 211 and JIT programs. The company is a full- Fax: (508) 485-7480
30 W. Sola Street service battery and charger manufacturer with mike.hoyer@hbm.com
Santa Barbara, CA 93101-2508 the engineering support and technical expertise www.hbm.com/medical
Tel: (805) 965-6044 customers need. HBM Test and Measurement provides
www.ghs.com state-of-the-art custom sensors,
Green Hills Software is one of the largest Harland Medical Systems Inc. transducers, strain gauges, load cells,
independent software vendors for the Internet of Booth 1508 amplifiers, and assemblies for use in
Things (IoT). Its RTOS and development tools
7418 Washington Avenue S. medical devices, dynamic weighing, and
have been certified to the highest safety, security,
and reliability standards in aviation, automotive, Eden Prairie, MN 55344 scale applications. The company also
medical, railway control, and industrial control. Tel: (952) 941-0475 offers multi-axis force and blade pressure
For more than 30 years, the company has been Fax: (612) 677-3690 sensors for medical pumps and scale
helping embedded designers build and deploy info@harlandmedical.com assemblies for patient weighing and
software with maximum performance, absolute www.harlandmedical.com center-of-gravity calculations. For more
security, and in the fastest time-to-market. Harland Medical Systems Inc. provides medical details, visit HBM’s Web site.
device coatings, automated coating and testing
equipment, and contract manufacturing services.
Coatings include hydrophilic, antimicrobial,
and drug-delivery coatings. Automated coaters

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Exhibitor Profiles
Minneapolis 2016

Heigl Adhesive Heraeus Medical Tijuana, Mexico does assembly and packaging
Sales & Equipment Components Costa Rica of medical devices and provides labor-intense
Booth 1005 Booth 2005 converting services.

7667 Cahill Road, Suite 100 Zona Franca Flexipark

Edina, MN 55439 Bodega A7
High Mark Systems
Tel: (952) 943-1441 San Rafael de Alajuela
Booth 912
Fax: (952) 943-1255 55127 Costa Rica 8823 Zealand Avenue N., Suite M
kheigl@heigltech.com Tel: (506) 229-3074 Brooklyn Park, MN 55445
www.heigladhesive.com hmc-costarica@heraeus.com Tel: (763) 428-9950
Heigl Adhesive Sales & Equipment is a full-line www.heraeusmedicalcomponents.com Fax: (763) 428-9951
distributor and packager of adhesives, sealants, Heraeus Medical Components Costa Rica www.highmarksystems.com
coatings, and dispensing equipment. Primary provides cost-effective manufacturing solutions
products include hot-melt adhesives, epoxies, to customers globally while providing a supply Hisco Inc.
urethanes, silicones, and UV adhesives and lights. partner to the world’s leading medical device Booth 2333
companies in Costa Rica. This operation 6650 Concord Park Drive
Heraeus Medical Components produces guidewires providing profile precision Houston, TX 77040
Booth 2005 grinding, winding, coatings, precision welding,
Tel: (713) 934-1600
and joining methods.
Fax: (713) 934-1768
Herrmann Ultrasonics Inc. www.hisco.com
Booth 2616 Hisco Inc. is a leading supplier of mission-
International Headquarters critical materials, working with more than 5,000
1261 Hardt Circle
5030 Centerville Road manufacturing partners. The company is a
Bartlett, IL 60103
St. Paul, MN 55127 Tel: (630) 626-1626 complete source for cleanroom supplies, custom
Tel: (651) 792-8500 Fax: (630) 736-7514 converting facilities, vendor-managed inventory
Fax: (651) 792-8600 solutions, and much more.
info.hmc@heraeus.com www.herrmannultrasonics.com
www.heraeusmedical Herrmann Ultrasonics Inc. is a recognized Hiwin Technologies Corp.
components.com technology leader in ultrasonic plastic welding Booth 705
Heraeus Medical Components is a market technology, consistently setting new worldwide 1400 Madeline Lane
leader in the manufacture of highly standards. The company specializes in the Elgin, IL 60124
medical industry. The HiQ DIALOG speed Tel: (847) 827-2270
engineered medical device materials,
control is especially designed for welding with
components, and assemblies, providing Fax: (847) 827-2291
high precision and low forces for medical parts.
precious metal melting/alloying, wire www.hiwin.com
processing, micromachining, coatings, Hiwin Technologies Corp., founded in 1989,
Hi-Tec Finishing has continuously maintained its uncompromising
molding, implantable housings, and
Booth 2429 value as an innovative company that produces
complex assembly. Vertical integration
581 County Road A, Suite A high-speed and high-precision motion control
allows the company to take a device all products. The company supplies many high-tech
the way to sterilization and packaging. Hudson, WI 54003
industries with critical components for machine
Tel: (715) 642-0180
tools, medical equipment, vending machinery,
Heraeus Medical Components material handling, the automotive industry,
(HMC) Deutschland Hi-Tec Finishing finishes coat plastic and
and more.
Booth 2005 magnesium parts. The company offers paint,
Heraeusstrasse 12 - 14 chrome, hard, and soft coatings. Höganäs AB
Hanau, 63450 Germany Booth 2344
Tel: 49 6181354510 Hi-Tech Products Bruksgatan 35
hmc-deutschland@heraeus.com Booth 2501 Höganäs, 26383 Sweden
www.heraeusmedicalcomponents.com Tel: (464) 233-8000
8530 Roland Street
HMC Deutschland is part of the Heraeus Fax: (464) 233-8150
Buena Park, CA 90621
Advantage, providing a single-source solution and linn.hansson@hoganas.com
Tel: (949) 294-8674
delivering excellence in materials, engineering, www.hoganas.com/digitalmetal_nah
Fax: (714) 670-2821
manufacturing, and service. The company also has Höganäs AB is one of the world’s leading
manufacturing facilities in the United States, Costa becksbiz@cox.net
manufacturers of iron and metal powders,
Rica, Switzerland, Singapore, and Puerto Rico, www.hi-tech-products.com
continuously pioneering into new developments.
offering global reach with local personnel and Hi-Tech Products specializes in die-cutting:
Digital Metal® is the company’s revolutionary,
direct access to technical teams. rotary, flat, and class A; laminating and
proprietary precision ink-jet technology for
multilayer lamination; flexo printing; slitting; and
additive manufacturing and 3-D printing of
island placement with electronic registration and
metal components and systems. It offers a unique
inline heat seal pouching. All of these processes
capacity to rapidly and cost-effectively produce
can be performed in humidity-controlled Class
highly complex and intricate designs and features
100,000 cleanrooms. The company’s facility in
for metallic parts.

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Exhibitor Profiles
Minneapolis 2016

Hoowaki www.hydromer.com IKO International Inc.

Booth 1745 Hydromer Inc. offers licenses and contract Booth 1207
400 Birnie Street coating services for its globally approved 101 Mark Street
Greenville, SC 29611 medical coating solutions. The company’s Wood Dale, IL 60191
Tel: (864) 353-6808 coatings are used for the precision coating Tel: (800) 323-6694
sarahgibbons@hoowaki.com of complex medical devices, implants, Fax: (630) 766-6869
www.hoowaki.com stents, and microcatheters. Hydromer’s pcalderon@ikonet.co.jp
Hoowaki technology can solve friction and surface complete FDA-GMP/ISO 13485 www.ikont.com
tension problems by transforming the surface of production facility supports SOP and QA IKO International Inc. specializes in quality
many common materials. Through the alteration
procedures, and validation protocols. The needle bearings, linear motion rolling guides,
of extrusion dies or mold tooling, this technology
company can also contract coat using a precision positioning tables, and machine
creates microstructures on a product’s surface that
can be designed to control surface tension and customer’s formulations. components. The company offers its patented
friction. By controlling these attributes, clients can C-Lube technology in many of its products. This
enhance the performance of their existing product built-in lubrication system remains maintenance-
I-Tek Medical Technologies free for five years or 12,500 miles.
or develop a new product application.
Booth 1535
HTP-Meds LLC 1837 Buerkle Road Imperial Plastics
Booth 1434 White Bear Lake, MN 55110 Booth 2441
Tel: (651) 454-6602
15 Gray Lane 21320 Hamburg Avenue W.
Fax: (866) 237-9339
Ashaway, RI 02804 Lakeville, MN 55044
Tel: (401) 315-0654 Tel: (952) 469-4951
Fax: (401) 315-0766 I-Tek was founded in 2005 and has grown to Fax: (507) 931-6264
dgreen@htpmeds.com be one of the premier medical device contract sales@imperialplastics.com
www.htpmeds.com manufacturers in the Midwestern US. The www.imperialplastics.com
With more than 30 years of dedicated extrusion company operates in an FDA GMP-compliant Imperial is a full-service injection molder
excellence, HTP-Meds LLC excels in the offering contract manufacturing from 40 to
facility with ISO 13485 certification. I-Tek
development and manufacture of innovative 3,300 tonnage. Capabilities include early
tubing for medical applications. The company’s specializes in turnkey manufacturing and supplier involvement, prototyping, tool design/
extensive capabilities, secondary operations, sterile barrier packaging. Its employees are fabrication (domestic and off-shore), injection
and in-house tooling allow it to offer a quick experts in medical device development and molding, rotary two-shot, in-mold decorating,
turnaround time, enabling it to work globally and commercialization. insert molding, structural foam/structural web
to exceed customers’ requirements in bringing molding, and Class 100K cleanroom molding and
concepts to reality. assembly. It is ISO 9001:2008, ISO 13485:2003,
i4 Solutions NSF, and UL certified, and FDA registered.
Booth 1009
1385 Mendota Heights Road Independent Packing
Booth 524
St. Paul, MN 55120 Services Inc.
11F-1, No. 159, Section 1 Tel: (612) 888-6000
Keelung Road, Xinyi District
Booth 919
Taipei, 11070 Taiwan www.i4solutions.us 7600 32nd Avenue N.
Tel: 886 227423301 i4 Solutions excels at integration machine vision Crystal, MN 55427
jessie.chung@hwtrek.com for packaging. It’s all the company does, and Tel: (763) 425-7155
www.hwtrek.com it has been doing it a long time. i4 Solutions is Fax: (763) 425-0451
HWTrek is a leading collaboration B2B platform an AIA Certified System Integrator. Stop by its info@ipsipack.com
for hardware innovations. It is the platform to booth to see packaging inspection solutions. www.ipsipack.com
accelerate the development and production of Independent Packing Services Inc. has been
hardware projects by matching, planning, and iFixit offering transporting packaging solutions for
managing with tailored supply-chain resources. more than 40 years.
Booth 535
HWTrek aggregates end-to-end resources from
chipset, engineering design, PCBs, molding, and 1330 Monterey Street
Indo-US MIM Tec Pvt. Ltd.
manufacture, and even retails those that cover the San Luis Obispo, CA 93401
Booth 1639
needs from prototyping to millions shipping to Tel: 8053160880
the market. eric@dozuki.com 214 Carnegie Center, Suite 104
www.dozuki.com Princeton, NJ 08540
Hydromer Inc. iFixit’s Dozuki is the visual, online Tel: (734) 327-9842
Booth 1412 documentation platform for innovative Fax: (734) 327-9873
companies. Whether they need to write electronic suj.c@indo-mim.com
work instructions, overhaul existing training www.indo-mim.com
manuals, or update product support guides, Indo-US MIM Tec Pvt. Ltd. is a leading
Dozuki is the perfect solution for manufacturers manufacturer of precision, complex-shaped
35 Industrial Parkway of all industries. The software powers the components using metal injection molding
electronic documentation for companies all over (MIM) and ceramic injection molding (CIM),
Branchburg, NJ 08876-3424
the world, including Patagonia, MBX Solutions, also known as powder injection molding (PIM).
Tel: (908) 722-5000 Crucial, and iFixit. The company is fully integrated to provide fully
Fax: (908) 526-3633 finished components to complete assemblies for
sales@hydromer.com medical and various other applications.

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Exhibitor Profiles
Minneapolis 2016

Industrial Controls Co. darice.keyes@ltlcolor.com mastery of biological diffusion techniques

Booth 730 www.ltlcolor.com such as fluorescence and polarization.
Infinity LTL Engineered Compounds is
N56 W24842 N. Corporate Circle
a specialty compounder of engineering Instron
Sussex, WI 53089
thermoplastic resins and additives.
Tel: (877) 820-9900 Booth 1205
Fax: (262) 820-9907 825 University Avenue
mikeh@icontrols.com Innovative Laser Technologies
Norwood, MA 02062-2643
www.icontrols.com Booth 2617
Tel: (781) 575-5690
Controls are the nerve center of any system— 5110 Main Street N.E., Suite 1400 Fax: (781) 575-5751
the complex, intelligent interface between Minneapolis, MN 55421 kaleigh_durkin@instron.com
a system and the installation environment Tel: (763) 231-0775 www.instron.com
where it performs. The Industrial Controls Co. Fax: (763) 574-7527 Instron is a leading global manufacturer of testing
engineers, designs, and fabricates systems and melissa@growwithcypress.com equipment for the material and structural testing
control panels across a host of industries and www.iltinc.com markets used to evaluate materials ranging from
a range of applications, from prototype Recognized as a world leader in laser native tissue to advanced high-strength alloys.
through large-scale production. integration, Innovative Laser Technologies The company’s systems perform a variety of
designs and builds advanced laser systems for tests, such as compression, cyclic, fatigue,
Industrial Molded use in high-precision manufacturing. The impact, multi-axis, rheology, tensile, and torsion.
Rubber Products company develops both custom and standard
Booth 915 laser systems that perform high-precision Insurance Advisors Inc.
welding, cutting, marking, drilling, cladding,
20015 - 176th Street Booth 841
and material ablation for clients in the medical,
Big Lake, MN 55309 automotive, aerospace, and electronics industries. 15020 27th Avenue N.
Tel: (763) 262-3456 Plymouth, MN 55447
Fax: (763) 262-3460 Tel: (763) 398-4032
ckvistad@imr-inc.com s.spraguer@iaimn.com
Booth 2134
www.imr-inc.com www.insuranceadvisorsofmn.com
Industrial Molded Rubber Products is a rubber 500 Oak Grove Parkway Insurance Advisors Inc. doesn’t sell clients
roller and custom-molded rubber component St. Paul, MN 55127-8536 insurance; it helps them buy it. The company
manufacturer. OEM and recovered roller Tel: (651) 490-0000 offers guidance, not a sales pitch. Stop by its
capabilities include label applicators, stretch Fax: (651) 486-3607 booth for more details.
wrappers, conveyors, nips, hold-downs, thermal info@innovize.com
transfers, and many more. FDA-compliant www.innovize.com International Business
materials are available. The company offers Innovize is a contract manufacturer specializing
three-, five-, and 10-day turnarounds; and
Support Services Inc.
in medical converting. Providing innovative
molding capabilities from prototyping to full Booth 1558
solutions, it produces subassembly components,
production. ISO 9001:2008 certified. consumables, and finished medical devices. 2-32-21 Buzo, Minami-Ku
Capabilities include slitting; laminating; die and Saitama, 3360025 Japan
Industrial Molds Group laser cutting; rotary, digital, and screen printing; Tel: 81 9046741688
Booth 1043 cleanroom/dry room production and packaging; Fax: 81 488384733
turnkey sterilization and bio burden testing. It is t.osako@ibssjapan.com
5175 27th Avenue
FDA registered, GMP compliant, ISO 13485 www.ibssjapan.com (under construction)
Rockford, IL 61109
and 9001:2008 certified. International Business Support Services Inc.
Tel: (815) 397-2971
introduces three Japanese companies with unique
Fax: (815) 397-8813
INO technology. They offer services from design
customer.service@industrialmolds.com to manufacturing for medical equipment as a
Booth 2256
www.industrialmolds.com contract manufacturer. Mitaka offers complete
Industrial Molds Group is a leading mold custom guidewire and small precision coils.
manufacturer of complex injection molds based Kakoh specializes in small-diameter tubing in a
in Rockford, Illinois. The company has a state- variety of metals. Seiwa Kasei specializes in “dip
of-the-art design engineering department that molding” for medical devices.
features 3-D modeling software. Industrial Molds
2740 Einstein Street
Group specializes in two-shot, two-material Quebec City, QC G1P 4S4 Canada
molds; molds with complex configurations; and Tel: (905) 529-7016 International Magnesium
molds designed to eliminate secondary assembly Fax: (418) 657-7009 Association
by designing many parts into one component to marcia.vernon@ino.ca Booth 2541
help reduce manufacturing costs. www.ino.ca 1000 Westgate Drive
INO is a world-class technology St. Paul, MN 55114
Infinity LTL developer and provider, using its core Tel: (651) 290-6266
Engineered Compounds expertise in optics and photonics to bring Fax: (651) 290-2266
Booth 1743 custom solutions to the industry. The wrogers@tso.net
company produces in-house prototypes www.intlmag.org
20 Progress Drive
Founded in 1943, the mission of the International
Morrisville, PA 19067 and short-run products tailored to the
Magnesium Association (IMA) is to promote
Tel: (800) 863-4260 needs of partners and clients. INO’s
the use of the metal magnesium in material
Fax: (215) 736-1128 expertise in biophotonics is based on a selection and encourage innovative applications

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Exhibitor Profiles
Minneapolis 2016

of the versatile metal. IMA’s members consist www.interwiregroup.com IPG Photonics

of primary producers of the metal, recyclers, Interwire Group is a wire distributor of specialty Booth 2638
foundries, fabricators, end-users and suppliers. spring wire, both round and shaped, including
music wire, bezinal music wire, and galvanized 50 Old Webster Road
The global voice of the magnesium industry,
IMA serves the industry and the membership. music wire; and oil-tempered, chrome silicon, Oxford, MA 01540
phosphor bronze, brass, beryllium copper, 302, Tel: (508) 373-1144
316, 17-7 Inconel, Monel, nickel, Nitinol, titanium, sales.us@ipgphotonics.com
International Management
aluminum, and other medical-grade wires. The www.ipgphotonics.com
Systems Marketing (IMSM) Medical device laser material processing is
company also offers straight and cut wire.
Booth 1649 offered by world-leading producer of fiber lasers,
13 W. River Parkway IPG Photonics. The company’s application
IntriCon Corp.
Minneapolis, MN 55316 laboratories are resourced for welding, cutting,
Booth 1324 marking, and drilling of stainless steel, titanium,
Tel: (763) 557-5711
Fax: (763) 557-7137 1260 Red Fox Road Nitinol, and nonmetals. Retrofit services include
delrae@edensolutionsgroup.com St. Paul, MN 55112 direct replacement lasers for lamp-pumped/DPSS
www.imsm.com Tel: (651) 604-9506 Nd:YAG with IPG fiber lasers.
International Management Systems Fax: (651) 636-8944
Marketing (IMSM) is an ISO quality smatthiesen@intricon.com IQMS
management system consultant. www.intricon.com Booth 1045
IntriCon Corp. is focused on sales of multiple
2231 Wisteria Lane
bio-telemetry devices from life-critical diagnostic
International Polymer Paso Robles, CA 93446
monitoring devices to drug-delivery systems. Using
Engineering Inc. (IPE) its nanoDSP™ and ULP nanoLink™ technology, Tel: (805) 227-1122
Booth 1610 the company manufactures microelectronics, Fax: (805) 227-1120
2445 W. Medtronic Way micro-mechanical assemblies, high-precision rlauren@iqms.com
Tempe, AZ 85281 injection-molded plastic components, and complete www.iqms.com
bio-telemetry devices for emerging and leading IQMS has been designing and developing
Tel: (480) 967-3265
medical device manufacturers. manufacturing ERP software for the repetitive,
Fax: (480) 929-9799
process, and discrete industries. The company
provides a real-time ERP software and MES
www.ipeweb.com IoPP Minnesota Chapter
solution to the automotive, medical, packaging,
International Polymer Engineering Inc. Booth 840 consumer goods, and other manufacturing
manufactures custom extrusions of porous ePTFE 1027 W. Roselawn Avenue markets. IQMS offers a scalable system designed
and thermoplastics in single- and multilumen Roseville, MN 55113 to grow with the client and complete business
tubing, profiles, sheets, and rods. Products
Tel: (651) 489-1321 functionality, including accounting, quality
include ePTFE suture, ePTFE tubes with IDs as control, supply chain, CRM, and eBusiness.
small as 0.015-in., replacement biopsy channels,
and thermoplastics with colors and radiopaque
fillers. ISO 9001:2008 certified.
The Institute of Packaging Professionals Ironwood Electronics
(IoPP), a professional organization dedicated to Booth 216
being an individual membership organization,
Interpower® Corp. serves the educational needs of the packaging 1335 Eagandale Court
Booth 1630 community through networking and monthly Eagan, MN 55121
meetings. The Minnesota Chapter, headquartered Tel: (952) 229-8200
100 Interpower Avenue
in Minneapolis/St. Paul, is very active with 10 info@ironwoodelectronics.com
Oskaloosa, IA 52577-0155
monthly meetings. www.ironwoodelectronics.com
Tel: (800) 662-2290
Ironwood Electronics offers high-performance
Fax: (800) 645-5360 test sockets and adapters for both engineering
pmoore@interpower.com Iowa Area Development Group
and production use. IC packages covered include
www.interpower.com Booth 630 QFN, BGA, SOIC, QFP, and other SMT packages.
Interpower® Corp. is a premier supplier of power 2700 Westown Parkway Its GHz line of sockets with 6 different contact
system components. It offers cords, cord sets, and Suite 425 technologies supports up to 75 GHz bandwidth and
modules that meet hospital-grade standards, plus W. Des Moines, IA 50266 the smallest footprint in the industry.
a full line of North American and international Tel: (800) 888-4743
cords, IEC 60320 inlets and outlets, power entry Fax: (515) 223-5719 Ironwood Industries
modules, cable, plugs, and sockets. There are no
bhansen@iadg.com Booth 1931
minimum order requirements, same-day shipping
on in-stock Interpower products, and a one- 115 South Bradley Road
Iowa Area Development Group (IADG) is the
week U.S. manufacturing lead time on nonstock Libertyville, IL 60048
business development office for more than 220
Interpower products. Tel: (847) 362-8681
electric and telephone utilities in Iowa. IADG
is a “one-stop” business resource with site and Fax: (847) 362-9190
Interwire Group building location services, incentive financial ggrant@ironind.com
Booth 1532 packaging, and technical support from a variety www.ironind.com
of resources for a project in Iowa. Ironwood Industries Inc. offers custom injection
355 Main Street
molding and manufacturing for the medical
Armonk, NY 10504
industry, including ISO Class 8 cleanroom
Tel: (914) 273-6633
molding with insert and two-shot options.
Fax: (914) 273-6848 Assembly processes include ultrasonic welding,

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Exhibitor Profiles
Minneapolis 2016

thermal staking and insertion, RF welding, J-Pac Medical JMEDTECH Pte. Ltd.
adhesive bonding, transfer printing, packaging, Booth 1741 Booth 1342
and more. ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 certified.
25 Centre Road 2 Tukang Innovation Grove
Somersworth, NH 03878 #08-09/10 Medtech One
ISO Finishing Tel: (603) 692-9955 618305 Singapore
Booth 1215 Fax: (603) 692-0909 Tel: (656) 465-5909
50 S. Medina Street snichols@j-pac.com jeremy.luo@jmedicals.com
Loretto, MN 55357 www.j-pacmedical.com www.jmedicals.com
Tel: (844) 623-7998 J-Pac Medical is a trusted manufacturing and JMEDTECH Pte. Ltd. is a medical technology
Fax: (763)493-2990 packaging outsourcing partner to medical device company with high depth of expertise in
mike@isofinishing.com and diagnostic companies seeking to deliver biomaterials, coating technologies, and
www.isofinishing.com superior quality, improve time-to-market, and nanotechnologies. The company offers a broad
ISO Finishing is an isotropic mass finishing job simplify the supply chain for single-use medical spectrum of best-in-class coating solutions,
shop specializing in high-energy polishing and devices. The company’s technology allows it including hydrophilic coating, antimicrobial
surface improvement services for medical and to manufacture anatomically correct, Class III coating, hemocompatible coating, and drug
all other precision component manufacturers. It implantable textile assemblies, lab-on-chip reagent delivery coating.
offers documented, process design services for blisters, and complex thermoformed packaging.
titanium, stainless, aluminum, polymers, and Johnson Company Mfg. Reps
super alloys. From functional to highly cosmetic J&J Machine Inc. Booth 1625
finishes, ISO provides the best solution, short Booth 2450
lead times, and superior customer service for
1775 Old Highway 8 N.W.
12655 Industrial Boulevard Suite 110
each unique application.
Elk River, MN 55330 New Brighton, MN 55112
Tel: (763) 421-0114 Tel: (651) 429-2544
Isthmus Engineering
Fax: (763) 421-1605
& Manufacturing Fax: (651) 429-3104
Booth 1331 markp@johnsoncompany.com
JAB Manufacturing LLC www.johnsoncompany.com
Booth 1111 Johnson Company is focused on sensors,
interconnects, and electronic solutions.
51 Northwestern Drive The company is strong in OEM sensing
4035 Owl Creek Drive Salem, NH 03079-4885 solutions, flexible custom interconnect
Madison, WI 53718 Tel: (603) 912-5053 and cable requirements, and electronic
Tel: (608) 222-9000 Fax: (603) 912-5176 component sales, and leading in IoT and
rbrusseau@comcast.net M2M marketplace solutions for its customer
Fax: (608) 222-9183
www.jabmanufacturing.com base. Johnson can help on a standard part,
JAB Manufacturing LLC is a manufacturer of engineer custom components, or can help
www.isthmuseng.com single or multi-lumen small-diameter medical
Isthmus Engineering & Manufacturing develop a complete wireless/cellular/
tubing. The company is ISO 13485 compliant
specializes in the design and build of cloud IoT solution.
and offers great quality and short lead times.
custom automation equipment. Located in JAB strives to help every customer complete its
Madison, Wisconsin, the company provides project on time and on budget. Tight tolerances Johnson Matthey Inc.
innovative engineering and high-quality are no problem. Booth 2011
manufacturing solutions from concept to
completion. Isthmus’ expertise includes Jiangsu Hengtai Electronics
precision assembly, dispense and fill and Plastic Company Ltd.
automation, custom material handling, Booth 512 1401 King Road
robotic and vision integration, custom #2 Yunmei Road, Tianmu West Chester, PA 19380
packaging, and inspection systems. Lake Industrial Park Tel: (610) 648-8023
Liyang, Jiangsu, 213300 China Fax: (610) 648-8111
Itechra Tel: 86 51987962388 andy.millett@jmusa.com
Booth 2159 julianna.cho@primtechnology.com
173 E. 2nd Street www.hengtai-mfg.com
Johnson Matthey Inc. Medical
Winona, MN 55987 Jiangsu Hengtai Electronics and Plastic Company
Components provides a complete
Ltd. is an ISO 9001-certified, China-based
Tel: (507) 454-2475 range of capabilities in the fabrication
custom manufacturer specializing in injection
karl.erickson@itechra.com of precious metals, alloys, and Nitinol.
molding, stamping, machining, and turnkey
www.itechra.com The company’s products are used
products. The company has been offering high-
Itechra is a full-service IT company. The in electrophysiology, endoscopy,
quality products with competitive price and
company offers custom software development,
on-time delivery for customers in North America cardiology, neurology, and implant
mobile apps, enterprise solutions managed IT
and Europe since 2002. Sales and engineering applications. As a key part of the noble
services, advanced network engineering, security
support is available in California/United States metals business in the Precious Metals
and compliance, and virtualization.
and Vancouver/Canada. Division, Johnson Matthey has a 200-year
history of innovation and quality and a
presence in more than 30 countries.

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Exhibitor Profiles
Minneapolis 2016

Judson A. Smith Company devices. The firm is made up of a team Fax: (847) 658-9150
Booth 1149 of passionate product developers timl@kenmode.com
with a desire to make products that www.kenmode.com
matter. If a client is developing a new Kenmode Precision Metal Stamping is an
product, Kablooe can help it reduce ISO 13485:2003-certified manufacturer
its time to market, clarify its path to of precision metal stampings and
857 Sweinhart Road commercialization, and build products assemblies. The company provides
Boyertown, PA 19512 users love with its robust D3(sm) comprehensive services to the medical
Tel: (610) 367-2021 development process and unique team. industry, including design engineering,
Fax: (610) 367-0962 rapid prototyping, in-house tooling,
jshields@judsonsmith.com Kaeser Compressors Inc. production, and assembly. Kenmode
www.judsonsmith.com Booth 810 produces a wide range of parts for
Judson A. Smith Company is a world- medical devices, from micro-miniature
P.O. Box 946
class provider of specialty engineered Fredericksburg, VA 22404-0946 stampings to larger components.
metal products and services. The Tel: (540) 898-5500
company offers metal tube fabrication, Fax: (540) 898-5520 Key Electronics Inc.
precision machining, stamping, and more. www.kaeser.com Booth 1854
2533 Centennial Boulevard
JunoPacific Kato Cable
Jeffersonville, IN 47130-8535
Booth 2225 Booth 1945 Tel: (812) 206-2508
1040 Lund Boulevard N.W. 99 Power Drive Fax: (812) 206-2700
Anoka, MN 55303 Mankato, MN 56001 steve.harward@keyelectronics.com
Tel: {763) 703-5000 Tel: (507) 345-7714 www.keyelectronics.com
Fax: (763) 553-1360 kaciel@katocable.com Key Electronics is a contract manufacturer
jemery@cretexmedical.com www.eisales.com located in Jeffersonville, Indiana near the UPS
www.junopacific.com Kato Cable is a world-class contract manufacturer World hub in Louisville, Kentucky. The company
JunoPacific is a Cretex Medical Company. As a that provides innovative assembly solutions for serves a wide array of customers producing
custom injection molder, the company provides wire harnesses, battery cables, cable assemblies, products that are shipped to all parts of the world.
full-service contract manufacturing, design, and electrical panels. The company can quickly Key’s core competencies include electronic
prototyping, micro/multishot, vertical, reel-to- respond with quick-turn prototypes or meet circuit card assembly, product integration (box
reel, insert and cleanroom molding, spin-stack, requirements of full-volume production. Kato build), testing, and repair of electronics. The
rotary platen, multicomponent/multimaterial welcomes visitors to its clean, high-tech facility company is ISO 9001/ISO 13485 and AS9100
in-mold assembly, secondary operations, located in Mankato, Minnesota. certified; FDA and ITAR registered.
and validated sterile packaging in ISO 13485
locations in Minnesota and California. KDF Keyence Corp. of America
Booth 1860 Booth 1811
K-Tube Technologies 10 Volvo Drive 1100 N. Arlington Heights Road
Booth 2133 Rockleigh, NJ 07647 Itasca, IL 60143
13400 Kirkham Way Tel: (201) 784-5005 Tel: (888) 539-3623
Poway, CA 92064 Fax: (201) 784-0202 sstannard@keyence.com
Tel: (800) 394-0058 todd@kdf.com www.keyence.com/usa.jsp
gpiazza@k-tube.com www.kdf.com Keyence Corp. of America is a world leader
www.k-tube.com Founded in 1986, KDF is a leading supplier of in high-precision optical measurement and
For more than 40 years, K-Tube has provided both new and remanufactured physical vapor advanced microscopes, and is proud to showcase
precision miniature stainless-steel tubing to deposition batch inline and cluster platform its leading-edge technology. With products
various industries. sputtering tools for the biocompatible medical including sensors, vision systems, laser markers,
components, mainstream silicon, HB LED, ink-jet printers, laser displacement, 1-D/2-D
Kablooe digital x-ray, emerging materials and flat panel optical micrometers, digital microscopes, and 3-D
display markets. Its tools cover a wide variety measuring systems, the company is well prepared
Booth 1238
of process requirements and can be customized to solve nearly any imaging or inspection need.
to meet customers’ needs. KDF has a staff of
scientists and engineers. Keystone Solutions Group
Booth 1605
8560 Cottonwood Kenmode Precision
6387 Technology Avenue, Suite B
Street N.W., #100 Metal Stamping
Kalamazoo, MI 49009
Minneapolis, MN 55433 Booth 2505
Tel: (269) 343-4108
Tel: (763) 785-9595 Fax: (269) 343-4209
edammar@kablooe.com jim.medsker@keystone-pd.com
www.kablooe.com www.keystone-pd.com
Kablooe is a product research, design, Keystone Solutions Group is a West Michigan-
820 W. Algonquin Road
based engineering, product development, and
and development firm focused on Algonquin, IL 60102 medical device manufacturing company. Since
developing medical and consumer Tel: (847) 658-5041 1997, the company has collaborated with

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Exhibitor Profiles
Minneapolis 2016

customers from concept and prototype through Koops Inc. KYZEN

to production. Keystone’s medical device Booth 1605 Booth 1112
manufacturing facility is FDA and ISO 13485
987 Productions Court
Holland, MI 49423
Tel: (616) 395-0230
Klugé Design Inc.
Fax: (616) 395-0244
Booth 1512 430 Harding Industrial Drive
Nashville, TN 37211
14150 Northdale Boulevard Tel: (615) 831-0888
Koops Inc. designs and builds innovative, special
Rogers, MN 55374 machines and automated equipment for leading Fax: (615) 831-0889
Tel: (763) 428-5140 world-class manufacturers across a broad array priscila_faester@kyzen.com
Fax: (763) 428-5146 of industries. www.kyzen.com
steve@klugedesign.net KYZEN provides award-winning
www.klugedesign.net Kovatch Castings Inc. cleaning chemistries for metal finishing
For almost three decades, Klugé Design Booth 2548 and electronics applications. The
Inc. has been bringing creativity and 3743 Tabs Drive company offers the medical industry
intelligence to complex challenges Uniontown, OH 44685 a broad range of aqueous, semi-
in product development, contract Tel: (330) 896-9944 aqueous, and solvent cleaners that are
manufacturing, and precision machining Fax: (330) 896-3444 environmentally friendly and effective in
for Class I, II, and III mechanical and ncarter@kovatchcastings.com virtually all cleaning systems. KYZEN has
electromechanical medical devices. With www.kovatchcastings.com a fully equipped and staffed applications
more than 1125 projects, 30 patents, Kovatch Castings Inc. has 40 years of expertise lab to provide its customers with
and hundreds of clients, it accelerates in the investment casting industry supporting integrated cleaning solutions.
ideas into reality. Klugé Design is ISO medical, air, military, and commercial industries
13485:2003 certified and FDA registered with castings from 1 oz to 35 lbs in more than
Lakeside Casting Solutions
as a contract manufacturer. 100 ferrous and nonferrous alloys. Services
include rapid prototyping, machine-to-print, CAD Booth 430
and solidification modeling, CMM inspection, #2 Lakeside Drive
Koganei International NDT (X-ray, FPI, or MPI), in-house NDT Level Monroe City, MO 63456
America Inc. III inspector, metallurgical lab. ISO 9001:2008, Tel: (573) 735-2426
Booth 2639 AS9100C, Nadcap certified. Fax: (573) 735-1709
39300 Civic Center Drive, #280 mhetheriton@lakesidecasting.com
Fremont, CA 94538 K.S. of West Virginia www.lakesidecasting.com
Tel: (510) 744-1626 Company Ltd. Lakeside Casting Solutions is a manufacturer of
jhaug@koganeiusa.com Booth 530 custom zinc die-castings. The company utilizes
www.koganeiusa.com multi-slide die-cast machines and creative
265 KS of WV Road tool designs to offer component solutions to
Koganei International America Inc. is proud
Ravenswood, WV 26164 OEMs. Lakeside offers secondary operations
to manufacture innovative, industry-leading
Tel: (304) 273-5500 and assemblies, as well as a wide variety of
products for many industries. Since 1933, the
Fax: (304) 273-5400 product protective finishes. Its on-site tool shop
company’s focus has always been on providing
the highest quality products. With its complete athacker@kswv.us is equipped to perform complete tool builds,
product line and with the support from its www.kswv.us repairs, and maintenance. It offers more than 150
exclusive distribution network, everyone at K.S. of West Virginia Company Ltd. performs years’ experience in die casting.
Koganei strives to help all its customers die design and build along with precision metal
improve their products. stamping. The company is a wholly owned Lakewood Products
subsidiary of Kato Seisakusho Company Ltd. of
Booth 1956
Nagoya, Japan, which has more than 50 years of
Kongskilde Industries Inc. 705 Tower Drive
experience in die design, die build, and stamping;
Booth 1044 with manufacturing facilities in Kani City, Hamel, MN 55340
Japan; Seoul, South Korea; Shanghai, China; and Tel: (763) 478-8926
Ravenswood, West Virginia. Fax: (763) 478-8928
Kyocera International Inc. www.lakewoodproductsinc.com
2439 S. Main Street, Unit 2
Booth 1742 Lakewood Products provides a broad range
Bloomington, IL 61704 of manufacturing and associated solutions to
Tel: (309) 820-1090 220 Davidson Avenue the medical device industry. Manufacturing
Fax: (309) 820-1364 Somerset, NJ 08873 capabilities include electromechanical assembly,
hr@kongskilde.com Tel: (908) 227-6714 cleanroom processing, electrical cabling and
Fax: (508) 650-0625 harnesses, stamping, molding, kitting, packaging,
john.mastrogiacomo@kyocera.com and fulfillment. Additional services include
Kongskilde Industries Inc. specializes in
www.global.kyocera.com project management, supply-chain management,
the engineering and sale of pneumatic
Kyocera International Inc. offers implantable manufacturing development and validation, and
conveying equipment as well as de-dusting devices, surgical devices, and diagnostic product development and validation.
of regrind plastics and other materials. imaging equipment.

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Exhibitor Profiles
Minneapolis 2016

Laser Light Technologies (e.g., sutures), optical fiber, and more; in- automated liquid handling in medical/
Booth 1755 process or benchtop. The company’s products scientific instrumentation for analytical/
are manufactured in the United States by clinical chemistry and medical disposable
American workers. It is a privately held, applications. Products include two- and
100% U.S. owned corporation. three-way solenoid valves, latching and
inert solenoid valves, micro dispense
5 Danuser Drive Lauterbach Inc. valves, nozzles, fixed and variable volume
Hermann, MO 65041 Booth 226 dispense pumps, miniature check valves,
Tel: (800) 459-4455 4 Mount Royal Avenue, Suite 320 and calibrated flow restrictors.
Fax: (573) 486-5540 Marlborough, MA 01752-1961
orcuno@laserlight.com Tel: (508) 303-6812 Legend Technical Services
www.laserlight.com info_us@lauterbach.com Booth 1835
Laser Light Technologies is a high-tech, www.lauterbach.com
Lauterbach is one of the world’s largest producers 88 Empire Drive
laser-based contract manufacturing St. Paul, MN 55103-1855
of hardware-assisted debug tools. The company’s
and engineering consulting firm that engineering team has more than 35 years Tel: (651) 642-1150
offers high-precision micromachining experience in making world class debuggers and Fax: (651) 642-1239
services with a reputation for being highly emulators. Its product line TRACE32® supports www.legend-group.com
responsive. With more than 30 years of technologies like JTAG, BDM, NEXUS, or
ETM with embedded debuggers, software, and
experience in the industry, the company Leister Technologies LLC
hardware trace and logic analyzer systems for
employs state-of-the-art laser systems over 3500 cores and CPUs within 250 families Booth 1011
for applications from micro-drilling holes like ARM9, ARM11, CORTEX, PowerPC, 1275 Hamilton Parkway
used in industrial printers to the precise MIPS, TriCore, and more. Itasca, IL 60143
fabrication of medical devices. Tel: (855) 534-7837
Leader Tech Inc. Fax: (630) 760-1001
Laserage Technology Corp. Booth 1740 andrew.geiger@leisterusa.com
Booth 2525 www.leister.com
Professionals rely on Leister Technologies LLC
and its line of robust, reliable, and state-of-the-art
equipment. The company offers a full range of
12420 Racetrack Road process heat and laser plastic welding equipment
3021 N. Delany Road Tampa, FL 33626 to refine most any medical manufacturing
Waukegan, IL 60087 Tel: (813) 855-6921 process. As a worldwide leader in plastic
Tel: (847) 249-5900 Fax: (813) 855-3291 welding, Leister can help with thermal needs.
Fax: (847) 336-1103 sjackson@leadertechinc.com
danc@laserage.com www.leadertechinc.com Liquidmetal Technologies Inc.
www.laserage.com Leader Tech Inc. is a world-leading Booth 2432
Laserage Technology partners with innovator and U.S. manufacturer of EMI 30452 Esperanza
medical OEMs by providing precision shielding products for circuit boards, Rancho Santa Margarita, CA 92688
laser machining, cutting, drilling, and electronic enclosures, and interconnect Tel: (949) 635-2100
welding of many medically approved cables. Offerings include standard and brandy.mcclay@liquidmetal.com
materials, including in-stock flat and custom circuit board shields, beryllium www.liquidmetal.com
tubular Nitinol. Applications include copper fingerstock EMI gaskets, Liquidmetal Technologies Inc. brings a new level
components for implantable devices, board level shields/PC board shields, of capabilities to complex metal parts production
conductive elastomers, ultrasoft gaskets, by providing a unique injection-molding process.
stents, medical instruments, surgical
Properties comparable to heat-treated stainless
implements, and delivery systems. advanced RF absorber materials, and
and steel alloys, and final part geometry are
Finishing operations are also available, EMI/RFI ferrites.
achieved in a single step. The company’s team
as is Venta Medical cleanroom assembly. utilizes advanced technology, providing solutions
Laserage has multiple U.S. locations. The Lee Company for the toughest manufacturing roadblocks.
Booth 2342
LaserLinc Inc. LISI Medical Remmele
Booth 2601 Booth 2211
777 Zapata Drive 17701 198th Avenue N.W.
Fairborn, OH 45324 2 Pettipaug Road Big Lake, MN 55309-9430
Tel: (937) 318-2440 P.O. Box 424 Tel: (763) 263-5311
Fax: (937) 318-2445 Fax: (763) 784-4892
Westbrook, CT 06498-0424
jkohler@laserlinc.com jeff.noren@lisi-medical.com
Tel: (860) 399-6281
www.laserlinc.com www.lisi-medical.com
LaserLinc Inc. offers precision, noncontact
Fax: (860) 399-2270
LISI Medical Remmele specializes in precision
equipment for measuring diameter, ovality/ kingsburyj@theleeco.com
machining of complex spine and dental implants
eccentricity, wall thickness, concentricity, and www.theleeco.com as well as components for minimally invasive
inside diameter. Applications include catheters, The Lee Company manufactures surgical, urological, drug-delivery, and vascular
guidewires, tubing (any material), monofilament miniature fluid control components for devices. Facilities are ISO 13485 and FDA

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Exhibitor Profiles
Minneapolis 2016

registered. The company has Swiss and advanced Lube-Tech & Partners LLC Machine Control Specialists Inc.
milling capabilities, as well as development Booth 1714 Booth 2324
support through full-scale manufacturing in
858 Transfer Road 398 Monaco Drive
dedicated cells.
St. Paul, MN 55114 Roselle, IL 60172
Tel: (651) 636-7990 Tel: (630) 980-3200
Loos & Company Inc.
Fax: (651) 633-7051 Fax: (630) 980-3249
Booth 2515
lubetech@contactus.com jackie@mcsinc.com
www.lubetech.com www.mcsinc.com
For more than 40 years, Lube-Tech & Partners Machine Control Specialists Inc. (MCS) provides
LLC has been one of the upper Midwest’s leaders solutions for medical coiling, respooling, and
in industrial fluids and fluid-related equipment winding. The company produces manual,
16B Mashamoquet Road
service and supply. Serving Minnesota, Iowa, semiautomatic, and fully automatic mandrel
Pomfret Center, CT 06259 Wisconsin, Illinois, and North and South Dakota, and continuous winders, respoolers, and closed-
Tel: (860) 928-7981 the company is not simply a vendor, it is a loop payoff tensioners. Capabilities include SS,
meghan.brennan@loosco.com complete industrial fluid business partner. NiTi, precious metals, film, or fiber in round or
www.loosco.com flat down to 12.7um. MCS’s specialties include
The Loos and Company Medical Lubrizol LifeSciences multifilar coils, coated materials, cutting coils,
Technologies Division produces wire Booth 2311 and automation.
and cable solutions for today’s
advanced medical equipment. It is Machine Solutions Inc.
dedicated to exceeding customer Booth 1705
expectations and committed to 2951 W. Shamrell Boulevard
producing the highest quality products
9911 Brecksville Road
Suite 107
for applications that demand the highest Brecksville, OH 44141 Flagstaff, AZ 86005
level of precision and performance. From Tel: (216) 447-5774 Tel: (928) 556-3109
guidewires to core wires, endoscopes Fax: (714) 993-4141 Fax: (928) 556-3084
to catheters, with Loos and Company nicholas.galioto@lubrizol.com info@machinesolutions.com
medical wire and cable products, what www.lubrizol.com/LifeSciences www.machinesolutions.com
you spec is what you get. Lubrizol LifeSciences is a total solutions Machine Solutions Inc. is a single-source supplier
provider for medical and pharmaceutical of exceptionally precise production equipment
manufacturers by offering customer and reliable testing services to the global medical
support from idea to execution through technology market. Customizable equipment
Booth 2544 innovative materials, ingredients, drug strengthens customers’ capabilities in catheter,
formulation development, and best-in- tube, and stent processing. Testing equipment and
class contract manufacturing solutions. services address validation needs, while dedicated
With this full-service capability, the aftermarket teams provide the best customer
company’s goal is to become the support in the industry.
505 W. Front Street number-one polymer-based drug-delivery
Albert Lea, MN 56007 company in the industry. MAJiK Medical
Tel: (507) 377-8910
Solutions Pvt. Ltd.
info@lou-rich.com Lumentum Booth 1310
www.lou-rich.com Booth 2142
As a premier supply-chain provider, Plot No. 55 ALEAP
Lou-Rich offers contract manufacturing Industrial Estate
services that span the entire spectrum. Hyderbad, TS, 500090 India
Complex machining, sheet and plate Tel: 91 9949745111
fabrication, precision aluminum 400 N. McCarthy Boulevard rkalavalapally@majikmed.com
extruding, welding, finishing and painting, Milpitas, CA 95035 www.majikmed.com
mechanical and electromechanical Tel: (408) 546-5483 MAJiK Medical Solutions is an ISO
assembly, and packaging are just some 13485-certified OEM providing high-quality
of the services offered in the company’s
custom medical catheter tubing products to the
extensive manufacturing portfolio. www.lumentum.com global medical device industry. The company
Lumentum (NASDAQ: LITE) is a market- manufactures reinforced medical tubing
LPKF Laser & Electronics leading manufacturer of innovative (braided/coiled) and braided/spiral wire for
optical and photonic products enabling various applications in the medical device
Booth 1850
optical networking and commercial laser industry. With more than 3500 sq ft of Class
12555 S.W. Leveton Drive 100,000 manufacturing space in India, it
customers worldwide. The company’s
Tualatin, OR 97062 provides high-quality and economical
commercial lasers enable advanced
Tel: (503) 454-4212 solutions for medical tubing.
manufacturing techniques and diverse
Fax: (503) 682-7151
applications, including next-generation
jadams@lpkfusa.com Mangar Medical Packaging
3-D sensing capabilities. Lumentum is
www.lpkfusa.com Booth 2131
LPKF develops systems and process solutions headquartered in Milpitas, California
for tasks in printed circuit board technology with R&D, manufacturing, and sales 97 Britain Drive
and microelectronics. offices worldwide. New Britain, PA 18901

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Exhibitor Profiles
Minneapolis 2016

Tel: (215) 230-0300 molding, tipping, and assembly. It has more than hanke@mee-inc.com
Fax: (215) 230-0133 35 engineers to help in new product design and www.mee-inc.com
janetf@mangar.com an experienced regulatory department to assist Materials Evaluation and Engineering Inc.
www.mangar.com with product approval. provides practical solutions to materials-
Mangar Medical Packaging is a custom related problems through innovative analysis
converter of sterile barrier materials. The Martin Calibration Co. and engineering. Comprehensive laboratory
company’s primary product lines include: capabilities support failure analysis, QC,
Booth 1104
printed/unprinted pouches, printed/unprinted design, and R&D projects. Capabilities include
die-cut lidstock, and insert/mounting cards. 11965 12th Avenue S. light microscopy and scanning electron
Mangar is ISO 13485 certified and is Burnsville, MN 55337 microscopy, elemental analysis, surface analysis,
headquartered in New Britain, Pennsylvania. Tel: (952) 882-1528 microstructure evaluation, infrared spectroscopy,
Fax: (952) 882-4086 particle counting, and gas chromatography.
Mark-10 Corp.
www.martincalibration.com MathWorks
Booth 1449
Martin Calibration Co., an ISO 17025-accredited Booth 315
11 Dixon Avenue calibration laboratory, is unmatched regarding
Copiague, NY 11726 dimensional calibration, electronic calibration, 3 Apple Hill Drive
Tel: (631) 842-9200 physical calibration, thermal calibration, flow Natick, MA 01760-2098
Fax: (631) 842-9201 calibration, and pipette calibration. The company Tel: (508) 647-7795
vs@mark-10.com has been a leader in the metrology business for info@mathworks.com
www.mark-10.com more than 30 years and continues to focus on and www.mathworks.com
Mark-10 Corp. supplies medical, pharmaceutical, thrive in quality. MathWorks is a leading developer of
packaging, and many other industries with a mathematical computing software for
range of force and torque measurement products. Maruka USA engineers and scientists.
Typical applications include needle puncture Booth 1025
testing, tube terminal pull testing, package seal Matrix Tooling/Matrix
strength testing, cap torque testing, and many 45 Route 46 E., Suite 610
Plastic Products
more. The company’s product line ranges from Pine Brook, NJ 07058
Tel: (973) 983-1000 Booth 1455
handheld gauges to complete systems with data
collection software. Fax: (973) 983-8647 949 A.E.C. Drive
dbartholomew@marukausa.com Wood Dale, IL 60191-1143
www.marukausa.com Tel: (630) 595-6144
Marshall Manufacturing
The exclusive North American distributor Fax: (630) 595-6276
Booth 2048
of TOYO all-electric and FCS servo-driven annez@matrixtooling.com
3820 Chandler Drive N.E. hydraulic injection-molding machines, Maruka www.matrixtooling.com
Minneapolis, MN 55421 USA services customers from eight technical Matrix offers close-tolerance plastic injection
Tel: (800) 321-6727 centers nationwide. Visit the company’s booth molding of critical components and custom
Fax: (800) 321-6728 to see it use the latest innovations from TOYO manufacturing of medical device assemblies.
tomp@marshallmfg.com and FCS to mold components with precision In-house moldmaking expertise includes tools
www.marshallmfg.com and ease. For more information, visit Maruka’s designed to mitigate risks in production. It offers
Marshall Manufacturing specializes in precision Web site. full qualification and process validation, press
CNC Swiss machining, including micro sizes starting at 5T, and a Class 100K cleanroom
Swiss, CNC 3-D bending of small-diameter Master Prosperous and quality assurance lab. All grades, including
premachined wire and tubing. Additional Industrial Co. (MPI) PEEK, LCPs, and bio-absorbables, are offered.
processes include CNC laser tube cutting, ISO 13485/9001 certified.
Booth 531
CNC wire EDM, CNC laser welding, and part
finishing. It provides “design for optimum No. 17, Lane 8, Chengitan Road
maxon precision motors inc.
manufacturability,” saving its customers money Tucheng City
Booth 2348
and time-to-market; prototype/validation; and New Taipei City, 236 Taiwan
medium- to high-volume runs. ISO 9001 and Tel: 886 222677222 101 Waldron Road
ISO 13485 registered. mpi.master@msa.hinet.net Fall River, MA 02720
www.mpi-master.com Tel: (508) 677-0520
MPI owns two factories. The company’s metal Fax: (508) 677-0530
Martech® Medical
parts factory offers custom OEM sheet metal dsetters@maxonmotorusa.com
Booth 1730
parts, CNC parts, and surface treatment. MPI’s www.maxonmotorusa.com
1500 Delp Drive electronics factory provides ODM and OEM maxon precision motors inc. is a leading supplier
Harleysville, PA 19438 custom assembly service to customers for of high-precision DC brush and brushless motors
Tel: (215) 256-8833 power electronics. and drives, ranging in size from 4-90 mm. The
Fax: (215) 256-8837 company combines electric motors, gears, and
dclark@martechmedical.com Materials Evaluation DC motor controls into high-precision, intelligent
www.martechmedical.com drive systems that can be customized for specific
& Engineering Inc.
Martech® is a vertically integrated contract needs of customer applications.
manufacturer specializing in catheter and device
Booth 1509
manufacturing, rapid prototyping, extrusion, 13805 1st Avenue N., Suite 400
OTNs, hemostasis sets, PICC and CVCs, and Plymouth, MN 55441
introducers. Services include R&D, tool design/ Tel: (763) 449-8870
fabrication with an on-site tool shop, extrusion, Fax: (763) 449-8699

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Exhibitor Profiles
Minneapolis 2016

McLean Medical Mean Well USA Inc. Medelec S.A.

& Scientific Inc. Booth 2629 Booth 2332
Booth 1218 44030 Fremont Boulevard Route de Chardonne 4
292 E. Lafayette Frontage Road Fremont, CA 94538 Puidoux-Gare, 1070 Switzerland
St. Paul, MN 55107 Tel: (510) 683-8886 Tel: 41 219460480
Tel: (651) 227-9953 Fax: (510) 683-8899 Fax: 41 219460485
Fax: (651) 227-7859 info@meanwellusa.com christine@medelec-tubes.com
blakek@surgicaltechnologies.com www.meanwellusa.com www.medelec-tubes.com
www.mcleanmedical.com Mean Well USA Inc. is a world-leading Medelec S.A. supplies high-precision, cold-
With high-quality medical device experience manufacturer of industrial switching power drawn metal tubing for production of stents and
since 1921, McLean Medical specializes in supplies providing standard power solutions endoscopes, and precious metal tubing as ring
manufacturing the finest surgical instrumentation used in a variety of industries, including medical, electrodes and marker bands. Precious metals
to customers’ specifications. It combines superior automation, communication, LED lighting, include gold, platinum, tantalum, palladium,
materials and skilled craftsmanship to produce moving display signs, and office automation titanium, elgiloy, NP35N, and other implantable
high-quality OEM surgical products. McLean equipment. The company’s medical power alloys. Outer diameters from 0.004 to 0.400 in.
offers complete support, from product prototype solutions are offered in a variety of forms, and wall thicknesses from 0.0006 to 0.040 in.
to full production. It also provides FDA/cGMP/ including internal enclosed and PCB footprints, can be achieved with tolerances under 0.0002 in.
QSR program consulting, assembly, packaging, external adapters, and wall-mount units. Length > 0.008 in. Rms > 5.
and sterilization services.
MED Institute Inc. Medical Alley Association
MD+DI Booth 2312 Booth 1131
Booth 649 1330 Win Hentschel Boulevard 4150 Olson Memorial Highway
West Lafayette, IN 47906 Golden Valley, MN 55422
Tel: (765) 463.1633 Tel: 952 (542-3077)
Fax: (765) 464.0369 mholker@medicalalley.org
www.medinstitute.com www.medicalalley.org
2901 W. 28th Street, Suite 100
MED Institute Inc. supports developers of Medical Alley Association is a state-based
Santa Monica, CA 90405 member organization serving the health
medical products through the start of an idea
Tel: (310) 445-4200 and making a product available to clinicians technology community. It works to promote
mddi@ubm.com and patients. With more than 30 years of Minnesota’s Medical Alley by influencing
www.mddionline.com medical device testing and global regulatory policy at the state and federal levels; delivering
MD+DI provides news and analysis on submissions experience, the company knows actionable intelligence that informs decision-
medical technology, business, industry, what it takes to guide a product through the making; and connecting members to peers,
and regulatory issues and has been the steps for market approval. training, and businesses.
trusted print and online resource for
original equipment manufacturers of Medbio Medical Extrusion Technologies
medical devices and IVD products for Booth 1612 Booth 1958
over 35 years. As the leading provider
of information on technologies, trends,
and product development, MD+DI helps
industry professionals develop, design, 5346 36th Street S.E. 26608 Pierce Circle
and manufacture medical products. Murrieta, CA 92562
Grand Rapids, MI 49512
Tel: (616) 245-0214 Tel: (951) 698-4346
MDRG (Medical Device Fax: (616) 245-0244 Fax: (951) 698-4347
Resource Group) rikki@medicalextrusion.com
Booth 1816 www.medicalextrusion.com
P.O. Box 751 Located in West Michigan, Medbio is A manufacturer of custom tubing
Excelsior, MN 55331 an ISO 13485:2003-certified contract extrusions from almost all thermoplastic
Tel: (952) 942-8321 manufacturer offering innovative resins, Medical Extrusion Technologies’
Fax: (952) 942-8361 manufacturing solutions for the life expertise is in smaller, multilumen
info@mdrg.org sciences. The company specializes in configurations and single lumens to
www.mdrg.org 0.500 in. It has process capabilities
precision injection molding, assembly,
The Medical Device Resource Group (MDRG) is
packaging, and design support. From for most thermoplastics, including all
a coalition of independent Minnesota companies
components to full assemblies, Medbio polyethylenes, polypropylenes, EVA,
that collectively offer the broad expertise clients
need to get new medical devices to the market has the knowledge, passion, and metallocenes, PVC, thermoplastic
and support them once they have launched. experience to solve the most difficult elastomers, polyurethane, nylon, Pebax,
MDRG has the expertise, experience, and manufacturing challenges. ABS, butyrate, PET, polycarbonate,
excellence to help device development. polysulfone, PES, FEP, ETFE, and PVDF.

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Minneapolis 2016

Medical Product MEDTEC China Online Merrill Manufacturing Corp.

Manufacturing News (MPMN) Booth 649 Booth 612
Booth 649

2901 W. 28th Street, Suite 100 236 S. Genesee Street

2901 W. 28th Street, Suite 100 Santa Monica, CA 90405 Merrill, WI 54452
Santa Monica, CA 90405 Tel: (310) 445-4200 Tel: (715) 536-5533
Tel: (310) 445-4200 medicalsales@ubm.com Fax: (715) 536-5590
mpmn@ubm.com www.medtecchina.com rickt@merrill-mfg.com
www.qmed.com/mpmn For more than 9 years, MEDTEC China www.merrill-mfg.com
MPMN connects medical device has provided the China-based medical Merrill Manufacturing Corp. is a leader in the
engineers with the cutting-edge technology industry with the resources custom wire form industry with the capability
technologies and suppliers they need it needs to develop, manufacture, and to produce custom wire forms and welded
to design, develop, and fabricate next- bring to market next-generation medical wire products for any application. The
company works with its clients to design the
generation medical products. Delivering products. Through its various channels,
best wire solution for their product, and then
comprehensive coverage for 30 years, including online, digital, event and print,
it produces it for them.
MPMN is dedicated to inspiring, MEDTEC China has become a vast
empowering, and educating medtech connection and daily resource for local
Met2Plastic LLC
engineers and manufacturing personnel medtech professionals via its multimedia
Booth 2448
in their creation of the newest medical portfolio of products.
products. 701 Lee Street
Elk Grove Village, IL 60007
Tel: (847) 228-5070
Medicoil, R&L Spring Co. Booth 2225
Fax: (847) 228-6847
Booth 2529 875 Lund Boulevard mwalter@met2plastic.com
Medicoil Div. Anoka, MN 55303 www.met2plastic.com
1097 Geneva Parkway Tel: (763) 427-6275 Met2Plastic LLC, a division of Dedienne
Lake Geneva, WI 53147 Fax: (763) 427-9242 Multiplasturgy® Group, is a custom injection
Tel: (262) 249-7854 mgetzke@meiertool.com molder and mold builder that is geared toward
www.meiertool.com producing components for mission-critical
Fax: (262) 249-7866
applications. Focusing on metal to plastic
jromano@rlspring.com Meier (formerly Meier Tool & Engineering) is a
replacement, the company offers ISO Class 8
www.medicoil.com Cretex Medical company. The company offers dedicated medical cleanroom molding, injection
Medicoil offers spring, coil, and wire-form precision medical custom metal stampings, molding from 40 to 720 tons, ultrasonic welding /
capabilities in medical-grade wire diameters with specialization in small and miniature light assembly, and in-house mold building. ISO
down to .001 in. (shaped or round), for external metal-formed components and subassemblies 13485, ISO 9001, and AS9100 certified.
and implantable components, including springs, for the medical device industry’s demanding
multifilar coils to 12 ft., laser welding, taper applications. Meier is ISO 13485 certified. Metal Craft and Riverside
grinding, ISO Class 7 cleanroom, and finishing. Machine & Engineering
The company offers superior technical support Meron Medical, a Div. of Booth 1615
for the unique development needs of medical M&S Centerless Grinding Inc. 13760 Business Center Drive
device customers. ISO 13485 certified. Booth 2335 Elk River, MN 55330-4811
258 E. County Line Road Tel: (763) 441-1855
MEDO USA Inc. Fax: (763) 441-0798
Hatboro, PA 19040
Booth 1930 Tel: (888) 779-2061 customerservice@metal-craft.com
46 Chancellor Drive Fax: (215) 675-7119 www.mcandrs.com
Roselle, IL 60172 Metal Craft and Riverside Machine & Engineering
are full-service contract manufacturers providing the
Tel: (800) 843-6336 www.meronmedical.com medical device industry with unparalleled quality
Fax: (630) 924-0808 Meron Medical, a division of M&S Centerless since 1978. From product development through
lculli@medousa.com Grinding, offers extreme precision ID/OD and production, they service short- and long-run orders,
www.medousa.com centerless grinding services for highly complex, specializing in orthopedic and spinal implants and
MEDO USA Inc. offers linear, motor-free piston intricate cylindrical components. It offers super- instrumentation, including complex assemblies.
system air compressors and vacuum pumps precision hypotubes, complex guidewires, Both are ISO 13485 and ISO 9001 certified, FDA
mandrels, core pins, polymers, catheters, and registered, and certified women-owned
featuring quiet, oil-free operation and long life;
other critical implantable device components for small businesses.
Nitto Kohki “Delvo” electric screwdrivers and
professional-use, high-quality tools offering cardio and neurovascular, neuromodulation, and
Metal Cutting Corp.
precise control of torque. Its Nitto Kohki Cupla ophthalmological end uses. ISO 9001:2008 and
ISO 13485:2003 certified. Booth 2410
division provides quick connects for pneumatic,
hydraulic, leak test, and purity applications, 89 Commerce Road
with a range of material options for coupler Cedar Grove, NJ 07009
body and seals. Tel: (973) 239-1100
Fax: (973) 239-6651

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Exhibitor Profiles
Minneapolis 2016

www.metalcutting.com www.cybertechnologies.com Micro Parts

On all metals, Metal Cutting Corp.’s Minnesota MetroSpeX, LLC is the U.S. distributor for Booth 2249
and New Jersey factories offer burr-free abrasive cyberTECHNOLOGIES’ high-precision optical
and EDM cut-off to the tightest tolerances; 3-D measurement systems for nondestructive 3680 Dodd Road, #A
precision through-feed, in-feed plunge, surface, surface measurements as well as microdrop Eagan, MN 55123
and double-disk grinding; flat lapping; Ra 0.010 Technologies’ advanced micro-dispensing and Tel: (651) 452-1017
um surface finish parts polishing; Citizen Swiss- ink-jet printing systems for R&D and industrial sales@mpi-dms.com
style turning; and Haas CNC lathe and milling. applications. Applications range from medical
Metrology includes surface finish interferometry, devices, fuel cells, printed products, and device www.mpi-dms.com
VED, laser micrometry, and a cleanroom. packaging to automotive, aerospace, biomedical Micro Parts Inc. (MPI) is a manufacturer of
use cases, and consumer electronic devices. chemically-milled metal parts with metal
Metallix Refining Inc. finishing, etching, plating, heat treating, and
Booth 2258 MICRO forming to customer specifications. DMS
Booth 1105 Corporation is a key manufacturer and supplier
of stamped-metal parts to various military,
medical, and commercial companies.

59 Avenue at the Commons Micro-Matics Inc.

140 Belmont Drive
Suite 201 Somerset, NJ 08873 Booth 2507
Shrewsbury, NJ 07702 Tel: (732) 302-0800 8050 Ranchers Road
Tel: (732) 936-0050 Fax: (732) 302-0436 Fridley, MN 55432
Fax: (732) 936-0029 sales@micro-co.com Tel: (763) 780-2700
daniellel@metallixrefining.com www.micro-co.com Fax: (763) 780-2706
MICRO is a full-service contract rick@micro-matics.com
manufacturer of precision medical www.micro-matics.com
For more than 45 years, Metallix Refining
devices and components, injection/ Micro-Matics Inc. has specialized in custom,
Inc. has been a leader and innovator in
insert molding, MIMs, and fabricated high-precision medical machined components
the precious metals recycling industry.
tube assemblies. The company offers and assemblies since 1973. The company
The company purchases, recycles, and provides quality products and services to small
product development and design
refines gold, silver, platinum, palladium, start-ups with rapid prototype needs as well as
capabilities—from prototyping and
and rhodium. Metallix serves small to Fortune 500 companies with million piece
validation to full-scale production.
businesses to large corporations in a requirements. Capabilities include CNC Swiss,
MICRO’s modern facilities are cGMP-
variety of industries globally. Escomatics, grinding, and assembly. Micro-
QSR compliant and ISO 9001, ISO 13485, Matics is certified to ISO 9001:2008, ISO
and ISO-14001 certified. It maintains 13485:2003, and AS9100C.
Metro Mold & Design
an ISO Class 8 cleanroom for surgical
(MMD Medical) instrument assemblies.
Booth 2216 MicroGroup Inc.
Booth 1454
Micro Control Co.
7 Industrial Park Road
Booth 507
Medway, MA 02053
7956 Main Street N.E. Tel: (800) 255-8823
6835 Winnetka Circle Minneapolis, MN 55432 Fax: (508) 533-9881
Minneapolis, MN 55428 Tel: (763) 786-8750 jryder@microgroup.com
Tel: (763) 428-8310 Fax: (763) 786-6543 www.microgroup.com
b.forrest@microcontrol.com MicroGroup Inc. is a leading supplier of tubing
Fax: (763) 428-8359
www.microcontrol.com/ems materials and manufacturer of precision metal
info@metromold.com Micro Control Co. Electronic Manufacturing components and assemblies to a variety of
www.metromold.com Services is a multimillion-dollar, ISO markets, including medical device/diagnostics,
MMD Medical is a contract manufacturer 9001:2008-registered, leading supplier to some aerospace, and other industrial sectors. The
of components for large medical OEMs. of the top names in the computer, medical, company delivers industry-leading quality and
The company helps its customers industrial, telecom, networking, and automotive service from rapid prototyping through supplying
overcome their pricing pressures and the industries, as well as other areas since 1994. the most exacting production requirements.
delays they experience getting product MicroGroup is ISO 13485 and ISO 9001
to market. Unlike its competition, MMD Micro Crystal AG certified, and ITAR registered.
combines precision machining and Booth 2440
molding while controlling all tool design Muehlestrasse 14 MicroLumen Inc.
and build in-house, reducing risk and Grenchen, 2540 Switzerland Booth 1825
cost. The company’s clients say that it Tel: 41 326557320
significantly reduces their time to market. Fax: 41 326558283
MetroSpex LLC www.microcrystal.com
Booth 2609 Micro Crystal AG is a leading manufacturer of One MicroLumen Way
miniature tuning fork quartz crystals (32kHz Oldsmar, FL 34677
962 Terra Bella Avenue
to 250MHz), real-time clocks, oscillators, and Tel: (813) 886-1200
San Jose, CA 95125 Fax: (813) 886-3262
OCXOs for the world’s leading manufacturers of
Tel: (408) 689-8144 mobile phones, consumer products, computers, sales@microlumen.com
Fax: (408) 689-8085 automobile electronics, watches, and industrial
khstrass@metrospex.com control, as well as medical implantable devices
and other high-reliability product applications.
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Minneapolis 2016

MicroLumen Inc.’s tubing systems are pam@midwestmachinetool.com scribe marking. TELESIS can virtually mark any
used in a range of minimally invasive, www.midwestmachinetool.com material with text, bar codes, 2-D codes, logos,
critical OEM applications, such as Midwest Machine Tool Supply will exhibit and graphics.
cardiovascular catheters, stent, and DESTACO clamps/workholding/conveyors, GAST
drug-delivery systems. Primary materials vacuum pumps and oil-less compressors, JUN- Minitab Inc.
AIR pumps and compressors for laboratories and
include Polyimide, PTFE, Pebax, nylon, Booth 1118
medical applications, HIWIN high-precision linear
Tecoflex, and stainless-steel braids/ Quality Plaza
rail/stages, SCHMIDT servo press and pneumatic
coils, designed to provide exceptional and hydraulic presses, SCHUNK microprecision 1829 Pine Hall Road
mechanical, thermal, and chemical toolholders and workholding, and TELESIS dot State College, PA 16801
properties. Custom laser machining and peen and laser marking. Tel: (814) 238-3280
assembly are available. ISO 9001:2008 Fax: (814) 238-2035
and ISO 13485:2003 certified. Midwest Machine dtilghman@minitab.com
Tool Supply/DESTACO www.minitab.com
MICROMO Minitab Inc. is a leading provider of quality
Booth 705
Booth 1249 improvement software. Minitab® Statistical
230 Commerce Circle S. Software, Quality Trainer by Minitab®,
14881 Evergreen Avenue Fridley, MN 55432 Qeystone®, and Quality Companion by Minitab®
Clearwater, FL 33762-3008 Tel: (763) 571-3550 provide a complete quality improvement solution.
Tel: (727) 572-0131 Fax: (763) 571-3790 Companies that trust the company for quality
Fax: (727) 573-5918 pam@midwestmachinetool.com include American Express, General Electric,
marketing@micromo.com www.midwestmachinetool.com Toyota Motor, and the leading Six Sigma
www.micromo.com In 1936, DESTACO designed and manufactured consultants. Learn more at Minitab’s Web site.
MICROMO (Faulhaber Group) is a quality the first manual toggle clamp. The company is
leader for custom micro-motion solutions a worldwide leader in the design, manufacture, Minitubes
and full-service design and manufacturing and support of clamping, gripping, transferring, Booth 2339
capabilities. High-efficiency, high-performance and robotic tooling solutions for workplace and
products and technologies include brushless DC flexible automation needs. It is also a leader in
motors, brush DC motors, piezo motors, stepper productivity improvement and cost-reduction
motors, linear servo motors, gearheads, encoders, solutions through product and value-added
and motion controllers. services. 21 Rue Jean Vaujany
Grenoble, 38100 France
Microspec Corp. Midwest Machine Tel: 33 456585800
Booth 2331 Tool Supply/SCHMIDT Fax: 33 456585860
Booth 705 s.danon@minitubes.com
230 Commerce Circle S. www.minitubes-usa.com
Fridley, MN 55432 Minitubes offers custom-made, high-
Tel: (763) 571-3550 precision metal tubing, from 0.10 to 30
327 Jaffery Road
Fax: (763) 571-3790
Peterborough, NH 03458 mm, with thick and thin walls, minute
Tel: (603) 924-4300 tolerances, and smooth finishes.
Fax: (603) 924-4310 Products are used in stents, endoscopic
SCHMIDT Technology Corporation is a
info@microspecorporation.com leader in intelligent assembly. The company
or chromatography devices, diagnostic
www.microspecorporation.com operates in Pennsylvania and offers presses/ probes, surgical instruments, catheters,
Microspec Corp. has a global reputation controls that provide exceptional assembly and electrodes. It developed a new
for extruding some of the smallest, most technology worldwide. Schmidt products lead process for improved affordable medical
complex medical tubing in the industry, the market in precision assembly and fill the applications, such as hypotubes, capillary
with some of the tightest tolerances. The
needs of companies in the automobile, aerospace, tubing, or needles, with grades such as
electrics/electronics, micromechanics, and Co-Cr, Phynox, and more.
company extrudes custom bump tubing, medical industry sectors.
co-extrusions, micro-extrusions, multilumen
tubing, and profile extrusions using Minnesota Rubber & Plastics
Midwest Machine Booth 519
polyurethanes, nylons, engineering resins,
Tool Supply/TELESIS
and custom formulations. Visit Microspec’s 1100 Xenium Lane N.
Booth 705
Web site for more information. Minneapolis, MN 55441
230 Commerce Circle S. Tel: (952) 927-1400
Midwest Machine Tool Supply Fridley, MN 55432 Fax: (952) 927-1470
Tel: (763) 571-3550 blaidlaw@mnrubber.com
Booth 705
Fax: (763) 571-3790 www.mnrubber.com
pam@midwestmachinetool.com Minnesota Rubber and Plastics has built a
www.midwestmachinetool.com worldwide reputation in the molding of elastomer
TELESIS is a leader in product identification and thermoplastic components and assemblies.
230 Commerce Circle S. and traceability technology. The company The company is especially known for its science-
Fridley, MN 55432 offers a broad standard selection of permanent based approach that has made it the preferred
Tel: (763) 571-3550 identification and material processing systems, manufacturing partner for industry leaders in
Fax: (763) 571-3790 including laser marking, dot peen marking, and North America, Europe, and Asia. Its leadership

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Exhibitor Profiles
Minneapolis 2016

is based on its experience in materials, R&D, info@metromold.com Molex

engineering design, product development www.metromold.com Booth 1949
support, and program management. MMD Medical LLC is a contract manufacturer
of components for large medical OEMs. The
Minnesota Wire company helps its customers overcome pricing
pressures and delays getting to market. MMD
Booth 2043
Medical LLC combines precision machining and 2222 Wellington Court
1835 Energy Park Drive molding while controlling all tool design and
St. Paul, MN 55108
Lisle, IL 60532-1682
build in-house, reducing risk and cost. Its clients
Tel: (651) 642-1800 tell MMD Medical that it significantly reduces
Tel: (800) 225-7724
Fax: (651) 642-9201 their time to market. Fax: (847) 883-8132
info@mnwire.com sharry.fisher@molex.com
www.mnwire.com Modified Polymer www.molex.com
Minnesota Wire is a vertically integrated, Components Inc. Molex provides medical device
custom development and manufacturing house Booth 1539 manufacturers with solutions that can
for wire, cable, and interconnect assemblies for be easily integrated into groundbreaking
the medical, defense, and commercial markets. healthcare devices in diagnostic,
The company is a market/R&D leader in
therapeutic, and patient monitoring
electrical signal integrity, low-noise cable, radio-
applications. Solutions include medical
translucent wire, and innovative connections for 242 Humboldt Court
wearable electronics, patient monitoring systems, cable assemblies, optical cables and
Sunnyvale, CA 94089 connectors, and printed circuits.
and leading-edge medical devices. Unique
iStretch® cable can stretch up to 40%. Tel: (408) 733-8900
Fax: (408) 733-8905 Morris Midwest LLC
Minnetronix Inc. tpruden@modifiedpolymer.com Booth 2354
Booth 1312 www.modifiedpolymer.com
Modified Polymer Components Inc.
1635 Energy Park Drive
specializes in the manufacturing of medical
St. Paul, MN 55108
components and assemblies. The company
Tel: (651) 917-4060 8718 Monticello Lane N.
works with a wide range of polymer
Fax: (651) 917-4066 Maple Grove, MN 55369
materials, medical-grade thermoplastics,
thermoset, silicone, elastomeric polymers, Tel: (800) 374-0367
and metals. Its capabilities include tipping, Fax: (763) 315-7326
Minnetronix Inc. is a medical technology
and innovation company with deep expertise flaring, forming, bonding, slitting, grooving, sales@morrismidwest.com
in electronic and electromechanical devices. reinforced tubing, and assembly. MPC is a www.morrismidwest.com
Founded in 1996, the company creates new partner from concept through development Morris Midwest LLC is a division of Morris
technologies and therapies that solve unmet to production. ISO 13485 registered. Group Inc. The company supplies CNC
clinical and business needs for patients and machine tools, tooling, accessories,
medical device companies. Minnetronix is FDA software, automation, and more to
Mold Base Industries Inc. manufacturers of precision-machined parts
registered and ISO 13485 certified.
Booth 934 in Wisconsin, Northern Illinois, Michigan’s
7450 Derry Street Upper Peninsula, Minnesota, North Dakota,
Mitsubishi Electric Automation and South Dakota. Morris’s mission is
Harrisburg, PA 17111-5297
Booth 805 to help manufacturers from all industry
Tel: (800) 241-6656
500 Corporate Woods Parkway Fax: (717) 564-2250 sectors achieve and maintain a competitive
Vernon Hills, IL 60061 www.moldbase.com
advantage by improving productivity.
Tel: (847) 478-2100
Fax: (847) 876-6640 Mold-Tech Inc. Motion Dynamics Corp.
info@meau.com Booth 940 Booth 2513
5166 Barthel Industrial Dr. NE 5625 Airline Road
As one of the many Mitsubishi automation
Albertville, MN 55301 Fruitport, MI 49415-8753
affiliates around the world, Mitsubishi Electric
Automation is part of a $40 billion global Tel: (763) 497-7500 Tel: (231) 865-7400
company serving a wide variety of industrial Fax: (763) 497-7630 Fax: (231) 865-7401
markets with a family of automation products, jlee@mold-techinc.com tholt@motiondc.com
including programmable logic controllers, www.mold-techinc.com www.motiondc.com
variable frequency drives, operator interfaces, Mold-Tech Inc. designs and builds precision Motion Dynamics Corp. offers custom wire
and motion control systems. injection molds. The company specializes components and assemblies for the medical
in multicavity production, hot runner, auto device market, including ISO-certified, high-
unscrewing, in-mold decoration, insert, micro, precision, tight-tolerance coils, springs, catheter
MMD Medical LLC
MIM, multishot, silicone, shuttle, and stack windings, complex wireforms, Nitinol forming,
Booth 2216 molds. Visit Mold-Tech’s Web site for more and laser-welded wire assemblies. Capabilities
6835 Winnetka Circle information. ISO 9001 certified, ITAR registered. include microcomponents with ODs below 0.004
Minneapolis, MN 55428 in. and wire diameters from 0.0007 to 0.080 in.
Tel: (763) 428-8310 Motion Dynamics uses all materials, including
Fax: (763) 428-8359 Nitinol, platinum, Titanium, and more.

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Minneapolis 2016

MPS Technical www.multisourcemfg.com ion implantation services. The company’s specialty

Booth 1845 Multisource Mfg. LLC is a solutions is in providing solutions to improve surface
provider for OEMs in the medical, aerospace, characteristics such as antimicrobial property,
944 Inwood Avenue N. microelectronics, and food packaging improved biocompatibility, thrombo-resistance,
Oakdale, MN 55128 industries. The company specializes in increased wear and scratch resistance, reduced
Tel: (651) 275-4201 creating partnerships with customers needing friction, corrosion resistance, improved radiopacity,
Fax: (651) 357-0763 prototyping, development, and production for and enhanced electrical and optical properties.
mandyh@mpstechnical.com precision-manufactured equipment, assemblies,
www.mpstechnical.com and components. Multisource offers program NACS Inc.
For more than 20 years, MPS Technical has been management expertise and can help customers
connecting the best precision manufacturing
Booth 914
with inventory solutions and volume advantages.
companies with the best candidates for every 13828 Lincoln Street N.E.
position at every level. As a local staffing Ham Lake, MN 55304-6949
Murrplastik Systems Inc.
firm serving businesses across Minnesota and Tel: (763) 444-4747
Booth 831
Wisconsin, it understands its clients’ business Fax: (763) 444-7268
culture and employment needs. MPS Technical 1175 U.S. Highway 50
serves its clients with respect, integrity, and Milford, OH 45150
proactive communication. It offers temp, temp- Tel: (513) 201-3069 NACS Inc. is a complete resource for GMP
to-hire, and direct-hire services. Fax: (215) 822-7626 contract manufacturing and scalable custom
rdeutsch@murrplastik.com automation/production needs. The company
MSI www.murrplastik.com offers end-to-end production services, including
Booth 1705 Murrplastik Systems is a leader in the design prototype development, scalable production(s),
and manufacture of cable management, cable complete automation, contract manufacturing,
2951 W. Shamrell Boulevard protection, and machine identification products. It and turnkey production delivery. NACS is
Flagstaff, AZ 86005 works with machine builders, robotic integrators, focused on scalable solutions, allowing the
Tel: (928) 556-3109 and control panel builders to improve machine market to pull future capital expenditures.
Fax: (928) 556-3084 design and make assembly easier. Murrplastik
info@machinesolutions.com manufactures cable entry and cable holding
Nakata USA Ltd.
www.machinesolutions.com systems, cable drag chains, flexible conduit,
MSI designs and manufactures equipment for fittings, robotic dresspacks, and machine
Booth 2648
the medical device industry. The company’s identification and labeling products. 200 Concord Plaza, Suite 540
solutions include balloon pleating/folding, San Antonio, TX 78216
catheter lamination, thermal and laser bonding, MW Industries Tel: (210) 829-5852
stent loading, stent crimping, marker band Booth 2539 Fax: (210) 829-5843
swaging, heart valve crimping, and mandrel vlongoria@nakatausa.com
straightening. Radial force and catheter simulated www.itro-usa.com
use and torque testing equipment is available for Nakata USA Ltd.’s ITRO treatment is a surface
use or purchase. treatment system based on a concept by which a
9501 Technology Boulevard Nano-scale silicon oxide layer is formed on the
MTE Solutions Inc. Rosemont, IL 60018 surface of a coated substrate by oxidizing flame
Booth 1015 with a flame burner. It improves adhesiveness
Tel: (847) 349-5780
to various materials (e.g., adhesion of PP to
1893 Buerkle Road rkretzmer@mw-ind.com urethane or silicone rubber to plastic).
St. Paul, MN 55110 www.mw-ind.com
Tel: (651) 600-3838 MW Industries’ line of specialized
Fax: (651) 600-3839
products for the medical/pharmaceutical
nick@mtesolutionsinc.com Booth 1135
markets includes precision wire forms,
www.mtesolutionsinc.com metal stampings, and a wide variety of 6750 Wales Road
MTE Solutions Inc. has been in business since spring designs from Economy Spring. Northwood, OH 43619
1985. The company’s customers refer to it as Tel: (419) 666-9455
Servometer® electrodeposited metal
a hybrid distributor because it has exceeded Fax: (419) 662-4802
bellows and custom electroforms,
their expectations by providing products and kposadny@namsa.com
services beyond its line card. Located in St. which can be used with invasive and
Paul, Minnesota, MTE specializes in the non-invasive medical devices, are also
NAMSA is a medical research organization
implementation of advanced technologies, such available. Visit the company’s booth for (MRO), accelerating product development
as cloud-based VMI programs. Its main product more information. through integrated laboratory, clinical, and
focuses are soldering supplies, labeling supplies, consulting services. Driven by its regulatory
and packaging supplies. N2 Biomedical expertise, its MRO® Approach plays an
Booth 1410 important role in translational research, applying
Multisource Mfg. LLC One Patriots Park
a unique combination of disciplines—consulting,
Booth 1325 preclinical, toxicology, microbiology, chemistry,
Bedford, MA 01730-2396
clinical, and quality—to move clients’ products
10310 Bren Road E. Tel: (781) 275-6001 through the development process.
Minnetonka, MN 55343 Fax: (781) 275-7470
Tel: (952) 456-5500 nkalkhoran@n2bio.com
Fax: (952) 746-5906 www.n2bio.com
rpeterson@multisourcemfg.com N2 Biomedical is a leading provider of coating and

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Exhibitor Profiles
Minneapolis 2016

Nanospark NB Linear System it The Science of Success®. It means

Booth 408 Booth 2314 working with clients to ensure the safety
704 Bartlett Avenue 930 Muirfield Drive and efficacy of every product. Learn more
Altoona, WI 54720 Hanover Park, IL 60133 at the company’s Web site.
Tel: (715) 318-1059 Tel: (630) 295-8880
joel@nanospark.com Fax: (630) 295-8881 NEO Tech
www.machine-monitor.com paulm@nbcorporation.com Booth 2445
Nanospark offers simple, versatile, and economical www.nbcorporation.com 9340 Ownesmouth Avenue
monitoring solutions for manufacturers. NB Linear System is a manufacturer of linear Chatsworth, CA 91311
components. Tel: (818) 495-8617
National Jet Co. info@neotech.com
Booth 2550 NCI Inc. www.neotech.com
10 Cupler Drive Booth 1516 NEO Tech is an electronics technology
Lavale, MD 21502 3700 Annapolis Lane, Suite 145 solutions company that focuses on low- to
Tel: (301) 729-2300 Minneapolis, MN 55347 medium-volume/high-mix, high-complexity
products primarily in the medical, defense/
Fax: (301) 729-4298 Tel: (763) 559-3008
aerospace and industrial markets. The company
chuck@najet.com Fax: (763) 559-7372
offers engineering services, manufacturing and
www.najet.com annettee@nciclean.com
testing of microelectronics, cable and harness
National Jet Co. is a United States-based contract www.ncimicro.com interconnect products, PCBA, full box-build
manufacturer that specializes in micro-hole NCI Inc. is a local partner for optical services, and aftermarket repair and fulfillment
manufacturing (micro-hole drilling, micro EDM) inspection instruments from Leica Microsystems services.
and Swiss-style machining. Precision parts include and a complete source for cleanrooms and
nozzles, extrusion dies, and medical parts. cleanroom supplies. Leica inspection solutions
Neousys Technology Inc.
range from basic stereomicroscopes to digital 3-D
microscopes. NCI (formerly Innotech Products) Booth 740
National Manufacturing
Company Inc. supplies cleanrooms, equipment such as clean
benches, HEPA filters, and supplies including
Booth 1349
sticky mats and apparel. Stop by for a free
12 River Road; P.O. Box 409 inspection and cleanroom consultation.
Chatham, NJ 07928 15F, No. 868-3
Tel: (973) 635-8846 Zhonghe District
Nelipak® Corp.
Fax: (973) 635-7810
Booth 2039 Zhong Zheng Road
pmahadev@natlmfg.com New Taipei City, 23586 Taiwan
www.natlmfg.com 21 Amflex Drive
Tel: 886 222236182
ISO 13485 certified, National Manufacturing Cranston, RI 002921-2032
Tel: (401) 946-2699
Fax: 886 222236183
Company specializes in deep- and shallow-
sean.egan@nelipak.com roy.wang@neousys-tech.com
drawn metal enclosures and stampings for
global customers in medical, aerospace, defense, www.nelipak.com www.neousys-tech.com
electronics, and industrial markets for more Nelipak® Corp. designs, develops, and Neousys Technology Inc. designs
than 72 years. It custom manufactures precision, manufactures custom thermoformed packaging rugged controllers through expertise in
complex shapes in difficult-to-draw metals, products that provide superior protection for embedded computing, thermal design,
to exacting tolerances. It is lean, six-sigma CI medical devices and pharmaceuticals. The company data acquisition, and processing. The
driven, and incorporates cellular manufacturing offers medical trays and blisters, surgical procedure company integrates innovative features
and contemporary statistical tools. trays, pharmaceutical handling trays, custom built into application-oriented computer
sealing machines, total packaging solutions, and
platforms. Neousys Technology
other value-added services.
Natvar, a Tekni-Plex Co. provides rugged, fanless, wide operating
Booth 1918 temperature, and longevity computers
Nelson Laboratories LLC
19555 E. Arenth Avenue for industrial automation, machine vision,
Booth 1935
City of Industry, CA 91748 robotic subsystems, in-vehicle, and
Tel: (909) 594-3660 mobile surveillance applications.
Fax: (919) 553-4156
carolyn.edwards@tekni-plex.com New England Catheter
www.natvar.com 6280 S. Redwood Road Booth 1425
Natvar is a global supplier of medical tubing for Salt Lake City, UT 84123 132 N. Main Street
the medical device industry. With five plants
Tel: (801) 290-7500 Lisbon, NH 03585
located in the United States, Central America,
Europe, and Asia, the company provides the
Fax: (801) 290-7998 Tel: (603) 838-2261
majority of global-leading device companies sales@nelsonlabs.com Fax: (603) 838-2805
with unique, precision-crafted tubing. On- www.nelsonlabs.com sales@necatheter.com
site engineering teams are available to assist Nelson Laboratories LLC is a leading www.necatheter.com
customers in developing tubing to meet their provider of testing and consulting New England Catheter draws on a unique
requirements. ISO 13485 certified. services. The company knows that every combination of advanced extrusion expertise
and extensive wire processing capabilities
test matters and requires solutions that
to produce custom braid or spiral reinforced
improve patient outcomes. Nelson calls
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Exhibitor Profiles
Minneapolis 2016

tubing, lubricious lined catheter shafts, single/ quality standards go into every machine made Nobilis Metals
multi-lumen tubing, and hybrid configurations. at NIIGATA’s Niigata City, Japan factory. Booth 417
It also offers a wide range of value-added and Machines include horizontal from 55 to 950 tf,
49 Pearl Street
postprocessing services—tipping, hubbing, and vertical from 55 to 165 tf.
flaring, Parylene or SLEEK™ coating, centerless Attleboro, MA 02703
grinding, and cut to length to specification. Tel: (888) 662-4547
Niigata Machine Techno info@nobilismetals.com
Booth 825 www.nobilismetals.com
New England Wire Technologies
DAIICHI Jitsugyo (America) Inc. Headquartered in Attleboro, Massachusetts,
Booth 1425
939 AEC Drive Nobilis Metals’ 500,000-sq-ft manufacturing and
Wood Dale, IL 60191 technical facility is the largest precious metal mill
Tel: (630) 875-0101 in North America. It has more than a century of
Fax: (630) 875-0422 experience in the production of rod, wire, sheet,
peter.gardner@niigata-us.com foil, strip, ribbon, anodes, and engineering alloys
130 N. Main Street and components. Nobilis can process thousands of
Niigata Machine Techno became the first
Lisbon, NH 03585 tons of precious metals annually and leverage on-
manufacturer to develop an all-electric machine,
Tel: (603) 838-6624 in 1984. Since then, it has been a leader in all- site labs to provide assay results and certifications.
Fax: (603) 838-6160 electric molding machine technology, focusing
sales@newenglandwire.com only on all-electric vertical and horizontal Nolato Contour
www.newenglandwire.com machines. With more than 30 years in the United Booth 2535
New England Wire designs and States, Niigata machines are supported by an
660 Vandeberg Street
manufacture advanced wire and cable exceptional service team. The machines can help
users increase repeatability and precision, while Baldwin, WI 54002
with short lead times, rapid prototyping, Tel: (715) 684-4614
reducing costs.
and unparalleled customer service. Fax: (715) 684-4634
Serving a full range of industries, it steve.roth@nolato.com
specializes in custom designs: ultra-
Nikon Metrology Inc.
Booth 1049, 1248 www.nolato.com/contour
flexible, miniature/microminiature, Nolato Medical specializes in fully validated,
multiconductor and coaxial cables, automated, medium to high-volume precision
braids, and Litz constructions and injection molding of thermoplastic and liquid
hybrid configurations. It manufactures silicone components, including disposable
each order to meet unique performance products. Other value-added services include
12701 Grand River Avenue
characteristics or exacting specification. Class 7 and 8 cleanroom molding and medical
Brighton, MI 48116 device assembly. The company has a stringent
Tel: (810) 494-5616 quality system specific to the medical industry
Newson USA LLC Fax: (810) 220-4300 with certifications in ISO 9001:2008 and ISO
Booth 2632 meghan.meinert@nikon.com 13485:2003.
1982 N.E. 25th Avenue, Suite 5 www.nikonmetrology.com
Hillsboro, OR 97124-4066 Nikon Metrology Inc. offers the broadest Nordic Ware Industrial
Tel: (503) 686-9220 range of metrology solutions for Booth 2449
Fax: (503) 681-2572 applications ranging from miniature 5005 Highway 7
becky.bentler@newsonusallc.com electronics to the largest aircraft. The Minneapolis, MN 55416
www.newsonusallc.com company’s innovative measuring and Tel: (952) 924-8611
Newson USA LLC is committed to delivering
precision instruments contribute to a Fax: (952) 924-8621
the highest value in micro-machining services,
high-performance, design-through- markwalsworth@nordicware.com
laser processing, laser-positioning systems and
laser-optical subassemblies. The services the manufacturing process that allows www.nordicware.com
company provides can be summarized in one manufacturers to deliver premium quality With more than 50 years of experience, Nordic
word: micromachining. For critical applications, products in a shorter time. Ware Industrial is an established applicator
customers can count on Newson USA. of compliant and high-performance coatings,
including fluorocarbons, silicone hybrids, and
epoxy amides for many industries, including the
NIIGATA All-Electric Booth 1725 medical industry.
Molding Machines 1480 N. Hancock Street
Booth 825 Anaheim, CA 92807 Norman Noble Inc.
DJA 939 AEC Drive Tel: (714) 693-3000 Booth 2130
Wood Dale, IL 60191 Fax: (714) 693-7777
Tel: (630) 875-0101 steveu@canamintegration.com
Fax: (630) 875-0422 www.nisseiamerica.com
peter.gardner@niigata-us.com Nissei manufactures injection-molding machines
www.niigata-us.com for the plastics industry, offering both all-electric 5507 Avion Park Drive
Producing molding machines since 1963, and hybrid machines ranging from 7–2,755 tons. Highland Heights, OH 44143
The company is known as an industry leader in
NIIGATA pioneered the all-electric machine Tel: (216) 761-5387
1984. Today, the company’s focus is servo regard to reliability and repeatability, with many
machines in stock.
Fax: (216) 761-0455
electric machines. The machines are 100%
all-electric, no hybrids and no hydraulics, and
100% built in Japan. Unwavering Japanese

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Exhibitor Profiles
Minneapolis 2016

Norman Noble Inc. is a single source for Northstar Converting’s printing is for end-use NuSil Technology, a global leader in medical-
microprecision contract manufacturing flexible packaging applications utilizing VFFS, grade silicones, brings more than three decades of
of medical implants and devices. The HFFS equipment, or requiring preformed packages. success developing products for the most extreme
company specializes in micromachining of environments—from deep inside the human body
exotic materials to very complex geometries Northwest EMC Inc. to the harsh conditions of outer space. From drug
delivery to implants to general healthcare, the
with dimensional tolerances to +/- .0001 Booth 2144
company touches one billion lives and counting.
in. For more than 70 years, customers 22975 N.W. Evergreen Parkway
have relied on Norman Noble’s expertise, Suite 400
The Octex Group
capabilities, and professionalism. Hillsboro, OR 97124
Booth 2325
Tel: (503) 844-4066
Nortech Systems - Devicix alangford@nwemc.com 901 Sarasota Center Boulevard
Booth 2113 www.nwemc.com Sarasota, FL 34240
Northwest EMC Inc. is a leading independent, Tel: (941) 371-6767
accredited, commercial EMC compliance test Fax: (941) 371-6633
laboratory in the United States. Locations bwigton@octexllc.com
include California, Minnesota, New York, www.theoctexgroup.com
7550 Meridian Circle N. Oregon, Texas, and Washington with facilities The Octex Group of companies is a leading
Minneapolis, MN 55369 encompassing FCC-listed 10M, 5M, and research and development solutions provider.
Tel: (952) 345-2247 3M chambers along with a full complement It offers world-class metrology and injection-
of immunity and wireless testing capabilities. molding capabilities that deliver innovative,
Fax: (507) 625-5135
Offerings include SAR, 3-D antenna skilled, and technologically advanced solutions
ztomczak@nortechsys.com pattern measurements, and military and with an industry-leading time to market to the
www.nortechsys.com aerospace testing. leaders of the medical, aerospace, defense,
Nortech and Devicix provide a turnkey automotive, and commercial industries.
portfolio of engineering, design, Northwest Fourslide
manufacturing, and postmarket services Booth 418 Okay Industries Inc.
for the medical device market, making Booth 1617
13945 S.W. Galbreath Drive
it easy to bring innovative, life-changing
Sherwood, OR 97140-9168
products to market. It specializes in
Tel: (503) 625-4555
electromechanical applications, including
Fax: (503) 625-4499
software, electrical, and mechanical
tom@nw4s.com 200 Ellis Street
engineering; wire/cable assemblies; www.nw4s.com
printed circuit board (PCB) assemblies; P.O. Box 2470
Northwest Fourslide offers low-cost, high-
integrated device manufacturing; and precision, thin-gauge metal stampings (max
New Britain, CT 06050
postmarket service. thickness .062 in) and wire forms for low to high Tel: (860) 225-8707
quantities. Quality prototyping, value-added Fax: (860) 225-7047
North Pacific International Inc. manufacturing, and tape and reel services are cchamberlin@okayind.com
Booth 739 available. The company is ISO 9100:2008, AS www.okayind.com
9100C, and ITAR registered. Okay Industries provides complex metal
5944 Sycamore Court
stampings, laser-cut tubing, precision-
Chino, CA 91710
NPI Electro machined components and laser-welded
Tel: (909) 628-2224 assemblies for the medical device
Fax: (909) 628-2257
Booth 739
industry. Its proprietary Accu-Blade®
ykanemura@npifoil.com 5944 Sycamore Court technology reduces cut force for surgical
www.npifoil.com Chino, CA 91710 blades and scissors. Now available is
North Pacific International (NPI) offers high- Tel: (909) 628-2224 Okay’s latest technology breakthrough,
quality hot stamping foils, heat transfers, and ykanemura@npifoil.com Accu-LaserSwiss, which adds fine laser
in-mold labels made in Japan. The company also www.npifoil.com cutting to a Swiss-turn machining center
provides hot-stamping machines and services NPI Electro specializes in producing precision for the ultimate in low-cost precision
including installation and training. parts for all materials with an external diameter component manufacturing.
range between 0.1 mm (0.004 in.) and 45 mm
Northstar Converting LLC (1.77 in.). The company is experienced in
Okaya Electric America Inc.
manufacturing high-end and complex work
Booth 832 Booth 1441
configurations for connector, probe, IT, medical,
17100 Medina Road and automotive uses. 52 Marks Road, Suite 1
Minneapolis, MN 55447 Valparaiso, IN 46383
Tel: (763) 331-3600 Tel: (800) 852-0122
NuSil Technology
bnash@northstarballoons.com Fax: (219) 477-4856
Booth 2139
www.nsconverting.com joe@okaya.com
Northstar Converting LLC is a privately held, 1050 Cindy Lane
WBENC™-certified, flexible packaging converter Carpinteria, CA 93013 Okaya Electric America Inc. is a worldwide
specializing in high-definition eight- to 10-color Tel: (805) 684-8780 manufacturer and provider of noise and surge
flexographic printing for single or dual-pass Fax: (805) 566-9905 suppression components, EMI-RFI filters,
solventless adhesive laminations. Its focus is the marketing@nusil.com liquid crystal displays, and OLED and TFT
food, salty snacks, and pet care food/treat markets. www.nusil.com display products

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Exhibitor Profiles
Minneapolis 2016

Oliver-Tolas® OPS Solutions LLC OSI Optoelectronics Inc.

Healthcare Packaging Booth 1551 Booth 1843
Booth 2310 24371 Catherine Industrial Drive 12525 Chadron Avenue
445 Sixth Street N.W. Suite 235 Hawthorne, CA 90250
Grand Rapids, MI 49504-5298 Novi, MI 48375 Tel: (651) 493-8100
Tel: (616) 456-7711 Tel: (734) 752-3544 Fax: (310) 644-1727
Fax: (616) 742-1520 Fax: (248) 305-8272 lbeard@osi-systems.com
info@oliver-tolas.com kyle.smith@ops-solutions.com www.osioptoelectronics.com
www.oliver-tolas.com www.ops-solutions.com OSI Optoelectronics Inc. offers optoelectronic
Oliver-Tolas® Healthcare Packaging, a OPS Solutions provides innovative augmented components, comprehensive contract electronic
leading supplier of sterile-grade pouches, reality solutions to complex real-life operational manufacturing services, displays, and custom
lidding, and rollstock to the global healthcare problems. Its third-generation patented projector- development/rapid prototyping of complex flexible
market, provides packaging solutions enhanced based software, Light Guide Systems™ circuits for the medical device marketplace.
with trusted proprietary adhesive formulations (LGS), uses high-powered projector and vision
to ensure reliable, fiber-free peelable seals. systems to guide and confirm completion of Owens Industries Inc.
Visit the company’s booth to see its newest complicated tasks. From assembly to quality Booth 2555
packaging innovations. control to training, this technology provides
the visualization, traceability, and flexibility 7815 S. 6th Street
demanded by leading companies worldwide. Oak Creek, WI 53154-2045
Onyx Healthcare USA Inc.
Tel: (414) 764-1212
Booth 1540
Optinova Inc. Fax: (414) 764-6030
Booth 2605 jim@owensind.com
Utilizing German five-axis CNC machines,
Owens Industries Inc. is capable of machining
324 W. Blueridge Avenue
complex components with the highest precision.
Orange, CA 92865 The company’s team of highly skilled CNC
Tel: (714) 792-0774 9900 13th Avenue N
machinists have the experience and expertise
Fax: (714) 996-1811 Suite 150
required to produce close-tolerance components
calvincheng@onyx-healthcare.com Plymouth, MN 55441 with 1 to 100 micron accuracy. Owens Industries
www.onyxhealthcareusa.com Tel: (763) 226-5626 also offers wire EDM (sink, plunge, and Ram;
Onyx Healthcare USA Inc. is an ISO Fax: (763) 390-5646 .0015-in. corner radii and up to .00004-in.
13485- and ISO 9001-certified and FDA- kari.miller@optinova.com positional accuracies).
registered manufacturer with more than www.optinova.com
15 years of medical design experience, Optinova Inc. is a world-class Pace Analytical
leveraging embedded computing thermoplastic and fluoropolymer Life Sciences LLC
technology to design and manufacture extrusion solution provider to the medical Booth 2044
medical-grade (UL/EN60601) embedded device industry. Capabilities include 1311 Helmo Avenue N.
boards and fanless medical AIO system single and multilumen tubing as well Oakdale, MN 55128
platforms as the building blocks to as exotic profiles, rods, co-extrusion, Tel: (651) 738-2728
medical device OEM service. multilayer, PTFE liners with etched ODs, Fax: (651) 714-9360
FEP heat shrink, FEP quick shrink, taper www.pacelabs.com
Ophir-Spiricon LLC (bump) tubing, IV catheter tubing, and
braid reinforced tubing. Packaging Compliance Labs
Booth 2506
Booth 1605
3050 N. 300 W.
Optix Co. 4334 Brockton Drive S.E., Suite E
North Logan, UT 84341
Booth 1345 Kentwood, MI 49512
Tel: (435) 753-3729
65 Zahari Stoyanov Strasse Tel: (616) 920-1758
Fax: (435) 753-5231
Panagyurishte, 4500 Bulgaria info@pkgcompliance.com
Tel: (949) 282-9723 www.pkgcompliance.com
janice.hunter@primoptix.com Packaging Compliance Labs (PCL) is a
Ophir-Spiricon LLC provides a complete line of
medical device packaging partner offering
laser performance measurement instrumentation, www.optixco.com
design, development, and validation services.
including laser power and energy meters, laser Optix Co. has become a leader for designing,
The company provides a full-service ISO
beam profilers, and M2 beam propagation manufacturing, and testing cutting-edge quality
17025-accredited testing lab equipped with
analyzers. Dedicated to continuous innovation in optical components and assemblies, and
ASTM and ISTA test methods for packaging
laser measurement, the company holds several optomechanical and opto-electronic systems for
validation. The PCL engineering team has
patents, including BeamWatch®, the industry’s a wide range of applications. The company is a
developed a proven process for packaging
first noncontact, focus spot size and position contemporary enterprise with a completely closed
design and development with expertise in getting
monitor for lasers in material processing. production cycle. Optix is 100% privately owned
clinically safe and cost-effective packaging
and has a wide range of expertise to meet the
solutions to market.
demands of customers.

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Exhibitor Profiles
Minneapolis 2016

Packaging Digest wood veneer core paperboard exterior. mold components, mold bases, hot
Booth 649 runner products, and molding supplies
Parker Automation for the plastic-injection and die-casting
Booth 805 industries. The company’s customers
6035 Parkland Boulevard include plastic injection molders, mold
Cleveland, OH 44124 makers, mold designers, and die casters
2901 W. 28th Street, Suite 100 throughout North America.
Tel: (216) 896-3000
Santa Monica, CA 90405
Fax: (216) 896-4000
Tel: (310) 445-4200 info@parker.com Peel Master Medical Packaging
packagingdigest@ubm.com www.parker.com Booth 2257
www.packagingdigest.com Parker Automation is a global leader in motion 6153C W. Mulford Street
Packaging Digest, a trusted information control products, serving a variety of markets.
Niles, IL 60714
resource, engages with the industry The company builds mechanical, pneumatic,
Tel: (847) 966-6161
through a wide range of products, motion control, and HMI products specifically
including magazines, digital resources, for the medical device manufacturing,
eNewsletters, and Packaging Digest semiconductor, packaging, and industrial
Since 1989, Peel Master Medical Packaging has
automation industries. From single-axis stages to
DIRECT, a robust online supplier been offering sterile medical device packaging
gantry systems with integrated controls, Parker
directory. Packaging Digest helps its solutions, with world-class service, quality, and
has leading-edge capability.
audience achieve higher levels of creative performance. The company manufactures sterile
thinking, production, and profitability with pouches, header bags, and die-cut, square-cut lids
Parmatech for the medical device industry.
compelling content that fosters packaging
Booth 1149
solutions and competitive advantages.
2221 Pine View Way Penn United Technologies Inc.
PADT Medical and Innosurg Petaluma, CA 94954 Booth 2414
Booth 1643 Tel: (707) 778-2266
799 N. Pike Road
Fax: (707) 778-2262
Cabot, PA 16023
Tel: (724) 352-1507
Fax: (724) 352-4970
Parmatech is a world-class provider of specialty
products and services. The company offers metal linda_kelly@pennunited.com
7755 S. Research Drive, #110
injection molding. www.pennunited.com
Tempe, AZ 85284 Penn United Technologies is made up of skilled
Tel: (480) 813-4884 engineers, toolmakers, and technicians offering
Fax: (480) 813-4807 Partners Lab innovative, high-precision manufacturing
eric.miller@padtinc.com Booth 434 solutions. Since 1971, the company has been
www.padtinc.com/medical 49 Beoman-Ro 9 Gil building relationships with customers to deliver
PADT Medical and Innosurg offer a Seoul, 8582 South Korea their products from design to production. ISO
Tel: 26 9596000 certified and FDA registered, Penn United
complete solution for medical device
jinyeom@partners-lab.com stands by ready to fulfill the most challenging
development. As partners, the companies application requirements. View all of its
provide device development, test, www.partners-lab.com
Partners Lab is a specialized contract manufacturing solutions on its Web site.
simulation, 3-D printing, injection molding,
manufacturer of precision machined parts,
and contract manufacturing. Both
prototypes, series production, and metal/plastic Peter Parts Electronics Inc.
partners are ISO 13485 certified and 3-D printed parts in terms of fast lead time, Booth 517
bring significant engineering know-how quality, and price. The company’s featured
6285 Dean Parkway
and experience to help make customers’ equipment includes linear-motor type five-
Ontario, NY 14519
medical device innovation work. axis CNC, turn-mill, and three-dimensional
Tel: (585) 265-2000
measurement system.
Fax: (585) 265-2542
Paperboard Packaging Solutions charlie.crotser@peterparts.com
Booth 619 PCS Co.
10444 Farm Road 71 W.
Booth 943
Peter Parts Electronics Inc. is a leading global
Sulphur Springs, TX 75482 supplier of electronic parts, components, and
Tel: (903) 945-2896 subassemblies. The company is committed to
info@paperboard-packaging.com supporting its North American customers’ efforts
www.paperboard-packaging.com to compete in the world market by bringing them
34500 Doreka the best products, services, and solutions to assist
Paperboard Packaging Solutions is a
Fraser, MI 48026 in reducing BOM cost and keep manufacturing
manufacturers’ representative for laminated
paperboard packaging products. Its product line Tel: (800) 521-0546 in the United States. Products include displays,
includes Flexform laminated paperboard crates Fax: (800) 505-3299 speakers and buzzers, power supplies, batteries,
that can be quickly folded into a rigid durable sales@pcs-company.com and battery packs.
wood crate replacement, Rollerboard fluted www.pcs-company.com
paperboard protective packaging wrap that offers Headquartered in Fraser, Michigan and
surface protection and shock absorption, corrPack with company roots dating back to 1950,
RE fluted paperboard packaging, and Corrshield
PCS Co. manufactures and distributes
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Exhibitor Profiles
Minneapolis 2016

Petersen Precision PGI Technologies Pico Technology

Engineering LLC Booth 944 Booth 330
Booth 2509 9630 Ridgehaven Court 320 N. Glenwood Boulevard
611 Broadway San Diego, CA 92123 Tyler, TX 75702
Redwood City, CA 94063-3102 Tel: (858) 560-8213 Tel: (620) 272-3916
Tel: (650) 365-4373 Fax: (858) 560-1473 www.picotech.com
Fax: (650) 364-2165 carlos@pgisd.com A leader in high-performance PC-based test
cmo@petersenprecision.com www.pgisd.com systems. Established in 1991, Pico Technology is
www.petersenprecision.com PGI Technologies is a ISO-certified leading a worldwide leader in the design, development,
Petersen Precision Engineering LLC is a producer of touch screens, membrane switches, and manufacture of high-performance PC
manufacturer of small- to medium-size precision flex circuits, plastic injection molding, keypads, oscilloscopes (PCOs) and data loggers. Since
metal parts in production volume to customers’ precision machining, die castings, graphic then, Pico has built up an impressive portfolio
prints. The company uses fineblanking, CNC overlays, packaging and enviro-shell, labels, and of product; including the PicoScope 2000,
milling and turning, and lapping and grinding, production printing. The company serves OEMs 3000, 4000, 5000, 6000, and 9000 Series
including creepfeed form grinding. Petersen in the United States, Mexico, Canada, Europe, PC oscilloscopes, the 8-channel USB TC-08
specializes in exacting control over the Middle East, and Asian markets. PGI offers thermocouple data logger, and the multi-award-
manufacturing process to allow shipment direct excellent pricing, service, and customer support. winning Automotive Oscilloscope Kit.
to the production lines of its customers.
Pharmaceutical & Medical Pioneer Plastics
Peterson Enterprises Packaging News Booth 1932
Booth 2604 Booth 649 3660 Dodd Road
6230 Highway 65 N.E., #101 Eagan, MN 55123
Minneapolis, MN 55432 Tel: (952) 933-9400
Tel: (763) 571-6628 Fax: (952) 933-9412
lisa@petersonenterprises.com www.pioneerplastic.com
2901 W. 28th Street, Suite 100
Santa Monica, CA 90405 Pivot Point Inc.
Peterson Enterprises works directly with medical
device manufacturers throughout the entire Tel: (310) 445-4200 Booth 606
component development process, from concept pmpnews@ubm.com 761 Industrial Lane; P.O. Box 488
and prototypes (with an eye toward scalability www.pmpnews.com Hustisford, WI 53034-0488
and commercialization) through production. The Pharmaceutical & Medical Packaging News Tel: (800) 222-2231
company partners with world-class manufacturers is the leading information resource for the Fax: (920) 349-3253
that are leaders in their market segments. pharma and medical device packaging jordanj@pivotpins.com
Peterson selects appropriate manufacturers to industry. It offers reliable, timely information www.pivotpins.com
work on each project based on their capabilities,
on technology, trends, and product Pivot Point Inc. is a designer and manufacturer
material, and capacity.
development to help healthcare packaging of nonthreaded fasteners, including clevis pins,
professionals develop, design, and cotter pins, quick-release pins/devices, wire
Pexco LLC rope cable assemblies, motion control cables,
manufacture pharma and medical device
Booth 2135 and more. The company carries a full stock line
packaging products.
of pins and cable assemblies, as well as deep
experience in customization for any application.
Phillips-Medisize Corp. Free samples of many of Pivot Point’s products
Booth 1905 are available at its booth.
7309 W. 27th Street 1201 Hanley Road
Minneapolis, MN 55426 Hudson, WI 54016 Plastic Ingenuity Inc.
Tel: (952) 929-3312 Tel: (715) 381-3344 Booth 1732
Fax: (952) 929-8404 Fax: (715) 262-8190
1017 Park Street
marketing@pexco.com christina.johnson@phillipsmedisize.com
Cross Plains, WI 53528-9631
www.pexco.com/medical www.phillipsmedisize.com
Tel: (608) 798-3071
Pexco LLC is a medical plastics Phillips-Medisize Corp., a technology-based,
Fax: (608) 798-4452
outsource provider of design and manufacturing
manufacturer specializing in medical helmke@plasticingenuity.com
services, has significant businesses in the drug
device components via premium injection www.plasticingenuity.com
delivery, medical device, and primary pharma
molding, including high-performance packaging markets. The company also has Plastic Ingenuity Inc. is a manufacturer of custom
bioplastic and bioresorbable implants; expertise in high-speed manufacturing automation thermoformed packaging for the food, medical,
advanced multilumen and tight-tolerance and automated inspection technologies. With and retail industries. The company’s vertically
medical tubing and catheter components; early engagement in the design process, Phillips- integrated systems provide complete control of
other profile extrusions; and design, Medisize customers can expect accelerated speed its processes, including design, tooling, extrusion,
to market for their new products. and thermoforming. Plastic Ingenuity’s focus on
assembly, and packaging services. The
engineering excellence, quality, and the customer
company processes a full suite of medical
has enabled it to expand into one of the largest
plastics resins. custom thermoformers in North America.

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Exhibitor Profiles
Minneapolis 2016

Plastics International PlasticWeld Systems Inc. - Polyzen Inc.

Booth 1645 Machine Solutions Inc. Booth 1416
7600 Anagram Drive Booth 1705 1041 Classic Road
Eden Prairie, MN 55344 3600 Coomer Road Apex, NC 27539
Tel: (952) 934-2303 Newfane, NY 14108 Tel: (919) 319-9599
Fax: (952) 934-2314 Tel: (716) 778-7691 Fax: (919) 319-8428
paulc@plasticsintl.com Fax: (716) 778-5671 morgan.habig@polyzen.com
www.plasticsintl.com pwsinfo@plasticweldsystems.com www.polyzen.com
Plastics International is a global supplier of stock www.plasticweldsystems.com Polyzen Inc. is a contract developer and
shape plastics, focusing on high-performance PlasticWeld Systems Inc. manufactures precision, manufacturer of polymer-based medical
and medical-grade materials in sheet, rod, tube, customizable catheter production equipment. This components and devices. Since 1991, the
and film. Standard inventory materials include equipment works with single and multi-lumen company has a proven track record in delivering
ABS, Delrin, Kynar (PVDF), Noryl, PEEK, tubes. Applications include tip forming, eye- countless, high-quality customized medical
Polypro (medical grade), Polysulfone, Radel, forming, soft-tip bonding, butt welding, balloon devices from concept design to full-scale
Teflon (PTFE), UHMW, Ultem, and many more. bonding, and hole drilling. Designs utilize solid- production. Polyzen’s main processes include:
Materials are supplied in “cut to size’” pieces and state electronics and PLC controls for fast start- dip molding/coating, thin-film RF/heat welding,
shapes for prototype or production needs. up, reliability, and repeatability. High-quality film extrusions, drug/device combinations, and
components assure long equipment life. device assembly.
Plastics One Inc.
Booth 1651 Pleora Technologies Pongratz Engineering
6591 Merriman Road Booth 325 Booth 2250
P.O. Box 12004 359 Terry Fox Drive 3204 32nd Avenue S.
Roanoke, VA 24018-6664 Kanata, ON K2K 2E7 Canada Minneapolis, MN 55406
Tel: (540) 772-7960 Tel: (613) 270-0625 Tel: (612) 384-0122
Fax: (540) 989-7519 Fax: (613) 270-1425 Fax: (612) 722-6878
lbrantingham-payne@plastics1.com info@pleora.com troy@pongratzengineering.com
www.plastics1.com www.pleora.com www.pongratz-engineering.com
Plastics One Inc. is a full-service contract Pongratz Engineering provides industrial
manufacturer. Since 1949, the company has been Plexus Corp. design and product design services to medical
partnering with OEMs worldwide for specific Booth 1934 companies ranging in size from startups to
design and product needs. Plastics One is proud Fortune 500. The company has been in business
One Plexus Way
to design and custom manufacture medical cables since 2005 and brings a breadth of experience
Neenah, WI 54956 to the table. Areas of specialty include plastic
and cable assemblies and connectors, and provide
Tel: (888) 208-9005 part design, handheld devices, instruments,
injection, insert, and cleanroom molding with in-
www.plexus.com user interface, FEA, and production logistics.
house tooling and design services. The engineers
Plexus Corp. is a global leader in providing Pongratz’s projects commonly involve providing
and R&D teams are hands-on, and ready to help
electronics design, manufacturing, and support, from concept to production.
bring ideas to life.
aftermarket services to healthcare and life
sciences companies with mid- to-low-volume,
PlasticsToday Powder & Bulk Solids
higher complexity products. It has been
Booth 649 Booth 649
delivering comprehensive product realization
solutions to customers for more than 35
years. With design and manufacturing centers
strategically located in the Americas, Europe,
and Asia Pacific, it provides end-to-end
2901 W. 28th Street solutions worldwide. 2901 W. 28th Street, Suite 100
Suite 100 Santa Monica, CA 90405
Santa Monica, CA 90405 PMI Tel: (310) 445-4200
Tel: (310) 445-4200 Booth 839 pbsgroupemail@ubm.com
plasticstoday@ubm.com www.powderbulksolids.com
No. 71, Land 20, Dafu Road
www.plasticstoday.com Shengang District
Powder & Bulk Solids (PBS) is recognized
PlasticsToday, the global community for Taichung City, 42946 Taiwan as the voice of the dry processing and
plastics processing professionals, offers Tel: 886 425282984 bulk solids market. As the best-read,
a full online and digital media portfolio Fax: 886 425120834 most referred to industry resource, it
with informative websites, newsletters, p1358@pmi-amt.com.tw provides information on cutting-edge
webinars, virtual events, blogs, and more. www.pmi-amt.com technology, products, equipment,
PlasticsToday features market-focused, PMI manufactures ball screws, linear guideways, systems, and services. PBS connects
end-user channels in medical, electrical and and mono stages, which are critical components with its audience through magazines,
electronics, automotive, and packaging, of precision machinery and used in machine the Industry Master buyers guide, online/
and even geographic-specific content. tools, electric discharging machines, cutting digital products, eNewsletters, and other
wire machines, plastic injection machines, media resources.
semiconductor equipment, precision orientation
equipment, and other equipment and machines.

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Exhibitor Profiles
Minneapolis 2016

Precision Associates Inc. Blaine, MN 55449 www.pressureprofile.com

Booth 2504 Tel: (763) 784-1704 Pressure Profile Systems Inc. (PPS)
Fax: (763) 784-1810 provides innovative tactile sensing
sean@precisionmn.com solutions that push the boundaries
www.precisionmn.com of tactile sensing technology. The
Founded in 1983, Precision Repair and company’s mission is to leverage and
3800 Washington Avenue N. Calibration is an ISO/IEC 17025-accredited
enhance capacitive tactile sensing
Minneapolis, MN 55412 calibration lab. Services include calibration and
technology to develop innovative,
Tel: (612) 333-7464 repair of dimensional, mechanical, and electronic
equipment. The company offers contract meaningful products that harness the
Fax: (612) 342-2417 sense of touch for medical devices,
inspection services and represents more than
info@precisionassoc.com 50 lines of metrology equipment, from vision robotics, ergonomics, automotive
www.precisionassoc.com systems, CMMs, and optical comparators to hand applications, and industrial and
Precision Associates Inc. is an ISO tools, pin gauges, and hard gauging. consumer products.
9001:2008-certified manufacturer of
standard and custom precision rubber Premold Corp. Pro-Tech Design &
seals for medical applications. Custom Booth 2217 Manufacturing Inc.
silicone, Viton®, EPDM, and FFKM Booth 1217
5657 Frontier Road
compounds are certified to USP VI, ISO Oconomowoc, WI 53066 14561 Marquardt Avenue
10993, 3-A, and FDA standards. The Tel: (262) 569-9044 Sante Fe Springs, CA 90670-1680
company’s 130,000-sq-ft facility features Fax: (262) 569-9431 Tel: (562) 207-1680
an in-house mold shop, a test lab, and a doreilly@premoldcorp.com Fax: (562) 207-1699
Class 7 cleanroom. www.premoldcorp.com jeff@protechdesign.net
Premold Corp. specializes in reaction injection www.protechdesign.com
Precision Coating/Boyd Coatings molded (RIM) plastic panels, enclosures, and Pro-Tech Design & Manufacturing Inc. is a
Booth 2633 housings for medical and laboratory instruments. full-service packaging, contract packaging,
The company’s thermoset resins transform assembly, and sterilization company. Services
51 Parmenter Road
complex projects into predictable results. include cleanroom assembly, unit dose tubes,
Hudson, MA 01749 Premold’s manufacturing solutions include blister packaging, pouching, labeling, and
Tel: (800) 258-0110 design consultation, tool building, polyurethane consumer-ready packaging. Sterilization
Fax: (978) 562-9622 parts, prototypes, painting, graphics, EMI, and includes EO, gamma, and steam. Pro-Tech has
kflaminio@boydcoatings.com subassembly. ISO 9001:2008-certified, UL- in-house validation capabilities. Packaging
www.precisioncoating.com recognized, Qmed-qualified supplier. products include rigid and set-up boxes, foam,
Precision Coating and Boyd Coatings Research and custom sewn cases.
have recently joined together to become a
Prent Corp.
premier performance applicator of all coating
Booth 1616 Production Automation
types, including flouropolymers, CARC, and
epoxies, serving all industrial sectors. Both 2225 Kennedy Road Booth 2240
divisions are ISO 9001:2008 certified. Precision Janesville, WI 53545-0885 6200 Bury Drive
Coating is ISO 13485 certified. Both divisions Tel: (608) 754-0276 Eden Prairie, MN 55346
offer biocompatible and PFOA-free coatings, and Fax: (608) 752-5650 Tel: (888) 903-0333
are committed to quality and service. cmichler@prent.com Fax: (952) 935-2963
www.prent.com craig.stacey@gotopac.com
Precision Concepts Prent Worldwide is a premier global designer www.gotopac.com
Medical Technologies and manufacturer of thermoformed packaging Production Automation is a broad-line distributor
Booth 1513 to leading international OEMs. The company’s of cleanroom furniture, cleanroom garments,
network of thermoforming centers create the consumables, dispensing supplies, and equipment
2701 Boulder Park Court perfect solution to customers’ global sourcing for medical device/cleanroom production;
Winston-Salem, NC 27101 challenges, ensuring worldwide identical including Simco-Ion, manufacturers of ionizers
Tel: (336) 761-8572 packaging and reduced costs. Locations include and static and particulate control equipment for
Fax: (336) 794-0563 Arizona, Wisconsin, China, Costa Rica, medical device and cleanroom applications.
vanessa.rodriguez@pc-cr.com Denmark, Malaysia, Puerto Rico, and Singapore.
www.precisionconcepts.com Productivity Quality Inc.
Precision Concepts is an engineering-based Pressure Profile Systems Inc. Booth 2162
contract manufacturer of finished medical Booth 2538
devices. The company provides design,
assembly, and engineering assistance as well as
sterilization management. Precision Concepts is
FDA registered and ISO/UL certified. Vertically
15150 25th Avenue N.
integrated services include precision stamping, 5757 Century Boulevard
molding, and micromolding. Suite 200
Suite 600 Plymouth, MN 55447
Los Angeles, CA 90045 Tel: (763) 249-8130
Precision Repair and Calibration
Tel: (310) 641-8100 Fax: (763) 249-8150
Booth 2049
Fax: (310) 507-0229 sales@pqi.net
9150 Isanti Street N.E. ralph.rabie@pressureprofile.com www.gagesite.com
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Exhibitor Profiles
Minneapolis 2016

Productivity Quality Inc. (PQI) is a 10,000 cleanrooms and supports rapid prototype Fax: (952) 361-6081
distributor of metrology equipment and (five days) through production volumes. Facilities bpascoe@prototek-engineering.com
services in the Upper Midwest. The are located in Minneapolis, Minnesota and www.prototek-engineering.com
company sells everything from gage Dorado, Puerto Rico. Prototek Engineering offers Mastercam
blocks to video and CMM measurement CAD/CAM software, Mastercam Swiss,
Promet Optics Master3DGage, Renishaw Equator, and
equipment. PQI also provides repair and
Booth 2645 Renishaw Productivity Plus.
calibration services. See its subsidiary,
Advanced Inspection Services (AIS), for 4611 Chatsworth Street N.
contract dimensional inspection and Shoreview, MN 55126
reverse engineering. Tel: (651) 481-9661 Booth 1759
austin@prometoptics.com 6740 Nancy Ridge Drive
Professional Plating Inc./ www.prometoptics.com San Diego, CA 92121
ProPlate® Promet Optics is a source for precision optical Tel: (858) 450-1591
systems for medical device and biometrics, from Fax: (858) 450-0400
Booth 2532
concept development to manufacturing. The ryan.mccormick@providienmedical.com
2625 9th Avenue N. company’s capabilities include optical and opto- www.providienmedical.com
Anoka, MN 55303 mechanical engineering, design, optical testing, low- Providien is a leading contract manufacturer of
Tel: (763) 427-0112 to mid-volume optical assembly and manufacturing, clinically superior medical devices and advanced
Fax: (763) 427-4009 as well as custom component sourcing. manufacturing solutions to the medical device
sales@proplate.com and life sciences industries. The company
www.proplate.com Proportion Air Inc. has extensive capabilities, including injection
Professional Plating Inc. has specialized in Booth 412 molding, finished medical device assembly,
engineered coating solutions for the medical thermoforming, machining, bearings, and
industry for more than 30 years. The company One Proportionair Drive
electromechanical assemblies performed in eight
works with customers from the prototype P.O. Box 218 facilities in the United States and Mexico.
development stage through production to create McCordsville, IN 46055
custom electroplating solutions designed for Tel: (317) 335-2602
PTI Engineered Plastics Inc.
unique requirements. ProPlate® has pioneered Fax: (317) 335-3853
Booth 1235
innovations for applications such as braided rprater@proportionair.com
catheters and radiopaque markers, and continues www.proportionair.com
to be an industry-leading electroplater. Proportion Air Inc. designs and manufactures
electropneumatic pressure regulators and flow
Progressive Components controllers. The company provides solutions for
50900 Corporate Drive
Booth 1130 applications that include pressure, flow, force,
vacuum, position, tension, and torque.
Macomb, MI 48044
235 Industrial Drive Tel: (586) 263-5100
Wauconda, IL 60084 Fax: (586) 263-6680
Proto Labs
Tel: (847) 487-1000 ckaiser@teampti.com
Booth 525
Fax: (847) 487-1027 www.teampti.com
rob.federico@procomps.com PTI is a custom injection molder and
www.procomps.com manufacturer of plastic components and
Progressive Components is the only American-
assemblies. Capabilities include design,
owned, independently operated source for 5540 Pioneer Creek Drive engineering, tooling, low- and high-volume
components and software for injection mold
Maple Plain, MN 55359 production, and an array of secondary
builders and molders. The product line consists
of alignment locks guaranteed for the life of the Tel: (877) 479-3680 services. ISO Class 8 cleanroom
mold, the CVe mold monitoring system, and Fax: (763) 479-2679 services include molding, assembly, and
proprietary mechanisms for undercut release kristen.weis@protolabs.com packaging. PTI is ISO 13485 certified and
and plate sequence. www.protolabs.com offers validation services.
Proto Labs is one of the world’s fastest
ProMed Molded Products/ sources for custom prototype and low- PTI Inspection Systems
Promed Pharma volume parts. The company’s industrial Booth 1108
Booth 2010 3-D printing, CNC machining, and
15600 Medina Road, Suite 200 injection-molding services use proprietary
Minneapolis, MN 55447 computing technology and automated
Tel: (763) 331-3800 systems to produce quality parts in a
145 Main Street
Fax: (763) 331-3888 range of metal, plastic, and liquid silicone
rubber materials within days.
Tuckahoe, NY 10707
Tel: (914) 337-2005
Fax: (914) 337-8519
www.promedmolding.com Prototek Engineering
For over 20 years, ProMed has specialized in the Booth 1955 m.wolf@ptiusa.com
molding and assembly of silicone, biomaterial- www.ptiusa.com
5465 Carmel Lane
grade plastics, combination components, and PTI is a leading manufacturer of
Carver, MN 55315
complete devices for the medical industry. The nondestructive inspection technologies
Tel: (952) 361-5598
company is ISO 13485 certified within Class for high-risk packaging applications, and
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Exhibitor Profiles
Minneapolis 2016

solutions for package integrity testing, leak QC Group LLC Qosina

detection, container closure integrity, and Booth 1538 Booth 1724
seal integrity. The company’s inspection 5950 Clearwater Drive, #300
technologies are deterministic methods that Minnetonka, MN 55343
produce reliable and robust quantitative test Tel: (952) 895-1150
data. PTI’s technologies conform to ASTM Fax: (952) 895-1152
and other regulatory standards. 2002-Q Orville Drive N.
Ronkonkoma, NY 11779
Pulse Systems QC Group LLC is a premier service provider in Tel: (631) 242-3000
Booth 1608 quality, offering contract dimensional inspection, Fax: (631) 242-3230
3-D modeling, reverse engineering, and NDT mginsberg@qosina.com
4090 Nelson Avenue
services through sister company NDT Labs. www.qosina.com
Concord, CA 94520 A2LA accredited and ITAR registered, the Qosina is a worldwide supplier of
Tel: (925) 798-4080 company is open 24 hours a day, six days per
Fax: (925) 798-4848
stock components to the medical and
week for rapid turnaround and accurate results.
hbellucci@pulsesystems.com pharmaceutical industries, including
Online quotes receive a response in five minutes,
www.pulsesystems.com connectors, luers, clamps, compression
with quotes in hand within two hours.
Pulse Systems provides medical device fittings, ENFit™ connectors, stopcocks,
companies with precision laser machining of valves, swabs, spikes, and tubing. The
QComp Technologies Inc.
tubular metal components and related services, company is ISO 9001 and ISO 14001
Booth 735
such as CNC screw machining, laser welding, certified.
electropolishing, and Nitinol shapesetting. The W6564 Quality Drive
company specializes in rapid turnaround of Greenville, WI 54942
QTS (Quality Tech Services Inc.)
prototype parts and assemblies, and can support Tel: (920) 757-0775
Booth 1816
full production volumes through its Fax: (920) 757-9961
ISO 13485:2003-certified operations. jschwan@qcomptech.com 10525 Hampshire Avenue S.
www.qcomptech.com Bloomington, MN 55438
Pulse Technologies Inc. QComp provides robust robotic packaging Tel: (952) 942-8321
systems, material-handling systems, and Fax: (952) 942-8361
Booth 2315
automation integration for a multitude of info@qtspackage.com
2000 AM Drive industries that include consumer products, food, www.qtspackage.com
Quakertown, PA 18951 pharma, and plastics. The company understands QTS is a medical device outsourcing company
Tel: (267) 733-0200 the need for optimum productivity and fast that provides the expertise, responsiveness,
Fax: (267) 733-0201 ROI. That’s why it offers advanced custom and and high quality required to rapidly bring
mdietrich@pulsetechnologies.com standard robotic systems for palletizing, and devices to a highly regulated market. It offers
www.pulsetechnologies.com high-speed picking and packing. QComp systems package design expertise, materials sourcing,
Pulse Technologies Inc. is an ISO 9001:2008-, feature advanced and reliable robotics. validations, labeling, inspection, cleaning/
ISO 13485:2003-, and AS9100C-certified contract passivation, cleanroom assembly/kitting/
manufacturer of precision-machined components/ Qmed.com - Find Qualified packaging, sterilization, lab testing, supply-chain
assemblies. The company’s team approach provides Medical Device Suppliers management, and Class 7 cleanrooms. ISO 13485
customers with on-time quality and competitive Booth 649 certified, FDA registered, JPAL compliant.
products. Capabilities include Swiss turning, wire/
RAM EDM, milling, laser welding/marking, Quasar
surface treatments/coatings, and cleanroom
Booth 1632
assembly. Materials include platinum, SS, Ti,
MP35N, Nitinol, and PEEK. Hayezira Street 6
2901 W. 28th Street, Suite 100 Yoqneam, 20692 Israel
Santa Monica, CA 90405 Tel: 972 49536988
Putnam Plastics Corp.
Tel: (310) 445-4200 Fax: 972 549988997
Booth 2231
contactqmed@ubm.com noa@qil-eng.com
40 Louisa Viens Drive www.qmed.com www.quasar-eng.com
Dayville, CT 06241 Qmed is the world’s only 100% qualified Quasar is a veteran manufacturer of medical
Tel: (860) 774-1559 medical device supplier directory and devices: minimally invasive, electronic, and
Fax: (860) 774-6439 disposable. The company offers a full range
search engine, created exclusively for
info@putnamplastics.com of managed manufacturing services, from
OEMs actively researching and sourcing
www.putnamplastics.com process development (including NPD and
qualified suppliers, products, and services
Putnam Plastics Corp. provides thermoplastic NPI) to turnkey mass production. Quasar has
extrusion and thermoset polyimide tube solutions
during the product design cycle. Supplier
extensive experience and knowledge in precision
for catheters and minimally invasive devices. selections are companies that understand medical device manufacturing, uncompromised
Tube finishing operations include printing, the requirements of the medical engineering, and production solutions that are
tipping, and laser machining. The company manufacturing industry, are currently cost-effective.
offers custom prototype development through working with medical OEMs, and are
manufacturing of multilumen, coextruded, regulatory compliant and/or ISO certified.
braided, coiled, wire-coated, bumped, tapered,
and intermittent extruded tubes, as well as
complete catheter assemblies.

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Exhibitor Profiles
Minneapolis 2016

Quickdraw Conveyor Systems Ram Technologies is an expert in design and Regloplas

Booth 1139 production, splitting, laminating, thermoforming, Booth 1725
and cutting foam and fabric.
9650 Newton Avenue S. 1088 Miners Road
Bloomington, MN 55431 Saint Joseph, MI 49085-9625
Tel: (952) 935-6921 RAPID Tel: (888) 799-4110
Fax: (952) 933-5803 Booth 425 Fax: (269) 428-1155
jjpetrich@activartpg.com 15 Charron Avenue hvangemert@regloplasusa.com
www.qdraw.com Nashua, NH 03063 www.regloplas.com
Quickdraw® Systems provides industry-leading Tel: (603) 595-1400 Regloplas manufactures temperature control
clean and modular material-handling solutions Fax: (603) 889-4266 units for high-temperature applications up to 400
for assembly automation in lean manufacturing kbisson@rapidmanufacturing.com degrees. The units are used for medical molding
environments. The company’s patented low- www.rapidmanufacturing.com and cleanroom applications.
profile, open-center, slip-roller design provides RAPID’s focus is on quick-turn prototype
a flexible and modular solution for conveyance sheet metal and machined parts. Rapid Sheet Regulatory and Quality
in automotive component assembly, medical Metal costs parts instantly with, eRAPID, a free Solutions (R&Q)
device assembly, microelectronics production, Solidworks plug-in. Rapid Machining quotes
semiconductor, and cleanroom applications.
Booth 1642
machined and turned parts within 24 hours.
All parts are shipped in days, not weeks. Other 2790 Mosside Boulevard
QuickLabel Systems services include prototype wire harnesses and Suite 800
cable assemblies. Visit RAPID’s Web site for Monroeville, PA 15146
Booth 913
more details. Tel: (877) 652-0830
600 E. Greenwich Avenue info@rqteam.com
West Warwick, RI 02893 www.rqteam.com
Rare Earth Coatings
Tel: (401) 828-4000 Regulatory and Quality Solutions (R&Q)
Booth 1954
Fax: (401) 822-2430 provides integrated quality and regulatory
lricci@astronovainc.com consulting solutions to medical device
www.quicklabelsystems.com companies. The company supports the life-cycle
QuickLabel Systems is a leading manufacturer of medical devices from conceptual development
of production-capacity, full-color digital label through post-market surveillance, providing
412 S. Gilman Avenue
printers, barcode printers, and labeling software solutions that accelerate the success of medical
that allow businesses to “print your own labels” Litchfield, MN 55355
device companies and improve people’s lives.
on-demand, just in time. It introduced the first Tel: (612) 229-6966
in-house digital color label printer in 1994 Fax: (320) 693-2869
Relucent Solutions
and continues to innovate labeling solutions kgoettl@rareearthcoatings.com
specifically for manufacturers and processors
Booth 2625
who want to print product labels in-house. 1415 N. Dutton Avenue, Suite C
Rare Earth Coatings is a leader in
Santa Rosa, CA 95401
vacuum metallization for shielding
QuickPouch Tel: (800) 630-7704
EMI/RFI/ESD coatings.
Booth 643 sales@relucent.com
181 Remington Boulevard RAUMEDIC Inc. Relucent Solutions provides contract manufacturing
Ronkonkoma, NY 11779 Booth 1305 of metal medical components, including Nitinol,
Tel: (631) 580-5400 stainless steel, cobalt-chrome, and titanium.
Fax: (631) 580-5455 Processes offered are laser cutting welding
ritae@quickpouch.com and marking, shape setting, abrasive blasting,
www.quickpouch.com chem polish, electropolish, and passivation.
QuickPouch has been designing and 235 Broadpointe Drive Capabilities include prototypes though high-volume
manufacturing packaging automation equipment Mills River, NC 28759 manufacturing, ultra-fast turn times, process
for the medical device and IVD industries for Tel: (828) 684-8870 development, and validation services.
more than 20 years. The company offers a Fax: (828) 684-8871
full line of packaging solutions, from pouch Renishaw Inc.
openers to fully automated form-fill-seal
www.raumedic.com Booth 733
systems. Automatic loading for small parts,
liquids, powders, and more are available on most RAUMEDIC Inc. is a single-source 5277 Trillium Boulevard
systems. In-line pouch printing and verification provider of medical-grade extrusion, Hoffman Estates, IL 60192
for UDI compliance is available. injection molding, and catheter assembly Tel: (847) 286-9953
operations. The company has built a Fax: (847) 286-9974
Ram Technologies brand-new cleanroom production facility usa@renishaw.com
Booth 2545 in Mills River, North Carolina. Capabilities www.renishaw.com
include micro-extrusion, including fine- Renishaw Inc. is a global company developing
4605 116th Street S.W. leading-edge technologies in position and motion
wire jacketing, multilayer structures,
Mukilteo, WA 98275 control. It has a comprehensive range of encoders
micromolding, overmolding of silicone,
Tel: (425) 347-9200 used by OEMs globally for exact positioning,
Fax: (425) 347-9265
and silicone pump segments.
reliability, and superior performance-to-cost
kwelch@ramtechnologies.com value. Three encoder technologies—optical,
www.ramtechnologies.com magnetic, and laser interferometer—all are

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engineered to deliver noncontact, friction-free Revox Sterilization Solutions uses a room- unprecedented value for their investment, reduces
operation, exceptional ease of installation, space temperature vaporized peracetic acid (VPA) their overall cost of test, and helps speed time to
savings, and flexibility. method that achieves exceptionally low completion of their designs or projects.
chemical residuals and unsurpassed materials
RepExact LLC compatibility. The company offers a quick-turn, Riverside Electronics Ltd.
no lengthy aeration, and off-site sterilization Booth 1848
Booth 1154
service or just-in-time sterilization in-line
417 Second Street processing. In May 2014, a Class II implantable One Riverside Drive
Annapolis, MD 21403 device was granted FDA clearance with the Lewiston, MN 55952
Tel: (980) 329-1688 Revox sterilization process. Tel: (507) 523-3220
Fax: (202) 449-1381 Fax: (507) 523-2831
kauflar@repexact.com RevZero Inc. kwohletz@riversideelectronics.com
www.repexact.com Booth 1211 www.riversideelectronics.com
RepExact LLC offers precision components RiverSide Electronics Ltd. offers full-service
for medical and life sciences. The company contract manufacturing for electronic and
represents Arc Precision (ISO 13485 machining), electromechanical assemblies. The company
Britt Manufacturing (ISO 13485 MIM/CIM), provides assembly, high-end testing, and integration
Gateway Laser Services, Micro Waterjet, 2431 Galpin Court, Suite 150 of circuit cards for any medical application.
and many additional specialty component RiverSide is ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 13485:2003
Chanhassen, MN 55317
manufacturing sources. certified, and places an increased emphasis on
Tel: (952) 380-9966 risk management, material traceability, process
Fax: (952) 380-5811 qualification, and software validations.
Booth 2035
www.revzeroinc.com rms Co.
44 Simon Street RevZero Inc. is an FDA-registered, ISO Booth 2225
Nashua, NH 03060 13485:2003- and ISO 9001:2008-certified
Tel: (603) 886-6772 8600 Evergreen Boulevard N.W.
contract manufacturer of custom
Fax: (603) 886-3655 Minneapolis, MN 55433-6036
precision-machined components and Tel: (763) 786-1520
assemblies for medical device and other Fax: (763) 786-1305
highly regulated industries. rriddle@machine.com
Resonetics is a leader in laser
micromanufacturing. Core capabilities include www.rmsmachining.com
laser ablating, cutting, drilling, and welding The Right Place Inc. ms Co. is a contract manufacturer of complex,
of metal, polymer, and glass components. The Booth 1605 tight-tolerance medical components, assemblies,
company’s passion for technology complements 125 Ottawa Avenue N.W. and implants using state-of-the-art machining and
its customers’ passions for improving and saving molding technology. For 46 years, the company
Suite 450
lives. Together, they collaborate to solve complex has supported prototype through high-volume
Grand Rapids, MI 49503-2701
challenges and develop the next generation of life production, cleanroom assembly, packaging, and
Tel: (616) 771-0325
science devices. Locations include Boston, Costa labeling. rms is ISO 13485 certified and FDA
Fax: (616) 771-0555 registered.
Rica, Dayton, and San Diego.
Rethink Robotics rms Surgical
The Right Place Inc. leads west Michigan’s
Booth 805 economic development efforts and serves as Booth 2225
27 Wormwood Street facilitator for MiDevice. MiDevice consortium 1220 Lund Boulevard N.W.
Boston, MA 02210 companies collaborate to speed development of Anoka, MN 55303
Tel: (617) 500-2487 medical devices to meet product life-cycle and Tel: (763) 427-6141
Fax: (617) 812-0448 supply-chain needs. Members pride themselves Fax: (763) 553-1360
sales@rethinkrobotics.com on offering world-class expertise through a wide jcurtis@rmssurgical.com
www.rethinkrobotics.com range of capabilities. www.rmssurgical.com
Rethink Robotics is changing the way robots can rms Surgical is a Cretex Medical Company.
be used in production and research environments. RIGOL Technologies USA As a contract manufacturer of custom medical
The company’s robots require no safety cages, Booth 231 products, the company provides innovative and
complex programming, or costly integration— unique surgical instruments and sterilization
10200 SW Allen Boulevard, Suite C
and feature an unprecedented base price. See the case and tray manufacturing solutions to
Beaverton, OR 97005
new Sawyer hardware platform on display and medical device OEMs. rms Surgical is
available for hands on interaction. ISO 13485 certified.
RIGOL Technologies is transforming the test and
measurement Industry. The company’s premium
Revox Sterilization Solutions line of products includes digital and mixed signal Robinson Printing
Booth 1534 oscilloscopes, spectrum analyzers, function/
Booth 1012
arbitrary waveform generators, programmable
14605 28th Avenue N. 42685 Rio Nedo
power supplies, digital multimeters, and data
Minneapolis, MN 55447 acquisition systems. Its test solutions combine Temecula, CA 92590
Tel: (855) 473-8690 uncompromised product performance, quality, Tel: (951) 296-0300
Fax: (763) 553-3387 and advanced product features, all delivered Fax: (951) 296-0306
vlanka@revoxsterilization.com at extremely attractive price points. This lori@robinsonprinting.com
www.revoxsterilization.com combination provides its customers with

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Minneapolis 2016

www.robinsonprinting.com/medical_ celebrating 83 years of experience partnering RothGreaves & Assoc.

printing.html with customers to produce quality molded parts Booth 1107
Robinson Printing, a paper packaging and assemblies.
manufacturer, specializes in producing printed
product instructions, IFUs, and product boxes Rohde & Schwarz Inc.
for medical devices and other complex products.
Booth 334
Products offered include map folds, mini 2430 W. Industrial Boulevard
folds, booklets, adhesive IFUs, and boxes. For 8661A Robert Fulton Drive
Columbia, MD 21046
Long Lake, MN 55356
quality manufacturing and on-time delivery, the
company is ISO 9001 and cGMP compliant. Tel: (410) 910-7800 Tel: (952) 404-2604
Robinson Printing takes the quality of printed Fax: (410) 910-7801 Fax: (952) 404-2620
documentation and packaging very seriously. info@rsa.rohde-schwarz.com brittney@rothgreaves.com
www.rohde-schwarz.com www.rothgreaves.com
Röchling Advent Tool & Mold Rohde & Schwarz is one of the leading RothGreaves & Assoc. is a full-service,
Booth 1440 manufacturers of test and measurement equipment. multidiscipline engineering firm that
For 80+ years, it has driven innovation to provide provides technical expertise to medical
999 Ridgeway Avenue its customers with the best solutions for their
Rochester, NY 14615
device manufacturers, pharmaceutical
applications. At its booth, ESCM is featuring a
Tel: (585) 254-2000 producers, and high-technology firms.
portfolio of solutions for wireless test and digital
Fax: (585) 254-3000 The firm focuses on providing the best
design and debug. Attend its educational sessions
jim.andolina@roechling-advent.us on EMI Troubleshooting, Power Integrity, coil winders, the most reliable PTFE
www.roechling-advent.us Battery Life in IoT Devices, and Emerging release finishes, and first-class custom
Röchling provides world-class solutions for Communication Technologies Enabling IoT on applications. RothGreaves can add value
all plastics and contract manufacturing needs. Wednesday, September 21 in Room 208A. to a company, with quality engineered
From part inception through part production systems and services available.
and assembly, the company offers the best Rose Electronics
possible combination of quality, delivery, Royal Master Grinders Inc.
Booth 1155
and price. In-house moldmaking and strong
2030 Ringwood Avenue Booth 2330
upfront engineering allow Röchling to control
and support programs at all levels, making it a San Jose, CA 95131 143 Bauer Drive; P.O. Box 630
preferred medical device manufacturer to some of Tel: (408) 943-0200 Oakland, NJ 07436-0630
the largest medical OEMs in the world. Fax: (408) 943-0360 Tel: (201) 337-8500
kmack@rose-elec.com Fax: (201) 337-2324
Rofin-Baasel Inc. www.rosebatteries.com www.royalmaster.com
Booth 2549 Rose Electronics specializes in providing
batteries and battery packs to OEMs for the RRAMAC Connected Systems
68 Barnum Road medical, GPS, instrumentation, and storage Booth 835
Devens, MA 01443-3508 marketplaces. For more than 50 years, the 15400 Medina Road
Tel: (978) 635-9100 company has been bringing expertise to customer Plymouth, MN 55447
Fax: (978) 635-9199 applications, yielding the best power solution
Tel: (844) 477-2622
dpalladino@rofin-baasel.com possible. Rose Electronics offers a full line
www.rofin.com of EnerSys® sealed lead acid batteries. ISO
Rofin-Baasel delivers laser solutions for medical 9001:2008 certified.
RRAMAC Connected Systems’ goal is to make
device technology worldwide. It offers laser
the “Internet of Things” easily accessible for
marking systems for efficient, durable ID codes rose plastic USA LLLP OEMs. It provides cloud-hosted solutions that are
on stainless steel, titanium, plastic, or glass
Booth 1733 secure and cost-effective. RRAMAC connects
medical devices or surgical instruments; high-
525 Technology Drive to industrial controllers over the Internet and
strength, precision laser welding systems for
Coal Center, PA 15423 provide live status pages, historical trends, alarm
sensitive components, including shape memory
Tel: (724) 938-8530 notifications, and custom reports for clients’
alloys; and noncontact laser cutting systems for
specific equipment. Its web interface and mobile
coronary stents, hollow needle points, and tubes Fax: (724) 938-0566
apps can be customized with a company’s logo,
of variable geometries. cara.matras@rose-plastic.us
fonts, and colors.
Rogan Corp. rose plastic USA LLLP medical packaging
offers both primary and secondary packaging. RRC Power Solutions Inc.
Booth 1225
The company provides packaging for surgical Booth 2357
3455 Woodhead Drive and medical instruments, medical equipment 18340 Yorba Linda Boulevard
Northbrook, IL 60062-1812 and auxiliary materials, precision parts and #107-437
Tel: (847) 498-2300 accessories, electronic components, medical Yorba Linda, CA 92886
Fax: (847) 498-2334 measuring instruments, implants, and much more.
Tel: (714) 777-3604
Fax: (714) 777-3658
Rogan Corp. is a leading-edge pioneer in liquid
silicone rubber (LSR), two-shot thermoplastic,
RRC Power Solutions Inc. is a worldwide
insert molding, and overmolding, focused in the
company focused on providing portable
medical device industry. The company is
power solutions, including batteries, chargers,
DC adapters, and wireless power. For the
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Exhibitor Profiles
Minneapolis 2016

battery marketplace, the company offers a RTP Co. product offering for prototype and preproduction
comprehensive line of smart, off-the-shelf, Booth 1711 needs with more than 15,000 AC/DC and DC/DC
standard battery packs and charging solutions. products, and value-added solutions.
580 E. Front Street
RRC has ISO 13485 and ISO 9001 certifications,
as well as extensive WW approvals. P.O. Box 5439
Winona, MN 55987-4256 Salt Lake Cable & Harness Inc.
Tel: (507) 454-6900 Booth 2355
RS Precision Industries Inc.
Fax: (507) 454-2041 421 W. 900 N.
Booth 419 hprigge@rtpcompany.com North Salt Lake, UT 84054
295 Adams Boulevard www.rtpcompany.com Tel: (801) 292-4999
Farmingdale, NY 11735 RTP Co. produces custom thermoplastic Fax: (801) 292-5074
Tel: (631) 249-2600 compounds that solve medical application jpapastamos@saltlakecable.com
Fax: (631) 249-2624 challenges around the world. As a global www.saltlakecable.com
elevine@rsprecision.com compounder of custom-engineered For more than 30 years, Salt Lake Cable &
www.rsprecision.com thermoplastics, the company develops Harness has been a leader in the contract
For more than 65 years and two generations, compounds in more than 60 different engineering manufacturing industry, specializing in cable
RS Precision Industries has been satisfying its resin systems for applications requiring color, assemblies, wire harnesses, and electromechanical
customers’ most demanding requirements for conductive, elastomeric, flame-retardant, high- assemblies. Superior quality, customer service,
complex parts and innovative machining solutions. temperature, and wear-resistant properties. and on-time delivery are just part of the value the
The company welcomes the challenging jobs company offers. Capabilities include injection
that are so critical to a product’s success—and Safari Circuits Inc. molding, potting, high voltage, hi-pot testing, wire
a company’s profits. RS’s highly collaborative Booth 1605 processing, and supply-chain services.
approach goes “beyond the blueprint” to deliver
411 Washington Street
the most advantageous solution for a part—in Sartorius Corp.
performance, quality, and cost. Otsego, MI 49078
Booth 942
Tel: (269) 694-9471
Fax: (269) 692-2651
RSW Technologies LLC
Booth 1035
135 Dixie Highway Safari Circuits Inc. is a strategic partner for
5 Orville Drive
Rossford, OH 43460 world-class electronics development and
Tel: (419) 662-8100 manufacturing services. The company is
Bohemia, NY 11716
Fax: (419) 662-8200 committed to the long-term success of its Tel: (631) 254-4249
tj@rswtechnologies.com customers, demonstrated by its commitment carolyn.hartmann@
www.rswtechnologies.com to continuous improvement, ongoing training, sartorius-stedim.com
RSW Technologies offers in-house electronic and investment in new technologies that drive www.sartorius.us
repairs, retrofitting, and energy-efficiency superior design, manufacturing, and testing. Sartorius Corp.’s Lab Products & Services
solutions. It has full lines of new temperature Division is a broad-based premium
controllers, hot runners, and linear transducers, Sagar Rubber Products Pvt. Ltd. supplier of high-quality laboratory
plus an array of rebuilt and refurbished Booth 2351 instruments, high-grade consumables,
controllers. Celebrating more than 34 years of and excellent services. Its customers
Plot No. 143, GIDC-11
quality repair, surplus, and new inventories, are from research and quality assurance
RSW’s highly trained engineers and technicians Modehera Road laboratories of the pharmaceutical,
have extensive knowledge in repairing primary Dediyasan, 384002 India chemical, and food industries as well as
and auxiliary controls systems. Tel: 91 9687658901 from the academic sector. The product
daxesh.shah@sagarrubber.com portfolio of the division focuses on high-
RT Dygert International www.sagarrubber.com value laboratory instruments, such as lab
Sagar Rubber Products Pvt. Ltd. is a balances and pipettes.
Booth 511
manufacturing company based in India with more
12121 Nicollet Avenue S. than 22 years of experience in the production of
Schmit Prototypes
Burnsville, MN 55337 rubber packaging products for the pharmaceutical
Tel: (952) 835-1700
Booth 1725
and medical device industries.
Fax: (952) 835-1701 1801 Indianhead Drive E.
vince.underwood@rtdygert.com Menomonie, WI 54751
Sager Power Systems
www.rtdygert.com Tel: (715) 235-8474
Booth 1348
RT Dygert International provides hydraulic Fax: (715) 235-0111
and pneumatic seals, O-rings, and custom- 1355 Mendota Heights, Suite 260 davidg@schmitprototypes.com
molded rubber and machined plastic seals. The Mendota Heights, MN 55120 www.schmitprototypes.com
company offers prototype to production; small Tel: (651) 405-0044 Schmit Prototypes offers in-house, full-service
and large runs; a complete range of materials, Fax: (651) 405-3166 prototyping and prides itself on quick quote
kits, and other specialty products; and value- mstack@sager.com turnaround. Services offered include: engineering/
added services. www.power.sager.com designing, 3-D printing, urethane casting for low-
Sager Power Systems is a specialized group within volume orders, and injection molding for low- to
Sager Electronics focused solely on power supplies. high-volume orders. It also offers CNC milling/
The company supports customers with a dedicated, turning, toolmaking, and high-quality finishing
educated sales and engineering team, an optimized including painting. Schmit Prototypes offers
Web site with full application tools, a standard assistance from concept through production.

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Minneapolis 2016

Schneeberger® Inc. SencorpWhite its global customer base from its UK factories
Booth 742 Booth 2230 and has a warehouse/sales facility in Illinois to
support U.S. customers.
44 Sixth Road 400 Kidds Hill Road
Woburn, MA 01801 Hyannis, MA 02601
Tel: (781) 271-0140 Tel: (508) 771-9400 Shenyang Shenda Endoscope
Fax: (781) 275-4749 Fax: (508) 790-0002 Company Ltd.
radls@earthlink.net lbarton@sencorpwhite.com Booth 1354
www.schneeberger.com www.sencorpwhite.com 241 Union Street
Schneeberger® Inc. serves original equipment SencorpWhite is an industry-leading Hackensack, NJ 07601
manufacturers operating in various industries manufacturer of thermoforming machines, Tel: (347) 335-7148
worldwide—from machine tool, solar technology, automated storage and retrieval systems, medical endoscope.shenda@gmail.com
and semiconductor technology to electrical device packaging machinery, and customized www.en.china-endoscope.com
engineering, medical engineering, and others. automated packaging solutions. Shenyang Shenda Endoscope Company Ltd.
Linear bearings, profiled linear guideways, is a manufacturer of medical endoscopes. The
measuring systems, gear racks, slides, positioning
sfm medical devices USA Inc. company’s products include but are not limited
systems, and mineral casting are all part of the
Booth 2451 to rigid endoscopes, flexible endoscopes,
company’s product and manufacturing range. industrial endoscopes, optical lens processing,
A Virginia Corporation
and veterinary endoscopes. Shenda serves OEMs
SCHUNK Inc. 4470 Cox Road, Suite 250
and ODMs.
Booth 909 Glen Allen, VA 23060
Tel: (612) 237-6588
Fax: (496) 053-4031
Shippers Supply Inc.
john.mullin@sfm.de Booth 717
www.sfm.de 401 11th Avenue S., Suite 100
211 Kitty Hawk Drive sfm medical devices USA Inc. is an OEM service Hopkins, MN 55343
Morrisville, NC 27560-8548 provider and partner to the medical technology Tel: (952) 929-2664
and pharmaceutical industries, specializing in the Fax: (952) 929-3101
Tel: (919) 572-2705
processing of metals and cannula, combining the cnovak@shippers-supply.com
Fax: (919) 572-2818 expertise of grinding with injection molding to www.shippers-supply.com
clare.welham@us.schunk.com create disposable, single-use devices. Shippers Supply Inc. has been helping customers
www.us.schunk.com discover equipment, industrial, packaging, and
SCHUNK Inc. is a family-owned company SGS Life Sciences shipping solutions since 1928.
and global player in one. With more Booth 1213
than 2,500 employees in eight plants Siemens Industry, Inc.
75 Passaic Avenue
and 30 directly owned subsidiaries Booth 716
Fairfield, NJ 07004
and distribution partners in more than
Tel: (973) 244-2435 5300 Triangle Parkway
50 countries throughout the world,
jessica.martin@sgs.com Norcross, GA 30092-2538
the company has an intensive market
www.sgs.com/lifescience Tel: (608) 406-5284
presence. Offering 11,000 standard SGS Life Sciences is a leading contract service dominic.trinko@siemens.com
components, SCHUNK has one of the organization providing medical device, analytical www.siemens.com/packaging
world’s largest assortments of clamping development, biologics characterization, biosafety, Siemens Industry, Inc. is one of the world’s
technology and gripping systems. utilities qualification, quality control, and clinical single-source leaders of automation technology
research testing. With a large wholly owned products engineered and manufactured for
Secant Group network of 20 laboratories in 11 countries, services all industrial sectors. The company’s best-in-
Booth 2248 include analytical chemistry, microbiology, class automation and motion solutions provide
stability studies, bioanalysis, extractables/ exceptional performance and reliability, and are
551 E. Church Avenue leachables, virology, and protein analysis. ideal for packaging machinery applications.
Telford, PA 18969
Tel: (877) 774-2835
Sheffield Machine Knife Siglent Technologies
Fax: (215) 453-1584
Booth 745 Company, Ltd.
www.secant.com 1005 N. Commons Drive Booth 313
The Secant Group partners with visionary Aurora, IL 60504 6557 Cochran Road
teams to bring extraordinary solutions to market Tel: (630) 870-4798 Solon, OH 44139
through next-generation materials and process Fax: 44 1142424361 Tel: (877) 515-5551
technologies. As the parent company for Secant charles.turner@ info@siglent.com
Medical Components, combined with sister sheffieldmachineknife.co.uk www.siglentamerica.com
company SanaVita Medical, LLC, the Secant www.sheffieldmachineknife.com Siglent Technologies is a high-value
Group collaborates with market leaders at Sheffield Machine Knife is a manufacturer of manufacturer of electronic test and measurement
every stage of development—from developing industrial blades and machine knives based in instrumentation. The company’s products include
implantable component structures to contract Sheffield, England with more than 100 years’ oscilloscopes, power supplies, ARB function
manufacturing services. knife-making experience. It specializes in knives generators, DMMs, and spectrum analyzers. Its
for the food processing, packaging, film and foil goal is to provide the best performance/price ratio
converting, and plastics industries. Sheffield in the industry.
offers full engineering and design support to

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Sil-Pro LLC Lake Zurich, IL 60047 Solar Atmospheres

Booth 2400 Tel: (847) 719-5900 Booth 1314
Fax: (847) 719-5999 1969 Clearview Road
info@smalley.com Souderton, PA 18964-1021
www.smalley.com Tel: (215) 721-1502
Smalley is the exclusive manufacturer of Fax: (215) 723-6460
740 Seventh Street S.
the industry-leading Spirolox Retaining info@solaratm.com
Delano, MN 55328 www.solaratm.com
Rings, an innovative design that features
Tel: (763) 972-9206 a no-gap, 360-degree retaining surface Solar Atmospheres provides commercial
Fax: (763) 972-2096 without protruding ears to interfere with vacuum heat treating, brazing, carburizing,
rtalbot@sil-pro.com mating components. The company is and nitriding services in more than 18 markets.
www.sil-pro.com also the originator of Crest to Crest Wave
With more than 60 furnaces from lab-sized to
Sil-Pro LLC is a contract manufacturer 48 feet long, the company can handle any size
Springs, which save up to 50% of space
located in Delano, Minnesota that job. Solar operates plants in Souderton and
compared to conventional coil springs. Hermitage, Pennsylvania; Fontana, California;
specializes in the development,
and Greenville, South Carolina.
manufacturing, assembly, and packaging SMC Ltd.
of silicone components, thermoplastic Booth 1925
devices, and machined parts. The
Solid Design Solutions
company is proud to serve the healthcare Booth 1750
industry. Sil-Pro’s products offer solutions 8400 Coral Sea Street N.E.
that are unmatched in quality and Suite 1800
confidence—one part at a time. 330 SMC Drive Mounds View, MN 55112
Somerset, WI 54025 Tel: (763) 786-7770
Tel: (715) 247-3500 Fax: (763) 780-1541
SL Power Electronics
Fax: (715) 247-3611 derekd@soliddesignsolutions.com
Booth 1309
6060 King Drive christie.wanderer@smcltd.com
With nearly 20 years of experience, Solid is
Ventura, CA 93033 www.smcltd.com a full end-to-end electromechanical design
Tel: (805) 486-4565 SMC Ltd. offers finished device engineering firm specializing in the development
Fax: (805) 483-4307 manufacturing services for the medical, of new products and specialty machines. The
pj@jandacommunications.com diagnostics, and pharmaceutical company understands and works with the latest
www.slpower.com industries. With global locations, the wireless communications and embedded systems
SL Power Electronics (a subsidiary of Handy company provides services including technologies to develop product solutions that
& Harman Ltd.) is a global leader in the design, optimized supply-chain, world-class change lives and grab market share.
manufacturing, and marketing of differentiated device manufacturing spanning product
internal and external AC/DC and DC/DC power design, prototyping, custom component Sonoscan® Inc.
conversion solutions for demanding medical, test, manufacturing, and custom automation Booth 2614
and measurement; LED lighting; audio/visual;
lines, while under full regulatory compliance. 2149 E. Pratt Boulevard
information technology equipment; data/telecom;
industrial; and other OEM applications. For more Elk Grove Village, IL 60007
information, visit the company’s Web site. SMTC Corp. Tel: (847) 437-6400
Booth 1148 Fax: (847) 437-1550
Sleek Surfaces jlykowski@sonoscan.com
Booth 635
Sonoscan® Inc. is a leader, innovator, and
250 N. Starr Avenue manufacturer of acoustic microscope systems and
New Richmond, WI 54017 2302 Trade Zone Boulevard provides laboratory services to nondestructively
Tel: (920) 901-1685 San Jose, CA 95131 inspect products. The company’s C-SAM®
brandon@sleeksurfaces.com Tel: (905) 479-1810 systems “see” internal defects in medical
www.sleeksurfaces.com thomas.reilly@smtc.com components, such as ICs, capacitors, MEMs, and
Sleek Surfaces installs epoxy and polyurea floor more. In addition to electronics, the quality of a
coatings. These coatings make any workspace hermetic seal, such as a laser-welded casing, can
not only functional, but look great as well. The SMTC Corp. is a mid-size provider of
be inspected nondestructively.
company specializes in cleanroom epoxy, ESD end-to-end electronics manufacturing
electrostatic discharge epoxy, and many other services, including PCBA production,
coatings that will give a business the edge that it systems integration and testing services,
Booth 1424
is looking for. enclosure fabrication, product design,
sustaining engineering, and supply-chain 16305 36th Avenue N., Suite 500
Smalley management services for medical and Minneapolis, MN 55446
Booth 518 life science OEM companies. Its facilities Tel: (605) 886-2519
span a broad footprint in the United marketing@sparton.com
States, Canada, Mexico, and China, all
Sparton is a contract manufacturer of
ISO 13485 certified. Visit SMTC’s Web
low- to medium-volume, highly complex
site for more details. electromechanical devices. The company
555 Oakwood Road

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Minneapolis 2016

manufactures and designs products for Special Systems Design Inc. (SSDI) is an electropolishing, assembly, and engineering
demanding and extremely regulated markets. automated Excimer laser micromachining services used for prototyping through
Sparton has FDA-registered facilities that can company providing high-quality services at a low production. Applications include drug-delivery
administer the full product life-cycle for its cost. Capabilities include laser ablation, drilling catheters, hypotube cutting, metal/polymer
customers—from an idea and prototyping to full complex geometry patterns in single and multi- stents, microwire welding, and wire stripping.
manufacturing and after-market services. lumen polymer catheters, and laser wire stripping. Spectralytics is ISO 13485 certified.

Sparton Corp. Specialty Coating Systems Inc. SPI Lasers UK Ltd.

Booth 1424 Booth 1524 Booth 2612
2920 Kelly Avenue 7645 Woodland Drive
6 Wellington Park
Watertown, SD 57201 Indianapolis, IN 46278
Tel: (605) 886-2519 Tollbar Way, Hedge End
Tel: (317) 240-1200
marketing@sparton.com scssales@scscoatings.com Southampton, SO30 2QU UK
www.sparton.com www.scscoatings.com Tel: 44 1489779696
Sparton Corp. (NYSE:SPA), now in its 116th Specialty Coating Systems Inc. (SCS) is a leader Fax: 44 1489779698
year, is a provider of complex and sophisticated in Parylene conformal coating services and www.spilasers.com
electromechanical devices. The company technologies, with 21 worldwide locations and 45
uses its Sparton Production System (SPS) and years of experience. Ultra-thin and pinhole-free, St. Cloud State University
worldwide manufacturing centers to address the company’s Parylene coatings offer excellent Booth 1145
complex manufacturing challenges. Sparton has moisture, chemical, and dielectric barrier properties
720 4th Avenue S.
experience in many industries, including medical to protect components in the medical device,
St. Cloud, MN 56301
and biotechnology, industrial and commercial, electronics, military, and aerospace industries.
and military and aerospace. For more Tel: (320) 308-2167
information, visit the company’s Web site. jdfoley@stcloudstate.edu
Specialty Silicone
Fabricators Inc. St. Cloud State University offers graduate
SPE Booth 1549 education opportunities in Regulatory Affairs a
Booth 1042 Services, Applied Clinical Research, and Medical
6 Berkshire Boulevard Technology Quality. Not ready for a master’s
Bethel, CT 06801 program? Earn a certificate or take individual
Tel: (203) 775-0471 courses. Designed for working professionals,
Fax: (203) 775-8490
3077 Rollie Gates Drive classes are offered nights and weekends at the
swojnicki@4spe.org Paso Robles, CA 93446 SCSU Twin Cities Graduate Center in Maple
www.4spe.org Tel: (805) 239-4284 Grove and are taught by industry experts with
The objective of SPE is to promote scientific and Fax: (805) 239-0523 years of practical experience.
engineering knowledge relating to plastics. It is chris.mazelin@ssfab.com
the largest, most well-known plastics professional www.ssfab.com StarFish Medical
society in the world. SPE is the professional Specialty Silicone is a developer and Booth 2343
“home” for more than 20,000 plastics
contract manufacturer of medical 455 Boleskine Road
professionals around the globe. For 75 years,
devices focused on custom silicone Victoria, BC V8Z 1E7 Canada
it has been the “go-to” technical information,
training, networking, and knowledge-sharing components. It offers long-term Tel: (250) 388-3537
source to help advance careers. implantable applications and drug-eluting Fax: (250) 483-1975
combination products manufactured info@starfishmedical.com
by molding, extruding, calendaring, www.starfishmedical.com
Special Coatings USA LLC
and dipping, meeting tight-tolerance StarFish Medical provides award-winning
Booth 1144 design, development, and flexible manufacturing
requirements. It provides solutions for
9241 Brookwood Court outsourcing services—100% dedicated to medical
assembly and packaging, and assistance
Bonita Springs, FL 34135 devices and life sciences. It partners with innovative
with product and process qualification/
Tel: (239) 301-2714 companies on breakthrough products for medical
validation. ISO certified, FDA registered. specialty areas, including cardiovascular, digital
Fax: (239) 301-2750
d.treadwell@special-coatings.com health, IVD, ophthalmology, optics, and ultrasound.
www.special-coatings.com Spectralytics Inc. StarFish expertise includes electronics, mechanical,
Special Coatings USA LLC specializes in the Booth 2225 human factors, and software systems engineering.
application of decorative and functional coatings 145 S. Third Street; P.O. Box L
to almost any plastic and several metals. Dassel, MN 55325 Statek Corp.
Tel: (320) 275-2118 Booth 1633
Special Systems Design Inc. Fax: (320) 275-2993 512 N. Main Street
Booth 2533 mgoemer@spectralytics.com Orange, CA 92868
1507-S. Sixth Street www.spectralytics.com Tel: (714) 639-7810
Spectralytics Inc. is a Cretex Medical Company Fax: (714) 997-1256
Hopkins, MN 55343
providing laser contract manufacturing services
Tel: (952) 949-2500 sales@statek.com
to medical device OEMs. Services include laser
Fax: (952) 949-0196 www.statek.com
cutting, welding, drilling, ablation, marking,

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Exhibitor Profiles
Minneapolis 2016

Statek Corp. designs and manufactures medical Sterigenics International LLC Straub Design Co. has been a leader in tape
implantable grade ultra-miniature quartz crystals, Booth 1430 application equipment since 1972, serving
oscillators, and sensors in the United States. customers around the world. The company builds
2015 Spring Road, Suite 650
Available in frequencies from 1Hz to 300MHz, standard-setting automatic tape application
the company’s products are ultra-low power with Oak Brook, IL 60523 equipment and systems, and offers web handling
applications in real-time clock and RF telemetry and Tel: (800) 472-4508 and custom industrial automation equipment.
exceed the highest industry standards in reliability, jprincipe@sterigenics.com
frequency stability, and long-term aging. www.sterigenics.com
Sugatsune America Inc.
With more than 50 years, and a team of industry-
recognized technical experts, Sterigenics Booth 618
Steeger USA - Machine
International LLC is a global leader in contract 18101 Savarona Way
Solutions Inc. sterilization services for the medical device Carson, CA 90746
Booth 1705 and pharmaceutical industries. Sterilization Tel: (310) 329-6373
2230 Highway 292 capabilities include ethylene oxide, gamma Fax: (310) 329-0819
Inman, SC 29349 irradiation, and electron beam irradiation. Its b.matsui@sugatsune.com
Tel: (864) 472-7000 full-service approach is complemented by a www.sugatsune.net
info@steegerusa.com wide range of offerings, including SteriPro® For more than 30 years, Sugatsune America Inc.
www.machinesolutions.com laboratory and consultation services. has provided superior sales and technical support.
Steeger USA is a global supplier of fine-wire/ The company can provide optimum hardware
fiber braiding, coiling, and custom-designed STERIS Applied Sterilization solutions for every need. Architects, designers,
equipment to the medical, micro-electronics, Technologies (AST) builders, and OEMs continue to depend on
wire and cable, technical textile, and composite Booth 1624 its unsurpassed quality and unparalleled
materials industries. As a specialist with fine craftsmanship. Its products of service include
5960 Heisley Road catches, latches, drawer slides, hinges, handles,
wire and fibers, the company’s industry-leading
equipment provides solutions to meet customers’ Mentor, OH 44060 drawer pulls, torque dampers, hooks, brackets,
diverse product applications. Customers are also Tel: (877) 783-7479 casters, leveling glides, and locks.
provided with aftermarket support and machine Fax: (440) 392-7914
access for R&D work. sarah_crowl@steris.com Sumitomo (SHI) Demag
Booth 1039
Stellar Technologies, Through a network of 59 facilities globally,
STERIS AST has been committed to providing 11792 Alameda Drive
a Cirtec Co. Strongsville, OH 44149
contract sterilization services to the medical
Booth 2025 device and pharmaceutical communities for Tel: (440) 876-8960
9200 Xylon Avenue N. more than 40 years. The company’s radiation info@sumitomo-shi-demag.us
Brooklyn Park, MN 55445 and ethylene oxide services are fully supported www.sumitomo-shi-demag.us
Tel: (763) 493-8556 by a first-class network of global laboratories Sumitomo (SHI) Demag’s all-electric injection-
Fax: (763) 493-8507 to meet customers’ needs throughout the entire molding machines span 8–936 U.S. tons,
www.stellar-technologies.com sterilization process. including micro to mid-sized, high-speed,
Stellar Technologies is an ISO 9001- and ISO high-duty, vertical, insert, and two-shot. The
13485-certified, FDA-compliant designer, Strain Measurement company’s thin-wall, packaging, and closure
developer, and manufacturer of medical Devices Inc. molding machines include ultra-high-speed
components, devices, and electromechanical Booth 1517 hybrid and all-electric models, from 168–843
assemblies. The company specializes in single- U.S. tons. High-performance hydraulic machines,
use disposable devices, neuro and cardiac lead including configurable two-shot models, are
assemblies, device delivery systems, endoscopic offered up to 2,248 U.S. tons.
and ablation assemblies, complex components and
assemblies, and laser-cut and welded assemblies. 55 Barnes Park Road N. Sunstone Welders
Wallingford, CT 06492 Booth 2435
Steri-Tek Tel: (203) 294-5800 1693 American Way, Unit 5
Booth 2455 Fax: (203) 265-0544 Payson, UT 84651
48225 Lakeview Boulevard wrichards@smdsensors.com Tel: (801) 658-0015
Fremont, CA 94544 www.smdsensors.com Fax: (866) 701-1209
Tel: (510) 933-9700 Strain Measurement Devices Inc. designs jmiller@sunstonewelders.com
larry@steri-tek.com and manufactures occlusion sensors, www.sunstonewelders.com
www.steri-tek.com hanging scales, bubble sensors, load Sunstone Welders manufactures microwelding
Steri-Tek provides contract E-beam irradiation solutions. The company offers capacitive
cells, pressure sensors, and flow sensors.
services. The processing facility uses two discharge, AC, pulse-arc, linear DC, HF
identical MEVEX 10 MeV, 20 KW linear inverters, Nd-YAG laser welders, and more.
accelerators in the processing line. Steri-Tek Straub Design Co. Sunstone’s closed-loop feedback and weld-
stresses expert technical support and standard Booth 1404 monitoring technology are perfect for ISO, GMP,
two-day processing for both R&D and production 2238 Florida Avenue S. and TQM requirements. The company offers a
runs. Two-hour, four-hour, and 24-hour rush Minneapolis, MN 55426 free sample weld evaluation service for potential
services are available. The company is ISO customers looking for a proof of concept.
Tel: (952) 546-2960
13485 and ISO 11137 certified, and offers Fax: (952) 546-4653
turnkey sterilization validation services. sales@bailliesales.com

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Exhibitor Profiles
Minneapolis 2016

Superior Tube - AMETEK Surface Solutions Group LLC Surgical Technologies Inc. (STI)
Specialty Metal Products Booth 1832 Booth 1216
Booth 1405 292 E. Lafayette Frontage Road
3900 Germantown Pike St. Paul, MN 55107
Collegeville, PA 19426 Tel: (651) 227-9953
Tel: (610) 489-5200 Fax: (651) 227-7859
5170 Northwest Highway
sales.superiortube@ametek.com cobianj@scanlangroup.com
Chicago, IL 60630 www.surgicaltechnologies.com
Superior Tube offers small-diameter, precision Tel: (773) 427-2084 Specializing in medical device contracting since
seamless, welded, and drawn (Weldrawn®) tubes Fax: (773) 282-9112 1921, STI offers full-service medical device
in a wide range of stainless steel, nickel and mike@surfacesolutionsgroup.com contract manufacturing, applying lean sigma
titanium, and zirconium alloys. Markets served www.surfacesolutionsgroup.com principles to assure high-quality, cost-efficient
include nuclear, medical, aerospace, oil and gas, Surface Solutions Group LLC is an assembly, packaging, and sterilization services in
chemical process, and durable goods. Sizes range exclusively medical coatings applicator. five different ISO Class 7/Class 10,000 controlled
from 0.010 in. (1/4 mm) OD up to 1½ in. (38.1 environmental condition rooms. McLean Medical
The company applies certified PFOA-free
mm) OD. Straight lengths range up to 45 ft (14 & Scientific Inc. offers OEM specialty surgical
PTFE, FEP, and PFA. SSG is one of the
m), and coiled tubes up to 3,000 ft (915 m) long. instrumentation, including custom designs.
largest automated applicators of coatings
for the medical industry in North America.
Supply Chain Services SurModics Inc.
It applies its coatings technologies
Booth 644 Booth 1504
to guidewires, needles, mandrels,
7800 Third Street N., Suite 920 hypotubes, coils, and dental products. Its 9924 W. 74th Street
Oakdale, MN 55128 FluoroMed coatings are certified PFOA- Eden Prairie, MN 55344-3523
Tel: (866) 205-4310 free and biocompatible. SSG is ISO Tel: (952) 500-7287
jpaulus@supplychainservices.com 9001:2008 compliant. Fax: (952) 500-7001
www.supplychainservices.com kbarnes@surmodics.com
Supply Chain Services is a value-added reseller www.surmodics.com
of bar-code scanning equipment and services.
Surfx Technologies LLC SurModics Inc. is an industry leader in surface
Booth 1341 technology. Serene™ hydrophilic coatings
Supra Alloys 2631 Manhattan Beach Boulevard combine advanced lubricity performance with
Redondo Beach, CA 90278 excellent durability (low particulates). With the
Booth 2243
Tel: (310) 558-0770 company’s acquisitions of Creagh Medical and
352 Balboa Avenue NorMedix, it now offers design, development,
Fax: (310) 558-0909
Camarillo, CA 93012 and manufacturing for specialty balloon catheters
Tel: (805) 388-2138 and large-bore minimally invasive catheters
Fax: (805) 987-6492 Surfx is a manufacturer of atmospheric-pressure utilizing ultra-thin-walled proprietary hybrid
cschank@supraalloys.com plasma treatment equipment, enabling improved braid/coils.
www.supraalloys.com adhesion and coating of polymers and metals
Supra Alloys offers an extensive inventory of commonly used in medical and biotech devices. Surrogen, a Recombinetics Co.
medical-grade titanium, including plate, sheet, Its low-temperature plasma activates thermally Booth 1856
strip, foil, billet, bar, and wire. All titanium sensitive tubes, balloons, and membranes without
material is certifiable to medical implant 1246 University Avenue
damage. Clean, safe, and easily automated,
specifications (ASTM F136, F67, and F1472) with Suite 301
Surfx systems provide high-speed in-line surface
additional certification to customer specifications. St. Paul, MN 55104
activation of medical tubing, diagnostic chips,
and implantable devices. Tel: (612) 501-9009
Sur-Seal Inc. keith@recombinetics.com
Booth 1414 Surgical Specialties Corp. Surrogen offers precision gene-edited swine
6156 Wesselman Road Booth 1514 models of cardiovascular disease, diabetes,
Cincinnati, OH 45248 Corredor Tijuana-Rosarito 2000 cancer, and neurodegenerative disorders like
Tel: (513) 574-8500 Ejido Francisco Villa Tijuana Alzheimer’s. The company’s pig models
elizabethv@sur-seal.com 22235 Mexico accurately model human diseases and advance
www.sur-seal.com Tel: 52 6649691809 research toward human therapeutics.
Sur-Seal designs and manufactures components stuff@surgicalspecialties.com
that join, direct, contain, and protect assemblies www.surgicalspecialties.com
and subsystems that comprise medical devices. Surgical Specialties Corp. has been a trusted
The company helps simplify assembly processes, OEM partner for more than 40 years, offering
extend product life, and improve device experience in precision contract manufacturing
performance, supporting application engineering and surgical needle and blade design and
and material selection for thermal management, assembly. The company’s engineers develop
environmental sealing, silicone optics, tubing, processes, coatings, and blade geometries that
and more. Sur-Seal has Class 8 cleanroom and optimize medical device performance. Products
rapid prototyping capabilities. include channel needles, blades, and bone wax.

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Exhibitor Profiles
Minneapolis 2016

Swiss Precision Machining Inc. systems for part inspection and measurement as Tangent Industries Inc.
Booth 2540 well as drilling and punching tools for catheter Booth 2349
and surgical device applications.
142 Industrial Lane
Torrington, CT 06790
T-M Vacuum Products Tel: (860) 738-7449
Booth 1355 Fax: (860) 738-2961
634 Glenn Avenue
630 S. Warrington Street rgolebiewski@tangentindinc.com
Wheeling, IL 60090 Cinnaminson, NJ 08077 www.tangentindinc.com
Tel: (847) 647-7111 Tel: (856) 829-2000 Tangent Industries Inc. manufactures adhesives
Fax: (847) 647-7110 Fax: (856) 829-0990 and coatings for medical device assembly.
jhaupers@spmswiss.com eurbanski@tmvacuum.com Products include UV/LED curable adhesives,
www.spmswiss.com www.tmvacuum.com masking materials, FIP gasket materials, coupling
Swiss Precision Machining Inc. is a T-M Vacuum Products has been manufacturing adhesives for touch-screen assembly, and
primary manufacturer of screw machine vacuum ovens and vacuum furnaces for more conductive epoxies. The company also provides
than 50 years, and offers both standard and UV LED curing equipment from Dr. Hönle AG.
products specializing in maintaining
custom solutions for almost any need. For Contact Tangent for optimum adhesive, coating,
precision tolerances on Swiss-style
more information, call the company or visit and UV-curing recommendations.
equipment. The company runs CNC
its Web site.
Swiss-style turning centers with up to
Taurus Engineering
11-axis capabilities and CNC vertical
Tag-Connect & Manufacturing
machining centers with five-axis
Booth 319 Booth 1415
capability. Swiss Precision Machining
just moved from 29,000 sq ft to 82,000 433 Airport Boulevard, Suite 425 1375 Willow Lake Boulevard
sq ft to better serve its customers and to Burlingame, CA 94010 Suite 101
provide space for expansion. Tel: (877) 244-4156 St. Paul, MN 55110
www.tag-connect.com/index.html Tel: (651) 484-9292
Tag-Connect manufactures a unique range of Fax: (651) 484-4018
Symmetry Electronics
programming connectors and cables that plug john.philipsen@taurusengineering.net
Booth 205 straight into your PCB without needing a mating www.taurusengineering.net
5400 Rosecrans Avenue connector. Eliminate your bulky and expensive Taurus Engineering & Manufacturing is an
Hawthorne, CA 90250 JTAG and test and debug connectors with a tiny ISO 13485/9001-certified and FDA-registered
Tel: (310) 536-6190 footprint of pads and holes in your board, saving medical manufacturer. The company offers DFM,
www.symmetryelectronics.com all of the cost and most of the space needed for prototype molds, production molds, and value-
Founded in 1998, Symmetry Electronics Corp. the traditional connector. Ideal and commonly added assembly.
is a supplier-authorized, global distributor used for IoT devices, BLE beacons, medical
specializing in the distribution of wireless, video, devices, and more. The company’s products
TE Connectivity, AdvancedCath,
and embedded semiconductors and modules. are both designed and made in California.
Creganna Medical
The company provides sales, logistics, design, Tag-Connect - No Header! No Brainer!
Booth 2205
and manufacturing support from its world
headquarters in Southern California’s Silicon Talon Innovations Corp. 5905 Trenton Lane N.
Beach, local field offices, and an informative Booth 1749 Plymouth, MN 55442
ecommerce website, www.SemiconductorStore. Tel: (763) 559-6002
com. Symmetry Electronics is ISO9001:2008 medicalinfo@te.com
certified and supports its customer base www.te.com/medical
with factory-trained FAEs, deep inventory, TE Connectivity, together with Creganna
and product selection expertise. For more 1003 Industrial Drive Medical and AdvancedCath, offers medical
information on Symmetry Electronics or to Sauk Rapids, MN 56379 device OEMs a complete product offering and
view their complete line card, visit www. capability portfolio for minimally invasive,
Tel: (320) 251-0390
SymmetryElectronics.com. imaging, surgical, diagnostic, and therapeutic
Fax: (320) 251-5810 devices. With its newly expanded capabilities,
sales@taloninnovations.com more than 350 design engineers, and a global
www.taloninnovations.com presence in all key medical device hubs, it is a
Booth 1810
Talon Innovations Corp. provides premier design and manufacturing partner for
3875 Fiscal Court, Suite 300
medical device components and contract next-generation medical devices.
West Palm Beach, FL 33404
manufacturing services to companies
Tel: (561) 848-6684
seeking precision medical machining, Teamvantage
Fax: (561) 848-6685
assembly, and tube-bending capabilities. Booth 2016
The company is a vertically integrated 20697 Fenway Avenue N.
SYNEO specializes in the design and
supplier with locations in Minnesota and Forest Lake, MN 55025
manufacture of systems for precision cutting, Florida specializing in exotic metals and Tel: (651) 464-3900
feeding, drilling, punching, slitting, flaring, is capable of meeting extreme machining Fax: (651) 982-1299
grinding, skiving, printing, lasing, and assembly tolerances of .001 in. and better with staceyj@teamvantage.com
of tubing and wire. Additional capabilities surface finishes of 5Ra. www.teamvantage.com
include optical sensing and machine vision Teamvantage is a full-service contract
manufacturer offering expertise in plastic

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Exhibitor Profiles
Minneapolis 2016

injection molding, micromolding, silicone Technoject Machinery Corp. Teel Plastics

molding, machining (metals, plastics, etc.), Booth 1142 Booth 2443
mold design/fabrication, assembly, testing,
310 Healey Road, Unit B
decorating, packaging, and more. The company
is ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 13485:2003 certified, Bolton, ON L7E 5C1 Canada
AS9100C certified, registered with the FDA, Tel: (905) 951-7144
ITAR registered, and has more than 45 years of Fax: (905) 951-7147
1060 Teel Court
experience. paul.boettger@technoject.com
Baraboo, WI 53913
Technoject Machinery Corp. offers HEITEC hot- Tel: (608) 355-3080
Tech Tube
runner components and hot halves, specializing in Fax: (608) 355-3088
Booth 1739
micro nozzles, edge gate nozzles, and miniature blondon@teel.com
valve gate nozzles. Minimum spacing starts at 4.5 www.teel.com
mm for hot tip nozzles and 5.8 mm for valve gate Teel Plastics manufactures quality,
nozzles. Starline edge gate nozzles provide direct close-tolerance custom tubing from
edge gates with up to eight tips per nozzle in a
750 Vandenburg Road .015-in. OD and up for the healthcare
round or linear pattern. Engineering resins can
King of Prussia, PA 19406 market. Applications include catheters,
also be processed.
Tel: (610) 491-8000 catheter packaging, IV sets, ampoules,
Fax: (610) 992-2496 and swabs. The company has
Technologic Systems
sales@techtube.com coextrusion capabilities and a Class
Booth 331
www.techtube.com/ 100,000 cleanroom, and is ISO 9001
16525 E. Laser Drive certified. Teel has a new 150,000-sq-ft,
contact_us_1.htm Fountain Hills, AZ 85268
Tech Tube is a manufacturer of specialty state-of-the-art extrusion facility.
Tel: (480) 837-5200
tubing, fabricated parts, and devices for info@embeddedARM.com
the medical and aerospace industries. Tek Pak Inc.
Technologic Systems has been developing
Booth 516
Tech-Etch Inc. embedded computing solutions for the OEM 1336 Paramount Parkway
Booth 1439 market for more than 32 years. The company’s Batavia, IL 60510-1461
commitment to excellent products, low prices, Tel: (630) 406-0560
45 Aldrin Road
and exceptional customer support has encouraged Fax: (630) 406-0577
Plymouth, MA 02360
its business to flourish in a very competitive doyle@tekpak.com
Tel: (508) 747-0300
marketplace. It offers a wide variety of off-the- www.tekpak.com
Fax: (508) 746-9639 shelf PC/104 SBCs and peripherals that satisfy Tek Pak Inc. has been helping customers bring
ljohnson@tech-etch.com most embedded project requirements. their thermoformed products to market for
the past 20 years. The company specializes
Tech-Etch Inc. manufactures precision light-
Tecnova Electronics in tooling and product development for the
gauge flat and formed metal parts as well as
Booth 1233 medical, electronic, food, and consumer markets.
fine-line and microvia flexible printed circuits.
Tek Pak’s industry experts employ the latest
The company also manufactures a complete line
technology to provide solutions in a range of
of RFI/EMI shielding gaskets, honeycomb vent
materials, from standard packaging materials to
panels, and board-level shielding. Tech-Etch
exotic metallized plastics.
operates three facilities totaling approximately
350,000 sq ft of manufacturing space, supporting 2383 N. Delany Road
prototype through production volumes. Waukegan, IL 60087 Tekni-Plex, Natvar Div.
Tel: (847) 336-6160 Booth 1918
Technipaq Inc. sales@tecnova.com 460 E. Swedesford Road
Booth 1545 www.tecnova.com Suite 3000
Tecnova Electronics is an ISO-certified, Wayne, PA 19087
975 Lutter Drive
turnkey electronic contract manufacturer Tel: (484) 690-1520
Crystal Lake, IL 60014
Tel: (815) 477-1800
and design engineering firm, specializing info@tekni-plex.com
in product design and mobile apps, www.natvar.tekni-plex.com
Fax: (815) 477-0777
automated test systems, and manufacture Tekni-Plex is one of the world’s leading
of complex electronic assemblies for manufacturers of innovative, high-quality
commercial and industrial applications. packaging and tubing materials for products used
Technipaq Inc. is a flexible packaging converter
daily by millions of consumers worldwide. With
located in Crystal Lake, Illinois. The company
24 manufacturing sites in eight countries across
specializes in packaging materials for medical
North America, Europe, and Asia, it supplies
device, pharmaceutical, and diagnostic industries.
leading international brands in healthcare, food
Capabilities include lamination, eight-color
and beverage, and consumer retail with the
printing, slitting, sheeting, and pouch/bag
components they require to safely and reliably
fabrication. Stock sizes are available. Technipaq
protect and deliver their products.
is an authorized converter of Dupont Tyvek.

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Exhibitor Profiles
Minneapolis 2016

Tekscan Inc. Teleflex Medical OEM Since 1993 Tembua has helped companies in
Booth 1634 Booth 2425 the biomedical field protect their brands and
stakeholders through precise translation in more
307 W. First Street
than 200 languages. Its Biomedical Division
Boston, MA 02127-1309 includes an extensive list of subject matter
Tel: (617) 464-4500 expert reviewers. These MDs and PhDs earned
Fax: (617) 464-4266 their credentials in the languages they review.
1425 Tri-State Parkway
info@tekscan.com Tembua also owns all the necessary conference
Suite 120
interpreting equipment to serve up to 12
Tekscan Inc.’s patented tactile force and pressure Gurnee, IL 60031 languages and 300 participants.
sensing solutions provide customers with the Tel: (800) 474-0178; (508) 964-6021
actionable information they need to optimize oeminfo@teleflex.com TEQ
product design and improve clinical and research www.teleflexmedicaloem.com Booth 1014
outcomes. Its sensors and systems are used Work with the experts™ at Teleflex
across a wide range of applications within test Medical OEM. The company is a global
and measurement, medical, dental, and retail, as
leader in medical product development
stand-alone solutions or as embedded technology
and manufacturing, offering fast, in-
to create better and differentiated products.
house, fully integrated capabilities 11320 E. Main Street
and services. Teleflex Medical OEM’s P.O. Box 68
expertise extends to custom extrusion; Huntley, IL 60142
Booth 218
diagnostic and interventional catheters; Tel: (800) 874-7113
14150 S.W. Karl Braun Drive balloons and balloon catheters; Fax: (847) 669-5263
Beaverton, OR 97077 introducers; specialized sutures, braids, kshelton@teqnow.com
Tel: (503) 627-7111 and fibers; and bioabsorbable sutures, www.teqnow.com
www.tek.com yarns, and resins. TEQ is a leader in the design and
Headquartered in Beaverton, Oregon Tektronix
manufacturing of thermoformed devices
delivers innovative, precise, and easy-to-operate
TeligentEMS and plastic packaging for the medical
test, measurement, and monitoring solutions
Booth 2439 and pharmaceutical markets. With its
that solve problems, unlock insights, and drive
recent domestic and global expansion
discovery. The company has been at the forefront 102 Technology Way via the acquisition of Plastique, Fibrepak,
of the digital age for 70 years. Join them on the Havana, FL 32333 and Fremont Plastics, the company is
journey of innovation at www.tek.com. Tel: (603) 793-9468 ideally suited to help medical device
Fax: (850) 539-2509 manufacturers meet the unique demands
Teledyne LeCroy jpalmer@teligentems.com associated with medical packaging
Booth 234 www.teligentems.com engineering, testing and validation, and
700 Chestnut Ridge Road For more than 30 years, TeligentEMS has supply-chain optimization.
Chestnut Ridge, NY 10977-6437 specialized in demanding electronic outsource
Tel: (845) 425-2000 applications, including mission-critical products TestEquity LLC
and products utilizing radio frequency (RF) Booth 1858
Teledyne LeCroy is a leading manufacturer of technology. The company’s proprietary
information technology tool set provides real- 6100 Condor Drive
oscilloscopes, protocol analyzers, and other test Moorpark, CA 93021
instruments that verify performance, validate time tracking of materials, production status, and
quality data supporting traceability and device Tel: (800) 732-3457
compliance, and debug complex electronic systems
quickly and thoroughly. Founded in 1964, the history recordkeeping requirements. ISO 13485, Fax: (805) 498-3733
company has focused on incorporating powerful ISO 9001, and ITAR registered. contact@testequity.com
tools into innovative products that enhance “Time- www.testequity.com
to-Insight.” Faster time to insight enables users to Tembua: The Precision TestEquity LLC is a value-added distributor for
rapidly find and fix defects in complex electronic test and measurement solutions and MRO tools
systems, improving time-to-market for a wide
Language Solution
and supplies. The company takes a consultative
variety of applications and end markets. Booth 2635 approach to ensure customers find the best
17595 Kenwood Trail, Suite 120 solutions for their needs, backed by unmatched
Lakeville, MN 55044 post-sale support and industry-leading warranties.
Tel: (952) 435-8178 TestEquity is an authorized stocking distributor
Fax: (952) 435-3626 for hundreds of leading manufacturers, and
pm@tembua.com it designs and manufactures its own line of
www.tembua.com environmental test chambers.

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Exhibitor Profiles
Minneapolis 2016

Thermetic Products Inc. The company’s flagship 3-D printer, the 3DP implantable medical devices, surgical instruments,
Booth 1560 Workbench, is an additive manufacturing electronics, and more; and in-house engineering,
workbench that offers a large build area of 1 x prototyping, validation, and full-scale production.
1405 Colorado Avenue S.
1 x 0.5 m. PBC Linear began in 1983 as Pacific ISO 9001:2008/ISO 13485 certified.
St. Louis Park, MN 55416 Bearing Company. It specializes in out-of-the-
Tel: (952) 542-9355 box components, mechanical subassemblies, and
Toshiba Machine Co. of America
even complete linear systems.
www.thermetic.com Booth 939
Thermetic Products Inc. is a manufacturer of 755 Greenleaf Avenue
3M Life Science Sterilization
medical coils and custom heating elements. Elk Grove Village, IL 60007
Booth 2650
Tel: (800) 275-8373
ThinFilms Inc. 3M Center Building 275-4E-01 Fax: (909) 923-7258
St. Paul, MN 55144-1000 mparnell@toshiba-machine.com
Booth 1957
Tel: (651) 736-2395 www.toshiba-machine.com
15 Ilene Court Building www.solutions.3m.com Toshiba Machine Co. of America offers
#12, Unit #6
environmentally friendly all-electric and servo
Hillsborough, NJ 08844 TLC Electronics Inc. motor hydraulic injection-molding machines
Tel: (908) 359-7014 Booth 1940 from 30 to 3,850 tons.
Fax: (908) 359-7015
18 Long Lake Road
St. Paul, MN 55115 Total Phase Inc.
ThinFilms Inc., located in New Jersey, has been
Tel: (651) 488-2933 Booth 310
providing thin film services since 1988, The core Fax: (651) 488-3246 2350 Mission College Boulevard
business is sputtered and evaporated coatings s.olson@tlcelectronics.com Suite 1100
like titanium, platinum, gold, and titanium www.tlcelectronics.com Santa Clara, CA 95054
nitride. Plastics and other temperature-sensitive TLC Electronics Inc. is a value-added Tel: (408) 850-6500
substrates and piezo-electric substrates are coated distributor of electromechanical components
on a regular basis. Ion milling and other surface and subassemblies with a focus on medical
Total Phase is a leading provider of embedded
treatments are also provided. device applications.
systems development tools for engineers all over
the world. The company’s mission is to create
Thomas Engineering Co. T.O. Plastics Inc. powerful, high-quality, and affordable solutions for
Booth 2512 Booth 1019 the embedded engineer. For years, the company
830 County Road 75 has developed products that have become tools
7024 Northland Drive N. of choice for Fortune 500 companies, small
Minneapolis, MN 55428 Clearwater, MN 55320
businesses, and research institutions alike. The
Tel: (763) 533-1501 Tel: (320) 558-5620
simplicity and ease of integration of Total Phase
Fax: (763) 533-8091 Fax: (320) 558-2326
products has led to many unique engineering
jmorris@thomasengineering.com alaudenbach@toplastics.com solutions. As customers buildits products into their
www.thomasengineering.com www.toplastics.com systems, Total Phase actively incorporates their
Thomas Engineering Co. is a contract Since 1948, T.O. Plastics Inc. has manufactured feedback, building the solutions that engineers
manufacturer of precision metal stampings of quality custom thermoformed parts and find most valuable. Customers are able to leverage
microminiature, miniature, and medium-size packaging, and provided exceptional services to these solutions to build higher-quality products for
varieties. The company offers engineering customers around the world. As one of the top their own markets.
support from design conception through 100 thermoforming companies in North America,
complete manufacturing process and is ISO the company delivers value by focusing on
customer needs and by offering a full range of Totex Manufacturing Inc.
9001:2008 certified. Capabilities include thin
services from design to distribution. Booth 1916
metal stampings as thin as .001 in., precision
rapid prototype parts, complex forming, and 2927 Lomita Boulevard
progressive tooling with secondary operations. Top Tool Torrance, CA 90505
Booth 1738 Tel: (310) 326-2028
3D Platform / PBC Linear Fax: (310) 326-2336
3100 84th Lane N.E.
Booth 625 www.totexmfg.com
Minneapolis, MN 55449
Totex Manufacturing was founded in 1985, with
6402 Rockton Road Tel: (763) 786-0030
the Torrance facility opening in 1996. From the
Roscoe, IL 61073 Fax: (763) 786-0066 start, it designed and manufactured nothing but
Tel: (779) 771-0000 dakari@toptool.com battery packs and chargers, and that is still its sole
Fax: (815) 389-5790 www.toptool.com focus. Totex started in the laptop replacement
kecheng.lu@3dpunlimited.com Top Tool manufactures high-precision battery market before lithium ion cells were
www.3dplatform.com microminiature components featuring complex widely available for commercial use. At the time,
3D Platform is a leading manufacturer of geometries and tight tolerances, stamped from NiCd was the preferred chemistry until NiMH
industrial-strength, large-format 3-D printers. ultra-thin, exotic materials. It is an innovator came along, and shortly thereafter lithium ion
in world-class tooling development for started its rise.
manufacturing. It offers inventive solutions for

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Exhibitor Profiles
Minneapolis 2016

TouchMark Transfer Tool Products Trinity Logistics

Booth 1543 Booth 407 Booth 834
1881 Whipple Avenue 50 Fallon Avenue
Hayward, CA 94544 Seaford, DE 19973
Tel: (510) 264-9246 Tel: (800) 846-3400
Fax: (510) 264-9251 kellie.morgan@trinitylogistics.com
14444 168th Avenue
jnunes@gelpak.com www.trinitylogistics.com
Grand Haven, MI 49417 Trinity Logistics is a third-party logistics (3PL)
TouchMark specializes in medical device Tel: (616) 846-8510 company offering transportation services,
marking and product decoration. The ISO- Fax: (616) 846-5628 including truckload, less-than-truckload,
certified company uses medical-grade inks and mpuskarich@transfertool.com intermodal, expedited, and transportation
adheres to the strictest standards to achieve www.transfertool.com management software.
permanent ink adhesion on medical grade Transfer Tool Products is a designer
plastics. Whether it’s 360-degree rotational and manufacturer of deep-drawn TriStar Inc.
printing on a catheter or printing curved, recessed Booth 2254
metal stampings.
areas on a medical device, TouchMark can
customize a print process for the application.
Tri-Mag LLC
Toxikon Corp. Booth 2149
Booth 1631 3740 E. La Salle Street
Phoenix, AZ 85040
Tel: (480) 356-0871
1601 N. Clancy Court Fax: (602) 333-1602
Visalia, CA 93291-9253 becca.briley@tristar.com
15 Wiggins Avenue
Tel: (559) 651-2222 www.tristar.com
Bedford, MA 01730
Fax: (559) 651-0811 TriStar Inc.’s mission is to make the
Tel: (781) 275-3330
cfrederick@curtisind.com product development process a
Fax: (781) 280-0204
www.tri-mag.com competitive advantage for its clients. By
Tri-Mag LLC, a Curtis Industries Co., is understanding clients’ business initiatives,
www.toxikon.com and how they design and manufacture
a manufacturer of superior quality power
Toxikon Corp. is a contract research
components, including AC-DC power products and share that data within the
organization (CRO). With a state-of-the art
supplies, DC-DC converters, and EMI/RFI enterprise, it provides tailored solutions
laboratory facility in Massachusetts, and a
filters for use in medical, gaming, to optimize the product development
second European lab operation in Leuven,
ITE, and other high/continuous-duty process. Since 1988, TriStar has offered
Belgium, it delivers exceptional technical
and high-reliability applications. all aspects of PLM and PDM, strategizing,
research and development services, from
implementation, advising, training, and
concept to final product. Its professional
TRICOR Systems Inc. more.
and scientific staff is experienced in a
comprehensive range of compound Booth 1844
Tru Tech Systems
structures, therapeutic agents, medical 1650 Todd Farm Drive
Elgin, IL 60123
Booth 1716
devices, and combination products.
Tel: (847) 742-5542 24550 N. River Road
Fax: (847) 742-5574 P.O. Box 46965
TPI Arcade
tomallen@tricor-systems.com Mount Clemens, MI 48046
Booth 413
www.tricor-systems.com Tel: (877) 878-8324
7888 Route 98 TRICOR Systems Inc. has provided electronic Fax: (586) 469-2702
Arcade, NY 14009 contract manufacturing since 1976. Its sksmarsh@trutechsystems.com
Tel: (585) 492-0122 engineering staff develops electromechanical/ www.trutechsystems.com
Fax: (585) 492-0169 electro-optical equipment from concept Tru Tech Systems is a CNC precision
edepczyn@tpicast.com to finished product. TRICOR designs and grinding company.
www.tpicast.com manufactures Class 1, 2, and 3 medical devices
TPI Arcade is one of the most advanced and offers services ranging from short-run
aluminum V-process casting facilities in the prototypes to long-range production. TRICOR
United States. V-process casting offers twice the is ISO 90001:2008, ISO 13485:2003, AS9100,
dimensional accuracy of common sand casting. and FDA registered. TRICOR works with and
Wall thicknesses as low as .125-in., 0º draft, mentors new companies.
smooth-surface finishes, and unlimited pattern
life are just a few advantages. The company
prides itself on speed to market with samples
provided in less than three weeks.

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Exhibitor Profiles
Minneapolis 2016

TRUMPF Inc. Tykma-Electrox Ultrafab Inc.

Booth 2405 Booth 2519 Booth 1055
370 Gateway Drive 1050 Hook Road
Chillicothe, OH 45601 Farmington, NY 14425
Tel: (877) 318-9562 Tel: (585) 924-2186
troy@simonmachinery.com www.ultrafab.com
Farmington Industrial Park, 3
Johnson Avenue Tykma-Electrox is a world-class manufacturer of UMC Inc.
Farmington, CT 06032 industrial laser marking, etching, and engraving Booth 2430
Tel: (860) 255-6116 systems. The company continuously develops 500 Chelsea Road
Fax: (860) 255 6424 new products to boost the productivity of the
Monticello, MN 55362
ryan.keefe@us.trumpf.com laser marking industry worldwide. All products
Tel: (763) 271-5218
www.us.trumpf.com are fully warranted and backed with exceptional
Fax: (763) 271-5249
service. Tykma-Electrox company meets all
As a world market leader in laser bburnham@burnbrightcom.com
marking needs.
technology, TRUMPF Inc. offers an www.ultramc.com
extensive product portfolio for cutting, UMC Inc. serves a range of markets, including
welding, and FDA-approved UDI marking medical, aerospace, commercial, industrial,
Booth 649 energy, and others. Capabilities include
of a variety of medical devices. Additional
business divisions include machine tools prototyping, engineering, precision machining,
and electronics. supply chain, quality management, continuous
improvement, finishing, and complex assemblies.
With more multi-axis machines than most
Tsugami/Rem Sales 2901 W. 28th Street, Suite 100 competitors, its machining capabilities include
Booth 2255 Santa Monica, CA 90405 five-, seven-, nine-, and 11-axis machining; CNC
Tel: (310) 445-4200 turning; EDM; Swiss; and tool grinding.
Fax: (310) 445-4299
www.ubm.com Uniglobe-Kisco Inc.
910 Day Hill Road UBM, the leading B2B media company Booth 2641
dedicated exclusively to the global 707 Westchester Avenue
Windsor, CT 06095
$3.0 trillion advanced manufacturing Suite 207
Tel: (866) 224-8576
sector, helps support the flow of White Plains, NY 10604
Fax: (860) 687-3401
information, commerce, and innovation Tel: (914) 397-1150
in such sophisticated segments as Fax: (914) 397-1155
medical devices and pharmaceutical npadgett@uniglobe-kisco.com
Tsugami/Rem Sales is an exclusive
development. UBM also addresses www.uniglobe-kisco.com/index.html
North American source for Precision
cutting-edge developments in broader Uniglobe-Kisco Inc. supplies a full range of
Tsugami machine tools. Products include products and services related to industries such
areas of advanced engineering design
CNC automatic lathes, multifunction as electronics, chemicals, and medical plastics
and manufacturing, and manufacturing
machines, horizontal machining centers, manufacturing. Along with the latest information
processes and packaging.
LaserSwiss machines, and more. In and technology, the company provides the best
addition to ensuring machines are fully proposals and consulting to support the success of
Ulbrich Stainless Steel its customers’ businesses.
turnkey, Tsugami/Rem Sales applications
& Special Metals Inc.
engineers help manufacturers develop
and implement the most efficient
Booth 2215 UNIQBAG
machining processes. The company also 153 Washington Avenue Booth 639
provides customer training and service. North Haven, CT 06473
16030 Arthur Street
Tel: (203) 239-4481
Cerritos, CA 90703
Fax: (203) 239-7479
Twin City EDM & Mfg. Inc. Tel: (323) 522-5625
Booth 1334 gideon@uniqbag.com
7940 Ranchers Road N.E. www.uniqbag.com
Ulbrich Stainless Steels & Special Metals Inc.
Fridley, MN 55432 UNIQBAG offers inflatable protective airbag
is a global precision re-roller and distributor
packaging materials.
Tel: (763) 783-7808 of stainless steel and special metals strip, foil,
Fax: (763) 783-7842 shaped wire, fine wire, sheet, plate, and bar
slindell@twincityedm.com products for use in the medical, automotive, University of St. Thomas
www.twincityedm.com nuclear, and aerospace industries. The company Booth 2543
Twin City EDM & Mfg. Inc. provides CNC turning offers twelve locations in five countries, 1000 LaSalle Avenue
and five-axis milling, Swiss turning, wire and sinker including Asia, Europe, and North America, with Minneapolis, MN 55403
EDM, micro-hole burning, and laser marking. additional sales representation worldwide.
Tel: (651) 962-4200

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Exhibitor Profiles
Minneapolis 2016

The University of St. Thomas Opus College of equipment, and aerospace parts. For more than Tel: (760) 604-7100
Business develops effective, principled business 30 years, Valtronic has helped companies Fax: (951) 927-3710
leaders who think globally, act ethically, and develop and produce thousands of Class II and sjoe@velauv.com
create enduring value for society. Choose from III medical devices and advanced miniaturized www.velauv.com
a variety of MBA, specialized master’s, and electronic assemblies. Vela Technologies Inc. solves the toughest 3-D
graduate-business certificate programs including UV-curing challenges: complex shapes, difficult
Healthcare (MBA), Business Analytics (MA/ Vante coatings, and getting sufficient UV into nooks
Certificate), Healthcare Communication (MS) and crannies or into bond lines. The company’s
Booth 1705
and more. Additional information is available at chambers can be used for catheter and guidewire
the university’s Web site. 100 N. Tucson Boulevard coatings, catheter device attachments, and
Tucson, AZ 85716 adhesive bonding and assembly applications.
US Digital Tel: (520) 881-6555
Booth 2232 sales@vante.com
VEM Tooling
Booth 2259
Vante is a global technology company that
designs and manufactures medical plastic 2110 Artesia Boulevard
processing equipment. The company offers Redondo Beach, CA 90278
1400 N.E. 136th Avenue catheter manufacturing systems, industrial Tel: (310) 406-2822
tube sealers, and plastic sealing and welding Fax: (310) 356-3528
Vancouver, WA 98684
technology. Vante supports plastic forming nicole.vantriel@vem-ltd.com
Tel: (360) 260-2468 applications such as tipping, flaring, bonding, and www.vem-tooling.com
Fax: (360) 260-2469 necking for catheters and other medical devices. VEM Tooling is a German-owned
sales@usdigital.com moldmaker with facilities in China, Thailand,
www.usdigital.com Vascutek Ltd and India focusing on high-precision plastic
From saving lives to advancing them, Booth 1251 injection molds.
from textiles to transportation, US Digital
Newmains Avenue
designs and tests every encoder in its Venta Medical Inc.
Renfrewshire, PA4 9RR UK
Vancouver, Washington facility to ensure Booth 2525
Tel: 44 1418125555
the level of quality global manufacturers 1971 Milmont Drive
depend on every day. The company
Fax: 44 1418127170
j.veitch@vascutek.com Milpitas, CA 95035
brings that same level of quality to Tel: (408) 797-2414
personalized service, with responsive www.oem.vascutek.com
For more than 30 years, Vascutek Ltd., info@ventamedical.com
and knowledgeable sales teams ready to www.ventamedical.com
address each unique application. a Terumo company, has been delivering
Venta Medical is a turnkey contract manufacturer
world-class medical textiles to its
providing expertise in integrated medical
OEM partners. The company delivers
VACCO Industries solutions to medical and life science companies.
world-class textiles that are trusted by Solutions include planning; procurement; process
Booth 2341
medical professionals for their quality validation; production assembly, and packaging,
10350 Vacco Street and reliability. Vascutek’s philosophy is sterilization, and inventory management to
South El Monte, CA 91733-3399
simple: whatever its customer wants, its OEMs and start-ups. Implants, custom delivery
Tel: (626) 443-7121 catheters, and medical disposables are within its
will do its best to provide.
Fax: (626) 350-0533 ISO 13485 certification processed at its FDA-
jnorton@vacco.com registered facility.
Veco USA
In business since 1954, VACCO Industries Booth 2415
Vention Medical
produces precision-etched parts and assemblies 3201 Rotary Drive Booth 2117
through the use of photochemical etching, micro Charlotte, NC 28269
laser cutting/welding, and diffusion bonding Tel: (781) 425-6050
services. Whether an application is in large or charlie.vlachos@spgprints.com
small volume, VACCO can be of assistance. www.vecoprecision.com
Veco USA is a world leader in electroforming 261 Cedar Hill Street
Valtronic and photo chemical etching, specializing in Marlborough, MA 01752
Booth 1114 manufacturing metallic components with
Tel: (508) 481-6233
demanding micron-sized features typically
29200 Fountain Parkway Fax: (908) 561-7314
found in digital printers, nebulizers, filters,
Solon, OH 44139 motion controllers, and consumer products. kmisra@ventionmedical.com
Tel: (440) 349-1239 Co-development, prototyping, and high-volume www.ventionmedical.com
Fax: (440) 349-1040 production are commonplace, and its world-class Vention Medical is a global integrated
jwettstein@valtronic.com factories and cleanrooms provide high quality, solutions partner with more than 30 years
www.valtronic.com resolution, and precision at affordable prices. of experience in design, engineering,
Valtronic innovates and manufactures
and manufacturing of complex medical
miniaturized electronic products for its
Vela Technologies Inc. devices and components. The company
trusted medical device partners. The
company’s customers are global suppliers
Booth 2517 specializes in components and services,
of medical implants and devices, diagnostic 1286 University Avenue, #904 including catheters, balloons, extrusions,
imaging equipment, advanced industrial San Diego, CA 92103 polyimide and composite tubing,

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Exhibitor Profiles
Minneapolis 2016

heat-shrink tubing, reinforced shafts, precision wire arrays, stents and other expandable VTI Vacuum Technologies Inc.
cleanroom injection molding, and finished parts, and many other specialty items. The company Booth 1650
device assembly and packaging. uses wire, nonmetallic fiber, tubing, and other
1215 Industrial Avenue
miniature raw materials in device component
development and manufacturing. Reedsburg, WI 53959
Versa Electronics Tel: (608) 524-9822
Booth 1851 Fax: (608) 524-9722
Virginia Economic Development
3943 Quebec Avenue N. holly@vactecinc.com
Partnership (VEDP) www.vactecinc.com
Minneapolis, MN 55427
Booth 1255 VTI Vacuum Technologies Inc. supplies EMI/
Tel: (763) 557-6737
Fax: (763) 544-4022 901 Cary Street, 9th Floor RFI/ESD shielding and form-in-place gasketing
korr@versae.com Richmond, VA 23219 solutions for medical, defense, aerospace, and
Tel: (804) 545-5600 industrial devices. The company utilizes a vacuum
Fax: (804) 545-5801 deposition process for selectively shielding plastic
Versa Electronics is a full-service electronic
kmiller@yesvirginia.org electronic enclosures. VTI robotically dispenses
contract manufacturer that offers the advantages
www.yesvirginia.org conductive and environmental form-in-place
and capabilities of a large-scale manufacturer
Increasingly, leading pharmaceutical, medical gaskets for sealing plastic and metal components.
to client partners with small- to medium-size
device and biotechnology firms are choosing It is ISO 9001:2008 certified, ITAR compliant,
projects. From surface-mount, through-hole, or
Virginia. The state has dynamic research and veteran owned.
mixed technology circuit board assemblies and
wire harness assemblies to device subassembly universities; numerous federally funded facilities;
and complete box build, the company delivers renowned research institutes, such as SRI Walter R. Hammond Co., a Div
quality electronic products for OEMs on time International and the Howard Hughes Medical of W.P. & R.S. Mars Co.
and on budget. Institute; as well as major manufacturers such Booth 1817
as K2M Inc., MicroAire Surgical Instruments,
3601 29th Avenue N.E.
Vesta Inc. and Cadence Inc. For more information, visit the
VEDP Web site. Minneapolis, MN 55418
Booth 2311 Tel: (612) 781-7441
Fax: (612) 781-6108
VitalDyne Inc.
Booth 1254 www.walterhammond.com
400 Cokato Street E. The Walter R. Hammond Co. is a regional
9900 57th Street Cokato, MN 55321 distributor of abrasives, cutting tools, and
Franklin, WI 53132 Tel: (320) 559-0120 precision measuring that specializes in providing
Tel: (414) 423-0550 Fax: (320) 559-0134 miniature cutting tools for the medical device
Fax: (714) 993-4141 michelle@vitaldyne.com industry. The company is a division of the W.P.
nicholas.galioto@lubrizol.com www.vitaldyne.com & R.S. Mars Co. and is now able to offer a
www.vestainc.com VitalDyne Inc. is a contract development and broader mix of products. Hammond also offers
manufacturing facility with core competencies in supply-chain management programs, which
Vesta Inc., part of Lubrizol LifeSciences,
implantable devices, cardiac and neurostimulation, include vending.
offers custom medical manufacturing
services, including precision vascular access, and instrumentation and sterile
thermoplastic and silicone extrusion as
devices. The company’s laser processes—welding, Washington Penn
cutting Femto II, ablation, and marking—provide Plastic Company Inc.
well as comprehensive silicone fabrication
a great platform for component manufacturing. Booth 1050
from its ISO 13485-certified facilities. The VitalDyne’s systems are ISO 13485:2003 certified.
company capitalizes on more than 40 450 Racetrack Road
years of experience, leveraging expertise Washington, PA 15301
ViVitro Labs
in design assistance, material selection, Tel: (724) 228-1260
Booth 2343 adiadj@washpenn.com
and quality compliance to enable its
customers’ success. 455 Boleskine Road www.washingtonpennplastic.com
Victoria, BC V8Z 1E7 Canada Washington Penn Plastic Company Inc. is a
Tel: (250) 388-3531 leading provider of polypropylene, polyethylene,
ViaMed Corp.
Fax: (250) 483-1975 and TPE-based compounds. The company
Booth 2334 info@vivitrolabs.com focuses on tailoring polyolefin compounds
15-D Plymouth Drive www.vivitrolabs.com to meet the application requirements of its
South Easton, MA 02375 ViVitro Labs offers industry-leading customers. WPP has demonstrated numerous
Tel: (508) 238-0220 cardiovascular test equipment and related successes replacing high-cost engineering resins
Fax: (508) 238-8866 laboratory testing and consulting services. with lower cost materials by expanding the
sales-info@viamedcorp.com Organizations in more than 40 countries trust properties and capabilities of polyolefins.
www.viamedcorp.com its expertise, accuracy, and quality for heart
ViaMed Corp. focuses on custom fabrication of valve, LVAD, TAH, stent, and graft testing. Watson-Marlow Fluid
miniature components and subassemblies, including ViVitro’s lab services hold ISO/IEC 17025 Technology Group
braids, coils, retrieval baskets and graspers, accreditation based on ISO 5840. Its A2LA
Booth 1231
scope of accreditation includes the physical and
mechanical testing of heart-valve substitutes. 37 Upton Technology Park Drive
Wilmington, MA 01887
Tel: (978) 804-6955
Fax: (978) 658-0041

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Exhibitor Profiles
Minneapolis 2016

doreen.goodrich@wmftg.com WhiteBoard Product Solutions Worldwide Foam Ltd.

www.wmftg.com Booth 1838 Booth 724
Watson-Marlow Fluid Technology Group’s
6811 Flying Cloud Drive
peristaltic pumps are ideal for integrating into 620 Riverview Avenue
medical devices and diagnostic test instruments Eden Prairie, MN 55344
Tel: (952) 401-8440 Elkhart, IN 46516
where accurate, safe, and reliable transfer,
metering, and dosing duties are required. Its Fax: (952) 401-8441 Tel: (574) 968-8268
dedicated OEM design, development, and jsargent@whiteboardps.com Fax: (574) 970-0926
production team works with clients to customize www.whiteboardps.com liyang@worldwidefoam.com
a standard option to meet their application WhiteBoard is a full-service product development www.worldwidefoam.com
requirements. Watson-Marlow peristaltic pumps consultancy servicing industries ranging from Worldwide Foam Ltd. is one of the
are used throughout the healthcare industry. consumer products to medical devices. The fastest-growing industrial closed-cell
company’s exposure to various industries is key
foam manufacturers in North America.
to promoting innovation. It employs a range
WC Pallets Since 2008, it has revolutionized the
of creative talent from graphic and industrial
Booth 844 designers, engineers, and model-makers. Services industry by offering one-day lead time
1410 Heggen Street offered include upfront research and validation, from its four strategic locations with
Hudson, WI 54016 plus industrial design, engineering, extensive a wide range of products and sizes.
Tel: (715) 808-8360 prototyping, and promotion. Worldwide Foam began with crosslinked
rolson@wcpallets.com polyethylene (XLPE) and has evolved into
www.wcpallets.com Winchester Electronics a diversified foam supplier that serves
WC Pallets is the manufacturer of a uniquely Booth 2141 multiple industries across North America.
designed, strong (10,000 lbs. compression),
durable, water-resistant and fully recyclable pallet 199 Park Road Extension
Suite 104 Wytech Industries Inc.
made from recycled corrugated cardboard. Booth 2345
Middlebury, CT 06762
Tel: (203) 741-5400
Weiss-Aug Company Inc.
Fax: (203) 741-5500
Booth 1339
220 Merry Lane www.winchesterelectronics.com
East Hanover, NJ 07936 960 E. Hazelwood Avenue
Winchester Electronics is a leader in the
Tel: (973) 887-7600 design and manufacturing of RF microwave, Rahway, NJ 07065
Fax: (973) 887-7456 hermetic, fiber, and power connectors, as well Tel: (732) 396-3900
jvelasco@weiss-aug.com as value-added cable and cable assemblies, with Fax: (732) 396-4943
www.weiss-aug.com manufacturing and distribution facilities located aescaffi@wytech.com
Weiss-Aug Company Inc. is a valued partner worldwide. The company specializes in custom www.wytech.com
for innovative and technically sophisticated connector and overmold assemblies supporting Wytech Industries Inc. provides mandrels,
custom insert molding, precision metal stamping, applications in the medical industry, including
cores, and other wire components to
and automated assembly solutions. The company MRI, monitoring equipment, LVAD systems,
the medical device industry. Services
provides advanced engineering, prototyping, defibrillators, and pulse oximeters.
include straightening, cutting, grinding,
and production of custom-designed components
for the medical, automotive, aerospace, and forming, flaring, EDM, CNC, laser, 3-D
interconnect industries. ISO 90001:2008, printing, assembly, surface treatments,
Booth 235
TS 16949:2009, ISO 13485:2003, and and coatings. The company’s FastLane
ISO 14001 certified. 10016 Edmonds Way, Suite C-300 provides next-day delivery of a variety of
Edmonds, WA 98020 metals, including 304 stainless steel and
Tel: (206) 369-4800 Nitinol. ISO 9001:2008 certified.
Weller/Apex Tool Group
Booth 1833
1000 Lufkin Road; P.O. Box 0728 Xactform USA
wolfSSL was established in 2004 when there was
Apex, NC 27502-0728 no other open-source, dual-licensed embedded Booth 2514
Tel: (919) 387-2514 SSL library available. OpenSSL was available, 515 Evergreen Street
Fax: (919) 387-2544 but many OpenSSL users wanted an alternative Suites B and C
cindy.foster@apextoolgroup.com that was easily portable, smaller, faster, available Panama City Beach, FL 32407
www.weller-toolsus.com under a clear commercial license, and equipped Tel: (850) 230-9848
Weller, associated with soldering innovation, with a clean and modern API. Out of this market Fax: (850) 230-9851
continues to create innovative products that need wolfSSL, complete with an OpenSSL bill@xactform.com
deploy the latest technologies that answer compatibility layer, was born. The first major www.xactform.com
the need for increased productivity. Stop by user of yaSSL was MySQL, the world’s most Xactform USA is a cutting tool manufacturer.
the company’s booth to see its products: WX popular open-source database.
soldering, desoldering, and hot-air stations; WX
rework stations; fume extraction systems; Swiss
precision cutters, pliers, and tweezers; and more.

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Exhibitor Profiles
Minneapolis 2016

Xcel Energy XL Precision Technologies Inc. ZEISS Industrial Metrology

Booth 738 Booth 1919 Booth 1116
414 Nicollet Mall 19 Hagerty Boulevard 6250 Sycamore Lane N.
Minneapolis, MN 55401 West Chester, PA 19382 Maple Grove, MN 55369
Tel: (855) 839-8862 Tel: (610) 350-6993 Tel: (763) 744-2473
energyefficiency@xcelenergy.com Fax: (610) 619-6816 Fax: (763) 533-0219
www.xcelenergy.com r.hurst@xl-pt.com jenna.may@zeiss.com
Xcel Energy’s mission is to provide its customers www.xl-pt.com www.zeiss.com/metrology
with safe, clean, reliable energy at a competitive XL Precision Technologies Inc. is a dedicated ZEISS is an internationally leading technology
price. The company is promoting energy- provider of medical microcomponents, enterprise operating in the optics and
efficiency programs and resources available subassemblies, and complete assemblies. The optoelectronics industries. The Industrial
to its business customers. company offers high-precision, complex- Metrology business group is a leading
geometry metal components and assemblies
manufacturer of multidimensional metrology
utilizing the best combination of EDM wire
Xcentric Mold erosion, spark erosion, laser cutting, marking, solutions. These include coordinate measuring
& Engineering Inc. and laser welding. XL-PT provides fabricated machines and metrology software for the
Booth 424 medical-grade tubes in most metal alloys. automotive, aircraft, mechanical engineering,
Original and DFM design services are available. plastics and medical technology industries.
ISO 13485:2003.
Zeus Inc.
Zaxis Inc. Booth 2105
24541 Maplehurst Drive Booth 2618
3737 Industrial Boulevard
Clinton Township, MI 48051 Orangeburg, SC 29118
Tel: (586) 598-4636 Tel: (803) 268-9500
Fax: (586) 598-5704 Fax: (803) 533-5694
www.xcentricmold.com 2442 S. 2570 W. support@zeusinc.com
Xcentric Mold & Engineering is an ISO Salt Lake City, UT 84119 www.zeusinc.com
9001:2008-certified lean manufacturer Tel: (801) 264-1000
Celebrating 50 years as a leader in polymer
specializing in custom plastic part design, extrusions, Zeus Inc. is unveiling its latest
Fax: (801) 265-8413 innovation, LCP monofilament. Zeus LCP
prototype molds, and injection-molded
dparr@zaxisinc.com is an optimal choice when nonmetallic braid
parts. Capabilities include low-volume
www.zaxisinc.com reinforcement is required. Try FluoroPEELZ®,
and short-run production, rapid injection
Zaxis Inc. has applied more than 25 the company’s peelable heat-shrink simplifying
molding, tooling, rapid prototyping, quick catheter assembly. Absorv® Bioabsorbable
years of leak test experience to design
turnaround, single-component projects tubing is now available in 100 μm thicknesses.
leak test instrumentation that is applicable
or multiple-part programs, and simple to
to a variety of industries. The Isaac HD
complicated tight-tolerance parts. It serves
multifunction leak tester allows customers
the defense, medical, and other industries.
to achieve their leak testing expectations
in every application. High speed and
high resolution are easily achieved in
every application.

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Alphabetical Exhibitors List
Minneapolis 2016

AbeTech, 1013, MPACK Aspect Automation, 1004, ATX

Abiomed Inc., 1855, MD&M A.S.S. End of Arm Tooling Inc., 845, ATX
Absolute Haitian, 931, PLASTEC ATC Automation, 731, ATX
Absolute Robot, 931, PLASTEC ATEX Technologies Inc., 2630, MD&M
Accu-Glass LLC, 2244, MD&M ATL (Ad Tape & Label Company Inc.), 1208, MD&M
Accumark Inc., 1343, MD&M ATL Technology, 2239, MD&M
Accumold®, 2419, MD&M ATOM Precision of America, 1554, MD&M
AccuTEC Blades, 1245, MD&M Automatic Manufacturing Enterprise Ltd., 2433, MD&M
Active Manufacturing, 1605, MD&M Automation Inc., 805, ATX
Admedes Schuessler GmbH, 2624, MD&M Automator, 1404, MD&M
Advance Turning and Manufacturing, 1209, MD&M Aven Inc., 725, ATX
Advanced Inspection Services, 2162, MD&M Averna, 2151, MD&M
Advanced Molding Technologies, 2032, MD&M AWT Labels & Packaging, 1841, MD&M
Advanced Plating Technologies, 2508, MD&M Aztalan Engineering Inc., 2313, MD&M
Advanced Powder Products Inc., 2534, MD&M B. Braun OEM Div., 1611, MD&M
AdvancedTek, 1239, MD&M Baillie Sales and Engineering, 1404, MD&M
AdvanTech International, 830, ATX Bal Seal Engineering, Inc., 2038, MD&M
Aerotek, 2157, MD&M Barger, a Div. of Placon, 1119, MD&M
Affordable Buckets LLC, 917, MPACK Baril Corp., 2233, MD&M
AGC Chemicals Americas Inc., 1210, MD&M Batten & Allen Ltd., 2245, MD&M
Air Engineering & Supply Company Inc. (AES), 1431, MD&M Bay Associates Wire Technologies, 1744, MD&M
Airtex Solutions, 1350, MD&M Beamer Laser Marking, 1859, MD&M
Alconox Inc., 1533, MD&M Benchmark Electronics, 2438, MD&M
All Flex - Flexible Circuits and Heaters, 2234, MD&M Beta LaserMike Products, 1113, MD&M
All-Pac, 718, MPACK BINDER Inc., 932, PLASTEC
Allegro Software, 227, ESC Biomerics, 2155, MD&M
Altech Corp., 506, D&M Blockwise Engineering, 1710, MD&M
Altron Inc., 1505, MD&M Blue Sages, 2642, MD&M
AlumiPlate Inc., 2654, MD&M Bluestar Silicones, 1717, MD&M
Amada Miyachi America Inc., 1542, MD&M Bob Inc., 2413, MD&M
Amcor Flexibles, 1417, MD&M Boker’s Inc., 617, MPACK
American Preclinical Services, 1511, MD&M Boston Centerless, 1939, MD&M
AMETEK Engineered Medical Components, 1805, MD&M Boy Machines Inc., 1548, MD&M
AMETEK Specialty Metal Products/Hamilton Braas Co., 607, ATX
Precision Metals, 1405, MD&M Branson Ultrasonics Corp., 2017, MD&M
AML, 734, MPACK Brookdale Plastics Inc., 1938, MD&M
Amparo Medical Technologies, 2501, MD&M Brunk Industries Inc., 2524, MD&M
AMS Micromedical LLC, 2145, MD&M BSI Group America Inc., 1840, MD&M
Anderson Agency Inc., 2528, MD&M BTW Inc., 1948, MD&M
Andpak Midwest, 1018, MPACK Burpee Materials Technology LLC, 2409, MD&M
Anomet Products, 2040, MD&M Burton Industries Inc., 2050, MD&M
ANSYS Inc., 509, D&M C-Axis, 1204, MD&M
API Technologies, 1933, MD&M Can-Am Engineering, 1725, MD&M
Apollo Medical Extrusion, 1748, MD&M Can-Am Integration Inc., 1725, MD&M
Apple Rubber Products, 2110, MD&M Canon USA, 1451, MD&M
ARBURG Inc., 925, PLASTEC Caplugs, 1842, MD&M
Arena Products, 935, MPACK Carlisle Medical Technologies, 2338, MD&M
Arizona Instrument LLC, 930, PLASTEC CarTika Medical, 1731, MD&M
Asahi Intecc USA Inc., 2125, MD&M

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Alphabetical Exhibitors List
Minneapolis 2016

Caztek Engineering, 2042, MD&M Dunn Industries Inc., 1604, MD&M

CBG Technologies, 1351, MD&M Dyna-Graphics Corp., 713, MPACK
Central Wire Industries Ltd., 2143, MD&M Dynamic Group, 2417, MD&M
Centrix Contract Services, 1413, MD&M Dynamic Tool & Design, 1313, MD&M
Century College, 1141, MD&M Eagle Stainless Tube & Fabrication Inc., 2316, MD&M
Chandler Industries Inc., 2412, MD&M East Montgomery County Improvement District (EMCID), 711, MPACK
Chemtech Plastics Inc., 1048, PLASTEC EDM Sales & Supplies Inc., 2542, MD&M
Ching Cheng Wire Material Co., Ltd., 608, D&M EG-GILERO, 1241, MD&M
Cincinnati Test Systems (CTS), 1404, MD&M EI Microcircuits Inc., 1861, MD&M
Circuit Check, 1915, MD&M Electro-Matic Integrated, 838, ATX
Circuit Solutions, 1340, MD&M Electrolizing Corp. of Ohio, 1640, MD&M
Classic Coil Company Inc., 1444, MD&M Electronic Systems Inc., 1409, MD&M
Clean Air Products Corp., 2356, MD&M Elektrisola Inc., 1330, MD&M
Code Corporation, 327, ESC Elgiloy Specialty Metals Inc., 1344, MD&M
Cognex, 805, ATX Ellsworth Adhesives, 1525, MD&M
Cold Jet, 938, PLASTEC Elpa Displays Inc., 2454, MD&M
Cole-Parmer, 2350, MD&M Elytone Electronic Co., 1556, MD&M
Collagen Solutions, 2554, MD&M EMA Design Automation Inc., 333, ESC
ComDel Innovation Inc., 1942, MD&M Emerald Corp., 1605, MD&M
Compounding Solutions LLC, 1206, MD&M Endress+Hauser GmbH+Co. KG, 631, ATX
Computer Aided Technology Inc., 1448, MD&M ENGEL, 1125, MD&M
Computer Designs Custom Thermoforming, 2644, MD&M Epicor Software Corp., 634, D&M
Conair, 1031, PLASTEC Epilog Laser, 1445, MD&M
Concept Molds, 1612, MD&M Esma Inc., 1316, MD&M
Conductive Technologies Inc., 2031, MD&M EUROFLEX GmbH, 1638, MD&M
Coridian Technologies Inc., 743, MPACK Evonik Corp., 1308, MD&M
CP Precision, 1332, MD&M Exacto Spring, 2030, MD&M
CPC, 1531, MD&M Excelitas Technologies (OmniCure), 2235, MD&M
Creganna Medical & AdvancedCath, Excelta, 1761, MD&M
Part of TE Connectivity, 2205, MD&M Fabrico Medical, 2608, MD&M
Cretex Medical Companies, 2225, MD&M Farlow’s Scientific Glass Blowing Inc., 2238, MD&M
CRI Medical Devices, 1315, MD&M FasTest Inc., 2634, MD&M
Custom Mold & Design Inc., 2014, MD&M Fastron Americas, 2058, MD&M
Cyient, 1450, MD&M Fedco Batteries, 2434, MD&M
DAKLAPACK USA, 833, MPACK Fine Tubes - AMETEK Specialty Metal Products, 1405, MD&M
DDL Inc., 1830, MD&M FISO Technologies Inc., 1317, MD&M
Design News, 649, D&M Five Star Plastics, 2518, MD&M
Design Solutions, 1849, MD&M Flambeau Medical Markets Group, 2054, MD&M
DESTACO Automation Products, 805, ATX Flexible Circuit Technologies Inc., 1944, MD&M
DG Interconnect, 1510, MD&M FlexMation Inc., 817, MPACK
Diamond Tool and Engineering, 1134, PLASTEC Fluortek Inc., 1911, MD&M
Dino-Lite Scopes (BigC), 1438, MD&M FMI Inc. Medical Silicone Molding, 2212, MD&M
Diversified Plastics Inc., 2138, MD&M Forecast 3D, 513, D&M
DornerWorks, 1605, MD&M Formlabs Inc., 406, D&M
Douglas Corp., 616, D&M Fort Wayne Metals, 2305, MD&M
DPSS Lasers Inc., 1648, MD&M Furukawa Techno Material Co., 1244, MD&M
DSM, 1304, MD&M GCX Corp., 1959, MD&M
dSPACE Inc., 222, ESC Gel-Pak, 1543, MD&M
Dukane Corp., 1941, MD&M

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Alphabetical Exhibitors List
Minneapolis 2016

Gerbig Engineering Co., 1411, MD&M Instron, 1205, MD&M

GigaParts Inc., 540 Insurance Advisors Inc., 841, ATX
Glines & Rhodes Inc., 2213, MD&M International Business Support Services Inc., 1558, MD&M
Global Contract Manufacturing (GCM), 1110, MD&M International Magnesium Association, 2541, MD&M
Global Shop Solutions, 610, D&M International Management Systems Marketing (IMSM), 1649, MD&M
GlobTek Inc., 1839, MD&M International Polymer Engineering Inc. (IPE), 1610, MD&M
Gowanda Electronics, 1950, MD&M Interpower® Corp., 1630, MD&M
GP:50 New York Ltd., 945, PLASTEC Interwire Group, 1532, MD&M
Graco Inc., 1443, MD&M IntriCon Corp., 1324, MD&M
Gradient Lens Corp., 2442, MD&M IoPP Minnesota Chapter, 840, MPACK
Grand Avenue Software Inc., 1635, MD&M Iowa Area Development Group, 630, D&M
Green Hills Software Inc., 211, ESC IPG Photonics, 2638, MD&M
Greene Rubber Co., 416, D&M IQMS, 1045, PLASTEC
Hans Laser/Gromax Enterprises Corp., 1432, MD&M Ironwood Electronics, 216, ESC
Harding Energy Inc., 1530, MD&M Ironwood Industries, 1931, MD&M
Harland Medical Systems Inc., 1508, MD&M ISO Finishing, 1215, MD&M
Hart Enterprises Inc., 1831, MD&M Isthmus Engineering & Manufacturing, 1331, MD&M
HAUG North America, 812, MPACK Itechra, 2159, MD&M
HBM Test and Measurement, 1815, MD&M J-Pac Medical, 1741, MD&M
Heigl Adhesive Sales & Equipment, 1005, MPACK J&J Machine Inc., 2450, MD&M
Heraeus Medical Components, 2005, MD&M JAB Manufacturing LLC, 1111, MD&M
Heraeus Medical Components (HMC) Deutschland, 2005, MD&M Jiangsu Hengtai Electronics and Plastic Company Ltd., 512, D&M
Heraeus Medical Components Costa Rica, 2005, MD&M JMEDTECH Pte. Ltd., 1342, MD&M
Herrmann Ultrasonics Inc., 2616, MD&M Johnson Company Mfg. Reps, 1625, MD&M
Hi-Tec Finishing, 2429, MD&M Johnson Matthey Inc., 2011, MD&M
Hi-Tech Products, 2501, MD&M Judson A. Smith Company, 1149, MD&M
High Mark Systems, 912, MPACK JunoPacific, 2225, MD&M
Hisco Inc., 2333, MD&M K-Tube Technologies, 2133, MD&M
Hiwin Technologies Corp., 705, ATX Kablooe, 1238, MD&M
Höganäs AB, 2344, MD&M Kaeser Compressors Inc., 810, MPACK
Hoowaki, 1745, MD&M Kato Cable, 1945, MD&M
HTP-Meds LLC, 1434, MD&M KDF, 1860, MD&M
HWTrek, 524, D&M Kenmode Precision Metal Stamping, 2505, MD&M
Hydromer Inc., 1412, MD&M Key Electronics Inc., 1854, MD&M
I-Tek Medical Technologies, 1535, MD&M Keyence Corp. of America, 1811, MD&M
i4 Solutions, 1009, MPACK Keystone Solutions Group, 1605, MD&M
iFixit, 535, MD&M Klugé Design Inc., 1512, MD&M
IKO International Inc., 1207, MD&M Koganei International America Inc., 2639, MD&M
Imperial Plastics, 2441, MD&M Kongskilde Industries Inc., 1044, PLASTEC
Independent Packing Services Inc., 919, MPACK Koops Inc., 1605, MD&M
Indo-US MIM Tec Pvt. Ltd., 1639, MD&M Kovatch Castings Inc., 2548, MD&M
Industrial Controls Co., 730, ATX K.S. of West Virginia Company Ltd., 530, D&M
Industrial Molded Rubber Products, 915, MPACK Kyocera International Inc., 1742, MD&M
Industrial Molds Group, 1043, PLASTEC KYZEN, 1112, MD&M
Infinity LTL Engineered Compounds, 1743, MD&M Lakeside Casting Solutions, 430, D&M
Innovative Laser Technologies, 2617, MD&M Lakewood Products, 1956, MD&M
Innovize, 2134, MD&M Laser Light Technologies, 1755, MD&M
INO, 2256, MD&M Laserage Technology Corp., 2525, MD&M

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Alphabetical Exhibitors List
Minneapolis 2016

LaserLinc Inc., 2601, MD&M Metro Mold & Design (MMD Medical), 2216, MD&M
Lauterbach Inc., 226, ESC MetroSpex LLC, 2609, MD&M
Leader Tech Inc., 1740, MD&M MICRO, 1105, MD&M
The Lee Company, 2342, MD&M Micro Control Co., 507, D&M
Legend Technical Services, 1835, MD&M Micro Crystal AG, 2440, MD&M
Leister Technologies LLC, 1011, MPACK Micro Parts, 2249, MD&M
Liquidmetal Technologies Inc., 2432, MD&M Micro-Matics Inc., 2507, MD&M
LISI Medical Remmele, 2211, MD&M MicroGroup Inc., 1454, MD&M
Loos & Company Inc., 2515, MD&M MicroLumen Inc., 1825, MD&M
Lou-Rich, 2544, MD&M MICROMO, 1249, MD&M
LPKF Laser & Electronics, 1850, MD&M Microspec Corp., 2331, MD&M
Lube-Tech & Partners LLC, 1714, MD&M Midwest Machine Tool Supply, 705, ATX
Lubrizol LifeSciences, 2311, MD&M Midwest Machine Tool Supply/DESTACO, 705, ATX
Lumentum, 2142, MD&M Midwest Machine Tool Supply/SCHMIDT, 705, ATX
Machine Control Specialists Inc., 2324, MD&M Midwest Machine Tool Supply/TELESIS, 705, ATX
Machine Solutions Inc., 1705, MD&M Minitab Inc., 1118, MD&M
MAJiK Medical Solutions Pvt. Ltd., 1310, MD&M Minitubes, 2339, MD&M
Mangar Medical Packaging, 2131, MD&M Minnesota Rubber & Plastics, 519, D&M
Mark-10 Corp., 1449, MD&M Minnesota Wire, 2043, MD&M
Marshall Manufacturing, 2048, MD&M Minnetronix Inc., 1312, MD&M
Martech® Medical, 1730, MD&M Mitsubishi Electric Automation, 805, ATX
Martin Calibration Co., 1104, MD&M MMD Medical LLC, 2216, MD&M
Maruka USA, 1025, PLASTEC Modified Polymer Components Inc., 1539, MD&M
Master Prosperous Industrial Co. (MPI), 531, D&M Mold Base Industries Inc., 934, PLASTEC
Materials Evaluation & Engineering Inc., 1509, MD&M Mold-Tech Inc., 940, PLASTEC
MathWorks, 315, ESC Molex, 1949, MD&M
Matrix Tooling/Matrix Plastic Products, 1455, MD&M Morris Midwest LLC, 2354, MD&M
maxon precision motors inc., 2348, MD&M Motion Dynamics Corp., 2513, MD&M
McLean Medical & Scientific Inc., 1218, MD&M MPS Technical, 1845, MD&M
MD+DI, 649, MD&M MSI, 1705, MD&M
MDRG (Medical Device Resource Group), 1816, MD&M MTE Solutions Inc., 1015, MPACK
Mean Well USA Inc., 2629, MD&M Multisource Mfg. LLC, 1325, MD&M
MED Institute Inc., 2312, MD&M Murrplastik Systems Inc., 831, ATX
Medbio, 1612, MD&M MW Industries, 2539, MD&M
Medelec S.A., 2332, MD&M N2 Biomedical, 1410, MD&M
Medical Alley Association, 1131, MD&M NACS Inc., 914, MPACK
Medical Extrusion Technologies, 1958, MD&M Nakata USA Ltd., 2648, MD&M
Medical Product Manufacturing News (MPMN), 649, MD&M NAMSA, 1135, MD&M
Medicoil, R&L Spring Co., 2529, MD&M Nanospark, 408, D&M
MEDO USA Inc., 1930, MD&M National Jet Co., 2550, MD&M
MEDTEC China Online, 649, MD&M National Manufacturing Company Inc., 1349, MD&M
Meier, 2225, MD&M Natvar, a Tekni-Plex Co., 1918, MD&M
Meron Medical, a Div. of M&S Centerless Grinding Inc., 2335, MD&M NB Linear System, 2314, MD&M
Merrill Manufacturing Corp., 612, D&M NCI Inc., 1516, MD&M
Met2Plastic LLC, 2448, MD&M Nelipak® Corp., 2039, MD&M
Metal Craft and Riverside Machine & Engineering, 1615, MD&M Nelson Laboratories LLC, 1935, MD&M
Metal Cutting Corp., 2410, MD&M NEO Tech, 2445, MD&M
Metallix Refining Inc., 2258, MD&M Neousys Technology Inc., 740, ATX

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Alphabetical Exhibitors List
Minneapolis 2016

New England Catheter, 1425, MD&M Pioneer Plastics, 1932, MD&M

New England Wire Technologies, 1425, MD&M Pivot Point Inc., 606, D&M
Newson USA LLC, 2632, MD&M Plastic Ingenuity Inc., 1732, MD&M
NIIGATA All-Electric Molding Machines, 825, PLASTEC Plastics International, 1645, MD&M
Niigata Machine Techno, 825, PLASTEC Plastics One Inc., 1651, MD&M
Nikon Metrology Inc., 1049, 1248, MD&M PlasticsToday, 649, PLASTEC
Nissei, 1725, MD&M PlasticWeld Systems Inc. - Machine Solutions Inc., 1705, MD&M
Nobilis Metals, 417, D&M Pleora Technologies, 325, ESC
Nolato Contour, 2535, MD&M Plexus Corp., 1934, MD&M
Nordic Ware Industrial, 2449, MD&M PMI, 839, ATX
Norman Noble Inc., 2130, MD&M Polyzen Inc., 1416, MD&M
Nortech Systems - Devicix, 2113, MD&M Pongratz Engineering, 2250, MD&M
North Pacific International Inc., 739, MPACK Powder & Bulk Solids, 649, PBS
Northstar Converting LLC, 832, MPACK Precision Associates Inc., 2504, MD&M
Northwest EMC Inc., 2144, MD&M Precision Coating/Boyd Coatings, 2633, MD&M
Northwest Fourslide, 418, D&M Precision Concepts Medical Technologies, 1513, MD&M
NPI Electro, 739, MPACK Precision Repair and Calibration, 2049, MD&M
NuSil Technology, 2139, MD&M Premold Corp., 2217, MD&M
The Octex Group, 2325, MD&M Prent Corp., 1616, MD&M
Okay Industries Inc., 1617, MD&M Pressure Profile Systems Inc., 2538, MD&M
Okaya Electric America Inc., 1441, MD&M Pro-Tech Design & Manufacturing Inc., 1217, MD&M
Oliver-Tolas® Healthcare Packaging, 2310, MD&M Production Automation, 2240, MD&M
Onyx Healthcare USA Inc., 1540, MD&M Productivity Quality Inc., 2162, MD&M
Ophir-Spiricon LLC, 2506, MD&M Professional Plating Inc./ProPlate®, 2532, MD&M
OPS Solutions LLC, 1551, MD&M Progressive Components, 1130, PLASTEC
Optinova Inc., 2605, MD&M ProMed Molded Products/Promed Pharma, 2010, MD&M
Optix Co., 1345, MD&M Promet Optics, 2645, MD&M
OSI Optoelectronics Inc., 1843, MD&M Proportion Air Inc., 412, D&M
Owens Industries Inc., 2555, MD&M Proto Labs, 525, D&M
Pace Analytical Life Sciences LLC, 2044, MD&M Prototek Engineering, 1955, MD&M
Packaging Compliance Labs, 1605, MD&M Providien, 1759, MD&M
Packaging Digest, 649, MPACK PTI Engineered Plastics Inc., 1235, MD&M
PADT Medical and Innosurg, 1643, MD&M PTI Inspection Systems, 1108, MD&M
Paperboard Packaging Solutions, 619, MPACK Pulse Systems, 1608, MD&M
Parker Automation, 805, ATX Pulse Technologies Inc., 2315, MD&M
Parmatech, 1149, MD&M Putnam Plastics Corp., 2231, MD&M
Partners Lab, 434, D&M QC Group LLC, 1538, MD&M
PCS Co., 943, PLASTEC QComp Technologies Inc., 735, ATX
Peel Master Medical Packaging, 2257, MD&M Qmed.com - Find Qualified Medical Device Suppliers, 649, ATX
Penn United Technologies Inc., 2414, MD&M Qosina, 1724, MD&M
Peter Parts Electronics Inc., 517, D&M QTS (Quality Tech Services Inc.), 1816, MD&M
Petersen Precision Engineering LLC, 2509, MD&M Quasar, 1632, MD&M
Peterson Enterprises, 2604, MD&M Quickdraw Conveyor Systems, 1139, MD&M
Pexco LLC, 2135, MD&M QuickLabel Systems, 913, MPACK
PGI Technologies, 944, PLASTEC QuickPouch, 643, MPACK
Pharmaceutical & Medical Packaging News, 649, MPACK Ram Technologies, 2545, MD&M
Phillips-Medisize Corp., 1905, MD&M RAPID, 425, D&M
Pico Technology, 330, ESC Rare Earth Coatings, 1954, MD&M

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Alphabetical Exhibitors List
Minneapolis 2016

RAUMEDIC Inc., 1305, MD&M SL Power Electronics, 1309, MD&M

Regloplas, 1725, MD&M Sleek Surfaces, 635, ATX
Regulatory and Quality Solutions (R&Q), 1642, MD&M Smalley, 518, D&M
Relucent Solutions, 2625, MD&M SMC Ltd., 1925, MD&M
Renishaw Inc., 733, ATX SMTC Corp., 1148, MD&M
RepExact LLC, 1154, MD&M Solar Atmospheres, 1314, MD&M
Resonetics, 2035, MD&M Solid Design Solutions, 1750, MD&M
Rethink Robotics, 805, ATX Sonoscan® Inc., 2614, MD&M
Revox Sterilization Solutions, 1534, MD&M Sparton, 1424, MD&M
RevZero Inc., 1211, MD&M Sparton Corp., 1424, MD&M
The Right Place Inc., 1605, MD&M SPE, 1042, PLASTEC
RIGOL Technologies USA, 231, ESC Special Coatings USA LLC, 1144, PLASTEC
Riverside Electronics Ltd., 1848, MD&M Special Systems Design Inc., 2533, MD&M
rms Co., 2225, MD&M Specialty Coating Systems Inc., 1524, MD&M
rms Surgical, 2225, MD&M Specialty Silicone Fabricators Inc., 1549, MD&M
Robinson Printing, 1012, MPACK Spectralytics Inc., 2225, MD&M
Röchling Advent Tool & Mold, 1440, MD&M SPI Lasers UK Ltd., 2612, MD&M
Rofin-Baasel Inc., 2549, MD&M St. Cloud State University, 1145, MD&M
Rogan Corp., 1225, MD&M StarFish Medical, 2343, MD&M
Rohde & Schwarz Inc., 334, ESC Statek Corp., 1633, MD&M
Rose Electronics, 1155, MD&M Steeger USA - Machine Solutions Inc., 1705, MD&M
rose plastic USA LLLP, 1733, MD&M Stellar Technologies, a Cirtec Co., 2025, MD&M
RothGreaves & Assoc., 1107, MD&M Steri-Tek, 2455, MD&M
Royal Master Grinders Inc., 2330, MD&M Sterigenics International LLC, 1430, MD&M
RRAMAC Connected Systems, 835, ATX STERIS Applied Sterilization Technologies (AST), 1624, MD&M
RRC Power Solutions Inc., 2357, MD&M Strain Measurement Devices Inc., 1517, MD&M
RS Precision Industries Inc., 419, D&M Straub Design Co., 1404, MD&M
RSW Technologies LLC, 1035, PLASTEC Sugatsune America Inc., 618, D&M
RT Dygert International, 511, D&M Sumitomo (SHI) Demag, 1039, PLASTEC
RTP Co., 1711, MD&M Sunstone Welders, 2435, MD&M
Safari Circuits Inc., 1605, MD&M Superior Tube - AMETEK Specialty Metal Products, 1405, MD&M
Sagar Rubber Products Pvt. Ltd., 2351, MD&M Supply Chain Services, 644, MPACK
Sager Power Systems, 1348, MD&M Supra Alloys, 2243, MD&M
Salt Lake Cable & Harness Inc., 2355, MD&M Sur-Seal Inc., 1414, MD&M
Sartorius Corp., 942, PLASTEC Surface Solutions Group LLC, 1832, MD&M
Schmit Prototypes, 1725, MD&M Surfx Technologies LLC, 1341, MD&M
Schneeberger® Inc., 742, ATX Surgical Specialties Corp., 1514, MD&M
SCHUNK Inc., 909, ATX Surgical Technologies Inc. (STI), 1216, MD&M
Secant Group, 2248, MD&M SurModics Inc., 1504, MD&M
SencorpWhite, 2230, MD&M Surrogen, a Recombinetics Co., 1856, MD&M
sfm medical devices USA Inc., 2451, MD&M Swiss Precision Machining Inc., 2540, MD&M
SGS Life Sciences, 1213, MD&M Symmetry Electronics, 205, ESC
Sheffield Machine Knife, 745, MPACK SYNEO, 1810, MD&M
Shenyang Shenda Endoscope Company Ltd., 1354, MD&M T-M Vacuum Products, 1355, MD&M
Shippers Supply Inc., 717, MPACK Tag-Connect, 319, ESC
Siemens Industry, Inc., 716, MPACK Talon Innovations Corp., 1749, MD&M
Siglent Technologies Company, Ltd., 313, ESC Tangent Industries Inc., 2349, MD&M
Sil-Pro LLC, 2400, MD&M Taurus Engineering & Manufacturing, 1415, MD&M

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Alphabetical Exhibitors List
Minneapolis 2016

TE Connectivity, AdvancedCath, Creganna Medical, 2205, MD&M UNIQBAG, 639, MPACK

Teamvantage, 2016, MD&M University of St. Thomas, 2543, MD&M
Tech Tube, 1739, MD&M US Digital, 2232, MD&M
Tech-Etch Inc., 1439, MD&M VACCO Industries, 2341, MD&M
Technipaq Inc., 1545, MD&M Valtronic, 1114, MD&M
Technoject Machinery Corp., 1142, PLASTEC Vante, 1705, MD&M
Technologic Systems, 331, ESC Vascutek Ltd, 1251, MD&M
Tecnova Electronics, 1233, MD&M Veco USA, 2415, MD&M
Teel Plastics, 2443, MD&M Vela Technologies Inc., 2517, MD&M
Tek Pak Inc., 516, D&M VEM Tooling, 2259, MD&M
Tekni-Plex, Natvar Div., 1918, MD&M Venta Medical Inc., 2525, MD&M
Tekscan Inc., 1634, MD&M Vention Medical, 2117, MD&M
Tektronix, 218, ESC Versa Electronics, 1851, MD&M
Teledyne LeCroy, 234, ESC Vesta Inc., 2311, MD&M
Teleflex Medical OEM, 2425, MD&M ViaMed Corp., 2334, MD&M
TeligentEMS, 2439, MD&M Virginia Economic Development Partnership (VEDP), 1255, MD&M
Tembua: The Precision Language Solution, 2635, MD&M VitalDyne Inc., 1254, MD&M
TEQ, 1014, MPACK ViVitro Labs, 2343, MD&M
TestEquity LLC, 1858, MD&M VTI Vacuum Technologies Inc., 1650, MD&M
Thermetic Products Inc., 1560, MD&M Walter R. Hammond Co., a Div of W.P. & R.S. Mars Co., 1817, MD&M
ThinFilms Inc., 1957, MD&M Washington Penn Plastic Company Inc., 1050, PLASTEC
Thomas Engineering Co., 2512, MD&M Watson-Marlow Fluid Technology Group, 1231, MD&M
3D Platform/PBC Linear, 625, ATX WC Pallets, 844, MPACK
3M Life Science Sterilization, 2650, MD&M Weiss-Aug Company Inc., 1339, MD&M
TLC Electronics Inc., 1940, MD&M Weller/Apex Tool Group, 1833, MD&M
T.O. Plastics Inc., 1019, MPACK WhiteBoard Product Solutions, 1838, MD&M
Top Tool, 1738, MD&M Winchester Electronics, 2141, MD&M
Toshiba Machine Co. of America, 939, PLASTEC WolfSSL, 235, ESC
Total Phase Inc., 310, ESC Worldwide Foam Ltd., 724, MPACK
Totex Manufacturing Inc., 1916, MD&M Wytech Industries Inc., 2345, MD&M
TouchMark, 1543, MD&M Xactform USA, 2514, MD&M
Toxikon Corp., 1631, MD&M Xcel Energy, 738, MPACK
TPI Arcade, 413, D&M Xcentric Mold & Engineering Inc., 424, D&M
Transfer Tool Products, 407, D&M XL Precision Technologies Inc., 1919, MD&M
Tri-Mag LLC, 2149, MD&M Zaxis Inc., 2618, MD&M
TRICOR Systems Inc., 1844, MD&M ZEISS Industrial Metrology, 1116, MD&M
Trinity Logistics, 834, MPACK Zeus Inc., 2105, MD&M
TriStar Inc., 2254, MD&M
Tru Tech Systems, 1716, MD&M
TRUMPF Inc., 2405, MD&M
Tsugami/Rem Sales, 2255, MD&M
Twin City EDM & Mfg. Inc., 1334, MD&M
Tykma-Electrox, 2519, MD&M
UBM, 649, ATX
Ulbrich Stainless Steel & Special Metals Inc., 2215, MD&M
Ultrafab Inc., 1055, MD&M
UMC Inc., 2430, MD&M
Uniglobe-Kisco Inc., 2641, MD&M

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Exhibitors by Booth Number
Minneapolis 2016

205 Symmetry Electronics, ESC 540 GigaParts Inc.

211 Green Hills Software Inc., ESC 606 Pivot Point Inc., D&M
216 Ironwood Electronics, ESC 607 Braas Co., ATX
218 Tektronix, ESC 608 Ching Cheng Wire Material Co., Ltd., D&M
222 dSPACE Inc., ESC 610 Global Shop Solutions, D&M
226 Lauterbach Inc., ESC 612 Merrill Manufacturing Corp., D&M
227 Allegro Software, ESC 616 Douglas Corp., D&M
231 RIGOL Technologies USA, ESC 617 Boker’s Inc., MPACK
234 Teledyne LeCroy, ESC 618 Sugatsune America Inc., D&M
235 WolfSSL, ESC 619 Paperboard Packaging Solutions, MPACK
310 Total Phase Inc., ESC 625 3D Platform/PBC Linear, ATX
313 Siglent Technologies Company, Ltd., ESC 630 Iowa Area Development Group, D&M
315 MathWorks, ESC 631 Endress+Hauser GmbH+Co. KG, ATX
319 Tag-Connect, ESC 634 Epicor Software Corp., D&M
325 Pleora Technologies, ESC 635 Sleek Surfaces, ATX
327 Code Corporation, ESC 639 UNIQBAG, MPACK
330 Pico Technology, ESC 643 QuickPouch, MPACK
331 Technologic Systems, ESC 644 Supply Chain Services, MPACK
333 EMA Design Automation Inc., ESC 649 Design News, D&M
334 Rohde & Schwarz Inc., ESC 649 MD+DI, MD&M
406 Formlabs Inc., D&M 649 Medical Product Manufacturing News (MPMN), MD&M
407 Transfer Tool Products, D&M 649 MEDTEC China Online, MD&M
408 Nanospark, D&M 649 Packaging Digest, MPACK
412 Proportion Air Inc., D&M 649 Pharmaceutical & Medical Packaging News, MPACK
413 TPI Arcade, D&M 649 PlasticsToday, PLASTEC
416 Greene Rubber Co., D&M 649 Powder & Bulk Solids, PBS
417 Nobilis Metals, D&M 649 Qmed.com - Find Qualified Medical Device Suppliers, ATX
418 Northwest Fourslide, D&M 649 UBM, ATX
419 RS Precision Industries Inc., D&M 705 Hiwin Technologies Corp., ATX
424 Xcentric Mold & Engineering Inc., D&M 705 Midwest Machine Tool Supply, ATX
425 RAPID, D&M 705 Midwest Machine Tool Supply/DESTACO, ATX
430 Lakeside Casting Solutions, D&M 705 Midwest Machine Tool Supply/SCHMIDT, ATX
434 Partners Lab, D&M 705 Midwest Machine Tool Supply/TELESIS, ATX
506 Altech Corp., D&M 711 East Montgomery County Improvement
507 Micro Control Co., D&M District (EMCID), MPACK

509 ANSYS Inc., D&M 713 Dyna-Graphics Corp., MPACK

511 RT Dygert International, D&M 716 Siemens Industry, Inc., MPACK

512 Jiangsu Hengtai Electronics and Plastic Company Ltd., D&M 717 Shippers Supply Inc., MPACK

513 Forecast 3D, D&M 718 All-Pac, MPACK

516 Tek Pak Inc., D&M 724 Worldwide Foam Ltd., MPACK

517 Peter Parts Electronics Inc., D&M 725 Aven Inc., ATX

518 Smalley, D&M 730 Industrial Controls Co., ATX

519 Minnesota Rubber & Plastics, D&M 731 ATC Automation, ATX

524 HWTrek, D&M 733 Renishaw Inc., ATX

525 Proto Labs, D&M 734 AML, MPACK

530 K.S. of West Virginia Company Ltd., D&M 735 QComp Technologies Inc., ATX

531 Master Prosperous Industrial Co. (MPI), D&M 738 Xcel Energy, MPACK

535 iFixit, MD&M 739 North Pacific International Inc., MPACK

739 NPI Electro, MPACK

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Exhibitors by Booth Number
Minneapolis 2016

740 Neousys Technology Inc., ATX 1004 Aspect Automation, ATX

742 Schneeberger® Inc., ATX 1005 Heigl Adhesive Sales & Equipment, MPACK
743 Coridian Technologies Inc., MPACK 1009 i4 Solutions, MPACK
745 Sheffield Machine Knife, MPACK 1011 Leister Technologies LLC, MPACK
805 Automation Inc., ATX 1012 Robinson Printing, MPACK
805 Cognex, ATX 1013 AbeTech, MPACK
805 DESTACO Automation Products, ATX 1014 TEQ, MPACK
805 Mitsubishi Electric Automation, ATX 1015 MTE Solutions Inc., MPACK
805 Parker Automation, ATX 1018 Andpak Midwest, MPACK
805 Rethink Robotics, ATX 1019 T.O. Plastics Inc., MPACK
810 Kaeser Compressors Inc., MPACK 1025 Maruka USA, PLASTEC
812 HAUG North America, MPACK 1031 Conair, PLASTEC
817 FlexMation Inc., MPACK 1035 RSW Technologies LLC, PLASTEC
825 NIIGATA All-Electric Molding Machines, PLASTEC 1039 Sumitomo (SHI) Demag, PLASTEC
825 Niigata Machine Techno, PLASTEC 1042 SPE, PLASTEC
830 AdvanTech International, ATX 1043 Industrial Molds Group, PLASTEC
831 Murrplastik Systems Inc., ATX 1044 Kongskilde Industries Inc., PLASTEC
832 Northstar Converting LLC, MPACK 1045 IQMS, PLASTEC
833 DAKLAPACK USA, MPACK 1048 Chemtech Plastics Inc., PLASTEC
834 Trinity Logistics, MPACK 1049 Nikon Metrology Inc., MD&M
835 RRAMAC Connected Systems, ATX 1050 Washington Penn Plastic Company Inc., PLASTEC
838 Electro-Matic Integrated, ATX 1055 Ultrafab Inc., MD&M
839 PMI, ATX 1104 Martin Calibration Co., MD&M
840 IoPP Minnesota Chapter, MPACK 1105 MICRO, MD&M
841 Insurance Advisors Inc., ATX 1107 RothGreaves & Assoc., MD&M
844 WC Pallets, MPACK 1108 PTI Inspection Systems, MD&M
845 A.S.S. End of Arm Tooling Inc., ATX 1110 Global Contract Manufacturing (GCM), MD&M
909 SCHUNK Inc., ATX 1111 JAB Manufacturing LLC, MD&M
912 High Mark Systems, MPACK 1112 KYZEN, MD&M
913 QuickLabel Systems, MPACK 1113 Beta LaserMike Products, MD&M
914 NACS Inc., MPACK 1114 Valtronic, MD&M
915 Industrial Molded Rubber Products, MPACK 1116 ZEISS Industrial Metrology, MD&M
917 Affordable Buckets LLC, MPACK 1118 Minitab Inc., MD&M
919 Independent Packing Services Inc., MPACK 1119 Barger, a Div. of Placon, MD&M
930 Arizona Instrument LLC, PLASTEC 1130 Progressive Components, PLASTEC
931 Absolute Haitian, PLASTEC 1131 Medical Alley Association, MD&M
931 Absolute Robot, PLASTEC 1134 Diamond Tool and Engineering, PLASTEC
934 Mold Base Industries Inc., PLASTEC 1139 Quickdraw Conveyor Systems, MD&M
935 Arena Products, MPACK 1141 Century College, MD&M
938 Cold Jet, PLASTEC 1142 Technoject Machinery Corp., PLASTEC
939 Toshiba Machine Co. of America, PLASTEC 1144 Special Coatings USA LLC, PLASTEC
940 Mold-Tech Inc., PLASTEC 1145 St. Cloud State University, MD&M
942 Sartorius Corp., PLASTEC 1148 SMTC Corp., MD&M
943 PCS Co., PLASTEC 1149 Judson A. Smith Company, MD&M
944 PGI Technologies, PLASTEC 1149 Parmatech, MD&M
945 GP:50 New York Ltd., PLASTEC 1154 RepExact LLC, MD&M

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Exhibitors by Booth Number
Minneapolis 2016

1155 Rose Electronics, MD&M 1342 JMEDTECH Pte. Ltd., MD&M

1204 C-Axis, MD&M 1343 Accumark Inc., MD&M
1205 Instron, MD&M 1344 Elgiloy Specialty Metals Inc., MD&M
1206 Compounding Solutions LLC, MD&M 1345 Optix Co., MD&M
1207 IKO International Inc., MD&M 1348 Sager Power Systems, MD&M
1208 ATL (Ad Tape & Label Company Inc.), MD&M 1349 National Manufacturing Company Inc., MD&M
1209 Advance Turning and Manufacturing, MD&M 1350 Airtex Solutions, MD&M
1210 AGC Chemicals Americas Inc., MD&M 1351 CBG Technologies, MD&M
1211 RevZero Inc., MD&M 1354 Shenyang Shenda Endoscope Company Ltd., MD&M
1213 SGS Life Sciences, MD&M 1355 T-M Vacuum Products, MD&M
1215 ISO Finishing, MD&M 1404 Automator, MD&M
1216 Surgical Technologies Inc. (STI), MD&M 1404 Baillie Sales and Engineering, MD&M
1217 Pro-Tech Design & Manufacturing Inc., MD&M 1404 Cincinnati Test Systems (CTS), MD&M
1218 McLean Medical & Scientific Inc., MD&M 1404 Straub Design Co., MD&M
1225 Rogan Corp., MD&M 1405 AMETEK Specialty Metal Products/
1231 Watson-Marlow Fluid Technology Group, MD&M Hamilton Precision Metals, MD&M

1233 Tecnova Electronics, MD&M 1405 Fine Tubes - AMETEK Specialty Metal Products, MD&M

1235 PTI Engineered Plastics Inc., MD&M 1405 Superior Tube - AMETEK Specialty Metal Products, MD&M

1238 Kablooe, MD&M 1409 Electronic Systems Inc., MD&M

1239 AdvancedTek, MD&M 1410 N2 Biomedical, MD&M

1241 EG-GILERO, MD&M 1411 Gerbig Engineering Co., MD&M

1244 Furukawa Techno Material Co., MD&M 1412 Hydromer Inc., MD&M

1245 AccuTEC Blades, MD&M 1413 Centrix Contract Services, MD&M

1248 Nikon Metrology Inc., MD&M 1414 Sur-Seal Inc., MD&M

1249 MICROMO, MD&M 1415 Taurus Engineering & Manufacturing, MD&M

1251 Vascutek Ltd, MD&M 1416 Polyzen Inc., MD&M

1254 VitalDyne Inc., MD&M 1417 Amcor Flexibles, MD&M

1255 Virginia Economic Development Partnership (VEDP), MD&M 1424 Sparton, MD&M

1304 DSM, MD&M 1424 Sparton Corp., MD&M

1305 RAUMEDIC Inc., MD&M 1425 New England Catheter, MD&M

1308 Evonik Corp., MD&M 1425 New England Wire Technologies, MD&M

1309 SL Power Electronics, MD&M 1430 Sterigenics International LLC, MD&M

1310 MAJiK Medical Solutions Pvt. Ltd., MD&M 1431 Air Engineering & Supply Company Inc. (AES), MD&M

1312 Minnetronix Inc., MD&M 1432 Hans Laser/Gromax Enterprises Corp., MD&M

1313 Dynamic Tool & Design, MD&M 1434 HTP-Meds LLC, MD&M

1314 Solar Atmospheres, MD&M 1438 Dino-Lite Scopes (BigC), MD&M

1315 CRI Medical Devices, MD&M 1439 Tech-Etch Inc., MD&M

1316 Esma Inc., MD&M 1440 Röchling Advent Tool & Mold, MD&M

1317 FISO Technologies Inc., MD&M 1441 Okaya Electric America Inc., MD&M

1324 IntriCon Corp., MD&M 1443 Graco Inc., MD&M

1325 Multisource Mfg. LLC, MD&M 1444 Classic Coil Company Inc., MD&M

1330 Elektrisola Inc., MD&M 1445 Epilog Laser, MD&M

1331 Isthmus Engineering & Manufacturing, MD&M 1448 Computer Aided Technology Inc., MD&M

1332 CP Precision, MD&M 1449 Mark-10 Corp., MD&M

1334 Twin City EDM & Mfg. Inc., MD&M 1450 Cyient, MD&M

1339 Weiss-Aug Company Inc., MD&M 1451 Canon USA, MD&M

1340 Circuit Solutions, MD&M 1454 MicroGroup Inc., MD&M

1341 Surfx Technologies LLC, MD&M 1455 Matrix Tooling/Matrix Plastic Products, MD&M
1504 SurModics Inc., MD&M

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Exhibitors by Booth Number
Minneapolis 2016

1505 Altron Inc., MD&M 1617 Okay Industries Inc., MD&M

1508 Harland Medical Systems Inc., MD&M 1624 STERIS Applied Sterilization Technologies (AST), MD&M
1509 Materials Evaluation & Engineering Inc., MD&M 1625 Johnson Company Mfg. Reps, MD&M
1510 DG Interconnect, MD&M 1630 Interpower® Corp., MD&M
1511 American Preclinical Services, MD&M 1631 Toxikon Corp., MD&M
1512 Klugé Design Inc., MD&M 1632 Quasar, MD&M
1513 Precision Concepts Medical Technologies, MD&M 1633 Statek Corp., MD&M
1514 Surgical Specialties Corp., MD&M 1634 Tekscan Inc., MD&M
1516 NCI Inc., MD&M 1635 Grand Avenue Software Inc., MD&M
1517 Strain Measurement Devices Inc., MD&M 1638 EUROFLEX GmbH, MD&M
1524 Specialty Coating Systems Inc., MD&M 1639 Indo-US MIM Tec Pvt. Ltd., MD&M
1525 Ellsworth Adhesives, MD&M 1640 Electrolizing Corp. of Ohio, MD&M
1530 Harding Energy Inc., MD&M 1642 Regulatory and Quality Solutions (R&Q), MD&M
1531 CPC, MD&M 1643 PADT Medical and Innosurg, MD&M
1532 Interwire Group, MD&M 1645 Plastics International, MD&M
1533 Alconox Inc., MD&M 1648 DPSS Lasers Inc., MD&M
1534 Revox Sterilization Solutions, MD&M 1649 International Management Systems
1535 I-Tek Medical Technologies, MD&M Marketing (IMSM), MD&M

1538 QC Group LLC, MD&M 1650 VTI Vacuum Technologies Inc., MD&M

1539 Modified Polymer Components Inc., MD&M 1651 Plastics One Inc., MD&M

1540 Onyx Healthcare USA Inc., MD&M 1705 Machine Solutions Inc., MD&M

1542 Amada Miyachi America Inc., MD&M 1705 MSI, MD&M

1543 Gel-Pak, MD&M 1705 PlasticWeld Systems Inc. - Machine Solutions Inc., MD&M

1543 TouchMark, MD&M 1705 Steeger USA - Machine Solutions Inc., MD&M

1545 Technipaq Inc., MD&M 1705 Vante, MD&M

1548 Boy Machines Inc., MD&M 1710 Blockwise Engineering, MD&M

1549 Specialty Silicone Fabricators Inc., MD&M 1711 RTP Co., MD&M

1551 OPS Solutions LLC, MD&M 1714 Lube-Tech & Partners LLC, MD&M

1554 ATOM Precision of America, MD&M 1716 Tru Tech Systems, MD&M

1556 Elytone Electronic Co., MD&M 1717 Bluestar Silicones, MD&M

1558 International Business Support Services Inc., MD&M 1724 Qosina, MD&M

1560 Thermetic Products Inc., MD&M 1725 Can-Am Engineering, MD&M

1604 Dunn Industries Inc., MD&M 1725 Can-Am Integration Inc., MD&M

1605 Active Manufacturing, MD&M 1725 Nissei, MD&M

1605 DornerWorks, MD&M 1725 Regloplas, MD&M

1605 Emerald Corp., MD&M 1725 Schmit Prototypes, MD&M

1605 Keystone Solutions Group, MD&M 1730 Martech® Medical, MD&M

1605 Koops Inc., MD&M 1731 CarTika Medical, MD&M

1605 Packaging Compliance Labs, MD&M 1732 Plastic Ingenuity Inc., MD&M

1605 The Right Place Inc., MD&M 1733 rose plastic USA LLLP, MD&M

1605 Safari Circuits Inc., MD&M 1738 Top Tool, MD&M

1608 Pulse Systems, MD&M 1739 Tech Tube, MD&M

1610 International Polymer Engineering Inc. (IPE), MD&M 1740 Leader Tech Inc., MD&M

1611 B. Braun OEM Div., MD&M 1741 J-Pac Medical, MD&M

1612 Concept Molds, MD&M 1742 Kyocera International Inc., MD&M

1612 Medbio, MD&M 1743 Infinity LTL Engineered Compounds, MD&M

1615 Metal Craft and Riverside Machine & Engineering, MD&M 1744 Bay Associates Wire Technologies, MD&M

1616 Prent Corp., MD&M 1745 Hoowaki, MD&M

1748 Apollo Medical Extrusion, MD&M

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Exhibitors by Booth Number
Minneapolis 2016

1749 Talon Innovations Corp., MD&M 1933 API Technologies, MD&M

1750 Solid Design Solutions, MD&M 1934 Plexus Corp., MD&M
1755 Laser Light Technologies, MD&M 1935 Nelson Laboratories LLC, MD&M
1759 Providien, MD&M 1938 Brookdale Plastics Inc., MD&M
1761 Excelta, MD&M 1939 Boston Centerless, MD&M
1805 AMETEK Engineered Medical Components, MD&M 1940 TLC Electronics Inc., MD&M
1810 SYNEO, MD&M 1941 Dukane Corp., MD&M
1811 Keyence Corp. of America, MD&M 1942 ComDel Innovation Inc., MD&M
1815 HBM Test and Measurement, MD&M 1944 Flexible Circuit Technologies Inc., MD&M
1816 MDRG (Medical Device Resource Group), MD&M 1945 Kato Cable, MD&M
1816 QTS (Quality Tech Services Inc.), MD&M 1948 BTW Inc., MD&M
1817 Walter R. Hammond Co., a Div of 1949 Molex, MD&M
W.P. & R.S. Mars Co., MD&M 1950 Gowanda Electronics, MD&M
1825 MicroLumen Inc., MD&M 1954 Rare Earth Coatings, MD&M
1830 DDL Inc., MD&M 1955 Prototek Engineering, MD&M
1831 Hart Enterprises Inc., MD&M 1956 Lakewood Products, MD&M
1832 Surface Solutions Group LLC, MD&M 1957 ThinFilms Inc., MD&M
1833 Weller/Apex Tool Group, MD&M 1958 Medical Extrusion Technologies, MD&M
1835 Legend Technical Services, MD&M 2005 Heraeus Medical Components, MD&M
1838 WhiteBoard Product Solutions, MD&M 2005 Heraeus Medical Components (HMC) Deutschland, MD&M
1839 GlobTek Inc., MD&M 2005 Heraeus Medical Components Costa Rica, MD&M
1840 BSI Group America Inc., MD&M 2010 ProMed Molded Products/Promed Pharma, MD&M
1841 AWT Labels & Packaging, MD&M 2011 Johnson Matthey Inc., MD&M
1842 Caplugs, MD&M 2014 Custom Mold & Design Inc., MD&M
1843 OSI Optoelectronics Inc., MD&M 2016 Teamvantage, MD&M
1844 TRICOR Systems Inc., MD&M 2017 Branson Ultrasonics Corp., MD&M
1845 MPS Technical, MD&M 2025 Stellar Technologies, a Cirtec Co., MD&M
1848 Riverside Electronics Ltd., MD&M 2030 Exacto Spring, MD&M
1849 Design Solutions, MD&M 2031 Conductive Technologies Inc., MD&M
1850 LPKF Laser & Electronics, MD&M 2032 Advanced Molding Technologies, MD&M
1851 Versa Electronics, MD&M 2035 Resonetics, MD&M
1854 Key Electronics Inc., MD&M 2038 Bal Seal Engineering, Inc., MD&M
1855 Abiomed Inc., MD&M 2039 Nelipak® Corp., MD&M
1856 Surrogen, a Recombinetics Co., MD&M 2040 Anomet Products, MD&M
1858 TestEquity LLC, MD&M 2042 Caztek Engineering, MD&M
1859 Beamer Laser Marking, MD&M 2043 Minnesota Wire, MD&M
1860 KDF, MD&M 2044 Pace Analytical Life Sciences LLC, MD&M
1861 EI Microcircuits Inc., MD&M 2048 Marshall Manufacturing, MD&M
1905 Phillips-Medisize Corp., MD&M 2049 Precision Repair and Calibration, MD&M
1911 Fluortek Inc., MD&M 2050 Burton Industries Inc., MD&M
1915 Circuit Check, MD&M 2054 Flambeau Medical Markets Group, MD&M
1916 Totex Manufacturing Inc., MD&M 2058 Fastron Americas, MD&M
1918 Natvar, a Tekni-Plex Co., MD&M 2105 Zeus Inc., MD&M
1918 Tekni-Plex, Natvar Div., MD&M 2110 Apple Rubber Products, MD&M
1919 XL Precision Technologies Inc., MD&M 2113 Nortech Systems - Devicix, MD&M
1925 SMC Ltd., MD&M 2117 Vention Medical, MD&M
1930 MEDO USA Inc., MD&M 2125 Asahi Intecc USA Inc., MD&M
1931 Ironwood Industries, MD&M 2130 Norman Noble Inc., MD&M
1932 Pioneer Plastics, MD&M

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Exhibitors by Booth Number
Minneapolis 2016

2131 Mangar Medical Packaging, MD&M 2254 TriStar Inc., MD&M

2133 K-Tube Technologies, MD&M 2255 Tsugami/Rem Sales, MD&M
2134 Innovize, MD&M 2256 INO, MD&M
2135 Pexco LLC, MD&M 2257 Peel Master Medical Packaging, MD&M
2138 Diversified Plastics Inc., MD&M 2258 Metallix Refining Inc., MD&M
2139 NuSil Technology, MD&M 2259 VEM Tooling, MD&M
2141 Winchester Electronics, MD&M 2305 Fort Wayne Metals, MD&M
2142 Lumentum, MD&M 2310 Oliver-Tolas® Healthcare Packaging, MD&M
2143 Central Wire Industries Ltd., MD&M 2311 Lubrizol LifeSciences, MD&M
2144 Northwest EMC Inc., MD&M 2311 Vesta Inc., MD&M
2145 AMS Micromedical LLC, MD&M 2312 MED Institute Inc., MD&M
2149 Tri-Mag LLC, MD&M 2313 Aztalan Engineering Inc., MD&M
2151 Averna, MD&M 2314 NB Linear System, MD&M
2155 Biomerics, MD&M 2315 Pulse Technologies Inc., MD&M
2157 Aerotek, MD&M 2316 Eagle Stainless Tube & Fabrication Inc., MD&M
2159 Itechra, MD&M 2324 Machine Control Specialists Inc., MD&M
2162 Advanced Inspection Services, MD&M 2325 The Octex Group, MD&M
2162 Productivity Quality Inc., MD&M 2330 Royal Master Grinders Inc., MD&M
2205 Creganna Medical & AdvancedCath, 2331 Microspec Corp., MD&M
Part of TE Connectivity, MD&M 2332 Medelec S.A., MD&M
2205 TE Connectivity, AdvancedCath, Creganna Medical, MD&M 2333 Hisco Inc., MD&M
2211 LISI Medical Remmele, MD&M 2334 ViaMed Corp., MD&M
2212 FMI Inc. Medical Silicone Molding, MD&M 2335 Meron Medical, a Div. of M&S Centerless
2213 Glines & Rhodes Inc., MD&M Grinding Inc., MD&M
2215 Ulbrich Stainless Steel & Special Metals Inc., MD&M 2338 Carlisle Medical Technologies, MD&M
2216 Metro Mold & Design (MMD Medical), MD&M 2339 Minitubes, MD&M
2216 MMD Medical LLC, MD&M 2341 VACCO Industries, MD&M
2217 Premold Corp., MD&M 2342 The Lee Company, MD&M
2225 Cretex Medical Companies, MD&M 2343 StarFish Medical, MD&M
2225 JunoPacific, MD&M 2343 ViVitro Labs, MD&M
2225 Meier, MD&M 2344 Höganäs AB, MD&M
2225 rms Co., MD&M 2345 Wytech Industries Inc., MD&M
2225 rms Surgical, MD&M 2348 maxon precision motors inc., MD&M
2225 Spectralytics Inc., MD&M 2349 Tangent Industries Inc., MD&M
2230 SencorpWhite, MD&M 2350 Cole-Parmer, MD&M
2231 Putnam Plastics Corp., MD&M 2351 Sagar Rubber Products Pvt. Ltd., MD&M
2232 US Digital, MD&M 2354 Morris Midwest LLC, MD&M
2233 Baril Corp., MD&M 2355 Salt Lake Cable & Harness Inc., MD&M
2234 All Flex - Flexible Circuits and Heaters, MD&M 2356 Clean Air Products Corp., MD&M
2235 Excelitas Technologies (OmniCure), MD&M 2357 RRC Power Solutions Inc., MD&M
2238 Farlow’s Scientific Glass Blowing Inc., MD&M 2400 Sil-Pro LLC, MD&M
2239 ATL Technology, MD&M 2405 TRUMPF Inc., MD&M
2240 Production Automation, MD&M 2409 Burpee Materials Technology LLC, MD&M
2243 Supra Alloys, MD&M 2410 Metal Cutting Corp., MD&M
2244 Accu-Glass LLC, MD&M 2412 Chandler Industries Inc., MD&M
2245 Batten & Allen Ltd., MD&M 2413 Bob Inc., MD&M
2248 Secant Group, MD&M 2414 Penn United Technologies Inc., MD&M
2249 Micro Parts, MD&M 2415 Veco USA, MD&M
2250 Pongratz Engineering, MD&M 2417 Dynamic Group, MD&M

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Exhibitors by Booth Number
Minneapolis 2016

2419 Accumold®, MD&M 2540 Swiss Precision Machining Inc., MD&M

2425 Teleflex Medical OEM, MD&M 2541 International Magnesium Association, MD&M
2429 Hi-Tec Finishing, MD&M 2542 EDM Sales & Supplies Inc., MD&M
2430 UMC Inc., MD&M 2543 University of St. Thomas, MD&M
2432 Liquidmetal Technologies Inc., MD&M 2544 Lou-Rich, MD&M
2433 Automatic Manufacturing Enterprise Ltd., MD&M 2545 Ram Technologies, MD&M
2434 Fedco Batteries, MD&M 2548 Kovatch Castings Inc., MD&M
2435 Sunstone Welders, MD&M 2549 Rofin-Baasel Inc., MD&M
2438 Benchmark Electronics, MD&M 2550 National Jet Co., MD&M
2439 TeligentEMS, MD&M 2554 Collagen Solutions, MD&M
2440 Micro Crystal AG, MD&M 2555 Owens Industries Inc., MD&M
2441 Imperial Plastics, MD&M 2601 LaserLinc Inc., MD&M
2442 Gradient Lens Corp., MD&M 2604 Peterson Enterprises, MD&M
2443 Teel Plastics, MD&M 2605 Optinova Inc., MD&M
2445 NEO Tech, MD&M 2608 Fabrico Medical, MD&M
2448 Met2Plastic LLC, MD&M 2609 MetroSpex LLC, MD&M
2449 Nordic Ware Industrial, MD&M 2612 SPI Lasers UK Ltd., MD&M
2450 J&J Machine Inc., MD&M 2614 Sonoscan® Inc., MD&M
2451 sfm medical devices USA Inc., MD&M 2616 Herrmann Ultrasonics Inc., MD&M
2454 Elpa Displays Inc., MD&M 2617 Innovative Laser Technologies, MD&M
2455 Steri-Tek, MD&M 2618 Zaxis Inc., MD&M
1959 GCX Corp., MD&M 2624 Admedes Schuessler GmbH, MD&M
2501 Amparo Medical Technologies, MD&M 2625 Relucent Solutions, MD&M
2501 Hi-Tech Products, MD&M 2629 Mean Well USA Inc., MD&M
2504 Precision Associates Inc., MD&M 2630 ATEX Technologies Inc., MD&M
2505 Kenmode Precision Metal Stamping, MD&M 2632 Newson USA LLC, MD&M
2506 Ophir-Spiricon LLC, MD&M 2633 Precision Coating/Boyd Coatings, MD&M
2507 Micro-Matics Inc., MD&M 2634 FasTest Inc., MD&M
2508 Advanced Plating Technologies, MD&M 2635 Tembua: The Precision Language Solution, MD&M
2509 Petersen Precision Engineering LLC, MD&M 2638 IPG Photonics, MD&M
2512 Thomas Engineering Co., MD&M 2639 Koganei International America Inc., MD&M
2513 Motion Dynamics Corp., MD&M 2641 Uniglobe-Kisco Inc., MD&M
2514 Xactform USA, MD&M 2642 Blue Sages, MD&M
2515 Loos & Company Inc., MD&M 2644 Computer Designs Custom Thermoforming, MD&M
2517 Vela Technologies Inc., MD&M 2645 Promet Optics, MD&M
2518 Five Star Plastics, MD&M 2648 Nakata USA Ltd., MD&M
2519 Tykma-Electrox, MD&M 2650 3M Life Science Sterilization, MD&M
2524 Brunk Industries Inc., MD&M 2654 AlumiPlate Inc., MD&M
2525 Laserage Technology Corp., MD&M
2525 Venta Medical Inc., MD&M
2528 Anderson Agency Inc., MD&M
2529 Medicoil, R&L Spring Co., MD&M
2532 Professional Plating Inc./ProPlate®, MD&M
2533 Special Systems Design Inc., MD&M
2534 Advanced Powder Products Inc., MD&M
2535 Nolato Contour, MD&M
2538 Pressure Profile Systems Inc., MD&M
2539 MW Industries, MD&M

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Products and Services Index
Minneapolis 2016

Adapters Information Technology Pneumatics and Hydraulics

Adhesives Injection Molding Pouches
Assembly Inspection Power Supplies and Converters
Assembly Components Instruments and Controls Power Supplies and Power Management Devices
Automatic Identification Systems Integrators and Factory Solutions Precision Machining Parts and Services
Automation Interconnect Devices Print-and-Apply Labelers
Bag-in-Box IV Products Printing Equipment and Supplies
Bags IVD Printing Services
Bar Coding Labeling Private Label
Batteries Labels Product Design
Biotechnology Laser Cutting Product Safety
Board Level, Active, and Passive Components Lasers Production Machines and Equipment
Boards and Buses LEDs and LCDs Protective Packaging
Bulk Containers Lighting and Display Technologies Pumps
Cable and Wires Lightweighting Quality
CAD Systems Machine Components Quality and Testing
CAD/CAM Software Machinery Parts Rapid Prototyping or 3-D Printing
Capacitors Manufacturing Equipment Recruitment
Cardiovascular Material Handling Recycling and Size Reduction
Cartons Material Handling or Auxiliary Equipment Regulatory and Compliance
Cases Materials and Additives Repair and Cleaning Equipment
Chemicals Materials Handling Research and Development
Cleaning Systems Mechanical Components Retail Packaging
Cleanroom Media and Associations Rework and Repair
Coating and Surface Treatment Medical Adhesives RF and Microwave
Coil Winding Machinery and Services Medical Computing RFID
Compression and Transfer Molding Medical Device Assembly Rigid Containers
Computer or IT Medical Device Components Robotics
Computer Hardware and Peripherals Medical Imaging Robots and Robotic Accessories
Consultants Medical Labeling Equipment Semiconductors
Consulting Services Medical Labels Sensors
Contract Manufacturers Medical Materials - Form Supplied Sensors and Detectors
Contract Manufacturing Medical Materials - Raw Materials Shipping Containers
Contract Manufacturing Services Medical Packaging Shipping Supplies
Contract Packaging Medical Plastics Smart Packaging
Controllers Medical Polymers Software
Controls Medical Software Software and Operating Systems
Conveyors Medical Tubing Processing Software Design
Conveyors and Feeders Medical Tubing Types Soldering
Cosmetic Packaging Metals and Alloys Static Control Equipment
Decorating Micro-Molding Stents
Design Services Mobile Health Sterilization Equipment
Digital Printing Mold Components Sterilization Services
Disposables Molding Equipment Supply Chain
Distributors Molding Services Surface Treatment Coatings
Economic Development Molds and Dies Surface Treatment Equipment
Electronic Components Motion Control Surface Treatment Services
Electronics Manufacturing Services Motors Sustainable Packaging
Embedded Systems, Tools, or Software Nanotechnology Test and Inspection
EMC and EMI Shielding Ophthalmology Test and Measurement
Enclosures Optimization Test Equipment
End-of-Line Systems Orthopedics Testing Equipment
Extrusion Other Materials Testing Services
Fiber Optics Outsourcing Thermoforming
Flexible Circuits Packaging 3-D Printing
Flexible Packaging Packaging Design Track-and-Trace
Fluid Power and Handling Devices Packaging Equipment Training and Education
Fluid Power Handling and Control Packaging Materials and Products Transformers
Foils Packaging Services Valves
Food Packaging Pallets Vision Inspection Systems and Services
Form-Fill-Seal PCB Assembly and Equipment Wire Processing
Hand and Power Tools PCBs Wireless
Hardware Pharmaceutical Packaging Workstation Equipment and Accessories
I/O Products and Systems Plastic Sheet Wrappers
Implantable Devices Plastics and Elastomers

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Exhibitors by Products and Services
Minneapolis 2016

Adapters Aspect Automation, 1004 SYNEO, 1810

Mean Well USA Inc., 2629 A.S.S. End of Arm Tooling Inc., 845 3D Platform/PBC Linear, 625
ATC Automation, 731 TriStar Inc., 2254
Adhesives Automation Inc., 805 Vante, 1705

Amparo Medical Technologies, 2501 Baillie Sales and Engineering, 1404

Benchmark Electronics, 2438 Bag-in-Box
Andpak Midwest, 1018
Dyna-Graphics Corp., 713 Blockwise Engineering, 1710 UNIQBAG, 639

Ellsworth Adhesives, 1525 Blue Sages, 2642

Braas Co., 607 Bags
Graco Inc., 1443
Greene Rubber Co., 416 Branson Ultrasonics Corp., 2017 Arena Products, 935

Heigl Adhesive Sales & Equipment, 1005 Can-Am Engineering, 1725 MTE Solutions Inc., 1015

Hisco Inc., 2333 Can-Am Integration Inc., 1725 Northstar Converting LLC, 832

MTE Solutions Inc., 1015 Canon USA, 1451

CBG Technologies, 1351 Bar Coding
NuSil Technology, 2139
RothGreaves & Assoc., 1107 Circuit Check, 1915 DPSS Lasers Inc., 1648

Shippers Supply Inc., 717 DESTACO Automation Products, 805

Dukane Corp., 1941 Batteries
Tangent Industries Inc., 2349
VTI Vacuum Technologies Inc., 1650 Electro-Matic Integrated, 838 Fedco Batteries, 2434
Endress+Hauser GmbH+Co. KG, 631 GlobTek Inc., 1839
Walter R. Hammond Co., a Div of W.P. & R.S.
Mars Co., 1817 ENGEL, 1125 Harding Energy Inc., 1530

FasTest Inc., 2634 KDF, 1860

Assembly Flambeau Medical Markets Group, 2054
Micro Parts Inc., 2249
Rose Electronics, 1155
Aspect Automation, 1004 Hiwin Technologies Corp., 705
RRC Power Solutions Inc., 2357
Electro-Matic Integrated, 838 iFixit, 535
TLC Electronics Inc., 1940
Midwest Machine Tool Supply, 705 IKO International Inc., 1207
Totex Manufacturing Inc., 1916
Midwest Machine Tool Supply/DESTACO, 705 Industrial Controls Co., 730
Midwest Machine Tool Supply/SCHMIDT, 705 Isthmus Engineering & Manufacturing, 1331 Biotechnology
Midwest Machine Tool Supply/TELESIS, 705 Klugé Design Inc., 1512
American Preclinical Services, 1511
SCHUNK Inc., 909 Koganei International America Inc., 2639
INO, 2256
Sleek Surfaces, 635 Koops Inc., 1605
Surrogen, a Recombinetics Co., 1856
LaserLinc Inc., 2601
Assembly Components Leister Technologies LLC, 1011 Board Level, Active,
Micro Control Co., 507 Machine Control Specialists Inc., 2324 and Passive Components
Nobilis Metals, 417 Midwest Machine Tool Supply/DESTACO, 705 Fastron Americas, 2058
Pivot Point Inc., 606 Mitsubishi Electric Automation, 805 Johnson Company Mfg. Reps, 1625
Transfer Tool Products, 407 MSI, 1705 Versa Electronics, 1851
NACS Inc., 914
Automatic Identification Systems Neousys Technology Inc., 740 Boards and Buses
Cognex, 805 PMI, 839 EI Microcircuits Inc., 1861
Midwest Machine Tool Supply/TELESIS, 705 QComp Technologies Inc., 735 Safari Circuits Inc., 1605
QuickPouch, 643
Automation RSW Technologies LLC, 1035 Bulk Containers
AbeTech, 1013 Schneeberger® Inc., 742 Arena Products, 935
Absolute Haitian, 931 SCHUNK Inc., 909
Absolute Robot, 931 Shippers Supply Inc., 717 Cable and Wires
AdvanTech International, 830 Siemens Industry, Inc., 716 Anomet Products, 2040
ARBURG Inc., 925 Straub Design Co., 1404 ATL Technology, 2239

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Exhibitors by Products and Services
Minneapolis 2016

Bay Associates Wire Technologies, 1744 Surrogen, a Recombinetics Co., 1856 Metro Mold & Design (MMD Medical), 2216
Central Wire Industries Ltd., 2143 Teleflex Medical OEM, 2425 MMD Medical LLC, 2216
DG Interconnect, 1510 Vascutek Ltd, 1251 NCI Inc., 1516
Electro-Matic Integrated, 838 Vela Technologies Inc., 2517 Pro-Tech Design & Manufacturing Inc., 1217
VitalDyne Inc., 1254
Elektrisola Inc., 1330 Production Automation, 2240
ViVitro Labs, 2343
Fort Wayne Metals, 2305 ProMed Molded Products/Promed Pharma, 2010
Furukawa Techno Material Co., 1244 PTI Engineered Plastics Inc., 1235
GlobTek Inc., 1839 Röchling Advent Tool & Mold, 1440
Paperboard Packaging Solutions, 619
Interpower® Corp., 1630 Rogan Corp., 1225
Key Electronics Inc., 1854 rose plastic USA LLLP, 1733
Loos & Company Inc., 2515 StarFish Medical, 2343
Airtex Solutions, 1350
Minnesota Wire, 2043 Surgical Technologies Inc. (STI), 1216
Murrplastik Systems Inc., 831 Venta Medical Inc., 2525
NEO Tech, 2445
AGC Chemicals Americas Inc., 1210 Coating and Surface Treatment
New England Catheter, 1425
Alconox Inc., 1533
New England Wire Technologies, 1425 Special Coatings USA LLC, 1144
Ellsworth Adhesives, 1525
Nortech Systems - Devicix, 2113
KYZEN, 1112
Salt Lake Cable & Harness Inc., 2355 Coil Winding Machinery
Lube-Tech & Partners LLC, 1714
and Services
Steeger USA - Machine Solutions Inc., 1705 Micro Parts Inc., 2249
Machine Control Specialists Inc., 2324
Production Automation, 2240
CAD Systems Uniglobe-Kisco Inc., 2641
Motion Dynamics Corp., 2513

Prototek Engineering, 1955 MW Industries, 2539

Solid Design Solutions, 1750 Cleaning Systems RothGreaves & Assoc., 1107

TriStar Inc., 2254 Steeger USA - Machine Solutions Inc., 1705

HAUG North America, 812
WhiteBoard Product Solutions, 1838 Stellar Technologies, a Cirtec Co., 2025

CAD/CAM Software Compression and Transfer Molding
AccuTEC Blades, 1245
ANSYS Inc., 509 PGI Technologies, 944
Advanced Molding Technologies, 2032
Transfer Tool Products, 407 Alconox Inc., 1533
Computer or IT
ATL Technology, 2239
Capacitors Baril Corp., 2233
iFixit, 535

API Technologies, 1933 Itechra, 2159

BTW Inc., 1948
Okaya Electric America Inc., 1441 Onyx Healthcare USA Inc., 1540
Caplugs, 1842
Carlisle Medical Technologies, 2338
Cardiovascular Computer Hardware
Centrix Contract Services, 1413 and Peripherals
Abiomed Inc., 1855 Circuit Solutions, 1340
HWTrek, 524
Apollo Medical Extrusion, 1748 ComDel Innovation Inc., 1942
Elektrisola Inc., 1330 Computer Designs Custom Thermoforming, 2644
Farlow’s Scientific Glass Blowing Inc., 2238 CRI Medical Devices, 1315
Averna, 2151
Heraeus Medical Components Costa Rica, 2005 Diversified Plastics Inc., 2138
Caztek Engineering, 2042
Johnson Matthey Inc., 2011 ENGEL, 1125
Cyient, 1450
Loos & Company Inc., 2515 Gerbig Engineering Co., 1411
East Montgomery County Improvement
Meron Medical, a Div. of M&S Centerless JunoPacific, 2225 District (EMCID), 711
Grinding Inc., 2335
Key Electronics Inc., 1854 FlexMation Inc., 817
N2 Biomedical, 1410
Keystone Solutions Group, 1605 Glines & Rhodes Inc., 2213
Norman Noble Inc., 2130
Lakewood Products, 1956 International Management Systems
Quasar, 1632
Laserage Technology Corp., 2525 Marketing (IMSM), 1649

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Exhibitors by Products and Services
Minneapolis 2016

IoPP Minnesota Chapter, 840 RS Precision Industries Inc., 419 EG-GILERO, 1241
Klugé Design Inc., 1512 Tek Pak Inc., 516 EI Microcircuits Inc., 1861
Laser Light Technologies, 1755 TPI Arcade, 413 Electronic Systems Inc., 1409
Materials Evaluation & Engineering Inc., 1509 Elytone Electronic Co., 1556
MED Institute Inc., 2312 Contract Manufacturing Services Emerald Corp., 1605
MPS Technical, 1845 Accumold®, 2419 Fabrico Medical, 2608
NAMSA, 1135 Active Manufacturing, 1605 Flambeau Medical Markets Group, 2054
Nelson Laboratories LLC, 1935 Advance Turning and Manufacturing, 1209 Flexible Circuit Technologies Inc., 1944
Newson USA LLC, 2632 Altron Inc., 1505 FMI Inc. Medical Silicone Molding, 2212
Packaging Compliance Labs, 1605 AMETEK Engineered Medical GCX Corp., 1959
Pongratz Engineering, 2250 Components, 1805 Global Contract Manufacturing (GCM), 1110
Promet Optics, 2645 AMS Micromedical LLC, 2145 Hart Enterprises Inc., 1831
Pulse Technologies Inc., 2315 Apple Rubber Products, 2110 Hi-Tech Products, 2501
QC Group LLC, 1538 Asahi Intecc USA Inc., 2125 Höganäs AB, 2344
Regulatory and Quality Solutions (R&Q), 1642 ATEX Technologies Inc., 2630 HWTrek, 524
Solid Design Solutions, 1750 ATL (Ad Tape & Label Company Inc.), 1208 Imperial Plastics, 2441
St. Cloud State University, 1145 ATL Technology, 2239 Innovize, 2134
Sterigenics International LLC, 1430 Automatic Manufacturing Enterprise Ltd., 2433 International Business Support
Tembua: The Precision Language Solution, 2635 B. Braun OEM Div., 1611 Services Inc., 1558

TriStar Inc., 2254 Baril Corp., 2233 Ironwood Industries, 1931

Virginia Economic Development Batten & Allen Ltd., 2245 J-Pac Medical, 1741
Partnership (VEDP), 1255 Benchmark Electronics, 2438 JAB Manufacturing LLC, 1111
WhiteBoard Product Solutions, 1838 Biomerics, 2155 Johnson Matthey Inc., 2011
Bob Inc., 2413 JunoPacific, 2225
Consulting Services Brunk Industries Inc., 2524 Kato Cable, 1945
ARBURG Inc., 925 BTW Inc., 1948 Kenmode Precision Metal Stamping, 2505
Special Coatings USA LLC, 1144 Burpee Materials Technology LLC, 2409 Key Electronics Inc., 1854
Burton Industries Inc., 2050 Keystone Solutions Group, 1605
Contract Manufacturers Can-Am Integration Inc., 1725 Klugé Design Inc., 1512
Industrial Controls Co., 730 CarTika Medical, 1731 Kovatch Castings Inc., 2548
Schneeberger® Inc., 742 Centrix Contract Services, 1413 Lakewood Products, 1956
Century College, 1141 Laser Light Technologies, 1755
Contract Manufacturing Chandler Industries Inc., 2412 Laserage Technology Corp., 2525
Boker’s Inc., 617 Chemtech Plastics Inc., 1048 LISI Medical Remmele, 2211
Greene Rubber Co., 416 Classic Coil Company Inc., 1444 Lou-Rich, 2544
Industrial Molded Rubber Products, 915 Collagen Solutions, 2554 Machine Control Specialists Inc., 2324
Jiangsu Hengtai Electronics and Plastic ComDel Innovation Inc., 1942 Marshall Manufacturing, 2048
Company Ltd., 512 Concept Molds, 1612 Martech® Medical, 1730
K.S. of West Virginia Company Ltd., 530 Conductive Technologies Inc., 2031 Matrix Tooling/Matrix Plastic Products, 1455
Lakeside Casting Solutions, 430 Creganna Medical & AdvancedCath, McLean Medical & Scientific Inc., 1218
Master Prosperous Industrial Co. (MPI), 531 Part of TE Connectivity, 2205 Medbio, 1612
Merrill Manufacturing Corp., 612 Cretex Medical Companies, 2225 Meier, 2225
NACS Inc., 914 CRI Medical Devices, 1315 Metal Craft and Riverside
Northwest Fourslide, 418 Custom Mold & Design Inc., 2014 Machine & Engineering, 1615
Partners Lab, 434 Cyient, 1450 Metro Mold & Design (MMD Medical), 2216
Proto Labs, 525 Diversified Plastics Inc., 2138 MICRO, 1105
RAPID, 425 EDM Sales & Supplies Inc., 2542 Micro-Matics Inc., 2507

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Exhibitors by Products and Services
Minneapolis 2016

MicroGroup Inc., 1454 Secant Group, 2248 Controllers

Microspec Corp., 2331 sfm medical devices USA Inc., 2451 Douglas Corp., 616
Minnetronix Inc., 1312 Sil-Pro LLC, 2400 Proportion Air Inc., 412
MMD Medical LLC, 2216 SMC Ltd., 1925
Modified Polymer Components Inc., 1539 SMTC Corp., 1148 Controls
Motion Dynamics Corp., 2513 Sparton, 1424 Beta LaserMike Products, 1113
Multisource Mfg. LLC, 1325 Sparton Corp., 1424 Endress+Hauser GmbH+Co. KG, 631
MW Industries, 2539 Special Coatings USA LLC, 1144 Hans Laser/Gromax Enterprises Corp., 1432
National Jet Co., 2550 Special Systems Design Inc., 2533 Industrial Controls Co., 730
National Manufacturing Company Inc., 1349 Specialty Silicone Fabricators Inc., 1549 Mitsubishi Electric Automation, 805
Natvar, a Tekni-Plex Co., 1918 Spectralytics Inc., 2225 Parker Automation, 805
NEO Tech, 2445 StarFish Medical, 2343 SCHUNK Inc., 909
Nolato Contour, 2535 Stellar Technologies, a Cirtec Co., 2025
Norman Noble Inc., 2130 Surgical Specialties Corp., 1514 Conveyors
Okay Industries Inc., 1617 Surgical Technologies Inc. (STI), 1216 FlexMation Inc., 817
Optix Co., 1345 Swiss Precision Machining Inc., 2540 Industrial Molded Rubber Products, 915
OSI Optoelectronics Inc., 1843 SYNEO, 1810
Owens Industries Inc., 2555 Talon Innovations Corp., 1749 Conveyors and Feeders
PADT Medical and Innosurg, 1643 Taurus Engineering & Manufacturing, 1415 Braas Co., 607
Penn United Technologies Inc., 2414 TE Connectivity, AdvancedCath,
Creganna Medical, 2205
Peter Parts Electronics Inc., 517 Cosmetic Packaging
Petersen Precision Engineering LLC, 2509 Teamvantage, 2016
Robinson Printing, 1012
Phillips-Medisize Corp., 1905 Tech-Etch Inc., 1439
Tecnova Electronics, 1233
Plastics International, 1645 Decorating
Plastics One Inc., 1651 Tekni-Plex, Natvar Div., 1918
North Pacific International Inc., 739
Plexus Corp., 1934 Teleflex Medical OEM, 2425
TeligentEMS, 2439
Polyzen Inc., 1416 Design Services
Precision Associates Inc., 2504 Thomas Engineering Co., 2512
AMS Micromedical LLC, 2145
Precision Concepts Medical Technologies, 1513 TLC Electronics Inc., 1940
Automatic Manufacturing Enterprise Ltd., 2433
ProMed Molded Products/Promed Pharma, 2010 Top Tool, 1738
Barger, a Div. of Placon, 1119
Promet Optics, 2645 TRICOR Systems Inc., 1844
Benchmark Electronics, 2438
Providien, 1759 Twin City EDM & Mfg. Inc., 1334
Biomerics, 2155
Pulse Technologies Inc., 2315 UMC Inc., 2430
Burpee Materials Technology LLC, 2409
QTS (Quality Tech Services Inc.), 1816 Valtronic, 1114
Burton Industries Inc., 2050
Quasar, 1632 Venta Medical Inc., 2525
Can-Am Integration Inc., 1725
Relucent Solutions, 2625 Versa Electronics, 1851
Carlisle Medical Technologies, 2338
RepExact LLC, 1154 Vesta Inc., 2311
CarTika Medical, 1731
Resonetics, 2035 ViaMed Corp., 2334
Caztek Engineering, 2042
RevZero Inc., 1211 Weiss-Aug Company Inc., 1339
CPC, 1531
The Right Place Inc., 1605 Wytech Industries Inc., 2345
Custom Mold & Design Inc., 2014
Riverside Electronics Ltd., 1848 XL Precision Technologies Inc., 1919
Design Solutions, 1849
rms Co., 2225 DornerWorks, 1605
Contract Packaging
rms Surgical, 2225 Dynamic Tool & Design, 1313
Rose Electronics, 1155 Andpak Midwest, 1018
Safari Circuits Inc., 1605 NACS Inc., 914
EI Microcircuits Inc., 1861
Salt Lake Cable & Harness Inc., 2355 Flexible Circuit Technologies Inc., 1944
Schmit Prototypes, 1725 Hoowaki, 1745

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Exhibitors by Products and Services
Minneapolis 2016

Kablooe, 1238 Disposables HBM Test and Measurement, 1815

Keystone Solutions Group, 1605 Abiomed Inc., 1855 Interpower® Corp., 1630
Klugé Design Inc., 1512 Amparo Medical Technologies, 2501 Johnson Company Mfg. Reps, 1625
Mangar Medical Packaging, 2131 ATL (Ad Tape & Label Company Inc.), 1208 K.S. of West Virginia Company Ltd., 530
McLean Medical & Scientific Inc., 1218 B. Braun OEM Div., 1611 Mark-10 Corp., 1449
MDRG (Medical Device Resource Group), 1816 Bay Associates Wire Technologies, 1744 Micro Crystal AG, 2440
Meier, 2225 Carlisle Medical Technologies, 2338 Molex, 1949
Minnetronix Inc., 1312 Hi-Tech Products, 2501 MW Industries, 2539
Nelipak® Corp., 2039 Hisco Inc., 2333 New England Wire Technologies, 1425
Nortech Systems - Devicix, 2113 Imperial Plastics, 2441 Nobilis Metals, 417
Onyx Healthcare USA Inc., 1540 Marshall Manufacturing, 2048 Okaya Electric America Inc., 1441
Optix Co., 1345 Nolato Contour, 2535 Peter Parts Electronics Inc., 517
PADT Medical and Innosurg, 1643 Qosina, 1724 Plastics One Inc., 1651
Phillips-Medisize Corp., 1905 Quasar, 1632 Pressure Profile Systems Inc., 2538
Plastic Ingenuity Inc., 1732 Taurus Engineering & Manufacturing, 1415 Rare Earth Coatings, 1954
Plexus Corp., 1934 Safari Circuits Inc., 1605
Pongratz Engineering, 2250 Distributors Sager Power Systems, 1348
Precision Concepts Medical Technologies, 1513 Air Engineering & Supply Company Statek Corp., 1633
Premold Corp., 2217 Inc. (AES), 1431 Tekscan Inc., 1634
Prent Corp., 1616 Central Wire Industries Ltd., 2143 Thomas Engineering Co., 2512
Promet Optics, 2645 Fedco Batteries, 2434 TLC Electronics Inc., 1940
PTI Engineered Plastics Inc., 1235 Hans Laser/Gromax Enterprises Corp., 1432 Top Tool, 1738
Ram Technologies, 2545 Hisco Inc., 2333 Tri-Mag LLC, 2149
rms Co., 2225 Interwire Group, 1532 US Digital, 2232
rms Surgical, 2225 Lube-Tech & Partners LLC, 1714 VACCO Industries, 2341
Safari Circuits Inc., 1605 Production Automation, 2240 Veco USA, 2415
Sager Power Systems, 1348 Sager Power Systems, 1348 Versa Electronics, 1851
Schmit Prototypes, 1725 TestEquity LLC, 1858 Winchester Electronics, 2141
SMTC Corp., 1148
Solid Design Solutions, 1750 Economic Development Electronics Manufacturing Services
Sparton, 1424 Iowa Area Development Group, 630 Midwest Machine Tool Supply/SCHMIDT, 705
Sparton Corp., 1424
StarFish Medical, 2343 Electronic Components Embedded Systems,
Tools, or Software
Straub Design Co., 1404 Air Engineering & Supply Company
Talon Innovations Corp., 1749 Inc. (AES), 1431 Aerotek, 2157

Tecnova Electronics, 1233 All Flex - Flexible Circuits and Heaters, 2234 Allegro Software, 227

TRICOR Systems Inc., 1844 Altech Corp., 506 Blue Sages, 2642

UMC Inc., 2430 AMETEK Engineered Medical Code Corporation, 327

Components, 1805 dSPACE Inc., 222
Valtronic, 1114
API Technologies, 1933 Cyient, 1450
Vention Medical, 2117
Bal Seal Engineering, Inc., 2038 Design Solutions, 1849
WhiteBoard Product Solutions, 1838
Bay Associates Wire Technologies, 1744 DornerWorks, 1605
Winchester Electronics, 2141
CP Precision, 1332 EMA Design Automation Inc., 333
DG Interconnect, 1510
Digital Printing Green Hills Software Inc., 211
Fastron Americas, 2058 Ironwood Electronics, 216
Dyna-Graphics Corp., 713
Fedco Batteries, 2434 Lauterbach Inc., 226
Gowanda Electronics, 1950 LPKF Laser & Electronics, 1850

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Exhibitors by Products and Services
Minneapolis 2016

MathWorks, 315 Creganna Medical & AdvancedCath, Fluid Power and Handling Devices
Onyx Healthcare USA Inc., 1540 Part of TE Connectivity, 2205
Proportion Air Inc., 412
Pico Technology, 330 Dunn Industries Inc., 1604

Pleora Technologies, 325 EDM Sales & Supplies Inc., 2542 Fluid Power Handling and Control
The Right Place Inc., 1605 Fluortek Inc., 1911
Braas Co., 607
RIGOL Technologies USA, 231 GP:50 New York Ltd., 945
Endress+Hauser GmbH+Co. KG, 631
Rohde & Schwarz Inc., 334 Hoowaki, 1745

Siglent Technologies Company, Ltd., 313 International Polymer Engineering Foils

Inc. (IPE), 1610
Symmetry Electronics, 205 North Pacific International Inc., 739
JAB Manufacturing LLC, 1111
Tag-Connect, 319
Lubrizol LifeSciences, 2311
Technologic Systems, 331 Food Packaging
Martech® Medical, 1730
Tektronix, 218 Affordable Buckets LLC, 917
Medical Extrusion Technologies, 1958
Teledyne LeCroy, 234 Northstar Converting LLC, 832
Microspec Corp., 2331
Total Phase Inc., 310 Sheffield Machine Knife, 745
Natvar, a Tekni-Plex Co., 1918
WolfSSL, 235
Optinova Inc., 2605
Plastic Ingenuity Inc., 1732
EMC and EMI Shielding
Sheffield Machine Knife, 745
Plastics International, 1645
API Technologies, 1933
Polyzen Inc., 1416
Bal Seal Engineering, Inc., 2038 Hand and Power Tools
Putnam Plastics Corp., 2231
Hi-Tec Finishing, 2429 Aven Inc., 725
Specialty Silicone Fabricators Inc., 1549
Leader Tech Inc., 1740 Midwest Machine Tool Supply/SCHMIDT, 705
TE Connectivity, AdvancedCath,
Rare Earth Coatings, 1954
Creganna Medical, 2205
Tech-Etch Inc., 1439
Teel Plastics, 2443 Hardware
VTI Vacuum Technologies Inc., 1650 DornerWorks, 1605
Tekni-Plex, Natvar Div., 1918
Teleflex Medical OEM, 2425
Enclosures I/O Products and Systems
Vention Medical, 2117
Altech Corp., 506 Nanospark, 408
Vesta Inc., 2311
Emerald Corp., 1605
Zeus Inc., 2105
Gerbig Engineering Co., 1411 Implantable Devices
Jiangsu Hengtai Electronics and Plastic Fiber Optics Abiomed Inc., 1855
Company Ltd., 512
FISO Technologies Inc., 1317 Admedes Schuessler GmbH, 2624
National Manufacturing Company Inc., 1349
Molex, 1949 Advanced Powder Products Inc., 2534
Premold Corp., 2217
Optix Co., 1345 AMS Micromedical LLC, 2145
RAPID, 425
Anomet Products, 2040
SMTC Corp., 1148
Flexible Circuits ATEX Technologies Inc., 2630
Sur-Seal Inc., 1414
All Flex - Flexible Circuits and Heaters, 2234 ATOM Precision of America, 1554
EI Microcircuits Inc., 1861 Bluestar Silicones, 1717
End-of-Line Systems
Flexible Circuit Technologies Inc., 1944 Bob Inc., 2413
Shippers Supply Inc., 717
Molex, 1949 Burpee Materials Technology LLC, 2409
OSI Optoelectronics Inc., 1843 Chandler Industries Inc., 2412
Rare Earth Coatings, 1954 Classic Coil Company Inc., 1444
Air Engineering & Supply Company
Tech-Etch Inc., 1439 Cretex Medical Companies, 2225
Inc. (AES), 1431
Evonik Corp., 1308
Anderson Agency Inc., 2528
Flexible Packaging Fine Tubes - AMETEK Specialty
Apollo Medical Extrusion, 1748
Metal Products, 1405
Asahi Intecc USA Inc., 2125 DAKLAPACK USA, 833
Glines & Rhodes Inc., 2213
Caplugs, 1842 Northstar Converting LLC, 832
J-Pac Medical, 1741
WC Pallets, 844

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Exhibitors by Products and Services
Minneapolis 2016

Johnson Matthey Inc., 2011 Inspection Labels

JunoPacific, 2225 i4 Solutions, 1009 Coridian Technologies Inc., 743
LISI Medical Remmele, 2211 Dyna-Graphics Corp., 713
Marshall Manufacturing, 2048 Instruments and Controls North Pacific International Inc., 739
Okay Industries Inc., 1617 Arizona Instrument LLC, 930 QuickLabel Systems, 913
Pulse Systems, 1608 PGI Technologies, 944
Pulse Technologies Inc., 2315 Sartorius Corp., 942 Laser Cutting
Relucent Solutions, 2625 Sumitomo (SHI) Demag, 1039 RAPID, 425
rms Co., 2225
Sil-Pro LLC, 2400 Integrators and Factory Solutions Lasers
Specialty Silicone Fabricators Inc., 1549 Aspect Automation, 1004 Accumark Inc., 1343
St. Cloud State University, 1145 ATC Automation, 731 AMETEK Engineered Medical
Superior Tube - AMETEK QComp Technologies Inc., 735 Components, 1805
Specialty Metal Products, 1405 Anderson Agency Inc., 2528
RRAMAC Connected Systems, 835
Valtronic, 1114 Automator, 1404
Vascutek Ltd, 1251 Interconnect Devices Baillie Sales and Engineering, 1404
ViaMed Corp., 2334 Beamer Laser Marking, 1859
Accumold®, 2419
All Flex - Flexible Circuits and Heaters, 2234 Branson Ultrasonics Corp., 2017
Information Technology
Batten & Allen Ltd., 2245 Creganna Medical & AdvancedCath,
Itechra, 2159 Part of TE Connectivity, 2205
Carlisle Medical Technologies, 2338
CRI Medical Devices, 1315
DG Interconnect, 1510
Injection Molding DPSS Lasers Inc., 1648
IntriCon Corp., 1324
Absolute Haitian, 931 Dukane Corp., 1941
Johnson Company Mfg. Reps, 1625
ARBURG Inc., 925 Emerald Corp., 1605
MEDO USA Inc., 1930
Chemtech Plastics Inc., 1048 Epilog Laser, 1445
Minnesota Wire, 2043
Cold Jet, 938 Fabrico Medical, 2608
Salt Lake Cable & Harness Inc., 2355
Diamond Tool and Engineering, 1134 Hans Laser/Gromax Enterprises Corp., 1432
Weiss-Aug Company Inc., 1339
Douglas Corp., 616 Innovative Laser Technologies, 2617
GP:50 New York Ltd., 945 IPG Photonics, 2638
IV Products
Greene Rubber Co., 416 Keyence Corp. of America, 1811
Classic Coil Company Inc., 1444
Industrial Molds Group, 1043 Laserage Technology Corp., 2525
International Business Support
Jiangsu Hengtai Electronics and Plastic Services Inc., 1558 LPKF Laser & Electronics, 1850
Company Ltd., 512 Lumentum, 2142
Lakeside Casting Solutions, 430 IVD Newson USA LLC, 2632
Maruka USA, 1025 Resonetics, 2035
J-Pac Medical, 1741
Mold-Tech Inc., 940 Rofin-Baasel Inc., 2549
Minitubes, 2339
NIIGATA All-Electric Molding Machines, 825 Spectralytics Inc., 2225
Resonetics, 2035
Niigata Machine Techno, 825 Sunstone Welders, 2435
PCS Co., 943 Labeling TE Connectivity, AdvancedCath,
PGI Technologies, 944 Creganna Medical, 2205
AbeTech, 1013
Proto Labs, 525 TRUMPF Inc., 2405
Affordable Buckets LLC, 917
RSW Technologies LLC, 1035 Tsugami/Rem Sales, 2255
Coridian Technologies Inc., 743
Sumitomo (SHI) Demag, 1039 Tykma-Electrox, 2519
MTE Solutions Inc., 1015
Toshiba Machine Co. of America, 939
Robinson Printing, 1012
Xcentric Mold & Engineering Inc., 424

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Exhibitors by Products and Services
Minneapolis 2016

LEDs and LCDs MEDO USA Inc., 1930 Mechanical Components

Elpa Displays Inc., 2454 Morris Midwest LLC, 2354 K.S. of West Virginia Company Ltd., 530
Mean Well USA Inc., 2629 MSI, 1705 Lakeside Casting Solutions, 430
Okaya Electric America Inc., 1441 NB Linear System, 2314 Master Prosperous Industrial Co. (MPI), 531
OSI Optoelectronics Inc., 1843 NCI Inc., 1516 Northwest Fourslide, 418
Uniglobe-Kisco Inc., 2641 Nissei, 1725 Partners Lab, 434
PlasticWeld Systems Inc. - Machine Smalley, 518
Lighting and Display Technologies Solutions Inc., 1705
Sugatsune America Inc., 618
Prototek Engineering, 1955
Douglas Corp., 616 Transfer Tool Products, 407
Regloplas, 1725

Lightweighting Rofin-Baasel Inc., 2549 Media and Associations

RothGreaves & Assoc., 1107
ARBURG Inc., 925 Design News, 649
Shenyang Shenda Endoscope
Washington Penn Plastic Company Inc., 1050 International Magnesium Association, 2541
Company Ltd., 1354
MD+DI, 649
Steeger USA - Machine Solutions Inc., 1705
Machine Components Medical Alley Association, 1131
Sunstone Welders, 2435
Mold-Tech Inc., 940 Medical Product Manufacturing
Supra Alloys, 2243
RSW Technologies LLC, 1035 News (MPMN), 649
T-M Vacuum Products, 1355
MEDTEC China Online, 649
Tangent Industries Inc., 2349
Machinery Parts Packaging Digest, 649
Totex Manufacturing Inc., 1916
Industrial Molded Rubber Products, 915 Pharmaceutical & Medical Packaging News, 649
TRUMPF Inc., 2405
Leister Technologies LLC, 1011 PlasticsToday, 649
Tsugami/Rem Sales, 2255
North Pacific International Inc., 739 Powder & Bulk Solids, 649
Uniglobe-Kisco Inc., 2641
NPI Electro, 739 Qmed.com - Find Qualified
VACCO Industries, 2341 Medical Device Suppliers, 649
Sheffield Machine Knife, 745
Vante, 1705 UBM, 649
Xactform USA, 2514 University of St. Thomas, 2543
Manufacturing Equipment
ZEISS Industrial Metrology, 1116
AdvancedTek, 1239
Medical Adhesives
Amada Miyachi America Inc., 1542 Material Handling
Amparo Medical Technologies, 2501
Blockwise Engineering, 1710
A.S.S. End of Arm Tooling Inc., 845 ATOM Precision of America, 1554
Branson Ultrasonics Corp., 2017
DESTACO Automation Products, 805 Bluestar Silicones, 1717
Can-Am Engineering, 1725
Hiwin Technologies Corp., 705 Ellsworth Adhesives, 1525
CBG Technologies, 1351
Midwest Machine Tool Supply/DESTACO, 705 Hi-Tech Products, 2501
Dukane Corp., 1941
Hisco Inc., 2333
EDM Sales & Supplies Inc., 2542 Material Handling or
NuSil Technology, 2139
Ellsworth Adhesives, 1525 Auxiliary Equipment
Tangent Industries Inc., 2349
ENGEL, 1125 Conair, 1031
Vela Technologies Inc., 2517
Excelitas Technologies (OmniCure), 2235 Kongskilde Industries Inc., 1044
Excelta, 1761 NIIGATA All-Electric Molding Machines, 825 Medical Computing
FasTest Inc., 2634
Onyx Healthcare USA Inc., 1540
Graco Inc., 1443 Materials and Additives
Innovative Laser Technologies, 2617 Washington Penn Plastic Company Inc., 1050 Medical Device Assembly
Instron, 1205
Accu-Glass LLC, 2244
Isthmus Engineering & Manufacturing, 1331 Materials Handling
Advanced Molding Technologies, 2032
KDF, 1860 Gel-Pak, 1543
Amparo Medical Technologies, 2501
Koops Inc., 1605 Isthmus Engineering & Manufacturing, 1331
Asahi Intecc USA Inc., 2125
Machine Control Specialists Inc., 2324 Quickdraw Conveyor Systems, 1139
ATL Technology, 2239
Machine Solutions Inc., 1705 Supra Alloys, 2243

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Exhibitors by Products and Services
Minneapolis 2016

Automatic Manufacturing Enterprise Ltd., 2433 Motion Dynamics Corp., 2513 Venta Medical Inc., 2525
Baril Corp., 2233 Multisource Mfg. LLC, 1325 Vention Medical, 2117
Benchmark Electronics, 2438 NEO Tech, 2445 Versa Electronics, 1851
Branson Ultrasonics Corp., 2017 Nolato Contour, 2535 VitalDyne Inc., 1254
Burton Industries Inc., 2050 Nortech Systems - Devicix, 2113 Winchester Electronics, 2141
C-Axis, 1204 OSI Optoelectronics Inc., 1843 Wytech Industries Inc., 2345
Can-Am Integration Inc., 1725 Owens Industries Inc., 2555 XL Precision Technologies Inc., 1919
CarTika Medical, 1731 Pexco LLC, 2135
Chandler Industries Inc., 2412 Phillips-Medisize Corp., 1905 Medical Device Components
ComDel Innovation Inc., 1942 Polyzen Inc., 1416 Accu-Glass LLC, 2244
Creganna Medical & AdvancedCath, Pro-Tech Design & Manufacturing Inc., 1217 Accumold®, 2419
Part of TE Connectivity, 2205 ProMed Molded Products/Promed Pharma, 2010 Active Manufacturing, 1605
Cretex Medical Companies, 2225 Providien, 1759 Admedes Schuessler GmbH, 2624
CRI Medical Devices, 1315 PTI Engineered Plastics Inc., 1235 Advanced Molding Technologies, 2032
Diversified Plastics Inc., 2138 Pulse Systems, 1608 Advanced Powder Products Inc., 2534
Dukane Corp., 1941 Putnam Plastics Corp., 2231 Alconox Inc., 1533
Dynamic Group, 2417 QTS (Quality Tech Services Inc.), 1816 All Flex - Flexible Circuits and Heaters, 2234
EG-GILERO, 1241 Quasar, 1632 American Preclinical Services, 1511
Electronic Systems Inc., 1409 RAUMEDIC Inc., 1305 Anderson Agency Inc., 2528
Elytone Electronic Co., 1556 RevZero Inc., 1211 Asahi Intecc USA Inc., 2125
Exacto Spring, 2030 The Right Place Inc., 1605 ATEX Technologies Inc., 2630
Excelitas Technologies (OmniCure), 2235 Riverside Electronics Ltd., 1848 ATL (Ad Tape & Label Company Inc.), 1208
Fabrico Medical, 2608 rms Co., 2225 ATOM Precision of America, 1554
Flambeau Medical Markets Group, 2054 rms Surgical, 2225 B. Braun OEM Div., 1611
Hart Enterprises Inc., 1831 Röchling Advent Tool & Mold, 1440 Bal Seal Engineering, Inc., 2038
Heraeus Medical Components, 2005 Secant Group, 2248 Bay Associates Wire Technologies, 1744
Heraeus Medical Components (HMC) Shenyang Shenda Endoscope Bob Inc., 2413
Deutschland, 2005 Company Ltd., 1354 Brunk Industries Inc., 2524
Heraeus Medical Components Costa Rica, 2005 SMC Ltd., 1925 C-Axis, 1204
Herrmann Ultrasonics Inc., 2616 SMTC Corp., 1148 CarTika Medical, 1731
Hi-Tech Products, 2501 St. Cloud State University, 1145 Caztek Engineering, 2042
I-Tek Medical Technologies, 1535 Stellar Technologies, a Cirtec Co., 2025 Central Wire Industries Ltd., 2143
IntriCon Corp., 1324 Surgical Specialties Corp., 1514 Chandler Industries Inc., 2412
Ironwood Industries, 1931 SurModics Inc., 1504 Classic Coil Company Inc., 1444
Key Electronics Inc., 1854 Swiss Precision Machining Inc., 2540 Collagen Solutions, 2554
Keystone Solutions Group, 1605 Talon Innovations Corp., 1749 ComDel Innovation Inc., 1942
Koops Inc., 1605 TE Connectivity, AdvancedCath, Creganna Conductive Technologies Inc., 2031
Lakewood Products, 1956 Medical, 2205
CP Precision, 1332
MAJiK Medical Solutions Pvt. Ltd., 1310 Teamvantage, 2016
CPC, 1531
Matrix Tooling/Matrix Plastic Products, 1455 Tech Tube, 1739
Cretex Medical Companies, 2225
McLean Medical & Scientific Inc., 1218 TeligentEMS, 2439
Custom Mold & Design Inc., 2014
Medbio, 1612 Totex Manufacturing Inc., 1916
DSM, 1304
Medicoil, R&L Spring Co., 2529 TRICOR Systems Inc., 1844
Dynamic Group, 2417
Metro Mold & Design (MMD Medical), 2216 Twin City EDM & Mfg. Inc., 1334
Dynamic Tool & Design, 1313
MICRO, 1105 UMC Inc., 2430
Eagle Stainless Tube & Fabrication Inc., 2316
MMD Medical LLC, 2216 Valtronic, 1114
Elektrisola Inc., 1330
Modified Polymer Components Inc., 1539 Vela Technologies Inc., 2517

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Exhibitors by Products and Services
Minneapolis 2016

Evonik Corp., 1308 MMD Medical LLC, 2216 Tech-Etch Inc., 1439
Fedco Batteries, 2434 Modified Polymer Components Inc., 1539 TestEquity LLC, 1858
FISO Technologies Inc., 1317 Motion Dynamics Corp., 2513 Thermetic Products Inc., 1560
Fluortek Inc., 1911 Multisource Mfg. LLC, 1325 Thomas Engineering Co., 2512
Fort Wayne Metals, 2305 MW Industries, 2539 Top Tool, 1738

GCX Corp., 1959 National Manufacturing Company Inc., 1349 Tru Tech Systems, 1716

Graco Inc., 1443 New England Catheter, 1425 Twin City EDM & Mfg. Inc., 1334

Hart Enterprises Inc., 1831 New England Wire Technologies, 1425 UMC Inc., 2430
US Digital, 2232
HBM Test and Measurement, 1815 The Octex Group, 2325
VACCO Industries, 2341
Heraeus Medical Components, 2005 Okay Industries Inc., 1617
Vascutek Ltd, 1251
Heraeus Medical Components (HMC) Owens Industries Inc., 2555
Deutschland, 2005 Veco USA, 2415
Parmatech, 1149
Hi-Tec Finishing, 2429 Venta Medical Inc., 2525
Peterson Enterprises, 2604
Imperial Plastics, 2441 Vesta Inc., 2311
Pexco LLC, 2135
Indo-US MIM Tec Pvt. Ltd., 1639 ViaMed Corp., 2334
Plastics One Inc., 1651
VitalDyne Inc., 1254
Innovative Laser Technologies, 2617 Polyzen Inc., 1416
Watson-Marlow Fluid Technology Group, 1231
Innovize, 2134 Pulse Systems, 1608
Weiss-Aug Company Inc., 1339
International Polymer Engineering Putnam Plastics Corp., 2231
Inc. (IPE), 1610 Weller/Apex Tool Group, 1833
Qosina, 1724
Interpower® Corp., 1630 Winchester Electronics, 2141
Ram Technologies, 2545
IntriCon Corp., 1324 Wytech Industries Inc., 2345
Regulatory and Quality Solutions (R&Q), 1642
IPG Photonics, 2638 XL Precision Technologies Inc., 1919
RepExact LLC, 1154
Ironwood Industries, 1931
Resonetics, 2035 Medical Imaging
JAB Manufacturing LLC, 1111
RevZero Inc., 1211
Judson A. Smith Company, 1149 Optix Co., 1345
The Right Place Inc., 1605
Kenmode Precision Metal Stamping, 2505
Röchling Advent Tool & Mold, 1440 Medical Labeling Equipment
Koganei International America Inc., 2639
Rogan Corp., 1225
Kovatch Castings Inc., 2548 Rofin-Baasel Inc., 2549
RRC Power Solutions Inc., 2357
Kyocera International Inc., 1742 TRUMPF Inc., 2405
Schmit Prototypes, 1725
Laserage Technology Corp., 2525
Secant Group, 2248 Medical Labels
The Lee Company, 2342
sfm medical devices USA Inc., 2451
Liquidmetal Technologies Inc., 2432 ATL (Ad Tape & Label Company Inc.), 1208
Shenyang Shenda Endoscope
LISI Medical Remmele, 2211 AWT Labels & Packaging, 1841
Company Ltd., 1354
Lubrizol LifeSciences, 2311 TouchMark, 1543
Sil-Pro LLC, 2400
Matrix Tooling/Matrix Plastic Products, 1455 SMC Ltd., 1925
Medical Materials - Form Supplied
Mean Well USA Inc., 2629 Special Systems Design Inc., 2533
Medical Extrusion Technologies, 1958 Accu-Glass LLC, 2244
Spectralytics Inc., 2225
Medicoil, R&L Spring Co., 2529 Anomet Products, 2040
Statek Corp., 1633
MEDO USA Inc., 1930 ATOM Precision of America, 1554
Stellar Technologies, a Cirtec Co., 2025
Meier, 2225 Batten & Allen Ltd., 2245
Strain Measurement Devices Inc., 1517
Meron Medical, a Div. of M&S DSM, 1304
Sur-Seal Inc., 1414
Centerless Grinding Inc., 2335 Eagle Stainless Tube & Fabrication Inc., 2316
SurModics Inc., 1504
Metal Cutting Corp., 2410 Heraeus Medical Components, 2005
Swiss Precision Machining Inc., 2540
Metro Mold & Design (MMD Medical), 2216 Heraeus Medical Components (HMC)
SYNEO, 1810
MICRO, 1105 Deutschland, 2005
Talon Innovations Corp., 1749
Micro-Matics Inc., 2507 Kenmode Precision Metal Stamping, 2505
Teamvantage, 2016
Micro Parts Inc., 2249 Technipaq Inc., 1545
Tech Tube, 1739
Minnesota Wire, 2043 Thermetic Products Inc., 1560

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Exhibitors by Products and Services
Minneapolis 2016

Top Tool, 1738 Leister Technologies LLC, 1011 Elektrisola Inc., 1330
Tru Tech Systems, 1716 NACS Inc., 914 Fluortek Inc., 1911
Xactform USA, 2514 Paperboard Packaging Solutions, 619 HTP-Meds LLC, 1434
QuickPouch, 643 Innovative Laser Technologies, 2617
Medical Materials - Raw Materials Robinson Printing, 1012 International Business Support
AMETEK Specialty Metal Products/Hamilton Sheffield Machine Knife, 745 Services Inc., 1558
Precision Metals, 1405 TEQ, 1014 JAB Manufacturing LLC, 1111
Anomet Products, 2040 T.O. Plastics Inc., 1019 K-Tube Technologies, 2133
Bluestar Silicones, 1717 Laser Light Technologies, 1755
Boston Centerless, 1939 Medical Plastics MAJiK Medical Solutions Pvt. Ltd., 1310
Compounding Solutions LLC, 1206 Accumold®, 2419 Marshall Manufacturing, 2048
DSM, 1304 Biomerics, 2155 Medelec S.A., 2332
Eagle Stainless Tube & Fabrication Inc., 2316 Boston Centerless, 1939 Medical Extrusion Technologies, 1958
EDM Sales & Supplies Inc., 2542 Caplugs, 1842 Meron Medical, a Div. of M&S Centerless
Elgiloy Specialty Metals Inc., 1344 Grinding Inc., 2335
Compounding Solutions LLC, 1206
EUROFLEX GmbH, 1638 Metal Cutting Corp., 2410
Computer Designs Custom Thermoforming, 2644
Evonik Corp., 1308 MICRO, 1105
Concept Molds, 1612
Fabrico Medical, 2608 MicroLumen Inc., 1825
Dynamic Group, 2417
Fine Tubes - AMETEK Specialty Metal Minitubes, 2339
Five Star Plastics, 2518
Products, 1405 Natvar, a Tekni-Plex Co., 1918
HTP-Meds LLC, 1434
Fort Wayne Metals, 2305 New England Catheter, 1425
Infinity LTL Engineered Compounds, 1743
Furukawa Techno Material Co., 1244 Okay Industries Inc., 1617
International Polymer Engineering
Glines & Rhodes Inc., 2213 Inc. (IPE), 1610 Optinova Inc., 2605
Heraeus Medical Components, 2005 IntriCon Corp., 1324 PlasticWeld Systems Inc. - Machine
Heraeus Medical Components (HMC) Solutions Inc., 1705
Modified Polymer Components Inc., 1539
Deutschland, 2005 Pulse Systems, 1608
Nissei, 1725
Infinity LTL Engineered Compounds, 1743 RAUMEDIC Inc., 1305
The Octex Group, 2325
JMEDTECH Pte. Ltd., 1342 Special Systems Design Inc., 2533
Pexco LLC, 2135
Johnson Matthey Inc., 2011 SYNEO, 1810
Plastics International, 1645
Loos & Company Inc., 2515 Teel Plastics, 2443
Premold Corp., 2217
Lube-Tech & Partners LLC, 1714 Vante, 1705
Prent Corp., 1616
Lubrizol LifeSciences, 2311 Vela Technologies Inc., 2517
Providien, 1759
Metal Cutting Corp., 2410 XL Precision Technologies Inc., 1919
Rogan Corp., 1225
NuSil Technology, 2139 Zeus Inc., 2105
rose plastic USA LLLP, 1733
Plastics International, 1645
RTP Co., 1711
RTP Co., 1711 Medical Tubing Types
Taurus Engineering & Manufacturing, 1415
Superior Tube - AMETEK Specialty Accu-Glass LLC, 2244
Uniglobe-Kisco Inc., 2641
Metal Products, 1405 AMETEK Engineered Medical
Supra Alloys, 2243 Components, 1805
Medical Polymers
Tru Tech Systems, 1716 Apollo Medical Extrusion, 1748
Washington Penn Plastic Company Inc., 1050
Ulbrich Stainless Steel & Special Bluestar Silicones, 1717
Metals Inc., 2215 Eagle Stainless Tube & Fabrication Inc., 2316
Wytech Industries Inc., 2345 Medical Software
Xactform USA, 2514 OPS Solutions LLC, 1551
Fluortek Inc., 1911
Furukawa Techno Material Co., 1244
Medical Packaging Medical Tubing Processing
HTP-Meds LLC, 1434
All-Pac, 718 Apollo Medical Extrusion, 1748 K-Tube Technologies, 2133
DAKLAPACK USA, 833 Dunn Industries Inc., 1604 Lubrizol LifeSciences, 2311

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Exhibitors by Products and Services
Minneapolis 2016

MAJiK Medical Solutions Pvt. Ltd., 1310 Dynamic Tool & Design, 1313 Premold Corp., 2217
Medelec S.A., 2332 ENGEL, 1125 Prent Corp., 1616
Medical Extrusion Technologies, 1958 Hoowaki, 1745 Providien, 1759
MicroGroup Inc., 1454 Nissei, 1725 PTI Engineered Plastics Inc., 1235
MicroLumen Inc., 1825 PlasticWeld Systems Inc. - Machine Ram Technologies, 2545
Minitubes, 2339 Solutions Inc., 1705 RAUMEDIC Inc., 1305
Natvar, a Tekni-Plex Co., 1918 Regloplas, 1725 Röchling Advent Tool & Mold, 1440
New England Catheter, 1425 Vante, 1705 Rogan Corp., 1225
New England Wire Technologies, 1425 VEM Tooling, 2259 Salt Lake Cable & Harness Inc., 2355
Optinova Inc., 2605 Schmit Prototypes, 1725
Molding Services
Pexco LLC, 2135 Sil-Pro LLC, 2400
Putnam Plastics Corp., 2231 Advanced Molding Technologies, 2032 SMC Ltd., 1925
Qosina, 1724 Advanced Powder Products Inc., 2534 Specialty Silicone Fabricators Inc., 1549
RAUMEDIC Inc., 1305 AMS Micromedical LLC, 2145 Sur-Seal Inc., 1414
rose plastic USA LLLP, 1733 Anderson Agency Inc., 2528 Taurus Engineering & Manufacturing, 1415
Superior Tube - AMETEK Specialty Apple Rubber Products, 2110 Teamvantage, 2016
Metal Products, 1405 Automatic Manufacturing Enterprise Ltd., 2433 Weiss-Aug Company Inc., 1339
Sur-Seal Inc., 1414 Baril Corp., 2233 Xactform USA, 2514
Tech Tube, 1739 Batten & Allen Ltd., 2245
Teel Plastics, 2443 Biomerics, 2155 Molds and Dies
Tekni-Plex, Natvar Div., 1918 Boy Machines Inc., 1548 Chemtech Plastics Inc., 1048
Vention Medical, 2117 Can-Am Engineering, 1725 Diamond Tool and Engineering, 1134
Vesta Inc., 2311 Custom Mold & Design Inc., 2014 Industrial Molds Group, 1043
Zeus Inc., 2105 Diversified Plastics Inc., 2138 Mold-Tech Inc., 940
Dynamic Group, 2417
Metals and Alloys Dynamic Tool & Design, 1313 Motion Control
Lakeside Casting Solutions, 430 Elytone Electronic Co., 1556 AdvanTech International, 830
Nobilis Metals, 417 Emerald Corp., 1605 Canon USA, 1451
TPI Arcade, 413 Flambeau Medical Markets Group, 2054 Design Solutions, 1849
Hart Enterprises Inc., 1831 DESTACO Automation Products, 805
Micro-Molding I-Tek Medical Technologies, 1535 Electro-Matic Integrated, 838
Sumitomo (SHI) Demag, 1039 Imperial Plastics, 2441 IKO International Inc., 1207
International Business Support maxon precision motors inc., 2348
Mobile Health Services Inc., 1558
GCX Corp., 1959 Ironwood Industries, 1931
Mitsubishi Electric Automation, 805
JunoPacific, 2225
Parker Automation, 805
Mold Components Martech® Medical, 1730
Renishaw Inc., 733
Diamond Tool and Engineering, 1134 Matrix Tooling/Matrix Plastic Products, 1455
Rethink Robotics, 805
Mold-Tech Inc., 940 Medbio, 1612
Schneeberger® Inc., 742
PCS Co., 943 Met2Plastic LLC, 2448
3D Platform/PBC Linear, 625
Progressive Components, 1130 Nissei, 1725
US Digital, 2232
Technoject Machinery Corp., 1142 Nolato Contour, 2535
Watson-Marlow Fluid Technology Group, 1231
Nordic Ware Industrial, 2449
Molding Equipment The Octex Group, 2325
AdvancedTek, 1239 Plastic Ingenuity Inc., 1732
Canon USA, 1451
Can-Am Engineering, 1725 Precision Associates Inc., 2504
maxon precision motors inc., 2348
Concept Molds, 1612 Precision Concepts Medical Technologies, 1513

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Exhibitors by Products and Services
Minneapolis 2016

Nanotechnology Packaging Equipment Pallets

FISO Technologies Inc., 1317 Isthmus Engineering & Manufacturing, 1331 WC Pallets, 844
Hoowaki, 1745 Machine Solutions Inc., 1705
ThinFilms Inc., 1957 Nelipak® Corp., 2039 PCB Assembly and Equipment
PTI Inspection Systems, 1108 Aven Inc., 725
Ophthalmology SencorpWhite, 2230
Meron Medical, a Div. of M&S Centerless Steeger USA - Machine Solutions Inc., 1705 PCBs
Grinding Inc., 2335 Burton Industries Inc., 2050
Packaging Materials and Products CP Precision, 1332
Amcor Flexibles, 1417 Cyient, 1450
FlexMation Inc., 817 AWT Labels & Packaging, 1841 Nortech Systems - Devicix, 2113
Leister Technologies LLC, 1011 Barger, a Div. of Placon, 1119 Tecnova Electronics, 1233
Brookdale Plastics Inc., 1938 TeligentEMS, 2439
Computer Designs Custom Thermoforming, 2644 TRICOR Systems Inc., 1844
Bob Inc., 2413 Gel-Pak, 1543
Central Wire Industries Ltd., 2143 Graco Inc., 1443 Pharmaceutical Packaging
Evonik Corp., 1308 Mangar Medical Packaging, 2131 QuickPouch, 643
Fine Tubes - AMETEK Specialty Metal MDRG (Medical Device Resource Group), 1816 Robinson Printing, 1012
Products, 1405
Nelipak® Corp., 2039 TEQ, 1014
Kovatch Castings Inc., 2548
Oliver-Tolas® Healthcare Packaging, 2310
Kyocera International Inc., 1742
Prent Corp., 1616 Plastic Sheet
N2 Biomedical, 1410
rose plastic USA LLLP, 1733 T.O. Plastics Inc., 1019
Norman Noble Inc., 2130
Sagar Rubber Products Pvt. Ltd., 2351
Relucent Solutions, 2625
Plastics and Elastomers
RepExact LLC, 1154 Packaging Services Greene Rubber Co., 416
Teleflex Medical OEM, 2425
Barger, a Div. of Placon, 1119 Minnesota Rubber & Plastics, 519
Twin City EDM & Mfg. Inc., 1334
Centrix Contract Services, 1413 RT Dygert International, 511
Computer Designs Custom Thermoforming, 2644
Other Materials
Heraeus Medical Components Costa Rica, 2005 Pneumatics and Hydraulics
Transfer Tool Products, 407
I-Tek Medical Technologies, 1535 Automation Inc., 805
Innovize, 2134 DESTACO Automation Products, 805
J-Pac Medical, 1741 Midwest Machine Tool Supply, 705
HWTrek, 524
Lakewood Products, 1956 Parker Automation, 805
Jiangsu Hengtai Electronics and Plastic
Mangar Medical Packaging, 2131
Company Ltd., 512
Martech® Medical, 1730 Pouches
Master Prosperous Industrial Co. (MPI), 531
McLean Medical & Scientific Inc., 1218 DAKLAPACK USA, 833

Packaging MDRG (Medical Device Resource Group), 1816 QuickPouch, 643

Medbio, 1612
Tek Pak Inc., 516
Nelipak® Corp., 2039 Power Supplies and Converters

Packaging Design Nelson Laboratories LLC, 1935 Elytone Electronic Co., 1556
Packaging Compliance Labs, 1605 GlobTek Inc., 1839
All-Pac, 718
Peel Master Medical Packaging, 2257 Mean Well USA Inc., 2629
T.O. Plastics Inc., 1019
Plastic Ingenuity Inc., 1732 RRC Power Solutions Inc., 2357
Pro-Tech Design & Manufacturing Inc., 1217 Sager Power Systems, 1348
WC Pallets, 844
QTS (Quality Tech Services Inc.), 1816 SL Power Electronics, 1309
sfm medical devices USA Inc., 2451 Tri-Mag LLC, 2149
Surgical Technologies Inc. (STI), 1216

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Exhibitors by Products and Services
Minneapolis 2016

Power Supplies and Power Midwest Machine Tool Supply, 705 Precision Repair and Calibration, 2049
Management Devices Midwest Machine Tool Supply/DESTACO, 705 Productivity Quality Inc., 2162
Altech Corp., 506 Midwest Machine Tool Supply/SCHMIDT, 705 Prototek Engineering, 1955
Ching Cheng Wire Material Co., Ltd., 608 Midwest Machine Tool Supply/TELESIS, 705 PTI Inspection Systems, 1108
Schneeberger® Inc., 742 QC Group LLC, 1538
Precision Machining Regulatory and Quality Solutions (R&Q), 1642
Parts and Services Protective Packaging SGS Life Sciences, 1213
Forecast 3D, 513 All-Pac, 718 Sonoscan® Inc., 2614
Master Prosperous Industrial Co. (MPI), 531 Independent Packing Services Inc., 919 Sparton, 1424
Nobilis Metals, 417 Paperboard Packaging Solutions, 619 Sparton Corp., 1424
RAPID, 425 UNIQBAG, 639 Sterigenics International LLC, 1430
Smalley, 518 Tekscan Inc., 1634
Worldwide Foam Ltd., 724
Walter R. Hammond Co., a Div of
Print-and-Apply Labelers Pumps W.P. & R.S. Mars Co., 1817
AbeTech, 1013 Abiomed Inc., 1855 Zaxis Inc., 2618
Coridian Technologies Inc., 743 Cole-Parmer, 2350 ZEISS Industrial Metrology, 1116
QuickLabel Systems, 913 The Lee Company, 2342
Supply Chain Services, 644 Rapid Prototyping or 3-D Printing
MEDO USA Inc., 1930
Midwest Machine Tool Supply, 705 ANSYS Inc., 509
Printing Equipment and Supplies Forecast 3D, 513
Minnetronix Inc., 1312
AdvancedTek, 1239 Watson-Marlow Fluid Technology Group, 1231 Formlabs Inc., 406

Zaxis Inc., 2618 Partners Lab, 434

Printing Services Proto Labs, 525
Accumark Inc., 1343 Quality TPI Arcade, 413
Advanced Powder Products Inc., 2534 Xcentric Mold & Engineering Inc., 424
Cognex, 805
Gel-Pak, 1543
Insurance Advisors Inc., 841
Peel Master Medical Packaging, 2257 Recruitment
Sleek Surfaces, 635
Technipaq Inc., 1545
East Montgomery County Improvement District
TouchMark, 1543 (EMCID), 711
Quality and Testing
Advanced Inspection Services, 2162
Private Label Recycling and Size Reduction
Advanced Plating Technologies, 2508
MTE Solutions Inc., 1015 Kongskilde Industries Inc., 1044
Averna, 2151
QuickLabel Systems, 913
Baillie Sales and Engineering, 1404
Regulatory and Compliance
Beta LaserMike Products, 1113
Product Design BSI Group America Inc., 1840
Blue Sages, 2642
Diamond Tool and Engineering, 1134 Collagen Solutions, 2554
BSI Group America Inc., 1840
Industrial Molds Group, 1043 Grand Avenue Software Inc., 1635
Cincinnati Test Systems (CTS), 1404
PGI Technologies, 944 International Management Systems
Dino-Lite Scopes (BigC), 1438
Marketing (IMSM), 1649
Gradient Lens Corp., 2442
Product Safety MED Institute Inc., 2312
Grand Avenue Software Inc., 1635
i4 Solutions, 1009 NAMSA, 1135
iFixit, 535
Independent Packing Services Inc., 919 PTI Inspection Systems, 1108
Keyence Corp. of America, 1811
Xcel Energy, 738 Regulatory and Quality Solutions (R&Q), 1642
LaserLinc Inc., 2601
Sparton, 1424
Martin Calibration Co., 1104
Production Machines Sparton Corp., 1424
and Equipment Minitab Inc., 1118
St. Cloud State University, 1145
Aspect Automation, 1004 NCI Inc., 1516
StarFish Medical, 2343
ATC Automation, 731 OPS Solutions LLC, 1551
ViVitro Labs, 2343

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Exhibitors by Products and Services
Minneapolis 2016

Repair and Cleaning Equipment RF and Microwave LaserLinc Inc., 2601

Cold Jet, 938 API Technologies, 1933 Mark-10 Corp., 1449

RSW Technologies LLC, 1035 Circuit Check, 1915 Ophir-Spiricon LLC, 2506

Gowanda Electronics, 1950 Pressure Profile Systems Inc., 2538

Research and Development LPKF Laser & Electronics, 1850 Strain Measurement Devices Inc., 1517

Active Manufacturing, 1605 Molex, 1949 Tekscan Inc., 1634

AGC Chemicals Americas Inc., 1210 NEO Tech, 2445 US Digital, 2232

American Preclinical Services, 1511 TeligentEMS, 2439

Shipping Containers
ATEX Technologies Inc., 2630 TestEquity LLC, 1858
Caztek Engineering, 2042 Veco USA, 2415 All-Pac, 718

Collagen Solutions, 2554 Arena Products, 935

Conductive Technologies Inc., 2031 RFID Independent Packing Services Inc., 919

Farlow’s Scientific Glass Blowing Inc., 2238 AbeTech, 1013

Shipping Supplies
Fort Wayne Metals, 2305 Coridian Technologies Inc., 743
HTP-Meds LLC, 1434 Siemens Industry, Inc., 716 Shippers Supply Inc., 717

Kablooe, 1238
Rigid Containers Smart Packaging
LPKF Laser & Electronics, 1850
MAJiK Medical Solutions Pvt. Ltd., 1310 Paperboard Packaging Solutions, 619 Independent Packing Services Inc., 919

MED Institute Inc., 2312

Robotics Software
Metallix Refining Inc., 2258
Minnesota Wire, 2043 HWTrek, 524 Cognex, 805

NCI Inc., 1516 Dino-Lite Scopes (BigC), 1438

The Octex Group, 2325 Robots and Robotic Accessories Grand Avenue Software Inc., 1635

Optinova Inc., 2605 A.S.S. End of Arm Tooling Inc., 845 iFixit, 535

Pongratz Engineering, 2250 Automation Inc., 805 IQMS, 1045

Precision Coating/Boyd Coatings, 2633 Braas Co., 607 Itechra, 2159

Pressure Profile Systems Inc., 2538 Murrplastik Systems Inc., 831 Minitab Inc., 1118

Ram Technologies, 2545 Neousys Technology Inc., 740 Minnetronix Inc., 1312

RothGreaves & Assoc., 1107 QComp Technologies Inc., 735 Mitsubishi Electric Automation, 805

Strain Measurement Devices Inc., 1517 Rethink Robotics, 805 OPS Solutions LLC, 1551

Surrogen, a Recombinetics Co., 1856 SCHUNK Inc., 909 PADT Medical and Innosurg, 1643

Tech Tube, 1739 3D Platform/PBC Linear, 625 Prototek Engineering, 1955

Tekscan Inc., 1634 Rethink Robotics, 805

Toxikon Corp., 1631 Semiconductors RRAMAC Connected Systems, 835

Veco USA, 2415 Glines & Rhodes Inc., 2213 TriStar Inc., 2254

WhiteBoard Product Solutions, 1838

Zeus Inc., 2105 Sensors Software and Operating Systems

Altech Corp., 506 Epicor Software Corp., 634

Retail Packaging Global Shop Solutions, 610

UNIQBAG, 639 Sensors and Detectors

Software Design
Beta LaserMike Products, 1113
Rework and Repair Conductive Technologies Inc., 2031 Blue Sages, 2642

Concept Molds, 1612 CP Precision, 1332 DornerWorks, 1605

Excelta, 1761 HBM Test and Measurement, 1815 Itechra, 2159

Precision Repair and Calibration, 2049 Johnson Company Mfg. Reps, 1625 Kablooe, 1238

Riverside Electronics Ltd., 1848 KDF, 1860

Weller/Apex Tool Group, 1833 Keyence Corp. of America, 1811

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Exhibitors by Products and Services
Minneapolis 2016

Soldering Multisource Mfg. LLC, 1325 Elgiloy Specialty Metals Inc., 1344

Excelta, 1761 Phillips-Medisize Corp., 1905 Gel-Pak, 1543

Plexus Corp., 1934 Hydromer Inc., 1412
Sunstone Welders, 2435
RepExact LLC, 1154 ISO Finishing, 1215
Weller/Apex Tool Group, 1833
JMEDTECH Pte. Ltd., 1342
Riverside Electronics Ltd., 1848
Metal Cutting Corp., 2410
Static Control Equipment SencorpWhite, 2230
Micro Parts Inc., 2249
HAUG North America, 812 Supply Chain Services, 644
N2 Biomedical, 1410
Trinity Logistics, 834
Nakata USA Ltd., 2648
Stents Walter R. Hammond Co., a Div of
Nordic Ware Industrial, 2449
W.P. & R.S. Mars Co., 1817
Admedes Schuessler GmbH, 2624 Professional Plating Inc./ProPlate®, 2532
Burpee Materials Technology LLC, 2409 Pulse Technologies Inc., 2315
Surface Treatment Coatings
Farlow’s Scientific Glass Blowing Inc., 2238 Rare Earth Coatings, 1954
Advanced Plating Technologies, 2508
Fine Tubes - AMETEK Specialty Metal RevZero Inc., 1211
Products, 1405 AlumiPlate Inc., 2654 Solar Atmospheres, 1314
Furukawa Techno M